AudioSparx Newsletter - November 2011 - Christmas Music & SFX on Tap!!

AudioSparx Newsletter - November 2011
November 2011     
Celebrate the Holidays with Music from!
Enjoy 56 Stations of Commercial-Free Streaming Background Music

Are you ready for a sneak peek of our latest project?! The Elves of Christmas have been busy this year building our newest website! We have 56 Stations of the hottest streaming music from the amazing artists at AudioSparx. Pop, Rock, Latin, Jazz, Classical, Dance & Club music – plus 12 elegant World music Stations, and 1000s of heartwarming and joyful Christmas tunes!

Perfect for In-Store, Restaurants, Shops, Spas, and more
At RadioSparx, our world-class music will entertain your clients year round! RadioSparx is perfect for use in boutiques, restaurants, chic hotels, shops, spas, chains, lobbies, etc. The beauty is that you never have to pay royalty payments to ASCAP, BMI or other societies. It’s streamlined, sophisticated and easy to change your music to match your mood. After a courtesy 7-Day Free Trial period, it’s only $19.95 a month…  Check out the cool music at RadioSparx right here!

Huge Christmas Music and SFX Library
For your Christmas productions and projects, AudioSparx has the most heartwarming Holiday Music and SFX in the Universe! - For the Holidays, we've got a magical library of Christmas and New Years tracks perfect for your every need, including TV and Film Holiday Specials, Religious Christmas and Hanukkah music, secular music for the Holidays, Jazzy Christmas Dance Remix tracks, Punk Rock Holiday Music, Roaring Fireplace SFX, Horse and Carriage SFX, Sleigh Bells Ringing, Jingle Bells Jangling, Champagne Corks Flying, New Year's Eve Countdowns, Party, Pub, Club & Bar Ambience, plus 89 versions of Auld Lang Syne!

Check Out the Magical Christmas Video Now!
The Christmas Music That Powers Hollywood
466,000+ Tracks and Growing (Plus 70,000 Exclusive Tracks)

Spotlight On Our Artists

We've got some hot artists at AudioSparx! From Grammy award-winning composers, to high-demand session players to world-class extraordinary artists composing music in every imaginable genre. Click often to our Artist Directory to see a sterling lineup of Hot New Artists, our Top Sellers and Top Exclusive Artists – always presenting fresh new, original, and innovative styles.

AudioSparx is a great place to discover a world of next-wave talent and creativity! Click and take a listen here. Here below are three artists with exceptional merit:

Christmas Boutique
Need some holiday magic? Christmas Music Boutique is the perfect solution! With the exception of a few original pieces, all of these songs are arrangements of the most beloved and popular holiday songs and Christmas carols from around the world. Many tracks feature lengths of 90, 60, 30, and 15 seconds and have various instrument mixes to give each project that extra sparkle.

Rick Dickert
Canadian Composer Rick Dickert writes music for Film, TV, Video Games, and more. His early musical studies resulted in bronze and silver medals from Trinity College of Music (London) for musical theory exams. Rick's tracks draw from an audio palette of vintage keyboards, state-of-the-art virtual instruments, and real guitars, percussion and bass. His compositions are always crisp and professional, and his creative output crosses a number of styles and genres, including Blues to Dramatic, Dance, Electronic, and Rock to Reggae, and everything in between.

Christmas Music
Christmas Music by Bobby Cole includes the greatest Christmas tunes of all times! This artist has all the Classical versions of Silent Night and Orchestral versions of Away in a Manger, but also has lesser known Christmas carols such as In The Bleak Mid Winter, O Christmas Tree, and O Come O Come Emmanuel. On top of that, the festive feel doesn't stop there! Christmas Music has a range of alternate versions of these popular Holiday tunes, including Jazz, Rock and Dance. In addition, you'll find scary holiday tracks, brass band versions, acoustic guitar, and much more...


Magical Christmas Music & SFX
Take a listen to some great Christmas music right here!

