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Title: Can I use or embed any music tracks, sound effects or loops sold here into my own music, or add vocals to the music?

Last Reviewed: Jun 22, 2014
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Q.  Can I use or embed any music tracks, sound effects or loops sold here into my own music, or add vocals to the music?

A.  There's a short answer and a longer answer provided below.

The short answer:

     For "Music" tracks labeled with the music icon
, no you can't.
     For "Sound Effects" and "Instruments" tracks labeled with either 
 or , yes you can.

The long answer:

For music tracks available for license here, as labeled with the 
 icon, no you may NOT do any of the following:
  • It is prohibited to resell or redistribute the tracks "as is" anywhere (i.e. as music tracks) either as single tracks or as integrated into some audio-only album or compilation or soundtrack album.  For this type of use, please contact us to discuss a custom license.

  • It is prohibited to use music tracks available here as the musical foundation for new songs that you create, or to integrate the tracks into your own songs or music productions.

  • It is prohibited to add lyrics to the music tracks sold here and then sell or distribute in any way the new track as your own production (see limited exception below *)

  • It is prohibited to sample sections of the track and then incorporate those samples into your own musical works.
This applies to all music tracks here labeled with the music icon: .  The artists who sell their music here own their sound recordings and the underlying compositions, and you may NOT integrate their music into your own music in any way whatsoever or resell or redistribute their music. This is strictly prohibited and will constitute copyright infringement if you do that, subjecting you to a legal claim for statutory copyright infringement.

You can however use the content found in both the Instruments and Sound Effects parts of this site to embed in your own music productions.  This includes all tracks labeled with this icon:    (instruments, beats, loops) and also this icon:  (sound effects).  The Instruments part of our site has tens of thousands of instruments sounds, including drums, guitars, basses, keyboards, strings, wind, brass, vocal effects and much more. The content in the Instruments part of the site is specifically designed for use by music composers and producers to embed into original tracks, or as the basis or foundation for creating original new music tracks.

* Limited Exception Regarding Adding Vocals to Tracks Licensed Here

Exception - We do provide a limited exception to the above regarding adding vocals to a music track available for license here.  For use of our music tracks in a television production, film production, or theatrical production, this is a permitted use under the following limited conditions:

1.  The track (with vocals) may be strictly used within the TV show, film or theatrical production only.

2.  The track (with vocals) may NOT be sold or exploited separately externally from the TV show, film or theatrical production.  If you want to distribute a soundtrack album on CD or other media, we are generally agreeable to structure a per-unit royalty-rate permitting such resell.  Please contact us to discuss terms.

3.  You do not claim any ownership or authorship of the music track itself.  The copyright owner of the original song shall be the full owner of the copyright in any new derivative version of the song that you produce which includes any additional instrumentation and/or vocals, including any vocal performances added to the song, and the original owner may fully exploit their commercial ownership rights in the new production, including licensing for commercial or non-commercial uses, selling the song to some third party, or distributing the track for any type of personal-listening, digital download, ringtone, streaming, and any other uses.  

4.  It is required that you provide a completed cue sheet to AudioSparx for the use of the track for TV or film productions, whether your production is broadcast on TV or not. We'll email you the information we require for this after you license the track.  The cue sheet must list all tracks used within your production, not just our track(s).

5.  A co-writer's credit shall be provided for the person(s) who write the any new lyrics that are used, however the lyricists shall not share in any performance royalties that may be earned in association with any broadcast uses of the production that may occur.

6.  The singer(s) would receive an artist/performer text credit in the track's description field on the site here.

Such modification of the track is permitted solely within the context of your production's needs, and the track with vocals cannot be exploited by you separately from the production, and hence does not compete with or materially alter the market opportunities for the original track available for license here.  You can simply license the track here with our default licensing terms, and then add the vocals as desired and use the track with vocals solely within the context of your production, you do not have to request additional permission, however you are bound by the specific rules listed above in this section.  

If your intended use is for a movie soundtrack album that you wish to release as a soundtrack on CD or other audio-only format, please contact us to discuss licensing details.


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