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Music Editor's Picks

Our AudioSparx music editors have hand-selected our most exemplary beautiful, scary, tragic or whimsical music for your review, in our best-selling genres. Click the play icon below and hear the stunning compositions of over 5,918 composers from around the world, creating new tracks daily for every production under the sun. These are both seasoned Hollywood composers and hot new talent whose music is most often used by our clients, including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Television, HBO, and others.

Here you will find up-and-coming Indie bands, sizzling hot vocals, virtuoso solo pianists, or intense, high-octane dramatic music ... plus genuine ethnic music from Tahiti, Argentina, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, etc. We present below both instrumental and vocal tracks in English and every language imaginable. You can either HotList or instantly license and download any of these exciting tracks TODAY!

NOTE: Refresh your browser page (or click here) to see new choices of tracks below. Click on the track's title to read about any track. To review any composer's Best Selling tracks, double-click the track title, and once it opens, then click on the artist's name.

 Action Music Go To  
Patrick Best   Fistful of Glory
Iouri Sazonov (LP)   The Call For Titans (Full Mix)
Stefan Johansson   High Heels
Dan Foster   Armies of God
Hanko Uphoff   Darkening Sky
Inod   Heroic Epic Trailer (Short Vers..
Jeff Whitcher   Running for His Life
Jonathan Adamich   Of Gods and Titans (30-secs ver..
Western Horizon Productions   Your Move 15 Sec.
Joe Bergsieker   New Movie Trailer!
 African Music Go To  
Julian Scott   Africa Original Mix
Marc Filmer   African King
Julian Scott   Africa Original Mix
Akela Sun   I Dream of Africa
Akela Sun   I Dream of Africa
Parish   Youruba
Big Ben   Tokujenda
Julian Scott   African Soundscape Original Mix
Really Free Music   Across Kossanto
Andy Schofield   African Hearts 0 30
 Americana Music Go To  
Anton Martinez   First Nation - Parting Ways
Metal Patriots   When Johnny Comes Marching Home..
HarpString Productions   America the Beautiful
Matt Kjeldsen   Native American Storm
Denis Turbide   Samuel
Dewey Dellay   Lonely Flute--Solo Flute
John Lee Sanders   Foreclose On the House of Love
Damian Boucher   Bury Our Hearts
Robert Farrell   The Heavenly Thrillbilly
Abbas Premjee LP   Twilight
 Animal Music Go To  
Mark S. Crocker   Penguin Walk
The Hi Freqs   Baby Bumble Bee
The Hi Freqs   Five Little Monkees Jumping On ..
Funtime Ringtones   Irish Horses
O-Face Productions   City Swine
Deep   Kitten Mittens
Stevie Gold   Chicken Squawk and Bop
Erik Schenkel   Sinharaja
Richard Gardzina   Phunky Hyenas
Music Boutique   Turkey in the Straw (Banjos & J..
 Asian Music Go To  
Electric Chair 3000   March On Baby
Steve Henrichs   Tokyo Tension
Slee   Asian Magic (Extended)
Ausilio   A Day in Shanghai (60 Sec)
Parish   Qubilai
Jean-Pierre Lantieri   Isan Joy
Sean Balli   Dong Shan Zai Chi (Oriental Hip..
After in Paris   Time Asia
Scott Jones   Asian Desert Bellscape 60 Sec
Ron Verboom   Serene Grace
 Blues Music Go To  
Michael Keck   Delta Clawhammer
Mockingbird Hill   Whiskey Blues
Eddie Caldwell   Serendipity Feat. Conrad
Jason Savell   A Bit Blue
Thornton Bowman   Politician Blues
Ori Vidislavski   Georges Blues
Gary Wolk   Muck and Mire
Torfi Olafsson   Our Foolish Pride
Paul Reece   No Matter (Vocal)
Kepha Peter Martin   Let's Roll
 Brazilian Music Go To  
Dynamedion GbR   Let's Fly to Rio
Steve Urwin   Kissing in the Dark (60)
Rodrigo Panassolo   Pra Sempre
Julio Kladniew   Good Morning 30 Secs
Pollyanna Alves   Pega-Pega
Gary Wolk   Moonlight Walk
Dynamedion GbR   Meditating (15 Second)
Ausilio   Sometimes (60sec)
Skip Peck   Left Out
Pollyanna Alves   Deixa Amanhecer
 Cartoon Music Go To  
Clive Lukover   Caught in the Bushes - No Lead ..
