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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Color Theory (USA)
80s synthpop is in Brian Hazard's blood, but he makes a rule of only listening to music less than two years old. His distinctive brand of literary dance pop strikes a healthy balance, fleshed out with rich piano voicings. Anyone who took music lessons as a kid calls themselves "classically trained," but Hazard went the distance, earning a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance. Immediately after graduation, he left Beethoven and Brahms behind to pursue his first musical inspiration, Depeche Mode.

Nelson Hinds (USA)
Pennsylvania-born composer and arranger Nelson Hinds creates music in the Dramatic, Rock, Jazz, and Classical genres. Now living in Colorado, he scores music for several symphony orchestras as well as a number of local programs, including the Rocky Mountain Holiday Series and Colorado Historical Society. Nelson's music has also appeared on TV shows such as Breed All About It, Unwrapped, Mings Quest, Busted, Rocky Mountain Holiday Series, Ireland, Disney Weddings, a Parade Magazine TV Special, and many more.

Vadim Chelnokov (Russia)
Based in Moscow, Vadim Chelnokov is an experienced composer and producer who has been active in the music business for over 20 years. His music has been featured on worldwide commercials, ad campaigns, movie trailers, and radio jingles, with clients including Microsoft, McDonald's, Sony, Audi, Reebok, Acer, Levi's, and Swatch, among many others. If you want THAT sound you hear on network TV or at the movies, Vadim's high-end catalog is what you are looking for. Genres include Orchestral, Pop, Jazz, New Age, Christmas, Kids, and Corporate.

Ambersand (USA)
Ambersand's primary composers, Steven Bernstein and Julie Bernstein, have nine Emmy awards between them. They've demonstrated expertise in writing in a wide range of styles to include Epic Orchestral, Drama, Quirky Animation, Spine-tingling Horror, Cool Jazz and whatever serves the emotion of a scene. Their music is entirely memorable with a palette of soaring melodies or searing textures. Ambersand's work can be heard in hundreds of animated TV episodes including the popular "Animaniacs," "Pinky And The Brain," and "Baby Looney Tunes."

Robert Meunier (Canada)
Canadian composer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Meunier graduated from EIS (California) in composition, arrangement, and orchestration. Heavily into writing for TV shows, his music is featured on Occult Crimes “Crimes Occultes” (13 Episodes), Killer Kids "Jeux Mortels" Season 1 (8 Eps.) and "Enfants Tueurs" Season 2 (13 Eps.), "Portal to the Unknown" (13 Eps), "Un dimanche à la campagne" (Main Theme), and many more. A pro in sound mixing and high-quality soundtracks, Robert’s influences are Bernard Herrmann, Morricone, and Silvestri.

Ronan McQuillan (Ireland)
Ronan McQuillan is a musician, composer, producer and sound designer from Ireland who works all over the world. He started his career as a musician, playing in cover bands and learned his trade as a vocalist and guitarist. He still plays regularly with his band, The Enemies, and as a solo artist and registered member of IMRO – Ireland’s Music Right’s Organization. While working on a campaign for Playstation, he was drawn to music for gaming and completed a Level 8 Diploma in Music for Gaming Audio Design graduating in 2016.

Zander Walker (UK)
Zander Walker is an exciting young talent from the UK with a truly amazing voice. He has sung on the musical stage, has fronted many local bands, sang in gospel choirs, and has won numerous awards like Outstanding Young Artist 2008 Art Base. Zander has just released his debut Christian album, Incredible Presence, in addition, he has available his album A City Boy In The Country released in 2017.

redf (UK)
An amazing multi-instrumentalist and composer from the UK, redf plays guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, wind, brass, and everything in between. He specializes in genres like Electronica, Jazz, Blues, Latin, and Pop with an extremely Chillout vibe. redf's unique sound inspires others and works well for TV, Films, and promos depicting urban scenes, fashion promos, and other media projects. Today we're grooving to redf's laidback Jazz Chillout cue, "Blue for my Baby," and his more upbeat Neo-Lounge Electronic track, "The Traveller."

Henk Pool (Netherlands)
Henk Pool is a classically trained composer, songwriter, producer from the Netherlands, working in the area of TV and Film, but also for Pop projects. He works creating sounds while teaching songwriting at the prestigious ArtEZ Conservatory and Pop Academy. With multi-platinum and gold success both in the USA and Europe, Henk has had songs cut by Avalon (Testify to Love, DOVE Pop song of the Year, a six weeks #1 USA CCM charts, First Love, on ‘A Different Light’) and Wynonna.

John Heit (Spain)
John Heit is a talented Spanish composer and the greatest mixing and mastering engineer. With a technical degree for SAE Audio Engineer, he provides music in all styles with big sound quality. John is a participant in Projects for the Bosnia States and Commercial for Bingo and is currently working with Russian Rap and Pop Dance stars. Impressively he has released music on Smash Up Records as an EDM Artist.

