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Music Editor's Picks

Our AudioSparx music editors have hand-selected our most exemplary beautiful, scary, tragic or whimsical music for your review, in our best-selling genres. Click the play icon below and hear the stunning compositions of over 5,651 composers from around the world, creating new tracks daily for every production under the sun. These are both seasoned Hollywood composers and hot new talent whose music is most often used by our clients, including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Television, HBO, and others.

Here you will find up-and-coming Indie bands, sizzling hot vocals, virtuoso solo pianists, or intense, high-octane dramatic music ... plus genuine ethnic music from Tahiti, Argentina, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, etc. We present below both instrumental and vocal tracks in English and every language imaginable. You can either HotList or instantly license and download any of these exciting tracks TODAY!

NOTE: Refresh your browser page (or click here) to see new choices of tracks below. Click on the track's title to read about any track. To review any composer's Best Selling tracks, double-click the track title, and once it opens, then click on the artist's name.

 Action Music Go To  
Justin Crosby   Legacy of Vengeance (Full Mix)
Ed Hartman   The Good, The Bad, and the Pretty
Carlos Estella   Big Africa
Ramazan Yuksel   After Me (Dramatic Choral Actio..
Chris Wiseman (Alt. Project)   Bollywood Dreams
Lewis Smith   Unconquered
Iouri Sazonov (LP)   Heart of Atlantis (Orchestral M..
Jonathan Adamich   Of Gods and Titans (Stinger 04)
Pierre Langer   Mars Science (12-Secs Version)
Peter Agyagos   Magic Lullaby
 African Music Go To  
Bjorn Lynne   Earthchild (Seamless Loop #4)
Amagugu Akwazulu   Uthe Ubhuti Asizomlanda
After in Paris   Africa Ouest 3
Afrika - Artists of Ethiopia   Dawit Tsige.3
Afrika - Artists of Ethiopia   Tr Collection Vol.6.4
After in Paris   Pepe Valle
Afrika - Artists of Ethiopia   Bolel.3
Mendes Brothers   Balumuka Palops
After in Paris   Zoulou 3
 Americana Music Go To  
Tom Antony   Tribal
Ron Komie   Building for the Better (DNB)
Adrian Haene   New Home
Vess Ray   Wait for Now
Kepha Peter Martin   British Grenadiers (Belltone)
Purple Mountain   Eagle Bound
Darksparcs   Manifest Destiny
Purple Mountain   Eagle Bound
Don Julin   Duet #4
Nicholas Gunn   Desert Harvest
 Animal Music Go To  
O-Face Productions   Where You At
Adam DiTroia   Barking Jean
BHM   Your Bark Is Bigger Than Your B..
SFXsource   Animal Love
Alain Debaisieux   Gnome's March
Too Human   Simple Needs
Michael Corn   Cheetah-Ton
Richard Jungles   Puppy Walk
Funtime Ringtones   Irish Horses
Alexander Khaskin   Elephant in Your Backyard TV Co..
 Asian Music Go To  
Frederic Kooshmanian   Chicken Satay
Slee   Asian Magic (Extended)
Ankakusu   Asia Legend
Maarit Korhonen   Dont Come Too Close (Without So..
Fabrice Mogini   Flower of Life - Stinger
Jonathan Geer   06 - Scarf Dance (Edit 60)
Accomplished Sonics   Asian Steppe (Loop 1)
After in Paris   Time Asia
Jeremy David Hiebert   Asian
Ensemble Egschiglen   Tavan Hasag (Five Kazakhs)
 Blues Music Go To  
Mockingbird Hill   Train a Comin' (Instrumental)
John Altenburgh   I Wake Up in the Morning (No On..
