Escape to a Tropical Caribbean Paradise
Perfect for Pool-Side, Beach Parties, and Festive Fun!

Tropical Latin Music Sets a Perfect Festive Mood Whether you’re creating a spy flick set in the Caribbean, or you're producing a Tropical Latin instructional dance video, or you're sourcing music for a tropical-themed ad campaign for a tourist resort, hotel, or a tasty new blend of coconut rum, our Tropical music will help you quickly find the perfect track for your project.

Did You Know?  Tropical music is a very broad category of Latin music that encompasses many of the most popular genres that are often thought of as just "Latin" music.  This includes the Caribbean-oriented subgenres of Salsa, Merengue, Rumba, Cha Cha, Mambo and Cumbia.  But it also includes many exciting non-Hispanic subgenres including Calypso, Steel Drums, Caribbean Music, Afro-Caribbean, Tropical Pop and more.

Top Tropical Artists

Andy L
Eric Waters
Gary Gibson
Ron Komie
Really Free Music
Alec Makinson
After in Paris
Gary Wolk
Linwood Bell

New Tropical Tracks

La Borinquena
Tropic Muse
Island Breeze
Mambo Latino
Latin Spice
Spa Dolphins
Caribbean Sun
In a Latin Mood
Paradise Island


Top Tropical Tracks

Cuban Adventure
Salsa Miami
Korekteman - Haitian..
July Jump Up
Margarita Sunset
A Walk in Cuban Stre..
Caliente No.3
Salsa Joy
Make Love to Me
Tropical Summer Party
Ritmo de Las Calles
Sexy Heist
Too Hot
A Taste of Cuba
Tropical View
Sea and Beach
Salsa for You
Caribbean Celebration
Let's Holiday
Beautiful Island Girl
Mambo #10
Cuban Magic
Mambo #5
Surf Islands Instrum..
Free and Easy
Cha Cha Cha
Auspicious Moment
El Parrandero
Jump in de Queue
Living On This Island
Tropical Madness 60
Small Island, Large..
Latin Cumbia
El Cambio de Amor
Trinidad's Jammin'
The Raving World Orc..
Crazy Merengue
Calypso Wings
Cha Cha
Back Splash
Passion Dance
Trinidad Is the Plac..
Trinidad Rum
Kid Salsa
The African Witch
Honolulu Dreaming
Souvenirs D'Enfance
Hot Latino Summer
Latino Summer
Candela y Tumbao
Reggae Party
En La Calle Ocho
Pink Sand
No Worries
Soul of Reggae
Trinidad Rum
The Neighbors - 30 S..
Minor Rumba
Saucy Salsa
Red Hot Chilli Salsa
Pursuit in Havana
Calypso Time
No Duele Mas
La Colombiana
Cubana My Land
Sol Del Paraguay
Latina Utopia
Breeze of the Caribb..
Caribbean Drift
Dancing On the Trade..
Sand Castles
Ulisse E Penelope
Colombia Cumbia
Move Your Body
Limbo Beach
Que Tal
Easy Tropical Life
Cuba - Isla de Caribe
Mambo Ace
Caribbean Climb

Genre List

Caribbean Music
Cha Cha
Steel Drums
Tropical Dramatic
Tropical Pop
Tropical Rock
To Hear More Great Latin Music in Over 40 Latin
Subgenres, Visit our Latin Discovery Spotlight!

Calypso - Festivities from Trinidad
Calypso music is a festive, upbeat style of Afro-Caribbean music which originated in Trinidad and Tobago, in the West Indies, which incorporates musical traditions from Africa and Europe. Traditional calypso instruments include trumpet, trombone, flute, saxophone, bass guitar, conga, bongos, steelpan, violin and miscellaneous percussion.

Steel Drums - The Quintessential Caribbean Sound
Steelpan, also known as steeldrums or pans, is a musical instrument and a form of music originating in Trinidad and Tobago. The pan is a pitched percussion instrument, tuned chromatically (although some toy or novelty steelpans are tuned diatonically), made from a 55 gallon drum of the type that stores oil.

Salsa - Dance The House on Fire
Salsa music is a subgenre of Latin music highly popular across Latin and North America. Salsa derives from the Cuban Son, Mambo, Son Montuno, and Guaracha with touches of other genres including Pop, Jazz, Rock, and RnB. The terms Latin Jazz and Salsa are sometimes used interchangeably.

Cha Cha - The Ubiquitous Latin Dance Style
One of the most ubiquitous of Latin dance styles, the Cha-Cha (or chachachá) developed either from the Cuban Danzón of the 1870s or from a slower version of the Mambo (called the "Double Mambo") in New York. By the early 1950s, the dance spread like wildfire through American musical culture.

Caribbean music
A substantial amount of Tropical music does not have a structure that is associated with a particular Tropical subgenre, hence such music is simply classified as "Caribbean" as a catch-all derived from the general geographic region where the music originated.

Tropical Pop
Tropical Pop is radio-oriented Tropical Latin music, either vocal or instrumental, that contains elements of Tropical, Latin, Pop and also sometimes Rock, Dance and Electronic music. Tropical Pop music is perfect for TV and film productions and commercial advertisements.

Merengue is a type of music and dance from the Dominican Republic. It is popular in the Dominican Republic and all over Latin America. It is thought that the name of the music was derived from the fast frenzied movement on the dance floor that could remind one of an egg beater in action, whipping up merengue!

Rumba - It's All In The Hips!
Rumba is a family of percussive rhythms, song and dance. It originates in Cuba as a combination of the musical traditions of Spanish colonizers and of Africans brought to Cuba as slaves. Truly one of the most sensual of all Latin dances, the Rumba dance is a masterful display of hip and body control with sensual interplay between couples.

This Afro-Cuban dance genre, similar to Salsa and Rumba, was popular during the 1940's and 50's and became part of the big band sound of the 1950s. Performed by the Cuban conjunto, it included an ensemble of voice, trumpets, and rhythm sections. The rhythm sections would include a bass, conga, and timbale or cowbell.

Afro-Caribbean music is a broad term for music styles originated in the Caribbean. These styles of music usually has West African influence because of the presence and history of African people and their descendants living in the Caribbean, as a result of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The term Cumbia refers to both a style of Colombian folk-dance music, which originated on the country's northern Atlantic coast, and its dominant rhythm, which was assimilated into a great deal of Latin-American music in the Northern Hemisphere.

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