AudioSparx Newsletter - August 2011 - Kids Productions Are a Mega Bucks Biz

AudioSparx Newsletter - August 2011
August 2011   
Kids Productions Are a Mega Bucks Biz
Latest Harry Potter Movie Shatters Opening Weekend Records

Welcome to our latest newsletter with a focus entirely on Kids Music!  AudioSparx has it all: Disney Magic, Orchestral Mischief, Circus, Carnival and Cartoon music, Lullabies and Music Box melodies, quirky Instrumentals and catchy Vocals – plus a huge catalogue of very funny Country Music for Kids.

What a Pampered Class Our Kids Are Today!
They are brighter, more visually oriented, and more computer-savvy -- resulting in bigger movies, flashier animation, shinier products, pricier clothes, faster games, funnier toys – and Humongous Profits! Kids’ movies are a multi billion dollar business that drives profits up for the entire industry. More popcorn and soft drink sales, movie tie-ins, product plugs, Soundtrack and DVD sales, movie rentals and downloads, and stunning overseas profits! Warner Bros. raked in $475.6 million worldwide during opening weekend of the new Harry Potter flick, and Mattel’s Q2 profits jumped 56% on sales tied to Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2 and related sales for Toy Story 3, plus hot sales for Barbie.

Our World-Class Composers Have Created Over 3,200 Music Tracks for Kids
Our music is perfect for toy embed, fashion commercials, cereal adverts, Back-to-School promos, and productions appealing to all ages – toddlers, adolescents, teens and tweens. And our Sound Effects include such things as whispering, giggling, crying, big city park ambience, school recess, and much more. For cartoons and comedies, we have enough foley effects to complete any project!

Visit the Definitive Library for Kids Music & SFX!

The Kids Music That Powers Hollywood
448,000+ Tracks including 65,000+ Exclusive Tracks and Growing!

Hot Artists of the Month

Here below we want to shine a light on two of our accomplished artists whose music has achieved major commercial success in numerous projects around the world, including Film and TV, advertising campaigns, corporate, and other media projects.

