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Foley sound effects (bells, whistles, horns, clicks, pops, etc.)

All types of sounds created by humans (i.e. non-natural sounds) for use as foley and specific foreground sound effect content.


  50  Alarms / alarm bells
  13  Alarms / car alarms
  121  Alarms / miscellaneous alarm sounds
  99  Balloon sound effects
  339  Bell sounds
  55  Bells / bell ringing
  30  Bells / bicycle bells
  174  Bells / church bells
  15  Bells / ocean buoy
76  Bells / sleigh bells
  26  Bells / sports bells
  100  Bells / tower clock bells
  10  Bells / train crossing
  10  Bells / warning
  72  Bells / wind chimes
  61  Bouncing sounds
  18  Buzzing sounds
  509  Clicking sounds
  447  Clinking sounds
  207  Creaky sounds
  174  Crinkle sounds
  365  Dropping sounds
  25  Dumping sounds
  40  Dumping trash sounds
  157  Falling sounds
  54  Grinding sounds
  13  Horn sounds / bicycle and tricycles
  92  Horn sounds / boats and maritime
  158  Horn sounds / cars
  37  Horn sounds / industrial
  27  Horn sounds / notifications or warnings
  43  Horn sounds / stadium and party horns
  42  Horn sounds / trains
  146  Match and lighter sounds
  383  Money and coin sounds
  224  Paper sound effects
  27  Party noise maker sounds
  195  Piano sound effects
  119  Popping sounds
  97  Pulling sounds
  31  Pumping sounds
  259  Rattle sound effects
  94  Rolling sound effects
  37  Rubberband sound effects
  74  Rustling sounds
  224  Scraping sounds
  194  Sliding and dragging sounds
  142  Spinning and winding sounds
  60  Spring and bouncing sounds
  59  Squashing sounds
  149  Squeak sounds
  64  Stretching sounds
  237  Thumping sounds
  112  Toy sounds
  13  Umbrella sounds
  665  Whish and swish sounds
  310  Whistle sounds
  12  Winch sounds
  36  Windup toy sounds
  55  Wobbling sounds
  46  Wrecking sounds
  232  Zipper sounds
7,955 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Ultimate Sound


Ian Hubball

Ringtone Voodoo

Hollywood Post

Indigo Sound LLC

Mechanical Wave

Australian Nature Sounds

Jonathan Geer


Australian Nature Sounds

James Verderame

James Verderame



Big Fat Audio

Vance Audiotronics

Hollywood Post


Church Bell Ringers

Martin Kittappa

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