Robert Meunier   That's All Folks
John Francis Jorgensen   Rudy Rudy Stomp (No Organ)
Richard Heacock   Keystone Villain
Francesco Biondi   Cartoon Sketches
Linwood Bell   Spy Vs Spy
Bjorn Lynne   Retro Video Game Hotfix (30-Sec..
Alec Makinson   Little Rascals (Sting FX)
Erik Haddad   Raucous Railway
Fab Claxton   Happy-Go-Jacky
 Childrens Music Go To  
Paint Chips   Primary Yellow Stinger
Jackie & Joey   Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Joey Curtin   Hush Little Baby (Vocal)
Marco Pesci   That Funny Clown (Loop B)
Christian Andersson   Playful Stroll (1 Min Jumpy Flu..
Ron Komie   Free and Easy (Full)
Andy Schofield   Pre School Adventure
Nery Bauer   Thais Waltz (30-Secs Version 1)
Celtic Lullabies   To and Fro
Sherry Shieh   Brahms Intermezzo Op.119 No.1
 Chinese Music Go To  
Eric Waters   Jasmine Flower (30sec.)
Michael Keck   Chinese Sweet Lotus Sauce
Michael Andreas   The Celestial Empire - Processi..
Piotr Pacyna   No More Shanghai Business [Loop..
Kenji Aoi   Chinese New Year - Home (Full V..
Michael Andreas   The Celestial Empire - New Chin..
Shuang Long Tou   Dream Curtain
David Kuang   Bring in the Wine (Chinese)
Michael Andreas   The Celestial Empire - New Chin..
Amy Ip   Sha La La Mandarin Love Song
 Christmas Music Go To  
Tom Jemmott   O Christmas Tree (Jazz Guitar 6..
Alec Makinson   Dashing Through the Snow (40sec)
Lenka Peskou   Christmas Carol From Ikaria
Diamond City   Christmas Fun Loop M
Mandy Cook   We Three Kings of Orient Are
Esther Garcia   The Hidden Star
Wolftooth   Jingle Kingdom
Continental Productions   Christmas Serenade
Steve Dafoe   Lost Boy Lost Girl at Christmas
The Underdogs   Deck the Halls
 Circus Music Go To  
Dynamite Chick Publishing   Over the Waves
Music And SFX   Clowns On Parade (60 Seconds)
RLC Music   The Foxy March
Stefan Bode   Retro Video Game Philippe Flop
Music And SFX   Clowns On Parade
Big Sound Music   Toots
Giuseppe Zanca   Gran Manetta
Alec Makinson   Rise 'n' Shine (30")
Markus Bravo   Circus Clown Crazy Fun
E.D. Kennaway   Parade of the Clowns
 Classical Music Go To  
Bartok Music   Albeniz: Mallorca
Steve Margoshes   Souls (Reprise) - 30 Sec
Trefler   Ave Maria On the Prelude of J S..
Anthony Cormican   Sombre
ElevenTwelve   Debussy Girl With the Flaxen Ha..
David C. Hewitt   Sylvia Pizzicati [Delibes]
Alan Lambton   Ballet (Praetorius)
Classical Music Elegance   Beethoven Piano Sonata No.14 Op..
