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Dramatic Blockbuster Music Perfect for Film and TV
The Definitive Dramatic Music Library for Creative & Commercial Uses

Welcome to the music that powers
Hollywood!  We're hot on the radar of major movie and TV studios for providing music for their feature films and TV productions. In business for over 16 years now, AudioSparx represents a select group of world-class musicians, orchestras, producers, bands and music publishers. Their talents range across a wide array of musical genres and production styles, guaranteeing success after success -- with their tracks appearing in major motion pictures, documentaries, and TV shows and series.

Each month dozens of new artists sign with AudioSparx, bringing thousands of new music tracks online from all corners of the planet.  Here you will find the best-of-the-best Dramatic music, ready to download for your next hot project… 

Top Dramatic Artists

Nicholas Pesci Nicholas Pesci
Matthew Raetzel Matthew Raetzel
Jacco Willems Jacco Willems
John Judd John Judd
Marcus Olgers Marcus Olgers
Sam Clunie Sam Clunie
Ivan Paunovic Ivan Paunovic
Erwin Steijlen Erwin Steijlen
Chris Hodges Chris Hodges
Steve Probst Steve Probst

New Dramatic Tracks

Jens Larsson The Shimmering way -..
Ramazan Yuksel Epic Action Trailer
Matthew Raetzel Aha!
David Scance Tempest
David Scance Start to Finish
Marc Teichert Brave Intro
Chris Hodges Country Living
Homemadesoul Stealth
Stan Erbrink Celebrate Life
Hanjo Gabler Asthmatical Research


Top Dramatic Tracks

Matthew Raetzel A Space Adventure
Alec Makinson Happy Chappy
Dan Phillipson Come Away
Ballet Dance Company Primere Children's B..
SMM Productions Clever Concept
Jacco Willems The Final Stand
John Judd Business Growth
Marc Filmer Sparks of Ingenuity
Eric Bode My Rainbow
Nitzan Sagie Rising Above
Guido Negraszus The Return of the Kn..
Jeremy Luzier She's a Dish
Sam Clunie Small Town Adventure
Justin Crosby The Neighbors
Alan Fagan Feeling Strong Now
Jacco Willems Galactic Conflict
Richard Freitas Twirlygig
SMM Productions Hope and Fear
Jeff Whitcher Jw Liquid Warmth
Music For TV and Games Feeling Successful F..
Brian Thomas Curtin A Heroic Quest
Jonathan Wright Space and Time
Dan Phillipson Transparent Visions
Pierre Langer Spirit of Light
Soundroad Free Spirit
Pierre Langer Black Monolith
Carlos Estella Happiness Has Harmony
Somnium Cinematic Action Tra..
Simon Stevens Alone
Denis Woods The Torch
Jacco Willems The Final Stand
Bobby Cole Epic
Marcus Olgers Highrise
Guido Negraszus Epic Trailer 3
Jacco Willems The Last Stronghold
Kevin M. Baumgard Happy Uke
Ron Komie Mission Unstoppable
Pierre Langer Boom Guards
Andy L London Glory
Dean Wagg Tomorrow We Fly Corp..
Davor Devcic A Little Whistling S..
David Flavin Uke N Whistle
Chris Hodges Project Inspire
Adam DiTroia Gathering Strength
Linwood Bell Stacked Deck
Marc Filmer The Age of Discovery
Jacco Willems The Last Stronghold
John Judd Education
Ed Hartman Football Funk
Tom Jemmott Scary Fairy
Jacco Willems The Final Stand
Ramazan Yuksel After Me
TJ Kross The Decision
Seth Littlefield Percussion Fight
Erwin Steijlen La Presse Olympique
Amazing Music Fight Song
MX47 Action Adventure Cue..
Richard Freitas Sneaky Shenanigans
MX47 Huckleberry
Tom Hajduk Big Chance
Mohammed Doham Empires Fall
Tom Hajduk Dirty Angels Dance
Jonathan Wright Liberty - Epic Uplif..
Erwin Steijlen A Beautiful Day
Beaten Hands Down Blood and Smoke
Sam Clunie Adventure Island Park
Alex Rich Dripping Whispers
Really Free Music Hymn of Final Honor
Ramazan Yuksel Apocalyptic Warriors
Jacco Willems Age of Harmony
Joe Bergsieker Jump!
Justin Crosby Victory Will Be Ours
Jacco Willems Age of Harmony
Denis Woods Arena Alt 1
Carlos Estella Ode to Life
Soundroad Pulse
Alex Rich Summer Nostalgia
Pierre Langer Kings Valor
Pierre Langer Temple of Darkness
Storm Drums God of War
Adam DiTroia Believe
Sixteenth Moon Road Movie
Tim Brown Retro Funk Groove
George Pauley On the Beach
Dan Gautreau Evolving Mood
Wolftooth Third Rail
Joe Bergsieker Bold & Beautiful
Jason Farnham Bright Eyed and Bush..
Jeremy David Hiebert Delightful
Eric Bode Curse of the Ice Queen
Igge Scoce Jaws Alike - Orchest..
Felipe Adorno Vassao Megadrums
Stein Thor Snowfall in Spring -..
Storm Drums Ride With Flow
Pierre Langer Hellwars
Joe Bergsieker Winter Sky
Tom Jemmott Rain of Fire
Petr Kiselev Positive News
Pierre Langer Call for Heroes
Denis Woods Polyglider

