AudioSparx Newsletter - February 2011 - Happy Valentines!

AudioSparx Newsletter - February 2011
February 2011   
Love Songs, Romantic and Wedding Music at AudioSparx

With Valentine's Day on February 14, love is in the air!  To help you with your commercial and creative production work, AudioSparx has launched a new site section dedicated to helping you find the perfect love song, romantic music, wedding song and even bump-and-grind music for racier production work.  Take a look here at the new page for Romantic Music!

Love Songs - Each month on Google alone there are more than 2.2 million searches for the phrase "love song"! Romance and true love is an admired topic in almost all societies, and filmmakers and producers show us new ways to fall in love during all seasons.  Our new page for romantic music will help you quickly find the perfect love song or Valentine's Day music.  

Romantic Music - Our romantic music sub-genres take you through the entire cycle of love, from "New Love", through Romantic Comedy, Drama, Epic, and Passion, all the way to Wedding Engagement and Wedding Ceremony music.  And when love has run its course, we have Romantic Breakup music.  And for the more mature side of it all, we also have music for Bump-N-Grind, Burlesque and even Adult Entertainment.

Visit the new page dedicated to
 Love Songs, Romantic Music, Wedding & Valentines Music

AudioSparx - The Love Music That Powers Hollywood
407,000+ Tracks including 60,000+ Exclusive Tracks and Growing!

Hot Artists of the Month

Here below we want to shine a light on two of our accomplished artists whose music has achieved major commercial success in numerous projects around the world, including Film and TV, advertising campaigns, corporate, and other media projects.

John Judd
Recently breaking into the Top 10 list here at AudioSparx, guitarist and composer John Judd's music offers a very diverse sampling of textures that span almost every genre. His tracks have been used to great acclaim in TV, Radio, Film, DVD productions, corporate branding campaigns, Websites, products and more. Need something for your next production that will move the audience? Come take a listen to one of John's uplifting Coldplay style tracks and you'll find music to enhance any modern media production.
Alec Makinson
British composer, Alec Makinson, has been creating original and compelling music for the media for over 20 years. His work includes quirky radio jingles and music for commercials all the way through to music for documentary, television and stage productions. Alec’s compositions have been used by a wide range of major clients including USA National Cable TV, BBC Radio 1, BBC 1 Television, BBC 2, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, National TV ads in UK, New Zealand, Croatia, and many other clients worldwide.
Valentines, Love & Passion Songs
Listen To the Great Romantic Music
Valentine's Music
Karen's Sunrise - Max DiCarlo
Valentines Day - Henrik Skanfors
Valentines Romanza - Alberto
Chinese Valentines Day - InCool
Victorian Valentine - Marinos
Breathe - Don Julin

Epic Romantic Music
Eastern Tragedy - Markus Bravo
33 Roads to the East - Ari Nigam
A Gypsy in Paris - Stephan Meylaers
Kamarinskaya Folk Dance - Baililaika
Opening for Omiai - Dewey Dellay
The Widow - Ken Thomassen
Bach Partita for Solo Violin Bouree - Bartok

New Romance
The Empress Golden Rose - Curtis Macdonald
Let The Music Play - Bjarne O.
Amanece - Lalo Olivares
I Like You - SJ
Dream Time - Big Fat Audio
Flower and Butterfly - InCool
Wonderstruck - Simon Stockhausen

Romantic Comedy
Angels in the Attic - Katey Laurel
Granados Villanesca - Rob Laber
Lost in a Whirlwind - Eddie Caldwell
Smile - Lukasz Stasinski
Be Nice - Brother Longhaul
Nuts in Love - Dewey Dellay

Romantic Drama
Lost Melody - Max DiCarlo
Emotional Guy - Felix Linden
Adventurous Ride - Stephan Lindsjo
My Train - Francesco Accardo
A Love Forbidden - Joel Steudler
Baptism By Fire - Steve Dafoe

