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Topic: YouTube Content ID and Art Track Issues

Title: FAQ for YouTube Content ID Program

Last Reviewed: Sep 08, 2015

FAQ for YouTube Content ID Program

Q.  What is YouTube's Content ID Program?

A.  The Content ID program allows a music copyright owner/controller to control what happens when YouTube's system detects the music in a newly uploaded video.  The Content ID program can either block the video, or warn the video uploader, or monetize the video by running ads around it for the benefit of the music rightsholder.

Q.  Can you please explain the exclusivity issue relating to my music participating in YouTube's Content ID program?

A.  YouTube requires that for any music that is submitted to Content ID be represented exclusively by only one party, in order to avoid multiple conflicting claims that can arise if multiple different parties are trying to monetize the exact same music tracks.  Hence this exclusivity requirement is one of YouTube's core requirements for participation in Content ID, not something that AudioSparx has invented.

Q.  Would the audio monetization become registered/claimed to the first person who tries to monetize their video?

A.  No, the party that submitted a music track to Content ID is the only authorized claimant for any money that is earned in relation to ads run next to or within a video that includes that music track.

Q.  Does an artist's upload of one of their own music track to YouTube, or uploading a music video containing one of their music tracks, cause the track to participate in Content ID?

A.  No, this is simply using the music track as content on YouTube, and does not cause it to get fingerprinted and then matched against any subsequent new videos that are uploaded to YouTube.

Q.  Can anybody monetize their own music on Content ID?

A.  No, YouTube works only with a limited handful of music distribution companies to monetize music via Content ID.  Fortunately, AudioSparx is a participant and can monetize your music on Content ID!

Q.  How does Content ID work?

A.  When we enter your tracks into the Content ID program, this causes your music to get fingerprinted and then when a new video is uploaded, YouTube’s system searches for a fingerprint match between the music tracks in the video and the music tracks in the Content ID program.  When they detect a match for one of the tracks we have provided to Content ID, their system starts running ads around the new video.  The money that is earned for those ads is then split between YouTube and AudioSparx, and we pay you your usual revenue split of the money that we receive here.

Q.  Can I participate at AudioSparx and monetize my music on Content ID via some other third-party company?

A.  No sorry, we do not permit your use of external companies that can enter your music into Content ID.  The reason that we permit it only through our company is because if a client who licenses a music track here objects to ads appearing around their video, or they want to monetize their video for their own benefit, they will contact us and we can immediately demonetize the video for them, which removes the ads, and also then allows them to monetize their own video.  This ability for us to immediately demonetize any individual video rapidly for the client helps mitigate the distress that a client experiences when undesirable ads start running around a video that they either do not want ads running for, or when they want to monetize their own video.

To learn more about how we specifically utilize Content ID in our Internet Royalties program, please see this additional article:

FAQ for Internet Royalties Program


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