Anthony Cormican   Resignation
Michael Charles Clark   Rossini - Largo Al Factotum
 Comedy Music Go To  
Marco Pesci   That Funny Clown (Loop F)
Giulio Fazio   Toy Land
Simon Stevens   Cheeky 15 Secs
Ron Komie   Klezmer Dance (Nodrumsnomelody)
Matteo Curcio   Vintage Tunes No.4
Music And SFX   Jimmy's Barn
Alec Makinson   Super Sleuth (60sec)
William Pearson   Duck Soup (Wp) 05 Alt4
Patrice Williams   Humoredke 30 Sec
Jonathan Wright   Desperate Dramedy
 Corporate Music Go To  
Nathan King   Love Oh Love
Joseph Rusnak   Radiant Child
Nicholas Pesci   Lift Me Up
Dean Wagg   Happy Days 30 Sec Unplugged
David Matthias   There It Is
Victoria Gibson   Dare (Fashion Vocal House)
LeM   Breathing the Future
Sangho Lee   New Hope - 30 Second
KLM Music   Happy Indie Summer (15 Sec)
Jive Ass Sleepers   Boogaloo Hipster
 Country Music Go To  
Kevin Reardon   Hard at Work (At Hardly Working)
Ori Vidislavski   Country Walk
Pierre Langer   Rain Or Shine (Seamless Loop)
Eric "E-Train" Manning   Someday 2.0
Robin Munson   Runaway Train
Ron Komie   Brawny As A Bulldog (Full)
Johnny Breton   Down Home Folks Blues Harp Jam
Robin Munson   Somebody Other Than Me - Instru..
KGMP Music Machine   Tommy the Cat
Cosher   Average Jane Feat. Amy Tjasink
 Dance Music Go To  
Massimiliano Franceschin   Lean Out
Andy Schofield   Trance Mission (End Cut)
Massimiliano Franceschin   I Crazy
Gushito   Bass Bots
Nery Bauer   Hot Night (Loop 04)
Massimiliano Franceschin   Love Again
Alex Morch   Symphonic Rave Loop 1 M
Martin Winslow   Media (60 Sec)
Dub Wreckerz   Dance for Me Feat. DJ Skillmaster
Neil Dawson   Cardboard Tanks
 Dangerous Music Go To  
The Slanted Room   Builders (Epic / Ehru Lead)
Milana Zilnik   Freaky Minute
Josh Smith   Keep Running
Michael Levanios   Magical Wizards and Witches 60
Paint Chips   Wild Blue Yonder (Epic Filmscore)
Origimusic   Scary and Freaky Sounds From a ..
Justin Crosby   Tears in Eden - 15 Second Solo ..
Dan Morrissey   Absolute Pressure
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi   Dark Hood 30sec. E
Rafael Smart   Funky Drum N Bass ( Loop 6 )
 Dramatic Music Go To  
Linwood Bell   Simple Elegance
Karol Sabat   Operation Hammer of the Gods
Jens Larsson   Basics Left Out
KLM Music   Daybreak
Pawel Betley   Fantastic Adventure
Ferenc Hegedus   To Infinity and Beyond (30-Secs..
Andy Schofield   Epistle of Shadows
Ron Komie   Undiscovered Fortune (Stinger)
Maxim Tyutmanov   Broken Hearted - Stem Bar 1-53 ..
Kevin M. Baumgard   Happy Time Promo - No Drums
 Drum Music Go To  
Barry Gilbey   Night Games (60-Secs Version)
Scott Milligen   Yellowknife Tribe
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi   A Drum Time 60sec
Brian Thomas Curtin   Will to Win Perc
Michael Keck   Drums of Passion 20 Sec
Michael Keck   Slow March
Dominique Verdan   Chine Percus 1
Michael Nickolas   Ground Quake Trailer 30 Seconds
Maarit Korhonen   Drum Heat15s
ElevenTwelve   Tribal Madness
 East European Music Go To  
Shekoyokh Klezmer Ensemble   Philadelphia Sher - Kopanitsa (..
Davor Devcic   Dalmatia 30s
Ian Hubball   Red Square
Tim Brown   Russian Wedding Dance
Optina Pustyn Male Choir   Dignity
Andrej Hrasko   Luka Zelena (Full Tr)
Russkaya Muzyka   Stchastlivaya Put-Dorozhka [The..
