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Street Smart - The Hip Hop & Rap Revolution
The Hottest Rap and Hip Hop for Urban Scenes and Productions

A Worldwide Social Movement -- Originating in New York City in the early 1980's, the Hip Hop revolution brought forth an amazing new artistic movement that has been hugely influential in music, dance, fashion, art, commerce and much more.  Spreading rapidly around the US and world, Hip Hop music and its vocal form, Rap music, brought the world a cool new lyrically flowing groove and style that quickly evolved into multiple new sub-genres as its evolution progressed.

Amazing Diversification -- Now with over 40 subgenres, including East Coast, West Coast, Mid-West, Dirty South, Hispanic-influenced Reggaeton, and various foreign-influenced Rap styles, Hip Hop keeps on changing and evolving, integrating traditional music genres and producing new sounds, new styles and amazing new music to inspire the world well into the 21st century and beyond.

Top Hip Hop Artists

Skip-Dawg Skip-Dawg
WarChild WarChild
Jive Ass Sleepers Jive Ass Sleepers
Joseph Rusnak Joseph Rusnak
Brighter Note Brighter Note
Gordon Nance Gordon Nance
Nigel Male Nigel Male
Eddie Caldwell Eddie Caldwell
Selector Selector
Project 2020 Project 2020

New Hip Hop Tracks

Western Horizon Productions Ya Street
Western Horizon Productions Ya Street
Frequencee Thrill Pill
Antonio Fernandez Texmex BBQ
Greenlights Love, Faith, and Des..
Blair Sangeet Constance On a Mission
Greg Brimson Dirty Dirty Blues
DecadeZ Trauma
DecadeZ Ear Block
Konstantinos Panagiotidis Giant Birds


Top Hip Hop Tracks

Eddie Caldwell Devil Instrumental
Joseph Rusnak Death of a Star
Eddie Caldwell You Can't Stop This
Joseph Rusnak A Very Merry Beat
Eddie Caldwell Future Girlfriend In..
Gordon Nance Lets Get Drunk
Eddie Caldwell Deluxe Feat. Dug
Wesley Devine Play On Playa
Music Candy Electric Sky
Ruben Font Epic Victory Beat -..
Leon Ayers, Jr. Keep Stuntin
Jive Ass Sleepers Strawberry Soul
Eddie Caldwell Wiggle Like That Ins..
Charlie Mac Abnormal Interruption
The Crossing Hip Hop Metal
Evan Zappa & the Necessity Pachelbel's Canonize..
Jive Ass Sleepers Broken Bossa
Joe Clapp Chemical Bond
Felipe Adorno Vassao Wooo
Frank Freeman Metamorphosis / Amb..
Eddie Caldwell Bounce Feat. Vo Emph..
Eddie Caldwell Love Lights Feat Rudo
Sean Balli April 20th
Felipe Adorno Vassao Cash Flow
Ferenc Hegedus Dirty Blood
Laman E Richards (Olujade) Smoothlines
Music Candy Be Boppin 60 Secs
George Pauley Wearables
Babygrand Kristen Basketball
Fab Claxton Hardcore Squatchin'
Dee Nasty Nasty Power
Andrew GCN Fleming King of the Streets..
D.C. SoulPlusMind Lambs and Lions
Konstantinos Panagiotidis Surfin' On Mars
Richard Freitas Loving You All Night
Image Sounds City Jungle Crunk
Leon Ayers, Jr. Roll On Out
Fresh Body Shop Holy Gangstas
WarChild Stand Tall
Eddie Caldwell Like Swoosh Featurin..
Stefan Micic Country Hip Hop
Michael Bell I'm a Winner
Art Munson Redneck Hip Hop
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic Split This Beat
Selector Energy
Eddie Caldwell 50 Days
KCentric Boogey Nights
Project 2020 Project Koka
Eddie Caldwell Untouchable
Skip-Dawg Brutally Beautiful
Selector Ruled Girls
Ryan Rapsys Ethiopian Beat
Eddie Caldwell Wiggle Like That Fea..
Music Candy Bloodshed 60 Secs
Richard Freitas Hard Line
Daniel Bijan Sexy Making Out Love..
Eddie Caldwell Way 2 Many Girls Fea..
Dan Gautreau Gangsta
Big Prod Sounds Sexy Feelings
Music Candy Old Skool Skankers
Nigel Male Tripper On the Roof
Frequencee Staccato Drama
Big Sound Music Spacedown
Kaloyan Dimitrov Solar Highway
Julio Kladniew Rhytmic Soul
Dream Valley Music Urban Opus 1
Elite Sync Lab Don River Ruckus
Nigel Male Hip Ville
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi Live For
Add-On Music Group Arab Gangsta
Matthew Raetzel The Streets
Project 2020 Shady Bizness
ElevenTwelve One More Time
TJ Kross Waiting for the Dance
Eddie Caldwell Motivation
Patrick Best Ballad of Hip Hop
Ellis Dews Trial and Error
Charlie Mac Deep Inspiration
Brighter Note Champagne in Qatar
Storm Drums Clap Your Hands
Skip-Dawg This Thing I Do
Listen Vision Dirty District
Sam Reynolds In Da Club
Dot Matrix Collapse
Eddie Caldwell Crashin' Down Featur..
Jesus Velazquez Living in the Ghetto
RCummins Boomin' Flute
Louise Heaney Kudos Quartet
Chubb Rock / Wordsmith Ol Skool Flava
Dan Gautreau Drop Zone
Eddie Caldwell Universe
Alex Kox Raining Street Piano..
Adam Scourfield Tumbi Thumpi
Selector Get Wild
Jive Ass Sleepers Surreal Love
Keldamuzik Squash It
Tom Hajduk Arabic Beat

