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Theme Music Artists

Here you will discover the top Theme Music artists at AudioSparx!

Most Prolific Artists
392 Tracks   SMM Productions SMM Productions

281 Tracks   Suzannah Doyle Suzannah Doyle

202 Tracks   David Waugh David Waugh   *Exclusive Artist*

175 Tracks   Roland Rudzitis Roland Rudzitis

260 Tracks   Christmas Music Boutique Christmas Music Boutique

286 Tracks   Nigel Male Nigel Male

132 Tracks   Amy Ip Amy Ip

448 Tracks   Mark S. Crocker Mark S. Crocker   *Exclusive Artist*

306 Tracks   Tunes Are Me Tunes Are Me

2,152 Tracks   Western Horizon Productions Western Horizon Productions

1,248 Tracks   Joey Stebanuk Joey Stebanuk
(AUG 2014)

175 Tracks   David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis

475 Tracks   Music For TV and Games Music For TV and Games   *Exclusive Artist*

383 Tracks   Liam Bradbury Liam Bradbury

338 Tracks   Rudy Pusateri Rudy Pusateri

1,182 Tracks   Pete Bax Pete Bax

629 Tracks   Kepha Peter Martin Kepha Peter Martin

2,561 Tracks   Scott Ross Scott Ross

37 Tracks   Brian McKeever Brian McKeever

459 Tracks   Annie McGee Annie McGee

285 Tracks   Colette Jonas Colette Jonas

376 Tracks   Michael Gaughan Michael Gaughan

211 Tracks   Michael Levanios Michael Levanios

180 Tracks   Music Boutique Music Boutique

291 Tracks   Hans Bolex Hans Bolex

2,190 Tracks   Alec Makinson Alec Makinson
(DEC 2015)

37 Tracks   Matt McLellan Matt McLellan

693 Tracks   Hanjo Gabler Hanjo Gabler

346 Tracks   Justin Crosby Justin Crosby
(JUL 2017)

1,825 Tracks   Steve Urwin Steve Urwin

783 Tracks   Jens Larsson Jens Larsson   *Exclusive Artist*

832 Tracks   Dean Wagg Dean Wagg

2,246 Tracks   Ferenc Hegedus Ferenc Hegedus

268 Tracks   Bartok Music Bartok Music

707 Tracks   Eric Waters Eric Waters

85 Tracks   Dan Selby Dan Selby

7,561 Tracks   Bobby Cole Bobby Cole

703 Tracks   Iouri Sazonov (LP) Iouri Sazonov (LP)

254 Tracks   Frank Enea Frank Enea

593 Tracks   Inod Inod

1,921 Tracks   The Music Bakery The Music Bakery

315 Tracks   David Johanns David Johanns

446 Tracks   Barry Keller Barry Keller

1,039 Tracks   Abbas Premjee (LP) Abbas Premjee (LP)

