AudioSparx Newsletter February 2010 - Chinese New Year and Valentines Day are Coming!

AudioSparx Newsletter - February 2010
February 2010 Newsletter  
Chinese New Year and Valentines Day are Coming! 
Plus Check Out The Hot New Vocal Music Feature Page


The new decade has started out with a bang!  AudioSparx continues rapid growth and innovation to bring you hundreds of hot new artists and thousands of new tracks, MusicPacks, SoundPacks and ComposerPacks from around the world.

Coming up, Chinese New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays.  Widely celebrated around the world, this year it falls on February 14th which coincides with Valentines Day.  Take a listen to our library of Chinese music and Chinese New Years Music for your commercial projects and productions. 

For Valentines Day, set the perfect romantic tone with our sweet collection of Romantic Music, perfect for any type of creative or commercial Valentines Day project.

And for those of you working on Film and TV projects, check out cutting edge Music for TV & Film, or for exciting vocal music, please visit our new Vocal Music page.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It....
Watch the Hot New Trailer for TV & Film Music Now!

. . . T H E   R E V O L U T I O N   C O N T I N U E S . . .

Studio Privileges Downloads
Innovation Never Stops...

Our Hollywood, Ad Agency and Corporate clients have shown a phenomenal response to our new studio download privileges offer.  AudioSparx provides select clients with the privilege to download high-resolution non-watermarked music tracks to try out in your productions.  To request this capability, click here.  Perfect for busy sound editors, music supervisors, media developers and broadcast producers!

Spotlight On Our Artists

Our “Hot New Artists” feature is the place to see the best of the best new talent that has signed with AudioSparx lately.  From Grammy award-winning composers, to high-demand session players to world-class extraordinary music artists in every imaginable genre, our Artist Directory is the perfect resource for discovering the next wave of top music talent.  Click and take a listen here.

And here below we want to shine a light on two of our accomplished artists whose music has achieved major commercial success or been used around the world to great acclaim in Film and TV, advertising campaigns, corporate and other media projects.

Erik Haddad
Erik Haddad presents his inspiring and uplifting piano mastery, with orchestration, in genres that can be elegant and dramatic, or eerie and edgy. His original scores have been used in numerous films, documentaries, trailers, TV, web videos and dramatizations. From mysterious Middle Eastern, Latin and African music, to New Age,
Holiday and Classical, Erik also has created music perfect for animated films, video games, cartoons and soundtracks that would put a smile on the face of any kid under the age of 60.

MX47 is a collaboration of Hollywood’s most innovative orchestrators and digital music experts under the direction of renowned film composer Leonard Rogowski. Leonard thrives on the inventiveness of cutting edge music artistry, and utilizes the latest sensational breakthroughs in music technology. The electrifying sounds
of MX47 have been featured on HBO, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and The History Channel, and in such shows as The Sopranos, America's Most Wanted, NBC Dateline, Saturday Night Live and Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous.

New SoundPacks, MusicPacks & ComposerPacks

The artists at AudioSparx are continually innovating.  Below is a small sample of some of the new packs that have been uploaded recently.  If you’re working under a tight budget, you can get more bang for the buck by buying a pack rather than having to buy each of the individual tracks.  Plus check out the new preview capability where you can hear each and every track within each pack!