Lacrimosa (Requiem by Mozart) -by Origen (from Ukraine)
AudioSparx Editor's Choice Award - November 2011
Certified by IAIRA as international Top 40 Chart Release

The composers at AudioSparx, from all parts of the world, possess an amazing ability to produce timeless music, perfect for the celebration of Christmas around the world.  Like the classical masters of old, such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, these are the contemporary masters, presented here for your listening pleasure.

Christmas Music

My Sweet Christmas - Max DiCarlo, Italian composer – A joyful Disney arrangement for families and children around the world

Fantasyland - Kaloyan Dimitrov, Bulgarian composer – Lively 30-sec track that will bring smiles to kids everywhere.

Christmas Medley - Weldon Kennedy, composer – A rousing Christmas medley with holiday favorites you can sing along with.

Waltz of the Fairies - Music Candy, UK composer – Elegant music to cheer little children and give them sweet dreams

O Christmas Tree Jazz Ensemble - Jive Ass Sleepers, US composer – Jazzy, sweet and romantic music for holiday celebrations

Rockabilly Christmas - Peter Godfrey, UK composer -- Let’s rock out with this fun Christmas track

Lollipop Ballet - MX47, US composer – Uplifting Christmas track to warm the hearts of families during the holidays

Deck The Halls a la Charlie Brown - Rob Page, US composer – Jazzy, fun music for serving that warm family dinner near a cozy fireplace

Gloria (Vivaldi) - RFCM Symphony, UK – Epic and glorious, full symphony orchestra with angelic choir

Here We Come a Wassailing - Noel Loughlin, Irish composer – Rich male vocals in a traditional holiday and New Year’s song

Twinkling Lights - Alec Makinson, UK composer – Lively, innocent and uplifting 30-sec track to enliven any holiday setting

Hear All The Christmas Music

Christmas & New Years SFX
Santa on Sleigh Transition - Ian Huball
Christmas Music Box - Ian Huball
Christmas Bells - Ian Huball
Sleigh Bells Santa - Ultimate Sound
Christmas Chaos - Annie McGee
Wrapping Paper 1 - SFX Source
Group New Year - Nightingale Voice Box
Countdown with Echo - Blazznet Talking Box
New Years Countdown 1 - Gellar Sound FX
New Years Countdown Big Party - Gellar Sound FX
Crazy Party Horns - Ringtone Voodoo

New Years Music
Auld Lang Syne (Rock) - Christmas at The Devil's
Auld Lang Syne (Kitsch Version) - MX47

Hear All The New Years Music

Top Christmas Artists
Ultimate Sound
Erwin Steijlen
Denis Woods
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Music Candy
Hollywood Post
Bjorn Lynne
Pierre Langer
Big Fat Audio
Top Classical Composers
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
George Frideric Handel
Ludwig van Beethoven
Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann II Strauss
Julius Fucik
John Philip Sousa
Giacomo Puccini
Richard Wagner
Top Exclusive Artists
Music Candy
Markus Bravo
Music For TV and Games
Michael Wheeler
Christmas Music Boutique
Sebastien Pan
Michael Allen
Michael Keck
Tod Demuth
Wilton Vought
Top Music Artists
Erwin Steijlen
Denis Woods
Music Candy
Jon Lawson
John Judd
Pierre Langer
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Dan Gautreau
Bjorn Lynne
Christmas Facts...
Did You Know?
Fact 1:  One of the most popular Christmas songs, “Jingle Bells” was actually written for Thanksgiving!

Fact 2:  A Christmas wreath hanging on your front door symbolizes a sign of welcome and long life
for all who enter!

Fact 3:  The movie "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" features more than 52,000 Christmas lights, about 8,200 Christmas ornaments, and nearly 2,000 candy canes!

Fact 4:  Hallmark introduced its first Christmas cards in 1915, five years after the founding of the company!

Fact 5:  1 in 3 men will wait until Christmas Eve to finish their shopping!

Fact 6:  1 in 6 men would like to get rid of all the "gift-giving nonsense!

Fact 7:  More diamonds are purchased at Christmas-time (31%) than during any other holiday or occasion during the year!

