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Electronic music is music that employs electronic instruments and electronic music technology in its production. It includes a variety of styles ranging from experimental art music to popular forms such as electronic dance music. Major subgenres include Ambient, Breakbeat, Downtempo, Electro, Electronica, Industrial, and Progressive. It also technically includes crossover styles that are more dance-oriented such as House, Techno, Disco, Drum and Bass, and other dance genres which, for purposes of this site, are listed under the Dance genre. Additionally it also includes Electronic Rock which has more in common with Indie Rock hence the Electronic Rock subgenres are primarily listed under Indie Rock instead.


1,006  Acid Jazz
  1,166  Ambient (pending categorization)
  747  Ambient | Ambient House
  1,049  Ambient | Dark Ambient
  486  Ambient | Drone music
  606  Ambient | IDM
  696  Ambient | Psybient
  975  Big Beat
  1,479  Breakbeat
  4,422  Chillout
  11  Cybergoth
3,253  Dubstep, Drum and Bass and all UK Bass Subgenres
  472  Dubtronica
  2,531  Electro
  917  Electro Ambient
  783  Electro Hop
635  Electro Jazz
  197  Electroclash
  379  Electronic Music (pending categorization)
  65  Electronic MusicPacks
  3,539  Electropop
  355  Ethnic Electronica
  1,185  Experimental
183  Folktronica
  447  Funktronica
  22  Glitch
  73  Happy Hardcore
543  Indietronica
  10  Industrial | Coldwave
30  Industrial | Cybergrind
  256  Industrial | Dark Electro
  10  Industrial | Death Industrial
  443  Industrial | Electro-Industrial
  53  Industrial | Electronic Body Music
  80  Industrial | Industrial Metal
474  Industrial | Industrial Rock
  54  Industrial | Noise music
  15  Industrial | Witch House
  332  Industrial-Electronic (pending categorization)
  31  Livetronica
  1,464  Neo-Lounge
  86  Oldschool Jungle
  1,278  Progressive Electronic
  248  Psychedelic
150  Robotronica
1,425  Synthpop
61  Tangotronica
12  Tex-Mex-Tronica
  449  Video Game Music (8-Bit Music)
35,183 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

David Bradley

Posthouse Tuomi

Mike McGuill

J.K. Wiechert

Image Sounds

Ian Kirton

Arpad Zsolt Domahidi

Soulful Cafe

Sean Balli

Michael Floreale


Major 7

Curtis Macdonald

Eric Bode

Mechanik Project


Gus Caveda

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