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Music Editor's Picks

Our AudioSparx music editors have hand-selected our most exemplary beautiful, scary, tragic or whimsical music for your review, in our best-selling genres. Click the play icon below and hear the stunning compositions of over 6,503 composers from around the world, creating new tracks daily for every production under the sun. These are both seasoned Hollywood composers and hot new talent whose music is most often used by our clients, including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Television, HBO, and others.

Here you will find up-and-coming Indie bands, sizzling hot vocals, virtuoso solo pianists, or intense, high-octane dramatic music ... plus genuine ethnic music from Tahiti, Argentina, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, etc. We present below both instrumental and vocal tracks in English and every language imaginable. You can either HotList or instantly license and download any of these exciting tracks TODAY!

NOTE: Refresh your browser page (or click here) to see new choices of tracks below. Click on the track's title to read about any track. To review any composer's Best Selling tracks, double-click the track title, and once it opens, then click on the artist's name.

 Action Music Go To  
Eldar Ibrahimovic   Where Sun Never Sets
Richard Hughes   On the Funky Side
Kamel Bushnaq   Head Splitter
Simone Sittel-Schlimbach   House of Faramir
Daniel Cullen   Run to the Devil (Extended Voca..
Iouri Sazonov (LP)   Heart of Atlantis (Orchestral M..
Eric Jackson   Reload'Em Or
Daniel Cullen   Marauders and Pirates Go to Bat..
Dimitris Fritzalas   Fall and Rise
Iouri Sazonov (LP)   Mercury Rising (No Percussion)
 African Music Go To  
Michael Keck   African Koma
Bjorn Lynne   Earthchild (Seamless Loop #5)
MF   African King
After in Paris   Ochibaba
David Beard   Africa Sunrise Percussive Sting 2
Arpad Zsolt Domahidi   African Terrain 30sec -A-
Andy Schofield   African Bush
David Beard   Africa Sunrise Vocal Sting 2
Akela Sun   I Dream of Africa (Mombasa Mix)
Akela Sun   I Dream of Africa
 Americana Music Go To  
Steve Rice Productions   Cajun Nights
HarpString Productions   America the Beautiful
Adrian Haene   New Home (Underscore Version)
BadaBing BadaBoom   The North Song
Toomas Erm   Great Bear
Robert Dellaposta   Faces of Friends Inst
Robert Dellaposta   Marjorie Jane Inst
Emlyn Ellis Addison   Across the American West - Fanf..
Anton Martinez   First Nation - Mystical Journey
Robert Dellaposta   Faces of Friends
 Animal Music Go To  
Mark S. Crocker   Butterfly Flight
Music Boutique   Turkey in the Straw (No Jaw Harp)
Adam DiTroia   Barking Jean
Adam DiTroia   Jungle Dance
Steve Mark   Happiest Cat On Earth - 60 Sec
Animalistix   The Wasp
Mark S. Crocker   Bullfrog Party
Roger and Ellen Bruno   Clip Clopping Along
Matthew Reid   Funny Dog Montage
The Hi Freqs   Five Little Monkees Jumping On ..
 Asian Music Go To  
Really Free Music   Kata Noi
Frederic Kooshmanian   Deep Fried Wontons
That's It   Tibetan Mountain Mist
Dominique Verdan   Pensees Du Soir
Fabrice Mogini   Flower of Life - Stinger
The Color of a Dream   Cherry Blossom
Jang Karista   Connection
SaitoSphere   Indahnya Lebaran
Jun Naotsuka   Respite From Walk
Robert Neary   Modern China
 Blues Music Go To  
Mockingbird Hill   Train a Comin' (Instrumental)
Nigel Male   Breakin Blues
Bob Petrocelli   The Boss
Just Plain Darin   Look at the Two of Us Now
Masterwerks R&B   Keep Your Love Strong
Image Sounds   Bad Day Is0
Ron Komie   Honkytonk Paradise (Full)
Eddie Caldwell   Serendipity Feat. Conrad
Michael Keck   Gospel Blues
David B. McDonald   Kingfish
 Brazilian Music Go To  
Monica da Silva   Nao Moro Num Pais Tropical
Chanson World Music Library   Fita Amarela ( Rosa )
Lars Christian Lundholm   Day Glo and Amethyst Dash
Tiago Rosa   Eles Asfaltaram a Rua do Meu Amor
Andy L   Alegre Agora
Rudy Pusateri   Pink Sunday
Carlos Natale   Sonoran Desert
Alessandro D'Aloia   Capoeira Song
Gary Wolk   La Samba
Emilio Cantini   Silvia
 Cartoon Music Go To  
Alec Makinson   Little Rascals (30sec FX)
Matthew Reid   Retro Horror Thriller
Adam DiTroia   Rats in a Rug
Darren W. Chamberlain   Circus Ride
Tom Jemmott   Nightmare
Robert Meunier   That's All Folks
Michael Crowther   Funny Walk
Edward Blakeley   Cartoons Unite
Music Candy   World's Gone Crazy (30secs)
Michael Keck   Take Me Out to the Ball Game
 Childrens Music Go To  
Sam Clunie   Retro Cartoon Jingle
Markus Bravo   Brahms' Lullaby (Cradle Song)
Bjorn Lynne   Retro Video Game Countdown To Z..