Richard Freitas
The talented and much-in-demand composer Richard Freitas splits his time between Connecticut and NYC, and he has written over 1200 pieces of music broadcast in some 60 countries. He garnered three Emmy nominations, two Grammy nominations, and seven International Telly Awards, plus his music was recently featured on Burn Notice and Season 4 of Mad Men. Richard has written, arranged, and produced music for CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, MTV, AMC, TNT, HBO, Disney, Sony, and many more, plus promos for Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, 20/20, General Hospital, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Paint Chips
Paint Chips is the brain-child of a UK composer who heightens our sensory images by creating moods with color. Paint Chips are featured in TV and radio commercials, including Disney's Precious Collections and Little Brown Books' "School of Fear" trailer. Paint Chips presents a rainbow of colorful possibilities for your projects, TV soundscapes and branding. From fantasy and magic in Black Fairy Dust and Pink Prankster to extreme fear in Deadly Ashen White and Murderous Deep Green Jealousy! Don't miss the many enchanting tracks for kids’ productions such as Mischievous Mauve, too!
Kids Music for Vertical Markets
Disney Magic
Our Secret Force is The Max -- Max DiCarlo, that is, the in-demand Hollywood Composer who scores films for Disney, Lionsgate, and other major studios. As a role model for our younger artists, his inspiration has been wildly successful! With orchestral magnificence, and visions of romance, fantasy and fairy tales swirling at full tilt, each track conjures up cinematic opulence and the true Magic of Movies!
Fairytales, Fantasy and Harry Potter Music
Wintery tales of dark mysteries, black magic, diabolical witches and sorcerers -- or a Cinderella tale of romance, it's all here! Game music for your Playstation or epic adventure tale, all to amuse and challenge teens and tweens as they enter Medieval worlds where Voodoo is more common than a cold and deadlier, too! The Ice Queen's here, Gremlins are everywhere, and the forest is verrry dark...
Fun Time Play Time
Jumping jacks, skipping rope, or blowing spitballs -- our AudioSparx Composers (who were young once!) have cranked up some playful tracks that are quirkier than Quacking Ducks and antsier than Anteaters. An Irish Dancer, a Hound Doggy, a Paris Lullaby, Salsa and Bossa for Kids, and enough Skiddle Skaddle and Bla Bla to make for jumpy commercials and tuneful cartoons, comedies and movies...
Fun Children's Vocals
Riding a cock horse to Banbury Cross, sneaky spies, peck-peck turkeys, and pirates galore -- Yo Ho Ho... Fun kids or adults singing their hearts out, showing children how to dream big, brush their teeth, save the Earth, or deal with bullies. Lively, trendy educational music makes learning fun and memorable. Perfect for Back-to-School promos, toons, comedies, cereal adverts, or rainy day projects.
Lullabies for Babies and Toddlers
Twinkling stars, delicate bells and chimes, and restful and serene melodies -- perfect for Films, TV shows and Radio productions depicting new babies with warmth and tenderness. Elegant layette and nursery product promos, Pampers and Wipes, baby food adverts, toy embeds, branding campaigns, and website theme songs -- all for tiny, lovable infants and their Moms and Dads around the world.
Elegant and Sweet Music Box Tunes
Is that an ice cream truck rolling through the neighborhood? Or maybe it's just Mom or Dad cranking up sweet tunes for Baby... The brilliant artists at AudioSparx have created Music Box melodies to help babies and toddlers enjoy a play date, a restful nap, or go beddy-bye to fall asleep. All nestled in bed and dreaming of sugarplums, tooth fairies, ladybugs, or a warm and soothing milk baba.
Country Music for Kids Productions
Saddle up your painted pony and do the Delta Stroll or toss your dog a Boneo, as them thar fidgety fiddles and strumming banjos tickle your funny bone. Opie and Aunt Bea would adore this music! A Little Whistling Tune, Kids Reggae, and the Schoolyard Stomp make for happy movies, toe-tapping intros, frisky film credits, folksy comedies, and down-home, small-town commercials for Fun Kids Stuff...
Circus, Carnival and Amusement Park Theme Music
The Big Top is coming to town! In the center ring are clowns, dancing bears, trapeze artists, and tigers leaping through rings of fire! With both contemporary and vintage circus music and a few diabolical tracks, we have fun-time calliopes, organs, bouncy marches, intros for the elephants, and wacky music for Tilt-a-Whirls and Ferris Wheels -- all for splendid Fairs and Amusement Park themes.
Orchestral Mischief
There's some dirty, sneaky, low-down mischief afoot here -- sneaking up behind you and playing mind games and aggressive little tricks! Some orchestral surprises may be hiding behind the door on the left, then POW! -- they jump out and get'cha! Between the Squirrels, a Bad Kitty and the funny Honey Bee, little birds chirp as a Tinkly Fairy walks by.
Cartoons, Comedy and Storytime Music
Whether it's those playful and mischievous Italians, the Crazy Swedes, or the Desperate Housecats from America, you're in for lots of giggles, sweet innocence and quirkiness. Big brass hits, tipsy tubas, ticklish marimbas, and whimsical whistles. From Detective Tales to a Duck Battalion or Chasing Pigs, kids around the world will develop a welcoming kinship with music from AudioSparx!
Sound Effects for Kids' Movies, Toons, Comedies and Toys
Need giggling girls, bawling babies, or boing-boing springs, annoying squeaks, and arcade madness? Or long ambience tracks of kids at the beach or playing in a city park with honking horns in the background? AudioSparx has it all, plus fingernails scraping on blackboards and ridiculous splats and squirts, and check out our extensive and prideful "Fart Collection" (that sells with amazing regularity!).

 Click To Hear the Best of the Best Kids Music!

Top Kids Music Artists
Richard Freitas
Markus Bravo
Ivan Paunovic
Annie McGee
Michael Crowther
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis
Music For TV and Games
Jack Francis
Kate Carpenter
Colin Willsher
Michael Huang
JL Noiseless
Suzannah Doyle
Michael Wheeler
Erik Haddad
Bjorn Lynne
Bobby Cole
Christian Andersson
Laurie Grant and Joyce Smith
Top Music Artists
Erwin Steijlen
Denis Woods
Music Candy
Jon Lawson
Pierre Langer
John Judd
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Dan Gautreau
Bjorn Lynne
Top Exclusive Artists
Music Candy
Markus Bravo
Music For TV and Games
Christmas Music Boutique
Michael Wheeler
Wilton Vought
Tod Demuth
Sam Clunie
Kenji Aoi
Michael Keck
Top Vocal Artists
La Laque
Alexander Tobias Orest
Troy Kline
Louise Heaney
Wilton Vought
K.O. Star Productions
Mark Hewer
Erwin Steijlen