Alec Makinson   Gypsy Waltz (String Movement)
The Cradle   Tsymbaly Mood 02
Jeremy Sherman   Dacha Polka (Underscore Version)
 Electronic Music Go To  
Simon Wolfe   Android Subway - Opening Title
Man From Playground   Someday
Joseph Rusnak   Pushing Limits
Aedan Sherry   Superheroes (Loop 3)
Jeff Whitcher   Ichabod Crank
Mark Braga   Biohazard
Federico Chieli   Why Not
Mark Lazeski   Sea Winds
Dmitri Belchenko   Mecha Rising (60-secs version)
Dark Orchestra   Mayday On Mars
 European Music Go To  
Art of the Greek Bouzouki   Ta Teichi
The Athenians   Siko chorepse Syrtaki
Denbo17   Gypsy Stroll
Mark Allaway   French Trip
Steve Rice Productions   Isle Vert
Magic of the Greek Bouzouki   Near the Sea
Dream Valley Music   Mountain Lake (60-Secs Version)
Michael Levanios   Penny Whistle Pub 30
Really Free Music   Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
Thomas Stobierski   La Normandie (60-Secs Version)
 Folk Music Go To  
Paul Reece   Immortal Love
Axel Antunes   Charming Loving Angel
Art Munson   Americana Morning - No Drums
Paul Mclinden   Blue Planet
Jeff Eden   Familiar Faces
David & Loren Laue   High Heels & Highballs (Instrum..
Ravage the Rain   Dreaming in the Shade
Carlos Estella   Mediterranean Style Presentation
Paul Reece   Leaning On the Everlasting Arms..
Bounding Main   A Rovin'
 Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music Go To  
BeepCode   Caribbean Summer
Mataika   Amingo (Amingo)
Alec Makinson   Hawaiian Island (30sec)
Tahiti Here   Ruru -- Oviri
Dan Gautreau   Smile (60-Secs Vocal Version)
Eric Waters   Aloha Oe (15sec.)
David Talisman   Hawaiian Slack 2
Michael Kobayashi   Take Me Back 30
Jeremy Sherman   Clear Waters
Eric Waters   Aloha Oe (60sec.)
 Hip Hop Music Go To  
V-Dott   Danger 4 Da Block
Eddie Caldwell   Out West (Adult Swm) Feat. Magn..
Nicholas Pesci   Ride (No Melody)
After in Paris   Oriental Bed
Chubb Rock / Wordsmith   Live From the Go-Go
Leon Phsyx   Proteus Redux
Dan Morrissey   Trash
O-Face Productions   Drop It Low
Nicholas Pesci   Hip Hop Beathoven (30sec)
O-Face Productions   Smoke-n- Drink
 Horror Music Go To  
Jeremy Bell   Nightmares
Stefan Klein   Your Funeral Procession
Alec Makinson   Haunted Mansion (Main Mix)
The Ethnotronic Project   The Black Gate
David C. Hewitt   The Horror #10 (Cyber)
Maxim Tyutmanov   Lifeless Spase - Stem Bar 17-85..
The Colors of the Dark   And Your Ass Is So Dead End Tag
Michael Panasuk   World of the Wars
Adam Scourfield   Dangerous Noir
Christopher Fuller   Midnight Movie Theme With Long ..
 Indian Music Go To  
Chanson World Music Library   Banjara - Sarvar Sabri
Babak Rastagar   Set Free (Indian Bansuri Flute)
Irvin Duguid   Indian Bus-Stop
Kamran Tatar   Zindigi Is4
Chris Wiseman (Alt. Project)   Bollywood Dreams
Cote d'Azur World Ensemble   India.Sarangi.Raga Shuddh Saran..
Wilton Vought   Dharma (Sweep - End)
Arjun Sen   Bidesi Saiyan (Indian Female Vo..
Gary Wolk   Jawa
Francesco Biondi   Betulla
 Indie Rock Music Go To  
Hillbilly Hellcats   Hillbilly Love (Live)
Fab Claxton   Good God Y'All (Hot Damn) (Loop..
