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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Yudi Ashady (Indonesia)
Yudi Ashady, an award-winning composer, producer, and beats maker based in Indonesia specializes in a wide variety of styles that involve both acoustic instruments and electronic sounds. He creates upbeat, motivational, and inspiring background music for YouTube videos, films, documentaries, podcasts, advertising, corporate videos, and business presentations. Yudi delivers high-quality tracks in Cinematic, Pop, Dance, and Folk genres, and his music has placed in the fantasy action films Vikingdom and Clash of The Empires.

Sid Wright (UK)
Sid Wright is a professional singer, songwriter, and Folk/Pop musician with over 15 years of experience in performance and composition. Originally from the UK, he moved to York in 2015 to enhance his teaching career and support others in the art of learning a musical instrument. Sid has released 13 albums and composed music for independent Films, Plays, internet chat-shows, Gaming. Podcasts, and audio books. A member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT), Sid now teaches guitar, ukulele, and piano to beginners and intermediates.

Oleg Gontar (Ukraine)
Based in the Ukraine, Oleg Gontar is a versatile songwriter, arranger, and performer who has released multiple albums and singles. Working in genres ranging from Pop and Hip Hop to Rock, Techno, Trance, New Age, and Ambient, his tracks have a full sound brightened by a variety of dynamic musical effects. Oleg's music is perfect for a wide range of projects, including movie soundtracks, instrumental backing tracks for performers, music for meditation and yoga, fashion shows, and much more.

Duncan Reid And The Big Heads (UK)
There are only two people in the entire world who can claim to have played with the Ramones while not actually being tagged with the ‘Ramone’ nom-de-plume. Duncan Reid of London is one of those people. As singer and bass player of Joey Ramone’s favorite band, The Boys, Duncan rode on the crest of a wave during Punk’s original late-1970's heyday as part of a wider collective of friends and peers that included the Sex Pistols, The Clash, Generation X, and a host of other power-chord pioneers.

Scott Wainwright (UK)
Musician and performing artist Scott Wainwright has been a regular feature on the UK music scene for the past ten years. Scott wows audiences with an energetic and eclectic take on Blues, Folk, and Gospel music. He has released numerous albums, both EPs and singles, ranging in style from Electric Blues and Hip-Hop fusions to solo instrumental guitar workouts. Scott's latest album features authentic bottleneck blues, contemporary synthesizer, and percussive embellishments.

Jeremy Bradford (UK)
In the field of music, Jeremy Bradford is a songwriter, composer and musician, and an aspiring recording engineer and producer. ​ First learning to play the piano as a young child, his main instruments today are piano/ keyboards, guitars (acoustic/ electric, rhythm/ lead), bass guitar and harmonica. The use of music technologies also enables him to play and record a vast range of other instrumental sounds. From fame and fortune to a heart of gold, Jeremy is a real artist with passion.

Matt Woosey (UK)
Matt Woosey’s time is now. An infectious composer with incredible talent, he has produced his eighth studio album, Desiderata, which captures the most daring and progressive music of his career. His acclaimed solo shows dart between Folk, Roots, Ambient and Electronica. He’s an artist who slips the creative straitjacket of the modern industry, a trailblazer with no reverse gear, a performer who drags the Acoustic guitar kicking and screaming into fresh relevance. “You’ve got to keep progressing,” says the Malvern-based singer-songwriter.

Billy Wears Dresses (UK)
Billy Wears Dresses are an Indie Mod Revival band hailing from the UK. Blending elements of ’60s British Pop and Indie Rock styles similar to Paul Weller, The Who, and Blur, they display fun, exciting, driving, strong, and yet thoughtfully controlled energy. In 2011, they released the albums, You Said It Would And It Did, and Spacehopper Summer. Billy Wears Dresses compositions are ideally suited for Indie Cinematic soundtracks, youth-based TV Drama programs, and Multimedia Presentations.

