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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Kyle Booth (UK)
Based in the UK, Kyle Booth has worked on a diverse range of media projects including film, TV, and promotional videos. His credits include the feature film 874 Miles (2014) and the short films Keepsake (2014), Orchard Road (2014), and Acts of a Vampiric Nature (2015). Over the years, Kyle has embraced and utilized Electronic, Orchestral, and Ambient elements within his music to create a unique and distinctive sonic palette. His influences include film composers such as Cliff Martinez, Thomas Newman, and James Horner.

Felix Carcone (France)
Felix Carcone is a young French composer and musician who started with Jazz guitar at the age of 15. After entering the university and conservatory to enhance his musical culture and technique, he received a scholarship to study at the famous Berklee College of Music for their new Master of Film Scoring degree. This interesting fusion gave Felix the chance to emphasize his style and musical personality while blending tradition and modernity. His orchestral tracks have a strong sense of melody and are ideal for TV, Cinema, and Advertising.

tuttkile (Serbia)
Based in Serbia, Djordje Marinkovic is a Belgrade Music Academy graduate who has been composing and playing Rock and Jazz music for over ten years. He is currently focused on writing and producing an array of music for film, television, and other media in genres such as Classical, Orchestral, Dramatic, and Corporate. Djordje is also a classically trained flutist who teaches at the high school level, and he is proficient on the guitar and piano as well.

Leon Gene Walden Jr. (USA)
Leon Gene Walden Jr. is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and worship pastor/tech director who loves to record and create music. He works in varying styles and genres, from punchy Indie Rock to Electronica and edgy Dramatic scores. Being a worship pastor has taught Leon to collaborate well while working with a creative team and to be flexible while working with others. He also loves to meet talented and creative people. Leon's peers nicknamed him "Geno" a few years ago, and it has stuck.

Robert Nilsson (Denmark)
Proficient on guitar, bass, and keyboards, Robert Nilsson has been a performing musician in Denmark for over 30 years. As a composer, his emotive and melodic work has been featured on Danish TV networks like DR2 and TV2, and also by several ad agencies. With a style that can best be described as mellow musical landscapes with solid grooves, Robert's tracks incorporate Dance, Electronic, Latin, Jazz, Blues, and Rock genres. From the Bossa Nova-inspired "Brazil Mood," to the beautiful sound of "Silence," his tracks will delight and inspire.

Kat Epple (USA)
Emmy Award-winning and Grammy-nominated composer, synthesist, digital orchestrator, and flutist, Kat Epple, specializes in music for film and television. Her dramatic and provocative scores include a range of styles, moods and instrumentation, including orchestral scores, native world flutes, dramatic drum beats, new age ambient, historic period, sports montage, children's music, supernatural, comedy, electronic, and nature. Credits include: PBS, National Geographic, CNN, HIstory Channel, Apple Computers, WWE Smackdown, Guiding Light, Nova, Art of the Olympians, HGTV, and more.

Tam Malano (USA)
Tam Malano is an American composer, musician, and producer whose career spans two decades. Starting as a touring musician, he honed his craft as a producer and composer eventually winning multiple Clio Awards for commercials for clients such as Levi's and Coca-Cola. Tam's music covers a broad range from Cinematic to Rock, Blues, Jazz and R&B. Years of experience shine brightly within this artist captivating audiences with his talented creations. Do not let him slip past your radar!

Andrew Gower (USA)
Andrew Gower is a motivated artist from Nashville who considers himself a composer, producer, and engineer. He specializes in creating music for visual media with music being featured on Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer Mark Carroll's projects. Andrew's passion is collaborating with others to create the magic that happens when beautiful music is combined with stunning visuals.

Eldar Ibrahimovic (Romania)
Talented Croatian composer Eldar Ibrahimovic is an active drummer, composer, and audio engineer now residing in Romania. He has a long-time passion for Classical music and has composed orchestral arrangements for the past few years, releasing three beautiful, passionate albums. Combined with his love for audio engineering and production, where he has been active for around 15 years, Eldar's creative and inspiring Classical music ranges from quiet and emotional String Quartets to full-scale Epic Orchestral arrangements.

Mark Dobroth (USA)
Mark Dobroth is a multi-instrumentalist, studio musician, recording, and production artist and composer with a focus on Instrumental music that covers a wide range of genres. Styles include singer-songwriter Acoustic, Relaxing Meditative, Quiet Energy, Electronica-Chill, Rock, Jazz-Fusion, Percussion Cues, and Tension Cues for film/ and TV. Mark has performed in a variety of bands over his career which has given him a deep well of inspiration to create.

