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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Arakne Mediterranea Tarantata - Arakne Mediterranea
The Ambient Society Oriental XTC (Feat. Mella) - The Ambient Society
Chuong Dan Em Biet Khong Nen Van Vuong - Chuong Dan
SMM Productions Deepest India - SMM Productions
Lochlainn Seabrook You Are Christmas to Me - Lochlainn Seabrook
Todd & Erin Falling Up - Todd & Erin
Isha Erskine Project (LP) Catch Me If You Can (Stinger 03) - Isha Erskine Project (LP)
Doan Trang Xuan Pha Le - Doan Trang
Roeland Ruijsch Do Ya Wanna - Roeland Ruijsch
C.J. Masters My Dog Rags - C.J. Masters
Diamond Life Boom Boom Boom (Edit A) - Diamond Life
Alain Debaisieux Climbing to the Top (Without Break) - Alain Debaisieux
Kyneska Hotwired - Kyneska
Wendy Mullen Joining the Dance - Wendy Mullen
George Arriola For Love - George Arriola
Matthew Reid Tough As Nails - Matthew Reid
Chris Lutz Noground - Bota Pra Quebrar feat. Quinara e Roger G - Chris Lutz
Kenny Mac Last One Out 45 Second Edit at Intro Verse 2 - Kenny Mac
Vintage Music Library Deutschland Lied - Vintage Music Library
Alexander Khaskin Russians in New York - Alexander Khaskin
Ensemble Kereoni Kvavilebis Kvekana - Ensemble Kereoni
Nabeel Imam To the Sacred Land - Nabeel Imam
Actia Dom U Reki (House By the River) - Actia
Island Letter He's So Charming (15s V2 No Vocals) - Island Letter
The New Duncan Imperials Land of the Elegant Bachelors - The New Duncan Imperials
Music Candy Gobi 30sec Instrumental - Music Candy
High Child Last Chance - High Child
Jesper Mattsson Happy Uptempo Motown Sounding Vocal Track - Jesper Mattsson
Duong Thai Long Noi Nho Khi Em Ra Di - Duong Thai Long
Insingizi Amasango - Insingizi
Blue Nile Om Zein [Mother of Zein] - Blue Nile
Dong Phuong Tuong Anh Chang Ga Lang - Dong Phuong Tuong
Philharmonia La Seine Faure. Requiem.4 Pie Jesu - Philharmonia La Seine
Chris Lutz Noground - Bota Pra Quebrar feat. Quinara e Roger G - Chris Lutz
Chanh Manh Dem Lao Xao - Chanh Manh
Kanizsa Csillagai Kind Odata Mama (When My Mother) - Kanizsa Csillagai
Ioanna & Areti Spanomarkou Tragoudi Tou Hreomenou - Ioanna & Areti Spanomarkou
Urban Chant Beata Viscera - Urban Chant
Rik Roberts Anasheed Emotion - Rik Roberts
Enrique Icka Ma'Ara Nui (The Long Road) - Enrique Icka
Doan Trang Xuan Pha Le - Doan Trang
Actia Dom U Reki (House By the River) - Actia
Vintage Music Library Jugend Gehen Marschieren (Vintage Recording) - Vintage Music Library
The Music Bakery Childhood Christmas 4:00 - The Music Bakery
Ernesto Martin Happy Baby Summer - Ernesto Martin
Richard Jungles African Song Rt - Richard Jungles
Ronan Doherty Discovery of Music and Sound (Music Education) - Ronan Doherty
Travis Scharn Avazila - Travis Scharn
Max DiCarlo Up and Down - Max DiCarlo
Bjorn Lynne Hazard Dream Child (30-secs version) - Bjorn Lynne
David C. Hewitt The Horror #7 (Nursery) - David C. Hewitt
Jacco Willems The Flute - Jacco Willems
Ludwig Amadeus Monkey Funk - Ludwig Amadeus
Keith Holden Silent Night (Dark Horror) - Keith Holden
Adagio Music Angels We Have Heard On High - Adagio Music
Disquiet Music Earthsaverz - Disquiet Music

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Featured Artist

Warren Hein

Native Californian Warren Hein is a phenomenal producer and songwriter who writes in many genres, from Pop to Rock to Ballads, composing great down-home songs with a story to tell. His versatile lyrics are soulful, witty and meaningful, perfect for dramas featuring country loving, heartbreaks, reunions, and the good and bad times in between. His songs would fit nicely for hardscrabble, uplifting stories like Coal Miner's Daughter or Fried Green Tomatoes. Warren's versatility shines through in his shorter cues that are perfect for TV commercials, trailers, and whimsy, as well.

You Won't Listen
Poppy tween throw back "sweet" and "sour" female vocal ready for that throw back era place in film or TV.

I Get the Last Laugh (Vocal)
Anger, pissed and a true "i have the last laugh" song--sung by the great Bill Gaunce! PERFECT "I'm pissed at you" theme, politicians, ex-wife, girl or boyfriend, Versatile!! Stay mad

Lover's Pop Duet Ballad
A Pop love ballad--DUET, very soothing yet a hint of Sex, very smart, thoughtful and perfect for that love scene.

I'm Too Damn Naive (Female Vocal)
Damned NAIVE women!! Pop from a full female perspective--just too damned naive...A ballad that jumps! Crossover potential!

I'm Alone Tonight Without You

Solo Dream (Male Vocal)
Dreamy progressive rock in a newer "Pink Floyd style", bold Pop elements that describe a dream this character is having--and he wakes up still very alone.

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Mott Jordan One World Passion - Mott Jordan
David Harper My Guitar - David Harper
Daniel Trigger Heart of Fire - Daniel Trigger
Chuck Mott Show of Hands - Chuck Mott
Code Switcher What Are You Waiting For - Code Switcher
Carlos Estella Ethereal Epic Dream - Carlos Estella
Cosher Wait for Me - Cosher
Casey Conrad Come Be With Me (Short Club Version) - Casey Conrad
Jive Ass Sleepers Tell Me - Jive Ass Sleepers
Tony Tee The Club Is Poppin - Tony Tee
Giulio Fazio Good Vibes - Giulio Fazio
KLM Music Summer Indie Corporate (60 Sec) - KLM Music
Brian Kopelke Heavy Tight Ft the Butcher - Brian Kopelke
Aaron Saloman Greater Heights - Aaron Saloman
Jaap Visser Urthona - Jaap Visser
Suchitra Lata Right Off My Feet (With Commonwealth Productions) - Suchitra Lata
Larry Folk Gathering of Friends - Larry Folk
Samuel David Alvarez Ancient Spirits - Samuel David Alvarez
Jeff Broadbent Drift - Jeff Broadbent
Voluptas Mors Footsteps in the Sand - Voluptas Mors
Justin Black Waiting - Justin Black
Kate Carpenter Be a Doer - Kate Carpenter
Francois Rivollet Castelli Di Cartone Full Version - Francois Rivollet
Ahmed Musa Sadiq We Ball - Ahmed Musa Sadiq
Chris Rowand House Improvements - Chris Rowand
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