Engagement & Wedding Party
Daughters 1 - Rich Pullin
It's Hard to Say Goodbye - Weldon Kennedy
Free at Last - Roland & David Flavin
Amazingly Amazing I Do - Paul Sequence Ferguson
We're Getting Married - Larry Warren
In Tune With You - Chris Wortt
Dearly Beloved - Richard Jungles

Wedding Marches
Royal Wedding March - Music for TV & Games
Midsummer Nights Dream - RFCM Symphony
Wedding March String Quartet - Bobby Cole
Mendelssohns Wedding March - Tempero
Wedding March - Pete Bax
Wedding March - FreeMinstrel
Here Comes the Bride - Elizabeth C. Axford

I'm On Fire - Masterwerks R&B
Femme Fatale Theme - Suzannah Doyle
Shake That Body - K.O. Star Productions
Promo T-Ex - Music Candy
Hammer In The Slammer - Alan Brian Curtis
Amped Violence - Pierre Langer
In Your Dreams - Tempero

Don't Search ... HyperSearch!
At AudioSparx, we give you a state-of-the-art music search tool that you can use to quickly find the perfect tracks for your production. With our Music HyperSearch tool you can quickly drill down and find exactly what you're looking for. Search filters include the following options ... you can use any or all of these for each search:
  • Genre (Dramatic, Classical, Rock, Jazz, etc.) or Sub-Genre
  • Edit Type (Full track, 30 sec, 60 sec, stinger, etc.)
  • Duration (length of track)
  • Price (hit your budget - see tracks in a specific price range)
  • Instrument (find a track containing a specific instrument)
  • Mood (angry, aggressive, animated, etc. Over 280 moods!)
  • Style (1940s, Action, Backwoods, etc. Over 210 styles!)
  • Geo-Ethnic (Egypt, India, Bolivia, etc. 148 countries)
  • Subject (search by lyrical subject for topical music)
  • Tempo (slow, medium-slow, medium, medium-fast, etc.)
  • Format (solo, duo, trio, quartet, ensemble, orchestra, etc.)
  • Vocal mix (female, male, mixed, rap, acapella, etc.)
  • Language (search for vocals in a specific language)

Track Sort options include the following:

  • Best Selling - See the tracks that have sold the very best first
  • Artist Choice - The artist-assign rank for their own tracks
  • Exclusive First - Available for licensing exclusively here
  • Recently Added - See the newest, hottest tracks first
  • Best Potential - See tracks, new or old, from the hottest artists first
  • Random - Gives every track a chance to shine whether it is new or old

With HyperSearch you don't have to wade through hundreds of tracks to find that perfect gem. Find exactly what you are looking for with one search, add the track to your shopping cart, checkout, download and use it in your production immediately. This is PERFECT for fast-pace production studios that don't have time to waste looking for the right music.

Top Music Artists
Erwin Steijlen
Jon Lawson
Denis Woods
Music Candy
Pierre Langer
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Bjorn Lynne
Dan Gautreau
SMM Productions
John Judd
Top Exclusive Artists
Music Candy
Markus Bravo
Music For TV and Games
Christmas Music Boutique
Michael Wheeler
Daniel Cullen
Kenji Aoi
Michael Keck
Hollywood Post
Wilton Vought
Top Vocal Artists
Erwin Steijlen
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Really Free Music
La Laque
Adam Scourfield
Antoinette Tredanary
Richie Milton
ARC Music Productions
Dan Radlauer
Top Romantic Music Artists
Dan Gautreau
John Judd
Dan Phillipson
SMM Productions
Hossam Ramzy
Robert Neary
Erwin Steijlen
Skip Peck
Jeremy Sherman
Jeremy Luzier

Music Genres

Romantic New Love
Romantic Comedy
Romantic Drama
Romantic Epic
Romantic Passion
Wedding Engagement
Wedding Ceremony
Romantic Breakup
Adult Entertainment