Mark S. Crocker   Pop Goes the Weasel
Maarit Korhonen   Barn People15s
Ross Milligan   Nice and Simple
A-P-M Productions   Animated Jazz
Nery Bauer   Thais Waltz (Loop 01)
Erik Haddad   Fun Time Loop Two
Paint Chips   Mismatched Socks
 Chinese Music Go To  
Carlos Estella   China
Michael Andreas   The Celestial Empire - Arrival ..
Carlos Estella   The Amazing Yan-Hao
Cyril Baranov   Jasmine Flower
Shuang Long Tou   Slipping Away
Eric Waters   Crane Song (Full)
Carlos Estella   The Amazing Yan-Hao
Music Candy   The Priestess
Cyril Baranov   The Highest Mountain
David M Brown   Dragon Dance No Percussion
 Christmas Music Go To  
PianoPassion   Silent Night - Magical Piano Im..
Mohammed Doham   X-Mash
Alec Makinson   Carol of the Bells (60sec)
Jonathan Wright   A Perfect Christmas
Alec Makinson   Christmas Fairy (30sec)
Dean Wagg   Something Magical Comes at Chri..
Frank Hailey-Eric Zukoski Trio   Jingle Bells Featuring Buddy Wh..
Denis Woods   Silent Night Alt 1
Alec Makinson   Kooky Christmas Chum (60sec)
Greg Rahn   Holiday Sleigh
 Circus Music Go To  
Wicked Ear Candy   Dancing Ballerina
Alec Makinson   The Big Parade (05sec Sting)
Music For TV and Games   Circus Trapeze Merry Go Round
Music For TV and Games   Big Top Circus
Big Sound Music   Toots
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis   Koo Koo Koncerto
Darren W. Chamberlain   Circus Ride
William Pearson   Clowning Around (Wp) 01 Mt
Music For TV and Games   Circus Funtime Ring
A.J   Chips
 Classical Music Go To  
Stephen Daltry   String Quartet (Slow Movement)
C.A.M. Christos Anestopoulos   Adelita Romantic Guitar
Majed Salih   Leaving the Old of Me
Sherry Shieh   Bach Ave Maria
ElevenTwelve   Chopin Waltz Op. 34 No. 2 Arran..
Steve Margoshes   Remembering the Souls - 30 Sec
Daduk   Valse
Mark Gustavson   Italian Dinner Music
Saint-Petersburg Orchestra   Capriccio Espagnol V
Music Candy   Mixing the Spell
 Comedy Music Go To  
Simon Stevens   Quirky Comedy
Skip Peck   A Fine Plum
Nitzan Sagie   Funny Pizango
Music Candy   Play Them Off
Alexander Khaskin   Thomas Newman Alike Creative Mo..
Dream Valley Music   Another Lovely Day
Ron Komie   Snooping For Gossip (Full)
Music Candy   Strut Your Stuff
William Naughton   Haystack Hoedown
Music For TV and Games   Fun Comedy Main Title
 Corporate Music Go To  
Len Miller   Heartland Issue and a Plan (No ..
Sonic Moon   Happy Whistler (22 Sec Version)
Eldar Ibrahimovic   Overture 2048
Botabateau   Easy Day (30 Sec Ver.)
