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Turmoil and Progress in the Middle East
The Arab Spring Holds High Hopes for Democracy

Middle-Eastern stories of political uprisings dominate today’s news, as tales of bravery emerge in films, TV stories and documentaries around the world. With over 1,200 Middle-Eastern music tracks in every genre, plus sound effects, AudioSparx is a valuable resource.

Violent protests, explosions and military action reveal stories of struggle for democracy in the Middle East, as uprisings in numerous countries exhibit constantly-changing alliances. New films of individual heroics, action adventure or romance are being made each day, while news shows and documentaries are challenging the status quo.

Top Middle-East Artists

Really Free Music Really Free Music
Carlos Estella Carlos Estella
Steve Rice Productions Steve Rice Productions
Andy L Andy L
Shuly Yossef Shuly Yossef
After in Paris After in Paris
Bjorn Lynne Bjorn Lynne
Justin Crosby Justin Crosby
Richard Jungles Richard Jungles
The Music Bakery The Music Bakery

New Middle-East Tracks

Christophe Espern Last Message
Brighter Note Bedouin Festival
Hossam Ramzy Eddalla Ya Gamal … H..
Deben Bhattacharya Gundruk Pakaono
Chalf Hassan Lalla Fatima
The Burning Bush 12 Hassidic Melody N..
The Burning Bush 11 Firn di Mekhutoni..
Deben Bhattacharya 13 Tanavar
London Jewish Male Choir 14 Al Sfat Yam Kineret
London Jewish Male Choir 11 Mashiach


Top Middle-East Tracks

Really Free Music Sands of the Kara Kum
Hossam Ramzy Ala Hesb Wedad Galbi
Denis Woods The Arabian Spring
Jason Greenberg Seclusion
Andy L Arabian Madness
Michael Keck Mid East Sunset - Su..
After in Paris Ottoman 4
Bjorn Lynne Gateway of the Gods
Jimmy Reid Arabic Cello
Adam Scourfield Golgotha
Jean Paul Zoghbi Dreaming
SonicLab Pro Deep Longing
Cheb Nacim El Waldine
Dewey Dellay Desert Bed
Jason Bradley Livesay Jihad
Dakota Goldsworth Souk of Dreams
Larry Salzman The Kingdom of Morocco
Vincent Pace Moody Arab
Carlos Estella Ali Baba
Jesper Mattsson Afghan Melodic Track
Bendaly Family Galbi Ana Msamah
Shuly Yossef Dreams With Tears
SongsofHD Desert Prince
Really Free Music Desert Nation
Steve Rice Productions Yaideldai
Carlos Estella Mysterious Dance
Christophe Espern Romance in the Middl..
David M Brown Desert Wind
Ionics The Letter
David Phillips Ancient Echoes
Christian Andersson The Treasures of Ra
Jennifer Hannah-Murphy Turkish Morning
Roger Alhalaby Heya Heya
Garry Cribb Totally Bazaar
Michael Keck Agamemnons Revenge V..
Steve Urwin Enter in Intro
Suzannah Doyle Desert Sands
Piotr Pacyna Middle Eastern Getaway
Joe Pignato Salome Suite
Michael Keck Adhan - Call to Pray..
The Music Bakery Arabian Adventures :..
SonicLab Pro The Secret Chamber
TJ Kross Arabian Stars
David M Brown Ney I Say Unto Oud
Mark Allaway Klezmer Party
D. Silverstone The Magic Carpet
The Music Bakery Arabian Adventures 3..
SonicLab Pro Deep Longing
Chalf Hassan How Do You Do
Ori Vidislavski Mother Cry
Suzannah Doyle Snake Dance
Music Candy Leading the Way Main..
Ankakusu Ramadan Entertainment
Alec Makinson Eastern Promise
Jean Paul Zoghbi Praise
Really Free Music Dunes
ElevenTwelve Ethnic Cue #1
Larry Salzman Through the Streets..
Steve Probst Zemer Atik
MX47 Middle East Theme Pr..
Chanson World Music Library Ciftetelli
Alec Makinson Eastern Promise
Patrice Williams Red Sea Journey
Jean Paul Zoghbi Meditations
Bjorn Lynne Desert Nomads
The Music Bakery Arabian Adventures :..
Lev Zhurbin Mantani
Dani W. Schmid Arabic Desert
Anthony Davilio The Last Prophet
Bendaly Family Ma Bensa
Valencia Magic Perfume
Bendaly Family Bitzakarak
Dan LaCob Algerian Daydream
Carlos Estella Middle East Action
Bjorn Lynne Gateway of the Gods
Petros Sarhosidis Oriental Nights
Really Free Music Dar Al Hajar
Really Free Music Tuz Golu
Shuly Yossef Separation
Ionics The Way Home
Hossam Ramzy Sehr Oyounik -
Hanjo Gabler Oriental
Bendaly Family Oumi a Dabke
Bendaly Family Garreb Jay
Andy Schofield Turkish Japanese Fus..
Bjorn Lynne Mystical Pyramids
Shuly Yossef Mami
Jeff Woodall Spirit of Islam
Bendaly Family Bin Nass
D. Silverstone Salam Olam
Christian Andersson Curse of the Djinn
Erik Haddad Burning Now
Parish Ogodei
Brighter Note Arab Spring
Music Boutique Hine Ma Tov 60 Pia&C..
Nabeel Imam Hymn of the Desert
Richard Jungles Sands of Sharazade
Valencia Magic Perfume
Deben Bhattacharya Rabab
Stephen Booke Bliss Beyond