Genre List

Action Thriller Hip Hop
African Hip Hop
Alternative Rap
Asian Hip Hop
Beatnik Rap
Bounce Music
Brazilian Hip Hop
British Rap
Caribbe Hip Hop
Creole Hip Hop
Dirty South
Dramatic Hip Hop
East Coast
Electro Hop
French Hip Hop & Rap
Hardcore Rap
Hip Bop
Hip Hop
Hip Hop Experimental
Hip Hop Instrumental
Hip Hop Movie Mashups
Hip Hop MusicPacks
Hip Hop Rock
Hip Hop Soul
Hip Horror
Hip House
Indian Hip Hop
Italian Hip Hop
Jazz Rap
Latin Rap and Hip Hop
Metal Rap
Middle East Hip Hop
Midwest Hip Hop
Old School
Party Rap & Hip Hop
Political Rap
Rap Rock
Trip Hop
Underground Rap
Vietnamese Hip Hop
West Coast Hip Hop
World Rap & Hip Hop

East Coast Rap - New York Style
At the dawn of the Hip Hop era, all Rap was East Coast Rap. All of Rap's most important early artists were based in the New York City area. With a grooving, poetic lyrical flow, East Coast Hip Hop and Rap continues to incite and inspire rappers throughout the world.

West Coast Rap - The Rise of Gangsta & G-Funk
The West Coast Rap scene began to emerge in the late 1980's and then dominated much of the Hip Hop music scene during the 90's. The Gangsta Rap subgenre and P-Funk subgenres dominated radio play and sales, as such pioneering artists as Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, and Tupac Shakur rose to prominence.

Electro-Orchestral Hip Hop
Fusing orchestral instrumentation with cool Hip Hop drum grooves, Electro-Orchestral Hip Hop is a sophisticated blend of street attitude with a luxurious and sophisticated sound, creating a versatile new subgenre of Hip Hop.

Action Thriller Hip Hop
With a made-for-movies vibe, Action Thriller Hip Hop music has a definite dramatic edge, perfect for crime-in-progress scenes, international thrillers, action flicks, drug deals, street thugs, low riders, gangsta wars, and much more.

Pop-Rap is a combination of Hip Hop beats and Raps with strong melodic hooks, which are usually featured as part of the chorus section in a standard pop-song structure. Pop-Rap tends to be less aggressive and lyrically complex than most street-level Hip Hop, smoother and with more sophisticated production qualities.

Hip House - Dance Meets Hip Hop
Hip House is a musical genre that mixes elements of various dance styles including House, Disco, Trance and other dance elements with Hip Hop sounds and rhythms. The style rose to prominence during the 1980s in New York and Chicago and continues to be an important commercial Hip Hop subgenre today.

Dirty South - The Coolest Crunk
The rise of Dirty South, also known as Southern Rap, or Crunk, came about in the 1990s in the southern US, in cities such as New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, Memphis, Charlotte, Birmingham, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Jackson, Baton Rouge and elsewhere.

Midwest Rap and Hip Hop - Rap From the Heartland
Midwest Hip Hop rap is a fast-paced style of rapping that contrasts with its East Coast, West Coast and Southern counterparts. Its first dose of national popularity in the mid-90s was associated with fast-paced styles of rappers such as; Twista (Chicago), Tech N9ne (Kansas City, Missouri), Bone Thugs- n-Harmony (Cleveland), and Atmosphere (Minneapolis).

Latin Rap and Hip Hop
Note to be outdone, innovative young Latino rappers picked up on the Hip Hop and Rap movement and took it to a whole new level. Mixing Spanish lyrics and various Latin music subgenres with Afro-American beats, Latin Rap and other new Hip Hop subgenres were born.

Reggaeton is a form of urban music that originated in Panama in the 1990s and became popular with Latin American youth after its mainstream exposure in 2004 as it spread to North American, European and Asian audiences. Reggaeton is a cool blend of multiple latin genres and Hip Hop, R&B and Electronica.

World Hip Hop and Rap
Hip Hop has exploded around the world, into every country and region, as the most significant new music development since the advent of Rock and Roll two decades before. In many countries it has matured to levels similar to what is heard in the US, with some cultures echoing developments in the US while others put their own unique ethnic twist on the music.

Old School Rap - The Original Mix
Old School Rap is the style of the very first rap artists who emerged in the 1970s and 80s. Old school is easily identified by its relatively simple raps -- most lines take up approximately equal amounts of time, and the rhythms of the language rarely twisted around the beats of the song.

Underground Hip Hop
Underground Rap is hardcore lyrical Hip Hop that pushes musical boundaries and has lyrics that are more inventive than gangsta clichés. It has little regard for mainstream conventions, and celebrates its independent off-the-chain status. With lyrics that are often explicit, this music is not for the timid or naive.


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