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Love is in the air and AudioSparx has the perfect love song, wedding song and romantic music for every occasion. Perfect for use in TV, film, motion pictures, commercials and much more, the music below will help jumpstart your search for the perfect romantic song!

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SJ I Like You - SJ
Max DiCarlo Lost Melody - Max DiCarlo
Tamalaneh If I Could I Would - Tamalaneh
Eddie Caldwell I Am Love - Eddie Caldwell
Pawel Blaszczak Beautiful Memories - Pawel Blaszczak
Carlos Estella Dreaming Stars (Synphony Orchestra) - Carlos Estella
Patricia Hontoir Dust Devil Blues A - Patricia Hontoir
Paolo Michelini Love - Paolo Michelini
Christian Ronn Desert Theme - Middle Earth Shawn Meets Morricone - Christian Ronn
Entropik Yearning for Him - Entropik
Joe Vercillo Emerson - Joe Vercillo
Max DiCarlo La Promessa ( The Promise) - Max DiCarlo
Vincent Pace Amongst the Roses - Underscore - Vincent Pace
Music for Media Broken Heart - Music for Media
Adam Skorupa Few Moments - Adam Skorupa
Dj.PhantomSound DJ Phantomsound-Wings of Love - Dj.PhantomSound
Carl Miles Casa Bossa - Carl Miles
CinE-Music Studios At a Glance - CinE-Music Studios
Candido Bretto Can We Go Back in Time - Candido Bretto
United Sonic Alliance Dream Road Trip - United Sonic Alliance
Akela Sun Secret Dreamtime - Akela Sun
Joey Stebanuk Sins and Tears Rhythm No Lead - Joey Stebanuk
Tracey and Vance Marino Somewhere There's Love - Tracey and Vance Marino
Nitzan Sagie Valentine's Day - Piano Moment - Nitzan Sagie
Gary Wolk Barnburner - Gary Wolk
Amazing Music Queen Like - Amazing Music
Marco Randria Inspirational Corporate - Road to Success - Marco Randria
MX47 Olympics Theme Parade of Champions - MX47
Carlos Estella Inspire Ambient Corporate - Carlos Estella
Storm Drums Ride With Flow - Storm Drums
Robert Neary Bright Future - Robert Neary
Ideascapes Music Christmas Makes Me Smile - Ideascapes Music
SJ I Like You - SJ
Adam Wedd and The Independents The Differences We Display - Adam Wedd and The Independents
Kaloyan Dimitrov Let's Go (60 Sec) - Kaloyan Dimitrov
Medina Who's That Guy? Santa Claus? - Medina
Brian Thomas Curtin We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Brian Thomas Curtin
Soroca and Allocca Love Patrol Main Theme - Soroca and Allocca
AudioQuattro Twist - AudioQuattro
Jon Lawson Glory - Jon Lawson
Angela Predhomme So Easy - Angela Predhomme
Denis Woods Saurus - Denis Woods
Alex Rich Summer Nostalgia - Alex Rich
Mark of the Clark, Inc. Big Band Blues - Mark of the Clark, Inc.
Really Free Music Seven Isles - Really Free Music
Jacco Willems Evening Breeze (Chill Out Mix) - Jacco Willems
Michael Keck Floating Bells - Michael Keck
Jens Larsson Here Comes a Sunny Day - 30 Sec - Jens Larsson
Bartok Music Flame in My Heart - Bartok Music
Dan Phillipson Come Away - Dan Phillipson
Sergiu Muresan Fortius - Sergiu Muresan
Darren Lucas Moments for Happiness (Ins) - Darren Lucas
Franco Barroso Coldplay Magic - Franco Barroso
Joe Bergsieker Wonderland - Joe Bergsieker
Matthew Reid Opera Without Words - Matthew Reid
Chris Hodges Something More - Chris Hodges
George Pauley On the Beach - George Pauley
Michael Allen We Can Do It - Michael Allen
Jason Greenberg Seclusion - Jason Greenberg
Lindy Botha Confidence - Lindy Botha
Erwin Steijlen A Beautiful Day - Erwin Steijlen
Tom Hajduk Summer of Love - Tom Hajduk
A-P-M Productions Floatation - A-P-M Productions
Kepha Peter Martin Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (Piano 2:31) - Kepha Peter Martin
Hanjo Gabler Wedding Serenade - Hanjo Gabler
Roland Rudzitis Never Forgotten - Roland Rudzitis
Paul “Sequence” Ferguson The Wedding Song - Paul “Sequence” Ferguson
Steve Urwin Waltz for Lovers (60) - Steve Urwin
Roberto Feltracco Lovers in Venice - Roberto Feltracco
Tracey and Vance Marino Victorian Valentine - Tracey and Vance Marino
Andy Potterton Hindu Wedding Song - Andy Potterton
Paolo Bolio First Date - Paolo Bolio
J.T. Peterson Piano Beauty - J.T. Peterson
Dan Phillipson Two Lovers (Loop 03) - Dan Phillipson
D. Silverstone Rising Spring (Symphonic) - D. Silverstone
Robert Neary Shine Brightly - Robert Neary
Jerry Teel Everything You Are - Jerry Teel
A-P-M Productions R. Wagner Bridal Chorus - A-P-M Productions
Bernard Leclerc Asking You Please - Bernard Leclerc
Amy Ip Ballade Pour Paris Nice Piano - Amy Ip
King Daddy Dee I Do - King Daddy Dee
Marshall Smith Love Theme - Marshall Smith
TJ Kross Love and the Ocean - TJ Kross

