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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
The Whole Bolivian Army Bitch in a Volvo - The Whole Bolivian Army
Ronnie W Verboom Relaxation Time - Ronnie W Verboom
David Tick New Day Rising - David Tick
Fabian Fernandez All the Joys of Christmas Time [With Vox] - Fabian Fernandez
Suchitra Lata All the Way - Suchitra Lata
Richard Hughes L.O.V.E. - Richard Hughes
Fez Fatale Swing Those Sleighbells - Fez Fatale
Move 6 Keep Myself Away - Move 6
Silvia Santos Did You Understand Me? - Silvia Santos
Herrick Heaven Don't Let Me Down (Acoustic Version) - Herrick
Soroca and Allocca Santa, May I Hitch a Ride On Your Sleigh? - Soroca and Allocca
Dan Foster Porque Tu - Dan Foster
Thailand Ethnic Ensemble Champa Muang Lao - Thailand Ethnic Ensemble
Baron Chase Baronlamba - Baron Chase
Arrow Casino Fight for Life - 60 Sec - Arrow Casino
Pedrolino Your Truth - Pedrolino
Dan Foster Inspiring Summer - Vocal - Dan Foster
Yaacov Shapiro Vu Bistu Geven - Yaacov Shapiro
Ravage the Rain Sounds of Summer - Ravage the Rain
Benny Lava Weekend - Benny Lava
Fabrizio Levita Stay Right Here (30 Sec) - Fabrizio Levita
Howard Mclaurin We the People - Howard Mclaurin
Fresh Body Shop The Game - Fresh Body Shop
Colin Tench The Mingulay Boatsong By Andy John Bradford & Oceans 5 - Colin Tench
Jonathan Geer Party Party Party! - Jonathan Geer
Liam Killen Full Moon Tonight - Liam Killen
HC The Lover - HC
Joe McGowan Come Back to Me - Joe McGowan
Hellenic Band Sirto Medley - Hellenic Band
AinigmaBand Toso Apla - AinigmaBand
Mendes Brothers Zinha - Mendes Brothers
The First Icebergs Donde Estas? - The First Icebergs
Cheke y Trauma Baila y No Pares - Cheke y Trauma
Ryan Brady Cuban City - Ryan Brady
Hālau Hula Ka No’eau Na Po - Hālau Hula Ka No’eau
Lief Sorbye Kjerringa Pa Seter'n - Lief Sorbye
Wes Webb Cranberries - Wes Webb
Amazing Music Malaysian Son - Amazing Music
D-Kam Voy a Reventar - D-Kam
Tamburica Orchestra Veritas Nasim Sorom, Jagodo (Our Road) - Tamburica Orchestra Veritas
Adzido Khalanga - Sweet My Darling - Adzido
Loyda Pichardo-Hjelte Las Habitaciones Del Rey - Loyda Pichardo-Hjelte
Chester Yourczek The Return - Chester Yourczek
Francisco Jimenez Good King Wenceslas Spanish - Francisco Jimenez
Thomas Beckner Witch Pumpkin - Thomas Beckner
Jeff Iantorno A Tisket a Tasket (Child Solo Vocal) - Jeff Iantorno
Navarr Month Song Harmony - Navarr
Louise Heaney He's Behind You - Louise Heaney
Deep Toizu - Deep
Esther Garcia The Hidden Star - Esther Garcia
Steve Willoughby Up Is Better Than Down (Children) - Steve Willoughby
John Geraghty Chorus Only - John Geraghty
Kyle Kniceley Killin Me Perc Only - Kyle Kniceley
Nick Smeenk Haunted Dream - Nick Smeenk
Akela Sun Corporate Trailer Dreaming - Akela Sun
Joey Curtin The Dragon Song - Joey Curtin

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Featured Artist

Rob Johnson

LA composer, songwriter and entertainer Rob Johnson has had his music featured in dozens of TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother, America's Got Talent, American Idol Rewind, Lets Make A Deal, Mad Love, Flipping Out, Parental Control, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, What Chilli Wants, Ace Of Cakes, and many others. Other projects for which he has composed music include trailers for Madea’s Family Reunion and Daddy’s Little Girl (both for Lionsgate); Scoop, starring Hugh Jackman (Focus Features); Waiting, starring Ryan Reynolds (Lionsgate).

Little White Lie
Neo-60s pop song. Deliciously scathing lyrics dressed up in a super fun 60s dance groove. Great underscore for a deceptive character or as fun source music for a party or bar etc. Could a...

Trying to Catch the Time
A sentimental country song about how quickly time passes and about the importance of living fully in the present moment. A lyric that is both breezy and wistful, carefree and poignant. Ul...

Ain't Doin' Nothin'
Bluesy jazz song about doing everything you can to make your lover happy but not getting the same thing in return. Cool groove, soulful with lyrics and love going down the drain. Male ang...

No One People
Emotional and serious ballad with a good groove. Lyrics that celebrate ordinary people and reject celebrity culture. A lilting, beautiful song about the joys in life once you realize the ...

Dreamy laid-back pop song with a summertime vibe. Lyrics about letting your mind go and enjoying the world around you. Dig the happy vibes, Baby! Sunny, catchy tune, chillout lyrics, beau...

High Decibel Dream Child
70's glam rock type song with a catchy melody and fun, off-the-wall lyrics. Very influenced by the T-Rex, David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust glitter/glam rock era. Put on your feather boa and tur...

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Color Theory Crystal - Color Theory
Michael White I Can't I Won't - Michael White
Jae Dev A Mill - Jae Dev
Dominic T. Kelly I Think I'm Falling in Love (Full Vocal Mix) - Dominic T. Kelly
Howard Herrick Cover Me - Howard Herrick
Chaquis Maliq See You Again - Chaquis Maliq
Thomas Hinman Smooth Jazz Trumpet - Thomas Hinman
Emam & Friends Dance of the Hermit - Segment A - Emam & Friends
Loagz Beatz Bodega (Breakbeat) - Loagz Beatz
Iulian Mailat Stand By Me - East European Pop Instrumental - Iulian Mailat
Nigel Male Runway (Amapiano Trip Mix ) - Nigel Male
Suzy E Sugar 103 Ep Master - Suzy E
Crooked Weather Rabbit Holes - Crooked Weather
Ravage the Rain These Arms - Ravage the Rain
Keldamuzik Dizzy - Keldamuzik
Pags I Won't Give Up - Pags
Dmytro Somov Tribal Spirit - Dmytro Somov
Zachary Friederich Mistletoe Kisses - Zachary Friederich
Vocalatti Satin in Latin - Vocalatti
Morris Hayes Jr Let Me Fix My Life - Morris Hayes Jr
Evgeny Emelyanov The Exodus - Evgeny Emelyanov
Fatima Mhedden Poison - Fatima Mhedden
David R Dinger Wide Open (Dance Pop) - David R Dinger
Denys Brodovskyi Echoes of Imagination Vocal version - Denys Brodovskyi
Ellisa Sun Once Upon a Time - Ellisa Sun
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