Music Cult Newsletter - January 2013 - Introducing The Hottest Free Music Library on the Web:!

Music Cult Newsletter - January 2013
January 2013
Free Music * Free Music * Free Music
Gratis Blanket Music for National US Broadcast/Cable TV & Film Production

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the music industry's hottest new music library for major Film and TV production:!!

Launched as an offshoot from the huge AudioSparx music library, Music Cult features over 87,000 music tracks, including 30,000 exclusive tracks and 8,000 vocals tracks from all around the world.  All tracks can be used FOR FREE in qualified TV and Film productions and projects, in exchange for completed cue sheets.

Qualified clients pay no up-front license fees to use our music in your productions. Free licensing is available strictly to clients creating feature-length film and TV content, including TV commercials, for a broadcast debut on any national U.S. TV network or national cable broadcast, or for a national theatrical debut followed by broadcast on a national U.S. TV network or national cable broadcast.

With over 500 world-class composers and music artists under one roof, Music Cult is a site like no other – listen and download music TODAY for your next episode of CSI, NCIS, The Good Wife, Shameless, The Bold and Beautiful, The First 48, etc. Drink our Kool-Aid today by clicking over to the hippest new site to check out our FREE MUSIC…
A New State-of-the-Art in Gratis Blanket Music Licensing
87,000 Tracks and Growing





50 Exciting Music Genres

Until now, a free-music resource of this magnitude has not existed.  We will blow your mind with all of the great music!  In addition to the music genres below, we also have a huge sound effects library and beats 'n loops (instrument sounds) available for licensing on a for-pay basis.  Check out these exciting music genres:

Popular Music Genres:  Americana, Blues, Classical, Country, Dance, Electronic, Folk, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Jazz, New Age, Pop, RnB, Rock, Spiritual, UK Bass (i.e. Dubstep, Drum 'n Bass, and more)

Specialty Music Genres:  Themes, Soundalikes, Corporate & Motivational, National Anthems, Christmas

Dramatic Music Genres:  Action, Comedy, Dangerous, Dramatic, Drums, Horror, Military, News, Science Fiction, Sports

World Music Genres:  African, Asian, Chinese, East European, European, Indian, Japanese, Latin, Middle East, Pacific, Reggae, Reggaeton, Tropical, Vietnamese | World Fusion

Kids Music Genres:  Cartoon, Childrens, Circus, Kids Vocals, Animal Vocals

Top Music Artists
Nicholas Pesci
Erwin Steijlen
Music Candy
Denis Woods
John Judd
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
SMM Productions
Jacco Willems
Really Free Music
Gary Wolk
Top Exclusive Artists
Music Candy
Michael Allen
Music For TV and Games
Markus Bravo
Sam Clunie
K.O. Star Productions
Nitzan Sagie
Michael Keck
Marc Filmer
Top Vocal Artists
Nicholas Pesci
Eddie Caldwell
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Really Free Music
Erwin Steijlen
Louise Heaney
Richie Milton
Andy Schofield
Elite Sync Lab
Christophe Espern

Spotlight On Our Artists

Nicholas Pesci and Erwin Steijlen are two veteran composers in great demand in the production music industry. With numerous Film, TV and commercial credits to their name, they are exceptionally talented and innovative -- and perfect examples of the world-class talent at Music Cult.

Nicholas Pesci
German-based Nicholas Pesci is a versatile producer and writer specializing in the genres of Pop, Urban, Hip Hop, and RnB. The artist, however, has ramped up the possibilities by often merging two or more genres into a fusion of styles that includes Euro Pop and Classical music. Nicholas's Airy Bach Pop Remix features emotional violins in a rare elevation of Pop music, while Hip Hop-Hoffmeister blends orchestral elements with the vivid beats of Hip Hop. For a range of cinematic emotions, moods and styles, Nicholas has you covered!

Erwin Steijlen
Erwin Steijlen is a hot composer from the Netherlands. His styles go from orchestral to dance and from rock to music for films and television. Some of his clients include VW, BMW, Philips, Seat, Nike, Microsoft, Mercedes, Popstars, MTV, Audi, Tour de France, Samsung and Wrangler. Erwin continues to work with Top DJ Fedde LeGrand and does all the guitar work for this hot DJ. He has worked with Nena, Pink, Cirque du Soleil, Steve Balsamo, Tavares, George McCrea, Starmaker, Rosa King, Angela Groothuizen, Helmut Lotti, Metropool Orkest, and every famous Dutch singer.