Thomas VanOosting (USA)
California composer Thomas VanOosting has been writing scores for 10 years and is featured in numerous short films, features, documentaries, and video games. He holds a Certificate in Film Scoring from the UCLA Extension and a Degree in Cinema and Photography from Southern Illinois University. Specializing in Orchestral and Synth compositions with a Classical bent and an emphasis on film music, Thomas’ favorite composers are John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and Danny Elfman, and his credits include Behind The Music and Chef's Table (Netflix).

Aija Alsina (UK)
Coming to us from the bustling city of London, Aija Alsina is a Latvian composer with a deep foundation in music creation. She writes music for films and visual media using her haunting and delicate piano and string pieces to express her Nordic roots. Aija loves experimenting with rhythms in the form of minimal beats, creating mesmerizing and unforgettable compositions. Her style embraces the genres of Filmscore, Classical, Neo-Classical, Piano Production, and Music Composition.

Francois Maugame (Germany)
Francois Maugame is a French music producer and composer with tracks that include orchestrated Soundtrack-scores, Picturesque and Emotional Corporate Sound, Dance Orientated Electronics, Smooth Ambient, and Magic Chill-Out tracks. He composed music for brands like Mercedes, Audi, Henkel or St. Gobain and also scored TV-Documentaries for the American market. Francois studied Music at Hamburg University and later worked for different studios as a programmer, sound engineer, and composer.

Jesse Viola (USA)
Jesse Viola is a composer from Pennsylvania who became passionate about music when he was nine years old and has been writing, recording, and performing ever since. He graduated from Berklee School of Music in 2010 as a Specialist in the Production of New Media. As a multi-instrumentalist who pulls inspiration from a wide variety of musical genres, Jesse Viola is an open-minded and versatile composer who genuinely loves his job. An impressive professional credit includes the Title music for "Scary Floating Thing," a short by Jeff Fowler.

Guitarist Denis Taaffe (USA)
Indiana-based Guitarist Denis Taaffe (pronounced Tayf) uses an Electric guitar to make loops done on the fly to create a musical style that's all his own. His compositions are improvised on the spot, then performed and recorded live with no additional overdubs. To date, since his debut album in 1999, Denis has completed and released 210 albums in his Modern Guitar Series. Impressively, his unique music has been categorized as similar to Tangerine Dream but on guitar.

DJ Myde (Germany)
Based in Germany, DJ Myde brings us Hard Trance in its purest melodic form. Known for his unique hymns with booming basses and beautiful masterpiece melodies, he regularly produces some of the biggest Trance club-smashers, including "Fiction and Reality," "Springtime," "You're My Angel," "The Sun," and many more. When asked about his inspiration and goals, DJ Myde doesn't try to impress the music critics, but the listeners. "These are my fans and what matters."

Bas van den Eijken (Germany)
Renown producer Bas van den Eijken (alias Ecki Stamer) brings you his most successful single releases spanning over 20 years! A journey from Melodic Trance over to Hard-Trance towards very modern Electro, this is Trance music at its finest. Bas is also known as one of the founders of the premiere German successful Trance record label DJs Present along with partner Gary D. which has brought their legendary Dance compilation series entitled D. Trance for over 20 years strong.

Gary D. (Germany)
One of the original founders of the Trance movement, Gary D. is a German Trance/Hardstyle producer who started it all back in 1988. Over the past 20 years, he has released dozens of successful Trance club hits, but it was in 1995 when he and two other partners started the successful D. Trance Dance compilation series on PIAS Recordings that his brand went worldwide. Today, Gary D. has released over 60 D. Trance compilations, and we are very pleased to present his biggest club hits for your sync licensing needs.

Tosch (Germany)
Tosch is the EDM superstar DJ, Producer, and Remixer from Germany who has had over 200 of his productions released on 20 different record labels worldwide, including more than 300 Dance compilations. In 2013-2014 several of his own banging Electro Club singles shot up to the #1 position of the US and European Electro-House Charts, and we are very pleased to present them here for your own film, TV, commercial, and live use needs.

Man From Playground (USA)
Imagine the sound of Hip Hop, Electro, and Lo-Fi rhythms meeting Hair-Metal riffs in a 1980's Arcade video of Cosmic Dub, with Dope Emcees. This is the underground cultural sound of the project entitled Man From Playground. With musical roots more than two decades deep, MFP's founder Neiel Davis Cavin began his career in California, both as a bassist for Jamaican Reggae and Dub groups and as a freestyle lyricist during the Golden Age of Hip Hop. MFP was created in the turn of the 21st Century in San Francisco, then DJ Capitol of the World.