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The Definitive Music of Love
With over 4,000 romantic love songs, both instrumental and vocal in all genres, let AudioSparx take your productions to the next level. Our romantic music library has that endearing touch, that sublime sensuality that is at the very core of human romance.

John Judd

Emmy nominated composer John Judd is known for his commitment to excellence in sound quality, composition strength, and emotional impact through music. His high-end audio content is featured in TV, radio, internet ads, websites, new product branding, and software applications, and he has scored several films and documentaries. John specializes in music that will give forward motion to any video or audio project in a variety of genres, including motivational Rock, Soundalikes, Orchestral, Orchestral/Electronica hybrids, and Reality TV cues.

Inspired by Coldplay and Keane, this piece evokes the same positive uplifting mood of both of those bands. If you're looking for a song that lifts the listener's mood, this is it! Perfect...

Inspired by Coldplay and Keane, this piece evokes the same positive uplifting mood of both of those bands. If you're looking for a song that lifts the listener's mood, this is it! Perfect...

Looking for the Train song 'Hey Soul Sister'? Here is the perfect substitute! All of Train's uplifting and positive elements are captured here, most of all the happy sound of the upbeat u...

Looking for the Train song 'Hey Soul Sister'? Here is the perfect substitute! All of Train's uplifting and positive elements are captured here, most of all the happy sound of the upbeat u...

Romantic Love Songs New on Site
Ronan McQuillan Power my Radio - Ronan McQuillan
Purple Mountain Rusted Ruby Ragtop Ford - Purple Mountain
Joe McGowan Racecar Instrumental - Joe McGowan
D.C. SoulPlusMind Your Queen (Instrumental) - D.C. SoulPlusMind
Jesus Velazquez In a Love Trap - Jesus Velazquez
Adam Skorupa Experiment - Adam Skorupa
Bobby Cole Adult Romantic Sitcom Piano Link - Bobby Cole
Dan Foster Time Forget - Dan Foster
Petr Kiselev Music Box - Petr Kiselev
Suchitra Lata Floating in Your Love Instru - Suchitra Lata
Klaus Gyordy Space Flight - Hip Hop Drums - Klaus Gyordy
Interalia Ueberschall Wild Horses Is3 - Interalia Ueberschall
Alan Peter Valle de Mosa II - Alan Peter
Salip Tarakci Center - Salip Tarakci
Peter Bennborn Project Almas - Peter Bennborn Project
Gennadiy Alekseevich Happy Motivational Corporate - 1 - Gennadiy Alekseevich
Caiti Patton Love Casual(Ty) - Caiti Patton
Kristian Sharpe Guinness Trust Mellow Version - Kristian Sharpe
SongsofHD Pass Away - SongsofHD
Brian Hagen You're the One - Brian Hagen

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Production Music and Sound Effects:   Our tracks can be used in films, TV shows and commercials, radio commercials, Internet sites and webcasting, product embedding, software, games, corporate use, CDs, DVDs, on-hold music, in-store music, Podcasts and just about any other type of commercial use you can think of.

May Love Find You!

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