AudioSparx Newsletter - December 2010 - Santa Claus Brings You 60,000 Exclusive Tracks!

AudioSparx Newsletter - December 2010
December 2010
Santa Claus Brings You 60,000 Exclusive Tracks!
Plus Shared Project Hotlists For Easy Team Collaboration

60,000 Exclusive Tracks! - The Christmas Elves at AudioSparx have been busy all year long assembling an amazing library of 15,000 Exclusive Music Tracks + 45,000 Exclusive Sound Effects! This is music and SFX you won’t find on other websites that exists solely here for immediate licensing and download for use in Film, Documentary, TV Commercial, Radio Spot, or other commercial projects. AudioSparx is a hybrid web site, offering both exclusive and non-exclusive music, with a combined total of over 400,000 hot tracks at your fingertips. Many composers around the world are bringing their latest, hottest compositions right here exclusively to AudioSparx.

The Most Heartwarming Holiday Music and Jingle Bells SFX in the Universe! - For the Holidays, we've got a magical library of Christmas and New Years tracks perfect for your every need, including TV and Film Holiday Specials, Religious Christmas and Hanukkah music, secular music for the Holidays, Jazzy Christmas Dance Remix tracks, Punk Rock Holiday Music, Roaring Fireplace SFX, Horse and Carriage SFX, Sleigh Bells Ringing, Jingle Bells Jangling, Champagne Corks Flying, New Year's Eve Countdowns, Party, Pub, Club & Bar Ambience, plus 80 versions of Auld Lang Syne!

New “Team Collaboration” Features for Project Hotlist Sharing - And for those of you using the track Hotlist feature on the site, the Christmas Elves proudly announce new “Team Collaboration” features which allow all your team members to share your project hotlists with each other!

Check Out the Magical Christmas Video Now!

We Wish You a Happy Holiday Season and Fantastic 2011!!

Top Christmas Artists
Alec Makinson
Christmas Music Boutique
Max DiCarlo
Bjorn Lynne
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Christmas Music
Music Candy
Denis Woods
Rick Dickert
SMM Productions
Top Music Artists
Erwin Steijlen
Jon Lawson
Denis Woods
Music Candy
Pierre Langer
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Bjorn Lynne
Dan Gautreau
SMM Productions
Top Exclusive Artists
Music Candy
Markus Bravo
Christmas Music Boutique
Music For TV and Games
Michael Wheeler
Hollywood Post
Wilton Vought
Tod Demuth
Michael Keck
Curtis Macdonald
Top Vocal Artists
Erwin Steijlen
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Really Free Music
Adam Scourfield
Antoinette Tredanary
Richie Milton
La Laque
ARC Music Productions
Julian Scott
Dan Radlauer
Spotlight On our Artists
We've got some hot artists at AudioSparx! From Grammy award-winning composers, to high-demand session players to world-class extraordinary artists composing music in every imaginable genre. Click often to our Artist Directory to see a sterling lineup of Hot New Artists, our Top Sellers and Top Exclusive Artists – always presenting fresh new, original, and innovative styles. AudioSparx is a great place to discover a world of next-wave talent and creativity! Click and take a listen here. Here below are two artists with exceptional merit:

Mark Revell
A founding member of the pioneering British funksters, The Egg, Mark Revell is now a successful composer and producer. His music has been featured in films, dramas and documentaries worldwide and he has written for numerous TV and cinema commercials. Recent clients include Barclays Bank, VO5, Scottish Widows, Virgin Atlantic, P+O Ferries and Hoover. Mark is a talented guitarist and keyboard player with his own bespoke studio at his home in the Cotswolds. Mark's recent work tends towards a blend of Electronic and Orchestral elements, creating a magical array of possibilities.
Adagio Music
Adagio Music is bringing you the finest in world class music production. Formed in 1980, these savvy musicians, composers and sound designers bring their experience to every track on site, promising meticulous detail and a high-quality product. Their music has been featured in numerous Film, TV and radio projects. From rocking action sequences, to fun popular themes, or the most delicate, intricate and pensive melodies, let Adagio Music add their professional sheen to your next Film, TV or media project.

New Site Features

Collaborate With Shared Hotlists
The Elves at AudioSparx have been busy working on new site features!  As you listen to tracks, you can immediately hotlist
any track for later reference by clicking the hotlist icon --->
Then click on any of your projects to add the track to that project immediately.  Add, edit or delete projects as needed.