Genre List

Science Fiction

Dramatic Music for Moods, Emotions and Human Drama
Welcome to the definitive Dramatic music library on the Internet! Here you will find the hottest music for dramatic productions, including film, television, theatre, and all production arts. Leading media companies around the world have used our Dramatic music in the production of award-winning motion pictures, television shows, commercials and more.

Music Candy Victory Alt Mix - Music Candy
Denis Woods Rush - Denis Woods
Pierre Langer Temple of Darkness - Pierre Langer
SMM Productions Clever Concept - SMM Productions
Jason Farnham Dreams of a Baby - Jason Farnham
TJ Kross The Bond - TJ Kross
Davor Devcic A Little Whistling Song - Davor Devcic
Richard Freitas Tango de Amour - Richard Freitas
A-P-M Productions Ambient Lab - A-P-M Productions
Eric Bode Curse of the Ice Queen - Eric Bode
Sam Clunie Inspecting - Sam Clunie
Pierre Langer Hellbound - Pierre Langer
TJ Kross Life's Price - TJ Kross
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Adagio - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Erwin Steijlen Eco Pop - Erwin Steijlen
Max DiCarlo Fantasyland - Max DiCarlo
Dan Phillipson Reach for the Stars - Dan Phillipson
Alex Rich Dripping Whispers - Alex Rich
Eric Bode My Rainbow - Eric Bode
Adam DiTroia A Time for Heroes - Adam DiTroia

Military Buildup, Combat and War, Rituals and Aftermath
For scenes of joining the Army, patriotic and recruiting music, Ninja action, Civil War documentaries, Braveheart. Marching into battle, front lines news shows, military prison scenes, and brutal aftermath. Soldiers in rehab, learning to live in society again.

Michael Keck Military Base Camp Attack A - Michael Keck
Erwin Steijlen La Presse Olympique - Erwin Steijlen
Adam DiTroia Gathering Strength - Adam DiTroia
Tom Jemmott Rain of Fire - Tom Jemmott
Pierre Langer Arise From Ashes - Pierre Langer
Ed Hartman Fanfare for the Gods - Ed Hartman
Tracey and Vance Marino On to Victory - Tracey and Vance Marino
Really Free Music Hymn of Final Honor - Really Free Music
Tempero Avalon - Tempero
Pierre Langer Morpheus Calls - Pierre Langer
Chris Hodges Virtue - Chris Hodges
Pierre Langer Spirit of Light - Pierre Langer
David Waugh The Climb - David Waugh
Chris Hodges Uplift - Chris Hodges
Pierre Langer Fist of Might - Pierre Langer
Max DiCarlo Terra Incognita - Max DiCarlo
Alexander Tobias Orest Struggle of Fear - Alexander Tobias Orest
Audio Architect Music Epic Bombastic Cinematic Action Mo.. - Audio Architect Music
Michael Keck A Hero Returns - Michael Keck
The Hour of Victory - Tim Fockedey

Action Music for Adventure, Thrillers, and Suspense
Stunning, dramatic and powerful music, perfect for wild chase scenes, shoot-em-up Western movies, high-energy trailer music, bombastic intros, and major action films, hero music, or CSI crime and intense suspense music.

