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AudioSparx Newsletter - April 2011
April 2011   
AudioSparx Dance Music Drives The Hottest Productions

Let's Dance! - With Spring in the air, Cinco de Mayo coming up next month, and Summer just around the corner, there are plenty of reasons to dance!  AudioSparx sets the pace with our huge Dance Music Library.  Dancing will melt away your stress and bring miles of smiles to your productions!

Diversity in Dance - Featuring music in over 60 different dance styles, AudioSparx has a truly incredible mix of both contemporary and traditional dance styles with over 20,000 tracks online.  We've got everything from banging nightclub tracks in the styles of House, Rave, Techno, and Disco, to magical Ballet, swinging Ballroom, Jitterbug, Charleston, Waltz, Foxtrot, and so much more.

Cinco de Mayo - From Red-Hot Reggaeton, Latin Hip Hop and hot-pepper Salsa to festive Line Dance and Tropical Dance music, AudioSparx has a great selection of Latin Dance music to help make this year's celebration hard to forget.  Now with over 2,800 artists and composers at AudioSparx, they have cooked up some spicy music for your Latino-style Romance, Andean Adventure, Travel and Tourism, or scenes from Carnival nights in Rio commercials -- it’s all here! From the southern tip of South America to Columbian Cumbias, Merengues, Rhumbas, and Cha Cha tracks, and further afield, we have Spanish Gypsy and Flamenco music. Check it out!

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Hot Artists of the Month

Here below we want to shine a light on two of our accomplished artists whose music has achieved major commercial success in numerous projects around the world, including Film and TV, advertising campaigns, corporate, and other media projects.

Music for TV and Games
Music for TV and Games music enhances, motivates, and tells a story for your Film, TV, Webisode, 3G/4G Smartphone APP, Interactive Game and Infomercial. All styles and attitudes for Drama, Comedy, Animation, Sports, Action, Sci-Fi, Travel and Fashion. Great music beds with character for Main Titles, Act In's, Act Out's, Narrative Music Cues and Logo IDs. Music For TV and Games has been placed in Universal, Sony, Warner Bros., Disney, Paramount and PBS projects, as well as reality, news magazine segments, interactive games and toys, infomercials, industrials and ad campaigns.

Tom Jemmott
Born in New York, Tom Jemmott started playing guitar at the age of 10 after hearing the Beatles. He later discovered Jazz and opened shows for such Jazz greats as Branford Marsalis, Yellowjackets, Spyro Gyra and many others. Today Tom writes music for Film and TV with recent credits on ABC's new prime time game show, DOWNFALL and A&E's prison drama, THE SQUAD. He has composed the score to several films as well as advertising spots for ESURANCE, Disney's 'Alice in Wonderland' and Microsoft. Tom's music has appeared in TV Commercials, Video Games, Movie Trailers and Feature Films.
Dance Styles - Did You Know?
House music is a style of electronic dance music that was popularized in 1980s discothèques in the US. Since the early to mid-1990s, it has become infused in mainstream pop and dance music worldwide. While house music does not have a direct predecessor in genre, it is considered to be strongly influenced by disco with elements of soul and funk.

  Drivin' By Riviera - Davor Devcic
  Moving Forward - Nery Bauer
  Greasy Beat - Erwin Steijlen
  Satisfied - Erwin Steijlen
  Promo T-Ex - Music Candy
  The Return - Don Taylor
Ballet is a classical dance form which originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century. It is primarily performed with the accompaniment of classical music (orchestral but occasionally vocal) and has been influential as a form of dance globally. Ballet dance works (ballets) are highly choreographed and performed by trained artists.