Jason Jaxx (Switzerland)
Electro House DJ and Producer Jason Jaxx is one of Switzerland's top 50 greatest DJs of all time! His singles "Outta Control," "Cube," and many more have peaked in the top 5 on the official Swiss Dance Charts and have also been featured on countless major Dance compilations worldwide. As a remixer, Jason has also produced remixes for Brooklyn Bounce, DJ Analyzer vs Cary August, Jerry Ropero, the Swiss Star DJ Sir Colin, Monophon, and for the Swedish Rock band Shallow Sense.

Sara Laine (USA)
Sara Laine is a Blues/Rock singer-songwriter from California who writes and sings about matters of the heart. She has been compared to artists ranging from Bonnie Raitt all the way to Stevie Nicks, though her sound crosses over boundaries by incorporating elements of Folk, Country, and even Americana. From the smoldering "Busy In Love," to the punchy groove of "It Will Be So," Sara's music will add a lot of soul to Film, TV, and Commercial projects.

Zeblazed (USA)
Zeblazed is a pioneering young artist from San Francisco who is making waves with his innovative style of Electronic music. Blending the best of EDM, Dubstep, and Dramatic elements, his tracks have a modern cinematic sound that will add an explosive edge to movie trailers, TV promos, and many other projects. Zeblazed's work often features big orchestras combined with edgy electronic beats, synthetic instrumentation, and fierce guitars.

Oscar Salguero (Spain)
Award-winning Spanish producer, composer, and remixer Oscar Salguero has released more than 100 singles worldwide since early 2000. We bring to you his exclusive new collection of music in the styles of Ambient, Chillout, Lounge, and New Age. Oscar has done remixes and productions for celebrity Dance artists like Erasure, Rikah, Cary August, and many others.

Fabian Del Priore (Germany)
Based in Germany, Fabian Del Priore is a world-renowned composer who began his stellar career when he was only 16 years of age by contributing to the soundtrack for Bluebytes' "Extreme Assault" -- one of the best-selling computer games of 1997! Combining classic orchestration with electronic elements, his music transcends time and genres. Fabian's highly cinematic compositions blend traditional structure with unique twists, making his masterful works the perfect choice for all productions in search of that Hollywood sound!

DJ Skillmaster (UK)
UK's DJ Skillmaster produces top-quality Dance, House, Pop, and Electro tracks with vocals that reflect today's trendy commercial styles. With his partner in crime Mark Gamble, they have had several top-10 iTunes releases worldwide, and his remix of the Michael Jackson vs. Q–Tip track entitled "Breath and Don't Stop" became a massive underground bootleg that is still played today. DJ Skillmaster has been compared to the likes of Fatboy Slim, and his radio-ready songs are perfect for Film, TV, Commercial, and Live Application productions.

Californian artist SUNN is a distinctive new voice in Dance music, and fresh breath of life in the Pop/EDM scene. A solid singer/songwriter who pens original melodic hooks and upbeat songs, she shines brightly as the new face of EDM with her debut release, Shoulda. Described as “Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga meets Taylor Swift," SUNN's style is truly her own, from her skillful songwriting to her cutting-edge Dance productions. With millions of views for her cover song videos on YouTube, she's been building a loyal fan base all over the world.

Rikah (USA)
With her smooth, silky, and sexy vocals, Rikah is a rare EDM gem who found her passion singing over phenomenal dance club beats as a teenager. Her dance remix styles are always hypnotic and mesmerizing, making her songs a perfect fit for your TV, film, high fashion, catwalk, and advertising needs. A capable and experienced songwriter, Canadian-born Rikah lives today among the blue waters and Hibiscus flowers of Hawaii, tooling around on her trademark pink motorcycle when she's not busy in the studio.

Martin Stehl (Germany)
Composer, producer, and award-winning multi-instrumentalist Martin Stehl presents sophisticated modern music that features blended arrangements, incisive rhythms, and intense melodies. Writing in the Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Fusion, Electronic, and Latin genres, his tracks feature renowned musicians like Torsten de Winkel (guitar), Frank Spaniol (saxophone), and many other guest players who display their exceptional improvisations in his unique recordings. Jazz Drummer Magazine describes Martin's debut as "a perfect album for warm summer nights."

In House Productions (USA)
Known for their remixes and productions of countless major and independent artists, In House Productions is led by long-time Dance and House producers Doug Laurent, Steely M, and Cary August. Whether it's classic acts like Gloria Gaynor and La Bouche, or their latest projects from Rikah, DJ Skillmaster, Jan Wayne, SUNN, and King Junior, they deliver only top-quality tracks for your Film, TV, and Commercial needs. Music from In House Productions has been featured in the MTV shows Sweet Sixteen and Date My Mom, and VH1's Where Are They Now.