Gary Wolk   Funky Blues
Masterwerks R&B   Keep Your Love Strong
Sonny Sandals   Back Porch
Kevin Reardon   No Other Love
Gary Wolk   Over Easy
Paul Reece   No Matter
Chris Juergensen   Blood On the Streets
Johnny Azari   Old Time Friends
 Brazilian Music Go To  
Michael Levanios   Samba Espresso
Mark Allaway   Latin Lope (Loop)
After in Paris   Samba de Amor
Jive Ass Sleepers   Save Me From the Night
Ibiza Fashion House   Wild Night
Ivan Pantarelli   A Delicate Bossa
Erik Haddad   Tropicale
Gary Wolk   E' Um Novo Dia (It's a New Day)
Skip Peck   Some Other Time
Federico Chieli   Bossa Per Bonetti E Kozerski
 Cartoon Music Go To  
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King 30's V2 (Texture)
Rodrigo Domingos   A Fun Plot
Jay Yerkes   Careful Mice
Dan Gautreau   Singing Robots
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King 60's (Full Mix)
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King (No Drum Perc. Bass)
Tiago Videira   Going Nuts (30sec)
Ivan Pantarelli   Inner Search (Sneaking)
MX47   Of Dwarfs and Rabbits
Max DiCarlo   Mischievous
 Childrens Music Go To  
Ernesto Martin   Happy Baby Summer
David Phillips   Veronica's Lullaby
David Phillips   To Touch the Stars
Paint Chips   Primary Yellow
Ron Komie   Pitter Patter (Full)
Stern Muzik   Sly Cat
Pete Bax   Camptown Races
Nery Bauer   Thais Waltz (Loop 04)
Music Candy   Puppy Dog Tails
Erik Haddad   Fun Time
 Chinese Music Go To  
Piotr Pacyna   No More Shanghai Business
Eric Waters   Jasmine Flower (60sec.)
Wang Bei   Snow Falling Silently
Cyril Baranov   Jasmine Flower (Guzheng Solo)
Matt McLellan   Eastwood
Eric Waters   Jasmine Flower (30sec.)
Frederic Kooshmanian   News Flash From China
Coco Zhao   Muge - Shepherd's Song
Space Taster   Magic Garden Blossoms
Ping Yuan   Winter Snow
 Christmas Music Go To  
Jive Ass Sleepers   Joy to the World
Eric Waters   Joy to the World - Guitars (30s..
Diamond City   Christmas Fun Loop P
Milana Zilnik   Dream of a Snowflake
Joseph Rusnak   Hip Hop Santa
Greg Brimson   Grandmas New Christmas Present
Code Switcher   Make This Our Best Christmas
Paint Chips   Blood Red Jingle Bells
Tom Jemmott   Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (J..
Danny Jones   Jingle Bells
 Circus Music Go To  
Western Horizon Productions   Entry of the Gladiators (Circus..
HarpString Productions   Monkeys Chasing Clowns
Erik Haddad   Parisian Love Odyssey
Aaron Saloman   Dance of the Projectionists (St..
Thomas Beckner   Grrrilla in An Elevator
Suzannah Doyle   Looney Toonies - Instrumental ..
EuchMad   Look Up_Loop 01
Western Horizon Productions   The Man On the Flying Trapeze
Stefan Bode   Retro Video Game Philippe Flop
Nery Bauer   Mischievous Clowns (Loop 01)
 Classical Music Go To  
Ron Verboom   Serene Grace
Moscow Symphony Orchestra   Nocturn (Op.10)
Carles Piles   Dvorak - 9th Symphony- 1st Move..
PianoPassion   Gymnopedie - Orchestral Version
Roger Lasher Nortman   Symphony No. 18: 3rd Movement: ..
Nicholas Pesci   Air (Violin+Harp)
Marc Filmer   Adagio for Piano and Strings
Western Horizon Productions   Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Short V..
David C. Hewitt   Dvorak Symphony 9 Mov. III 30 Sec
David C. Hewitt   Neptune, The Mystic
 Comedy Music Go To  
Jakaranda   Gipsy Party
Tod Demuth   Daddy's Grocery Run Again
Chris Thomas   Dead Man in the Carpool Lane
Christopher Fuller   Happy Silly Guys No Whistle No ..
Paint Chips   Mismatched Socks
Marco Pesci   That Funny Clown (No Cymbals)
Alec Makinson   Little Rascals (Sting No FX)
Jakaranda   Symphonic - Children in Nature
Music Candy   MC Game Show
Music Candy   Take Me to Dixieland
 Corporate Music Go To  
Gregory Domeier   The Leaves
Akela Sun   Last Summer
Sherry Shieh   Chopin Nocturne in Bb Minor
Denbo17   Capo 2012
Greg Patmore   Fast Drama Comic
Brighter Note   Never Look Back
Amazing Music   Sounds of the Sixties – Hit the..