MusicPacks & SoundPacks

Christmas Packs
Deck the season and hallelujah, we've got the coolest Christmas Packs right here for ya!  Our composers have a knack for creating the perfect music for every occasion, and this Christmas is no exception.  Take a listen to the Christmas Packs below!
33-track MusicPack of magical and contemporary Christmas tracks! Traditional holiday music with an innovative and exciting flair, perfect to set your productions apart from the rest with a brilliant twist on timeless musical Christmas traditions.
A collection of 12 x 30sec Christmas Jingles specially written and arranged for commercials. A bright and joyful mix of original and traditional festive tunes perfect for a whole range of ads. A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR THE BROADCASTER. Another brilliant value collection from Alec Makinson.
Another stunning collection of 12 x 30sec Christmas jingles composed and arranged especially for adverts, spots and commercials. A real quality selection box of original and traditional festive tunes. A wonderful Christmas gift for the broadcaster from Alec Makinson
6 orchestral full soundtracks with bells, glockenspiel and music box. Scenes with a vivid atmosphere, a world full of colors, Christmas is coming. Santa Claus spreads happiness for all who believe in the fantasy. Mystery and suspense in the magical night. . TV & films, credits, classical cinema,
Upbeat, fun, traditional-style Christmas tune. Ideal for personal greetings for friends and family, radio/TV spots, reporters, podcasts etc. Sleigh bells, bass, electric piano, drums, warm strings & a simple chime melody. This zip file contains 1 minute version & 30 second version, wav files.
Great Christmas jazzy jingles and stingers, jazz ensemble and big band styled
Solo piano interpretations of familiar Christmas carols along with three original compositions. Eleven tracks with 45 minutes of heavenly atmosphere that portray the mystery of this wonderful season. In the style of George Winston's December, but with a lighter, magical feel.
Enchanting, ethereal original music for winter and the Christmas / New Year season. Hushed and reverent, celebratory and uplifting, the selections in this atmospheric music pack have been chosen to lend breathing space to the busy holidays and help you and your clients unwind. Guitar, piano. Other.

New Content Packs
Our artist are prolific, to say the least!  Below, check out just a partial list of the new MusicPacks and SoundPacks our artists have uploaded in the last month alone.

