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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
LaGaylia Frazier Something From Nothing - LaGaylia Frazier
Zola Moon The Human Brain - Zola Moon
Daniel Cullen Run to the Devil (Extended Vocal Mix) - Daniel Cullen
Really Free Music Kata Noi - Really Free Music
Craig McConnell Alt. Project Bad Weather - Craig McConnell Alt. Project
Eddie Caldwell No One Has to Know Featuring C R - Eddie Caldwell
Ai Xuan Mong Dep - Ai Xuan
Too Human Trouble All Around - Too Human
Marla Sgro Laugh - Marla Sgro
Amycanbe Burning - Amycanbe
Andy Christie Night Vision - Andy Christie
Ardit Cuni My Friend - Ardit Cuni
Katey Laurel No One Else (Acoustic With Percussion) - Katey Laurel
Alan Brian Curtis I Dream About You - Alan Brian Curtis
Michael Panasuk I'm Ready to Love You - Michael Panasuk
Mick Simpson Pay the Man - Mick Simpson
Zac Nelson Waiting Arms - Zac Nelson
Leisur Hive Magnetism - Leisur Hive
Howard Mclaurin We the People - Howard Mclaurin
Bjorn Lynne Indie Rock Party (Loop 05) - Bjorn Lynne
Chief Rockaz Your Lies - Chief Rockaz
Chris Michols And They'd Never Tell - Chris Michols
The Rockin' Cinders I Got Love - The Rockin' Cinders
Robert Dellaposta I Only Slipped - Robert Dellaposta
Anthony Cormican Falling Down - Anthony Cormican
Steve Willoughby Smile for Me (Male Vocal) - Steve Willoughby
Hillbilly Hellcats Road Rage (Instrumental) - Hillbilly Hellcats
Felipe Adorno Vassao Bad Ass Hip Hop - Felipe Adorno Vassao
Suchitra Lata Day and Night - Suchitra Lata
MemEnTo I'm Still Thinking of You (Akoma Se Skeftomai) - MemEnTo
Duc Tien Em Con Buon Gi - Duc Tien
D-Kam Voy a Reventar - D-Kam
Julian Scott Creation - Julian Scott
La Laque La Sirène Dort - La Laque
Chushingura Act Ii- 8 - Chushingura
Maria Ana Bobone Auto-Retrato - Maria Ana Bobone
Ideascapes Music The Girl in Your Eyes - Ideascapes Music
JuanJo Lopez Vidal Por Una Cabeza - JuanJo Lopez Vidal
Valentina Ponomareva Otoidi, Ne Glyadi (Move Away, Don't Look at Me) - Valentina Ponomareva
Thailand Ethnic Ensemble Champa Muang Lao - Thailand Ethnic Ensemble
Loyda Pichardo- Hjelte Las Habitaciones Del Rey - Loyda Pichardo- Hjelte
The Tswana People Reng Ya Lenyalo - The Tswana People
Code Switcher Don't Walk Away From Me - Code Switcher
Esther Garcia The Hidden Star - Esther Garcia
Nick Smeenk Haunted Dream - Nick Smeenk
Jacco Willems The Flute - Jacco Willems
Kate Carpenter Be a Friend - Kate Carpenter
Matthew Reid Bloodcurdling Sting 3 - Matthew Reid
Ori Vidislavski Child at Night - Ori Vidislavski
HarpString Productions Jingle Bells - HarpString Productions
Thomas Beckner Witch Pumpkin - Thomas Beckner
Keith Holden Silent Night (Dark Horror) - Keith Holden
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Pombi y Pimbo 01 - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Annie McGee Silent Night - Eerie Boys Choir - Annie McGee
Marc Beasley Child's Play - Marc Beasley
Steve Willoughby Up Is Better Than Down (Children) - Steve Willoughby

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Featured Artist

Valerie DeLaCruz

Valeria DeLaCruz has the most beautiful, sincere voice! Her ballads would be perfect for country themes of romance, heartbreak, hard times, recessions, coal miner country, and other soulful themes. Ideal for 1930s hard times to today's families losing their homes, living out of their cars and needin’ a helping hand.

It Wont Be You
Country pop

Clean Out Your Heart
Country pop

Sister (I'd Choose You for My Friend)
Country pop

Honey Love
Country pop

Phantom Love
Country pop

My Girlfriends Quilt
Country pop

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Kam Falk Say a Prayer - Kam Falk
Cargo Cult Rain (60 Sec) - Cargo Cult
Rudy Pusateri Apolitical Apocalypse - Full Track - Rudy Pusateri
Valence Valence and Crossfade - Take Me Higher - Valence
Wesley Devine Shake N Break (Stinger 04) - Wesley Devine
Lilly Wolf Missed Connection - Lilly Wolf
John Christopher Thomas Everything You've Tried - John Christopher Thomas
Mangrinaje Dile No Al Chapo Ft. Wilkin Beltre - Mangrinaje
Songwriterz How I Feel - Songwriterz
Evan Oxhorn Cash Money - Evan Oxhorn
RLA Bronchitis - RLA
Marvin Adcock Too Good to Be Forgot - Marvin Adcock
Carl Schonbeck When You Get Old - Carl Schonbeck
B-Hold da General Grandma's House - B-Hold da General
Rocboi (Hood.Metal.R&B) Let the Bong Rip - Rocboi (Hood.Metal.R&B)
Jacob Doran Dew Drop Hill - Jacob Doran
Carlos Estella Epic Hybrid Inspirational Voices - Carlos Estella
El Hueso Hoy - El Hueso
Brian McShea and The Sidemen Character Witness - Brian McShea and The Sidemen
Francesco Biondi Step By Step - Francesco Biondi
SongsofHD What's On the Radio - SongsofHD
Paul Cooper-James Mass - Paul Cooper-James
Caiti Patton Midas - Caiti Patton
Meese Forbes Mesmerizing - Meese Forbes
Kolade Olamide Ayodeji In Vain - Kolade Olamide Ayodeji
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