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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Sid Szydelko (UK)
Sid Szydelko is a UK-based composer whose work covers a diverse range of genres, from Orchestral and Dramatic compositions to Ambient, RnB, and Soul music. The following quote illustrates his passion and talent for composition: "Szydelko's music is quite extraordinary in its richness and maturity. His themes, from a post-romantic tradition and very accessibly modern, are expressed with masterful orchestration which cannot fail to please a very large audience.” - Pierre Schwob, CEO and founder of Classical Archives.

Doug Wilde (Canada)
Doug Wilde is a Canadian composer, music director, and keyboardist. He studied Film Scoring and Arranging at the Eastman School of Music and has a Master’s Degree in Composition from York University. Doug has created many scores for Radio, TV commercials, and Film. He is Music Director, keyboardist, and principal composer for the seminal Canadian Jazz, World, Fusion band, Manteca. Doug’s specialties include Chamber Jazz, Classical and New Age, along with ambient soundtracks.

Kelly Kendall (USA)
Kelly Kendall is a California-based musician, songwriter, composer, and a worship leader. He composes Electronic, Orchestral, and Rock music and is the keyboardist and a vocalist for the band, Out of Ashes. Earning his MBA, he has pursued his passion for music composing for nearly 30 years using his unique combination of marketing and business skills. His credits include as a composer for Falling Up (Short film for 48 hour Film Project contest). Kelly’s compositions are for TV, Corporate, Commercials, Film, Trailer, and multimedia projects.

FreeVibe (Ghana)
Joining us from Ghana, FreeVibe (aka Ebenezer Freeman Agyapong) is a Hip Hop artist who was introduced to music at age five when he and his friends creatively used empty containers as drums and microphones. In 2013, after graduating from High School, FreeVibe began writing his own songs and assembled The Rap Dealers (TRD) crew, which disbanded in 2015. In 2017, FreeVibe released the EP, The Revolution, followed by the 2018 release of "Upness," featuring his signature style in songs like Am Going Wild, Dance 4 Me, and Gye Wani.

Christoph Fleischmann (Germany)
German artist Christoph Fleischmann began his musical career at the age of eight learning to play the violin. Classical-guitar instruction was later the inspiration for the music styles he would compose and perform. Christoph was transported by Flamenco and various South American music styles and honed his craft learning Merengue de Cordoba (Flamenco) in Cordoba, Spain, Nelson Faria (Bossa Nova) in Rio de Janeiro, and Tango in Buenos Aires with Gustavo Cusmano. This artist knows how to translate hot rhythms for multimedia!

Latino Explosion (UK)
The UK’s Latino Explosion is the exciting new studio project led by multi-award-winning composer, Andy Littlewood. Featuring a host of top Spanish and Portuguese vocalists, they deliver lively and passionate tracks in the World Music, Latin, Brazilian, Pop, Tropical, and Dance styles. Andy has an impressive list of credits to his name, having penned songs for International recording artists such as Starship, Maxi Priest, Sun'dra, Limahl, Vanilla Ice, Angel Eyez, and Tiffany, and releases through Universal, Warner, and BMG Japan.

Kevin Kjaz Jasper (USA)
Kevin Jasper is a producer, singer, and composer based out of New York City. He entered the music industry in the late 1970s and has worked with major artists and cinematic releases like Ghostbusters II Soundtrack, Brenda K Starr, Sister Sledge, Deodato, JT Taylor, and Kurtis Blow. In the 1980s, he was the youngest member of the Motown group, Platinum Hook. With a heavy influence of early RnB, Kevin incorporates current sounds and technologies to create modern compositions perfect for retail, film, theater, and multimedia.

Joe Andolino (USA)
New Jersey native Joe Andolino grew up with a variety of musical influences, which he later combined by studying the world of Film Scoring at the University of Southern California. Having studied with some of the biggest names in composition and performance, he is proficient in styles ranging from Rock, RnB, Jazz, and Fusion to full Dramatic and Orchestral works. Joe's diverse credits include Schooled! (CW Network), Disney Interactive Games, Star Trek Next Generation (Paramount), Beer Boys (TV), UPS commercials, video games, and films.

