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Human sound effects (crying, laughing, coughing, body sounds, etc.)

All the sounds made by human bodies, including laughing, crying, sneezing, coughing, whistling, heart beats, bodily functions and more


  52  Animal imitations
  81  Annoying and bothersome sounds
  246  Baby and infant sounds
  180  Bedtime, morningtime and sleeping sounds
  53  Belching sound effects
  209  Breathing sound effects
  7  Brushing teeth sounds
  134  Burping sound effects
  173  Children sound effects
  2  Choking sounds
  670  Clapping and applause sound effects
  241  Coughing and gagging sound effects
  99  Crying / baby sounds
  15  Crying / children sounds
  57  Crying / teen and adult crying sounds
  4  Dance lesson and music lesson sounds
  140  Drinking sound effects
  166  Eating sound effects
  248  Fart and farting sounds
  86  Funny sounds
  31  Gargling sounds
  24  Gasping sound effects
  120  Hand, finger, palm sounds
  158  Heartbeat sounds
  23  Hiccup sound effects
  31  Illness sounds
  76  Kissing sounds
  8  Laughing / baby laughing sounds
  97  Laughing / children laughing sounds
  711  Laughing sounds
  165  Mouth, tongue and lip sounds
  217  Pain sounds
  50  Peeing sounds
  18  People Working sound effect
  15  Pooping sound effects
  11  Romance sounds
  74  Running sounds
  53  Satisfaction and relief sounds
  62  Sighing sounds
  79  Smoking sounds
  134  Sneezing, sniffing and nose sounds
  62  Snore and snoring sounds
  21  Spitting sounds
  30  Stair climbing sounds
  19  Tap dancing sounds
  43  Telephone calls (911, etc.)
  81  Vomit sounds
  821  Walking sounds
  102  Whistling sounds
  38  Yawn and yawning sounds
6,237 Total Tracks
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