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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Christine Kounnas Steal - Christine Kounnas
Sunburn In Cyprus Busy Day On the Beach (Pnfa Digital Sunrise Remix) - Sunburn In Cyprus
Gary Haase Lifetime - Gary Haase
Above Envy How Long Has It Been - Above Envy
Angela Predhomme Release - Angela Predhomme
Jive Ass Sleepers Fever - Jive Ass Sleepers
Ron Morina The Fallen - Ron Morina
DJ Rob de Blank summer rain - DJ Rob de Blank
Bendaly Family Garreb Jay (Come Closer) - Bendaly Family
Marsha Stevens-Pino This Is Your Time - Marsha Stevens-Pino
Edouard Andre Reny Together (Loop C) - Edouard Andre Reny
Espionage 7th Heaven 30 Second Edit - Espionage
Jessica Harper This Happy House - Jessica Harper
Davor Devcic One Way Street 32s - Davor Devcic
Shaun Taylor-Corbett Whatcha' Do to Me - Shaun Taylor-Corbett
Crash Alley Fatal Attraction - Crash Alley
DJ Skillmaster How You Like Me Now - DJ Skillmaster
Joe Kuhl Bottom Feeders - Joe Kuhl
Prizm Prime Deja Vu (Featuring Nedward) - Prizm Prime
Corry Hanna Island in the Sky - Corry Hanna
Michael Keck Desert Breezes - Michael Keck
Masterwerks R&B Bet'Cha He Says That - Masterwerks R&B
RAW Boswin and the Gonnabees I'm Tired - RAW Boswin and the Gonnabees
Hillbilly Hellcats Everybody There Was Drinkin' Martinis But Me - Hillbilly Hellcats
Jason Cullimore On the Break of Dawn (Loop 01) - Jason Cullimore
Troy Kline Maybe Once in a Lifetime - Troy Kline
Chris Michols Echoes - Chris Michols
MJ12 Cog - MJ12
Evens Colas A Taste of Cuba - Evens Colas
Michael Hennig Circo Voador (60sec Male Vocals) - Michael Hennig
Minh Vuong M4U Xoa Ten Anh - Minh Vuong M4U
Chameleon Music Daar Was Laatst Een Meisje Loos - Chameleon Music
Ho Ngoc Ha Yeu Va Duoc Yeu - Ho Ngoc Ha
Vusa Mkhaya Ukukhala (A Cappella) - Vusa Mkhaya
Urpin Folklore Ensemble Od Lucenca - Urpin Folklore Ensemble
The Xhosa People Emasimini - The Xhosa People
Bendaly Family Garreb Jay (Come Closer) - Bendaly Family
Juan Maria Solare Hua Jamil (Drums and Vocals, No Lyrics) - Juan Maria Solare
Tamburica Orchestra Veritas Seljancica (The Farmer's Wife) - Tamburica Orchestra Veritas
Nataly Oryon Parole Nove - Nataly Oryon
Ez-Zouhour Ya Leymi A'Zin - Ez-Zouhour
Shimal Bu Gala Dasli Gala - Shimal
Ernesto Martin Happy Early Baby - Ernesto Martin
Alan Fagan Check the Children - Alan Fagan
Deep Toizu - Deep
Steve Willoughby Up Is Better Than Down (Children) - Steve Willoughby
Disquiet Music Earthsaverz - Disquiet Music
Ronan Doherty Discovery of Music and Sound Children Song 30 Secs - Ronan Doherty
Frenetic Sound Feelin' Happy - Frenetic Sound
The Music Bakery Childhood Christmas 4:00 - The Music Bakery
Family Senci Si'W Vle Rive (Tmj) - Family Senci
Ludwig Amadeus Monkey Funk - Ludwig Amadeus
Philip Curran Brothers - Philip Curran
Tim Brown We Stand United - Tim Brown
Nick Smeenk Haunted Dream - Nick Smeenk
Annie McGee Silent Night - Eerie Boys Choir - Annie McGee

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Featured Artist

Ex Box Boys

Once in awhile a band comes along to define the struggles of finding true love and fitting in -- even though we're dashed on the shores of craziness at every damn turn! Love left on the table, effort not respected, affection not returned. But the dynamic Ex Box Boys bring hope through their Pop and Indie Rock lyrics & music. Lead singer, songwriter Phil Fischer says the band met in 2008 playing Halo 3 online. Discovering they were musicians first and gamers second, they're now changing the world! Take a listen and see why they were MySpace's #2 Most Downloaded Band in 2008.

Only You
A gentle song about coming home after longing for this your whole life long. It could be heaven! #2 Most Downloaded Band on MySpace in June 2008

Getting Close
A mellow beach song with great harmony, all about wanting summer's love to last forever. #2 Most Downloaded Band on MySpace in June 2008.

Call of Duty
Dark, edgy hard rock, strong male vocal. Soldier on the front lines of the dusty streets of the enemy, looks forward to receiving news from home and photos of his son, hopes he doesn't di...

Hard rockin' song about trying to break up while wondering if the romance is really over. Great Club music, very danceable. The #2 Most Downloaded Band on MySpace in June 2008

Master Chief
Hard rocking homage to Halo 3 action. Just as in real life, even as you struggle toward victory there's still some noise and sorrow to get through. #2 Most Downloaded Band on MySpace in J...

Kill Ramm
An edgy track about gaming and how life can so resemble playing a game when you're losing. Chaos, darkness, over the edge. #2 Most Downloaded Band on MySpace in June 2008

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Alexandre Molodkov I'm Falling in Love With You - Alexandre Molodkov
Per Boysen Azure Blue - Per Boysen
Peter Bennborn Project Together As One - Peter Bennborn Project
Michael Warner A Dog's Life - Michael Warner
Family Senci Who U Are - Otantik Featuring Mutombo - Family Senci
Alexey Maximov Irobot - Alexey Maximov
Ronna Dragon Bobo Can't Climb No No - Ronna Dragon
Strannik Don't Say Lie - Strannik
Axel Antunes Does It Matter - Axel Antunes
Matt Frazier California Rainbow (Featuring Umbria Frazier) - Matt Frazier
Guido Gavazzi A Spell of Winter - Guido Gavazzi
Skye Holland Skye Holland - Press Play - Skye Holland
John Swanson Crappy Hotel - John Swanson
Ahmad Hassanabadi Maximus - Ahmad Hassanabadi
Suchitra Lata Silence of Souls - Suchitra Lata
Homemadesoul Move - Homemadesoul
Masterwerk Love Me Up - Masterwerk
Max DiCarlo My Flame - Max DiCarlo
Matthew Reid Epic Spaghetti Western - Matthew Reid
Leandro Mogni Malinke Music - Leandro Mogni
Denise Rivera Malicious and Delicious - Denise Rivera
Alex Morch Light Through the Clouds - Alex Morch
Katey Laurel So Glad I'm Me - Katey Laurel
The Hillisbillys You Run - The Hillisbillys
Herrick Ep Too Much Too Little - Herrick
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