Now in the project hotlist feature ("My Projects"), you can click on a new "Collaborate" button and immediately add other client accounts that should be linked to your project hotlist.  This lets you work collaboratively with others in the development and review of tracks for any of your projects.

From the "Collaborate" button you can share your entire project list with any other users simply by entering their email address and Client ID number.  Give them just the rights you want, including List Add, Edit or Delete, or Track Add or Delete.  Or share just a single project with any other user by editing the project and linking the  other user to that project.  These new features allow multiple users to preview and edit tracks on a common set of projects quickly and painlessly, creating a win-win solution to help you quickly nail down the best audio tracks for each project.

Smoking Hot New Servers!
Santa Claus tasked the Elves to crank up the speed on our web servers.  New 64-bit high-speed high-capacity servers are online now, and Santa's bringing more, making it faster and easier than ever to find and listen to the amazing music and SFX at!

Magical Christmas Music & SFX

Take a listen to some great Christmas tracks right here!
Christmas Music
Twinkling Lights - Alec Makinson
Santa's Party - Alec Makinson
My Sweet Sweet Christmas - Max DiCarlo
Happy Holydays - Max DiCarlo
Jingle Bells - Michelle Qureshi
12 Days of Christmas - Bobby Cole
German Lullaby Music Box - Markus Bravo
Ave Maria - Christmas Music Boutique
Santa Claus is Coming to Town - The Underdogs
Deck The Halls - Danny Jones
Lollipop Ballet - MX47
Happy Reggae Christmas - Tunes Are Me
Jingle Bells Rock & Roll - Camera Sintetica
Christmas Makes Me Smile - Ideascapes Music
Storyhouse - Dewey Dellay
Jazzy Jingle Bells - SMM Productions

Hear All The Christmas Music
Christmas & New Years SFX
Santa on Sleigh Transition - Ian Huball
Christmas Music Box - Ian Huball
Christmas Bells - Ian Huball
Sleigh Bells Santa - Ultimate Sound
Christmas Chaos - Annie McGee
Wrapping Paper 1 - SFX Source
Group New Year - Nightingale Voice Box
Countdown with Echo - Blazznet Talking Box
New Years Countdown 1 - Gellar Sound FX
New Years Countdown Big Party - Gellar Sound FX
Crazy Party Horns - Ringtone Voodoo

New Years Music
Auld Lang Syne (Rock) - Christmas at The Devil's
Auld Lang Syne (Kitsch Version) - MX47

Hear All The New Years Music
New MusicPacks & SoundPacks
62 tracks with a very rare combination of real strings mixed with cool, edgy rock and hip hop beats. Set your next production apart with these one-of-a-kind tracks with a distinct sound and sophisticated audio production. By Anthony James and Yiorgos Bellapaisiotis.
28-track MusicPack with some of the kitschiest campiest Tarrantino-esque grooves. Think Oceans 11 meets Pulp Fiction, Film Noir Gangsters. Perfect for TV and film productions needing a wild in-your-face hard-driving edge with that retro-rocker flick track groove. By Martin Ahm.
24-track MusicPack of some of the edgiest, most dramatic underbeds that you will ever hear. Give your next production a sonic musical flair that audiences everywhere will find compelling and captivating. Sensual, flowing, entrancing, mesmerizing music. By Jeff Woodall and Jonathan Atkinson.
18-track MusicPack with a cool mix of neo-lounge, faux jazz, electronica, relaxing piano, under-beds, mood pieces and more. This cost-effect pack will give you a variety of alternating moods and styles to round out your next production's music. By Peter Pearson.
27 tracks of the ultimate in serenity, this MusicPack takes you away to a place so relaxed, so tranquil, you will quickly leave behind your every-day worries. Perfect for film, tv, environmental, or any production needing a supremely mellow and calming music for the soul. By Christoffer Sandberg.
A unique and EXCLUSIVE collection of Modern Horror/Thriller/Suspense cues to add that extra dimension to your production. Big Taiko and ethnic drums/circuit bent drum machines/ pulsing sub bass and modern sound design make this collection a must have for all productions in this genre.
A fantastic collection of positive and uplifting tracks of medium to medium fast tempos. Unique and inspiring with a classic edge. Perfect for Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding, website, documentary, infomercial, new product launch and contemporary drama.
Unique, powerful and driving collection of electric guitar driven tracks. From uber riffing metal, Muse/NIN industrial to u2/Coldplay melodic cues. Perfect for Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding, website, documentary, infomercial, new product launch and contemporary drama.
Here is the complete corporate production package! Five songs with that inspirational and motivational energy reminiscent of Coldplay, U2, Keane, and The Fray. Each track is unique in stlye so as to cover a variety of production needs. All have multiple energy levels. Offered at a huge discount!
Satie's 'Three Gymnopedies,' published from 1888, are considered as the precursors to modern ambient classical music. They share a common tranquil mood, with melancholic dissonances. The relaxed, impressionist nature of the music lends itself well to romantic, reflective, calm and historical scenes.
Deep charm of nature & tribal chanting. 12 lively tracks, exotic rhythns & jungle drums, exotic rhythms. Exuberant & lively beats & loops for African safari or Bollywood action, National Geo documentary cultural special travel channel globe trekker, brief openings transitions, stings, etc.
The balance of the cold in hot, a common language, fiction fire of creation ... anxiety in the air, to live peacefully intensely ... celebration ... a journey of being vibrant live free ...

