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Dance Music Artists

Here you will discover the top Dance Music artists at AudioSparx!

Most Prolific Artists
405 Tracks   Jacco Willems Jacco Willems

290 Tracks   Erwin Steijlen Erwin Steijlen
(NOV 2014)

125 Tracks   Will Graettinger Will Graettinger

89 Tracks   Adam Scourfield Adam Scourfield
(SEP 2014)

757 Tracks   Roeland Ruijsch Roeland Ruijsch
(APR 2013)

219 Tracks   Tom Hajduk Tom Hajduk

318 Tracks   RLC Music RLC Music
(MAR 2018)

81 Tracks   Wayne Numan Wayne Numan

298 Tracks   Michael Wheeler Michael Wheeler   *Exclusive Artist*

226 Tracks   Eric Bode Eric Bode

491 Tracks   John Judd John Judd

346 Tracks   Justin Crosby Justin Crosby
(JUL 2017)

127 Tracks   Gordon Nance Gordon Nance

89 Tracks   DJ Trigger DJ Trigger

50 Tracks   DJ Shands DJ Shands

2,995 Tracks   Dan Phillipson Dan Phillipson

315 Tracks   Davor Devcic Davor Devcic
(OCT 2014)

292 Tracks   Adam Skorupa Adam Skorupa

317 Tracks   AL Music AL Music

126 Tracks   Elite Sync Lab Elite Sync Lab

84 Tracks   Ikiro Ikiro   *Exclusive Artist*

137 Tracks   Matthew Raetzel Matthew Raetzel

552 Tracks   Andy L Andy L

82 Tracks   Rolanoid Rolanoid

194 Tracks   Don Taylor Don Taylor

123 Tracks   Aedan Sherry Aedan Sherry

494 Tracks   Colin Willsher Colin Willsher

837 Tracks   Patrick Best Patrick Best

475 Tracks   Music For TV and Games Music For TV and Games   *Exclusive Artist*

90 Tracks   Benny Lava Benny Lava

2,018 Tracks   Pierre Langer Pierre Langer

63 Tracks   Cary August Cary August

1,611 Tracks   Felipe Adorno Vassao Felipe Adorno Vassao

1,150 Tracks   Eddie Caldwell Eddie Caldwell

301 Tracks   Nigel Male Nigel Male
(FEB 2020)

163 Tracks   Dynamedion Dynamedion

96 Tracks   One One

180 Tracks   Jonas Bateman Jonas Bateman

2,255 Tracks   Dan Gautreau Dan Gautreau

176 Tracks   Massimiliano Franceschin Massimiliano Franceschin

385 Tracks   Brighter Note Brighter Note

252 Tracks   Garry Cribb Garry Cribb   *Exclusive Artist*

20 Tracks   Pierluigi Cerin Pierluigi Cerin

650 Tracks   Piotr Pacyna Piotr Pacyna

866 Tracks   Andy Schofield Andy Schofield
(JAN 2016)

7,136 Tracks   Bjorn Lynne Bjorn Lynne

1,418 Tracks   Art Munson Art Munson

163 Tracks   Daniel Bijan Daniel Bijan

492 Tracks   Damian Martin Turnbull Damian Martin Turnbull

4,253 Tracks   Music Candy Music Candy   *Exclusive Artist*
(JAN 2014)

818 Tracks   Inod Inod

954 Tracks   Konstantinos Panagiotidis Konstantinos Panagiotidis

1,359 Tracks   Denis Woods Denis Woods
(MAY 2014)

129 Tracks   Electric Chair 3000 Electric Chair 3000   *Exclusive Artist*

69 Tracks   Vincent Bernay Vincent Bernay

175 Tracks   David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis

1,326 Tracks   Deep Deep

2,737 Tracks   Global Sound System Global Sound System

327 Tracks   Charlie Mac Charlie Mac

356 Tracks   Andrej Hrasko Andrej Hrasko

149 Tracks   Zoltan Kocsis Zoltan Kocsis   *Exclusive Artist*

65 Tracks   Jack Dazey Jack Dazey

1,564 Tracks   KLM Music KLM Music

237 Tracks   Brian Kopelke Brian Kopelke   *Exclusive Artist*

1,147 Tracks   Dream Valley Music Dream Valley Music

335 Tracks   Adwise Music Adwise Music

376 Tracks   Cauchemar Cauchemar

1,166 Tracks   David Phillips David Phillips

9,242 Tracks   Andrew GCN Fleming Andrew GCN Fleming

23 Tracks   Bizarre Bizarre

2,005 Tracks   Jive Ass Sleepers Jive Ass Sleepers
(NOV 2015)

524 Tracks   Joseph Rusnak Joseph Rusnak

587 Tracks   Big Sound Music Big Sound Music

20 Tracks   Michiel van Zundert Michiel van Zundert

890 Tracks   Danny Duberstein Danny Duberstein

1,092 Tracks   Edouard Andre Reny Edouard Andre Reny
(JUL 2014)

