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Pop music (or "pop") is a subgenre of contemporary popular music that typically has a dance-along and happy rhythm or beat, simple melodies and a repeating structure. Pop song lyrics are often emotional, commonly relating to love, loss, emotion, or dancing. Pop music is distinguished from classical (or art music) and from folk music. Pop songs are often written by professional songwriters, and performed and popularized by singers, as opposed to other popular music genres, such as rock and hip hop, where performers tend to write their own songs.


  64  50's Pop
  207  60's Pop
  97  70's Pop
  521  80's Pop
  81  90's Pop
  1,966  Acoustic Pop
  1,390  Alternative Pop
  435  Ambient Pop
72  Arabic Pop
89  Asian Pop
  10  Baroque Pop
  29  Beatles-Pop
  83  Boy Band Pop
  6  Brill Building Pop
  58  British Pop
  103  Bubblegum Pop
  64  California Pop
  12  Chamber Pop
30  Chinese Pop
875  Country Pop
3,514  Dance-Pop
36  Dark Wave
  36  Delicate
45  Doo Wop
  342  Dream Pop
85  Dubstep Pop
  107  Eastern Europe Pop
  2,675  Easy listening
  168  Euro-Pop
1,221  Folk Pop
  66  Foreign Pop
  60  French Pop
  14  Garage Pop
57  Greek Pop
  1  Gypsy-Pop
  3  Hong Kong Pop
147  Indian Pop
1,347  Indie Pop
  61  Italian Pop
153  Jangle Pop
37  Japanese Pop
24  K-Pop
559  Latin Pop
55  Latin Pop Ballads
  208  Lilith Fair (female pop)
  6  Merseybeat
  48  New Romantic
119  New Wave
  4  Noise Pop
  2  Nouvelle Chanson
  150  Party Pop
  343  Piano Pop
  1,316  Pop Ballad
  1,375  Pop groove
  4,317  Pop Music
  258  Pop music (pending categorization)
  127  Pop Oldies (vintage)
6,744  Pop Rock
223  Pop Singer-Songwriter
  11  Pop Underground
  1,936  Pop/EDM
  69  Pop-Jazz
  25  Post-Pop
  321  Power Pop
  3  Progressive Pop
  29  Psychedelic Pop
  148  Quirky Pop
  1,544  Soft pop
  107  Sunshine Pop
  1  Swamp Pop
  5  Swedish Pop
  1,201  Synthpop
  172  Teen Pop
  66  Tropical Pop
  135  Tropical Rock
  161  Tween Pop
38,179 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

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Denis Woods

Suchitra Lata


Chill Carrier

AL Music

Steve Probst

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