Enea Saccozza   Alone With Myself
Kevin M. Baumgard   Happy Uke - No Melody
Len Miller   Hopeful But With Gravitas
 Country Music Go To  
Gary Wolk   Home Fried
Kevin Reardon   U.S. Working Man
Purple Mountain   Backwoods Girl
Joey Stebanuk   A Good Day Off
Paul Reece   Uncle Carl (Instml)
Tim Brown   Adventures Unknown
Dustin Taylor Phillips   Feeling Alright
Zac Nelson   Indestructible (Acoustic Pop Ve..
Music Candy   T-Bone
Music Candy   Desert Dust (30 Secs)
 Dance Music Go To  
Michiel van Zundert   Floating By
Roeland Ruijsch   Body Double
Davor Devcic   Drivin' By Riviera
Amin Laboriel   Chocolate Banana Pop It Feat Jc
Cosher   Tribe Feat. Janice
Jive Ass Sleepers   Chicistic
Edouard Andre Reny   Get Moving
Martin Winslow   Media (60 Sec)
Molly Bancroft   Soaking Up the Sky
DJ Kidd Icarus   Get Wiith This
 Dangerous Music Go To  
Jean Paul Zoghbi   Cinematic Suspense
Julian Scott   White Noises 1
Ferenc Hegedus   The Dark Hero (55-Secs Version)
Dream Valley Music   Dangerous Chase (60-secs versio..
Christian Ugenti   Dangerous Lies No Piano
Marc Filmer   Shocking Revelations
Jason Bradley Livesay   Premeditated
Felipe Adorno Vassao   Domination (30-Secs Version)
Christian Ugenti   Dangerous Lies Piano and String..
Paint Chips   Operation Camouflage
 Dramatic Music Go To  
Jason Greenberg   Splendor
HarpString Productions   Waking Victory
Jonathan Wright   Eternity - Epic Cinematic Music
Jens Larsson   Memories - Full Version
Marco Pesci   Damning Evidence No Drums No Lead
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi   Dark Hood 60sec. A
William Pearson   Portuguese Bend (Wp) 01 Mt
Oliver Sadie   Survivors of Wilderness (Rock D..
Luke Gartner-Brereton   Interlude in Green
Len Miller   Plucky Fun
 Drum Music Go To  
Jeremy Bell   Tribal Council
Dana DiAnda   Firestorm 30 (Drums)
Paul "Sequence" Ferguson   Drum Track 1
Dana DiAnda   Firestorm (Drums)
Degg Newman   Grotesque
Robert Neary   Wild Africa
Jason May   The Drum Circle #5 - Loop C
Christian Andersson   Wild Drums (1 Min Loop)
A-P-M Productions   Military Tattoo Drumline 60
Justin Crosby   The Struggle - Booms No Cluster
 East European Music Go To  
Ori Vidislavski   1900 (Loop 03)
Djivan Gasparian, Sergei Karapetian, Mkrtich Malkhasian   Splendid Spring
Ivanka Ivanova   Don't Play Your Flute (Swiri Ne..
Kepha Peter Martin   The Lonely Accordion
Alexander Khaskin   Gypsies Hey
Russkaya Muzyka   Skuchnoye Vremya, Proydi Poskor..
Ylia Dzlieri   Bitter Wedding
Maxim Tyutmanov   Broken Hearted - Stem Bar 12-53..
Gruppa Lits   Search for Itself
Ori Vidislavski   1900 (Loop 02)
 Electronic Music Go To  
Bruce Hathaway   Secrets
William Pearson   Eurobot (Wp) 03 Alt2
Aloid   Level 12
Bjorn Lynne   Man of Industry (60-secs version)
Cloud Hex   I Will Tear You Apart (Inst)
Mark J Smith   Fires of Hell
Image Sounds   All Da Way Is0
Wayne Numan   Joystick
Simon Stockhausen   Autobahn Music
Richard Freitas   Wrong Number
 European Music Go To  
Jeremy Sherman   Ouzo (30-Secs Version)
Korrontzi   Maria Muneira
Emmett Cooke   Egans Polka - Maurice Manleys
A-P-M Productions   Adelina
Jeremy Sherman   Ouzo (Underscore Version)
Max DiCarlo   Italian Inspiration
Art Munson   Irish Dancer (60sec)
Michael Levanios   Penny Whistle Pub 60
The Athenians   Solo Safiriu
Jeremy Sherman   Garratt Barrys
 Folk Music Go To  
Philip Shorey   The Porch and the Banjo
Nashville Session Players   Everybody
Paul Reece   Off to the Sea Once More (Inst)
Jeff Eden   Grass Roots
Paul Reece   O'Mary Don't You Weep (Inst)
Paul Reece   Immortal Love
Paul Reece   Across the Irish Sea (Take 2)
Queen of Corkbots   Here Today
Axel Antunes   Charming Loving Angel
Jesper Mattsson   Acoustic Heaven
 Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music Go To  
Jeremy Sherman   Hawaiian Lullaby (60-Secs Versi..
