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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Nathan Peck (USA)
Based in New York, composer Nathan Peck is equally at home on electric and acoustic bass, piano, guitar, and drums. His dynamic musical background fuses the organic spirit of live instruments with a wide pallet of samples to create unique landscapes of sound. Nathan has performed on over 50 commercially released albums. His credits also include Nick @ Nite TV themes and jingles for Old Navy. He has also performed in over 30 countries with artists such as Bonnie Tyler, Sting, Vernon Reid, Maynard Ferguson, Wynton Marsalis, and Alex Skolnick.

Dave Tanner (USA)
Dave Tanner is a U.S. artist born in Germany. At an early age, he studied piano, guitar and bass. He's played in Rock and Alternative bands but finds joy in composing independently in the Hard Rock, Alternative, Blues, and Electronic genres. Depending on mood and inspiration, Dave will charter other styles as well. His music is best suited for extreme action, impact, and adrenaline oriented subject matter. Dave is a music introvert that explores unique choral structures and phrasings creating compelling and twisted compositions.

Reil Brothers (Denmark)
The Reil Brothers are two brothers joining forces to create inspiring music for a wide variety of projects. They are double-platinum selling music producers and songwriters with several Top 40 chart placements including a No. 1 on the World Billboard Chart. Both are professionally educated, with Thomas having a Master's Degree from "The Danish Rhythmic Music Conservatory" and Jeppe with a degree in Sound Design and Music Production. The Reil Brothers' instrumental music plays in movies, TV programs, and commercials all around the world.

Taylor Brook (USA)
Originally from Canada, Taylor Brook is a composer and musician currently living in New York City. He has scored concert and stage works, as well as commercial projects including films, games, and videos. From lush symphonic textures to synthetic beats, loops, and SFX, Taylor works in the Classical, Electronic, Rock, Folk, and Pop genres. He holds a Masters in Music Composition from McGill University and is pursuing a doctorate of Music Composition at Columbia University. His work has been recorded by Carrier Records and Collection Bozzini.

Blossom (Italy)
Blossom is fast making a name for itself within the world of media composition. It has gained extensive credits working with clients such as Ducati, Ferrari, Woolrich, Hamilton Watches, ION6 Games, Imperial Fashion, Celyn B, CIR Food, Brooks Running, and many others. Its mission is to weave the right "sonic texture" to pictures, whether they be films, commercials, documentaries, web videos or video games and to consider itself like a "musical chameleon." Would you like to be among these big names? Don't miss your chance!

David Carovillano (Canada)
David Carovillano is a classical musician with a Master of Music degree from the University of Toronto. As a composer and arranger, his music is featured on CBC Radio, NPR, numerous albums, and performed in live concerts by symphony orchestras, concert bands, and chamber ensembles. His music features poignant lyricism and lush harmonies, in the style of Menken and Morricone. David released an album of New Age instrumental music titled Multifarious in 2014 and is the winner of the Barry Manilow Award from the University of Toronto.

Steve Rice Combo (USA)
The Steve Rice Combo is ready to take the stage to play for your audiovisual event! Steve and his collective create high-quality source and background music from a rich variety of eras, traditions, and styles. French café accordion, 1920's Klezmer, elegant, timeless cocktail Jazz, an Italian Mandolin Orchestra, 50s Roadhouse, and jukebox music. They provide high-level musicianship and a great vibe, contemporary or retro! Steve earned a Film Scoring degree from Berklee College of Music, where he received the prestigious Oscar Peterson Award.

Steve Henrichs (USA)
A unique blend of Classical, Pop, and World elements; Steve Henrichs’s music has been placed in commercial, corporate and retail projects, along with music compilations in the US and Europe. An accomplished pianist, violinist, and guitarist, Steve is talented and gifted in many areas. He has composed in multiple genres including Action, African, Americana, Asian, Children's, Classical, Comedy, Corporate, Dangerous, Dramatic, East European, Electronic, European, Hip Hop, Horror, Indian, Jazz, Middle East, Pop, Themes, and World Fusion.

Dimitris Fritzalas (Greece)
Located in Athens, Dimitris Fritzalas is a composer who specializes in motion picture scoring. His unique style combines classical orchestral writing with digital production, creating music that is ideal for world-class productions needing a sophisticated and advanced sound. World, Dramatic, Orchestral, Rock, Jazz and Ambient are the genres that most influence Dimitri's work. Emotion, energy, and mood throughout his work, whether scoring for commercials or feature films, makes his sound like no others.

Peter Vantine (USA)
Massachusetts native Peter Vantine is an accomplished pianist and award-winning composer receiving acclaim from audiences across the nation. Showing tremendous versatility and an ability to evoke emotion and spirit through music, he writes everything from Choral and Classical works to Rock, Techno, Dramatic underscore, as well as Hymn and Folk song arrangements. Peter's music has been featured on corporate websites, educational software, interactive museum exhibits, and as a highlighted composer through Turner Classic Movies.