Genre List

Anasheed Contemporary
Anasheed Traditional
Arabic Pop
Arabic Pop
Bellydance Music
Contemporary Dramatic
Israeli Folk
Jewish Folk
Mediterranean Guitar
Middle-Eastern Hip Hop
Middle-Eastern Rock
Mid-East Drums
Mid-East World Fusion
Saudi Arabia

Islamic Anasheed
Beautiful Anasheed music featuring a cappella vocals, accompanied by the daff, rain sticks and other indigenous percussion instruments, and light nature sound effects. Islamic Anasheed does not contain keyboards, strings, wind and brass instruments, and is produced in accordance with Islamic restrictions on music.

Michael Keck Aaminah Lady of Peace - Michael Keck
Christophe Espern Son of the Sun - Christophe Espern
Markus Bravo Lune Et Ocean - Markus Bravo
Michael Keck Kingdom City - Michael Keck
Jean Paul Zoghbi Praise - Jean Paul Zoghbi
Michael Keck Palms of Dubai - Michael Keck
Michelle Qureshi After Maghreb - Michelle Qureshi
Anthony Davilio Enchanted - Anthony Davilio
Markus Bravo Islamic Anthem - Markus Bravo
Sebastien Pan Desert Beauty - Sebastien Pan
Nabeel Imam Hymn of the Desert - Nabeel Imam
Jean Paul Zoghbi Meditations - Jean Paul Zoghbi
Michael Keck Arabian Gold - Michael Keck
Anthony Davilio Quiet Night - Anthony Davilio
Rik Roberts Anasheed Spiritual - Rik Roberts
Sebastien Pan Night in the Desert - Sebastien Pan
Nigel Male Anasheeda Chill - Nigel Male
SMM Productions Mystic Orient - SMM Productions
Michael Keck Port Saeed - Michael Keck
Michael Keck Floating Bells - Michael Keck

Middle-Eastern Espionage, Intrigue and Mystery Music
Under a blistering Sahara sun, trekking over sand dunes, gathering intel, solving the murder mystery and catching the bad guys! Our composers have created a blitz of music for your epic blockbuster spy movie or tale of suspense, betrayal and duplicity.

Jason Bradley Livesay Jihad - Jason Bradley Livesay
Really Free Music Desert Nation - Really Free Music
Really Free Music Sands of the Kara Kum - Really Free Music
Caneline Concept Harem - Caneline Concept
Entropik Music Hit Man in Cairo Remix - Entropik Music
Ori Vidislavski Shehure - Ori Vidislavski
D. Silverstone Slow Motion Bazzar - D. Silverstone
Michael Keck Mid East Sunset - Sunrise - Michael Keck
Erik Haddad Burning Now - Erik Haddad
Paul Carlson Prelude to Ascension - Paul Carlson
Jennifer Hannah-Murphy Tales From the Ashram - Jennifer Hannah-Murphy
Valencia Magic Mysteries of the Sahara - Valencia Magic
Arjun Sen Contrast - Arjun Sen
Dan Morrissey Holy War - Dan Morrissey
Marcin Przybylowicz Persian City - Marcin Przybylowicz
Richard Bowling Desert Shadows - Richard Bowling
Jeff Woodall Spirit of Islam - Jeff Woodall
Michael Keck Goddess Ritual - Michael Keck
Kaloyan Dimitrov Sunset Warmth - Kaloyan Dimitrov
Valencia Magic Sahara Diva - Valencia Magic

