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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Ashley Baker What a Day to Shake a Heartache - Ashley Baker
Colette Jonas Ooh La La Ska (30sec A) - Colette Jonas
Catya Mare Tell Me Why - Catya Mare
Songwriterz Something You Don't Show - Songwriterz
Sharla Shore High Tide Blues - Sharla Shore
Medina Hey You - Medina
Daniel Cullen The Endless Road - Daniel Cullen
Masterwerks R&B Swing Thing - Masterwerks R&B
Jennifer Matthews The Wheel - Jennifer Matthews
Marla Sgro Amen - Marla Sgro
Afghan Ensemble Ai Bote Berahm-You Heartless Goddess - Afghan Ensemble
Lilly Wolf Jealousy - Lilly Wolf
Tom Dwyer Song for You and Me - Tom Dwyer
SonicLab Pro You Make Me Feel Good (Instrumental) - SonicLab Pro
Orko Listen Through Walls - Orko
Skeletons in the Piano It Can Not Be Trusted - Skeletons in the Piano
Dirty Crabber Play It Cool - Dirty Crabber
Holy Moly Saturday Night - Holy Moly
Masterwerks R&B Just in Case You're in Love - Masterwerks R&B
Drew Yowell Tell Me Why - Drew Yowell
Fresh Body Shop Drive Me - Fresh Body Shop
Misfits and Thieves We Can Dream (Genesis Mix) - Misfits and Thieves
Franco Pellegrini Hoy (Today) - Franco Pellegrini
Kenny Mac Even Up 15 Second Com Length Edit at the Verse - Kenny Mac
Peter Prince We Don't Have Long (Full Track) - Peter Prince
United Sonic Alliance Love Took Us All the Way - United Sonic Alliance
Jason Michael Moore No Regrets (Rhythm Section Stem) - Jason Michael Moore
Liam Killen Starting Something New - Liam Killen
Melissa Otero No Soy Un √°ngel - Melissa Otero
Anh Tu Em Trong Mat Toi - Anh Tu
Blessings Nqo Isigunqugunqu (Temptation) - Blessings Nqo
Christian Andersson Reaching the Enemy Lines - Christian Andersson
Bob Crawford Slow Down - Bob Crawford
Vivienne Dogan-Corringham & George Hadjineophytou Weepm Sad One, Weep - Vivienne Dogan-Corringham & George Hadjineophytou
Ariel Kelly La Onda - Ariel Kelly
Andrey Vinogradov Again White Campanulas - Andrey Vinogradov
Manja Vlachogianni Stigmes - Manja Vlachogianni
Matthew Reid Oh, In the Cherry Garden - Matthew Reid
Silvia Marchese Mumbai Groove - Silvia Marchese
Spanish Fever - Ozanne Perrine
Nigel Male Al Suq - Nigel Male
Chanh Manh Ngan Lan Khac Ten Em - Chanh Manh
Deep Toizu - Deep
Joey Curtin Loretta the Mouse - Joey Curtin
Marc David Decker Animals Dance in the Springtime - Marc David Decker
Disquiet Music Earthsaverz - Disquiet Music
DJ Purple Rabbit Giggling Bean - DJ Purple Rabbit
Ronan Doherty Discovery of Music and Sound (Music Education) - Ronan Doherty
Code Switcher Don't Walk Away From Me - Code Switcher
Amazing Music Haunted Mansion - Amazing Music
Family Senci Si'W Vle Rive (Tmj) - Family Senci
Francesco Biondi Rejuvenation loop 1 - Francesco Biondi
Dream Valley Music Like a Bird (Flying High Remix) (60-secs version) - Dream Valley Music
Kate Carpenter Hey There, Little Conscience - Kate Carpenter
Ernesto Martin Happy Baby Summer - Ernesto Martin
Hanjo Gabler Drei Chinesen Mit Dem Contrabass - Hanjo Gabler

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Featured Artist

Chubb Rock / Wordsmith

Chubb Rock first appeared on the national scene with his 1988 self-titled debut "Chubb Rock" and 1989's "And the winner is..." Then later produced the Minor hit "Ya Bad Chubbs" which garnered air play on Yo! MTV Raps during that time. His 1991 release entitled The One, reached #13 on Billboard's "Top Hip-Hop/R&B" chart for that year. Three singles from that release, "Treat'em Right", "Just The Two Of Us" and "The Chubbster", made it to #1 on Billboard's "Top Rap Single" chart list for the same year.

Ol Skool Flava
Great hot beats, moving Old School style all about old memories, hot parties, clubbing in cool urban clubs, checking out the chicks, scoping their Ferrari. Dynamic, melodic and soulful ma...

Live From the Go-Go
Another great Chubb Rock hit with dynamic rappin' lyrics. Builds excitement with the rhythmic backup rappers, setting up the crowd for more fun. Lively, moving, with great enthusiasm and ...

Soulmates (Featuring Kimia Collins)
Cool sweet bouncy East Coast rap groove. Romantic drama, romcom, dancing, hooking up, hanging out at the club. Urban scenes, limo cruising, 20-somethings. Elegant sweet, new romance, hip ...

Clay Davis
Mechanical rhythmic industrial hip-hop groove, male rap, perfect for New York urban scenes

Bridging the Gap (Radio Mix)
Perfect for Afro-American success, Generation X world vibe, new school meets old school, flowing mid-tempo lyrical poetic East Coast male rap groove. Urban clubs, sweet dancing music or f...

Chocolate City Part 1
Slow East Coast male rap flow, cool hip-shaker, goes back and forth between a slow roll and lyrical double time, making it feel both fast and slow at the same time.

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Robbie Cavanagh Slc - Robbie Cavanagh
CosmoMoose My Beautiful Day - CosmoMoose
Christos Anestopoulos Epic Trailer (Rhythm Version) - Christos Anestopoulos
Schadenfreude Completely Blind - Schadenfreude
Henrik Norberg Back Down No.5 - Henrik Norberg
Andrew Lunt Dare to Live a Dream (Male Vocals) - Andrew Lunt
Giulio Fazio Good Vibes - Giulio Fazio
Cuong DC Noel - Cuong DC
Mindtrip All That Matters - Mindtrip
Nine Lies A Kill for the King - Nine Lies
Pete Bax Merchants of Menace - Pete Bax
Kate Carpenter Forgetful Ned - Kate Carpenter
Guido Gavazzi Discovery Sensations - Guido Gavazzi
Matatabi Happy Misery - Matatabi
Steve "Daddy-O" Byers American Boy (Vocal) - Steve "Daddy-O" Byers
Carlos Estella Ethereal Epic Dream - Carlos Estella
Ardit Cuni Je Mama - Ardit Cuni
Susan Elizabeth We Got Married - Susan Elizabeth
Gail Marten Shades of Blue - Gail Marten
Robert Brannan Chromatic Chaos - Robert Brannan
Don Nguyen Vo Chong XI Tin - Don Nguyen
Stephen Spender Both Ways - Stephen Spender
David Caldwell The Thoughts In My Head - David Caldwell
Gordon Nance Gallo - Here I Go, Here I Come - Gordon Nance
Yigit Atilla Unconditional Love - Yigit Atilla
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