Emek Rave (USA)
A successful New York City professional bass player, Emek Rave produces and writes pieces that are a powerful reflection of the diversity, raw energy, and complexity of New York City itself. Classically trained and street-wise, Rave's music for art projects/installations, short films, and live performances is highly original but also finger-on-the-pulse current and universally communicative. Emek collaborates and writes for soloists and ensembles in Jazz, Electro-Pop, Classical/Orchestral, Gospel/Soul, and solo instrumental music genres.

Vuxelle Vume (Australia)
Vuxelle Vume is an exciting multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer from South Australia. Inspired by everything from Tom Waits to scratching DJs and the Trip-Hop of the nineties, he likes to explore genres ranging from 40’s Jazz to 60's Soul, Modern Deep House Pop, and Hip Hop Jazz. Vuxelle produces both instrumentals and songs with scorching-hot vocals.

Jeff Lizerbram (USA)
California Composer Jeff Lizerbram began his career in the early 1990s, composing Orchestral music for Microsoft and Trimark computer games. Since then, he has been writing music for some exciting styles and genres, from heroic and pounding orchestral war music to mysterious Middle Eastern melodies, to catchy Pop tunes with a young hot-beat vibe. Jeff’s music packs a special vitality for Film, TV, Games, and a variety of other new media applications.

Michele Rene (USA)
California artist, singer and songwriter Michele Rene was reviewed by Jeff Weinstein (2013, 2014 Juror for the Pulitzer Prize in Criticism): "She is a sexy, waifish pop siren whose cherubic mermaid-allure is only surpassed by a rich, dulcet-toned voice whose sweet, velvety strains both attack the ear and soothe it simultaneously." Michele's voice has been described as angelic, distinct, and pure. She's fueled by natural talent, and a no-nonsense approach with an innate ability for creating trendy and beautiful melodies.

Collective Acoustics (USA)
Collective Accoustics consists of three composer/musician/engineers based in Philadelphia. This talented trio gathers often to improvise and tweak their sounds through vintage and custom built pre-amps, compressors, echoes, EQs, and delays. The happy results are some vibrant and exciting music that is equally at home in the jazz bin, a late night lounge, or film and television productions needing a hyper fix of mellow.

Richard Bowling (USA)
Whether Dramatic film or theatrical trailer, broadcast television or corporate logo, Texas Composer Richard Bowling's music quickly captures the heart and essence of a story. With great care and skill, each musical composition is crafted into an effective communication tool. Some are violent and vicious, while others are victorious and epic -- but from start to finish, excellence governs the entire process. With styles ranging from heartfelt to horror, or from dramatic to playful, Richard's music will provide your media project with a memorable impact!

Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn (UK)
UK artists Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn are experienced media composers with games and TV credits in the USA and Japan. Their compositions include Ambient, Dramatic, Japanese-style chilling soundcapes, Children's music, and Hollywood retro-comedy features. In the late 1980s, following years at Bradford University, they were members of The Escapement, a Bradford-based alternative band. Having worked together for 25 years, Geoff Harvey is a multi-instrumentalist and Chris Martyn provides the critical, painstaking production work and expertise in the latest digital techniques.

Greg Davies (UK)
UK guitarist and composer Greg Davies brings us smoldering Instrumental Rock tracks echoing the influence of artists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, and Carlos Santana. In addition to playing in many different bands, he has done countless sessions for recording artists, including former Stone Roses and Steve Harley producer Mark Tolle. Greg is also the leader of his own group called the "Greg Davies Project," and he was recently voted the Most Exciting Guitarist on the web site "Guitar." He was recently invited to tour with Pete Townsend's brother Simon.

Talking To Sophie (Germany)
Talking To Sophie is the result of months of playful experiments in the studio by Marcel Krell, who has released his self-produced debut album to audiences in Germany and beyond. The music is glorious Indie-Pop with soaring arrangements, catchy hooks, and a dizzying wall of sound. From the punchy groove of "The Other Side," to the melancholic mood of "Mourning Glory," the songs of Talking To Sophie highlight Marcel's creation of a unique musical identity after years of experience in Pop-Rock and Acoustic bands.

Advanced Suite (USA)
Advanced Suite is the brainchild of Patrick Palone from Michigan who has been producing music for over 15 years. Using genres like House, Dub, Electronic, Psychedelic, Bass, Rock, and more, he creates music that paints vivid images. The overall emotion and choice of sounds create a hypnotic environment paired with danceable rhythms. Advanced Suite gives listeners an escape from reality and moves them in all the right ways.

