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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Zac Nelson (Australia)
Coming to us from Australia, Zac Nelson has collaborated with Brook McWhorter, and together their music is featured on TV shows like E! News, "I Am Cait," and in several documentaries. Zac also has solo instrumentals in diverse genres and a range of timeless Rock songs from The Dead Storm, which receives mainstream radio play. His music has been included in prestigious composer libraries like 8DIO, EastWest, and VirHarmonic. Other exciting news: Recently, Zac's song 'Life is Wonderful' won a $5k Australian songwriting competition!

The Oliverwho Factory (USA)
The Detroit-based duo Oliverwho Factory has a great European dance-club following. They take an interesting blend of live instrumentation and soulful vocals along with Deep House, Melodic Techno, and Jazz-influenced keys creating dance music masterpieces. Darryl is known to play over 15 different instruments and Shonie excels for her Operatic singing over dance music. Together, Oliverwho Factory makes unique dance compositions that stand out from the competition. They capture the mood and emotion of their audience -- a duo not to overlook.

The Color of a Dream (USA)
The Color of a Dream has experience in styles ranging from Jazz to Indian (Hindustani) and Rock to Electronic. His depth of knowledge and multi-instrumental aptitude allow him to write, record, and perform nationally. With a BA in Music from Western Washington University, he is a trained guitarist who performs with innovative musical acts year round. His time spent living in India (studying the sitar) and interest in contemporary music production creates a promise to capture the ear of all who will listen.

Dmitry Avdeev (Belarus)
Dmitry Avdeev is a Belarusian composer who specializes in Dramatic and Orchestral cues with rich, dynamic arrangements. Drawing on influences like Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Alan Silvestri, and Alan Menken, his music is perfect for everything from action and adventure movie trailers to animated films and video games. If you're looking to add some explosive Hollywood sound to your project, Dmitry's catalog is sure to leave you dazzled.

Hanko Uphoff (Germany)
Hanko Uphoff is an eclectic artist who composes and produces music in different styles to match the mood of his audience. With a passion for creating music designed for TV, film, advertising, film trailers, video games, and image films, his sound spectrum extends from Orchestral to a range of Electronic music genres with traditional styles like Tango or Blues. The Jazz world allows Hanko to develop diverse facets of his composing faculties, which find expression in CD productions that deliver "ambition and clever arrangements" (Jazzpodium).

Michael Amlacher (Austria)
Composer/producer Michael Amlacher from Austria has over a decade of audio experience. As a mixer and arranger, he loves to compose albums for advertising projects and big business. Michael works with a large variety of genres creating perfectly fitting music for every occasion. A well-rounded artist, he helped to create music for the Coca-Cola German Christmas Tour 2006/2007, Dirk Daniels, Europapark Rust, Roth & Lorenz GmbH, Canesten, and ARD/SWF for the kids show "Tigerentenclub." He is one talented, sharp, and professional artist!

Kevin Dupont (USA)
Kevin Dupont is an established DJ, producer, and composer from California. He specializes in background music for commercials and soundtracks for movies. Being in the music industry almost 20 years separates him from amateur artists, he is professional and polished. Kevin began writing music for Film, TV and various media productions in the late 90's, and since has worked with several singers and bands all around the globe. His music is published in several lounge compilations proving his craft to produce infectious sounds.

Bart Janssen (Netherlands)
Bart Janssen is a producer, composer, and guitarist from the Netherlands. Working with companies like Universal, Disney, and Talpa, he has developed a strong portfolio. Bart is a well-known session guitar player in the Netherlands, performed with acts like the Backstreet Boys and Il Divo. Aside from producing several radio hits in the Netherlands, his music features on TV, radio, and Internet Ads. Bart has a passion for genres that lift the soul to include Pop, Rock, Corporate, Dance and Sports.

KGMP Music Machine (USA)
KGMP Music Machine is the combined efforts of Nashville songwriter, musician Kent Goodson, who has penned many songs for Music City Artists and showcases his world-class musical talents playing piano for legendary Country singer George Jones. Kent is joined by AudioSparx featured artist Michael Panasuk. Together they produce commercial tracks with factory precision in some mainstream genre including Country, Pop, Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Blues, and Dramatic for Film/TV, Radio, the Internet, and Corporate use.

Chill Carrier (Germany)
Coming to us from Germany, Chill Carrier is a project that was founded in 2003 by talented composer Sebastian Kretzschmar. Working in genres like German Chillout, Lounge, and Electronica, Chill Carrier is a compilation of music guaranteed to free your head from the speed of everyday life. Also, this artist's Pop, Pop Rock, Easy Listening, Urban, and Alternative tunes and beats encourage the soul to lean back, have a good time, and relax -- perfect for enhancing client projects needing a fresh, contemporary sound.

