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Latin music, found within Central and South America, as well as increasingly in Europe, the US and around the world, is a series of musical styles and genres that mixes influences from Spanish, African and Native Latin American sources. The subgenres found here include Mariachi, Tango, Bossa Nova, Flamenco, Samba, Spanish Guitar, Latin Pop, Latin Hip Hop, Latin Jazz and much more. Welcome to the definitive Latin Music Library!


  59  Afro-Colombian
  186  Afro-Cuban
  1  Bambuco
  13  Banda
  137  Bolero
  13  Boogaloo
109  Cha Cha
31  Conga
  6  Conjunto
  13  Corrido
  2  Cuatro
48  Cumbia
  439  Dramatic Latin Instrumentals
  7  Dramatic Latin Vocals
  591  Flamenco
  118  Huayño (Andean folk music)
81  Latin Drums and Percussion
  913  Latin Easy Listening
214  Latin Folk
292  Latin House
1,619  Latin Jazz
  74  Latin music (pending categorization)
  14  Latin MusicPacks
  823  Latin Pop
  87  Latin Pop Ballads
145  Latin Rap and Hip Hop
  16  Latin RnB
177  Latin Rock
  149  Latin Waltz
753  Latin World Fusion
  157  Mariachi
85  Merengue
  7  Pachanga
  25  Ranchera
599  Reggaeton
109  Rumba
551  Salsa
  337  Spanish Guitar
  527  Spanish Music
  11  Spanish-Moorish Music
  587  Tango
  64  Tangotronica
  102  Tejano and Tex-Mex
  13  Tex-Mex-Tronica
2,585  Tropical (Caribbean - includes Calypso, Steel Drums & more)
  1  Vallenato
12,890 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Ryan Brady

Stuart Sanders

Wicked Ear Candy

Anthony Alleeson

Lalo Olivares

Danza Fuego

Anthony Davilio

Felix Manzi

Really Free Music

Nicholas Gunn

Reza Safinia

Luke Gartner-Brereton

Julio Kladniew

Brian Slusher

Danza Fuego

Pere Soto

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