Constantinos Piliouras (Australia)
Based in Australia, Constantinos Piliouras is a songwriter and composer who specializes in excellent original Greek music, as well as other styles like Rock, Dramatic, Jazz, World, and more. A highly respected music teacher at one of Adelaide's most prestigious music schools, he has degrees in Music Performance and Education, and he is also an accomplished performing guitarist. Constantinos' versatile music features many great session players from around the globe and is perfect for TV, Film, and Commercial productions needing exciting, highly emotive tracks.

Two PM Junction (USA)
Two PM Junction is the moniker of Singer/Songwriter Stephen Mason, a Country artist who loves to incorporate Folk, Rock, and Blues overtones in his songs. Drawing on influences like Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Stray Cats, and James Taylor, he records with minimal tracks while still maintaining a full, sweet sound. Stephen studied chord and scale theory under the instruction of Lewis McGehee, one of Tidewater Virginia’s finest acoustic players. He says "of course that doesn’t mean I can play like Lewis, just means I had a good teacher!"

Hijack The Harmony (USA)
Joining us from Oregon, Hijack The Harmony is the brainchild of composer, producer Nick Sanders, formerly of Los Angeles. Nick has produced music for games, branded content, and documentaries for around 20 years and his music has been featured by clients like Dodge, Nissan, Ford, Vizio, BBC, and on Hilary Duff's DVD "Raise Your Voice." His musical passion started with a treasured Mickey Mouse record player and a Sears acoustic guitar, and today his various genres include Rock, EDM, Acoustic, Classical, Jazz, Pop, Electronic, and Soul.

Eva Carboni (UK)
Based in Italy, UK's Eva Carboni is a gifted vocalist working in the Jazz, Blues, Soul, and Rock genres. She studied at the prestigious Vocal Power Academy in Los Angeles and graduated in singing with renown vocal coach Elisabeth Howard, who also coached the likes of Sting and Lionel Richie. For the past eight years, Eva has worked as a top session singer and performed with artists like Buddy Guy, Mario Schillirò, Zucchero, Vic Martin, and Frank McComb. Whether sultry or sophisticated, Eva's voice resonates with TV, Film, and multimedia.

Caiti Patton (USA)
A charming, happy-go-lucky woman who has a desire to dive deeper into her love for making music and telling stories, Caiti Patton is known for her over-active imagination and quirky personality. From Ohio but now living in sunny Florida, she paints a unique scene for every song she writes with her favorite part of the creative process by collaborating with visual artists after a track is finished. A writer now for ten plus years, Caiti's influences change as she strives to incorporate Cinematic influences with her Indie/Pop roots.

Don Goliath (Germany)
Based in Germany, Don Goliath is a songwriter and producer who specializes in a unique style of Dubstep that blends Electro, Dancehall, and Ska elements. His work features some of Jamaica's leading Dancehall and Reggae artists, including Busy Signal, Chuck Fender, Lexxus, Fantan Mojah, Reggie Stepper, and Anthony B, among many others. Don's songs are perfect for TV, Film, and Commercial producers looking for a cool, funky sound that breaks away from Dubstep cliches.

Plastic DJ (Spain)
Plastic DJ is a Barcelona-based electronic music producer whose sonic odyssey goes straight into the mind’s eye, and you can truly feel connected to his awesome music in your heart and soul. Through a boldly expressive and imaginative range of powerful ideas and sounds, Plastic DJ draws on Deep House and Downtempo atmospheres, while an infusion of Electro and his vibrantly dynamic and melodic vocals add brilliant textures and depth to the music. With his growing fan base, we're honored to have Plastic DJ in the house with his HOT beats!