Bill Madison (USA)
Bill Madison's musical career spans more than 50 years. From the US, Bill has developed an impressive history as an artist. In 1973, he released his first album, “Sunday Mornin’ Hayride." The album has been re-released by Riverman Records and Yoga Records and was voted in the top ten retro re-issues for 2009 by the Acid Archives. In 1974, Bill formed Them Fargo Brothers which became New England’s Premier Country Rock Band, and he toured with the band until 1990. He is currently writing and recording in his home studio.

Suzanne Schnite (USA)
Based in Illinois, composer/producer Suzanne Schnite teams up with mixer/engineer Rich Martens to create music and sound that supports, strengthens, and supplements visual media. Working in the Electronic, Ambient, Chillout, and New Age genres, the highest quality production is blended with true-to-the-scene arrangements to give the audience an emotional and memorable experience. Suzanne is a Berklee School of Music Alumni with a master certificate in Songwriting and Orchestration for Film and TV.

Ragtime Piano Classics (USA)
Enjoy some old-time fun-time Ragtime piano music from a throwback era of early America. Perfect for period productions from the early 1900s, this music has a roots sound that will set the right mood every time.

Simon Watt (Australia)
With a life-long love of music, Simon Watt is a seasoned artist from Australia and a 1992 graduate of the Australian Institute of Music, where he majored in guitar and music composition. His music appears in 2014 in a Bupa Family TV commercial and the Australian documentary "Fearless." Simon is an articulate teacher, having taught music privately and in schools for years. In 2012, Simon began composing music especially for Film, TV, documentaries, and commercials, and we’re honored to have him exclusively at AudioSparx!

Donal Lee Finn (USA)
Donal Lee Finn is a composer from California who made his career debut as Motley Crue's first signing to the label Americoma/BMG. A backstage fight with Scorpions singer Klaus Meline parlayed a negative into a positive with music deals with Dreamworks, Longshot, Cargo UK, Black Catt The Offspring's NITRO, and Metropolis Records. Donal has produced/written for MC Lars (Horace) and Time Again (Hellcat/Epitaph) while composing music for The Real Housewives of OC, Top Chef, Duals, MTV The Real World, ABC's Blackbox, and Highlander: The Series.

Janne Seppanen (Finland)
Janne Seppänen is a Finnish composer, producer, and a multi-instrumentalist. With a Bachelor degree in Music Business, he concentrates exclusively on producing music for film, TV and other visual media. Working in genres ranging from Pop and Rock to Electronic, Ambient, Orchestral, and Dramatic, he isn't afraid to break rules and musical traditions to achieve the best possible outcome. In addition to radio airplay, his music has been featured on Finnish TV documentaries, educational videos, and TV, radio and web commercials.

Morris Lionel (USA)
Morris Lionel is a California-based composer, producer, guitarist, and arranger. After classical guitar studies, he moved into musical styles of Pop, Jazz, Lounge, Chill Out, and Bossa Nova. Morris has worked with leading TV and radio companies creating unique compositions. He has played for several artists as a guitarist in live performances and studio sessions. Morris' music features in TV, radio, internet ads, websites, new product branding, and software applications. If you're looking for an artist who does it all, Morris is your guy.

Nicolas Arnaud (UK)
Nicolas Arnaud is an established composer and multi-instrumentalist specializing in music for film, TV shows, advertisements, video games, and other audiovisual media. After receiving Classical piano and guitar training in France, he moved to London, where he graduated in music technology in 2011. Nicholas' unique and contemporary cinematic approach has allowed him to work on a variety of film projects, using his versatile skills to embrace different styles and genres.

Mickael David (France)
A French composer with a rich character, Mickael David is influenced by musical styles to include Classical Music, French Music, Synthpop (Depeche Mode, Dire Straits), Dream Music (1990), New Age, Ambient, Deep House, Lounge, Chillout, and Trailer Music (Action, Emotional, Dark). Mickael enjoys capturing and sharing emotions with his musical setting of adventure, action, life, love, and fear. He will draw out the sadness and dark side of every human being while shining brightness to your projects in an innovative style.