  Nutcracker - Russian Dance Trepak - David Hamilton
  Moonlight Sonata - A-P-M Productions
  Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - Jonathan Swanson
  Habanera (from Carmen Opera) - RFCM Symphony
  Nutcracker - Waltz of the Flowers - Apollo Symphony
  Rachmaninov - Prelude in G - Michael Charles Clark
Merengue is a type of Latin music and dance from the Dominican Republic. Because of its very fast tempo, its name is thought to remind one of an egg beater in action, whipping to a frenzy! Merengues are very fast arrangements with a 2/4 beat. The traditional instrumentation is a diatonic accordion, a two–sided drum, called a tambora, held on the lap, and a güira.

  Too Hot - Latin Ice
  Passion Dance - Latin Ice
  Latin Utopia - Really Free Music
  Dancing With You - Alejandro Salas
  Merengue Time - Chico Miceli
  Sopita - Mark Caesar (The Physician)
Krumping is a Hip Hop street dance popularized in the US characterized by free, expressive, aggressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic movement involving the arms, head, legs, chest, and feet. Thematically, krumping is a freestyle Hip Hop dance subgenre with street origins, and is used in creative competition dance battling.

  Kickin Down Doors - Zende Wisdom
  OkayOkay - Chi Duly
  Made It Rich - Big Sound Music
  So Sick and Tired - Milk Money
  Get Down - Raymond Barker
  Ethnic Rap - Dan Radlauer
Jitterbug refers to various types of swing dances including the Lindy Hop, Jive, and East Coast Swing. Originating in the 1930's, it's a strenuous dance performed to quick-tempo swing or jazz music and consists of various two-step patterns embellished with twirls and sometimes acrobatic maneuvers.

  Big Band Blues - Mark of the Clark
  Call Annie - Richy Milton
  Woogie Da Boogie Woo - Tod DeMuth
  Swinging at Zitos - Richard Freitas
  Jitterbug Rock - Fred Gross
  Jitterbug Jump - Keith Gemmell
  Smokin' Swing - The Music Bakery

Belly Dance is the name commonly used in Western countries to apply to traditional Middle Eastern dance, specifically Egyptian ghawazi dance in the 19th century, and raqs sharqi in the 20th century. Belly dance takes different forms in different regions, both in costume and dance style, and new styles have evolved in the West as its popularity has spread globally.

  Sehr Oyouink - Hossam Ramzy
  El Hob Halal - Hossam Ramzy
  Eshta - Hossam Ramzy
  Ritual Music & Drumming - Wayne Numan
  Desert Nation - Desert Nation
  Ney I Say Unto Oud - David M Brown
Top Dance Music Artists
Bjorn Lynne
Music Candy
Dan Gautreau
Denise Rivera
Dan Phillipson
Erwin Steijlen
Music For TV and Games
Adam Skorupa
Davor Devcic
Don Taylor
Top Music Artists
Erwin Steijlen
Denis Woods
Jon Lawson
Music Candy
Pierre Langer
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
John Judd
Bjorn Lynne
Dan Gautreau
SMM Productions
Top Exclusive Artists
Music Candy
Markus Bravo
Music For TV and Games
Christmas Music Boutique
Michael Wheeler
Wilton Vought
Michael Keck
Tod Demuth
Hollywood Post
Kenji Aoi
Top Vocal Artists
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Erwin Steijlen
Really Free Music
La Laque
Eddie Caldwell
ARC Music Productions
Wilton Vought
Adam Scourfield
Antoinette Tredanary
Richie Milton


Music Genres

Bossa Nova, Cha cha, Chacarera, Cumbia, Flamenco, Mambo, Merengue, Paso Doble, Rumba, Salsa, Samba, Tango

Acid House, Alternative Dance, Breakbeat, Cheerleading music, Deep House, Disco, Drum and Bass, Electroclash, Euro-hop, Experimental / Novelty Dance, Go-Go, Hard House, Hard Trance, Hardcore Techno, Hi NRG, Hip House, House DJ compilation mixes, House music, Krumping, Night Club, Rave, Techno, Trance