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Enjoy The Music With a Free 7-Day Trial
Personal and Commercial Subscription Options

Eliminate Expensive ASCAP/BMI/SESAC Fees for Your Business!

MusicPacks & SoundPacks

38-track MusicPack of the most magical and mystical film score tracks! Imagine fairies in the woods, mischievous elves, pixie dust and a wizard's magical touch - that's what Music Candy brings with this enchanting MusicPack. Cast a spell on your latest film or tv show with this mesmerizing music
28-track MusicPack with some of the kitschiest campiest Tarrantino-esque grooves. Think Oceans 11 meets Pulp Fiction, Film Noir Gangsters. Perfect for TV and film productions needing a wild in-your-face hard-driving edge with that retro-rocker flick track groove. By Martin Ahm.
Sit back and unwind to this very relaxing, soothing combination of gentle music. From the meditative, voice-like, tranquil ambiance to the beautiful, flowing piano melodies and soft drum beats, your soul will be refreshed and your mind replenished. Calming, serene, uplifting, and light.
Orchestral and Olympics music. Big drums, hits and strings with choir and percussion. Powerful, dramatic and uplifting. Visions of heroic efforts, brave combat, winning strategies and teamwork. Driving corporate promos, branding campaigns about inspiration and igniting passion. High impact.
Beautiful and arty instrumental music with orchestral and electronic elements. 18 sophisticated tracks of ambient and modern atmospheric music. Sometimes melancholic but always elegant and surprising. Great for modern dance, museum or corporate websites or video.
39 tracks of cinematic music to use for all types of scenes. Powerful and building music with full orchestra on some tracks, highly dramatic. Big cinema sound for battles, scenes of knights and kings, pirate ships, equally usable for historical scenes as well, highly charged and emotional.
21 Ambient music tracks varying in mood, tempo and style from around the world. A versatile production package that can be used to showcase a wide array of products, video games, films and television programs, both scripted and unscripted. Lots of terrific music for your library in this selection.
18-track MusicPack with a cool mix of neo-lounge, faux jazz, electronica, relaxing piano, under-beds, mood pieces and more. This cost-effect pack will give you a variety of alternating moods and styles to round out your next production's music. By Peter Pearson.
24-track MusicPack of some of the edgiest, most dramatic underbeds that you will ever hear. Give your next production a sonic musical flair that audiences everywhere will find compelling and captivating. Sensual, flowing, entrancing, mesmerizing music. By Jeff Woodall and Jonathan Atkinson.
Cool Music Pack of vigorous, passionate, driving, edgy, hypnotic, trendy, and powerful tracks. Includes abstract, forceful, entrancing, experimental, ambient, and exhilarating music.
Assortment of dreamy, gorgeous, ethereal, big beat and atmospheric tracks, most with original, crazy, esoteric male vocals. Original tracks composed by Rudy Pusateri and Massamiliano Riggio.
A multi pack of dynamic and modern dance music in several dance and club genres from composer and musician Andrew White. Broken beats, sub-bass frequencies, dubstep, R&B/Pop Grooves, slightly dark break beats and more in this comprehensive package of cool annd hip dance music.
62 tracks with a very rare combination of real strings mixed with cool, edgy rock and hip hop beats. Set your next production apart with these one-of-a-kind tracks with a distinct sound and sophisticated audio production. By Anthony James and Yiorgos Bellapaisiotis.
Beautiful, atmospheric and dramatic music multi pack for romance, dramas, movies, televisions, commercials, production and more, varying tempos. By Martin Holm
A brilliant collection of 10 high-quality tracks with varying lengths perfect for horror, Halloween, suspense, mystery, drama and science fiction projects. Edit friendly and loopable, these tracks are deeply disturbing and horrific. You've been warned!
Scared To Death! is packed with 635 megabytes of eerie, haunting music cues, frightneing cinematic horror trailers & disturbing Sound FX. Every cue has been crafted to escalate your viewers to the edge of their seats! This is one terrifying horror pack you cannot afford to miss! Truly Awe inspiring!
Building Up To FEAR! is packed with 320 megabytes of horrifying stingers, terrifying risers, intense impacts and eerie music beds. Every cue has been carefully designed to escalate your viewers to the edge of their seats. This is one terrifying horror pack you cannot afford to miss! Awe inspiring! !
(Greetings From The) Horror Hotel consists of every terrifying cue featured in "Scared To Death" and "Building Up To Fear!" It features 1 gigabyte of brutal, shocking and truly gruesome risers, stings impacts and cues! BE WARNED though, once you check into the Horror Hotel, you can never check out!
Stairway To Hell is a powerful collection of 22 eerie, spooky, scary, thrilling, haunting, and creepy tracks perfect for horror films, Halloween projects, survival horror games, and so much more. Tracks range from chaotic and disturbing to ambient and moody. One quirky, childlike track thrown in!
High Intensity ominous suspense filled atmospheres for action adventure, horror, suspense and fantasy madness. Great Classic Horror cues for TV, Film, Trailers Halloween commercials and corporate productions, haunted houses and video games
Superb Emotional and Uplifting tracks.Moving, pulsing, great for corporate branding, ad campaign, website, new product launch video. Vibrant, flowing, motivational. Positive corporate image, brave & winning music
A good mix of emotions. Corporate, light and funky instrumentals. Tracks have been edited & prepared specifically for use in Radio Broadcasting, Commercials, Corporate Branding, etc. A couple of 30-second tracks included.
101-track MusicPack of the sweetest sexiest sweeps, beds, ramps, impacts and logos, perfect for corporate branding, promos, radio and TV spots. The delightful flavor of this Music Candy MusicPack will leave you begging for more! Satisfy that sonic sweet tooth now with Production Control.
Positive and Jubilant Modern Up Tempo Rock-Electronica Instrumental. Achieving accomplishment with Celebration. Main Theme, Underscore with no melody, :15, :30, :60, :90 edits, Four different beds. 10 cuts in all!| USAGE: Film, TV, Smartphone APPS, Corporate, Infomercials, Games, Flash Advertising.
Here is the complete corporate production package! Five songs with that inspirational and motivational energy reminiscent of Coldplay, U2, Keane, and The Fray. Each track is unique in stlye so as to cover a variety of production needs. All have multiple energy levels. Offered at a huge discount!
Seven inspirational tracks for inspirational moments. Perfect for team-building corporate videos, and those "my personal journey" moments from shows like X-Factor and American Idol.
17 Sophisticated Powerful Classy tracks for corporate branding, main news themesong, news energize or new product launch video or website. Elegant, dramatic & uplifting corporate music. Global campaigns, new energy resources, medical discovery or breakthrough. Motivational, eco inspiring winning.
54-track MusicPack with an intense mix of Rock, Dramatic, Electronica, Dance, Corporate and Urban music. This pack has a little sump'n sump'n for just about any type of commercial promo. Inject some life into your next production with this delicious music from Music Candy!