Kids MusicPacks, SoundPacks & ComposerPacks
90-track MusicPack of the whackiest, zaniest most insane cartoon music on the planet. This is the creme-de-la-wheat of cartoon music, featuring the mad production skills of Music Candy!
Warm, heartfelt music tracks made especially for all children aged 1-65. Performed on real instruments and even featuring jew's harp and bottle! Excellent for kids TV programmes, games, web sites, etc.
10 full tracks for kids - Five fun-filled - packed with singing ducks, steam trains, and soft-shoe dancing frogs - Five soothing lullaby tracks for calm times. Tons of variety for your kids' projects! Happy & fun or relaxing & peaceful, for television, film, commercials, games, toy embeds
A collection of fun, friendly and playful music higly suitable for any project that involves children, comedy or funny situation. Full length 9 tracks plus underscore version, 30 and 60 seconds edits and loop packs.
An excellent collection of 10 high-quality tracks with varying lengths and styles perfect for any children's project. Also great for games, cartoons, adverts, Christmas and educational programs. Edit-friendly and loopable with beautiful catchy and playful melodies. Kids media music at its best!
A collection of Happy and Bright instrumental music, Fairy Tales. Cute Animals. Children playing in the sun. Cartoons. Great for TV and Film for children. Pirates and Adventures and Tales about Princess, Hero, Kingdoms and Wonderful Stories. Fantasy and Stories, Green Grass and Wonderful Forests.
A child plays a toy piano, small and out of tune, very boxy sounding. A selection of short music phrases, some chaotic some more structured. Perfect for a variety of applications, cartoon, comedy, horror or cliff hangers.
best of lullabies from USA
Bumper pack of childrens of 24 favourite nursery songs - Instrumental version of familiar nursery rhymes - suggesting a gentle lullaby, children's nursery and bed time music boxes.
27 Fun Packed Animal Music tracks. Featuring Raving Donkeys,Waltzing Frogs & Singing Mokeys! Great for anyone connected with an animal project or in pet trade avertisments, kennels,vetenary,pet supplies e.t.c. Included Apes,Dogs,Elephants,Ducks,Frogs,Lions,Sheep, E.T.C.

Want To See More? Check Them All Out!
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Hot New Artists at AudioSparx