Max DiCarlo Going West - Max DiCarlo
Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis J'Ai Tué - Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis
Henrik Skanfors The Choleric - Henrik Skanfors
MX47 Action Adventure Cue the Forces of.. - MX47
Sam Clunie Pursuit in Havana - Sam Clunie
Erik Haddad Summon Your Courage - Erik Haddad
Erwin Steijlen Corsakov - Erwin Steijlen
SMM Productions Adventure Island - SMM Productions
Sam Clunie State of the Art - Sam Clunie
MX47 Action Adventure Cue God's Speed - MX47
Pierre Langer Boneriders - Pierre Langer
Mike Stidolph Romancing the Old West - Mike Stidolph
Pawel Blaszczak Epic Battle - Pawel Blaszczak
Max DiCarlo The Glory - Max DiCarlo
Justin Crosby An Assassin's Tale - Justin Crosby
Adam Scourfield Golgotha - Adam Scourfield
Bartes Agent Blond Theme - Bartes
Tom Jemmott Pirate's Revenge - Tom Jemmott
Richard Freitas Run and Hide - Richard Freitas
ElevenTwelve Epic Struggle - ElevenTwelve

Dangerous Music
This is the music of danger, gripping you with suspense, filling your mind with edgy tension and leaving you raw and vulnerable. Our composers are masterful in their brooding, evil genius, leaving no chance for safety or security, they take you on a dark and dreaded journey to that place you'd rather never visit. Set your next production apart with the dangerous music you'll find here.

Igge Scoce Jaws Alike - Orchestral Cinematic - Igge Scoce
MX47 Angel of Darkness - MX47
Richard Freitas Marlowe's Blues - Richard Freitas
Michael Crowther Ghosts in the Twilight - Michael Crowther
Igge Scoce Land of Ice & Crystals - Modern Fi.. - Igge Scoce
Richard Freitas Menace - Richard Freitas
Music For TV and Games Political Attack Nine - Music For TV and Games
Roland Rudzitis Epic Future - Roland Rudzitis
Music For TV and Games Political Attack Seven - Music For TV and Games
Denis Woods Raw - Denis Woods
Michael Huang March of the Undead - Michael Huang
TJ Kross The Mystery of the Forest - TJ Kross
Pierre Langer Fade to Black - Pierre Langer
Louise Heaney Solace - Louise Heaney
Justin Crosby An Assassin's Tale - Justin Crosby
MX47 The Lady in Black - MX47
Chris Hodges Arc - Chris Hodges
Pierre Langer Dark Lords - Pierre Langer
Tom Jemmott The Final Challenge - Tom Jemmott
Jonathan Carlile Before the Night - Jonathan Carlile

Horror Music -- Psychological Terror, Torture, Slasher Productions
Scary music for Horror and Halloween productions where spine-tingling, blood-curdling music spooks your innermost fears. Perfect for psycho, slasher, thriller, macabre, supernatural, nightmare, death, and similar productions. For Halloween fright, dread and terror, plus campy music that celebrates fear! Take a listen and be verrry afraid!

Pierre Langer Suffocation - Pierre Langer
Big Fat Audio Classic Horror - Big Fat Audio
Max DiCarlo Endless Horror - Max DiCarlo
Robert Neary Empty World - Robert Neary
Jeremy Luzier After 400 Years - Jeremy Luzier
Louise Heaney He's Behind You - Louise Heaney
MX47 Frightmare - MX47
Michael Crowther Ghosts in the Twilight - Michael Crowther
Alexander Khaskin Evil Returns - Alexander Khaskin
Craig McConnell The Fallen - Craig McConnell
Eric Bode Goosebumps - Eric Bode
MX47 Queen of the Zombies - MX47
Tom Jemmott Scary Fairy - Tom Jemmott
Adam DiTroia Evil Lurks - Adam DiTroia
Apocalypse Cow Beyond the Dark Tent - Apocalypse Cow
Colin Willsher Massed Ranks - Colin Willsher
Joel Steudler Zombie Guts - Joel Steudler
Max DiCarlo Dark Creatures - Max DiCarlo
ElevenTwelve Preparation and Execution - ElevenTwelve
Sam Clunie A Gruesome Discovery - Cue - Sam Clunie

