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Love is in the air and AudioSparx has the perfect love song, wedding song and romantic music for every occasion. Perfect for use in TV, film, motion pictures, commercials and much more, the music below will help jumpstart your search for the perfect romantic song!

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SJ I Like You - SJ
Max DiCarlo Lost Melody - Max DiCarlo
Tamalaneh If I Could I Would - Tamalaneh
Eddie Caldwell I Am Love - Eddie Caldwell
Ori Vidislavski August - Ori Vidislavski
Ari Nigam The Sleeping Tree - Ari Nigam
Amazing Music Soprano Emotional - Amazing Music
Jonathan Carlile Missing You - Jonathan Carlile
Davinia Leonne Departure - African Version - Davinia Leonne
Adagio Music Intermezzo Romanza - Adagio Music
Jim Chappell Jeremy's Loss - Jim Chappell
Dan Phillipson Take Me to a Place - Dan Phillipson
Nicola Donchev Romantic Evening - Nicola Donchev
William Naughton Twice Upon a Dream (30-Secs Version) - William Naughton
Alan Marchand Gentle Conversation - Alan Marchand
Petr Kiselev A Very Old Story - Petr Kiselev
Denis Woods Home Underscore - Denis Woods
Tracey and Vance Marino Somewhere There's Love - Tracey and Vance Marino
Richard Freitas Tango de Amour - Richard Freitas
Michael Crowther Remembering You - Michael Crowther
Jason Bradley Livesay Making Love - Jason Bradley Livesay
Erwin Steijlen A Beautiful Day - Erwin Steijlen
Martijn de Man Kathy's Theme - Martijn de Man
Ingvi Thor Kormaksson Dagrun III - Ingvi Thor Kormaksson
Paint Chips Mischievous Mauve - Paint Chips
Stephen Payne Curl - Stephen Payne
Max Brodie Courage - Max Brodie
Bartok Music The Flame in My Heart - Bartok Music
Jon Lawson Glory - Jon Lawson
The Labrets Subway Station (Instrumental) - The Labrets
Jive Ass Sleepers We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Jive Ass Sleepers
John Judd Sister - John Judd
Philharmonia La Seine Bizet Carmen Habanera - Philharmonia La Seine
Richard Freitas Sneaky Shenanigans - Richard Freitas
Gary Wolk Barnburner - Gary Wolk
Sam Collins Small Town Adventure - Sam Collins
Tom Jemmott A Better Tomorrow - Tom Jemmott
88Seasons And So It Begins - 88Seasons
After in Paris Tango - After in Paris
Sashqxxx Fly Away - Sashqxxx
Adwise Music My Jetset (Early Mix) - Adwise Music
Tim Brown In the Afternoon Sun - Tim Brown
Nicholas Pesci Aerodynamics - Nicholas Pesci
Don Carroll Chicken Lickin' - Don Carroll
K.O. Star Productions Silver Cloud - K.O. Star Productions
Christophe Espern Solar Woman 1.30' - Christophe Espern
Richard Freitas Pelican Parade - Richard Freitas
Sam Collins Small Town Adventure - Sam Collins
Carlos Estella Inspirational - Carlos Estella
Chris Hodges Something More - Chris Hodges
Thomas Reynolds Drifting (Moby Sound-A-Like) - 1.20 Min Version - Thomas Reynolds
Jeremy David Hiebert The Fantasyland - Jeremy David Hiebert
D. Silverstone Your Lucky Day - D. Silverstone
Alex Rich Dripping Whispers - Alex Rich
Platinum Dreams Say Goodbye - Platinum Dreams
Angela Predhomme (AS) So Easy - Angela Predhomme (AS)
Pierre Langer Good Harmonies - Pierre Langer
Steve Rice Exceptionary You - Mid Tempo - Steve Rice
Will Graettinger Text Me Baby - Will Graettinger
Michael Wheeler Favorite Game (Instrumental Version) - Michael Wheeler
Jive Ass Sleepers Liverpool Love - Jive Ass Sleepers
Mike Laatz The Jolly Gypsy - Mike Laatz
Jacco Willems Evening Breeze (Chill Out Mix) - Jacco Willems
Lucid Dreamer Happy - Lucid Dreamer
Kepha Peter Martin Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (Piano 2:31) - Kepha Peter Martin
E. Rudd Young Love @ 1st Sight (Instrumental) - E. Rudd Young
Bernard Leclerc Asking You Please - Bernard Leclerc
Robert Neary Shine Brightly - Robert Neary
Leland Thomas Faegre The Processional - Leland Thomas Faegre
Donna Marie Bridal Stinger ("Here Comes the Bride") - Donna Marie
Chris Worth Something About You - Chris Worth
Western Horizon Productions Here Comes the Bride (The Bridal Chorus) - Western Horizon Productions
Roland Rudzitis Never Forgotten - Roland Rudzitis
Mark S. Crocker Nikkis Memory - Mark S. Crocker
Arjun Sen Indian Village Wedding Music 1 - Arjun Sen
Steve Urwin Waltz for Lovers (60) - Steve Urwin
Bartok Music Canon in D - Bartok Music
Jean Pascal Vielfaure Wedding Pipe Organ Master - Jean Pascal Vielfaure
A-P-M Productions R. Wagner Bridal Chorus - A-P-M Productions
FreeMinstrel Wedding March - FreeMinstrel
Steve Cornish All I Can Say (Loop) - Steve Cornish
Ropatt Map Dreams - Ropatt
Neal Gladstone Wedding Wish - Neal Gladstone
Richard Jungles Wedding Ring - Richard Jungles