Ballet, Ballroom, Belly Dance, Charleston, Clogging, Court Dancing, Folk Dance, Foxtrot, Jig, Jitterbug, Line Dancing, Maypole Dance, Minuet, Polka, Quickstep, Reel, Shag, Slow Dance, Sock Hop, Square Dance, Tarantella, Two-Step, Waltz

New MusicPacks, SoundPacks & ComposerPacks
Joyous and grand, majestic and exciting, this is the Classical MusicPack you've been waiting for! With 15 timeless classics, this music sets the perfect tone for the wedding of royalty.
Honor your mother with this brilliant collection of timeless classical music. With 12 gorgeous classical tracks that your mother will love and remember, make the occasion as special as she is!
Collection of short, quirky 80s & 90s old-school funk tracks, lead by human beatbox performances. All tracks feature bass riffs and funky drums. Styles are all funky, but each has its own individual flavor. Can be used in comedy and entertainment applications, or to add fun and energy to any scene.
Cinco De Mayo Celebration 1 is the first in a series of Latin inspired party tracks. It captures the festive and proud feelings of celebrating Latino heritage and culture. It features majestic trumpets over sexy poly rhythms, piano, and bass. Great for tv, film, game, web, radio, and mobile projects
An epic and powerful cue full of majesty, valor, and emotion. A touch of dark tension but also hopeful and heroic. Would work well in trailers, medieval or military film and tv projects, video game themes and game play, and much more. Features thunderous cinematic percussion, orchestra and choir.
A collection of 12 30-seconds tracks in several different styles. Perfect for TV and radio commercial ads. From soft to energetic, from happy to mysterious, these tracks will bring a new freshness for yout productions.
A collection of 12 30-seconds tracks in several different styles. Perfect for TV and radio commercial ads. From soft to energetic, from happy to mysterious, these tracks will bring a new freshness for yout productions.
Magical, Classical and Traditional Flute ensembles and solo, Loops and Segments. Orchestral, Romantic Historical, Dramatic and Melodic. 22 Tracks in Variety of moods
If your production requires forceful, dynamic rock music then Modern Rock is right for you. In fact we have upped the game for rock production music with Modern Rock. All tracks are inspired and non generic and each of the 18 titles has many variations and lengths (57 tracks in all). Plug in and go!
Boost the emotional impact of your contemporary drama with this collection of beautiful ambient music! This is a superb soundtrack for any prime time TV-series or movie, covering a lot of moods all the way from sad, reflective and thoughtful to happy, playful, uplifting and even mysterious & odd.
Super sound effects library sound pack. Formula One cars and other formulas, renault series and vintage formula cars. Onboard and race track sounds. Great for sound design for motorsports, post production. Accelerating, braking, pit stops, downshift and starting race sounds. By engine and team info.
If you're looking for great authentic jazz atmosphere for your production you've come to the right place! Step down into a 52nd St nightclub for a set of Sizzling bebop, swing, a sultry ballad, blues and latin jazz. Source or underscore. A classic collection of 7 different tunes, 14 tracks.
perfect for an Italian restaurant scene, Cooking channel, sidewalk cafe, romantically slurping spaghetti, "My Big Fat Italian Wedding", vineyards in Tuscany, travel documentary. Performed in the style of a strolling duo, expressive violin and accordion. Live musicians real instruments. That's Amore'
Retro Jet-set romance wi this gentle bossa-nova in the style of 1960s Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto. There's cocktail culture / sexy bachelor pad vibe inside! Bubbly tropical organ cue ala Walter Wanderley's "Summer Samba". Lazy groovin' guitar backtrack. Vacation, post modern love, Napolean Dynamite
Hot New Artists at AudioSparx