We continue our series of Emotional Underscores with beautiful, touching, subtle and poignant music for drama, personal stories and reflective / thoughtful media. This huge music collection contains 17 different compositions, all presented in various edits, cuts, mixes, loops and alternative takes.
A Gentle Breeze is an album of soothing relaxation music plays for 60 minutes continuously, seamlessly. The music is floating, tingling, soothing and softly melodic relaxation music. It keeps an even flow, but is not repetitive -- there is very little repetition, despite it's full one hour playing t
This CD features 19 tracks of dark, subtle, atmospheric underscore tracks for dark drama, historical / cultural, fantasy and more. This suite contains 12 tracks mostly without any outstanding melody, making it highly usable as background texture and ambient underscore. It leaves room for dialogue an
Another collection in our premiere line of powerful, majestic, heroic, epic trailer tracks: Our 'Massive Impact' series reaches volume 6 with another 10 spine chilling, goosebumps raising, soaring, massive tracks. These tracks are cleverly produced using a small section of live orchestral instrument
Pump some energy juice into your productions with this direct injection of sizzling, sparkling, energetic music. Composed and produced by two of our favorite music producers, Dan Phillipson and Dan Gautreau, these tracks ooze and sparkle with an almost electric sense of energy, power and pulse.
Another 11 tracks of sublime chill-out and elegant relaxation: Our 'Pure Luxury' series features music for the finer moments in life. The music is softly elegant, tasteful and delicate. Each track has been hand picked for its suitability in classy commercials and TV productions, spa and luxury treat
A collection of 11 of our most emotive and inspiring tracks from the Rock music genre. Alternative Rock, as we define it at least, is more based on melodies and emotional content, than the more riff- and groove based hard rock genres. A lot of great Alternative rock has been recorded over the last d
An inspired collection of melodic, light, modern alternative rock tracks. These tracks combine elements from the softer side of rock, with "guitar pop", singer-songwriter type material (only instrumental, without the vocal) with more general guitar rock music and indie rock. Very melodic and emotive
Feelgood Trax is our series of uplifting, positive and inspiring tracks, touching on melodic pop/rock, melodic rock, pop / R&B, electronic and other contemporary genres. Composed by Dan Gautreau and Dan Phillipson, these tracks ooze of positive energy and work great with uplifting messages, new exci
Boot slapping, donkey chasing, wild west fun! This collection features 13 upbeat, uptempo, fun and cheerful tracks with a country & western, or Americana / folk'y feel. Whether it's for a comic video game, a wacky TV production, a slapstick donkey chase scene, or other fun, exciting, all-American
A funky collection of Reggae and Reggae-related music styles, comprising 13 different tracks and lots of edits & variations. Ragga, Reggaeton, Dub, Ska and Island Sound / Caribbean music come together with straight up Reggae in this collection, making it great for use with travel & holiday programs,
A beautiful collection of Latino and Latin inspired music featuring 11 warm & charming Spanish / South American / Latin American influenced tracks by Jeremy Sherman. These tracks go well with travel shows, holiday & vacation productions, discovery and adventure, hotels and resorts, documentaries, hi
Real live country & western music made with acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitars, pedal steel guitars, Dobro, banjo, fiddle and more. Whilst also touching Bluegrass, Folk and Americana, these warm and charming compositions will bring that homely, mid-west country feel to any production, be i
Earthy and homely music, made for and played on acoustic, traditional Folk & Americana instruments such as acoustic guitar, dobro, banjo, piano and more. These laid back, homely and wholesome, subtly understated, beautifully performed acoustic tracks go incredibly well with visual imagery, nature
THE 1950S & 60S VOL 1 
Let us take you back to the Diners and Dance halls of the 1950's and 1960's with this collection of retro production music. From the classic Boogie sound of "Back Seat Boogie" and "Truck Stop Boogie", via the fun and swinging rockabilly sound of "Rockabilly Bop" and "Juke Joint", to the more film sc