220 Tracks   Steve Cornish Steve Cornish

203 Tracks   Babygrand Babygrand

1,488 Tracks   Dmitri Belichenko Dmitri Belichenko

127 Tracks   David Tate David Tate

116 Tracks   Carol Hahn Carol Hahn

939 Tracks   Francesco Biondi Francesco Biondi

338 Tracks   Rudy Pusateri Rudy Pusateri

80 Tracks   Ibiza Fashion House Ibiza Fashion House

559 Tracks   Lee FitzSimmons Lee FitzSimmons

453 Tracks   Oscar Salguero Oscar Salguero

126 Tracks   DJ Purple Rabbit DJ Purple Rabbit

612 Tracks   Nery Bauer Nery Bauer
(OCT 2018)

27 Tracks   David Amber David Amber

2,538 Tracks   Wesley Devine Wesley Devine

268 Tracks   Suchitra Lata Suchitra Lata
(MAR 2014)

223 Tracks   Bryan Steele Bryan Steele

148 Tracks   Jonathan Morning Jonathan Morning

485 Tracks   Serge Ozeryan Serge Ozeryan

430 Tracks   DJ Skillmaster DJ Skillmaster

338 Tracks   Richard Jungles Richard Jungles

76 Tracks   William Bures William Bures

105 Tracks   In House Productions In House Productions

42 Tracks   Liz Cirelli Liz Cirelli

505 Tracks   D.C. SoulPlusMind D.C. SoulPlusMind

409 Tracks   Tosch Tosch

1,453 Tracks   Wolftooth Wolftooth

2,231 Tracks   Alec Makinson Alec Makinson
(DEC 2015)

357 Tracks   Nick Nicolas Nick Nicolas

251 Tracks   Arrow Casino Arrow Casino   *Exclusive Artist*

174 Tracks   AltoSync AltoSync

437 Tracks   Big Prod Sounds Big Prod Sounds

2,213 Tracks   Julio Kladniew Julio Kladniew

382 Tracks   Wes Webb Wes Webb

77 Tracks   Alex Rich Alex Rich

574 Tracks   Michael Keck Michael Keck   *Exclusive Artist*
(APR 2012)

482 Tracks   Hijack The Harmony Hijack The Harmony

116 Tracks   Rikah Rikah

161 Tracks   Maarit Korhonen Maarit Korhonen   *Exclusive Artist*

140 Tracks   Chester Yourczek Chester Yourczek

64 Tracks   Manuel Marino Manuel Marino

88 Tracks   Kenneth Caple Kenneth Caple   *Exclusive Artist*

85 Tracks   SUNN SUNN

587 Tracks   Akela Sun Akela Sun
(FEB 2013)

108 Tracks   Cliff Sarde Cliff Sarde   *Exclusive Artist*

654 Tracks   Roberto Feltracco Roberto Feltracco

450 Tracks   Frequencee Frequencee

112 Tracks   Miroslav Saric Miroslav Saric

1,752 Tracks   Image Sounds Image Sounds

181 Tracks   Gary Openhill Gary Openhill

1,028 Tracks   SoundDotCom SoundDotCom

385 Tracks   Yigit Atilla Yigit Atilla   *Exclusive Artist*
(MAY 2018)

440 Tracks   Gus Caveda Gus Caveda

436 Tracks   Ron Verboom Ron Verboom

24 Tracks   54 Feat. Lawson 54 Feat. Lawson

457 Tracks   Andy Potterton Andy Potterton

717 Tracks   Masterwerk Masterwerk

279 Tracks   Said Koubaa Said Koubaa   *Exclusive Artist*

48 Tracks   Fab Fab

331 Tracks   Pawel Blaszczak Pawel Blaszczak

2,040 Tracks   Aleksandar Dimitrijevic Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