This month brings us an amazing group of 41 hot new composers and music artists from around the world.   Here below we feature 21 hot new artists.  To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online. 
Doug Hammer (USA) - 102 Tracks Online
Massachusetts Pianist and Composer Doug Hammer brings us a splendid catalogue of original soundtracks, music beds, and elegant solo piano tracks. Creating music in youth-oriented Pop, Rock and New Age genres, specifically for film and video, Doug’s credits include HBO, Discovery Channel, AT&T, Staples, and many others. This talented composer has collaborated on numerous projects and thus is well-versed in many styles and moods -- from tender and sentimental orchestral tracks, to bouncy, feel-good Pop songs perfect for romance in stylish films, reality TV or trendy commercials.
Julian van den Boom (Germany) - 35 Tracks Online
When intercultural competence hooks up with music, a universal language might emerge. Cologne-based producer Julian van den Boom is a wanderer between several cultures. With an open mind and a curious interest for the symbolism of different cultures, this musical chameleon refines his smoky urban beats in an exotic fusion of Jazz, Hip Hop and lush elements of Asian styles from Mumbai to Ubud. Julian's tracks might transport you to Lower Manhattan for a sweet night of lovemaking, or just as well onto a barque drifting through the Sunderbarns in the soft glow of the evening sun.
Anikiko (Australia) - 24 Tracks Online
Australia songstress Anikiko is that rare combination of talent, creativity, passionate vocals and natural beauty, fusing words with melody and magical ease, a unique gift. She won Gold in the Australian Music Category of the ACS, and her vocals give talented artists like Bjork and Portishead a run for their money. Quirky and sensuous, Anikiko embraces the passion of Aretha Franklin, the soul of Billie Holiday, and the romance of Jeff Buckley, among many others. Her songs fall into the Singer/Songwriter, Electronic, Alternative, and World music genres-all hauntingly mesmerizing.
Nathaniel Jones (USA) - 169 Tracks Online
Washington Composer and Producer Nathaniel Jones' vast influences include John Williams, Nine Inch Nails, Thomas Newman, and Groove Armada. From full blown symphony compositions to raging club crushers that drive deep into the night, Nathaniel's work intertwines melodic timbres with the art of sound design to create what he refers to as "Audioscapes that tell stories with sound." Nathaniel works with numerous artists and bands, and has won a number of website song-of-the-month competitions. His music is featured in several popular national TV network shows and indie films.
Tatsuya Oe (Japan) - 50 Tracks Online
Award winning Japanese Composer and Producer Tatsuya Oe (Captain Funk) resides in Tokyo and is known for his hot Electronic, Dance, Rock, Pop, Dramatic, Experimental, and Japanese music. With over 200 remixes and collaborations with A-Listers like James Brown, Diana Ross, Chic, Simon LeBon, and Serge Gainsbourg, Tatsuya has been featured in award winning films, animation projects, and numerous corporate branding campaigns and commercials. Clients include Cartier, Vivienne Westwood, Uniqlo, Sony Ericsson, Shiseido, Canon, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Motors, Fox Network, Forever 21, etc.
Mark J Smith (USA) - 57 Tracks Online
California artist Mark J Smith plays guitar, drums, percussion and keyboards, and has performed on every continent except Antarctica. He composes music in a huge variety of genres and styles, including Classic Rock, Rockabilly, Metal, World Beat, African, Smooth Jazz, Gypsy, Ragtime, and more. Mark’s music has been featured on the Travel Channel, House Hunters International, the Cooking Channel, MTV Real World (three seasons), MTV Undressed, and many independent films, most notably in “Earthlings,” the 2005 award- winning animal rights documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.
Ross Milligan (UK) - 54 Tracks Online
UK Composer and musician Ross Milligan studied at the The Guildhall School of Music in London, and has played with the Tricky, The BBC Symphony Orchestra, The Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Van Morrison, George Martin, and Buddy Greco, to name a few. In addition to creating lively Rock, Jazz, Electronica and Folk music, his Classical tracks add a mix of sparkling piano and poignant melodies. A quote from Musician Magazine: "Instrumental tracks of reflective mood, deftly produced, subtle in tone and texture, and paced cleverly to maintain intrigue and interest."
