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Coming out of nowhere in the early 1980's, the Hip Hop revolution brought forth an amazing new artistic movement that has been hugely influential in music, dance, fashion, art, commerce and much more. Arising in New York and then spreading rapidly around the US and world, Hip Hop music and its vocal form, Rap music, brought the world a cool new lyrically flowing groove and style that quickly evolved into multiple new sub-genres as its evolution progressed. Hip Hop keeps on changing and evolving, integrating traditional music genres and producing new sounds, new styles and amazing new music to inspire the world well into the 21st century and beyond.


  454  Action Thriller Hip Hop
  303  Alternative Rap and Hip Hop
  38  Bass music
  5  Beatnik Rap
  4  Bossa-Hop
  18  Bounce Music
  127  Country-Rap and Hick-Hop
  31  Crunk
  287  Dirty South Rap and Hip Hop
  912  Dramatic Hip Hop
36  Dub-Hop
  217  East Coast Rap and Hip Hop
493  Electro Hop
  153  Electro-Orchestral Hip Hop
66  Euro-hop
  12  Gangsta Rap
  14  Glitch Hop
  6  Go-Go
  87  Hardcore Rap
75  Hip Bop
  892  Hip Hop
  141  Hip Hop Experimental
  2,795  Hip Hop Instrumental
  42  Hip Hop Movie Mashups
  270  Hip Hop music (pending categorization)
  14  Hip Hop MusicPacks
  192  Hip Hop Rock
  433  Hip Hop Soul
14  Hip Horror
155  Hip House
14  Hip-Step
  43  Jazz Rap
  109  Latin Rap and Hip Hop
  12  Metal Rap
  69  Midwest Hip Hop and Rap
  168  Old School Rap and Hip Hop
  283  Party Rap and Hip Hop
  29  Political Rap
  277  Pop-Rap
  104  Rap (pending categorization)
  18  Rap Rock
  4  Rapcore
  98  Trap
  526  Trip Hop
  115  Turntablism
  88  Underground Rap
  228  West Coast Hip Hop and Rap
22  World | African Hip Hop
  16  World | Asian Hip Hop
  2  World | Brazilian Hip Hop
  8  World | British Rap
  47  World | Caribbe Hip Hop
  29  World | Creole Hip Hop
  7  World | French Hip Hop and Rap
  25  World | Indian Hip Hop
  1  World | Italian Hip Hop
  88  World | Middle East Hip Hop
42  World | Vietnamese Hip Hop
  15  World Rap and Hip Hop
10,773 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Patrick Best

Joseph Rusnak

Evens Colas

Project 2020

The Death Beats


Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi



Eddie Caldwell

Kenneth W. Lovell Jr

Quarterstep Productions

Chubb Rock / Wordsmith


Ariel Kelly


Cliff Sarde

Wesley Devine

Sean Balli

Jive Ass Sleepers

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