Smith And Hagger (UK)
Based in the UK, Smith and Hagger (Roger Smith and Keith Hagger) are Singer-Songwriters creating compositions laced with Soul, Jazz, Funk, and Pop! They have released a number of albums and have appeared on the BBC and local radio stations. Their songs are in the moment, but also contain references to local Folk traditions with an essence of romance and Jazz. Smith and Hagger create music that features Soulful vocals, a heart of conscience, with a sound made for TV, Film, Commercials, and other multimedia projects.

Damon Downs (UK)
Damon Downs is a UK singer, songwriter, and musician born with a passion for composition and performing! For over 24 years he has played in amazing venues and wicked places throughout the UK, Israel, Italy, Spain, and Holland. Damon has performed in numerous bands spanning mixed genres from Pop to Country, with his own compositions appealing to a broad market of all ages. He has also had the pleasure of working with quality musicians over the years like Billie Jo Spears, Lena Martell, Philomena Begley, Miles Hunt, and Martin Stephenson.

Danny Kyle (UK)
Independent UK artist Danny Kyle is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and teacher with a lively thumb-driven acoustic guitar technique to rival the very best. Most notably, he performed with Nicky Moore’s Blues Corporation and has studied American roots and Blues guitar with guitar maestro Mike Dowling in Wyoming. Danny’s songwriting is a lovely combination of the old and the new where guitar tradition meets inspiration. Swinging Ragtime, 20’s and 30’s Jazz, bouncing Country Blues, deep Delta Blues, and melodic Piedmont Blues are all here.

Ace Of Space (UK)
ACE OF SPACE is a one-man wave of Cinematic Electronica from Northumbria who has so far produced five full-length albums. Whatever it means to Ace of Space it means capturing the moment, just like taking a photograph or snapshot, in musical terms. The eclectic collections so far are a mixture of old school Electronica and guitar instrumentals and atmospheric soundtrack work for Film, TV, and Radio.

Aunt Nelly (UK)
Aunt Nelly is a song writing traditional R&B/Soul band. Their sound is firmly rooted in the tradition of the great 60s, complete with Hammond Organ and harmonica. A recent review of their music quoted “Perfect as a soundtrack for those long summer nights, if radio stations are brave enough to go with real music." Aunt Nelly is unstoppable with recent airplay on Mark Lamar’s Radio 2 show, a track on Hipster, a compilation on Acid Jazz Records, and their self-titled debut album on Time For Action Records.

The Smiling Strangers (UK)
The Smiling Strangers are an Alternative Country Pop band hailing from the UK Midlands who blend strong elements of ‘80s Indie and Alternative Pop styles mixed with distinct New Country tones. They display exciting, driving, strong, yet thoughtfully-controlled energy with intelligent and interesting lyrics. Their music is ideally suited to mainstream Cinematic or "thirty something" TV Dramas and Media Presentations. The Smiling Strangers produced and released albums entitled "Silly Tears," "Full Circle," and "To Think It's Come To This."

Mark Teachey (USA)
Mark Teachey is a talented guitarist, composer, studio musician, and sound designer from Wilmington, North Carolina. He composes and produces a wide variety of music and sound effects with a specialization in cartoon productions. Mark's productions are used by corporations, businesses, and individuals all over the world including Microsoft, Amazon, Warner Brothers Games, Yelp, Cartoon Network, Ripley’s Entertainment, PepsiCo, Mars Wrigley, Clorox, Quicken, Rosetta Stone, Ryder, Sesame Workshop, Smithsonian Institute, and Marriott.

Thee Eviltones (UK)
UK-based group Thee Eviltones describes themselves as "a post-modern Garage Rock nightmare." They combine demon-raising Surf and Punk guitars with furiously delivered tales of fright and horror, hate and love, and life and death. Delivering music at a face-melting pace, this hyperactive band has consistently toured the UK and vast parts of Europe since they formed in 2007. They have also received radio airplay on BBC Radio (various cities), Spanish Radio 3, Portugal Antena3, and Nottingham Trent FM.