Christian Umlauf (Germany) - 22 Tracks Online
Christian Umlauf is a German composer who writes edgy and dark film scores for your most evil and sinister nightmare. His orchestral music is creepy, scary and beautiful, and can set up the subtle tension needed to accompany your images of intense fear and emotions. Following film music composition studies at Musicube Academy (Wuppertal, Germany), Christian worked as both a singer and songwriter for Germany’s top-notch producers, and also has been promoted by Germany’s most respected indie label. In addition to Dramatic music, Christian produces cool Rock music, too.
Tim Besamusca (Netherlands) - 27 Tracks Online
Tim Besamusca hails from The Netherlands, and produces and records exciting original dance and techno music. Counting among his major influences international dance music icon Ferry Corsten and film composer Thomas Newman, Tim composes orchestral soundtracks in Dance, Ambient, Lounge, Pop, and Hip Hop genres. His recent projects include music for Inspiratie, a Dutch horror/thriller feature film. Tim's music has been played on the international club circuit by many famous DJs like Armin Van Buuren, Jonas Steur, Andy Moor, and DJ Shah.
Matthew Thompson (USA) - 193 Tracks Online
USA Composer Matthew Thompson creates music in the genres of Dramatic, Electronic and Hip Hop – tossing in experimental sounds to create fun and wacky tracks, or he can tilt toward the dark side, too. Matthew has had his music featured in several national TV programs and movies, and has won a songwriting award from Billboard, placed in the Top 20 in a 2010 international songwriting competition, and has racked up numerous Honorable Mention Awards. Matthew’s music resonates with solid appeal for the film and television markets.
Diego De Pietri (USA) - 83 Tracks Online
Los Angeles-based songwriter and producer Diego De Pietri brings us a trendy catalogue of sultry, sexy and hot Latin Pop and RnB tracks. With cool guitars, sensual rhythms and lush vocals in Spanish, Diego’s music is as sassy and passionate as your wildest dream. As lead singer and piano player for DDP, his hot band, Diego’s music has been featured in more than 40 TV shows and on 11 solo albums, and he’s worked with many Latino icons. Rolling Stone Magazine said of Diego: "The Larry David (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm) of the Latin Pop music... Musically and lyrically..."
Larry Folk (Canada) - 51 Tracks Online
Larry Folk is a Canadian award-winning vocalist and singer-songwriter with credits as a performer, composer and music director in television, radio and numerous recordings. His catalog of works includes well over 300 Pop songs, choral works, instrumental arrangements, and original instrumental compositions. Larry's discography includes three disks of original material, various Pop, Country and Jazz radio singles, a cd of Roots/Celtic music with Murray Daigle, and two a cappella Jazz albums with the award-winning Jazz vocal group, Hampton Avenue.
Cari Live (USA) - 30 Tracks Online
Cari Live began writing music while studying music therapy in college during the 80’s. Listening to New Age music greatly inspired her to write her own music. Cari is a classically trained flutist, with 30 years or professional experience. She performs in orchestras and ensembles, and now her compositions are finding their way into the production music arena. Her soothing and meditative style brings peace back into the world. Living in northern California, Cari creates and shares her artistic life with her family of four (viola, cello, clarinet and sax) and her golden retriever.
Rosalind Richards (USA) - 30 Tracks Online
Rosalind Richards, composer and classically trained flutist, known for her popular New Age music, has composed a wonderful world music collection, her fourth to date, due in spring 2011. This new album is an exciting and unique mix of cultures interpreted with jazzy rhythms and soulful flute harmonies. At times Rosalind's tracks are upbeat and energetic, while at other times they are longing and meditative. Her world music compositions are inspired by the classic sounds from such cultures as India, Ireland, Japan, Medieval Europe, and Peru.