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The Definitive Music of Love
With over 4,000 romantic love songs, both instrumental and vocal in all genres, let AudioSparx take your productions to the next level. Our romantic music library has that endearing touch, that sublime sensuality that is at the very core of human romance.

Eric Bode

Scary Dramatic, Jumpin' Hip Hop, or Edgy Indie -- Eric Bode is a bright young composer from Manchester, England, who is sending us the most Contemporary, right-this-minute new sound gems that could jack up your production in a heartbeat. Check out "A Winter's Tale" with celesta, harp and strings or "Curse of the Ice Queen" -- both perfect for Disney fantasy, magic or mystery. "Awake" serves up a driving bass hook, perfect for extreme sports, breaking news or video games. Some pretty exciting and diverse tracks here under Eric's masterful control.

My Rainbow
'My Rainbow' - Upbeat positive & extremely cute, 'My Rainbow' features a great melody atop of a solid foundation of electronic drums, bass, kalimba & ukelele. For use where a positive, el...

My Rainbow
'My Rainbow' - Upbeat positive & extremely cute, 'My Rainbow' features a great melody atop of a solid foundation of electronic drums, bass, kalimba & ukelele. For use where a positive, el...

Disco Biscuits
Upbeat electro, combining elements of rock,new wave,electroclash and indie pop. Big fuzzy bass,choppy guitar stabs and funky drums lay the track's foundations. Similar in feel to New Youn...

Gloriously Uplifting punk rock power ballad that through its strong guitars allows positivity, warmth, vibrancy and energy to be expressed. Great for car rides, themes, road trips, days a...

Romantic Love Songs New on Site
Jaclyn Bradley Palmer Love Killer - Jaclyn Bradley Palmer
Jesus Velazquez Same Feeling - Jesus Velazquez
Andreas Franzmann Beautiful As You - Andreas Franzmann
Rick Lorenzini The Anywhere Cafe - Rick Lorenzini
Justin 3 Distance - Justin 3
Jeff Monkman Puddle - Jeff Monkman
Anton du Preez Bring Love to Me - Anton du Preez
Chaquis Maliq Gift for You - Chaquis Maliq
scUba Never Give Up On You - scUba
Inod So Smart No Drums - Inod
Nora Berg Cosmic Champagne Celebration - Nora Berg
Tee-Y Blazz Ojoro - Tee-Y Blazz
Stephen Buzzell Tan Line - Stephen Buzzell
SoundTrove Shine - SoundTrove
Joey Stebanuk California Feelgood [ New Version, Mix ] - Joey Stebanuk
Purple Mountain Backwoods Girl - Purple Mountain
Rafael Domingues Hold On - Main - Rafael Domingues
Fab171 Sentimientos Loop2 - Fab171
Trevis T. Love How She Love - Trevis T.
Phil Rogers Toes in the Sand (Slow Chill Island Vibe) Full Song 3 Minutes 45 Seconds - Phil Rogers

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May Love Find You!

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