Blessed Person (USA)
Baadi Peer aka “Blessed Person” is a US artist attracted to playing the Oud since his childhood. With deep seeded roots from Turkey and Egypt, he has studied the Oud and composition with a variety of musicians and composers from the Arab world. Blessed Person currently performs and promotes Oud-based shows at festivals and concerts in which he collaborates with other musicians from diverse backgrounds. In addition to his work on maintaining the existing Oud repertoire, Blessed Person is an active composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Ike Albert (USA)
Ike Albert is an exciting composer, producer, and songwriter from California. Inspired by everything from House to Jazz, he likes to explore genres ranging from 70’s Jazz to 60's Soul, Modern, Deep House Pop, and Hip Hop. Ike is a piano player who plays all kinds of keyboards and the accordion. He has completed several projects and has worked with some artists and musicians from all over the world. Along with being a very active studio musician, Ike has recorded songs for compilations and is powerfully creating success.

Abbey Scott (USA)
Abbey Scott is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter who was raised in a musical family, with her father Norman Saleet - a successful writer of hits songs for Air Supply, Selena, and Barry White. An accomplished artist, Abbey has released two EP's with distribution overseas in South Korea and China. She is currently working on new music and hopes to release a full-length album within the next year. Her music is catchy, infectious and you won't be able to get it out of your head. Abbey Scott is a name you will hear a lot in years to come.

Jean de Aguiar (France)
From Classical music to Jazz Studies, Jean de Aguiar has developed incredible skills to write strong melodies with a profound impact on listeners. He has created music for TV advertising clients such as Arena, Audi, Dassault, Dim, Kellogs, and Neutrogena. Jeans multi-faceted skill can be found on TV shows like "Genie in the House" (Nickelodeon), "Which is Witch" (Lagardere Entertainment), and "The Odd Family" (TF1). Composing from Paris, Jean has a way with words to transform ideas into outstanding creations to help a project grow.

Rodrigo Panassolo (Brazil)
Rodrigo Panassolo is a supremely talented musician, composer, and music producer. His award-winning first solo album was released in Brazil and Japan, and has been played on various radio stations around the world. After a national release in Porto Alegre, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the album was debuted in a ten-concert tour in Europe. Recently, Rodrigo released a web series of studio live sessions with five new songs. The project was released in a tour of eight concerts in USA, including in Los Angeles and New York City.

Anthony Hugh (USA)
From sunny California comes Anthony Hugh, an American Songwriter, Composer, and Producer with credits ranging from Sony to the Pro Wakeboard Tour. With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Cell Dweller, his songs and compositions are just as eclectic and diverse. Thirty years of experience writing, producing and performing music, along with learning how to capture and invoke just the right emotion for every project, led Anthony to create a full production studio specializing in making music for TV, Film, and Musicals.

Yaros Mjelsky (Russia)
Composer Yaros Mjelsky creates music for film, theater, documentaries, and infomercials. Showcasing great diversity in styles and influences, his compositions cover everything from Pop and Rock to Dramatic and Orchestral music. Yaros crafts music that works well in Film, TV, Commercials, and Multimedia projects.

Roman Vorster (Russia)
Roman Vorster is an experienced songwriter, composer, arranger, and piano/guitar player based in Russia. Writing both instrumentals and songs with vocals, he works in genres ranging from Pop and Rock to Dramatic, Electronic, Trip Hop, Ambient, and more. Every presentation, advertisement, or video needs great music to bring it together, and Roman prides himself on providing top quality material to help you achieve your purpose and inspire both you and your audience.

Botabateau (Thailand)
Botabateau is a Thailand-based composer who specializes in music for Video Games and Commercials. A professional guitar and bass player, he has written video game music for several Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand independent game releases that include "Coco the Fish!," "Bongo Touch Series," "Drum Fanatic," "The Final Crush," "Tubby Bear," and "Eldoron Defense." Botabateau's expertise soars between Rock and Pop giving his creations a vibe that radiates the gaming world. Stay tuned for more; he is a mastermind artist that has just begun.

We Are Nexus (USA)
In just a short time this dynamic composing duo has taken the music industry by storm. We Are Nexus lights it up from Chicago proving they are a musical force to be reckoned! After the release of "It Feels So Good," they earned the #1 Breakout position on Billboards Dance Club Songs with a peak position at #14. Hitting the charts with iTunes Top 100 Dance and Billboards Top 50 Dance/Electronic Songs prestige, they are the next dance craze sensation. We Are Nexus always leaves a lasting impression that is simply irresistible.

Antonio Resende (Brazil)
Based in Brazil, Antonio Resende is a composer and producer who works with Epic, World Music,  Film Scores, and Commercial Music. His musical influences range from artists like Pat Metheny to Ennio Morricone and Hans Zimmer. His tracks have reached more than 100,000 plays online, and his work has been licensed by companies like FOX and Bravo TV.