Nicholas Pesci   Lift Me Up
Kevin M. Baumgard   Indie Pop Road Trip
Music Candy   High Spirits
Oscar Salguero   India Gold Spirt (Loop)
John Judd   Pure Joy
Arpad Zsolt Domahidi   Let's Rock It 60sec. A
 Country Music Go To  
Above Envy   Ly Speak 30
Above Envy   Brushfire 30
Music Candy   T-Bone (60 Secs)
Katey Laurel   Be Somebody
Robin Munson   Somebody Other Than Me
Amazing Music   Song in My Head
Music Candy   The Drifter (30 Secs)
Music Candy   Homestead Shuffle (30 Secs)
Herrick   Pain in My Heart
David Park   Hardcore Truckin'
 Dance Music Go To  
Wilton Vought   Dance for Joy (Sweep 2)
Davor Devcic   Steamy Club
Erwin Steijlen   DJ Meets Orchestra
Lilly Wolf   Missed Connection (Instrumental)
Konstantinos Panagiotidis   Flash (30 Sec)
Damian Martin Turnbull   Sundown (Loop 03)
Dub Wreckerz   Dance for Me Feat. DJ Skillmaster
Jive Ass Sleepers   Soul Weekender
Nora Berg   Jaguar
Ed Napoli   Oh Oh Day
 Dangerous Music Go To  
Jeff Graville   Down the Hatch
Minoru Amino   Justice
Visions of the Dark   Eighty Three Mirrors Two
Marco Pesci   Reality Suspense
Akela Sun   Anxious Wait (60sec)
Bjorn Lynne   Espionage (Seamless Loop 06)
Denis Woods   Raw
Felipe Adorno Vassao   City Siege
Simone Sittel-Schlimbach   Scary Nightmare
ElevenTwelve   Hope Found Then Lost (90 Sec Alt)
 Dramatic Music Go To  
Enrico Fabio Cortese   Never Give Up
Enrico Fabio Cortese   Freedom
Abby Mettry   Soothing Tide of the Present
Vladimir Lakodin   Crime, Pain, and Revenge (Intro..
Denis Woods   Starlites
Bjorn Lynne   Tenderness
Simone Sittel-Schlimbach   Broken Heart
Denis Woods   Arrival
Julian Scott   Cathedral
Julian Scott   Olympic Opening (Orchestral Mix)
 Drum Music Go To  
Eric Jackson   K'Ant Understand
Iouri Sazonov (LP)   The Last Day on Earth Percussion
Francis Zgorski   Merengualoo 3mn
Emlyn Ellis Addison   Echoes of Triumph - End Sequenc..
Iouri Sazonov (LP)   The Last Day on Earth Percussion
Steve E. Williams   African Street Dance
Iouri Sazonov (LP)   The Edge of the Abyss Percussio..
Steve E. Williams   African Street Dance - 30 1st S..
Stefano Fucili   New Folk Journey
Amazing Music   No Time To Wait
 East European Music Go To  
Kamran Tatar   Samavar Cayhane Bkl
Dmitriy Andronov   Romance
Spiros Bakos   Aegean Sea
Steve Rice Combo   Zeyde's Dance (Solo Accordion)
Rik Roberts   From Budapest With Love
Philip Shorey   Voyage of the Indian Ocean
Valentina Ponomareva   Otoidi, Ne Glyadi (Move Away, D..
Urpin Folklore Ensemble   Jore, Jore Ses Volo (Instrument..
Andrey Vinogradov   Pearl Divers
Djivan Gasparian, Sergei Karapetian, Mkrtich Malkhasian   I am Outcast by You
 Electronic Music Go To  
Russell Lieblich   Cloud
Music Candy   Aching
Todd Stone   Techno Dance Groove With Poundi..
William Pearson   Ice Castles (Wp) 05 Alt4
Akela Sun   As Time Goes By
Jim Moncur   Halloween Kitty
X: THC   A Human Flood Instrumental
A-P-M Productions   Orchestro
Sideway   Cherry
Roberto Feltracco   Winterview
 European Music Go To  
Dream Valley Music   Mountain Lake (60-Secs Version)
Art Munson   Irish Dancer (30sec)
Steve Rice   Italian Wedding Tarantella
Giulio Fazio   La Rue
Anthony Graham   Whistle Waltz
Greek Moods   Mirina
Big Prod Sounds   Toi Et Moi
Michael Levanios   Penny Whistle Pub (15 D)
Greek Moods   Pelagos
Florie Brown   O'Dowds; Master Crowleys; Dogs ..