Want To See More? Check Them All Out!
MusicPacks      SoundPacks      ComposerPacks

Hot New Artists at AudioSparx

This month 33 new artists signed with AudioSparx ... an amazing group of hot new composers and music artists from around the world.   Here below we feature 14 hot new artists.  To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online. 


The Crossing (USA) 
The Crossing is a Chicago-based Rock/Alternative act that performs and produces music in a variety of styles and genres, including Rock, Orchestral, Pop/Electronica, Ambient, Adult Contemporary, and many others. Their recent CD, Chemical Gods, is receiving rave reviews, and they are now off the road and back in the studio creating custom music for Film, TV, Indies, and other commercial ventures. Recent successful placements include CBS, NBC, Starz, and The Learning Channel. Fusing the best of several genres, The Crossing brings us original sounds that are both fresh and modern.
Jay Marsman (Germany) 
Composer and Producer Jay Marsman hails from Germany, and produces music for TV commercials, PC games, online videos, and films. Mainly producing Pop and Rock songs, Jay also composes in other styles and genres, including Electro, Ambient, Metal, Classical, Childrens, and some beautiful Christmas music featuring piano and strings. Jay is a great addition to our site, with music perfect for numerous types of contemporary productions.
Martin Sebastian Holm (Finland) 
Composer Martin Sebastian Holm is an inspired and passionate musician, songwriter and producer from Finland. His compositions range from mellow and emotional instrumentals and ambient sound design to Alt Rock and Folk music. Being a multi-instrumentalist, Martin’s tracks include acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, bouzouki, vibraphone, piano, accordion, harmonica, tin whistle, and more. His passion for strong melodies and soulful harmonies won this talented artist Honorary Mention in the SongDoor's 2008 International Songwriting Competition.
Daniel Cullen (UK)    (Exclusive Artist!) 
UK Composer Daniel Cullen has written and produced music for decades, and we are excited to present his growing catalog of compositions. Creating music in the genres of Dramatic, Classical, Orchestral, and Symphonic Rock, Danny's music displays his passion for grand orchestration, dramatic moods and the evolving styles of 1970s prog rock -- spiced up with contemporary electronics and beats. You may recognize Danny from his composer partnership with his wife, Deryn, and their legendary award-winning cello compositions created for TV, Film and Documentary under the EntropiK label.
Abbas Premjee (USA) 
Abbas Premjee completed his Bachelors degree in Music theory and composition from Loyola Marymount University, and then his Masters degree in Classical Guitar from SMU. His music covers all genres from Rock and Jazz to Classical and World, and has often been featured in USA TV shows and commercials. Following studies of Indian Classical music, Abbas became a leading exponent of the Mohan Veena, a rare instrument from India. He currently resides in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Alex Rich (USA) 
Alex Rich is a musician and producer of many styles, ranging from electronic dance to rock. He creates under his own name and also as The Soul's Release and Tonight's The Night. As The Soul's Release he creates beautiful ambient-rock music from strings, guitars, pianos and most recently, his voice. His music combines the sounds of bands such as Sigur Ros and Explosions In The Sky and artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Eluvium. He has released two EPs on Dynamophone Records and gained a solid fan base throughout the world. Under his own name he produces techno, trance, and house.
Roller Band (USA) 
If you love classic Rock or classic R&B, if you love meaningful lyrics and soulful vocals, you'll love Roller Band's music. Carefully crafted lyrics and melodies that will move you and groove you-that's Roller Band. You have probably heard Roller Band as theme and background music on MTV and other television shows for years. Their exciting orchestral tracks are featured in films and on television and radio spots. Roller Band's jingles have been used by United Airlines, Apple Computers, and many more. They have a hot, defined signature sound and finely crafted vocal harmonies.