36 Tracks   Hacienda Hacienda

195 Tracks   Summer Witch Music Summer Witch Music

160 Tracks   Michael Ryan Michael Ryan

555 Tracks   Alandra Alandra

174 Tracks   J Osada J Osada   *Exclusive Artist*

43 Tracks   Constant Drift Constant Drift

290 Tracks   Side FX and Kim Cameron Side FX and Kim Cameron

1,171 Tracks   Darko Saric Darko Saric

260 Tracks   Jean-Thomas Cloutier Jean-Thomas Cloutier

1,921 Tracks   The Music Bakery The Music Bakery

2,253 Tracks   Ferenc Hegedus Ferenc Hegedus

15 Tracks   Stefano Binotto Stefano Binotto

137 Tracks   Gushito Gushito

88 Tracks   Cosher Cosher
(OCT 2017)

330 Tracks   Ian Kirton Ian Kirton

860 Tracks   Wilton Vought Wilton Vought

881 Tracks   Adagio Music Adagio Music

143 Tracks   Martin Winslow Martin Winslow   *Exclusive Artist*

737 Tracks   Thomas Stobierski Thomas Stobierski

311 Tracks   Watt Generated Benjamins Watt Generated Benjamins   *Exclusive Artist*

169 Tracks   Chris Southward Chris Southward

5,422 Tracks   Arpad Zsolt Domahidi Arpad Zsolt Domahidi

271 Tracks   One To 7 Music One To 7 Music

1,991 Tracks   D. Silverstone D. Silverstone

62 Tracks   Metamorphoid Metamorphoid

475 Tracks   Simon Wolfe Simon Wolfe

248 Tracks   Chain of Chaos Chain of Chaos   *Exclusive Artist*

7,561 Tracks   Bobby Cole Bobby Cole

3,757 Tracks   Fab Claxton Fab Claxton

120 Tracks   Espionage Espionage

5,056 Tracks   Ron Komie Ron Komie

97 Tracks   David Hamilton David Hamilton

943 Tracks   The Hi Freqs The Hi Freqs
(JUN 2017)

580 Tracks   Edward Blakeley Edward Blakeley

382 Tracks   Chris Rivedal Chris Rivedal

58 Tracks   Claudio Fiore Claudio Fiore

21 Tracks   Jadian Jadian

45 Tracks   Poppy Brothers Poppy Brothers

85 Tracks   Chris Huelsbeck Chris Huelsbeck

103 Tracks   Stuart Mee Stuart Mee   *Exclusive Artist*

323 Tracks   Mikael Manvelyan Mikael Manvelyan

92 Tracks   Jason Jaxx Jason Jaxx

835 Tracks   Chris Bernard Chris Bernard

1,122 Tracks   Wicked Ear Candy Wicked Ear Candy

398 Tracks   Cyril Baranov Cyril Baranov

205 Tracks   CueHits CueHits

20 Tracks   Marco Righetto Marco Righetto

458 Tracks   Homemadesoul Homemadesoul   *Exclusive Artist*

168 Tracks   Lorenzo Johnson Lorenzo Johnson

137 Tracks   F.C Works F.C Works

93 Tracks   Steve Buonanotte Steve Buonanotte

782 Tracks   MF MF   *Exclusive Artist*

145 Tracks   Ant on Wax Ant on Wax

291 Tracks   Hans Bolex Hans Bolex

2,383 Tracks   Jeff Whitcher Jeff Whitcher

1,396 Tracks   Showtime Music Showtime Music

285 Tracks   Tamara Shestopalova Tamara Shestopalova   *Exclusive Artist*

1,333 Tracks   David Beard David Beard

88 Tracks   Bas van den Eijken Bas van den Eijken

1,210 Tracks   Dan Foster Dan Foster

120 Tracks   Louise Tremblay Louise Tremblay

119 Tracks   Starcats Project Starcats Project

62 Tracks   Rustcycle Rustcycle

412 Tracks   Al Cohen Al Cohen

74 Tracks   Henry Gil Henry Gil

64 Tracks   Peter Ninnes Peter Ninnes

56 Tracks   Doug Laurent Doug Laurent

261 Tracks   Storm Drums Storm Drums

1,093 Tracks   Brian Thomas Curtin Brian Thomas Curtin

513 Tracks   Studio 1 Studio 1

1,580 Tracks   Above Envy Above Envy

265 Tracks   Soulful Cafe Soulful Cafe
(JAN 2018)

492 Tracks   Verona Music Verona Music

226 Tracks   Matt Kjeldsen Matt Kjeldsen

256 Tracks   Kevin Dupont Kevin Dupont

1,986 Tracks   Steve Urwin Steve Urwin

72 Tracks   Gary D. Gary D.

558 Tracks   Vatra Soundworks Vatra Soundworks

122 Tracks   Songwriterz Songwriterz

91 Tracks   Thomas Naszalyi Thomas Naszalyi

1,037 Tracks   Adam Bennett Adam Bennett

393 Tracks   Ryszard Osada Ryszard Osada   *Exclusive Artist*

34 Tracks   Ardit Cuni Ardit Cuni   *Exclusive Artist*

140 Tracks   Francois Rivollet Francois Rivollet

