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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Jive Ass Sleepers Love Keeps Burning - Jive Ass Sleepers
Zola Moon Boat Man - Zola Moon
Ori Vidislavski Lonely Waltz (60-Secs Version) - Ori Vidislavski
Dhruva Aliman Blood Moon - Dhruva Aliman
Henreittas Ft Becca Straightahead Cat Dub Mix - Henreittas Ft Becca
Ha Thanh Xuan Lanh Tron Dem Mua - Ha Thanh Xuan
Celtic Lullabies Dereen Day - Celtic Lullabies
Hilda Bronstein Dray Tekhterlekh - Hilda Bronstein
Marjon Weerink Each Step You Take - Marjon Weerink
Guido Negraszus Enigma Twilight - Guido Negraszus
Andy Schofield Dubstep Crimes 60 - Andy Schofield
Purple Mountain The Only Way Out of the Blues - Purple Mountain
Above Envy Maybe Someday - Above Envy
Tino Aureli Lament to the Stars - Tino Aureli
Hello Dragon I Believe You - Hello Dragon
Ira Ingber Mine to Lose - Ira Ingber
Dean Wagg Music's in the Funky Beats - Dean Wagg
Leandro Achinelli Paciencia (Without Drums) - Leandro Achinelli
Duc Thinh Dam Cuoi Nguoi Yeu - Duc Thinh
Wayna Picchu Todo Este Tiempo - Wayna Picchu
Aaron Saloman Avenue C - Aaron Saloman
Ferenc Hegedus Whatcha Got to Say (Loop 05) - Ferenc Hegedus
Quench Sayonara - Quench
The Labrets How Do You Do It - The Labrets
Vicious Vicious Ho Baby - Vicious Vicious
Phillip R Spencer Lonely Shoes Loop - Phillip R Spencer
Dong Phuong Tuong Ok Di Em - Dong Phuong Tuong
Ron Komie God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen - Ron Komie
Duyen Anh Doi Khi Em Muon Khoc - Duyen Anh
Teddy Afro Lemn Yhon - Teddy Afro
Urban Chant Rorate Caeli - Urban Chant
Alain Debaisieux Climbing to the Top (Alt Version) - Alain Debaisieux
Rik Roberts Anasheed Ceremony - Rik Roberts
Akira Phan Mua Dong Khong Lanh - Akira Phan
Ernesto Martin Let's Dance for the Last Time - Ernesto Martin
Vitaly Romanov Black Eyes - Vitaly Romanov
David van Rensburg African Deadbeat - David van Rensburg
Music Candy Mbeya Bamboo - Music Candy
Ariel Kalma Gate Param Gate - Ariel Kalma
Duong 565 Nhat Ki Chia Tay Ngay Buon Thang Nho Nam Co Don - Duong 565
The Burning Bush 11 Firn di Mekhutonim Aheym - The Burning Bush
Greg Trafidlo Je Vive Dans Un Reve - Greg Trafidlo
DJ Purple Rabbit Giggling Bean - DJ Purple Rabbit
David C. Hewitt The Horror #7 (Nursery) - David C. Hewitt
Charlie Mac Count to 20 - Charlie Mac
Kyle Kniceley Killin Me Perc Only - Kyle Kniceley
Hanjo Gabler Drei Chinesen Mit Dem Contrabass - Hanjo Gabler
Max DiCarlo Up and Down - Max DiCarlo
Family Senci Si'W Vle Rive (Tmj) - Family Senci
Nick Smeenk Haunted Dream - Nick Smeenk
Bjorn Lynne Hazard Dream Child (60-secs version) - Bjorn Lynne
Ludwig Amadeus Monkey Funk - Ludwig Amadeus
Jacco Willems The Flute - Jacco Willems
Stoyan Ganev Change the World - Stoyan Ganev
Really Free Music I Asked My Mother for 50 Cents - Really Free Music
Steve Willoughby Up Is Better Than Down (Children) - Steve Willoughby

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Featured Artist

Katrina Bishop

Katrina Bishop composes and sings Pop-Fusion melodies perfect for themes about young love, romance, or any dramatization with a warm heart. Sally’s Room is an elegant Bossa Nova with light-hearted flute.  She also sings a poignant ballad about long-distance love, a Celtic-flavored swing, and Mr. Jealousy -- a Cool Jazz track about love gone wrong.  Beautiful music for your audio projects.

Nothing Could Be Better
Piano and female vocal ballad, about long-distance love.

Runaway Lane
Latin Jazz Pop vocals, Bossa Nova, Latin guitar

Wanna Be
Swinging female vocal jazz, celtic-flavoured swing, sea shanty and jazz mix

Good Night for Stars
Haunting and calm a capella ballad

Mr. Jealousy
Cool jazz vocals

Sally's Room
cool easy bossa nova, with lots of harmonies, lighthearted flute

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Masterwerk Window Shopping 4 Love - Masterwerk
Michael Rittenhouse Coming to Rest - Michael Rittenhouse
WarChild Ask Why - WarChild
Felipe Adorno Vassao Komplete Kontrol (Loop 01) - Felipe Adorno Vassao
Eddie Caldwell Jesus Was a Good Guy Feat. Steve Morgan - Eddie Caldwell
Michele Rene Sally Comes to Town - Michele Rene
Nora Berg Rude Boy Reggaeton - Nora Berg
Adagio Music Happy Heart Joyful Mind - Adagio Music
Brian Charles Rice Your Eyes Said It All - Brian Charles Rice
Sonny King Love & Loud - Sonny King
Tom Hajduk Prosty Swiat - Tom Hajduk
The Ambient Society Joachim Zemmour's Ambroisie - Quand Le Zéphyre - The Ambient Society
Plank 5 Face Off - Plank
Elite Sync Lab Space Gypsy Chill - Elite Sync Lab
Ahmad Hassanabadi Maximus - Ahmad Hassanabadi
Per Boysen Azure Blue - Per Boysen
Tao & Sound Beyond - Tao & Sound
Rio Magic Elemento #5 (Remix Edit) 60 Sec - Rio Magic
John Lee Sanders The Search Within (Vocal) - John Lee Sanders
The Answer Productions Broken Hearts - The Answer Productions
Elii Geba Flower of Babylon - Elii Geba
Alex Morch Light Through the Clouds - Alex Morch
Cafe Chaika Tuvan Experiment - Cafe Chaika
Image Sounds The King Returns Is0 - Image Sounds
Denise Rivera Malicious and Delicious - Denise Rivera
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