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Music Editor's Picks

Our AudioSparx music editors have hand-selected our most exemplary beautiful, scary, tragic or whimsical music for your review, in our best-selling genres. Click the play icon below and hear the stunning compositions of over 6,809 composers from around the world, creating new tracks daily for every production under the sun. These are both seasoned Hollywood composers and hot new talent whose music is most often used by our clients, including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Television, HBO, and others.

Here you will find up-and-coming Indie bands, sizzling hot vocals, virtuoso solo pianists, or intense, high-octane dramatic music ... plus genuine ethnic music from Tahiti, Argentina, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, etc. We present below both instrumental and vocal tracks in English and every language imaginable. You can either HotList or instantly license and download any of these exciting tracks TODAY!

NOTE: Refresh your browser page (or click here) to see new choices of tracks below. Click on the track's title to read about any track. To review any composer's Best Selling tracks, double-click the track title, and once it opens, then click on the artist's name.

 Acoustic Go To  
The Hi Freqs   Hear Is Lullabye
The Hi Freqs   Make the Most of It
The Hi Freqs   Love's Sophisticate
Fyodor   Romantic Guitar
Zev Weinstein   Pondering Piano
Fyodor   Acoustic Guitar Piece
The Hi Freqs   Dolphins
Tomasz Chrostowski   Happy Morning
The Hi Freqs   Heart 2 Heart
The Hi Freqs   Imoment
 Action Music Go To  
Darkscore   Journey 60 Sec
Benjamin Mueller   Artemis` Trail
Solace   Bury the Dead Raven
Alessandro Gozzo   Rattlesnake (Epic Acton Orchest..
Linwood Bell   Cut to the Chase
Christian Andersson   Night Stalker's Crime (:5s)
Eldar Ibrahimovic   Light Far Away
Dan Foster   Ezekiel
Jaap Visser   Hidden Roads
Amit Weiner   The City's End
 African Music Go To  
Amagugu Akwazulu   Uthe Ubhuti Asizomlanda
Rudy Pusateri   Baobab Banana - 30 Sec
Akela Sun   African Safari 2
Bjorn Lynne   Beneath Another Sky
David Beard   Africa Sunrise Vocal Sting 1
Jeremy Bell   The Hidden Jungle Village
Andy Schofield   African Hearts 1 01
Amazing Music   African Zulu Dance
Jono Booth   Affect of the Motherland
Rudy Pusateri   Baobab Banana - Instrumental
 Americana Music Go To  
Gayle Ellett   Mysterious Winds (No Flute)
Randy Vera   Insurance Theme
Nashville Session Players   All We Did
Scott Wainwright   Better Days (Instrumental)
Robert Dellaposta   Livin' For Downtime Inst
Mark Snashall   Rodeo Showdown
Mark Hewer   O Canada
Purple Mountain   Cover Me (I'm Going In)
Bill Leslie   Roanoke Rhapsody
Robert Dellaposta   Runnin'
 Animal Music Go To  
SFXsource   Animal Love
Music Boutique   Turkey in the Straw (Banjos & P..
Bobby Cole   Curious Animal Exploration Lite..
MF   Jolly Whistler
O-Face Productions   City Swine
Ringtone Voodoo   Cow Hip-Hop
Bobby Cole   Curious Animal Exploration Full..
Mark S. Crocker   Butterfly Flight
Steve Mark   Happiest Cat On Earth - 15 Sec
BHM   MC Chicken
 Asian Music Go To  
Julian Scott   Japanese Ballet (Instrumental)
Abbas Premjee (LP)   Mandarin Spring
Amy Ip   Turn Around Fast
Ronald Nelson   The Golden Fish
Frederic Kooshmanian   Electro in Shanghai
Julian Scott   Japanese Ballet (Phonetics)
Thailand Ethnic Ensemble   Soeng Kong Yao Festival
Jonathan Geer   06 - Scarf Dance (Loop 2)
Masterwerk   Euphoria
SaitoSphere   Jom Raya
 Blues Music Go To  
Larry Warren   Lies
Richie Milton   This Drinking Life
Michael Wright   Rough With the Smooth (Instrume..