Chillout Tunes (USA)
Chillout Tunes draws Electronic music lovers from around the globe, and this amazing collection features some of the biggest top-selling tracks from our Top 10 worldwide release entitled "50 Chillout Tunes, Vol. 1". Emerging in the early-to-mid '90’s, this style of music became prominent in “chill rooms” at some of the hottest clubs on the legendary island of Ibiza, known for being at the very epicenter of the Electronic music scene. These tracks are perfect for TV commercials, presentations, and vacation get-a-way license usages.

Chillhanger (Germany)
Known for his lush soundscapes, modern production style, and excellent acoustic guitar work, Chillhanger is German composer and producer Peter Bernhard Ballweg. Writing in the Chillout, Lounge, Ambient, and New Age genres, his tracks range from serene to invigorating, and often feature mellow grooves with dreamy melodies and synth atmospheres. Chillhanger's music is perfect for everything from Spa and Meditation uses to Film, TV, Commercial, and Multimedia projects needing contemporary Ambient soundtracks.

Alien FX Sounds (Germany)
Are you looking for unique "out of this world" Sound Effects and Soundscapes reminiscent of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Next Generation? Alien FX Sounds is German composer Peter Bernhard Ballweg, and his material is perfectly suited for any Sci Fi and Alien-themed Video Game, Film, and TV productions. Often creepy and unsettling, these atmospheres and noises conjure up everything from deep space horror to otherworldly alien visitations.

Cary August (USA)
Cary August has written, produced, and engineered dozens of successful releases in the Dance, House, and Techno genres. His music has been featured in TV shows like MTV's "Sweet Sixteen" and "Date My Mom" and VH1's "Where Are They Now," among others. Cary majored in both Music and Business in early 1989, and later received accreditation's from CRA (College For Recording Arts) in digital multi-track recording and engineering. With both vocal and instrumental tracks, his hot music is a perfect fit for your Film, TV, and Advertising needs.

Peter Agyagos (Slovakia)
Slovakian composer, producer, and remixer Peter Agyagos has proven himself adept at crafting incredibly rich soundscapes across all Electronic genres, from Trance and Chillout to House, Ambient, and even New Age. From mellow and relaxing, to engaging and energetic, he writes both instrumental and vocal tracks, and creates his own cutting-edge sounds from scratch. Peter has released material under his own name, as well as via aliases such as DJ Cobra, Tunnel Alliance, and others while scoring soundtracks for various projects over the years.

Chris Huelsbeck (USA)
Currently based in California, Chris Huelsbeck is an award-winning composer and sound designer from Germany who has worked in the video game industry for well over 25 years. He has written soundtracks for more than 80 projects, the latest being "Star Wars: Rebel Strike" for Nintendo GameCube. Many of Chris' scores for the Commodore 64 are regarded as classics among enthusiasts today, most notably The Great Giana Sisters, and he is also known for the soundtracks to Tunnel B1, Extreme Assault, and the Turrican series of games.

54 Feat. Lawson (Germany)
Commercial House producers Doug Laurent and Steely M. are the core of 54, along with former Frankfurt American GI singer Lawson. Influenced by Frankfurt's Electronic music scene in the late 80's and its legendary airport club "Dorian Gray," the masterminds of 54 have shown their expertise on many occasions with over 350 commercially released tracks and representation by over 80 international labels (both major and independents). This trendy club sound is finally available to you for your own Film, TV, and Commercial projects.

Bizarre (Germany)
Producer's Risque and Steely M. along with the infamous party-girl vocalist Anja bring you the underground club hit sensation House act "Bizarre"! Known for their all out nasty-styled lyrics and bumpin' house party grooves, this music will have you nasty freaking on the dance floor all night long. We bring you their three best club hit tracks "The Love Bizarre," "The Party," and their #1 club hit banger "The Big Black." If you're looking for that perfect catwalk House track or sexy porn party tune, you've come to the right place!

Deskee (Germany)
Deskee is an American House music artist who moved to Frankfurt, Germany in the mid 1980's. It was later in early 1989 that he teamed up with local DJ and record producer H. Felber and engineer M. Rodiger, producing his 1st international club hit called "Let There Be House." It topped the US Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play Charts and countless charts in other countries. Since then, Deskee has gone on to record several more classic House club hits, including "World Domination" and "Hot Temptation."

DJ Cobra (USA)
DJ Cobra rains his massive epic-Trance sound down on the club floor with expert precision. His dynamic production style draws from a variety of elements, both electronic and acoustic, and each track is crafted with sheer intensity. Big hoover synths, syncopated bass-line Funk, and solid 4/4 grooves carry a range of vocal additives in a style that can launch the big-room crowd over the top. M. O. N. I. is his latest full original maxi single here, featuring several top remixes by worldwide celebrity remixers.
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