 Folk Music Go To  
Paul Reece   Shady Grove (Inst)
Brian Blaney   Union Creek -Or- the Appomattox..
Paul Reece   The River
Ramova   I've Found You
Bjorn Lynne   Rainforest
Lori Kelley   More Than Enough
Really Free Music   The Water Is Wide
Right Track   Miss Sippie Brown
Paul Reece   Rain Or Shine (Instml)
Lori Kelley   Snow Is Falling
 Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music Go To  
Dan Gautreau   Smile (Stinger 01)
Mana Rongo Rongo   Uru Te Hami (Putting On the Loi..
Pierre Langer   Honolulu Dreaming
David Flavin   Island Evening
Dan Gautreau   Sunny Side (Loop 01)
Ron Komie   Soaring to Maui (Bed Faster)
Blossom   Ukulele and Hangdrum
Jonathan Thomas Stratman   Snake Eyes
Alec Makinson   Marsupial Territory (Main)
Mataika   Ite Ahi Ahi (To Know the Evening)
 Hip Hop Music Go To  
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Bass Regulator
Jive Ass Sleepers   Surreal Love Instr
Nigel Male   Savoy Hop
Jive Ass Sleepers   Drifting
O-Face Productions   Shots Out the Bottle
O-Face Productions   I Tol You
Urban Anxiety   Got the Bomb
Jean-Thomas Cloutier   Meet Me at the Top - 60sec
Travis Pullman   I Can't Help It
Wesley Devine   Preach (Loop 03)
 Horror Music Go To  
Olivier Olsen   Tentative de Meurtre
Maxim Tyutmanov   Eye of Evil - Stem Bar 05-59 (S..
Eric Waters   Phantom of the Opera (Organ)
Anders Manga   I Know Where You're Hiding
Format Universe   Insane Humanity
Visions of the Dark   Your Ass Is So Dead Floor
Visions of the Dark   Eighty Three Mirrors
Cauchemar   Grotesque Discovery
Chris Thomas   We Are the Klownz
Paul Curtis   Dreaming of Screaming
 Indian Music Go To  
Silvia Marchese   Easy Rupees (30-secs version)
Arjun Sen   Common Ground (Loop 01)
Kamran Tatar   Dekho Is4
Shahin Badar   Laila
Erwin Steijlen   Indian Rose
Sudeshna Bhattacharya   Raga Bageshree
Babak Rastagar   Set Free (Indian Bansuri Flute)
Filmmusic Group   Himalayan Piper: Indian Flute A..
Kamran Tatar   Sajan Is4
Wilton Vought   Dharma (Sweep 2)
 Indie Rock Music Go To  
Assai   Dream Pop
Above Envy   Kick the Doors Down
tHrOnE   Make It Move
Above Envy   Kick the Doors Down Instrumenta..
Michele Vanni   One Day - 30 1
Patrick Joseph   Untangled (Faster Variation)
Bent USA   It's Over Man
Above Envy   Ly Afraid of the Dark Instrumen..
The Mispent   Breakfast
The Drive Back   Landlocked
 Japanese Music Go To  
Mark Knox   Kyoto 60sec
Steve Urwin   Japan Sunrise Loop
Mark Knox   Hiroshima (Bed)
Eric Waters   Takeda Lullaby (Full)
Cyril Baranov   The Moon Over the Ruined Castle
Nash   NSR-458-20
Space Taster   Magic Garden Blossoms
Donna Marie   Oriental Noodles: Short
Cyril Baranov   Lost
Cyril Baranov   Clouds in the Night (Short Vers..