Steve Johnson   Can't Take It With You
Vaddi Solanof   Derby Boogie Full
Michael Corn   Lemon Squeezer
Eva Carboni   River of Life
John Swanson   Don't Tell Me How to Drive
Alan Fagan   Front Porch Blues
Don Carroll   Going Back to Louisiana
 Brazilian Music Go To  
Latino Explosion   Quem Será (Instrumental)
Ingvi Thor Kormaksson   Amanhã é Carnaval
Andy L   Alegre Agora
Complicated Animals   Sempre Aqui
Dynamedion   Meditating (30 Second)
After in Paris   Happy Choro
Lars Christian Lundholm   Day Glo and Amethyst Dash
Antonio Resende   Romantic Guitar Valse
After in Paris   Batucada de Carnaval
Michael Levanios   Samba Espresso
 Cartoon Music Go To  
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King - Stem Bar 1-45 (Bra..
Matt Renzi   Flip Flop
William Pearson   Duck Soup (Wp) 16 Alt2-Long
Guido Gavazzi   Goshts in the Castle
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King (No Drum Perc. Ostin..
Music Candy   It's Time For...
Ilsaf Vadutov   Fairy Flight
Thomas VanOosting   Magnum Octopus
Alec Makinson   How Rude (Main)
Music Candy   The Fantastics
 Childrens Music Go To  
Bjorn Lynne   Retro Video Game Countdown To Z..
David Phillips   To Touch the Stars
Pierre Langer   Get It Groovin' (Seamless Loop)
Rodrigo Panassolo   Pra Sempre
Ferenc Hegedus   Secrets of My Family (30-Secs V..
Joey Curtin   Hush Little Baby (Vocal)
J Osada   Happy Beach Sponge (Cartoon Mus..
Pierre Langer   Get It Groovin' (30-Secs Version)
Andy Schofield   Pre School Adventure
Vladimir Lakodin   Fairy Tale
 Chinese Music Go To  
Michael Keck   Lotus Flower (Variation)
Alex Stone   Asian Beauty (Full Length)
Music for Media   Quan Ti (God of War)
Michael Andreas   The Celestial Empire - New Chin..
Shuang Long Tou   Misty Moutain (Erhu Duet)
Michael Keck   Lotus Flower
Fortuna Bonam   Jasmine Flower (30sec.)
Pan Jing Ensemble   Ambush at All Sides
Frederic Kooshmanian   Weather in China
Scott Jones   Drums of China
 Christmas Music Go To  
HarpString Productions   Jingle Bells
Alec Makinson   Christmas the Old Way (Main)
Wicked Ear Candy   O Holy Night
Audiostream   Una pandereta Suena voz
Alec Makinson   Christmas Eve (30sec Lite Mix)
Hanjo Gabler   Jingle Bells
Jean Paul Zoghbi   Snowing at Last (30sec Version 2)
AL Music   A Christmas Wish (0.30 Edit 2)
K.O. Star Productions   Nutcrackhead (Sugar Plum Poundi..
Liam Bradbury   Merry Christmas
 Circus Music Go To  
Amazing Music   Mein Stein
Wicked Ear Candy   Smiling
RCummins   Dr. Clown (Stinger)
Dynamite Chick Publishing   My Little Flower
Michael Levanios   Circus Time (W Drums) Stinger 3
Alec Makinson   The Big Parade (05sec Sting)
Weston Boucher   Houdini
Ron Komie   Klezmer Dance (Sting1)
Johnny Breton   Carousel of the Clowns
Matthew Reid   The Circus Is Coming to Town
 Classical Music Go To  
Alan Al   Orchestral (Park)
Saint-Petersburg Orchestra   Vivaldi - Concerto for 2 Violin..
Andrea Ravizza   Magic Waltz
Roger Lasher Nortman   Symphony No. 9: 1st Movement: A..
Mark Gustavson   Italian Dinner Music
Sherry Shieh   Tango For Major C
John Lawrence Schick   Dark Spider - Piano Only
David C. Hewitt   Toreador's Song From Carmen [Bi..
Music Candy   Ondine
 Comedy Music Go To  
Dream Valley Music   One Sunny Day
William Pearson   Duck Soup (Wp) 06 Mt Tag1a
Matthew Reid   Weird Jazz End Verse
Dream Valley Music   Another Lovely Day (Underscore ..