Richard James (USA)
Richard James is a California artist who has an innovative and talented background with far-ranging interests. He was the lead composer from 1996 through 2001 for the amazingly popular Blue Mountain greeting card site which got a hundred million hits a month. He's played virtually all major spots in San Diego, including Civic Theatre and Symphony Hall, Old Globe, SD Rep and major hotels, restaurants, and casinos throughout the area along with many private gigs. Some of the shows he has worked are Grease, Meet Me in St. Louis, South Pacific.

Francois Rivollet (France)
Born in France, Francois Rivollet is an active multi-instrumentalist on the European scene. A graduate from the Musician Institute (L. A.), he's been touring Europe to include Italy, Netherlands, and United Kingdom. He's a versatile producer and writer specializing in the genres of Pop, Rock, Urban, and Hip Hop currently producing music for Advertising, TV, Radio, Film, Commercials, Corporate, and Art projects. He won first place in the "International Songwriting Competition" with the song ADOUNA, co-written by DEDIOUF and Guillaume Eyango.

Paul Bergren (USA)
Paul Bergren is a composer, singer, songwriter, producer, and performer of Alternative Rock music from the US. He studied music at Berklee College of Music and the University of Minnesota and has been performing his songs for two decades around the Midwest. Paul's influences are The Police, Jack White, Jeff Buckley, Hozier, Vampire Weekend, The Beatles, The Head and the Heart, Led Zeppelin, Muse, Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket, Nirvana, Death Cab for Cutie, John Mayer, Royal Blood, Queens of the Stone Age, and The Smiths.

Thornton Bowman (USA)
Composer, Singer and Songwriter Thornton Bowman hails from Washington state, and plays an eclectic blend of roots music. His voice is reminiscent of Neil Young with a Southern accent. Thornton's music covers several different genres, creating a unique style that is hard to categorize. His music has been licensed for several documentaries, heard on NPR, and used by the City of Seattle for their on-hold music.

Ivan Litvinov (Russia)
Moscow composer and musician Ivan Litvinov plays electric guitar, bass, and keyboard. He has been working as a professional guitar player for ten years, focusing on writing and recording original music. His preferred musical genres and styles include Smooth Jazz, Funk, Lounge, RnB, instrumental songs, Grooves and Sound effects.

David SweetLow (Japan)
David SweetLow began his music career as a guitarist and writer in the Power Pop band “Tonight” whose hits include “Drummerman" and “Money" (That’s Your Problem). For ten years he played in a group called “Yen” which was signed to Polydor Records and later to Miles Copland’s label IRS Records. He co- wrote, “Clear Blue Skies” for Cliff Richard which appeared on Cliff’s “Stronger” album and “Adrenalin" which was featured in a Hollywood movie. David is very talented working with legendary producers Alan Tarney, Andy Hill, and Gary Langan.

Robert Pot (Netherlands)
Robert Pot of Holland is a talented and accomplished composer and producer who specializes in creating well-crafted and compelling music. His pieces are perfect for film scores, trailer music, underscores, bumpers, TV, advertising, and sound design. Robert produced scores for national and regional networks and commercials. His use of Ambient, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, and other genres is unique yet recognizable. Robert has created pieces for internationally-released studio projects like Future World Orchestra and other Pop projects.

Marla Sgro (USA)
Currently based in West Virginia, Marla Sgro is a professional singer-songwriter who has opened for national acts such as Elton John, John Cougar Mellancamp, Wild Cherry, and the Pittsburgh Pirates. She has also been involved in lots of studio jingle work, including Nickelodeon's theme song for Big Help. Marla studied classical voice in college, and then began writing and singing in various Blues, Rock, Pop, Folk, and Christian music projects. Her family, "The Sgro Brothers," were world famous in the 1950s and influenced her enormously.

Molly Bancroft (USA)
With a #1 Billboard hit on her first collaboration, Molly Bancroft is known for co-writing and providing passionate vocals on hits with top EDM DJ producers. She also fronted Alt-Rock band LIFT, opening for major acts in the '90's and performing in venues all over the USA. Molly has produced several popular Pop/Rock solo albums that drew comparisons to artists like Sarah McLachlan, U2, and the Pretenders, and her songs have appeared in many network and cable TV shows. She also co-wrote and performed radio jingles for Coca Cola.