Dragan Matic (Serbia)
Dragan Matic is an artist who composes music in various genres. With over ten years of experience creating for various websites and media projects, his primary focus is on writing music for commercials, YouTube, TV, promotional videos, radio, films and documentaries. Dragan Matic prefers working in the genres of Corporate, Cinematic, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Children’s, Country, Folk, World, and Electronic. He is a positive and optimistic artist with talent worth seeking, do not let him slip away.

Aaron Cook (Australia)
Aaron Cook is an inspiring and talented Australian artist whose influences include ACDC, Acoustic Blues, and Electronic Experimenters like Tim Exile and Shpongle. He is comfortable with a guitar and a synth and brings us a collection of guitar instrumentals, Positive Pop, Ambient/Experimental Electronica, and Electro-Rock -- perfect for TV, corporate, game or new media productions. With 25 years experience as a live musician, producer, and engineer across many genres, Aaron's music is always high quality with heart and sometimes a twist.

Robert Dellaposta (USA)
Robert Dellaposta is a musician, songwriter, and composer based in Tennessee. He has placed songs in major movies and network TV, as well as many cable TV networks such as Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, A&E, and History Channel. Robert writes in many different genres, including Country, Jazz, Latin, Americana, Rock, Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Swing, and Contemporary Christian. He has a BS degree in music education and teaches music publishing and songwriting at Nashville State Community College. Robert also works for the Nashville Songwriters Association.

Bob Fine (USA)
A talented composer from Boston, Bob Fine began studying music at an early age to include performing and composing both classical and popular music for film and television. He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer of many genres, having written several film scores and compositions for various projects. Bob has had his music placed on cable TV shows in the US and International Cable, including Oprah, Nate Berkus Show, Dr. Oz, Super Soul Sunday, Discovery Kids, Learning Channel, and the Planets Funniest Animals.

Midnight Watchman (UK)
Midnight Watchman is a unique composer and producer from the UK who has written instrumental music for film, television, and games with a diverse range of styles that include Ambient, Electronic and Orchestral soundtracks. His influences range from Yann Tiersen to Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Midnight Watchman is an experienced songwriter, guitarist, and keyboard player who plays in several successful Indie bands and now composes rhythmic and lively soundscapes with varied rhythms and instrumentation, packed with unassuming melody.

Pythagor (Greece)
Born in Athens, Sakis Petropoulos (aka Pythagor) began studying classical guitar at the age of nine. In 2001, he graduated from the National Conservatory of Athens, with a high degree of virtuosity and three years later graduated as a soloist with an A' prize award. He studied Musicology, Composition and he is currently studying for his Master's Degree in Music for Film. As a solo artist and composer, Pythagor has given recitals all over Greece, Europe, and Latin America to include composing for his chamber music works and film music.

Dave Marean (USA)
Dave Marean (Days of Radio) is a seasoned artist who melds Pop, Rock and Folk influences to create a solid brand of music that shines. In the words of a music critic for Paste Magazine, raving about Dave’s productions: "It's Power Pop with great hooks - what's not to love?" Earning his Bachelor of Music degree from Western Michigan University, he's been honing his craft for more than two decades. With influences like The Beatles, Toad the Wet Sprocket and Jellyfish, his song "The Episode" received honors at the USA Songwriting Competition.

MusicmasterXC (UK)
MusicmasterXC is an artist with style from London who has studied and attained a University degree in Music. He likes to meddle in all genres, using authentic instruments where possible. MusicmasterXC is gifted to play the Piano, Guitar, Shakuhachi, Chinese Dizi Flute and the Bagpipes. Music is his passion and being deaf and physically challenged has not stopped him from striving forward with new ideas and styles. Engage with this impressive musician, sound engineer, and programmer, you will be transformed by the sounds he creates.

Sergey Osipov (Russia)
Sergey Osipov is a composer and self-taught pianist based in Russia who has scored dozens of PC and iOS games, films, and TV projects. From intensely heroic action cues like "Battle Trailer Music," to amazingly intricate choral pieces like "Heavens Descend On Us," he specializes in Dramatic and Classical music in a wide range of moods and styles. Sergey's highly cinematic work is perfect for everything from edge-of-your-seat movie trailers to video game soundtracks, TV promos, historical documentaries, multimedia projects, and much more.

Kam Falk (USA)
Kam Falk has been a successful US composer, arranger, producer, publisher and performer for over 35 years. He is owner/operator of Falkreations Music (BMI) since 2001, with the release of his solo debut enhanced CD, "Native Tongue." Mr. Falk has released several solo CDs with an abundance of stellar guests and reviews. Having taught music and audio engineering for over 17 years, he also earned a master's degree in composition (Summa Cum Laude, FAU).