A series of 21 tracks of cinematic music, with an emphasis on the dark, cold, damp and gritty but also with some rays of light and vulnerability, like the tracks "Windows to Life" and "Memories Awake". Multiple versions of each track are included, plus some Percussion Only and No Percussion.
A collection of 17 TV- or Film soundtrack cues highly suitable for horror, dark thriller, drama, crime mystery and more. Alexander Khaskin (Discovery Canada, History Channel, Bravo, Life Network, National Geographic, "Replicant", "Full Time Killer", and much more).
12 beautifully arranged and produced Irish / Celtic traditional tracks including Danny Boy, Scarborough Fair, Whiskey in the Jar, Molly Malone, Amazing Grace, The Jolly Beggar, The Riddle Song and more. Studio recordings with real live musicians playing guitars, accordeon, violin, etc.
101 of the sweetest, most dynamic and luxurious commercial music tracks, Sweepers, Beds, Impacts, Ramps and stingers. Perfect for all kinds of commercial production uses including TV/Radio Production/ads/imaging, movie trailers, plus also ideal for creative uses in films, tv shows and more.
The DEFINITIVE cartoon audio collection! Includes exquisite full length tracks recorded with some of New York's Finest musicians. Also features all of the coolest vintage cartoon sound and music effects, created anew with state-of-the-art digital processing.
The pack contains a short and brilliant fanfare-featured track for starting the TV News series, a dark-humor musical joke about Christmas Tree toys fighting, and several TV/Film score tracks with scary, meditative, romantic, and virtuoso piano music.
A fine collection chill out groovy music, perfect for any kind of project. TV, ads, multimedia or web.
5 full length Suspenseful Instrumentals. Tense, uneasy, modern orchestra/groove. Shooter and Stalking. Various Attitudes. Peaks and Valleys in the Form, Edit Friendly for Loopable sections.
9 incredible tracks of groovy and powerfull dance music! Big beats, popping bass lines, catchy synths and atmospheres that don´t get in the way of your images or your message.
5 full length Suspenseful/Haunting Instrumentals. Tense, uneasy, modern orchestra/groove. Shooter and Stalking. Various Attitudes. Peaks and Valleys in the Form, Edit Friendly for Loopable sections.
A collection of 14 tracks for Action-Thriller, Spy/Secret Agent, Action-Adventure, Dangerous missions, Undercover operations, action films and action games, Saboteur/Action Hero, Special Operations, etc. composed by Bjorn Lynne, renowned composer of music for video games and films.
Relaxed and peaceful atmosphere Arabian, Middle East with ethnic instruments and female voice. A sensual and evocative piece that transports us into a dream full of nuances over time. percussion ethnic, historical background music for production of TV documentary films and more.
SceneX, Version 2.0 released Exclusively on AudioSPARX! The SceneX genre of sound effects offers Ambient backgrounds for events, occasions, and Natural Environments.
116 tracks of the HOTTEST sound effects, hits, stingers, segues and more for Radio Imaging, TV, Film, Video, Composing and all related digital production work. Take your production work to the next level with this smoking hot SoundPack.
A collection of 15 contemporary sounding electronic instrumentals,with a good mix of flavours. Capturing a broad range of moods including: Cool, futuristic, moody, ethereal, melancholic, eerie, psychedelic, chillout, soundscapes & electro dance/dub grooves.
A collection with 7 great music tracks covering the genres of action, suspense and mystery in a precise and effective way. Multiple edits and loops of each tracks are included.
11 tracks of the most enchanting and beautifull music for meditation, relaxation and calming. Each track contains 30 and 60 seconds edits plus loops. A total of 814 Mb of music suitable for any kind of project that needs to express serenity, peace and tranquility.
120 crazy, wacky, precocious voice drops, perfect for DJs, audio production, cartoons, ringtones and any type of multimedia production needing crazy and innovative voice clips.
At Last! A range of real percussion loops & samples for Cajun, Skiffle, Swamp, Zydeco, Creole, Blues, Jugband & Hillbilly music creators. "Crazy Cajun & Skiffle Percussion" features over 260 "acidized" loops & samples (for use in Sony Acid & all music composition & editing programs).
24 flawlessly recorded instrumental tracks for film,TV and multimedia production. Included are dramatic underscore,short cues,transitions and orchestral works.
A beautiful, complete score for an indy film that got shelved. Seventeen music cues delivering emotions ranging from loss, grief and melancholy all the way to freedom, liberation, reunion and joy.
12 tracks in the style of of U2, Colplay, Sigur Ros. A great compilation for corporate video

Want To See More? Check Them All Out!
MusicPacks      SoundPacks      ComposerPacks

97 New Artists Signed to AudioSparx Label Last Month!

Our “Hot New Artist” list showcases our newest, most meritorious artists from around the world. To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online.  Below is a sample of just a few of the exciting new artists who signed with AudioSparx recently.  