This month brings us an amazing group of over 30 hot new composers and music artists from around the world.   Here below we feature 12 hot new artists.  To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online.  
William Pearson (USA) - 672 Tracks Online
William (Bill) Pearson is a legendary Hollywood Composer and Producer who has garnered a Grammy, and created the music for the Academy Award-winning Documentary, “Twin Towers,” and numerous other films. Much in demand these days, Bill’s music appears in TV shows, commercials and trailers around the world. His music generally evokes intense emotions, and ranges from hard-hitting Rock, to Cinematic Orchestral, RnB, World Beat, and Big Band Jazz. Bill’s clients include ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, HBO, ESPN, MTV, Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Orion Pictures, and many others.
Lindy Botha (South Africa) - 267 Tracks Online
South African singer and songwriter Lindy Botha began playing the piano at 7, and later took up the guitar and drums. Her music taps into the thoughts and hearts of listeners around the globe as she conveys her messages in a unique and soulful way. Lindy creates music for various projects including Film, Video, and TV in the Corporate, Dramatic, New Age, Rock, Ambient, Ethnic, Jazz, and Pop genres, among others. Check out Lindy's tracks, and see how her special touch and style will help to breathe new life into your production.
Pawel Betley (Poland) - 182 Tracks Online
Polish Composer Pawel Betley has been involved in over 900 commercial product campaigns during his 20 years in the production music field. From advertisements and TV show themes, to film scores and studio albums, he has been involved in nearly every facet of the music business. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Pawel's primary instruments are the piano and flute, but he is also very skilled on the drums, bass guitar, Irish reed, frame drum, darbuka, and Celtic harp. With dynamic tracks in the Dramatic, Jazz, and Ethnic genres, Pawel's music is sure to make your production shine.
Arrow Casino (USA)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 129 Tracks Online
In 2009, after a decade in the music business, California Songwriter and Producer Arrow Casino released his debut album, Gaia, and has since produced an exciting four-album 40-song series entitled Voice in the Dark. Arrow's lush and soulful vocals are matched by heartfelt, socially conscious, and romantic lyrics in the Pop, Rock, and Dance genres. In addition to composing music for Film and TV, he has produced tracks for several indie artists and an Emmy Award-winning director. With a growing fan base, Arrow’s music is perfect for touching and inspiring your audience.
Michael Allen (Australia)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 63 Tracks Online
Australian artist Michael Allen composed the scores for feature films Vanished, More 4 Me and Woody Island, and wrote the music for the TV series “Body & Brain Overhaul,” and two documentaries, Cup of Dreams and Behind The Mask. In 1992, he signed with Sony records, had several top 40 hits, and won a prestigious ARIA award. Michael has released three solo records, and in 2009, was nominated for best original score at the St Kilda film festival for his music in the film Little Wings.
Jason Corder (Kenya)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 40 Tracks Online
Following 25 years as a singer, songwriter, and composer, Jason Corder is adept on the guitar, piano, and a range of traditional African instruments. He became a citizen of the world after graduation from Swarthmore College, with bases in San Francisco, Paris, and Nairobi. Jason is focused on his Kenyan band, BWK, and composing music for film. Working with Wanuri Kaihu, whose film “Pumzi” won an award at Cannes in 2010, Jason records in the Alternative, Afro-fusion, Folk, Film, Pop, and Singer/Songwriter genres. Influences include Peter Gabriel, Eric Satie, Camille, and others.
Yuri Ryzhov (Russia) - 43 Tracks Online
Russian Composer Yuri Ryzhov - also known as Angelight - has released over 30 CD's of relaxation music inspired by the practices of Tantra. Engaged in a sincere spiritual quest, Yuri seeks to empower listeners by fostering feelings of health, enlightenment, and sound mind through his music. He has been a special guest at numerous scientific psychological seminars, and his work has been performed in concert for devoted fans of all ages and backgrounds. Yuri brings us beautiful music in the New Age, Ambient, and World genres.
Colin Ward (USA) - 32 Tracks Online
Florida artist Colin Ward, who hails from England, brings us great tunes in the Folk, Folk Rock, Country, Blues, and Tropical genres. His music has been featured in "The Good Guys" on FOX, as well as in numerous films and commercials. An avid performer, Colin is a member of the Blue Island Beer Club acoustic duo, and the Trop Rock Junkies tropical band. He has played at the Englewood Music Festival, the Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival, the Gulfport Geckofest, the Tampa Songs Music Festival, and he even opened for the legendary Jimmy Buffett at the Ford Amphitheater.
Carlos Rubio (Spain) - 77 Tracks Online
Carlos Rubio, of Spain, has been a composer for 30 years. In the 1980s, he was a member of a Classical music Carpe Diem Quintet, and has worked for directors such as Angel Miñana and Ruben Rubio. In 2010 and 2011, he was Intermusic Composition 3rd award winner, and composed music for the trailer books "Bad One" and "Domingus." Carlos has worked with several radio programs and websites, and is currently composing the music for the film "Dark Wood." Creating high-definition Hollywood-style music, Carlos's compositions include Pop, Chillout, Corporate, and Film Score music.
Sean John Clark (USA) - 27 Tracks Online
New Jersey artist Sean John Clark has over 30 years of experience as a professional composer and musician. He has written music for television and film, including corporate videos for high-profile clients such as Burton Star Properties. Sean is also a talented guitarist who has done session work for numerous artists, as well as for Plavix, Subuxone, and Colgate Toothpaste corporate videos. With a current focus on Electronic music, such as Dance and Techno, he also writes in the Rock, Country, Blues, and Heavy Metal genres.
Kurt Kreimier (USA) - 22 Tracks Online
Kurt Kreimier is an accomplished Composer and Producer from Florida who received a BA Degree in Music with Honors from Northeastern Illinois University. He writes in a variety of styles, including Jazz, New Age, Easy Listening, Electronic, Classical, Ambient, and World Fusion. Kurt's music is featured on multiple TV episodes of "Four Weddings" on The Learning Channel, "French Food At Home" on The Cooking Channel, and many others. His music has also been featured in a number of corporate events and promotional videos, including a video promotion for the Walt Disney Family Museum.
Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn (UK) - 20 Tracks Online
UK artists Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn are experienced media composers with games and TV credits in the USA and Japan. Their compositions include Ambient, Dramatic, Japanese-style chilling soundcapes, Children's music, and Hollywood retro-comedy features. In the late 1980s, following years at Bradford University, they were members of The Escapement, a Bradford-based alternative band. Having worked together for 25 years, Geoff Harvey is a multi-instrumentalist and Chris Martyn provides the critical, painstaking production work and expertise in the latest digital techniques.

See All The Artists Now at the AudioSparx Artist Directory


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