This Devastated Fan (UK)
This Devastated Fan (TDF for short!) is musically fearless from the UK. They are more than just an ordinary Rock band, underneath their surface is so much more. TDF can strip everything down to a fragile, timid vocal melody that haunts you, before exploding into an energetic, grungy, devastatingly powerful masterpiece, full of intelligent sounds and cleverly used equipment. Vocalist Robbie Cavanagh conducts TDF musically, and through years of hard work, between them, they have built something unique and very special.

Kent Goodson (USA)
Kent Goodson has a solid career as a Nashville songwriter and musician, and he has penned numerous songs for Music City artists. He has also showcased his musical talents playing keyboard for legendary Country Music singers George Jones, Randy Travis, and many others. He composes and produces commercial tracks in a variety of mainstream musical styles including Jazz, Dramatic Media, Country, Singer-Songwriter, New Age, and Blues. Kent and Michael Panasuk have been AudioSparx featured artists with their KGMP Music Machine collaborations.

The Hall Brothers (UK)
Yorkshire-born The Hall Brothers (Nick and Duncan Hall) have played music together for as long as they can remember. In 1991, they performed their first show and in 1994, long-term fiddle-player, multi-instrumentalist, and producer John Carey joined them. They have played concerts and festivals throughout the UK, Ireland, and Holland. They supported diverse acts Fairport Convention and The Wedding Present with their unique brand. The Hall Brothers Folk-Rock sound is a great backdrop for Film, Commercials, TV, and other creative projects.

Michael Goldstein (USA)
Michael Goldstein is a songwriter, composer, musician, and artist from Florida whose songs have been played on the radio marketed directly to consumers and sung in concerts to rave reviews. Michael has received wonderful testimonials from many people about their personal feelings and connections to his compositions. People listening to his music and making it their own for special times and people in their lives gives Michael great joy. Featuring World, Latin, Pop, and Jazz genres, Michael's repertoire is on the mark for multimedia.

Lone Passenger (USA)
New York-based Lone Passenger is an independent artist who has been performing innovative and widely-appealing music since 2001. His Electronic, Rock, Alternative, and World vibes have led to work in television and on the internet, such as for MTV, Grindr, and others. His wide-ranging music is not bound to the limits or rules of any single genre. Lone Passenger finds inspiration from many sources, including other striving and successful musicians.

Circuit Sounds (Sweden)
Circuit Sounds is a Swedish composer and sound designer who has been producing music in various genres for many years. Mainly focused on UK Bass music such as Drum and Bass, Dubstep, House, and Garage, his work is very emotional and cinematic in style. Circuit Sounds' tracks often feature atmospheric pads and sparse melodies floating over modern drum beats that range from chilled out to fast and frenetic.

Daren Rauer (USA)
Los Angeles-based composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Daren Rauer delivers music in such diverse genres as Indie Rock, Pop, Dark Wave, Electro Pop, New Age, Ambient, World, and more. Decades of production experience and creative sound engineering led him to collaborate as a co-writer on “Fire” by South Korean singer Taeyeon. Daren's emotional and cinematic tracks take the listener from uncertainty to triumphant resolution and are a perfect enhancement for Film, Documentaries, Advertising, Product Launches, or Corporate Videos.

Adam Griffiths (UK)
Joining us from the UK, Adam Griffiths is a talented composer and producer with a degree in music technology. He was a guitarist in several Indie bands, and he is now embarking on a solo project. With influences from Radiohead to John Williams, he creates tracks in numerous exciting styles including dark Hip Hop, Dramatic, Ambient, Chillout, and Acoustic guitar instrumentals. Adam’s music is perfect for TV, Film, advertisements, web design, corporate presentations, commercial multimedia, and much more.