80 Tracks   Anthony Mena Anthony Mena   *Exclusive Artist*

214 Tracks   Ray Egan Ray Egan

500 Tracks   Julian Scott Julian Scott

70 Tracks   Bla69 Bla69

140 Tracks   Michael Onofrio Michael Onofrio

36 Tracks   Frank Pels Frank Pels

238 Tracks   Science Friction ACM Science Friction ACM

2,360 Tracks   Western Horizon Productions Western Horizon Productions

108 Tracks   DJ Rimka DJ Rimka

625 Tracks   Robert Neary Robert Neary

237 Tracks   Rik Roberts Rik Roberts   *Exclusive Artist*

921 Tracks   Barry Gilbey Barry Gilbey

61 Tracks   Kirk McQueen Kirk McQueen
(MAY 2019)

188 Tracks   Adam Robert Galloway Adam Robert Galloway   *Exclusive Artist*

235 Tracks   Dean Graham Wolfe Dean Graham Wolfe

220 Tracks   Julien Moorrees Julien Moorrees
(NOV 2019)

660 Tracks   Keith Holden Keith Holden

682 Tracks   Michael Musco Michael Musco

377 Tracks   Ronan McQuillan Ronan McQuillan

29 Tracks   We Are Nexus We Are Nexus

36 Tracks   Deskee Deskee

144 Tracks   DJ Myde DJ Myde

137 Tracks   Mir Wave Mir Wave

383 Tracks   Jerome Chauvel Jerome Chauvel

482 Tracks   Jasen Shawn Smith Jasen Shawn Smith

473 Tracks   Ben Harris Ben Harris

2,930 Tracks   Scott Ross Scott Ross

281 Tracks   Chillout Tunes Chillout Tunes

39 Tracks   Liana Liana

32 Tracks   DJ Cobra DJ Cobra

51 Tracks   The First Icebergs The First Icebergs

113 Tracks   The Oliverwho Factory The Oliverwho Factory

66 Tracks   Dragan Matic Dragan Matic   *Exclusive Artist*

200 Tracks   Darren Lucas Darren Lucas

54 Tracks   Nora Berg Nora Berg

936 Tracks   Botabateau Botabateau

50 Tracks   Ike Albert Ike Albert

305 Tracks   Lindy Botha Lindy Botha

534 Tracks   Peter Godfrey Peter Godfrey

99 Tracks   SaitoSphere SaitoSphere   *Exclusive Artist*

235 Tracks   Bruce Hathaway Bruce Hathaway

339 Tracks   Add-On Add-On

155 Tracks   Funtime Ringtones Funtime Ringtones   *Exclusive Artist*

40 Tracks   Vuxelle Vume Vuxelle Vume

349 Tracks   John Gallagher John Gallagher   *Exclusive Artist*

537 Tracks   Chameleon Music Chameleon Music

59 Tracks   Fabrizio Levita Fabrizio Levita

240 Tracks   Fresh Body Shop Fresh Body Shop
(MAY 2017)

683 Tracks   Piotr Pacyna (LP) Piotr Pacyna (LP)

241 Tracks   Valencia Magic Valencia Magic

271 Tracks   Russell Lieblich Russell Lieblich

876 Tracks   Michael Nickolas Michael Nickolas

744 Tracks   Leon Ayers, Jr. Leon Ayers, Jr.

169 Tracks   King Daddy Dee King Daddy Dee   *Exclusive Artist*

333 Tracks   Sean Balli Sean Balli

89 Tracks   MusicmasterXC MusicmasterXC

121 Tracks   Jimmy Aurora Jimmy Aurora

36 Tracks   Ezzycam Ezzycam

304 Tracks   Wave Dweller Wave Dweller

100 Tracks   Plastic DJ Plastic DJ

265 Tracks   Prizm Prime Prizm Prime

366 Tracks   Nils B LP Nils B LP

142 Tracks   Abeats Abeats   *Exclusive Artist*

1,107 Tracks   Evan Oxhorn Evan Oxhorn

602 Tracks   David Banks David Banks

910 Tracks   Shylock Jay Shylock Jay

533 Tracks   Dewey Dellay Dewey Dellay

257 Tracks   Aaron J Curtis Aaron J Curtis

670 Tracks   Gennadiy Alekseevich Gennadiy Alekseevich

167 Tracks   Morris Lionel Morris Lionel

20 Tracks   David Hopper David Hopper

1,336 Tracks   Bajatoshi Bajatoshi

1,587 Tracks   Anthony Alleeson Anthony Alleeson

117 Tracks   Peter Agyagos Peter Agyagos

93 Tracks   Bent USA Bent USA

206 Tracks   Erik Jacobsen Erik Jacobsen

42 Tracks   Irina Radosavljevic Arina Irina Radosavljevic Arina

901 Tracks   Ed Napoli Ed Napoli
(NOV 2017)

524 Tracks   Geoffrey Wilson Geoffrey Wilson

1,252 Tracks   J. A. Ericson J. A. Ericson

139 Tracks   Issam Azziz Issam Azziz

230 Tracks   Damir Kolakovic Damir Kolakovic

832 Tracks   Dean Wagg Dean Wagg

276 Tracks   erdin erdin

270 Tracks   Dave Blomberg Dave Blomberg

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