Jeff Broadbent (USA)
Oregon Composer Jeff Broadbent has loved music from an early age, and obtained a Masters in Composition from Brigham Young University and film score training at UCLA under Robert Drasnin. Recently, Jeff became affiliated with the world renowned CinE-Music Studios where he has developed some of the most touching and inspiring music on our site today. Let Jeff's music bring imagination and wonder to your projects.

Hannis Brown (USA)
Hannis Brown is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of music, both in the concert hall and as accompaniment to film, to achieve the maximum psychological and narrative impact. He is a brilliant composer living in Los Angeles and recently become affiliated with the renowned CinE-Music Studios. Hannis holds his B.A. in Music from Northern Arizona University and his M.A. in Scoring for Film and Multimedia from New York University. Let Hannis's creative and beautiful music bring wonderment and imagination to your projects!
Eric Bolvin (USA)
Eric Bolvin is an award-winning California Composer/Arranger with a schedule that includes playing, writing, teaching, and producing music. As a session player and arranger, Eric has recorded over 50 CDs for A&M Records and Mesa/Blue Moon Records. He has played or recorded with Russell Ferrante, Jeff Lorber, Dennis Chambers and Greg Adams; as a composer and arranger, his works have been performed by Jerry Bergonzi, Russell Ferrante and many others. Eric’s lush, soulful trumpet playing demonstrates why he was charted in 2008 on Smooth Jazz Radio, playing on 85 stations nationwide.
SaitoSphere™ (Malaysia)
Malaysian Composer Saito has been making music since the mid nineties ranging from pop music to hip hop, rock and electronica, to name a few. Working in the music production industry, creating music for radio and television commercials, corporate film documentaries and musical arrangements for album productions has been a truly rewarding experience. Saito is a versatile musician and sometimes experimental. He strongly believes the key to ethical and pristine musical creation is the determination of one’s vision without the external intervention of the creative process.
Markus Bravo (USA)
Los Angeles Composer, Producer and multi-instrumentalist Markus Bravo brings us music in several genres and styles, from bone-chilling dramatic, to sonic and spacey sounds, elegant Classical, a dollop of Ragtime Jazz, and some special Children’s and Christmas music. Markus studied piano and traveled a bit in his youth, picking up exciting rhythms that infuse his compositions with a contemporary vibe for Film, TV, Corporate Branding, Ad Campaigns and New Media applications. Today his stunning rendition of "2001: A Space Odyessy" is being featured in Intel's Core 2010 Launch Video.
Blazznet Productions (Italy)
The hot new Italian team, Blazznet Productions, with 20 years experience in the music production and sound industry, has clients that include the BBC, British Telecom, The Cutting Rooms, Raw Fish, The Roadhouse, Back Film, BoomBooom, Avatar Project, and others. In addition to a large library of dynamic sound effects, beats and loops, Blazznet brings us some exciting electronic and orchestral music in a number of genres and styles. Their compositions are being featured in film, theatre productions, dance performances, fashion shows, radio advertising and various web-based media.
Michael Keck (USA)
Manhattan composer Michael Keck has a passion for theatre and film, and works in New Age, Contemporary, World Music, Ambient and Electronic. His music has been featured in Film and TV: 43 Days, Seeing Art, Peoples Of America, African Americans of Achievement, and Holidays For Children, and his world-wide stage productions are too numerous to count. Whether you are producing a Documentary, Feature-length Film, TV commercials, Fashion runway, Industrials or Theatre productions or Art Installations, Michael’s music is lyrical, poetic, rhythmic, memorable and accessible.
Vlado Hudec (Slovakia)
Vlado Hudec is a talented music composer and guitarist from Slovakia with an impressive list of clients, including Groove Addicts Inc. (Los Angeles)- music for film trailers, Biart (Russia), Cypron Studios (Slovakia), and Hammerware (Czech Republic) - Aquadelic GT /soundtrack. Vlado focuses mainly on composing film music, trailers, rock, metal and guitar/electronica hybrid music, and in 2009 his trailer music CD “Fallen Angels” was released by Studio Fontana (Czech Republic).
Darksparcs (USA)
Direct from Las Vegas, Darksparcs Design FX brings us some hot new talent. With the total overall entertainment value that sound design possesses, the right sound for your media event is a must-have commodity. With 11 years experience in interactive science fiction application sound design and effects creation, Darksparcs delivers! Utilizing industry standard tools and cutting edge technique through the use of special filters to create the exciting music and SFX on our site, Darksparcs is the BEST, and one of the reasons why we named this designer a Hot New Artist here!
Johnny Karlsson (USA)
Award-winning Composer, Singer and Songwriter Johnny Karlsson began his career as a guitar player in Sweden, where he performed in bands with Andreas Johnson, Leif Sundin and others, before relocating to California. From his studio in the hills of Mount Washington, today Johnny creates original music and sound design for TV commercials, Games, Films, Trailers, Corporate Logos, and a variety of new media.

