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Vocalization sound effects (screaming, cheering, booing, groaning and more)

Non-musical vocal sounds and sound effects


  236  Amazed, astounded and surprised sounds
  121  Calling and attention-getting sounds
  340  Cheering Crowds
  49  Groaning sounds
  235  Grunts, exclamations, stammering
  87  Haunted voices and talking
  8  Humming sounds
  13  Native War Call Sound Effects
  59  Oohs and aahs
  46  Partying sounds
  52  Screaming and yelling children
  338  Screaming and yelling men
  243  Screaming and yelling women
30  Vocal effects / haunted and evil singing
1,857 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks


Hollywood Post

Simon Stockhausen

Fear Productions

Ian Hubball

Special Effects and Sounds

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Vocalization Sounds

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