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Science Fiction sound effects (space sounds, UFOs, beams, lasers, etc.)


  86  Air burst sound effects
  120  Airy beam sound effects
  600  Alien ambience
  107  Alien attack sounds
  37  Alien breathing sound effects
  14  Alien eating sound effects
  500  Alien electronic sound effects
  94  Alien engine sound effects
  21  Alien growth sounds
  174  Alien language sounds
  155  Alien moans, groans, howling and roars
  142  Alien mystery music
  139  Alien organic effects
  186  Alien percussive reverb effects
  118  Alien telecommunications
  62  Alien weather
  120  Blast sound effects
  63  Countdown sound effects
  161  Cybernetic and cyborg sounds
  473  Drone sounds and mind probes
  85  Intruder Alert Warnings
  745  Laser beam sound effects
  616  Magic sound effects
  527  Robot sound effects
  61  Science Fiction (pending categorization)
  119  Spaceship / landings and crashes
  45  Spaceship / acceleration
  129  Spaceship / airlock and hatch sounds
  95  Spaceship / background hums
  263  Spaceship / fly-bys
  250  Spaceship / interior sounds
  161  Spaceship / miscellaneous
  97  Spaceship / take-off sounds
  153  Spaceship / warning and alarm systems
  129  Transporter sounds
  195  UFO sound effects
  451  Unidentified sounds
  27  Wormhole sound effects
7,520 Total Tracks
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