Doc Luv Jones (USA)
Doc Luv Jones started out making beats in his late teens on the streets of Lansing, Michigan. A few years later he moved to the Detroit area and released a few albums online. Currently Doc is focused on producing music, and can be found from time to time in "The Monsters Den" working on his Acid Jazz and Hip Hop. Two of our favorite tracks are Doc's romantic chillout track Sit Boo Boo Sit... Good Dog, and the playful Facebook Friends, a piano music box melody, with bongos adding an exotic island flavor.
Kevin Breidenbach (USA)
Colorado composer/sound designer Kevin Breidenbach has been involved in computer-based sound design and music production since 1997. In addition to his two solo projects (Skin Contact and Fugue State), Kevin was also a member of techno-industrial outfit Krushed Opiates, and has done a number of remixes for other artists. Kevin's music is known for top-notch production and sound design, consistently bringing good reviews from the independent press and receiving airplay on some of the best-known industrial music shows on both terrestrial and internet radio.
Pawel Blaszczak (Poland)
Polish Composer Pawel Blaszczak has been a passionate enthusiast of game music since 1982, when he bought his Commodore 64. He started writing scores for video games in 1997 for Techland Company and took the position of Audio Director. He composed music for Call of Juarez, Crime Cities, Chrome and Xpand Rally. With Adam Skorupa, Pawel did music for The Witcher game, and together they composed the music for the short award-winning animated movie "The Ark," produced by Marcin Kobylecki and directed by Grzegorz Jonkajtys.
Tom Green (UK)
Tom Green is a London-based composer whose music is featured frequently on the BBC, RTE, Channel 4, and other venues. Atmosphere 2007 (BMG/Universal) brought him his first feature score, the comedy horror “Botched.” During the 1980s, Tom played keyboards for Abdul Tejan-Jollah, the African guitar luminary, and composed music for corporate clients. In the 1990s, he formed ORB and released four albums, including Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld and the #1 Album, UF Orb. Today Tom composes soundtracks for TV, film, and other media use and will be a great asset on our site.
George Abbott (UK)
Composer George Abbott joins our site from Montrose, Scotland, UK, and is a fantastic and versatile musician, playing lead guitar with the "Surrogate Pink Floyd Band" and with "All Jacked Up." George has played in many bands over the years, and often writes the music and lyrics, and provides backing vocals during performances. Many of George's ballads are soulful and speak to the heart about love and loss and how to move on. Strong rhythms, great harmonies, and warm-hearted lyrics.

See All The Artists Now at the AudioSparx Artist Directory

Vertical Markets

If you haven't visited AudioSparx for a while, you'll be impressed with our constant innovation and attention to detail.  We have created dedicated new areas of our site to focus on these specific vertical markets:

Music For TV & Film     Vocal Music     Scary Horror and Sci-Fi Music & SFX
Music For Games & Software     Christmas & New Years Music & SFX

FreeZone For Students

For film students and students in general, AudioSparx also offers a FreeZone of over 1,000 music and sound effect tracks at no charge for use in students’ non-commercial production work. With limited budgets, many college and university drama departments are finding AudioSparx an invaluable resource for their productions.

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