Michael Levanios   Going Polar (Full)
Giulio Fazio   Cabaret Voltaire
William Pearson   Duck Soup (Wp) 05 Alt4
Giulio Fazio   Toy Land
Ron Komie   Plate Dance (Full)
Felipe Adorno Vassao   Happy Go Sixties (30-secs versi..
 Corporate Music Go To  
Michael Hayes   11 Babylon (90 BPM)
Stan Erbrink   Imagine a Happy Whistle Tune
Vincent Moretto   Soothing Breeze
Denis Woods   Aura
Julio Kladniew   Fast Progress - Full Length
Mikael Manvelyan   Overflow
Assai   Abstract Fashion Chill
Enrico Fabio Cortese   Uplifting World - Ethnic Voices
Chobed   Start the Journey
Brighter Note   Lounging By the Shore
 Country Music Go To  
Purple Mountain   Yellow Pages Under Blue
Music Candy   Desert Dust (60 Secs)
Music Candy   Tail Chaser (30 secs)
Jeremy Bell   Country Dance
Blueville   Butterfly Blues
Robert Syvret   Trailer Romp Summer
Michael Panasuk   I'm Not Gonna Pick Up the Phone
Thirsty Curses   Exile
Nashville Session Players   Kingdom Come
Robert Dellaposta   Somebody Stop Me
 Dance Music Go To  
Wilton Vought   Dance for Joy (Sweep 2)
Dan Gautreau   Orbit
Dan Foster   Let Me In
Above Envy   Superstitious Backing Vox 5
Ron Komie   Trouble Just Turned Up (Full)
Music Candy   Axel
Showtime Music   Oh Nah
Jive Ass Sleepers   Future Disko
Music Candy   Roadtrippers
J Osada   Doing It Today (Trance B 60sec)
 Dangerous Music Go To  
Cauchemar   Who Do You Dream Of
Allister Brimble   Dark Reprise
Wave Charge Studio   Rhythm&Sopranosax
Entropik   Wrong Side of Sunrise 30 Seconds
Jerad Burns   False Hope
Western Horizon Productions   Segue 2
Music Candy   Inspector Calls (60 Secs)
David Banks   Mist Formation
Tom Jemmott   The Vampire Hunt
Jeff Whitcher   Blood, Hair, and Fibers
 Dramatic Music Go To  
Stephen Daltry   Secret Talks
Bjorn Lynne   Space to Dream
William Pearson   The Outsiders (Wp) 22 Alt3 Bumper
Jeff Whitcher   In Full Pursuit (No Brass)
Jeff Whitcher   In Full Pursuit
Hannah Woolmer   vampire
Igge Scoce   Spellbound
Innovation   Eden
Martin Buitenweg   Whisper Horizon
Jeff Whitcher   W'Islysis
 Drum Music Go To  
Zev Weinstein   Percussive Glitch
Carlos Estella   Timbales Rhythm
Jason May   The Drum Circle #3
Jean Pascal Vielfaure   Brico Sanding
Vess Ray   Somewhere in the Dark
Iouri Sazonov (LP)   Vitae Superbiam Percussion
Tom Jemmott   Path to Victory Drums
Soundroad   Dramatic Action Drums Loop
George Pauley   Bada Boom
Felipe Adorno Vassao   Megadrums (Stinger 02)
 East European Music Go To  
Darikus Whalen   Sunrise Over Ukraine
Dan Simion   Romanian Romance 1
Alec Makinson   Gypsy Waltz (15sec)
Gruppa Lits   Muse
Djivan Gasparian, Sergei Karapetian, Mkrtich Malkhasian   I Have a Word with a Prayer
Tom Hajduk   Nie Masz Zadnych Szans (Radio C..
Carlos Estella   Epic Ethnic Choirs
Ori Vidislavski   Balkan Story
Jason Farnham   Carol of the Bells | Ukrainian ..
Ron Komie   Bohemian Celebration Full
 Electronic Music Go To  
Wesley Devine   Urban Assault
Russell Lieblich   Cloud
Bryan Steele   Rescue Mission
Global Sound System   Club Cascades (Underscore versi..