Ron Komie   Whiskey On Fire (Full)
Metronomik   Immaculate
Brittany Kwasnik   Conscious Coma
Gavin Villarreal   Repentance
Above Envy   Tempest New
Rob Johnson   Little Orange Amp
Fin   So Now Why
Uranium 235   Creator
 Japanese Music Go To  
Solace   Indigo Dragonfly Edit 90 Seconds
Reni Mimura   My Shy Master
Chushingura   Act 3- 5
Jeremy Sherman   Japanese Garden
Piotr Pacyna   Fuji in Winter [60sec Version]
Taka Matsuda   Yozakura
Jason Farnham   Celestial Orient
Wilton Vought   Sakura (Loop 1)
Markus Bravo   Japanese Flute: Shaku
Mark Knox   Kyoto
 Jazz Music Go To  
John Swanson   Class Act (30sec)
Skip Peck   Our Little Empire
Adagio Music   Tears of Joy
Mike Crotty   Blues and Beyond
Mandy Cook   Just No Good at Being Bad
JaCee   A Smoke Filled Room
After in Paris   Cubain 8
Skip Peck   The Tin Lizzy
Juan Pablo Zaragoza   Latin Sunshine
Resonance Array   Smooth Bossa
 Latin Music Go To  
Estudiante   Acompaname
Loyda Pichardo- Hjelte   Nunca Jamas
Estudiante   Alguien Como Yo
The Hi Freqs   Play My Guitar
Laura Sanz   Bullfight Fiesta Stinger
The Hi Freqs   Nuevo Flamenco
Tom Jemmott   Malaguena (Guitar)
Ensemble Pachamama   Tinku
Andrej Hrasko   No Duele Mas
Amazing Music   Mein Stein
 Middle East Music Go To  
The Music Bakery   Arabian Adventures :15b
The Music Bakery   Hava Nagilah :30c
Amazing Music   Calcutta
The Music Bakery   Hava Nagilah :30b
Christian Andersson   The Treasures of Ra
Jimmy Reid   Arabic Cello
Andy L   Arabian Madness (0.55 Edit)
Arjun Sen   Near Vana Part 2 (No Flute)
Christian Andersson   Exploring the East 3 Min With A..
Wael Mhanna   Morocco Souk (Soft version)
 Military Music Go To  
Lochlainn Seabrook   General Lee's Lament
Anthony Davilio   American Tribute
Fabian Del Priore   Battle in the Arena
RLC Music   Lacrimosa (Action Edit)
Nikolay Krivin   Unknown War
Collin Scudder   No Surrender - (Heroic, Militar..
Emlyn Ellis Addison   An American Sunrise
Michael Keck   Military Base Camp Attack A
Alec Makinson   The Big Parade (30sec)
Michael Keck   Military Base Camp Attack A
 National Anthems Go To  
Robert Neary   Botswana National Anthem
Really Free Music   Land of My Fathers (Hen Wlad Fy..
Bobby Cole   Saudi Arabia National Anthem Harp
Tom Lazarich   The Star Spangled Banner
Kepha Peter Martin   Star Spangled Banner
Bobby Cole   Indonesia National Anthem Trad
Robert Neary   Afghanistan National Anthem
Bobby Cole   American National Anthem Tradit..
Big Prod Sounds   La Marseillaise (Atari Computer..
Bobby Cole   Spain National Anthem
 New Age Music Go To  
William Pearson   Memories of You (Wp) 01 Mt
Leran Wang   Flowing Star Cosmic Heaven Infi..
Phyllis Sparks   Celtic Farewell
Manuka Dreams   Heavenly Touch #2
Julian Scott   Canon for Bottles and Glass
Reed Robbins   Garden of Tranquility
Marc Filmer   Rainy Burial
Nicholas Gunn   On the Shores of Tulum
Arjun Sen   Placid Waters (60-Secs Version)
Filmmusic Group   India - Road to Bombay
 News Music Go To  
Western Horizon Productions   Inside the News
Len Miller   Not Buying It (No Lilting Strin..
Len Miller   Thoughtful Then a Build to Posi..
Vess Ray   Daily Overview 2 Loop C
Aural Night   News End Music (30sec)
Darko Saric   Media Magazine Loop 1
Marco Pesci   Current Affairs Loop A
Sherry Shieh   Intelligence
Bjorn Lynne   Incoming Transmission (Loop 06)
Len Miller   Steadily Building News
 Pop Music Go To  
Abbey Scott   Love You Mean It
DJ Amboe   Boomerang Allistair
Todd & Erin   Lie to You
Jonathan Morning   Not Too Late
Gideon King   See in Double
Masterwerk   Crooked Line
Camille St. Vincent   Fleurs de L'Ete (Summer Flowers)
Jo Masino   Last Breeze of Summer
Dan Phillipson   Early Sunlight (60-Secs Version..