A beautiful collection of Latino and Latin inspired music featuring 11 warm & charming Spanish / South American / Latin American influenced tracks by Jeremy Sherman. These tracks go well with travel shows, holiday & vacation productions, discovery and adventure, hotels and resorts, documentaries
A collection of atmospheric, jazz club and jazz lounge music. Crossing the borders of historical jazz, traditional jazz band, jazz combo, retro jazz and acoustic jazz, this large collection contains 11 full tracks plus - as a bonus - several different jazzy stingers, loops, edits and cuts.
Is your opponent an incumbent or has a bad track record? Is that proposition on the ballot just bad news? 18 Ominous and dark instrumental underscores perfect for that Political Negative Attack Ad. Tracks are 30 seconds exact but have an additional 3 second tail for fading at your discretion.
A collection of 11 tracks of melodic, relaxed, instrumental pop/ambient crossover tracks. The music on this collection combines elements of light pop, ambient music and more film / soundtrack like elements. Always hopeful, melodic, and appealing, this music will go really well with commercials and f
Music For The Damned Vol. 1 features 5 high energy, adrenaline pumping, action rock tracks. These tracks feature hard hitting guitar chops, heavy drums and bass. Great for sport, racing, action and fun, extreme sports, or any other exciting fast moving media
A great collection of fresh and positive rock track with an uplifting and youthful drive. The production and composition style on this collection is probably what we'd describe as "youth rock". The tracks are naturally guitar driven, but rather being dark or negative, the music is optimistic and mor
A collection of 11 tracks of gutsy and inventive guitar rock, energy rock and progressive rock at its finest. The music on this collection is definitely what we'd describe as 'edgy' and 'eventful' rock music. Composer and producer Jack Francis has clearly not been content with simply finding a riff
Music for the movies! This collection features grand, orchestral style arrangements of music that will fit in Hollywood movies. Ranging from "Big Sky" style, grand, epic and sweeping compositions suitable for the wide open landscape, to heartfelt melodies for amazing stories, to exotic journeys
Collection of mysterious tunes. From dark tension to slow and melancholic mystery. Crime TV, adventures, old and dark houses. Cellos play tense tremolo for lurking danger, crime in progress. Dark piano plays softly with emotional strings to remind of old memories and histories from the past.
Playful, bouncy and happy music for children. Warm feelings, whimsical and happy. Cartoons or games. Positive feelings. Taking a stroll in sunny landscapes, in wonderful nature. Platform video games, Giana sisters, Super Mario, cartoons, TV. Lovable, Children playing, bird song in the background.
Dark, spooky instrumental songs with ghosts and old haunted houses, graveyards and crypts. We explore the dark and discover its secrets. Perfect sound tracks for a spooky scenes, Halloween, pumpkins, witches, ghosts, zombies. What is lurking in the old catacombs? Ghosts are haunting Spooky house.
12 beautiful new age tracks. Let the mind go and create a light easygoing atmosphere. Good for yoga, all kinds of meditation & healing-work, psychological treatment, massage, children to fall asleep. Excellent documentary about the beauty of nature, racial reconciliation & peace, heaven
A collection of hard core, raw and gritty, determined, Big Beat electro / techno / rock tracks with power and aggression. These tracks go extremely well with motor sports, fighting and brawling, boxing, sports / extreme sports, show of force, mech / future warfare, awesome fighting machines, chase
A collection of 11 hot tracks crossing the boundaries of Hip Hop and R&B. This volume in our "Hip Hop Beatz" series takes on a slightly softer and more Urban Pop / R&B direction, although still with strong Hip-Hop influences. Down- to mid-tempo urban Hip Hop beats are used in combination with warm c
A collection of 11 tracks of futuristic, hard and nasty, gritty and grimy electronica with elements of Dark Dub, Industrial Electro, Drum'n Bass and Breakbeat. The dark and twisted beats and sounds of Dark Dub make the music suitable for gritty and powerful footage with a futuristic, machine-like, r

