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Clean and enticing music perfect for corporate uses including commercial advertising, presentations, trade shows, in-office use, sales meetings, in-software uses, like PowerPoint, multimedia, etc. With a generally positive and upbeat vibe, corporate music is broadly appealing and intelligent music that motivates, captivates and inspires a definite sense of confidence, excellence and success.


  240  Corporate and Motivational MusicPacks
  126  Corporate Classical Music
  247  Corporate Country Music
  512  Corporate Dance Breakbeat Music
  1,777  Corporate Dance House Music
  708  Corporate Dramatic Epic Music
  1,288  Corporate Electronic Ambient Music
  171  Corporate Electronic Dubstep Music
  1,430  Corporate Electronic Progressive Music
  202  Corporate Electro-Orchestral Music
  302  Corporate Fashion House
  468  Corporate Folk Music
  380  Corporate Hip Hop Music
  506  Corporate Jazz Music
  246  Corporate music (pending categorization)
  494  Corporate New Age Acoustic Music
  1,052  Corporate New Age Electronic Music
  1,088  Corporate Orchestral Music
  457  Corporate Piano Music
  2,739  Corporate Pop Acoustic Music
  2,335  Corporate Pop Easy Listening Music
  1,954  Corporate Pop Electronic Music
  68  Corporate Pop Vocal Music
  162  Corporate Pop Whistling Music
  290  Corporate RnB Music
  2,287  Corporate Rock Guitar Music
  643  Corporate Rock Piano Music
  384  Corporate Rocktronica Music
  501  Corporate World Music
  1,532  Radio & Multimedia Production Elements
24,589 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

J.T. Peterson

Alec Makinson

Roeland Ruijsch

James Bennett

David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis

Daniel Cullen

Dan Phillipson

Nathan King

Jeremy Bell

Matt Wilcox

Mikael Manvelyan

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