Greg Brimson   Sunrise in Ibiza
David Hollandsworth   Artificial Intelligence
Gabor Pallos   The Promised Land
David R Dinger   Vapor Trails (Electropop)
Bobby Cole   Electronica at 170 Bpm
Suchitra Lata   Eighteen to Nine (No Veena)
 European Music Go To  
Ron Komie   Holiday in Ireland (Bed)
Art Munson   Lovers in Tuscany
Thomas Stobierski   La Normandie (30-Secs Version)
Bartok Music   Den Underjordiske Klippekonsert
Western Horizon Productions   Neapolitan Nights 15 Sec.
Edward Blakeley   Celtic Fiddle - Banish Misfortu..
Amy Elizabeth Wheeler   Jeune Fillette
Emmett Cooke   Bruach na Carraige Baine
Dynamite Chick Publishing   Pizza Italiano
Music Candy   Beer and Pretzel Polka 30 Sec
 Folk Music Go To  
Jive Ass Sleepers   Childhood Photograph
Paul Reece   Laundry On a Clothesline
Paul Reece   Walking
Paul Reece   Six Bucks
Zander Sekhri   Fireside Chat
Paul Reece   Home
Greg Patmore   Good Fellow Fantasty
Amazing Music   Card Games
Paul Reece   O'Mary Don't You Weep (Inst)
Randy Phillips   Big Easy Chair (Feat. Emily Elb..
 Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music Go To  
Michael Kobayashi   Take Me Back 60
Rewasese Entertainment Group   Kuru a Laba
Dan Gautreau   Smile (Stinger 04)
Dan Gautreau   Smile (25-Secs Guitar Version)
Funtime Ringtones   Island Luaua
Saucetone   Secret Draw
Jeremy Sherman   Scenes
Mana Rongo Rongo   Tere Te Vaka (Escape in the Can..
Blossom   Ukulele and Hangdrum
Fortuna Bonam   Aloha Oe (30sec.)
 Hip Hop Music Go To  
Dark Chocolate   It's My Life 30 Second Clip
Wes Webb   Whiskey Soda - Loop 1b
Eddie Caldwell   Dip You in Chocolate Feat Rudo
Konstantinos Panagiotidis   Cool Cats (Loop 2)
Kirk McQueen   Rising Sons
Wesley Devine   Preach
Minister Kaine   Motel Kali
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Bass Regulator
Travis Pullman   I Can't Help It
O-Face Productions   Shots Out the Bottle
 Horror Music Go To  
Markus Bravo   Suspense Backing Thriller Build..
Michael Crowther   Haunted Manor
Adam Scourfield   The Black House
The Colors of the Dark   There Came Two Angels Five
Maxim Tyutmanov   Eye of Evil 60's V1 (No Drum Pe..
Moscow Symphony Orchestra   Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Alec Makinson   Haunted Mansion (Us With FX)
Stefan Klein   Mothership Approaches
ElectroClash   Creeps & Freaks
Alec Makinson   Eccentric Ancestors (Main)
 Indian Music Go To  
The Sabri Family   Raag Adana
Suchitra Lata   Pakkala-Kriti
Arjun Sen   Two Worlds (Loop 01)
Sudeshna Bhattacharya   Raga Bageshree
Silvia Marchese   Haryana (Loop 02)
Arjun Sen   Sarod and Flute Raag Bhairav (3..
Suchitra Lata   Sondam Illai
The Sabri Family   Tabla Solo Shikhar Tala [17 Bea..
Adam Scourfield   Tumbi Thumpi
Wilton Vought   Dharma (15-1)
 Indie Rock Music Go To  
G9   Your Heart
Danny Rules   Tyranny
Caiti Patton   Animals
The Rightly So   Ly Don't Step Out of the Light ..