News Music -- Energizing, Investigation and Main News Themes
Music for breaking news, including openings, rejoins, investigative and main themes. This music is generally sophisticated and well-produced reflecting the advanced technical capability that is required to produce and transmit broadcast news programs.

MX47 News Theme CNN Special Report - MX47
SMM Productions Changing World - SMM Productions
Darko Saric News Night - Darko Saric
Dmytro Krasiuk Coriolis Global Network - Dmytro Krasiuk
Alec Makinson The Real Agenda - Alec Makinson
Adam Skorupa Glorious Moment Ident 6 - Adam Skorupa
Tempero Newscast Music - Tempero
Justin Crosby The Neighbors - Justin Crosby
Crisis - Paul Amos
SMM Productions Driving Forward - SMM Productions
Max DiCarlo News at 10 - Max DiCarlo
MX47 News Anchor - MX47
Julian Scott Newsflash 60 - Julian Scott
Alec Makinson Big Debate - Alec Makinson
Dewey Dellay Breaking News - Dewey Dellay
Alan Killian Mergers and Acquisitions - Alan Killian
SMM Productions Current Affairs - SMM Productions
Tempero Urgent News - Tempero
Stoyan Ganev News Logo - Stoyan Ganev
Paint Chips Who Wants a Million Greenbacks? - Paint Chips

Drum Music - Intense War Drums, Pounding Club Music, etc.
Cool wild drum tracks, occasionally mixed with other effects or minimal instrumentation. The focus here is on DRUMS for use in production projects. Features drum and percussion tracks, drum solos and other related percussion tracks for dramatic scenes. Pounding, driving, intense, wild, rhythmic! For when you need a stripped-down, raw, rhythmic drum track. This genre breaks it down for you, making it easy to find just the right drum music for any production.

Igge Scoce Crime in Action - Action Drums & P.. - Igge Scoce
A-P-M Productions Street Carnival - A-P-M Productions
Tempero Percussive Adventure - Tempero
Filmmusic Group Urban City Action - Drums & Percus.. - Filmmusic Group
Paul Moore Serious Drums - Paul Moore
Chanson World Music Library Time Zone - Hossam Ramzy - Chanson World Music Library
Wayne Numan Ritual Music & Drumming - Wayne Numan
Ferenc Hegedus Samurai Percussion - Ferenc Hegedus
A-P-M Productions Military Tattoo Drumline - A-P-M Productions
Alessandro D’Aloia Rio J - - Alessandro D'Aloia
Justin Crosby The Struggle - Booms No Cluster - Justin Crosby
Steve E. Williams Tribal Drums King Kong 2m30s - Steve E. Williams
Filmmusic Group Patriotic Drums - Filmmusic Group
Michael Keck Drums of Passion - Michael Keck
Francesco Baudille Jungle Drum Fever - Francesco Baudille
Tempero War Lord - Percussion Mix - Tempero
Bjorn Lynne Mystical Pyramids - Bjorn Lynne
Justin Crosby The Jurassic Beast - 60 Second Ver.. - Justin Crosby

Science Fiction Music
The future is now, here with the classic music of Science Fiction, including first contact, alien invasion, alien cultures, time travel, apocalypse, steampunk, spy-fi, space pubs, robot disco, cyberpunks, and all the freaky, far out music of Sci Fi movies, fantasy and culture.