David Bradley (UK)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 45 Tracks Online
UK Composer David Bradley creates ambient Electronic film music, and is intent on snapping your audience into an adrenaline-pumping state of terror so intense that they may need assistance leaving the theatre. David's insatiable love of 70s and 80s horror flicks got stuck in his head, but little by little he is letting out the screams, the nightmares, the satanic intensity, the pure evil... You see: HORROR is David's Game, and it's the Only Game in Town! So buckle up and get ready to be terrified!
Cafe Chaika (Ukraine)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 32 Tracks Online
Cafe Chaika is music created by Ukrainian indie composer and classical guitar player, Dmytro Krasiuk. Focusing on composing for media sphere - TV, films, commercials, and computer games, Cafe Chaika's talented and savvy composers, musicians, and producers have created an exciting array of music. Their catalogue covers numerous genres and styles, including Dramatic, Rock, Drum&Bass, Corporate, and Hip-Hop. Originality, verve, and a modern, youthful vibe well describe Cafe Chaika's hot sounds and beats.
Red Sky Lullaby (USA) - 6 Tracks Online
Lush harmonies, sweet soulful lyrics and electronic and acoustic elements come together in Red Sky Lullaby to present a silky modern elegance of music. The brilliant and inventive New York Composer and Producer Stuart Kilbride brings us a musical mix of warmth and heart in his Hip Hop-tinged-with-Soul, Jazz and Blues, and Funk, Dub and Dubstep. Flirtatious flutes and playful percussion amiably back his stunning guest vocalists, who include Melody Romancito, Emily McLean, Chris Powers, Dasan Ahanu, Kalu James, Russell Morgan, Elspeth Eastman and Absorb. Each song here is a winner!
Stefan Mader (Germany) - 14 Tracks Online
Fast Berlin beats meet sweet harmonies in Stefan Mader's electronic and atmospheric music. On long-wave basses this producer pulls you into a black hole of infinitely compressed dubstep while melody fragments flash up and then melt into an energetic darkness. Stefan combines distorted, edgy vocal samples with hot beats, assuring an originality that will keep your productions fresh and trendy. His divine music is perfect for hot dance clubs, sassy catwalk, limo cruising, speed dating, and the genial craziness and fun of 2011 urban comedy and romance.
Federico Chieli (USA) - 29 Tracks Online
New Yorker Federico Chieli composes adventurous and sophisticated music in genres like Dramatic, Rock, Jazz, Chillout, and Dance, and has been in the biz for 20 years. With a degree from Berklee College of Music, Federico has been featured on a chic Versace commercial, and on “Every Day Italian” (Food Network, Giada De Laurentis). He concentrates on TV commercials, documentaries and websites, with clients like AOL and Estee Lauder. In addition, Federico wrote scores for audio branding and product launches at Adobe, the launch of Howcast, the Logo network, and MTV Tempo network.
Sergei Shell (Ukraine)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 95 Tracks Online
Ukraine artist Sergei Shell is a hot young composer who studied choral conducting after graduating from music school. His genres include Dramatic, Classic, Rock, Jazz, Romantic, Easy Listening, and Hip Hop. After school, he traveled around Europe, playing music in trendy restaurants and bistros, and created five albums of laidback, relaxing music. Today, Sergei scores music for commercials and prompts for television, and has written music for theatrical performances and some quirky music for kids and audio books. Sounds also fascinate Sergei, so he brings us some fun SFX...
AJ Lornie (UK) - 66 Tracks Online
UK Composer, Arranger and Musician AJ Lornie creates fresh and contemporary original music and sounds for all media. Drawing inspiration from many genres, AJ works in Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Dramatic, Electronic, and Glitch. From elegant, romantic Jazz piano to sultry Flamenco Gypsy guitars, or wild and freaky Electronics, AJ’s happy clients include the BBC and Firecracker Films, and various XBOX, PC and Apple video games. Ever the trendy guy, AJ’s memorable compositions will work magic for your films, documentaries, commercials, games, and for hot-shot kids from 9 to 95.

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