Lawrence Dewey (UK)
As a full time musician since 1994, UK artist Lawrence Dewey has seen success composing and performing as a multi-instrumentalist with numerous acts and producers. Performance highs have taken him from the studio to opening for acts including Snow Patrol, Sandi Thom, Paul Di'Anno (ex-Iron Maiden), and Hanoi Rocks. Appearances and airplay have included MTV, BBC Radio, and tours in the UK, France, and Germany. As a composer, Lawrence brings us everything from in-your-face Rock to groovy Funk, uplifting Pop, and more.

Maya Chandra (India)
Maya Chandra is a music producer from India. Her strength is passion and willingness never to give up in a competitive industry. She composes music in various genres like World Music, Fusion, Ethnic, Folk, Traditional, Experimental and Easy Listening. She produces ethereal sounds and melodies spiced up with an ethnic flavor.

Ryan Thomas (USA)
US Composer Ryan Thomas began his career in the music biz as a session player. He started composing at the age of 25 and was instantly finding consistent work. While working on a number of American indie films, his music was used in critically acclaimed national Chinese films under legendary Hong Kong Composer Raymond Wong. Most recently, Ryan's music was included in a portion of the soundtrack to internationally acclaimed Hong Kong director Steven Chow's latest film, "The Mermaid," which has since become the highest grossing film in China.

Adam Robert Galloway (USA)
American music composer and producer Adam Robert Galloway creates instrumentals for film and media, in genres that include Dramatic, Action, Electronic, Orchestral, Pop, Dance, House, Club, and more. In 2012, he began scoring short films, along with creating hot Pop/Club beats with a group of four producers called Beats Universal that produced and signed over 150 songs. Adam is an exceptional artist with a plethora of talent to bring to any project you need fulfilling!

Marco Righetto (Italy)
Marco Righetto aka Marco Rave is a phenomenal electronic music composer, producer and performer. His favourite genres are Trance-Progressive, Electro and Dance. Marco's music has an edgy urban coolness, utilizing advanced synthesizer and digital production techniques that set his music apart. Take a listen!

Pierluigi Cerin (Italy)
Hot dance tracks that sizzle. Italy's popular Composer, Musician Pierluigi Cerin brings his high-flying Electro Trance and House Music with an uber-edginess that makes sparks fly. "Buddax" would have models on the catwalk clamoring to march to his music -- Hey, Top Model, give us a call. Why go to Milano when Pierluigi's in the house right here, right now. So, up off your cozy couches and onto the dance floor, right here, right now. This'll make Pierluigi verrry happy and he'll send us even more of his glamorous pizzazz.

Stefano Binotto (Italy)
Oh-Ah, Italian Stallion Stefano Binotto brings us enough hot Techno, Techno-House, Pop-House, and hypnotic Trance grooves to burn down the house! This man's got us moving like red ants jumping around in a sizzling hot frying pan! Check out "Swap" and his other tracks with splendid, diffused hot male vocal samples. Right now we're scheming about which of these would work in your production as club scenes, urban chaos, car chases or romance make-outs. Stefano could turn your film or trailer into a hunking ball of fire. Toss a few in your shopping cart, download and go!

Songwriterz (Denmark)
Songwriterz is a Danish duo writing, recording, and producing Pop music in various sub-genres such as Electronica, Club, Country, Soft Ballads, Dance and more. Always focusing on a strong melodic hook-line with a timeless sound appealing to many ages, several of their songs have already been aired on Danish national radio and also charted very well on various streaming sites. All songs are written, recorded, produced and performed by Songwriterz (Heidi Henriksen / Michael Henriksen) from Denmark, two very talented artists!

Samuel David Alvarez (Venezuela)
Samuel David Alvarez is a Venezuelan composer and producer with 12 years of experience and continuous learning. His passion is to make songs from a wide range of styles like Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Cinematic. He enjoys the creative process to deliver the best track possible. Samuel's music has been featured in Indie Movies, TV, promos, Video Games and more. A professional artist with charisma, check out his Corporate Pop track, “Find Me Happiness,” an upbeat, family-friendly track perfect for adverts, films or branding projects.

Barry Gilbey (UK)
Barry Gilbey is an accomplished composer, holding credits with Universal, Fox, CBS, The Discovery Channel, Sky Sports and the BBC. His sound is a hybrid of electronic and organic instruments hailing back to his years as an international DJ, touring the world with residencies in Russia, USA, Lithuania and the UK. Barry cites musical influences Ólafar Arnalds, Brian Eno & Nils Frahm as being instrumental in driving his sound forward. He is an artist who is a music leader, producer, and industry consultant.