 Jazz Music Go To  
Lars Christian Lundholm   Fall Stillness Unleashed
Jive Ass Sleepers   Love Lounge
Lauren Anderson   No Regrets
Davor Devcic   Ocean of My Mind
Jeremy Sherman   52nd Street (Loop 05)
25th Street Band   The Key of H
AlexPaul   Rock N Roll
Fyodor   Slow Swing
Stefan Bode   Change
Carlos Natale   Calienten
 Latin Music Go To  
Estudiante   Regresar
Tony Battle   Dreamin
Wicked Ear Candy   Se Gozala
Laura Sanz   Malaguena
John William Simmons   Gypsy Trail 2018 (Perc Loop)
Ensemble Pachamama   Invencion
Riaan Nieuwenhuis   De La Noche
Richard Freitas   The Devil's Tango
Sergey Firsov   Taste of Spain
Erwin Steijlen   One
 Middle East Music Go To  
Shuly Yossef   Night in Front of the Sea
Solace   Chrysalis Cocoon Mix Pt 1
Michael Keck   Aaminah Lady of Peace
Yaacov Shapiro   Abisl Zin Abisl Reign
Really Free Music   Sands of the Kara Kum
Mark Allaway   Klezmer
Wael Mhanna   Bedouin Celebration
Wyn Pearson   Arabian Escape
Amazing Music   Mid East Chase Orchestra - New
Ramin Rahimi   Eastern (Arr. R. Rahimi and O. ..
 Military Music Go To  
Lionel Cohen   After the Death
Steven McDonald   Abyss
Nick Smith   The King's Ransom
Daniel Cullen   Boudiccas Chariot Charge to War..
Greg Patmore   Epic Final Justice
Anthony Davilio   American Tribute
MX47   Action Adventure Cue Atomic Drums
Ron Komie   Dark Velocity (Nodrums)
Eddie Caldwell   End of Times Jon Purdey
Soundroad   Werewolf
 National Anthems Go To  
The Producers   Cameroon National Anthem
Robert Neary   Sweden National Anthem
Antoinette Tredanary   The Star Spangled Banner
Bobby Cole   South Africa National Anthem
Robert Neary   United States of American Natio..
Stefano Fucili   Fratelli D'Italia (Ukulele)
Bobby Cole   Brazil National Anthem Trad
Robert Neary   Bolivia National Anthem
Robert Neary   Romania National Anthem
The Producers   Ghana National Anthem
 New Age Music Go To  
Anton Atom   Nekyia
Wilton Vought   Solitude (30-3)
Michael Keck   Venus Eyes 5min
David Phillips   Falling Into Space
A-P-M Productions   Harmonic Motion
The Color of a Dream   Calming Thunder
Dewey Dellay   Finally Flying--Celebrate
Arjun Sen   So Much I Want to Say (Undersco..
Michael Keck   Mandarin Sunrise Alt
Jeff Whitcher   Oudoul Amisan
 News Music Go To  
Linwood Bell   Nightly News
MX47   News Theme the Big News
John Kayne   Uplifting Inspirational
SMM Productions   News Report (Loop) A
Mott Jordan   China Headline News Disasters 2..
Greg Patmore   Ident (Stinger)
The Music Bakery   Orchestra - News Segue I :14(W/..
Darko Saric   News Night Loop 4
Ron Komie   Beyond Limits (30)
Alandra   Breaking News
 Pop Music Go To  
Ed Napoli   The Best
Wicked Ear Candy   Breezy Peazy
April Theriault   10:45
Pawel Blaszczak   Day After Day (Loop 05)
Songwriterz   My Favorite Song
Leah Faegre   Shining in My Hair
Claudio Miosga   Somedays
Wicked Ear Candy   Lips Like Candy
Western Horizon Productions   No Longer Alone 60 Sec.
Dan Foster   Come Along with me Vocal
 Reggae Music Go To  
Klassik Frescobar   Waistline Mechanic
mO Body   Ninth Dub
DJ Purple Rabbit   Heavenly Dub
Keldamuzik   Make My Day
Jeremy Sherman   Rum and Coke (Loop 04)
Interalia Ueberschall   Sweet N Simpel Is3
Casey Burnett   Original Sound Killa
Erick Anderson   Reggae Stereo Dub
Estudiante   Amor y Amor
Klassik Frescobar   21 Questions
 Reggaeton Music Go To  
Stefan Bode   No Se (Underscore Version)
Edouard Andre Reny   Latin Pop (Falling for You - 60..
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Bump and Sizzle (Loop 01)
Wicked Ear Candy   Slick
Julio Kladniew   Moving Reggaeton - Loop B
Stefan Bode   Dame Un Beso
Edouard Andre Reny   Latin Pop (Falling for You - No..