Patrick Hippert (Luxembourg)
Based in Luxembourg, Patrick Hippert is a composer, producer, and musician with over 30 years experience. Specializing in library music, he has written for publishers in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Canada, Europe, and the USA. Patrick's music can be heard in thousands of film, TV, and radio productions worldwide. He has worked as a session player on guitar, keyboard, and piano with several famous artists.

Steven Swinford (USA)
Currently based in Nevada, Steven Swinford grew up in the midst of the LA music scene and became a sought after session guitar player by the age of 17. After spending time as a touring musician, he now works full time composing music for film and television. Steven's music can be heard in feature films and national television, with credits including Lions Gate Films, Discovery Channel, TLC, OWN, VH1, MTV, PBS, and much more. He also produced, composed, and played on Lacy J. Dalton's albums "Wild Horse Crossing" and "Here's to Hank."

Hollywood Jukebox (USA)
Hollywood Jukebox is a boutique record label offering a comprehensive catalog of world class master recordings designed for use in film and TV. Through their many important contacts in the entertainment industry, they work with an elite group of first chair Hollywood Studio Musicians to create sensational new music. Many of these musicians are the same performers featured on nearly 50 TV series including such hit Cable TV shows as The Forensic Files and Doomsday Preppers, as well as the network TV smash hit ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

Clive Button (Indonesia)
As a talented producer and sound designer, Clive Button's main focus is on creating exotic Chillout and Lounge tracks for TV and Film. He creates relaxing tempos and elegant flavors, intended to take you out of yourself, away from the pressures of everyday life. A moment of tranquility in a hectic world, being both refined and relaxing, Clive's music encourages the listener to float away from the rush of everyday life on a magic carpet ride of imagination. He composed theme music for London's 2012 Olympics, giving him an edge like no other.

Claudio Miosga (France)
Based in France, Claudio Miosga is a musician and composer. After several years of bass playing and composing for Indie and post Rock bands, he is now also focusing on Electronic sound creation. His works range from Ambient Experimental sounds to more trendy Electronic rhythms.

Tom Gene (UK)
After leaving the Royal Air Force, UK-based artist Tom Gene followed his true passion as a professional musician. Tom works with many artists from a wide spectrum of genres, with an emphasis on playing Country guitar for UK-based acts. Most recently he played with Jeannine Barry at Europe's biggest Country music festival, Country2Country 2018. Tom composes and records his Country, Jazz, Swing, Ambient, and other music in his home studio.

Kinsey's Razor (USA)
Kinsey's Razor is the project of Montana-based composer and musician Chris M. Shields. His music is guitar-driven with influences across multiple genres including Hard Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Classical, and Pop. Kinsey's Razor delivers well-produced tracks for TV, Film, and commercials that are far-ranging in styles from EDM and Heavy Metal to piano-based compositions and clean, jazzy instrumentals. He has proudly released two studio albums titled "Lines of Sanity," and "Devil Inside."

Ronaldo (USA)
Ronaldo's musical career began in the mountains of Northern Guatemala, where he started playing the guitar at the age of seven. His music features beautiful guitar work influenced by Mayan, Classical, Flamenco, and Latin styles. Ronaldo is currently writing music for Robert Orci, producer of Hawaii Five-0, Scorpion, and Sleepy Hollow. He also had a song used in the movie Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Greg Conrad (USA)
Based in North Carolina, Greg Conrad is an award-winning composer who has scored a host of Film, TV, Commercial, and Corporate productions. His music can be heard on numerous shows, including Food Finds (Food Network), Top 40 Moments of NASCAR (CMT), Deck The Yard (DIY), The Kyle Petty Charity Ride (Speed Network), and Raggs Kids Club -- a children's series that airs on several continents. Greg has also had music featured in the film "Among Brothers" and he scored the short film "Road Trip - Bobby Phills Foundation," which earned two awards at the NYC International Film Festival.

Jaksanapong Tilapornputt (Thailand)
As a music composer in the video game industry, Jaksanapong Tilapornputt has been working with major game developers in Thailand for several years. He has written music in many styles for a wide range of games, including the Action/Fantasy titles Take2Heaven and Let's Go Xplorer, as well as the iOS games TapArmy and Animath. Jaksanapong brings us game-themed instrumental music perfect for iOS, PC, and all other platforms.

Matt Macpherson (Canada)
Canadian artist Matt Macpherson has extensive experience in music for film, TV, radio, and other promotional media. Working in the Dramatic, Electronic, Orchestral, and Hip Hop genres, his music has a cool, dark, mysterious, and catchy sound. Matt has also won two Niagara Music Awards for Instrumental Artist of the Year (2013) and Songwriter of the Year (2011).
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