Felix Magnus Grossmann (Germany)
Felix Magnus Grossmann is a diverse and charming music artist from Germany. He composes musical scores for Cinema, Television, Video Games and more. Beginning his musical education at the age of 10, Felix has worked his way around the music world in many different genres and traditions. He specializes in creative Electronic, Pop, and Movie scores. His strength derives in the ability to converge differing styles, genres, and cultures in emotionally evocative ways. Felix's music has been released on several record labels since 2003.

Nicholas Gunn (USA)
Nicholas Gunn is considered one of the best-selling and most recognized instrumentalists of recent times. Born and raised in the UK and a student of the Royal Academy of Music, and now living in Chicago, Nicholas has recorded over 15 solo albums selling several million copies worldwide. With several Top Ten Billboard charting positions and a 55-consecutive-week run, Nicholas is best known for his Southwestern flair, which is well-represented on his two best-selling albums, The Sacred Fire and The Music of the Grand Canyon.

Code Switcher (USA)
With significant projects in Rock, Country, Dramatic, Hip-Hop, and Jazz, Code Switcher appeals to a variety of audiences. Credits include a Number 1 song in Australia, and writing and producing albums for artists Lovon and Kristie Laura. They have written songs for AT Theater’s multiple tours and had commercial placements in Italy, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. Code Switcher's music has been featured by AT Media and showcased at performances at Lincoln Center in New York. Clients include McDonald's, Subway, Laura Ashley, and many others.

Gruvita Media (USA)
Gruvita Media is a collective of composers, performers, audio professionals, and video artists from various countries working together to bring you high-quality production music. Created by composer and producer Ivan Pantarelli, Gruvita forms a union of talents that occurs mostly online and produces a variety of media through the synergy of artists of different types. Their work covers genres ranging from Dramatic and Orchestral music to Pop, Corporate, Salsa, Reggae, Tango, Jazz, and more.

Hans Bolex (USA)
Based in Chicago, Award-winning composer Hans Bolex writes music for TV, film, and internet content. From Billboard-charting Dance music to sublime Ambient soundscapes, his credits include placements in such high profile programming as The Office, Law & Order, The Mentalist, Smallville, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Bernie Mac Show, and many other TV shows. Some of Hans' other credits include the score for Manga Entertainment's feature-length Japanese animae "GhostSweeper Mikami" and the theme music for HBO's "Kickin' It with Byron Allen."

Jack Wyles (USA)
Jack Wyles is a California-based composer and recording artist who specializes in music for Film, TV, Video Games, and Commercials. A professional sax and bass player, he studied bass and song arrangement with the late Jazz icon Jaco Pastorius, and much of what he learned from Jaco shines through in his hip Jazz and Funk tunes. Jack also writes Dramatic, Orchestral, and World tracks, and he has written soundtrack music for several independent movie releases, including the internationally-released global warming documentary "Cool It" and "Celebrating Kaiser's Black History."

Mott Jordan (USA)
US-composer Mott Jordan started out as a dyed-in-the-wool old-school rock & pop guitarist/bassist immersed in the heady 1970s-80s SF Bay Area music scene. He has expanded into large-ensemble scoring and soundtrack work. Mott is currently in two Bay Area bands, and is in demand as a session player & mixing engineer. An avid rare vinyl collector, he has deeply explored a variety of musical traditions, and his studio has everything from vintage analog synths to banjo, sitar, sarod, bouzouki & more. Clients include Fenwick & West LLC, & JMB&M.

Michael Floreale (USA)
Originally from the UK, Dallas-based Michael Floreale has won two Emmy Awards, four Gold Telly Awards, charted on Billboard, and co-wrote "The Promise," the Pop hit that was featured in the cult film "Napoleon Dynamite." With 20 years creating music, his clients include American Airlines, Shell, Nike, HBO, and BMW, among others. Between performing as keyboard player for the band When In Rome II, Michael composes music for Film, TV and advertising, in the genres of Corporate, EDM, Hip-Hop, Pop, Latin, New Age, and Children's music.

Accomplished Sonics (UK)
UK artist Accomplished Sonics creates textural, ambient electronic tracks with a sensual and worldly flow, perfect for film, TV, and related media production work.

Leran Wang (USA)
Leran Wang is a Chinese-American film composer from the US. He is charismatic and has written music for numerous projects including both Feature and Short Films, a web series, TV pilots, commercials, and animations. Known for his enthusiasm, ambition, musical abilities, and passion, Leran has been praised by directors and producers from all over the world. Always imaginative and innovative, he creates memorable compositions in Spiritual, Dramatic, Horror, Epic, Jazz, House, Rock, Funk, Classical, Asian, and Suspense genres.
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