Middle-Eastern Action, Adventure, Thriller & Suspense
Edgy and dangerous music for fierce action films like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, and recent movies and documentaries about terrorists, jihadists, nomad struggles, religious wars, and growing unrest and political intrigue.

Michael Keck Babylon Escape, Epic Trailer Music - Michael Keck
Nigel Male In the Name of Jihad - Nigel Male
Caneline Concept Landing at Topkapi - Caneline Concept
Michael Keck Agamemnons Revenge Ver A - Michael Keck
Richard Jungles Marakesh Market - Richard Jungles
Caneline Concept Ibrahim - Caneline Concept
Michael Keck Military Base Camp Attack - Michael Keck
Green Man Moodball - Green Man
Matt Milne The Pyramids - Matt Milne
Adam Scourfield Arabix - Adam Scourfield
Michael Keck Camel Race Vocals A - Michael Keck
Jeff Broadbent Syrian Nights - Jeff Broadbent
Michael Allen Under Fire - Michael Allen
Jean Paul Zoghbi Desert Dance - Jean Paul Zoghbi
Bruce Hathaway Inner Flight - Bruce Hathaway
Julian Scott Eastern Adventure - Julian Scott
Rudy Pusateri Trailer Tribal Fear - Rudy Pusateri
Animalistix Snakes of the Pharoah - Animalistix
Amazing Music What Happened - Amazing Music
Michael Keck Babylon Escape 30 Sec - Michael Keck

Mid-East Documentaries, News Stories or Travel Montages
Exoticism fused with cutting-edge modern sounds perfect for documentaries, Amanpour specials, CNN and other World News shows covering Iraq, Afghanistan, and current uprisings in Egypt and Syria -- with tales of tears, bravery and survival.

Michael Keck Dianera's Dance - Michael Keck
Entropik Music Emily's Wake - Entropik Music
Dewey Dellay Mideast Underscore - Dewey Dellay
Nigel Male No Solution - Nigel Male
Entropik Music Turkish Tango Shuffle - Entropik Music
Markus Bravo All About Egypt - Markus Bravo
Really Free Music Tears of the Desert - Really Free Music
Steve Urwin Enter in - Steve Urwin
Sebastien Pan India Voice - Sebastien Pan
Daniel Cullen Sunset Over Syria - Daniel Cullen
Arjun Sen Near Vana Part 1 - Arjun Sen
Aural Night It Is Written - Aural Night
Marco Frydshou Hushed Memories - Marco Frydshou
David C. Hewitt Middle Eastern Promise - David C. Hewitt
Electric Chair 3000 Middle East Nights - Electric Chair 3000
Greg Clarkson & Michael Oliphant Persian Winds - Greg Clarkson & Michael Oliphant
Jesper Mattsson Oud Dessert Song - Jesper Mattsson
MX47 Middle East Theme Serpent of Eden - MX47
Really Free Music Dar Al Hajar - Really Free Music
Denis Woods The Arabian Spring - Denis Woods

Sad, Mournful Music Filled with Emotion and Longing
Passionate, poetic music for Al Jazeera, BBC or PBS specials, Nightline, CNN news, and documentary coverage of nations ravaged by violence, grim hospital scenes, and displaced families and orphaned children experiencing tragedy and loss.

