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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Technetium Run Away - Technetium
Tosch The One - Tosch
Amycanbe Burning - Amycanbe
D.C. SoulPlusMind This Life (Featuring Katy Gunn) - D.C. SoulPlusMind
Lori Kelley Gold - Lori Kelley
Kevin Reardon Dreaming's Not Enough - Kevin Reardon
Christophe Espern My Trouble - Christophe Espern
Too Human Trouble All Around - Too Human
Johan van der Voet Feel the Sand - Johan van der Voet
The Finger Puppets This Side of Never - The Finger Puppets
KennyWrite Brighter Day - KennyWrite
AL Music Little Girl in the Big World - AL Music
Cosher Pray Feat. Amy Tjasink (Prod By Cosher) - Cosher
Zola Moon The Human Brain - Zola Moon
Will Brock Bet Ya Don't Know - Will Brock
Prizm Prime Music Is Not Sex - Prizm Prime
Right Track Don't Turn Off the Light - Right Track
Julian Scott Creation - Julian Scott
Chief Rockaz Your Lies - Chief Rockaz
Alan Brian Curtis Ven,Ven ( Esta Noche ) - Alan Brian Curtis
Larry Warren We're Getting Married - Mix 3 - Larry Warren
The Hot Rocks Hey Hey (Rock On) - The Hot Rocks
Jonah Delso Way Out - Jonah Delso
A Steady Vertigo Escape - A Steady Vertigo
Michael Dodds Shady Tree - Michael Dodds
Robert Dellaposta I Only Slipped - Robert Dellaposta
Purple Mountain My Indigo Tattoo - Purple Mountain
Anthony Cormican Falling Down - Anthony Cormican
Franco Pellegrini Inventándote (Inventing You) - Franco Pellegrini
Stuart Mee French Connection - Stuart Mee
Lokixximo La Culpa No La Tengo Toma Ft. Kay 9 & Luis Anthony - Lokixximo
Jo Masino Fiesta Latina (Vocal) - Jo Masino
Suchitra Lata Day and Night - Suchitra Lata
Chanson World Music Library Reng Ya Lenyalo Wedding Ring - Chanson World Music Library
Serankure Music Arts Tsie - Serankure Music Arts
La Laque La Sirène Dort - La Laque
ElevenTwelve Epic Struggle (60 Sec) - ElevenTwelve
Trio Azteca La Bamba - Trio Azteca
Renee Asteria Vinchuca - Renee Asteria
Arrow Casino Journey to Ethnica - Arrow Casino
Ramadu Intandane (Orphan) - Ramadu
Wilton Vought Ray of Creation 254 - Wilton Vought
Daniel Ottini Dark Winter - Bass & Choir - Daniel Ottini
HarpString Productions Jingle Bells - HarpString Productions
Richard Bowling An Innocent Heart - Richard Bowling
Ronan Doherty Discovery of Music and Sound 5 (Dance and Song) - Ronan Doherty
Mark Knox Hiroshima - Mark Knox
Francesco Biondi Rejuvenation loop 2 - Francesco Biondi
Kyle Kniceley Killin Me Perc Only - Kyle Kniceley
Matthew Reid Bloodcurdling Sting 3 - Matthew Reid
Esther Garcia The Hidden Star - Esther Garcia
Philip Curran Brothers - Philip Curran
Thomas Beckner Witch Pumpkin - Thomas Beckner
Ori Vidislavski Child at Night - Ori Vidislavski
Amazing Music Haunted Mansion - Amazing Music
Annie McGee Silent Night - Eerie Boys Choir - Annie McGee

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Featured Artist

Max DiCarlo

Italian Composer and Producer Max DiCarlo is blazing an international trail, scoring movies for Disney and Lionsgate, with placements on Oprah, Ugly Betty, Everyone Hates Chris, and All My Children. A multi-instrumentalist scoring Italian films, TV shows, and fashion commercials, Max's compositions are on Sony and EMI albums, and he has composed, arranged and produced music for global icons like Elton John, and produced a slew of multi-platinum albums for many Latin American stars. Max's music promises orchestral glamour, intense fear or diabolical whimsy.

Terra Incognita
The New Carmina Burana, Huge Piece Of Orchestra And Choir, For Your Trailer or Chase Scenes, Adventure, War, Military Action, Intense Video, Perfect For Video Games, Dramatic Music, Heroi...

Drum, Percussion, Heavenly Voices with clapping. Great African Atmosphere, World Beat, Positive. Free your senses and fly! Globe Trekker, travel documentaries, street markets, dance, low ...

La Promessa ( The Promise)
Italian Romantic Pop/Opera Performed by Gabriele Previtera, Grand Melody, Elegant Full Symphony Orchestra. Full Of Sweet and Powerful Moments, The Promise Of Love. Dramatic, passionate, e...

Life in a Minute
Piano introducing rhythm, crescendo, and strings. Wonderfully magical atmosphere, emotional, celebratory and uplifting. Beautiful melody, instrumentation and haunting choir grab you and y...

No Me Dica
Great Latin Pop song, featuring Alissa, a great super singer with a sexy, sultry voice singing in Spanish. Exciting urban club scenes, sassy catwalk, high fashion, dancing, party music, i...

Christmas is coming so let's have some fun, Happy, Mischievious, Fun, Orchestral Piece, For your Happy Commercial, Movies, Precious Memories, Family Oriented, Children, Disney Orchestration.

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Tee-Y Blazz Make Way - Tee-Y Blazz
Ruud Janssen Silent Night Before Christmas - 441-16 - Mastered - Ruud Janssen
Terron Brooks Lil' Baby (Live) - Terron Brooks
Tosch Your Eyes - Tosch
River of Kings Exit (Get On Your Way) - River of Kings
Brandon Pugh Trenches (Feat. Money Man) - Brandon Pugh
Michael Bell Electronic Club Dance (Running to You) - Michael Bell
GreaterThan Worship Mighty Deliverer - GreaterThan Worship
Cliff Sarde The World Passes By - Cliff Sarde
Brad Rounds Up On the House Top - Brad Rounds
Real Life Always Stuck On You - Real Life Always
Debbie Harrell Deliver It By Christmas - Debbie Harrell
Mo'kross After the Laughter Stop - Mo'kross
Talking To Sophie Christmas Morning - Talking To Sophie
Dan Foster Beautiful Dreamer - Dan Foster
Aversion Theory Winning Is Everything - Aversion Theory
The Smiling Strangers These Lies - The Smiling Strangers
Kevin Saunders Hayes Starlight - Kevin Saunders Hayes
J Goldfinger Apex - J Goldfinger
MintWhale Big Clouds - MintWhale
Jermaine Inoue Give Me Some Ganja - Jermaine Inoue
Chromatone How's Your Sunday? - Chromatone
Bishop Wayne Same Thing - Bishop Wayne
Swift Timmy If You Wait Too Long - Swift Timmy
David Van Walker Christmas Breakup - David Van Walker
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