tHrOnE   Losing Control
Bjorn Lynne   Seeds of Inspiration
Crash Alley   Machine
Thirsty Curses   Old Bag of Grass
Uranium 235   Walk On Through
Above Envy   Dream World Boy
 Japanese Music Go To  
Nash   Mental Concentration
Mark Knox   Kyoto
Markus Bravo   Akaro Koto and Shakuhachi
Jive Ass Sleepers   Osamu's Lament
Simon Wolfe   Secret Pearls - Slow
Chushingura   04 Act Ii- 4
Cyril Baranov   Chrysanthemum Creek
Nash   NSR-458-08
Olivier Olsen   Red Sun
Reni Mimura   Otome
 Jazz Music Go To  
Carl Miles   Night in Paris
Daniel Barry   View From the Top
Ropatt   Cruise Control
Jive Ass Sleepers   Ondulações Do Amor
Matthew Reid   Samba Seduction Reduced
Michael Goldstein   Easy Jazz Band
Camille St. Vincent   Jeu de Couleurs
BadaBing BadaBoom   Microwave Lovin'
Steve Rice Productions   Like Yesterday - Vocal
Stephen Alpert   Honey in the Soul
 Latin Music Go To  
Jeremy Sherman   Lights of Santiago (Loop 03)
Alec Makinson   Matador Ole (Main Mix)
Jeremy Sherman   Athletico (30-Secs Version)
Jeremy Sherman   Lights of Santiago (Underscore ..
The Ethnotronic Project   La Playita
Denise Rivera   Oye
Pere Soto   Bolero Para Arely
Gary Wolk   Bolero de Guitarras (Bolero for..
Music Candy   Mia (60 Secs)
Don Carroll   El Choclo
 Middle East Music Go To  
Markus Bravo   Anasheed Rainforest
The Music Bakery   Arabian Adventures :60a
Abbas Premjee (LP)   Restless Heart (60-Secs Version)
Jason Bradley Livesay   Jihad
Wael Mhanna   Bedouin Celebration
Music Candy   Marrakech Night Time - Main Theme
The Music Bakery   Hava Nagilah:14a
The Burning Bush   Una Noche Al Borde de La Mar
Seyhan Canyakan   Tsm
Simon Wolfe   Streets of Kabul
 Military Music Go To  
Dan Morrissey   Thunderhead
Ron Komie   Dark Velocity (Drumsonly)
Don Garbutt   Spy for the Military
SMM Productions   Wedding March (By R. Wagner)
Ron Komie   Alien Proximity (Full)
Emlyn Ellis Addison   Across the American West
RLC Music   Lacrimosa (15 Sec Edit)
Music Candy   Respite
RLC Music   Lacrimosa (Action Edit)
Amazing Music   War Zone
 National Anthems Go To  
Bobby Cole   Canada National Anthem Traditio..
The Producers   Spain National Anthem
Eddie Matthews and Maz   The Star Spangled Banner
Stefano Fucili   Fratelli D'Italia (Italian Anth..
Bobby Cole   Russia National Anthem Harp
Tim Brown   Star Spangled Banner
Bobby Cole   Nigeria National Anthem
Bobby Cole   South Africa National Anthem Da..
Alec Makinson   Star Spangled Banjo (60sec)
Daniel Finnan   French National Anthem - Stade ..
 New Age Music Go To  
Michael Keck   Bansuri Dreams
Jeff Whitcher   L'Tress N'Ev Bentim
Akela Sun   Underwater Dream
Nicholas Gunn   Sentinel of Eden
Abby Mettry   Dreaming From a Distance: Solo ..
David Phillips   Gardens of Antilla
Simon Stockhausen   Eternal Breathing Meditation Mu..
Cinematic Harmony   Void
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Crystallize (No Drums Version)
Lena Orsa   The Winter Road Under a Pink Sky
 News Music Go To  
Wesley Devine   Rock Journey
Tom Rae   News Package
Jean Pascal Vielfaure   Phone Mobile Telephone F Master
Max DiCarlo   News at 10
Len Miller   Wowing Negativity Then a Plan
Nigel Male   Newsline
Bobby Cole   The Sound of News Hit
Hanjo Gabler   Time to Talk
Len Miller   A Strong Commitment
Ilya Kaplan & Stan Fomin   We Will Win
 Pop Music Go To  
Erwin Steijlen   Imagination Song
Claudio Miosga   Somedays
Troy Kline   Only a Dream Away
Fresh Body Shop   The Ugly Army
Angela Predhomme   Life Is Gonna Be Great! Instr
Jaclyn Bradley Palmer   Burn
Francis V   September With Light Percussion
Sean van der Maten   Home (Instrumental)
Tim Urban   Beautiful Dream
The Gold Needles   Upon Our Skin
 Reggae Music Go To  
Greg Ocheduszko   Ode to Joy in reggae version
Klassik Frescobar   Success
Wicked Ear Candy   Big Boy Inst
Michael Gaughan   Whistle That Reggae