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Turntable sound effects (scratches, loops, jams, classic record players and more)

Cool record player scratching, spins and effects, as well as classic record player sounds (such as Victrolas)


  2  Classic record player sounds
  32  Record player needle noise
  7  Turntable effects with drum fills
  31  Turntable effects with drums
  7  Turntable effects with kick drum
  4  Turntable effects with percussion
  434  Turntable scratch effects
  17  Turntable scratch effects with band
  6  Turntable scratch effects with keyboards
  22  Turntable scratch effects with vocals
  1  Turntable scratch effects with wind instruments
  77  Turntable scratch loop effects
640 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Leeder Sound FX

JP Sound Design

Hollywood Post

Indigo Sound LLC

Gabriel Godwin

Domino Sound Effects

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