DJ Amboe   Lief Indie Ft Imc Krontjong Ens..
Parish   Tikehau
Mana Rongo Rongo   Hiti Uira (When Will the Lightn..
Eric Waters   Aloha Oe (N. M.30sec.)
Markus Schmidt   Caribbean Dream 60sec 95bpm Low..
Mike Stidolph   A Hawaiian Getaway
Jeremy Sherman   Yellow Garlands (Loop 01)
Torfi Olafsson   A Song for You
Silvia Marchese   Feels Good (Underscore version)
 Hip Hop Music Go To  
Eddie Caldwell   Who Is She Feat. Warchyld
Ariel Kelly   Violencia
O-Face Productions   Drop It Low
GREENLIGHTS   Move On Through
GREENLIGHTS   Love, Faith, and Destiny (Expli..
Simon Stockhausen   Funky Vamp
Eddie Caldwell   No I Aint Racist Feat Pele Boy ..
Evens Colas   Oriental Reggae
Jive Ass Sleepers   Surreal Love
Chubb Rock / Wordsmith   Soul Baby Blues
 Horror Music Go To  
Carlo Gargioni   Touch Down
Michael Levanios   Castle of Fear (Sting 2)
Dusan Rapos   Opus 088 - the Edelstein Action..
Space Taster   Forest of Fear
John J Pelsone   Night of Terror
Bjarne O.   Divine Intervention
Milana Zilnik   Echoing Souls (Distant Piano)
Western Horizon Productions   Deadtime Sting B
Michael Keck   Uncle Freddy's House of Horrors
House of Horror   A Haunted Nightclub
 Indian Music Go To  
The Sabri Family   Raag Pancham
Kamran Tatar   Yeh Dil Is4
Wilton Vought   Dharma (Segue 2)
Wilton Vought   Solitude (30-1)
Arjun Sen   Mountain Air (60-Secs Version)
Ravi - African Kora   Marble Palace
Silvia Marchese   Easy Rupees (30-secs version)
Suchitra Lata   Pranamaamyaham
Silvia Marchese   Streets of Kanpur (Loop 02)
Akela Sun   Secret Dreamtime
 Indie Rock Music Go To  
Music Candy   Rocket Science (60 Secs 1)
Venus de Vilo   Apocalips
Until Mars   Huhuhu New York
Patrick Joseph   Setting Sun
Uranium 235   Uranium 235
Fresh Body Shop   Take the Virus Out
Patrick Joseph   Better Than It Was Before
Ron Komie   Metal Can Stretch You
Eric Bode   Hold Me Down
Amycanbe   Andy's Shoes
 Japanese Music Go To  
Bjorn Lynne   Kingdom of the Japanese
Kenji Aoi   Dawn of East
Jeremy Sherman   Japanese Garden
Alec Makinson   Living in Japan (Main Mix)
Paul Gelsomine   Shugo Daimyo Battle - 060
Rosalind Richards   Coming Storm
Doubletime Creations   Ninja Boy
Steve Urwin   Japan Sunrise Loop
Benny Hawes   Japaneasy
Audio Architect Music   Japanese Ambient Bed
 Jazz Music Go To  
John Swanson   The Laughing Buddha Knows (60se..
Ivan Litvinov   Taste of High Life
Ron Komie   Classic Striptease (Piano&Bass)
Music Candy   Take Me to Dixieland
Big Sound Music   Straw Hat Tag
Skip Peck   Happiness Ahead
Steve Rice Productions   When Love Has Gone (Accordion)
John Swanson   The Laughing Buddha Knows (30se..