Justin Crosby Tears in Eden - Justin Crosby
Michael Keck Women at the Well Alt - Michael Keck
SonicLab Pro Deep Longing - SonicLab Pro
Simon Stockhausen Lonely Girl - Simon Stockhausen
Erwin Steijlen Bo's Lullaby - Erwin Steijlen
Ori Vidislavski Child at Night - Ori Vidislavski
Michael Keck Prayer - Michael Keck
MX47 The Kremlin Code - MX47
Suzannah Doyle Desert Sands - Suzannah Doyle
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Assyro Funeral - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Ori Vidislavski Begining of the End - Ori Vidislavski
Greg Clarkson & Michael Oliphant Middle East Lament - Greg Clarkson & Michael Oliphant
Entropik Music Back to the Beginning - Entropik Music
David C. Hewitt Schindler's Last Stand - David C. Hewitt
SMM Productions Fading Away - SMM Productions
Jason Greenberg Zahra's Passion - Jason Greenberg
Garry Cribb Hope and Passion - Garry Cribb
Richard Freitas Dark Corners of Cairo - Richard Freitas
Really Free Music Kata Noi - Really Free Music
Ori Vidislavski Begining of the End - Ori Vidislavski

Uplifting and Inspiring Middle-Eastern Music
Emotional, uplifting and evolving tales from afar -- whether focusing on hopes for peace, or just staying abreast of rapidly changing events, and surviving to relate the political unrest and upheaval burning into the night in the Arab World.

Jimmy Reid Arabic Cello - Jimmy Reid
Michael Keck Tzur Mishelo Solo Violin - Michael Keck
Entropik Music Succubus - Entropik Music
Really Free Music Euphrates - Really Free Music
Michael Keck Mesopotamia - Michael Keck
Danny Rules Jewish Celebration - Danny Rules
Jean Paul Zoghbi Desert Dance - Jean Paul Zoghbi
Christian Andersson The Treasures of Ra - Christian Andersson
ElevenTwelve Ethnic Cue #1 - ElevenTwelve
Donna Marie Mystic Mountains - Donna Marie
Alex Roven Sheelot - Alex Roven
Jennifer Hannah-Murphy Turkish Morning - Jennifer Hannah-Murphy
Turkish Music Ensemble Serenler - Turkish Music Ensemble
Origen Hodu L'Adonai Ki Tov - Origen

Arabian Belly Dance and Club Music
Music swirls as alluring women perform the exotic Bellydance in Middle East emporiums, or more contemporary percussion-driven hot club tracks – it’s all here at AudioSparx! Perfect for romantic drama, scenes of entertainment, travel montage, tourism or high fashion from the Mideast.

Michael Keck Toakin' On the Hookah Le Souk - Michael Keck
Roger Alhalaby Heya Heya - Roger Alhalaby
Hossam Ramzy El Hob Halal - Hossam Ramzy
Stephen Booke Inward Upward - Stephen Booke
Cairo Nights Manbaa Innar - Cairo Nights
Emad Sayyah Ya Leyli - Emad Sayyah
Garry Cribb Totally Bazaar - Garry Cribb
Hossam Ramzy Sehr Oyounik - - Hossam Ramzy
Hossam Ramzy Gamaal Oyounik - Hossam Ramzy
Really Free Music Tuz Golu - Really Free Music
Bendaly Family Oumi a Dabke - Bendaly Family
Music Candy Wu Klang 60 Secs - Music Candy
D. Silverstone Salam Olam - D. Silverstone
Music Candy Flying Carpet - Music Candy
Dmytro Krasiuk Dark Rooms in the Bazaar - Dmytro Krasiuk
Sean Balli The Belly Dancer - Sean Balli
Paul Freitas Al Manaahil - Paul Freitas
Tom Hajduk Arabic Beat - Tom Hajduk
Davor Devcic Kairo Express - Davor Devcic
Bendaly Family Galbi Ana Msamah - Bendaly Family

Romantic Drama, Joyful Music and Celebrations
For reality films or TV shows depicting love or festive occasions, AudioSparx has many stunning Vocals and Instrumentals in native languages perfect for romance, morality tales, or soap operas.