 Reggae Music Go To  
Nicodrum   Guidance
Casey Burnett   Sensi Me Street Dub
Pollyanna Alves   Deixa Amanhecer
ClubFungus   Waterworld Ft Shes Excited!
Abbas Premjee LP   Jamaican Juice
Hi Tide   Groovin' On
Casey Burnett   Slow Poke
Andrej Hrasko   Hoy No Voy
Stefan Bode   Soul of Reggae (Loop 01)
Ron Komie   Unshakable (Sting3 Bed)
 Reggaeton Music Go To  
Add-On Music Group   Fame Stats
Add-On Music Group   Old Style Reggaeton (Short)
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Club Miami (Loop 03)
Add-On Music Group   Estamoe Ready Beat
Leif Nicklas   Reggaetonicize
Add-On Music Group   Ayay (Instrumentals)
Juan Avila   Esta Noche
Gerard Bauer   I Was Handcuffed
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Puerto Rico Noche
Cheke y Trauma   Baila y No Pares
 RnB Music Go To  
Image Sounds   Groove Station Is0
David Tick   I Keep On Holding Back
Eddie Caldwell   You Gone Make Me Cheat Nelli (T..
Ron Komie   Melted Butter Funk Full
Art Munson   Funk in Da House - 15 Second
Jive Ass Sleepers   Party People
Sunburn In Cyprus   If It's Good for Me
Silvia Marchese   Soulsoother (60-Secs Version)
Ron Komie   All in On Love (30 Instr Bed)
Red Sky Lullaby   Magic in Your Eyes (Ft Frank H ..
 Rock Music Go To  
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Punkers Party (Loop 03)
Angela Predhomme   Friday Morning Sunrise
Denis Woods   Circle No Mel
David Tick   Wiggle in the Walk
The Crossing   Come Calling (Riff Excerpt 2)
Case In Point   In Your Eyes (Instrumental)
Crash Alley   Machine
Gary Wolk   Who's Kinky?
Jeremy Luzier   Dover Falls 60s Alt 1
Botabateau   Teenager Rock (Full Length)
 Science Fiction Music Go To  
Christophe Espern   Child Soldiers
Adam DiTroia   Robots Taking Over
Michael Panasuk   Droning Lonely Voices
Ringtone Voodoo   Machines Gone Bad
Andrea Ravizza   Epic Celebration - Bed (Calm)
Ron Komie   Rising Temptation (Nohistrings)
Michael Kobayashi   Screw Mars!
MX47   They Came From Outer Space
ClubFungus   Interstellar Sunshine
Dean Wagg   Future Robot Girl Sex
 Singer/Songwriter Go To  
DJ Amboe   Need You Ft Bard
Complicated Animals   Drive Around in Cars
Steve Swindells   'High and Dry', Feat Melanie Br..
Lawrence Magee   I Wait for the Sun to Rise
Angela Predhomme   Extra Day
David & Loren Laue   Bowl of Mixed Emotion
Evan Zappa & the Necessity   City Sins
Cary Kanno   We Can Get Together
Angela Predhomme   So Easy (Full Song)
Will Tang   A Song (Guit-Bass-Mix)
 Sound-Alikes Music Go To  
DJ Tony & MollyMiss   Ice Cream (With Crv)
Robert Neary   Crime Scene Investigator
Gary Wolk   Como Esta
Eric Fletcher   One Love
John Judd   Powerhouse
Darksparcs   Transformers™ Sound Alikes: Cyb..
Wilton Vought   All My Love to You
Will Graettinger   Can't Stop Now
Audio Architect Music   60 Beatles in Their Sixties
John Judd   I Love U2
 Spiritual Music Go To  
Leran Wang   Spirituality Love Peace
Mark S. Crocker   Restoration
Joseph Barkley   At the Altar (Featuring Rachel ..
Daniel's Window   In the Garden
Becky Rash   Be That
Mark Donovan   Out of Depths