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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Music Candy High Tea Shuffle - Music Candy
Agostino Silvestri Deep Sky - Agostino Silvestri
Sunburn In Cyprus Rush Hour (Horny Night Mix) - Sunburn In Cyprus
Andy Schofield Flight of Angels 10 - Andy Schofield
Jimmy Jeep Lazy Days - Jimmy Jeep
Marsha Stevens-Pino You Called Us Good - Marsha Stevens-Pino
David Banks Shining - David Banks
Kamran Tatar Love Story Is4 - Kamran Tatar
Michiel van Zundert All Night - Michiel van Zundert
Jennifer Matthews I Believe in You - Jennifer Matthews
Duyen Anh Yeu Lam Chi Lam Chi - Duyen Anh
Sophia Syndicate Right On Time - Sophia Syndicate
SMM Productions Angel of Darkness (30 Seconds) - SMM Productions
David Van Walker Better Off to Smile - David Van Walker
Xavier Toscano Threw Me Away - Xavier Toscano
Dan Leigh Meaningful Nonsense - Dan Leigh
Dean Wagg So Beautiful (With Vocals) - Dean Wagg
DJ Skillmaster Gotta Let You Go (30 Second Loop) - DJ Skillmaster
Alan Brian Curtis Ven,Ven ( Esta Noche ) - Alan Brian Curtis
The Blessed Virgin Larry Son of a Bitch - Remix - The Blessed Virgin Larry
SJ Some Days - SJ
Entropik You're My Every Night - Entropik
Fin So Now Why - Fin
Craig Alan Stevens Give a Little Time - Craig Alan Stevens
Kevin Burdick We Are the Walking Wounded (Featuring Joel Pack) - Kevin Burdick
The Hi Freqs Human Cannonball - The Hi Freqs
Mundijong Walk Tall - Mundijong
Dave Rudolf Cabana Boy - Dave Rudolf
Dang Khoa Trach Qua Khu - Dang Khoa
Duyen Anh Yeu Lam Chi Lam Chi - Duyen Anh
Loyda Pichardo- Hjelte Con Nosotros El Esta - Loyda Pichardo- Hjelte
Solace Blood Oil Gold 1min22secsa - Solace
Afrika - Artists of Ethiopia Alula.2 - Afrika - Artists of Ethiopia
Duong Thai Long Neu Da Yeu Nguoi - Duong Thai Long
Pleo Pleo - Fashion Modern Days - Pleo
Gjesdalringen Ung åslaug - Gjesdalringen
Julian Scott Festival Waltz - Julian Scott
Chau Anh Truong Anh Khong Muon Mat Em - Chau Anh Truong
Davinia Leonne African Lounge Club - Davinia Leonne
Animalistix Snakes of the Pharoah - Animalistix
Silvia Marchese Mumbai Groove - Silvia Marchese
Andy L Alegre Agora (Samba de Sol Mix) - Andy L
Akela Sun Young Heroes (Olympic Dreams) - Akela Sun
Matt Frazier California Rainbow (Featuring Umbria Frazier) - Matt Frazier
Diamond City Enigmatic World - Diamond City
Christos Anestopoulos Little Girl (AAA!!!) - Christos Anestopoulos
Jeff Lizerbram Halloween at My Door - Jeff Lizerbram
Marc Beasley Child's Play - Marc Beasley
Frenetic Sound Feelin' Happy - Frenetic Sound
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Pombi y Pimbo 01 - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
The Music Bakery Childhood Christmas 4:00 - The Music Bakery
Amazing Music Haunted Mansion - Amazing Music
Jive Ass Sleepers Creepy Kid - Jive Ass Sleepers
Carlos Estella Bloodiness of War - Carlos Estella
Nick Smeenk Haunted Dream - Nick Smeenk
Sergiu Muresan Children of Verdun - Full Mix Loop - Sergiu Muresan

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Featured Artist

Henrik Skanfors

Swedish composer and singer Henrik Skanfors produces Pop, Rock, Electronica, Folk, and Dramatic scores. His music has been featured in the award-winning TV series, The Good Wife (CBS), and in 20 soundtracks for motion pictures, commercials, and art films. Henrik has released 3 solo albums: The Last Gash (2007), Carcass and the Flies (2009), and The Sleep of Adam (2012), where Rachael Yamagata sings on the magical duet "Psalm 513" (available here). He is a phenomenal vocalist with great talent, amazing lyrics, and the compelling ability to create dramatic and cinematic music.

Psalm 513 (Feat. Rachael Yamagata)
Beautiful, heart warming, bittersweet duet with Henrik Skanfors and Rachael Yamagata ("Be be your love", "Reason why"). About loss, longing & loneliness. Sounds like Coldplay, Sia, U2. Bu...

A sad but powerful song from Henrik Skanfors' album "The Last Gash" (2007) about isolation. Driven by a classical piano-part and falsettos. Singer/Songwriter. Suitable for drama & tv-seri...

Grey Autumn Sweater
Melancholic, sad song from Henrik Skanfors' album "The Last Gash" (2007) about heartbreak and being left behind. Only intimate vocals and dreamy guitar. Suitable for drama & tv-series. Si...

A melancholy, minimalistic song from Henrik Skanfors' album "The Last Gash" about heartbreak and trouble moving on. Suitable for sad romance drama & tv-series. The words "I love you" repe...

A beautiful, powerful song from Henrik Skanfors' album "Carcass and the Flies". Lyrics about longing for change, indifference, feeling empty and childhood. Suitable for sad or bittersweet...

A soft, emotional song from Henrik Skanfors' album "The Last Gash" (2007). Minimalistic with falsetto, guitar, glockenspiel and soft pads. Singer/Songwriter. Suitable for drama & tv-serie...

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Haven McInerney ACM Real Love - Haven McInerney ACM
WarChild Roll Call - WarChild
Wicked Ear Candy Artsy - Wicked Ear Candy
Liana Feels - Liana
Dan Foster Inspiring Summer - Vocal - Dan Foster
Pete Bax Merchants of Menace - Pete Bax
Color Theory Glory Days - Color Theory
Duong Dinh Tri Tinh Dau Kho Quen - Duong Dinh Tri
Hoang Map Co Ut Theo Chong - Hoang Map
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi Colors - Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi
Brian Kopelke Heavy Tight Ft the Butcher - Brian Kopelke
Aaron Saloman Greater Heights - Aaron Saloman
Larry Folk Gathering of Friends - Larry Folk
SongsofHD Like It's Friday Alt Mix Feat. Sayo B - SongsofHD
Duc Thinh Xin Binh Yen Noi Con Tim Em - Duc Thinh
Stan Tristan Seven Loves From Now - Stan Tristan
Bao Duy Dem Thoi Gian - Bao Duy
Manuel Zapien Gamez Es Suficiente - Manuel Zapien Gamez
Poppy Brothers Up and Away - Poppy Brothers
Han Thai Tu Doi Chi - Han Thai Tu
MCBEE-X I'm The King Pin - MCBEE-X
EarKandi Prime - EarKandi
Che Phong Ngay Vui Qua Mau - Che Phong
Fresh Body Shop Do Yourself a Favour - Fresh Body Shop
Creeptones Xanxabar Man - Creeptones
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