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Drum Loops

All different kinds of cool and wild drum loops. The tracks in this category are mean to be used as either the drum foundation for original compositions, or for production situations where just straight drums are needed.


  36  Acid drum loops
  9  Asychronous drum loops
  63  Ballad drum loops
  61  Bossa nova loops
  269  Country drum loops
  99  Dance drum loops
  34  Disco drum loops
  98  DnB loops
  16,214  Drum loops (to categorize)
  16  Dubstep loops
  287  Electronic drum loops
  186  Ethnic drum loops
  39  Flanged drum loops
  237  Funk drum loops
  90  Fusion drum loops
  213  Hip hop drum loops
  185  House drum loops
  108  Industrial drum loops
  32  Japanese Traditional drum loops
  96  Jazz drum loops
  33  Latin drum loops
  82  Marching drum loops
  58  New wave loops
  22  Phat kick drum loops
  15  R&B drum loops
  187  Rap drum loops
  13  Rave drum loops
  5  Reggae drum loops
  14  Reggaeton drum loops
  328  Rhythmic groove drum loops
  187  Rock drum loops
  30  Samba drum loops
  15  Soul drum loops
  4  Surf drum loops
  83  Techno drum loops
  27  Trance drum loops
  32  Voice drum loops
19,507 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Simon Stockhausen

Urban Arts Entertainment

Verona Music

Colin Willsher

Paul “Sequence” Ferguson

Hassan Khan

Utopian Motion

Rick Dickert

A Thalassa Music

Music Candy

X-Ray Sound Studios

Zoltan Kocsis

Add-On Music Group

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