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DJ sound effects tracks (intros, outros, segues and more)

Sound effects and more for use by DJs that are either spinning at a party or nightclub, or on broadcast or internet radio.


  3  DJ Anniversaries
  8  DJ Announcements
  3  DJ Band introductions
  30  DJ Countdowns
  6  DJ Halloween lines
  6  DJ Happy birthday
  2  DJ Happy new year
  2  DJ Holiday wishes
  46  DJ Humor
  42  DJ Intros
  1  DJ Jingles
  3  DJ last call
  129  DJ Miscellaneous
  10  DJ Outros and night closers
  4  DJ Party lines
  2  DJ Requests
  7  DJ says dance
  5  DJ says don't touch that dial
  2  DJ Segue lines
  5  DJ Song intros and record intros
  20  DJ sounds (pending categorization)
  2  DJ Spoofs
  5  DJ Taking you back in time
  31  DJ Vocal stingers
  2  Whip the DJ
376 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Andrew GCN Fleming

Mick Frisco


Tangerine Music

The Producers

Zgorski Francis

HarpString Productions

Zgorski Francis

Andrew GCN Fleming

Watt Generated Benjamins

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