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Sound-Alikes Music Artists

Here you will discover the top Sound-Alikes Music artists at AudioSparx!

Most Prolific Artists
405 Tracks   Jacco Willems Jacco Willems

1,359 Tracks   Denis Woods Denis Woods
(MAY 2014)

491 Tracks   John Judd John Judd

7,561 Tracks   Bobby Cole Bobby Cole

140 Tracks   Alan Brian Curtis Alan Brian Curtis
(DEC 2013)

101 Tracks   Jon Lawson Jon Lawson

280 Tracks   Paint Chips Paint Chips

298 Tracks   Michael Wheeler Michael Wheeler   *Exclusive Artist*

233 Tracks   Alexander Tobias Orest Alexander Tobias Orest

140 Tracks   Tom Jemmott Tom Jemmott
(OCT 2015)

346 Tracks   Justin Crosby Justin Crosby
(JUL 2017)

180 Tracks   John Murray John Murray

603 Tracks   Amazing Music Amazing Music

161 Tracks   K.O. Star Productions K.O. Star Productions

64 Tracks   Peter Vincent Brasino Peter Vincent Brasino

207 Tracks   Masterwerks R&B Masterwerks R&B

1,305 Tracks   Gary Wolk Gary Wolk
(DEC 2014)

226 Tracks   Steve E. Williams Steve E. Williams   *Exclusive Artist*

2,095 Tracks   Western Horizon Productions Western Horizon Productions

2,995 Tracks   Dan Phillipson Dan Phillipson

1,769 Tracks   Jive Ass Sleepers Jive Ass Sleepers
(NOV 2015)

216 Tracks   Tom Hajduk Tom Hajduk

896 Tracks   Brian Thomas Curtin Brian Thomas Curtin

353 Tracks   Greg Patmore Greg Patmore
(AUG 2015)

195 Tracks   Summer Witch Music Summer Witch Music

615 Tracks   Robert Neary Robert Neary

125 Tracks   Will Graettinger Will Graettinger

689 Tracks   Hanjo Gabler Hanjo Gabler

547 Tracks   Alexander Khaskin Alexander Khaskin

315 Tracks   Davor Devcic Davor Devcic
(OCT 2014)

73 Tracks   Joe Vercillo Joe Vercillo
(JUN 2013)

660 Tracks   Keith Holden Keith Holden

463 Tracks   Chris Hodges Chris Hodges

350 Tracks   David C. Hewitt David C. Hewitt
(NOV 2012)

252 Tracks   Garry Cribb Garry Cribb   *Exclusive Artist*

304 Tracks   RLC Music RLC Music
(MAR 2018)

517 Tracks   Evan Zappa & the Necessity Evan Zappa & the Necessity

178 Tracks   Ross Milligan Ross Milligan

147 Tracks   Chris Michols Chris Michols

1,440 Tracks   Felipe Adorno Vassao Felipe Adorno Vassao

420 Tracks   Stefano Fucili Stefano Fucili

385 Tracks   Brighter Note Brighter Note

1,150 Tracks   Eddie Caldwell Eddie Caldwell

773 Tracks   MF MF   *Exclusive Artist*

102 Tracks   Cruciform Cruciform

4,048 Tracks   Music Candy Music Candy   *Exclusive Artist*
(JAN 2014)

253 Tracks   Linwood Bell Linwood Bell   *Exclusive Artist*
(SEP 2015)

357 Tracks   Purple Mountain Purple Mountain

297 Tracks   Michael Corn Michael Corn

541 Tracks   Andy L Andy L

89 Tracks   Adam Scourfield Adam Scourfield
(SEP 2014)

104 Tracks   Marc Teichert Marc Teichert

35 Tracks   Graham Pagano Graham Pagano

467 Tracks   Matthew Reid Matthew Reid

379 Tracks   Kevin M. Baumgard Kevin M. Baumgard

2,538 Tracks   Wesley Devine Wesley Devine

137 Tracks   Danny Poit Danny Poit

297 Tracks   United Sonic Alliance United Sonic Alliance

146 Tracks   Brian David Watson Brian David Watson

436 Tracks   Ron Verboom Ron Verboom

1,418 Tracks   Art Munson Art Munson

650 Tracks   Piotr Pacyna Piotr Pacyna

1,401 Tracks   Aaron Saloman Aaron Saloman

707 Tracks   Eric Waters Eric Waters

143 Tracks   Richie Milton Richie Milton

364 Tracks   Michael Gaughan Michael Gaughan

1,228 Tracks   Joey Stebanuk Joey Stebanuk
(AUG 2014)

175 Tracks   Roland Rudzitis Roland Rudzitis

1,326 Tracks   Deep Deep

593 Tracks   Music And SFX Music And SFX   *Exclusive Artist*

498 Tracks   Shadrick Beechem Shadrick Beechem

76 Tracks   Eric Fletcher Eric Fletcher
(FEB 2019)

323 Tracks   The Rockin' Cinders The Rockin' Cinders

303 Tracks   RCummins RCummins

213 Tracks   Alexey Maximov Alexey Maximov

30 Tracks   John Savage John Savage

326 Tracks   Michele Vanni Michele Vanni

665 Tracks   Masterwerk Masterwerk

1,276 Tracks   Michael Panasuk Michael Panasuk

558 Tracks   Brenda Elthon Brenda Elthon

468 Tracks   Ben Harris Ben Harris

340 Tracks   Media Music Pro Media Music Pro

824 Tracks   Jean Pascal Vielfaure Jean Pascal Vielfaure

79 Tracks   Du Lac Du Lac   *Exclusive Artist*

101 Tracks   Giovanni Perini Giovanni Perini

154 Tracks   Dmytro Krasiuk Dmytro Krasiuk

474 Tracks   Al Vienneau Al Vienneau
(APR 2016)

264 Tracks   Evens Colas Evens Colas

74 Tracks   Kurt Kreimier Kurt Kreimier

94 Tracks   Joey Curtin Joey Curtin

681 Tracks   Reil Brothers Reil Brothers

484 Tracks   Marco Pesci Marco Pesci

2,537 Tracks   Ethereal Motion Ethereal Motion

2,642 Tracks   Stefan Bode Stefan Bode

248 Tracks   Chain of Chaos Chain of Chaos   *Exclusive Artist*

990 Tracks   Silvia Marchese Silvia Marchese

132 Tracks   Kyle Kniceley Kyle Kniceley   *Exclusive Artist*

188 Tracks   Adam Robert Galloway Adam Robert Galloway   *Exclusive Artist*

18 Tracks   Red Math Red Math

133 Tracks   Nicholas Palmer Nicholas Palmer

492 Tracks   Verona Music Verona Music

1,182 Tracks   Pete Bax Pete Bax

236 Tracks   Chris Hodges (LP) Chris Hodges (LP)

114 Tracks   Jakaranda Jakaranda   *Exclusive Artist*

42 Tracks   Chainsaw Therapy Chainsaw Therapy

89 Tracks   Tino Aureli Tino Aureli   *Exclusive Artist*

26 Tracks   Supernova Supernova

836 Tracks   Wilton Vought Wilton Vought

45 Tracks   Peter Olach Peter Olach

860 Tracks   Dan Foster Dan Foster

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