Want To See More? Check Them All Out!
MusicPacks      SoundPacks      ComposerPacks


Hot New Artists at AudioSparx

This month 53 new artists signed with AudioSparx ... an amazing group of hot new composers and music artists from around the world.   Here below we feature 19 of the new artists, including six exclusive artists!  To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online. 


Origen (Ukraine) - Winner of the AudioSparx Editor's Choice Award (November 2011)
Ukraine's Origen was founded in 1995 by composer, producer, and sound engineer Alexsey Zakharenko, and was named after an early Christian theologian who was one of the most distinguished figures of the early Christian Church. With music described as Progressive Ambient and Electronic, Origen's music blends atmospheric New Age elements with real instrumentation, and the incredible voice of Opera soprano Tanya Lubimenko. Their album titled "Lacrimosa" was certified by The International Association of Independent Recording Artists as an international "Top 40" chart release.
Jens Larsson (Sweden)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 66 Tracks Online
Swedish Composer Jens Larsson brings us emotional piano-based works in a tasteful Minimalist style. A skilled pianist and improviser, Jens obtained his Master's Degree in Jazz piano from the University of Örebro, as well as a Minor in Classical. He has worked as a musician and arranger with many great Swedish artists, including Peter Asplund, Lill Lindfors, Arne Domnerus, Ulf Wakenius, and LaGayla Frazier, among others. Jens brings us intriguing music in the Dramatic, Electronic, Jazz, Dance, Folk, and Hip Hop genres.
Marc Filmer (USA)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 45 Tracks Online
Composer Marc Filmer was born and raised in a sleepy coastal town in SW England, and he currently resides in Upstate New York. His off-beat sense of humor is present in much of his work, but he also excels at writing powerfully dark and serious music. A self-confessed Beatlemaniac, Marc enjoys a wide range of music, which is showcased by his catalog of tracks that spans many genres including Dramatic, Classical, Rock, Pop, Dance, and more. With over 15 years of experience performing and recording, he always strives to bring something new and exciting to the table.
Alandra (Italy)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 40 Tracks Online
Alandra is a duo from Italy that specializes in writing eclectic music with futuristic grooves, Orchestral elements, and ambient overtones. With over 10 years of experience in the Electronic music scene, these two brilliant composers drifted more into the Classical realm of writing, taking inspiration from greats like John Williams and Ennio Morricone. Their evocative and touching Dramatic soundtracks will heighten emotional moments in any Film or TV scene.
East Helsinki Gunner (Finland)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 22 Tracks Online
East Helsinki Gunner of Finland has over 10 years of experience producing fresh music in the Dance, Disco, Trance, House, Electro, Techno, and Industrial genres. With no formal music school training, he honed his craft largely through trial and error, and was highly influenced by the success of such Finnish acts as Darude, Bomfunk MC's, and many other big names in Dance music. East Helsinki Gunner's innovative tracks are perfect for Film, TV, and Commercial projects.
October 20 (Finland)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 17 Tracks Online
October 20 of Finland has more than a decade of experience producing fresh music in the Hip Hop, Trip Hop, RnB, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Chillout, and Easy Listening genres. A self-taught composer, October 20 was highly influenced by the performances of Finnish Rap artists like Finntelligens, Kapasiteettiyksikkö, Elastinen, and Iso H, as well as US artists like 50cent, Akon, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Jay Z, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and Beyoncé. October 20's cool grooves will add a creative spark to your TV, Commercial, and Multimedia projects.
Daniel Fletcher (USA)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 10 Tracks Online
Arizona pianist Daniel Fletcher has spent over 40 years performing throughout the United States, and he is also a highly distinguished educator. He received his Masters in Piano Performance from the Indiana University School of Music, and in 1987 he was awarded the Master Teacher certification by the Music Teachers National Association -- the highest honor given by this organization. Daniel also toured with the Indiana University Symphony Orchestra, and was awarded the rarely-bestowed Performer's Certificate. He brings us masterful performances of Classical piano works.
Sound Bangers (Israel) - 587 Tracks Online
Sound Bangers is a hot songwriting team based in Israel bringing us dynamite tracks with commercial appeal. Composers Ran Shir and Dror Sagron specialize in genres like Contemporary RnB, Urban Pop, Dance, and Hip Hop, and their work is often peppered with influences of Middle Eastern and Euro Pop music. Their impressive credit list includes TV shows like USA's "Burn Notice," MTV's "Teen Mom," E! Channel's "Kendra," BRAVO's "The Millionaire Matchmaker," VH1's "Behind the Music," Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate," Oxygen's "Hair Battle Spectacular," and many, many more.
David J. Smith (USA) - 78 Tracks Online
LA-based composer David J. Smith is a classically trained pianist who opted for the guitar as a teen, inspired by players ranging from Elmore James to Eddie Van Halen. He performed heavily around LA in the 80's, and in the 90’s he was a 2nd engineer in large studios such as Track Record, where he learned recording techniques from the likes of Dave Pensado and Many Marroquin. Today, he maintains his chops as a fixture on the LA Blues jam scene, and he spends countless hours on both sides of the mic making eclectic instrumental music in the Rock, Blues, Folk, and Dramatic genres.
Elite Sync Lab (USA) - 57 Tracks Online