Leon Ayers, Jr.   Eye Contact
Jonas West   Morning Blue
 Latin Music Go To  
Felix Manzi   Fine Wine
John Lawrence Schick   Passion Tango
Eric Waters   Passive Motion (Solo Guitar)
Really Free Music   Despues de La Guerra
Music Candy   Daniela
Adagio Music   Afro-Cuban Groove
Al Vienneau   Brazilian Groove (Loop 03)
Kevin Packard   Miami Sunset
Music Candy   Isabella (60 Secs)
Al Vienneau   Brazilian Groove (30sec Version..
 Middle East Music Go To  
Bendaly Family   El-Helwa (The Beauty)
A-P-M Productions   Hanukkah Jingle Bells
Jean Paul Zoghbi   Desert Dance
Cheb Nacim   El Waldine
Markus Bravo   Lune Et Ocean
Christian Andersson   Exotic Adventures of the East
Ori Vidislavski   Song of Songs
Vivienne Dogan-Corringham & George Hadjineophytou   Salute The Skies
Igge Scoce   Desert Kingdom - Filmscore
Carl Miles   Caravan Winds
 Military Music Go To  
Daniel Cullen   Eternal (No Choir)
Erwin Steijlen   La Presse Olympique
Tom Jemmott   Path to Victory (30 Sec)
Jesper Mattsson   Sounds of the Battlefield Drama..
Jonathan Wright   Protect and Serve
Steve Urwin   The War Division (30)
Brian Thomas Curtin   A Heroic Quest 30 Sec Loop
Amazing Music   For Your Country – Brass and Pe..
Daniel Cullen   The Wolfs Head
Daniel Cullen   The Beast
 National Anthems Go To  
Bobby Cole   Italy National Anthem Trad
Really Free Music   Land of My Fathers (Hen Wlad Fy..
Markus Bravo   Star Spangled Banner - Distorti..
Val Goldsack   Irish National Anthem
Mark Knox   O Canada (Woodwind Arrangement)
Robert Neary   Armenia National Anthem
Bobby Cole   Ireland National Anthem Trad
Max DiCarlo   Star-Spangled Banner
Alec Makinson   Star Spangled Banjo (60sec)
Tim Brown   Star Spangled Banner - Orchestr..
 New Age Music Go To  
Hassan Khan   Morning Chorus (Without Beats a..
Michael Keck   Relax in Harmony 60min
Suzanne Ciani   I Believe in Love
Corry Hanna   Hula Medley
Anthony Alleeson   Karma Dreams (30 Sec B)
A-P-M Productions   Harmonic Motion
Sonic Moon   Acoustic Journey
Jason Farnham   Dreams of a Baby
David Phillips   Falling Into Space
Gabriele Ciampi   Snowfall (oriental piano and or..
 News Music Go To  
Erwin Steijlen   Building Clouds
Mott Jordan   China Headline News Disasters 2..
Len Miller   From Issues to Triumph (Version..
Art Munson   All News - All the Time
Donal Lee Finn   Up and Away
Len Miller   A Lofty Ideal Arrangement
Len Miller   Slightly Twisted Front Then Big..
Jonathan Wright   Breaking News Headlines
Christof R Davis   Here Is the News (26 Sec)
SMM Productions   Current Affairs (Reduced Mix)
 Pop Music Go To  
Michael Wheeler   Crying Like a Baby
Really Free Music   Such a Simple Thing
Daniel Bijan   Won't You Be Mine
Erwin Steijlen   I'm Flying (Shorter Version)
Felipe Adorno Vassao   Dont Stop
Elite Sync Lab   Believer
Gideon King   City Blog
Dewey Dellay   In Your Mind - Moody Vocal
Marc Blackwell   Sexy B
Dan Gautreau   Frozen (Stinger 1)
 Reggae Music Go To  
Caribbean Fundamentials   Sneaker Theme Is0
DJ Purple Rabbit   The Spiderz - Dubwise
Singing Vernon   Rasta Fari Reign
Luko Adjaffi   Tough Time Lovers
Art Munson   Ska Party
Ron Komie   Heavy Handed and Funky
Maarit Korhonen   Hefty (Less Organ) 30s
Stefan Bode   Summertime Reggae (Loop 02)
Alec Makinson   Sunshine Deals (30sec With Voca..