Mitch Treger and The Emptys (USA)
Mitch Treger and The Emptys have sold thousands upon thousands of records creating a vast range of hip, well-crafted songs, ranging from the '70s, 80s, and '90s to modern grooves, Alternative, Americana, Folk, Classic Rock, and Jazz. Mitch Treger is a songwriter, instrumentalist, and veteran composer, writer, recording artist, and performer. Treger's eclectic music varies from uplifting and positive, to sad, curious or dramatic. One of Treger's songs is featured alongside a Lyle Lovett song in the motion picture soundtrack of "Nice Guys Sleep Alone.

Darkscore (Norway)
Joining us from Norway, Darkscore's music combines warm and lush orchestral sonorities with analog synthesizers and high impact percussion, creating a dark and emotional musical cosmos. Their music often conjures images of dismal Science Fiction dystopias, while at times, it evokes beautiful landscapes and wonderful Fantasy worlds. Especially suitable for TV, film, trailers, and games, their tracks have the form and build-up of modern-style film trailers. Darkscore also creates 60, 30 and 15 sec. edits, easily adaptable for your projects.

Showtime Music (Switzerland)
Showtime Music is a group from Switzerland who creates some of the biggest club mover tracks from the European underground club movement. They have been known for developing and delivering colorful vibes for varying genres. Showtime Music’s driving EDM, Dance, Alt, and Pop sound will bring life to any creative inspiration.

Aleksandar Culjic (Serbia)
Based in Belgrade, Serbia, Aleksandar Culjic is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist with a degree in Music Theory and Composition, and a formal education in classical guitar. His music features diverse genres including Indie Rock, Punk, Electronic, Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Backbeat, EDM, Classical, and Folk. Influenced by the Rolling Stones, Black Keys, and Crystal Method, Aleksandar’s dramatic and cinematic tracks are perfect background music for Motivational Media, Film, TV, Commercials, Corporate, Action, Sports, and more.

Richie Fontana (USA)
Richie Fontana, a native of New York City, is a multi-instrumentalist best known as the drummer in the band Piper with Billy Squier, Paul Stanley of KISS, The Skatt Brothers, and Laura Branigan. He has performed at the most prestigious venues in the United States, if not the world, achieved Gold and Platinum Record status, and has appeared on many TV shows. Richie's songwriting style is both Power Pop and Country Rock, and guitar-based Rock instrumentals perfect for Film, TV, scene support, Commercials, Games, and other multimedia projects.

Sound Waves (USA)
Sound Waves' style of music is Electro-Orchestral (sounds like Moby, Skrillex, Zhu, and Hans Zimmer). Coming to us from Oregon, he creates music for use in TV, Movie Trailers, Theme Parks, Video Games, Advertisements (Target and Toyota), and Movies ("Indiana Jones," "The Matrix," "Mission Impossible," and "The Fast & The Furious"). Using his background in radio, Sound Waves creates music that thrills, builds suspense, and generates excitement for the audience -- all while mixing art and creativity in his work.

Ingo Herrmann (Germany)
One of the most prominent artists in the Chillout and Lounge music scene, German composer Ingo Herrmann has written hundreds of tracks for Film, TV, Radio, Advertising, and New Media. He works in genres ranging from Electronica, Jazz, Funk, and World music to suspenseful Dramatic tracks perfect for crime and thriller productions. With numerous releases on compilations like Cafe Del Mar, Ingo has also worked as a producer of different Electronic music projects like SoulChillaz, Luis Hermandez, and Electric Moonlight.

Maurice Carroll (USA)
Maryland’s Maurice Carroll is a producer and keyboardist who has toured five countries to date. He has consulted artists and provided music, video, and photography to various artists and projects. Composing in RnB, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, and EDM, Maurice has worked with The Floacist (formerly of Floetry), N’Dinga Gaba (South African Dance producer/DJ), EDM household names like Michelle Weeks, Michelle Shellers, Marc Evans, and Janice B. Maurice (a voting member for the Grammy’s for five years), and other award-winning artists.