Roger Alhalaby Ghmorni - Roger Alhalaby
Bendaly Family Bitzakarak - Bendaly Family
Simon Wolfe Streets of Kabul - Simon Wolfe
Michael Keck Shalom Aleichem Clarinet and Cello - Michael Keck
Cheb Nacim Khalouni, Khalouni - Cheb Nacim
Bruce Hathaway Amman Amman - Bruce Hathaway
Rhett Brewer Exotica - Rhett Brewer
Bendaly Family Saggel Indak - Bendaly Family
Chalf Hassan Tears of Joy - Chalf Hassan
Afghan Ensemble Dokhtare Kabul--Girl From Kabul - Afghan Ensemble
Maarit Korhonen Pacing - Maarit Korhonen
Jason Greenberg On to Infinity - Jason Greenberg
Jason Greenberg Quest - Jason Greenberg
Kenji Aoi Persian Girl - Kenji Aoi
Parish Ogodei - Parish
Frejlechs Bukevine - Frejlechs
Jason Greenberg Seclusion - Jason Greenberg
Haene & Friedrich Electric Bazaar - Haene & Friedrich
Juan Pablo Zaragoza On the Banks of the Nile - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Joe Pignato Desert Angels - Joe Pignato

Israeli and Jewish Music
From poetic Old World melodies, festive Folk Songs, lively wedding tunes, religious and spiritual songs, or touching music for Holocaust films and documentaries, Jewish music has enriched the lives of Jewish families since Biblical times. Here we have both vocals and instrumentals, and wild party and dance music, too.

Jeremy Sherman Dacha Polka - Jeremy Sherman
Steve Probst Zemer Atik - Steve Probst
Michael Keck Tzur Mishelo Solo Clarinet - Michael Keck
Elizabeth C. Axford Hava Nagila - Elizabeth C. Axford
Steve Goodman Hastav Avar - Steve Goodman
Atzilut Eved Ado-Nai - Atzilut
The Burning Bush Chassidic Dance - The Burning Bush
Yaacov Shapiro Di Zun Is Fargangen - Yaacov Shapiro
Yaacov Shapiro Shabes Shabes - Yaacov Shapiro
The Burning Bush Cuando El Rey Nimrod - The Burning Bush
Atzilut Devekut Dance - Atzilut
The Burning Bush Avre Tu Puerta Cerrada - The Burning Bush
Ori Vidislavski Triste - Ori Vidislavski
Michael Keck Jerusalem Morning Extended Mix - Michael Keck
The Burning Bush A La Una Naci Yo - The Burning Bush
Atzilut Onga - Atzilut
Shuly Yossef Dreams With Tears - Shuly Yossef
Yinon Oved Eastern Spikes - Yinon Oved
Atzilut Scalerica de Oro - Atzilut
Pete Bax Haveniga Hava Nagila Lets Rejoice - Pete Bax

Hollywood Sound Effects for Jihad, Action Adventure, Mystery
AudioSparx is on top of its SFX game with Arabic men screaming, explosions, sirens, missiles, helicopter rescues, Sahara sand storms, torture sounds, Abu Ghraib, firefights, market ambience…

Indigo Sound LLC Arabic Shouting Males - Indigo Sound LLC
X-Ray Sound Studios Bedouins in Tent - X-Ray Sound Studios
Bjorn Lynne Explosion Blast Large Debris 01 - Bjorn Lynne
Domino Sound Effects Surface to Air Missle 07 - Domino Sound Effects
Ultimate Sound Helicopter-Approaching and Landing - Ultimate Sound
The Producers Egypt, Market Ambience - The Producers
Domino Sound Effects Wind Desert Sand - Domino Sound Effects
Adagio Music Gunshots in a Crowd, Panic Ensues - Adagio Music
Greg Patmore Terror, Explosion and Sirens - Greg Patmore
Lorin Swelk Firefight-Large - Lorin Swelk
Special Effects and Sounds Torture Chamber Wheel Turning - Special Effects and Sounds
Hollywood Post Dripping Water Causing Insanity - Hollywood Post
Indigo Sound LLC Arabic Chanting Males 2 - Indigo Sound LLC
Ultimate Sound Grenade Boom - Ultimate Sound
Indigo Sound LLC Arabic Chanting Male 1 - Indigo Sound LLC
Michael Keck Military Base Camp Attack A - Michael Keck
Claudio Pelissero Dark - Claudio Pelissero
Indigo Sound LLC Arabic Males Talking - Indigo Sound LLC


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music in arabic

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