199 Tracks   Dan Morrissey (LP) Dan Morrissey (LP)

1,485 Tracks   Jeff Whitcher Jeff Whitcher

433 Tracks   Alessandro Gozzo Alessandro Gozzo
(MAY 2016)

61 Tracks   Ronaldo Ronaldo

279 Tracks   Said Koubaa Said Koubaa   *Exclusive Artist*

255 Tracks   Kyle Booth Kyle Booth

674 Tracks   Barry Gilbey Barry Gilbey

270 Tracks   Dave Blomberg Dave Blomberg

768 Tracks   Dustin Taylor Phillips Dustin Taylor Phillips

390 Tracks   Evgeny Emelyanov Evgeny Emelyanov

2,058 Tracks   John Francis Jorgensen John Francis Jorgensen

379 Tracks   Francesco Giovannangelo (LP) Francesco Giovannangelo (LP)

1,780 Tracks   Above Envy Above Envy

53 Tracks   Jerome Lamasset Project Jerome Lamasset Project

272 Tracks   Julio Kladniew Project (LP) Julio Kladniew Project (LP)

107 Tracks   Kieren Charles Smith Kieren Charles Smith

103 Tracks   Manuel Ochoa Project Manuel Ochoa Project

171 Tracks   Major 7 Major 7

178 Tracks   Pablo Green Pablo Green

278 Tracks   Jerome Chauvel Jerome Chauvel

406 Tracks   Phil Panton Phil Panton

107 Tracks   Accomplished Sonics Accomplished Sonics

704 Tracks   J Goldfinger J Goldfinger

580 Tracks   Edward Blakeley Edward Blakeley

724 Tracks   Jason Cullimore Jason Cullimore

302 Tracks   Denbo17 Denbo17

828 Tracks   Botabateau Botabateau

167 Tracks   Morris Lionel Morris Lionel

206 Tracks   Michael Amlacher Michael Amlacher

422 Tracks   Sangho Lee Sangho Lee

177 Tracks   Heavenless Heavenless

119 Tracks   Javier Cervero Javier Cervero

147 Tracks   Alex Maciel Alex Maciel

975 Tracks   Evan Oxhorn Evan Oxhorn

166 Tracks   Haene & Maddeford Haene & Maddeford

138 Tracks   Haene & Midnite Haene & Midnite

69 Tracks   Haene & Friedrich Haene & Friedrich

67 Tracks   Kristian Sensini Kristian Sensini

161 Tracks   Hassan Khan Hassan Khan

436 Tracks   Tom Rule Tom Rule

301 Tracks   Patrice Williams Patrice Williams

142 Tracks   Michael Behm Michael Behm

524 Tracks   Owen Phillips Owen Phillips

69 Tracks   Stefan Klein Stefan Klein

1,303 Tracks   Michael Panasuk Michael Panasuk

990 Tracks   Silvia Marchese Silvia Marchese

421 Tracks   Stefano Fucili Stefano Fucili

76 Tracks   Osei Jenkins Osei Jenkins

352 Tracks   Craig Dodge Craig Dodge

849 Tracks   Wilton Vought Wilton Vought

660 Tracks   Keith Holden Keith Holden

411 Tracks   Jonathan Adamich Jonathan Adamich

205 Tracks   CueHits CueHits

5,058 Tracks   Arpad Zsolt Domahidi Arpad Zsolt Domahidi

99 Tracks   Jill Kremer Jill Kremer

56 Tracks   J.T. Peterson J.T. Peterson

492 Tracks   Bang Cuong Bang Cuong   *Exclusive Artist*

304 Tracks   Mark Allaway Mark Allaway

758 Tracks   The Hi Freqs The Hi Freqs
(JUN 2017)

475 Tracks   Jonathan Carlile Jonathan Carlile

1,581 Tracks   William Pearson William Pearson

485 Tracks   Torfi Olafsson Torfi Olafsson

298 Tracks   Leland Thomas Faegre Leland Thomas Faegre

227 Tracks   MacTilla Beats MacTilla Beats

11,453 Tracks   Bjorn Lynne Bjorn Lynne

63 Tracks   Kevin Saunders Hayes Kevin Saunders Hayes

824 Tracks   Jean Pascal Vielfaure Jean Pascal Vielfaure

50 Tracks   Richard Dale Richard Dale

2,213 Tracks   Julio Kladniew Julio Kladniew

77 Tracks   Trio Caliente Trio Caliente

424 Tracks   Chris Liberti Chris Liberti

80 Tracks   Chris Udell Chris Udell

206 Tracks   Erik Jacobsen Erik Jacobsen

9,242 Tracks   Andrew GCN Fleming Andrew GCN Fleming

277 Tracks   Martin Haene Martin Haene

1,021 Tracks   Eric Bolvin Eric Bolvin

251 Tracks   Aaron J Curtis Aaron J Curtis

156 Tracks   Michael Ryan Michael Ryan

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