S.L. Rabbit (Slovakia)
Based in Slovakia, S. L. Rabbit is a producer of sound effects and music loops that display great attention to detail. He has a passion for the mechanical sounds of high-tech electronic devices like digital cameras. It isn't only about the shutter sound, but also the lens changing sound, card removal, and more. When it comes to music loops, with his expert use of guitar, bass, drum sample, and VST plugins and instruments, S. L.'s genre range reaches from Acid Jazz, Funk Rock, and Nu-Metal to industrial, Movie, and Cinematic themes.

Alex Samm (Brazil)
Since 1992, Brazilian composer Alex Samm has been developing Atmospheric and rich instrumental tracks for Gaming, TV (including MTV Brazil), Ballet, Internet, and Radio. Alex knows how to develop relationships with listeners by avoiding overused melodies and harmonies. For the last ten years, Alex has specialized in digital producing, synthesizers (digital and analog), playing guitar and bass, vocals, and mixing. He has worked solo and with artists throughout Brazil creating unforgettable melodies in Classical, New Age, and Rock genres.

Amedeo Landi (Italy)
Amedeo Landi, based in Florence, Italy, is a music composer for TV, Film, Games, Trailers, and Media. He composes a wide variety of music, from epic, sweeping Orchestral and Orchestral/Electronic hybrid scores to intimate piano solos with strong melodies and themes. Amedeo's most important musical influences are Erik Satie, Debussy, Chopin, Philip Glass, and Hans Zimmer.

Tony Lopez (USA)
Tony Lopez is a composer and producer from Virginia who specializes in ultra-cool Club, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Dub Step, and Ambient tracks. His music has been featured by several artists in the US and Canada, by Century Aspect Films in London, and by Keeley Media in the US, and Terracraft Motors in Texas. Tony also created the music for and voiced part of the first bilingual radio ad (English/Spanish) for Car Toyz that aired on 106.5 The Beat in Richmond, Virginia.

David Beard (UK)
David Beard of the UK was born into a musical family with his father and grandfather performing as musicians in bands and orchestras and as singers at Derby Cathedral. From an early age, influences of various music styles from Electronic Synth, Dramatic, World and Classical shaped his future and career. After teaching and lecturing in music composition and music technology, David now specializes in creating music and sound design for the Film and Television industry, expertly finessing genres from Children's Music to Horror!

Benjamin Orth (Germany)
Benjamin Orth is a German multi-instrumentalist, composer, and audio engineer who writes music in a variety of styles from Cinematic, Commercial, Corporate, Ambient, and Classical to Pop and Rock. Benjamin has produced, recorded, and mixed numerous albums and EPs with international bands and artists. With a Master’s degree in physics, and as a graduate from Los Angeles College of Music in Music Producing and Recording, he deftly combines science, technology, and art into amazing compositions!

Brandon Lew (USA)
Brandon Lew began his career as an L. A. -based composer, songwriter, and producer after graduating from USC's Thornton School of Music. He went on to work with wonderful artists like Armors, Vanda, and Grace Walker on their upcoming releases; while also working on his own projects. His most recent release, "The Dawn," is a down-to-earth, Folk EP of powerfully personal pieces. With his work in Pop music, Brandon won the Foundation of New American Musicals 2018 Showsearch with this original piece "Messy."

Clark Ford (USA)
A songwriter from Iowa, Clark Ford has written music for musical theater in a variety of genres, including Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, and Sacred. He has written the scores (music and lyrics) for six full-length musicals to include "1961," "1972,' "1983," "1994," "2005," "2016," and "You're Missing Me," which was featured in the "Women of Substance Podcast." Clark grew up in the shadow of Hollywood and graduated from UCLA and the University of Iowa. His music is heavily influenced by Classical, Classic Rock, and musical/movie scores.

Spectral Acoustic (USA)
Spectral Acoustic utilizes a variety of instruments and sound sources to create evocative and atmospheric tracks ranging from the dazzling and euphoric to the dark and mysterious. Though heavy on experimental, layered guitar textures and processed synths, this Pacific-Northwest music is frequently melodic and accessible, calling to mind the ambient work of Brian Eno, the scores of David Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti, and the avant-garde spirit of early Warp Records artists such as Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada.