Logwood Productions   Cumulus
 Reggaeton Music Go To  
Art Munson   Reggaeton Fire - 60 Second
Julio Kladniew   Moving Reggaeton - 30 sec
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Puerto Rico Noche (Loop 04)
Vatoz Locoz   Tirandome
Stefan Bode   Vamonos (Loop 03)
Daniel Bijan   Reggaeton Party
Julio Kladniew   Moving Reggaeton - Loop B
Art Munson   Reggaeton Fire - 30 Second
Nicholas Pesci   Reggaeton With Strings 30sec
Stefan Bode   Que Suenes Con Los Angelitos
 RnB Music Go To  
Music Candy   Funky Monkey
Jonas West   Tight N Funky
Disquiet Music   All That Is You
Marcus Olgers   Late Night Shuffle - Long Version
Soroca and Allocca   Love Patrol (Ins Track No Sax)
Project 2020   Kiss of a Lifetime (Seamless Lo..
Malaya Blue   How Did You Do This
Jive Ass Sleepers   Motown Memories
Coach   Who Do You Think You Are
Michiel van Zundert   Tomorrow
 Rock Music Go To  
Erwin Steijlen   Lights
The Vow   No Sensation
Linda Horwatt   Fun
Felipe Adorno Vassao   Instant Mojo
Brian Thomas Curtin   Bounty Hunter 15 Sec Verse 1
Blueville   Butterfly Blues
Anthony Regan   Modern Rock Trailer
Adwise Music   I'll Be There (Jingle -Bell Onl..
Steve Gracy   Ass Gas Or Grass - Guitar Solo ..
Heidi Little   Butterfly
 Science Fiction Music Go To  
Majed Saleh   Messier 112
Ron Komie   Beacon of Evil (Full)
Michael Kobayashi   Screw Mars!
Julian Scott   Satellites No Bleep
ClubFungus   High in the Sky
Jakaranda   Somebody in the Mist
Don Garbutt   Machine Age
Petros Sarhosidis   Electronic Disco Loop
Jonathan Morning   Morning On Jupiters Desert
Andrea Ravizza   Epic Celebration - Orchestral Hit
 Singer/Songwriter Go To  
Heronimus Fin   England in the Rain
John Christopher Thomas   A Song for An Autumn Day
Pedrolino   The Promise
Zac Nelson   Life Is Wonderful
John Eric Hetherington   Keep It in Time (Instrumental R..
Aaron Saloman   Sunset in Six
Anthony Cormican   Breaking Me Down
Heidi Little   War (No More War)
Ravage the Rain   Dreaming in the Shade
Erik Pitluga   Flesheatersbc
 Sound-Alikes Music Go To  
David Caldwell   La Fiesta
Deep   A Million Questions (Dubstep Mix)
John Judd   Imagine Mandolins
Will Graettinger   Can't Stop Now
Audio Architect Music   60 Beatles in Their Sixties
Alan Brian Curtis   Shaft and Barry Take a Ride (No..
Masterwerks R&B   I'm On Fire
D.C. SoulPlusMind   If You Want to (Featuring Racha..
Animalistix   Toad Rider
Eddie Caldwell   It's a Good Day Feat Tony D
 Spiritual Music Go To  
Really Free Music   Be Thou My Vision
Ori Vidislavski   The Monastery
Val Goldsack   Gregorian Chanting Monks
Loyda Pichardo- Hjelte   Nunca Jamas
Homemadesoul   When I Get in Glory
The Underdogs   The Corner
Joyful Harts Music Library   I Say Thank You, Jesus
David Phillips   Mary, Queen of Our Hearts
Tod Demuth   Binding Ties (Blessed Be the Ti..
Hanjo Gabler   I Will Now Arise
 Sports Music Go To  
Jakaranda   Running Fast
Julian Scott   East West Games 5
Christophe Espern   Ready Set Go! 1'00
Chris Hodges   Thrash to the Max
Jonathan Wright   Adrenaline - Action Sport
Brian Thomas Curtin   A Heroic Quest Stinger
Joseph Rusnak   Pushing Limits
Yurikud   Young Rebels
SMM Productions   Kiss of the Dragon (30 Seconds)
After in Paris   World Cup in Brazil
 Theme Music Go To  
Stefan Klein   The Monster Hiding in the Room-..