New MusicPacks, SoundPacks & ComposerPacks
This handy pack is great for Japanese flavoured projects as well as most generally Asian oriented (pun intended) ventures. 5 minimalist tracks, from loopable ambient to very organic traditional. Perfect for TV travel show, documentary, cooking, advertising, Iron Chef, Geisha house, culture.
cooking jingles best of is a main 1'00 theme and a 0'30 and 0'15 version based on rythm and FX
world fusion irish and scottich
world fusion loops ethnic
world fusion many edits
main theme and 0'30 0'15 version stings and many edits
best of lullabies from USA
11 wonderful, beautiful soundscapes for your corporate video, documentary, credits, game, movie, etc. Different themes and versions available: the posibilities are endless. Also included a gorgeous piano piece and a popstyle-musicpiece which also can be used the way you like it. Listen & Enjoy!
A special leader pack for news and current affairs programs. A beautiful catchy theme with percussion and orchestra. A short, one longer and a stripped down version. Also included is a bumper for a smooth transition between subjects.
silent movies charlie chaplin black and white films silent movies ragtime honky tonk
world fusion with originals voices from guinea bisau
video games for NINTENDO DS ripped from XM format
video games nintendo DS
DiY jingles is a 1'00" main theme and a 0'30" and 0'15" version based on FX and drums rythms
romantic and valentine s day songs
sports jingles main theme 1'00 and 0'30" and 0'15 " version based on drums and fx ryhms
world fusion construction kit
A great sport music collection.
A great website background musics pack.
Hot New Artists at AudioSparx

