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The future is now, here with the classic music of Science Fiction, including first contact, alien invasion, alien cultures, time travel, apocalypse, steampunk, spy-fi, space pubs, robot disco, cyberpunks, and all the freaky, far out music of Science Fiction movies, fantasy and culture.


Science Fiction Genres
  107  Alien First Contact music
  87  Alien Invasion music
  38  Alien Pop
  93  Robotronica
  45  Sci-Fi | Machine or Computer Chaos Music
  76  Sci-Fi Action | Chase
  190  Sci-Fi Action | Intense
  259  Sci-Fi Action | Moderate
  89  Sci-Fi Ambient Music
  822  Sci-Fi Ambient Soundscape
  6  Sci-Fi MusicPacks
  2  Sci-Fi pending categorization
  99  Space Disco
595  Space music
84  Space Rock
  105  Time Travel music
  92  Waterworld music

Additional Fiction Styles
  Alien Music
  Cyberpunk Music
  Disney Magic Music
  Fairy Tale Music
  Fantasy Music
  Futuristic Music
  High Tech Music
  Monster Music
  Mythological Music
  Paranormal Music
  Prehistoric Music
  Pyschological Music
  Robots Music
  Science Music
  Sword and Sorcery Music
  Waterworld Music
2,789 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Jonathan Morning

Stobierski & DeBenedictis

Tom Jemmott

Music Candy

Visions of the Dark

William Pearson


Antonio Genovino

Kevin Bryce

Aedan Sherry

Chris Hodges

Michael Panasuk

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