Resonance Array (Australia)
Resonance Array is the musical alter ego of American Film, TV, and Game composer Scott Lloyd Shelly, who is currently living in Australia. Scott is perhaps best known for his work on "The Crocodile Hunter" television shows, and his experience has helped him compose the tracks available here, which are designed to work with films, under or over dialogue, or as featured music cues. Step up and let Resonance Array's originality and diversity guide your next project -- or Safari.

Danny K (Canada)
Danny K is a Canadian musician, engineer, and producer who is well-versed in most popular music genres. Starting in a band as a drummer, he quickly embraced technology and turned to DJ'ing in college. Formally educated at the Harris Institute for the Arts in Toronto, he holds a degree in music engineering and production. Working in the industry for 15 years, Danny's music has been featured by Visa, MasterCard, McDonald's, and Kellogs, to name a few. He has also worked with major artists and enjoyed significant radio play in North America.

Tamara Shestopalova (Russia)
Russian composer Tamara Shestopalova specializes in Ambient music and soundscapes. Her works are highly atmospheric and spatial, ranging from mysterious to disturbing. According to Tamara, "If the music resonates with my soul, I am happy with my work." Her music is based on the soul, reminiscent of sadness and inspiration, creating magic with her compositions. Tamara's fantasy-like pieces lend themselves to Film, scores, soundtracks, trailers, and soundscapes.

Stephen Daltry (UK)
With an emphasis on real instruments, strong themes, and melodies, UK’s Stephen Daltry's TV and Film commissions include the 2018 feature 'Of Fish and Foe' for BBC Scotland, the Sundance hit 'The Moo Man,' two documentaries on Princess Diana for ITV, 'The Hunt,' BBC (Cultural Prix Italia Winner), and scores for Discovery, Ch4, Ch5, PBS, and Cinema. Stephen has a Classical music style mixing his love of piano with sampled sounds for some of his scores, including the Grierson Award-nominated "The 2000-Year-Old Computer" for BBC (2013).

The Colors of the Dark (USA)
Based in Oregon, The Colors of the Dark are a group of artistic, fiercely sworn creatives who shun conventional music where it stands and do it with style and glee to burn. Blending edgy Dramatic and Ambient elements, their music is the undercurrent of the twisted mind of the hunter and the fear of the hunted. It's the cold eyes of the unknown drifting in a hallowed futuristic Dystopia. The Colors of the Dark create pure atmosphere with dark instinct, alive in the dark corners of our imagination, with teeth flared, and hell to pay.

Omaja (USA)
Omaja is the award-winning duo of internationally-known shamanic-sound healer Leontine Hartzell and award-winning musician Charlie Braun. Dynamic female vocals evoke mystical Enya/Native American-like sound journeys. Their songs uplift, heal, relax, and inspire, supported by multi-instrumental original compositions. Soaring, evocative female vocals create a mystical alluring musical landscape for Film and TV scenes. This music evokes angels, beauty, compassion, and soul -- perfect for Anime, Sci-Fi, Indie or major studio films, spas, yoga.

Tan Ses (Germany)
Germany's talented artist Tan Ses, born in Turkey and educated in Austria (Masters Degree in Information Management), has been living in two cultures his entire life. He learned to play the piano and organ as a young boy and started composing when he was 14 years old. After diving into the world of Electronic music and synthesizers, he published three albums that mirror his heritage and the vast cultural influences of Anatolia and Austria. Tan Ses gives us a glimpse into both amazing cultures through his dynamic World and New Age music.

Frank Schlimbach (Germany)
Frank Schlimbach began his career as a freelancer in his own studio in South Germany, and after composing over 150 songs, stepped into the Trailer world by writing edgier, more vibrant trailer music. Subsequently, his work evolved into more TV music, soundtracks, and scores using Dramatic, Melancholic, and Classical genres. Frank´s compositions have been featured in "Halloween 2018," "Goosebumps 2," and other well-known movies. His extraordinary sound design and synth sounds offer a world of depth to his music.

