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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
17 Hours (I'm Coming Home) - Alandra
Like That Version 2 - Jens Alm
Don't Waste Your Time - AmieLee
Intro - Ana Alcaide
The Departed (30 Sec Edit) Vocals & Kit Out - Keith Holden
21st Century Girl - Michael Panasuk
Ill Do Just Fine Without You - Evan Zappa & the Necessity
Absoluteley Broken - Van Preston
Respect Me (No Drums) - Dan Foster
Happy Day - Davor Devcic
Game On - Anikiko
The Traveller - Victoria Trestrail
House of Fame - Adam Goldsack
Sunset Over Syria - Daniel Cullen
Blazing Sunlight - Fresh Body Shop
Blood Oil Gold 1min22secsa - Solace
Derelict Ship (Loop 02) - Jason Cullimore
Why Do I (Male Vocal) - Andy Schofield
Little Kid - Larry Warren
Down By Law - Prince Whipper Whip
Before Too Long - Ravage the Rain
Fun in the Sun - DecadeZ
One Last Kiss - CueHits
Human Race - Zac Nelson
The One - John Murray
Booji Cats - Dot Matrix
Summer Sun - Kevin Reardon
Over You - OddsLane
Tempest Full (No Choir) - Dana DiAnda
Sunset Over Syria - Daniel Cullen
Paciencia (Without Guitars) - Leandro Achinelli
Kad Cujem Tambure (When I Hear the Tamburitza) - Tamburica Orchestra Veritas
Flamenco Passion (Dance Mix 1.32 Edit - Andy L
Solar Highway - Kaloyan Dimitrov
Dancing My Disappointment - Haris Aronis
Snakes of the Pharoah - Animalistix
Vamanos a Baila - Jive Ass Sleepers
Unter Beymer - Hilda Bronstein
Oh Lord Who Shell Dwell in Thy Holy Hill? - Kyiv Chamber Choir
Be my hope and pride - Chameleon Music
Man of Average Years - Gruppa Lits
A Ti También (You Too) - Franco Pellegrini
Monkey Funk - Ludwig Amadeus
Fruit of the Spirit - Kate Carpenter
Bloodiness of War - Carlos Estella
African Song - Richard Jungles
The Return - Chester Yourczek
Mon Doux Doudou - Christophe Espern
Children of Verdun - 1 Min Loop - Sergiu Muresan
Brothers - Philip Curran
An Innocent Heart - Richard Bowling
Si'W Vle Rive (Tmj) - Family Senci
Cameron Highlanders - Jonathan Geer
Drei Chinesen Mit Dem Contrabass - Hanjo Gabler
Don't Walk Away From Me - Code Switcher
Bloodcurdling Sting 3 - Matthew Reid

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Featured Artist

Robin Munson

Robin Munson resides in Los Angeles and has been a singer-songwriter for over 20 years. She has played in clubs from Albuquerque to New York City. Two of her lullabies which she penned with her sister, Michele Brourman, were included on an album released by Blue Ribbon Music. The lyrics of a song Robin Munson wrote with her sister, “Better from Behind” were selected as part of an anthology of women’s writings “Crème De La Femme” to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Her ode to Norman Rockwell, “Like I See It” has been recorded by Dianne and Michael Killen.

Somebody Other Than Me
This is an up-tempo, raucous country song with a rock country feel. Featuring a rockin' honky tonk piano and guitar solo as well as fiddle, harmonica and pedal steel. The song centers on ...

Between Iraq and a Hard Place
After 9/11, young Billy leaves his single mom and enlists, and comes back a changed man. This production has a big rock feel and is acoustic piano-centric with distorted guitars and a har...

Runaway Train
Raucous, upbeat, with a driving rhythm that doesn't stop, super for dancing! This rockin' country up-tempo song takes you along for the ride. You'll hear the wail of the train whistle and...

Stop Stallin' My Heart
Groovy beats, funky basses and heartbroken female vocals questioning a boyfriend's intentions are front and center in this 80's / 90's Pop track by Robin Munson. Perfect for all film, tel...

I Don't Give Up That Easy
Cool beats, atmospheric instrumentation and emotional female vocals round out this heartbroken Pop ballad in the style of Debbie Gibson. Perfect for all film, television and commercial pr...

I Don't Care (Do You?)
A young girl grapples with an awkward, new relationship with a clueless boy. The feeling is fresh, funny, with a lot of attitude and just a little edgy. Driving rhythm, playful and quirky...

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Before Too Long - Ravage the Rain
Ride On Victory - Sergey Osipov
Melt Away - Santa Clara
Rest in Pieces - Robert Dellaposta
Epic India - Carlos Estella
Head Over Heels - Code Switcher
Hip On Pavane - Alain Debaisieux
It's Always Sunny - glen king
Season - Scilla & Cariddi
The Wall - Chris Warne
Voice Logo Ident - Bumper, Radio - TV Alert 0541 - Ryszard Osada
Forever - Innersylum
The Other Side-Entire Mix (Bounced) - David Harper
Utopia - Leon Phsyx
04 What We're Reaching For - Keeton Coffman
O Sole Mio (Voice and Guitar) - Stefano Fucili
He's a Horn Dog - BadaBing BadaBoom
One in a Million (30s V3 No Vocals) - Island Letter
Horst Wessel Lied (Rousing March) - Vintage Music Library
Feel Like Cinderella - Kortney Jean
Taser Tantrum - Western Horizon Productions
Why I Love You - Rukq Man
Can't Believe - Dark Chocolate
Tommy the Cat - Female Version 2 - KGMP Music Machine
Feel Your Love - Steve Robinson
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