Want To See More? Check Them All Out!

MusicPacks      SoundPacks      ComposerPacks

Hot New Artists at Music Cult
Music Cult brings you an amazing group of talented new artists!!  Check out below some of the latest exciting new artists who have signed with Music Cult recently, or to see all of the artists at Music Cult, visit the Music Cult Artist Directory online - now with over 500 supremely talented music artists and composers from around the world.

Ron Komie (USA)  - 1,516 Tracks Online
Based in California, Ron Komie is a multi-Emmy Award winning composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist whose scores have been used in literally hundreds of TV shows, films, trailers, and commercials. His vast credit list includes Thick As Thieves, Click, Marley & Me, Fever Pitch, The View, Enlightened, Harry's Law, The Amazing Race, and Shameless, among many others. Ron brings us impressive top-notch tracks in the Dramatic, Rock, Pop, Country, Hip Hop, Jazz, Electronica, World, Blues, Dramedy, and Indie genres, among others.

BeepCode (Russia)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 63 Tracks Online
BeepCode is a Russia-based composer and sound designer who specializes in music for TV, Film, and Commercials. A classically trained pianist and self-taught guitarist, his passion for a wide variety of music shines through in his diverse catalog, which ranges from Techno and Electronica to Dramatic, Classical, Rock, Pop, and Ambient. From the catchy and heartwarming "I Am A Dreamer," to the vibrant energy of "Arpeggios Of Light," BeepCode's tracks will add a flash of brilliance to advertising campaigns, multimedia projects, and much more!

Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis (France)- 81 Tracks Online
French composer Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis writes highly rhythmic and evocative Classical music in a tasteful Minimalist style. He has produced and arranged over 30 albums of French songs, and five albums as a first-round pianist and composer in the duo Artango. Fabrice also writes for Film, TV, and Commercials, and his credits include "Are We Still Evolving?" (BBC), "Co2 mon Amour" (French National Radio), and "Book-off" (TV Ad in Japan). From moody and tragic to vibrant and bubbling, his impressionistic Chamber works are perfectly suited for the big screen.

Dean Wagg (UK) - 271 Tracks Online
Dean Wagg is a UK songwriter and composer whose music has been featured on networks like CBS and MTV, in shows such as "10 On Top," "The Sevens," and "Access Hollywood." A versatile writer, Dean has a catalog of 270 tracks, and excels in 15 genres, including Dramatic, Classical, Rock, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Electronic, and more. From edgy and intense tracks like "Drive To Win," to the atmospheric and uplifting "I've Found A Place," Dean's highly emotive work is perfect for a variety of Film, TV, and Commercial productions.

Daniel Bijan (Canada) - 49 Tracks Online
Based in Canada, Daniel Bijan is a Latin Grammy-nominated producer, musician, and composer with thousands of Pop, Dance, Rock, and Hip Hop productions to his credit. He has scored several Hollywood films, including "The Genius Club" (Tom Sizemore, Stephen Baldwin) and "Gone," and he's also worked with prominent artists like Trevor Horn (Seal). Daniel's single “This Is How We Party” charted nationally on the top of many record pools, reaching top 10 status in many cities across the US. His cool Reggae-infused tracks are great for a variety of Film, TV, and Commercial projects.

Nitzan Sagie (Israel)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 101 Tracks Online
Nitzan Sagie is a composer, arranger, and sound editor for Film and TV based in Israel. While working as orchestrator and music composer for the full length feature film "30 Dias Antes," he also directed and scored a fantastic short film called "Tammabukku Anbar." Nitzan graduated from the arts high school Thelma Yellin with majors in theater and music, and studied in the Film and TV department at the University of Tel-Aviv. Nitzan brings us outstanding music in the Dramatic, Classical, World, Rock, Pop, and Jazz genres, among others.

Roeland Ruijsch (Netherlands) - 55 Tracks Online
Netherlands Composer Roeland Ruijsch writes songs with both male and female vocals that range stylistically from sultry singer-songwriter to hot commercial Pop, Rock and Dance. He has produced several hit singles that reached the Dutch Top 40, and he was a Top Ten finalist in the 2009 Dutch National Songwriter Competition. In addition to composing, Roeland also played guitar in the hit musical "Mamma Mia." He studied guitar at the conservatory in Maastricht and composing/producing at the Faculty of Art, Media, and Technology at the Utrecht School for the Arts.

Harry Sadler (USA) - 144 Tracks Online
California-based composer and vocalist Harry Sadler has been writing and performing for over 10 years. Utilizing everything from solo piano to synthesized atmospheres, he writes in a wide range of genres that includes Classical, Neo-Classical, Dramatic, Electronic, Kids Music, and more. Among many other projects, Harry recently scored the feature film "More Than Stars," and also has been a featured artist for the band Carbon City Lights. Harry received a Bachelor of Music Composition and Theory from California State University, Sacramento.

Anthony Davilio (USA) - 270 Tracks Online
At 15, Anthony Davilio signed with Columbia Records, and performed in thousands of sessions as a guitarist, arranger, composer, and producer. His most notable credit was a Grammy Award for his arrangements on John Lennon's last album “Double Fantasy," which went Platinum. Other credits include The Five Stairsteps' “Ooh Child” and “Dear Prudence” (Gold), Lou Christie's “I’m Gonna Make You Mine” (Gold), The Brooklyn Bridge with Johnny Maestro (Buddah Records), Ronnie Dyson (Columbia Records), and Cher's “Superstar” (Atlantic Records).

Jeremy David Hiebert (Canada)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 72 Tracks Online
TV and Film composer Jeremy David Hiebert is establishing a solid reputation as a man with sophisticated control over his emotional musical environments. His recent work includes scoring the feature film "Where Is My Father," the documentary film "Boss Guitar Works," the short film "Hunger," and the PC game "Runic Skies." Jeremy's dramatic works display a unique mastery of synthesizing modern electronic elements with sweeping romantic orchestral instrumentation, causing his music to stand out in this fast-paced 21st century world.