Martin Buitenweg (Aruba)
Martin Buitenweg of Aruba is an amazing composer who creates captivating themes that draw you in completely from the first few notes. His dynamic use of Orchestral sounds mixed with modern beats and synths take you to some unexpected places while the melodies will linger on in your head. Martin's arrangements and score compositions have been used in Film, and are the perfect complement to Trailers, Documentaries, and other media. In addition to recording and producing, Martin is co-organizer of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival.

Henrik Norberg (Sweden)
Henrik Norberg is a singer/songwriter from Sweden who creates music for Film and TV. With experience from the Rock scene, he fell in love with the Acoustic guitar and dived into the genre. While working as a sound engineer at Film and TV gigs, his colleagues started to ask for music for their various projects. Offering up a mix of Acoustic and Electronic styles with a Ukulele-based cue or an occasional Ambient piece, Henrik's music quickly began to be featured in Swedish TV dramas and infomercials.

Paul Cooper-James (UK)
UK's Paul Cooper-James creates eclectic soundtracks, Ambient 'beds,' Classical music arrangements, Asian Ethnic music, thrilling music for psychological dramas, and dramatic, exciting TV and Film music. Just how does Paul make instruments speak? As a proficient pianist, organist, clarinetist, and harpist, Paul brings these instruments alive just as his extensive choral experience lends itself to writing vocal music. At times deeply spiritual, other times excitingly rhythmic, dark or simply light and fun-loving in style. Highly adaptable.

Richard Hughes (USA)
Richard Hughes of New Mexico followed his love of music and taught himself to play guitar after high school because he was compelled to write songs. For a few years, he studied music and recording by day, and by night was immersed in the stories and riffs of Blues players on Beale Street in Memphis. Following a career in Film and TV, Richard now composes music for Indie filmmakers, ad agencies, and more. From Indie, Modern Rock and Pop, to Bollywood, Funk, Alternative, and Traditional Country, Richard delivers the music for all media.

Matthew Brandon Carlson (USA)
Matthew Carlson is a composer, arranger, and musician who has scored over 20 Films like "The Mingle" and "400 Miles," as well as TV shows like "Intimate Apparel," Web series, Commercials, and Jingles. This California artist has performed domestically and abroad, and his recordings have been heard around the world. Matthew believes music and the arts make the world a better place, and his goal is to create relatable music that does just that through Cinematic, Dramatic, Orchestral, Jazz, Rock, Big Band, Classical, and Pop sounds.

Ross Casey (USA)
Ross Casey is a versatile composer and songwriter from California who received a Master of Music Degree in composition at California State University, Fullerton. His music freshly intertwines the rich orchestration and structure of Classical music with the rhythms and modern sounds of Pop and Electronic music. He recently composed original music for the Lewa Adventure Theme Park in Xi’an, China. Ross composes both instrumental music and songs in various genres, ideal for film soundtracks, TV, movie trailers, video games, and commercials.

Gordon Nance (USA)
Gordon Nance is a versatile Pennsylvania-based composer and producer working in the Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, and Dance genres. He was previously signed by Grammy Award-winning producer Rockwilder to his Beat Gang Entertainment group alongside artists like Mya, Busta Rhymes, and Eric Serman. Gordon's music can be heard on Speed TV, and he also did the kick-off music for the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks and the walk-out/preview music for MMA fighters Scott Heckman and Jim Miller. He is currently working on music for Knicks and UFC shows at Madison Square Garden and producing other artists.

Scott Hampton (USA)
Based in New York City, Scott Hampton is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist with experience scoring Feature Films, Documentaries, and branded content. His tracks combine a high level of musicianship with advanced digital technique and remix culture. Scott has composed custom music for brands like Nestea and Petco, and his music has been featured in hundreds of Television shows on networks including NBC, ABC, The Food Network, Bravo, HGTV, Travel Channel, MTV, DIY Network, and TV Land.
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