John Geraghty (UK)
From Pop and RnB songs to Country, Latin, Dramatic, and Kids music, UK composer John Geraghty has an innate ability to get inside the mind of the audience he is writing for. His latest song called "Dreams Are Made Of These" was written for a 12 year old girl singer, and could easily be placed in any enchanting Disney film or Childrens TV show. John also writes songs for male vocalists, as well as emotive instrumental tracks that range from solo piano to full orchestrations. His combination of versatility, songwriting expertise, and high-quality production is truly impressive!

Haji Ginz (Israel)
Hagai Ginzboorg, known as Haji Ginz, is a talented composer from Tel Aviv who has been creating music for over three decades. He has degrees in composition from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. His music is featured on local TV, including a significant part of the Israeli version of “The X Factor." He scores international films and high-profile documentaries and arranges music for Pop artists including the band Funk'N'Stein. Haji has also written orchestrations for the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israeli Opera Orchestra.

Sergey Gladkov (Russia)
Sergey Gladkov is a talented Russian composer who has written music for film, TV, documentaries, and commercials. His credits include Hope TV, 3ABN TV, Dramatic Theaters, Production Studies, and much more. Sergey brings us Orchestral, Classical, and Dramatic music in a wide range of styles. Check out his catalog and let his music add a pop of energy to your next film, commercial, or multimedia project.

The Ladyproducer (USA)
Based in Missouri, Cherie Whitt is the creative force behind The Ladyproducer. She is an accomplished composer, producer, sound engineer, songwriter, acoustic guitar player, and recording artist with 25 years of experience. Her musical success gained momentum when she recorded with Rapper Da' T. R. U. T. H. on It's Complicated, with Christian artist J. R. on Metamorphosis, and with producer Mpax. The Ladyproducer delivers cinematic and soulful tracks in a range of genres including Hip Hop, RnB, Dance, Pop, Gospel, and CCM.

Natalee Borisenko (Ukraine)
Natalee Borisenko is an award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, sound producer from Kyiv, Ukraine. Collaborates with companies such as Time Inc, Warner Communications, Bantry Bay Productions GmbH, Hearst Corporation, Boeing Shared Services Group, Ben E Keith Company, Nestle S. A. Natalee explores an exciting variety of genres including Pop, Corporate, EDM, Electronic, Glitch, Industrial, Rock, Funk, Acoustic, Dramatic, Classical, Epic music - a vibrant mix for multimedia use.

Pierre Mercier (Canada)
Canadian producer Pierre Mercier has been composing and producing music for over 25 years. By age 20, he was a semi-finalist composer and performer at the Granby International Song Festival. With a strong Classical background, his performances include his own compositions in genres like Classical, Rock, Jazz, New Age, Arabic, and Latin music. Pierre's large palette of musical inspirations and knowledge of video production allow him to compose music well suited for our clients' TV series, movies, documentaries, and corporate productions.

Peter Hamer (Italy)
Italian soundtrack composer, guitar player, and multi-instrumentalist Peter Hamer creates soundtracks for TV, documentaries, trailers, games, and ads. A polished artist, he also produces, composes music, and performs with "Victim of Illusion," a progressive Rock band playing hybrid songs with orchestral elements. Radiating with energy, his last album "Wholes" contains four songs that include Action, Epic, and Rock themes. With influences from Brian Eno and the Alan Parson Project, Peter also writes music in exciting experimental fields.

Julien Moorrees (Netherlands)
Based in the Netherlands, Julien Moorrees is a producer who's written over 200 songs and has 17 years of experience. He specializes in Electronic Dance music, varying from Progressive Trance to Techhouse and Deep house. Julien also writes catchy Pop tunes and hot Dance tracks. His music is perfect for major TV and radio networks, commercials, and many other types of productions.
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