Medina (USA) 
You’ve heard them on network TV shows like CBS’s Swingtown and ABC’s Desperate Housewives. Medina, the chameleon duo made up of Tony and Mireya Medina, composes music in a number of styles and genres, including Flamenco, Folk-Rock, Alt Country, Pop and Disco. Their experience includes performances with Grammy Award Winners and credits on countless records. Medina's music has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, BRAVO, ESPN, and E. With music that's both trendy and soulful, Medina has a broad appeal for TV, Film and Documentary productions, plus a wide variety of other new media apps.
Larry Warren (USA) 
Connecticut songwriter Larry Warren gets it so right when he says, "An artist should let his music do the talking, because in the end it's not about the artist, it's the tunes that really matter." Check out his "We're Getting Married" for one of the most heartwarming songs on our site. Larry writes a mix of Country, Adult Pop and Adult Contemporary, occasionally fused with other genres. After 20 years of playing guitar and performing around the East Coast, Larry is now putting his music into television, radio, movies, commercials, and other new media ventures.
The Copyjazz (Spain) 
Gean, a gifted composer and producer from Bilbao, Spain, presents his third exciting project, The Copyjazz. Gean often names his projects, like his popular endeavors such as De Culto, and his Celtronic Project and Matinalsystem. Gean, in partnership with DJ Mibor, also created remix stimulants with Axphere, and was one of the compilers of the essential Chocadelia Lounge. The Copyjazz is a chillout heaven, combining aesthetic electronics that will work for Film and TV urban club scenes, or for romantic drama or comedy for shows like Sex in the City, etc.
Gina Michaells (Norway)    (Exclusive Artist!) 
Gina Michaells was born and raised in the Philippines. By age six, she was performing at fairs and festivals in her home Province, and sang throughout high school and college. Later, she toured the world with numerous cover bands, perfecting her singing and songwriting skills. Today Gina is a Scandanavian resident living in Norway. She continues honing her talents, and is quite popular in the area, often appearing on Norway and Sweden's Country and Christian music charts. Gina's genres include Country, Gospel, Pop, Rock, and Dramatic.
XK Music (Germany) 
German-based XK Music is a versatile producer and writer specializing in the genres of Pop, Urban, Hip Hop, and RnB. The artist, however, has ramped up the possibilities by often merging two or more genres into a fusion of styles that includes Euro Pop and Classical music. XK Music's Airy Bach Pop Remix features emotional violins in a rare elevation of Pop music, while Hip Hop-Hoffmeister blends orchestral elements with the vivid beats of Hip Hop. For an all-new 2010 modern vibe, XK Music has you covered!
Mata HD (Indonesia) 
Indonesian artist Mata HD has been working since 1997 in the recording business as a Composer and Music Director. He creates jingles, illustrations and background music for TV, Film, and other commercial ventures. Mata's compositions range from his compelling, vibrant and modern Breaking News, to dreamy New Age atmospheric tracks like Morning Glow and One Heart. While appealing to demographics across the spectrum, Mata's music offers a crisp and refreshing sensibility, and exudes a distinct 2010 world view.
Michiel van Zundert (Netherlands) 
Michiel van Zundert is a well-known composer, producer and drummer in Holland with 20 years experience in writing and recording. An active performer throughout Europe, Michiel has written for almost every famous Dutch Singer, including the first melodic metal solo-album for Tarja Turunen (of Nightwish), which sold over a million copies. He's composed old school disco music for Spectalicious, and wrote the title song for the Dutch movie, Levenslang, to be released in 2011. Michiel's clients include theme park De Efteling, Van Bommel Shoes, Radio Veronica, and others.

See All The Artists Now at the AudioSparx Artist Directory

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