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Horror and Halloween (witches, zombies, ghouls, ghosts, haunted houses)

All the sounds of Halloween and ultimate horror


  17  Animal torture sound effects
  206  Beast sound effects
  29  Cauldrons and boiling
  6  Chainsaw evil sound effects
  173  Creaking door sound effects
  59  Creaky floor sound effects
  173  Creature sound effects
  112  Devil, satan and minion sound effects
  91  Dungeon sound effects
  11  Evil butler sound effects
  163  Evil laughter
  358  Ghost sound effects
  22  Ghoul sound effects
  8  Goblin sound effects
  67  Graveyard sound effects
  29  Gremlin sound effects
  8  Grim Reaper sound effects
  216  Halloween horror sounds (pending categorization)
  11  Haunted carnivals and circus sound effects
  39  Haunted chains
  128  Haunted house sounds
  42  Haunted laboratory sound effects
  11  Haunted rocking chair sound effects
87  Haunted voices and talking
  77  Haunted weather
  26  Haunted whispering sound effects
  84  Hell sound effects
  859  Horror ambience
  20  Horror SoundPacks
  132  Industrial horror scene sound effects
  198  Monster sound effects
  171  Nightmare sound effects
  17  Ogre sound effects
  45  Psychotic lunatic sound effects
  30  Scary sub-bass sound effects
  210  Scary synth sound effects
  132  Scary voices sound effects
52  Screaming and yelling children
49  Screaming and yelling crowds
338  Screaming and yelling men
243  Screaming and yelling women
  135  Torture chamber sound effects
  13  Trick-or-Treaters
  22  Vampire bats
  48  Vampire sounds
  101  Werewolf sound effects
  171  Witch sound effects
  278  Zombie sound effects
5,517 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Toxic Bag Productions


Geller Sound FX

Kevin Packard



Justin Van Hout

James Verderame

Darren Lucas

Nigel Bellis

Hollywood Post

Nery Bauer

Ron Short

Eric Aubrey Rippingale

Music And SFX

Toxic Bag Productions

Igge Scoce

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