Christophe Espern (France) - 131 Tracks Online
Songwriter and Producer Christophe Espern resides in France and writes modern and creative music with French vocals in the Pop, Rock, Electronic, and Children's genres. A self-taught guitarist and singer, he led his own Rock group for a number of years. Now focused on creating music for TV, Film, and Multimedia, Christophe sings on many of his tracks, but he also utilizes children singers, such as his young daughter, to give his music an intriguing and unique sound. "Pauvres Fous" is a shining example of his highly original and creative approach.

Jason Michael Moore (USA) - 306 Tracks Online
Jason Michael Moore is a Colorado-based songwriter and recording artist who has been writing music for Film, TV, and Commercials for the majority of his career. His impressive client/credit list includes CBS, TLC, Fox, E!, MTV, Lionsgate, 24, Haunted, Cabin Fever, Red Bull, Kawasaki, LA Ink, Cafe Racer, Boy Wonder, and many others. Jason was born in New Orleans and grew up in Los Angeles playing with many local cult bands, and today his songs blend a full palette of Rock styles to create his signature sound, including Garage, Alternative, Punk, Hard Rock, Blues, and Country.

Matt Wilcox (USA) - 68 Tracks Online
Matt Wilcox is a NY-based composer who has scored many major ad campaigns, including commercials for Capital One starring Alec Baldwin, Healthy Choice starring Jane Lynch, Victoria's Secret starring Adriana Lima, and several Hershey's Kisses spots performed by the Prague Philharmonic. He is also a talented multi-instrumentalist who can be seen performing guitar and keyboards on stage around the Northeast. Matt brings us excellent material in the Dramatic, Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop, Classical, and World genres, among others.

Dakota Goldsworth (USA) - 48 Tracks Online
Florida Composer Dakota Goldsworth's music ranges from Danny Elfman-inspired Dramatic Orchestral pieces to Rock, Jazz, and Electronic tracks. In addition to scoring Indie films, he produces Pop Rock artists like Stephany Kess, and writes Corporate Instructional Videos for companies like Hobbs & Law and BXRepro. In the 1990s, Dakota led an Industrial Metal band, and has recently released two Orchestral CDs. Musical influences include James Dooley, Ennio Morricone, Christopher Young, Al Jourgensen, and Daft Punk.

Neil Dawson (UK) - 80 Tracks Online
Neil Dawson is a UK-based musician who writes, records, and produces original material inspired by a wide range of genres. From fun, melodic Reggae to Ambient, Electronica, Classic Rock, Funk, Indie, Post-Rock, and hard-hitting Dance, his catalog runs the gamut of styles and moods. If your Film, TV, or Commercial project needs music with chilled out grooves, cool melodies, emotion, attitude, or even outright weirdness, Neil's tracks will hit all the right notes (no pun intended).

Joe Pignato (USA) - 108 Tracks Online
Based in Florida, Joe Pignato is an independent composer and guitarist whose clients include Verizon Intranet, G4's "Proving Ground," and CMT Network, among others. He has studied Film/TV Score Composition through Berklee Music, and Advanced Orchestration from orchestrator and instructor Steven Scott Smalley. This background, along with experience as a Rock musician, allows Joe to write in a diverse range of genres, including Dramatic, Orchestral, World, Rock, and Electronic. He was recently the Steve Vai Contest Winner for Guitar Center's Private Session competition.

Z (Australia) - 43 Tracks Online
Over the past decade, Australian composer Z has written music for short and feature length films, television series, advertisements, and more than 100 video games. His impressive credit list includes titles like Clash of the Titans, Superman, Batman, Neonlux, Wolverine, and The Avengers, among others. In addition to creating his own original Dramatic, Electronic, and Rock material, Z has also worked with artists across many musical genres as a producer, arranger, and remixer, and he's earned over twenty awards internationally for his work.

Ben Lindholm (Sweden) - 48 Tracks Online
Ben Lindholm is a talented musician, songwriter, producer, and teacher based in southern Sweden. Primarily a guitarist, he plays and records everything from fingerstyle Acoustic Folk to Rock and Metal, and he also writes tracks in the Ambient, Dramatic, and Corporate genres. From sentimental pieces like "Memories Of Yesterday," to the charming Indie-Pop groove of "Together We Clap," Ben's tracks are great for everything from upbeat Commercial campaigns to Film and TV scenes needing emotional guitar-driven cues.

See All The Artists Now at the Music Cult Artist Directory


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