Giulio Fazio (Italy)
An Italian artist with suave and grace, Giulio Fazio lives in Naples, Italy where he has studied piano, composition, and accordion at the Conservatory of Salerno. Listening to Classical, Jazz, Swing, and Contemporary, his works are influenced by composers such as Beethoven, Schumann, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Scott Joplin, and Django Reinhardt. Giulio is well-rounded having varied experience writing music for theater and short films.

Kevin H Ross (Australia)
Kevin H Ross is an Australian born film, game and production music artist. After completing a Bachelors degree in Music Composition, Kevin has performed as both a classical performer and Indie artist across Australia and the United States. His music which has been described as 'able to paint vivid images in the listener's mind' is both dramatic and engaging and has been used to enhance film, TV, trailers and computer games produced in Australia and abroad.

Maarten Bonder (Netherlands)
With a passion for music and video games, composer Maarten Bonder hails from the Netherlands. With a focus on composing in different genres, his music adds another dimension to the projects he is scoring. Along with composing, Maarten has created the sound design for various game titles and other projects to include Stratego. Graduating as a Master of Music in July 2013 at the ArtEZ School of Music, he is now working as a composer and sound designer for games and other media projects.

Marco Galvan (Mexico)
Marco Galvan is a prolific composer, producer, and arranger who combines his Latin music roots with the musicianship skills that he learned in universities such as the Berklee College of Music, Dick Grove School, and Trinity College London. His passion for music has led him to explore many different styles and genres in his compositions, including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Son, Bossa, and House. Marco also holds a BSc degree in Acoustics and Audio engineering, which empowers him to take technology one step further to reach new sonic horizons.

Jan Garritsen (Netherlands)
Jan Garritsen is a versatile music composer and producer who draws from many different influences and composes within any style; from orchestral, epic action scores to electronic music. In addition to being a classically trained pianist, he also plays percussion, drums, and guitar. Jan went to the Conservatory in the Netherlands where he studied Film Scoring and Music Production with coaching lessons from Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) and Erwin Steijlen (AudioSparx Bestseller). In 2012, he graduated and received his Bachelor of Music degree.

Novak Cuic (Serbia)
Born and raised in Serbia, Novak Cuic creates his own unique style of music by combining the ethnic and folklore heritage of Serbian people with his own personal interest in epic fantasy and progressive styles. Showing tremendous diversity in genres ranging from action and adventure and thriller to science fiction, he was awarded an SAE Institute scholarship via the contest “Talents 2014” organized by MTV. Novak is also an experienced guitar player who has been part of several Rock and Hardcore bands.

Stephen Alpert (UK)
Stephen Alpert is a total pro pianist, arranger, composer, and producer. His song AMOR was a number one hit in Venezuela and Mexico. It was covered by legendary internationally known Venezuelan band Los Amigos Invisibles and nominated for a Latin Grammy. Stephen is an expert in Jazz Funk, Reggae, Brazilian and Salsa music and plays Grand Piano, Organ, and Electric Piano. He has worked with Gee Bello, lead singer with Light of the World, Tyrone Downie the organist with The Wailers, and Mel Gaynor drummer with the Simple Minds.

Nemanja Mitrasevic (Serbia)
Nemanja Mitrasevic is an orchestra conductor from Serbia. He composes and plays music for self-expression. An Orchestra Conducting graduate of the University of Performing Arts, Vienna, Austria; Nemanja is inspired daily to record his performances. He is a Classically accomplished composer who loves to create music, performing as an instrumentalist in over 100 orchestra concerts to include The Symphony Orchestra Of The Serbian National Radio and Television. Nemanja is one to keep your listening ear after, he is making his presence heard.

David & Loren Laue (USA)
David & Loren Laue are a singer/songwriting duo who specialize in male/female harmony-driven "Orchestral Folk" ballads with a Nouveau-Retro Pop style. David's roots-style guitar pickin' and Loren's classically trained cello, violin, and piano work make for lush acoustic arrangements. Their song "No Hero Here" was featured on the TLC Network hit reality show Breaking Amish (S1, E8). This single also charted at #1 on the Amazon Hot New Releases Chart and reached #10 in Folk Rock category. Keep your eyes and ears on this dynamic duo!

Svetlana Bashlykova (Russia)
Svetlana Bashlykova is composer from Moscow, Russia, who writes lush symphonic music using synthesizers. Her work incorporates Classical, Dramatic, Symphonic, Chill-Out, Dance, and EDM elements to create beautiful, lyrical soundscapes. In 1995, Svetlana was the winner of Moscow's Competition to write a patriotic song dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the victory of the Great Patriotic War. Her music has also been performed by choirs and in the concerts of many solo artists in Russia.
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