Elite Sync Lab is home to a select crew of individuals yearning to break free, working on the principle that music is an art form free of any boundaries. In a laboratory far below the Earth's surface, team members Sonaris, DJ Wings, Accidental Notes, MinayR, and Gerald the Genius rip and syncopate notes before transfiguring them into beautiful melodies and harmonies, transforming styles like Classical and Dubstep in the process. Elite Sync Lab brings us cutting-edge music in the Electronic, Dramatic, and Hip Hop genres.
Mikola McCole (Finland) - 50 Tracks Online
Finnish artist Mikola McCole made his first fun song at the age of two, beginning what would prove to be a lifelong passion for music. A talented guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, and harmonica player, he has performed in numerous bands since his teen years, and to date he has written over 70 songs, many of them in Finnish. Mikola's career in advertising, which spans nearly 25 years, gives him a keen insight into what makes commercial music work in the best way possible. He brings us lively tracks in the Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk, and House genres, among others.
Michael Christopher Churchyard (USA) - 35 Tracks Online
US Composer Michael Christopher Churchyard possesses a diverse musical palette, writing in the Dramatic, Classical, Dance, and Pop genres, among others. His work has been featured in art films by director Jason Marsh, and in the summer of 2011 his piece titled "Heartbeat Duet" was performed and recorded by pianists Anne Ku and Brendan Kinsella. Michael is also the composer, pianist, and guitarist for Alone In Her Silence (Neo-Operatic Gothic Rock) and The Human Theatre (Ambient/Neo-Classical).
Dennis Fermin (USA) - 34 Tracks Online
Florida guitarist Dennis Fermin blends the sounds of Nuevo Flamenco, Latin, Smooth Jazz, and Spanish Rock into an intoxicating blend that will take you on a romantic journey from Spain to the Caribbean Islands. Emerging from a Rock music background, Dennis had the privilege of opening for numerous National headlining acts, and recently he decided to immerse himself in the sultry and exotic sounds of the Spanish guitar. Currently working on his third CD release entitled "Ancient Mysteries," his music is always beautiful, relaxing, and highly evocative.
Brian Nelson (USA) - 34 Tracks Online
Brian Nelson has haunted the Seattle music scene since the late 80's as a producer and performing musician. A Berklee College of Music graduate, he was a member of the band Gorilla, which had success releasing records with Sub Pop, Bag of Hammers, Estrus, Thrill Jockey, and Hell Yah Records. Brian worked as executive producer at Muzak for many years, producing hundreds of cover songs being played all over the world, and he has also worked as an engineer on countless recordings for bands like Nirvana. Brian brings us music in the Rock, Jazz, Country, RnB, and Funk genres.
Mike Goudreau (Canada) - 27 Tracks Online
Over the past decade, Canadian artist Mike Goudreau has performed at some of the most prestigious Jazz and Blues Festivals in Eastern Canada, including a record number of seven appearances at the Montreal Jazz Festival. His songs have been featured in numerous TV shows on networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, CW, and FX, and he's also had 32 songs placed in Jazz collections distributed worldwide by Sony/BMG and Universal. The dynamite combination of Mike's soulful voice, slick guitar work, and often humorous lyrics is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
Paul Howard Davis (USA) - 25 Tracks Online
LA composer Paul Howard Davis has a uniquely diverse background as a highly accomplished violin and guitar virtuoso. He has performed with numerous orchestras, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic under the direction of Leonard Bernstein, as well as in many small string ensembles, piano trios, Rock and Metal groups, and other settings. This varied musical background, combined with a degree in computer science, allows Paul to create dynamic compositions in a wide range of genres, including Electronic, Dramatic, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Dance, Pop, and more.
Baz Kouriakis (Greece)    (Exclusive Artist!) - 20 Tracks Online
Basil "Baz" Kouriakis was born in Athens, Greece in 1949, and he spent the late sixties touring with the traditional Folk quartet Ta Vea Tambouras. His instrument of choice is the santouri -- a very unique instrument that you will hear on many of his recordings. Fast-forward to the present day, and Baz has become a successful composer and recording artist whose music has appeared in many TV shows, including Cyprus 2 Cyprus, The Greco Review, How to Live Today, and others. Embracing the latest recording technology, Baz brings us authentic Greek music of the highest quality.
The Finger Puppets (USA) - 20 Tracks Online
US group The Finger Puppets writes an eclectic mix of infectious, well-crafted Pop and Rock songs with female vocals. The band was formed by Melissa Lee and Eric Schweitzer, who began writing songs in 2007, and is accompanied by a renowned cast of musicians which includes Rob Ladd (Alanis Morissette, Don Henley), Robert Sledge (Ben Folds Five), and Dale Baker (Sixpence None the Richer), to name a few. Their material is both accessible and highly original, garnering enthusiastic praise from fans and critics alike.
Eduardo Iglesia (Spain) - 14 Tracks Online
Spanish Composer Eduardo Iglesia has always been in love with video games, and now he is living out his dream of composing music for them. In 2002, he began work on Commandos 2 and Commandos 3 in the production and SFX department, and since then he has scored countless games, documentaries, advertisements, and films. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Eduardo studied at the Conservatory of Madrid and the Federico Chueca Music School, where he now holds the position of Choral Director. He brings us music in the Dramatic, Orchestral, Classical, and Electronic genres.

See All The Artists Now at the AudioSparx Artist Directory

The Christmas Music That Powers Hollywood
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