Jeff Broadbent Depths of Space - Jeff Broadbent
MX47 Action Cue Techno Monster - MX47
Stobierski & DeBenedictis Crystal Garden - Stobierski & DeBenedictis
Markus Bravo Also Sprach Zarathustra - Markus Bravo
Tom Jemmott Escape From Zurich - Tom Jemmott
Western Horizon Productions On the Surface of Another World - Western Horizon Productions
Christian Umlauf Classic Sci-Fi Theme - Christian Umlauf
Pierre Langer Arise From Ashes - Pierre Langer
Jon Cooper Spaces 2 - Jon Cooper
Antonio Genovino Aliens - Antonio Genovino
Dewey Dellay Building Intentz Citeez - Dewey Dellay
Casey Arrillaga Opening Credits - Casey Arrillaga
Thomas Seher Transcendence - Thomas Seher
Chris Howes Block Party - Chris Howes
Jeff Woodall Beneath the Frozen Waves - Jeff Woodall
Roland Rudzitis Epic Future - Roland Rudzitis
John Lawrence Schick Rumblings From Outer Space - John Lawrence Schick
Johnny Breton Evil Sci Fi Danger - Johnny Breton
Jay Marsman Man and Machine - Jay Marsman
Roberto Feltracco Swat Attack - Roberto Feltracco

Sports Music
Music for the wide world of sports, including Olympics themes, music for extreme sports, fitness and cardio workouts, victory, and more. Plus you'll find some world-class music for sports network television programming including stunning orchestral tracks, symphonic rock, heavy metal extreme sports tracks, and music for stadiums and arenas, including organ music and marching bands.

Ed Hartman Football Funk - Ed Hartman
Vinny Piana Formula 1 Racer - Vinny Piana
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis Up the Gut - David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis
Roberto Feltracco Action One - Roberto Feltracco
Julian Scott Olympic Opening - Julian Scott
Richard Freitas Season Opener - Richard Freitas
John Judd Sports! - John Judd
Chico Miceli Olympics in Rio de Janeiro - Chico Miceli
William Pearson Brothers in Arms - William Pearson
Mark Snashall Fanfare for the Victor - Mark Snashall
Robert Neary Silver Bullet - Robert Neary
Suzannah Doyle Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Suzannah Doyle
Tom Jemmott Beautiful Country - Tom Jemmott
Roberto Feltracco Upgrade Your Identity - Roberto Feltracco
Erwin Steijlen Olympic Spirit - Erwin Steijlen
Steve Barden Sports Theme - Steve Barden
Really Free Music Acid Jam - Really Free Music
Thomas Beckner Halfback of Notre Dame - Thomas Beckner
Wade Mosher Red Line Overtime - Wade Mosher
Media Music Pro Europa Champion Theme - Media Music Pro

Comedy Music
Comedy music is humorous in nature, created to bring smiles or laughs. It encompasses a wide variety of music genres and styles, including parodies, novelty songs, light-hearted romantic comedy, kitsch, slapstick, comedy renditions of Ska, Rock, Hip Hop, and more.

Music Candy Intro. Here It Comes - Music Candy
Music Candy Waltzin' For Flowers - Music Candy
Sam Clunie Glamour Avenue - Sam Clunie
Music Candy Ghost-A-Rooby-Roo - Music Candy
Music Candy Biddly Toon - Music Candy
Music Candy Milligan's Reel 30 Sec - Music Candy
Irvin Duguid The Comedy Theme - Irvin Duguid
Alec Makinson Dogs Dinner - Alec Makinson
Skip Peck Peanut Gallery - Skip Peck
Pawel Betley Postcard From Paris - Pawel Betley
Stefan Meylaers A Funny Day - Stefan Meylaers
William Pearson Duck Soup - William Pearson
Suzannah Doyle Vaudeville - the Minsky Pickup - Suzannah Doyle
Elizabeth C. Axford Chromarag - Elizabeth C. Axford
Music Candy Show's Over - Music Candy
Music Candy Squirrel On the Loose - Music Candy
Music Candy Lunatics On the March - Music Candy
Music Candy MC Game Show - Music Candy
Music Candy That's It Folks!! - Music Candy
Richard Freitas Twirlygig - Richard Freitas


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dramatic music

tv music,
film music,
news music,
investigative news,
breakthrough news,
news weather,
halloween music,
horror music,
thriller music,
scary music,
dangerous music,
psycho music,
movie music,
motion picture music,
theatrical music,
drama music,
television show music,
cinematic music,
blockbuster music,

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