This month brings us an amazing group of hot new composers and music artists from around the world.   Here below we feature 13 hot new artists.  To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online. 
Rhett Brewer (UK)
Rhett Brewer is a British-based composer and singer whose career began with the release of the collaborative album These Wings Without Feathers with Lisa Gerrard, and has since become a regular composer for film. In 2006, Brewer began the new project Hotel de Ville, which resulted in an album of the same name. He is best known for his mix of Classical music with music of Non-Western origin and Electronic elements, as well as the use of his own original voice as an instrument.
Christian Andersson (Sweden)
Swedish Composer Christian Andersson recently received a scholarship from the Swedish Musicians’ Union for his unique artistic work. Starting music at an early age, he learned to play the piano, recorder, trumpet, and guitar and his dynamic orchestral scores include acoustic elements as well. Christian’s music was featured in more than 40 projects during 2010, and his genres include Funk, Jazz, Rock, World, and Classical, where he focuses on orchestral arrangements with a big and epic sound. Christian's film scores are a dynamo discovery for our clients!
DJ Gosh Fire (Cyprus)
US-born, but raised in Cyprus, DJ Gosh Fire is versatile, to say the least, working as a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and more. At 13, he graduated from the National Conservatoire Cyprus (Keyboard & Piano), and graduated at 17 with a Major in Arts Sciences. His hot music covers Rap, R&B, Reggae, Reggaeton, Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, Electronica, Trance, Dubstep, and Ambient. Following military service, he studied four years in the USA and the UK. Quite in demand as a DJ in these countries, DJ Gosh Fire’s music delights and surprises with its vitality and sweet beats.
Claudio Pelissero (Italy)
Award winning Composer and Producer Claudio Pelissero (aka Claud9) is currently creating the soundtrack for Marco Pozzi’s motion picture "Maledimiele" (2011 Venice Film Festival). His compositions fuse genres and styles like Orchestral, Dramatic, Rock, Action, Thriller, etc. Following success at the Berlin Film Festival, his album “Music 4 Young Flyers” was awarded Best Original Soundtrack at the Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival of NY. Claudio’s clients include Fashion Designer Romeo Gigli, Maliparmi, Martini, Faac, Eminflex, Trussardi, and Microsoft (Xbox Video Game Forza3).
Aleksander Arsov (Slovenia)
Slovenian producer and multi instrumentalist Aleksander Arsov has released four solo albums (one as a group member), and is also featured on many international compilations. One album, Roxy Remodeled, charted on both Billboard's Hot Dance Club Chart and Dance Singles Chart in the USA. Recently, Aleksander won the 1st Prize in the 'Best Jingles in a TV Commercial' category at the Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF). Since 1993, he has been an author of Aviso, highlighted annually in the Golden Drum International Advertising Festival. This talented composer works in many genres.
Gerry Gillard (UK)
Composer, musician and songwriter Gerry Gillard is based in the UK, has released 11 albums, and has been touring and performing throughout Europe since the late '70s. As he polishes up his immense catalog and composes fresh new music, Gerry's tracks have wrangled a spot in several commercial productions. Gerry plays a mean guitar, has a great voice, and displays his quirky humor in Country tracks like The Barflyz. Combining orchestral and acoustic elements, Gerry's compositions cover an array of styles and genres, including Dramatic, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Ambient, and Blues.
Christian Welde (Norway)
In 1998, Norwegian Composer and Producer Christian Welde released "Fairytales," his first solo album. Drawing inspiration from Pink Floyd and Vangelis, his soundtracks include dreamy New Age, Ambient and Pop genres. This talented composer's music has been featured on Norwegian national TV channels NRK and TV2, along with airplay on BBC Radio. Several Norwegian artists, including icon Jan Toft (formerly with Vamp), have recorded his music, and Christian often plays piano and keyboards for various artists and projects. His corporate clients include Ekornes and others.
Aaron Raab (USA)
Composer Aaron Raab has been producing music and sound design, and Djing for over 10 years. He has worked for top pro audio companies such as Native Instruments and M-Audio, and has helped curate hundreds of music events in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and New Orleans. Currently residing in New Orleans, Aaron is working on his fifth album and producing a series of electronic music events in the area. Aaron's 300+ Electronic loops are a welcome find for our composers and hot DJs trying to nail the next hot new sounds!
Flores en el Artico (Spain)   (Exclusive Artist!)
Flores en el Ártico is a Spanish Pop-Rock band founded in 2006 in Madrid by Elizabeth Morales and Ernesto Martín. In 2007, their first single, “Te Dibujaré,” achieved great popularity on the Madrid Rock scene. Two years later, in 2009, Ernesto recorded and produced their first album, “Me Pregunto.” Elizabeth’s vocals are simply stunning and beautiful, with soulful lyrics that will assure this band’s popularity in the music licensing world. Flores en el Artico’s music is perfect for TV and Film love stories and dramas depicting romance and its challenges in a modern world.
Nabeel Imam (Pakistan)   (Exclusive Artist!)
Pakistani Composer and Producer Nabeel Imam, who for 10 years has played with various bands and created music for Pakistani Radio, was recently featured in the Karachi Anime Convention. Working in Classical, Jazz, Ethnic and Rock, Nabeel’s stunning, dramatic soundtrack music is perfect for our international clients. From grand orchestral pieces to more intimate compositions, combined with acoustic guitar, the harp and indigenous instruments, Nabeel composes pounding battle scenes or exotic and haunting tales of intrigue and romance.
GrooveZone (Netherlands)
GrooveZone is a fresh and active company from the Netherlands, helmed by Composer Gerard de Laat, who graduated at the Brabants Conservatorium in 1998. By turns atmospheric or powerful and energetic, this group of young hotshot professionals is putting GrooveZone on the international map. Their music ramps up the creativity with powerful orchestral soundtracks and passionate, emotional underscore to take your film or commercial to the next level. This inventive group has music being featured in television shows, theatrical productions and used by major European theme parks.
Felix Linden (USA)
Talented Singer and Songwriter Felix Linden’s songs are steeped deep in Soul, and incredibly heartwarming, and his lyrics cover today’s contemporary stories for audiences of all ages. He jokingly says he is Oklahoma City’s original “Emotional Guy” and provided proof in his RnB sentimental song of the same name. Felix writes R/B, Pop, Reggae and Gospel, with a mellow and memorable delivery. His music has been featured in One Life to Live (ABC), Legalese (TNT movie), and the films, Strange Fruit, Left in Darkness, Last Call before Sunset, Man Overboard, and He's On My Mind.



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