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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Diamond City Inspirational Moments Instrumental Loop D - Diamond City
Edouard Andre Reny Never Let Me Go - Edouard Andre Reny
Espionage Cranium (Female Vocal Version) 60 Second Version - Espionage
Laurie Ann Fessler De Ja Vu - Laurie Ann Fessler
Isha Erskine Project (LP) Catch Me If You Can (Vocal Version) - Isha Erskine Project (LP)
Tamburica Orchestra Veritas Ciro - Tamburica Orchestra Veritas
Christine Kounnas Steal - Christine Kounnas
Medina Hey You - Medina
Loyda Hjelte Sweet Hour of Prayer - Loyda Hjelte
Stan Tristan I Believe in Us - Stan Tristan
Josh Knoblock You're the Only One - Josh Knoblock
Anikiko Andelicku - Anikiko
Angela Predhomme Dead Wrong - Angela Predhomme
SMM Productions Deepest Devotion (60 Seconds) - SMM Productions
Eric Fletcher Like Me - Eric Fletcher
Misfits and Thieves Here Comes Tomorrow - Misfits and Thieves
Al Cohen Check It Out (60 Sec) - Al Cohen
Ideascapes Music Leap Year Reno - Ideascapes Music
The Gravitons Stop Wasting Time - The Gravitons
Listen Vision Boomin' Down the Street - Listen Vision
Hello Dragon I Believe You - Hello Dragon
Felix Linden Recess - Felix Linden
Alan Brian Curtis Ven,Ven ( Esta Noche ) - Alan Brian Curtis
David Harper A Feast for the Eyes - David Harper
Joseph Iacano Where There's a Will, There's a Way - Joseph Iacano
Dan Gautreau Sun Soaked (Loop 05) - Dan Gautreau
Bartok Music Gregorian Chant 8 - Bartok Music
Mundijong Spiral Down - Mundijong
Christoforos Krokidis Tha Meino Edo - I Will Stay Here - Christoforos Krokidis
Steve Goodman Hastav Avar (The Autumn Has Passed) - Steve Goodman
Rhonda Rivera Noche de Paz - Rhonda Rivera
LES - Lazzeri Ermini Salucco Repetitive Loneliness - LES - Lazzeri Ermini Salucco
Really Free Music Land of My Fathers (Hen Wlad Fy Nadhau) - Really Free Music
Pepe el Marques Un Beso En El Aire - Pepe el Marques
Rik Roberts Anasheed Spiritual - Rik Roberts
Kenji Aoi Asian Blue - Kenji Aoi
Kyiv Chamber Choir Stichera (Monody) - Kyiv Chamber Choir
Dien An Loi Yeu Cho Anh - Dien An
Nigel Male Dolce Dub - Nigel Male
Sakha National Dance Theatre Orchestra Rebirth of a Shaman - Sakha National Dance Theatre Orchestra
Big Ben Mberiyandja - Big Ben
Emad Sayyah Nihna Baladna - Emad Sayyah
Carlos Estella Bloodiness of War - Carlos Estella
Diamond City Enigmatic World - Diamond City
Ernesto Martin Happy Baby Summer - Ernesto Martin
Jive Ass Sleepers Creepy Kid - Jive Ass Sleepers
Charlie Mac Count to 20 - Charlie Mac
David C. Hewitt The Horror #7 (Nursery) - David C. Hewitt
Frenetic Sound Feelin' Happy - Frenetic Sound
Max DiCarlo Up and Down - Max DiCarlo
Esther Garcia The Hidden Star - Esther Garcia
Jeff Iantorno Row Row Row Your Boat (Children Group Vocal) - Jeff Iantorno
Ori Vidislavski Child at Night (30-Secs Version) - Ori Vidislavski
Travis Scharn Avazila - Travis Scharn
Really Free Music Here Are Grandma's Glasses - Really Free Music
Ronan Doherty Discovery of Music and Sound (Music Education) - Ronan Doherty

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Featured Artist


One of the leading Urban/R&B sites in the USA chose “Fire It Up” as one of the best albums of 2011, and said about it: “VenueConnection has topped itself with its biggest pride and joy to date – Fire It Up – which delivers sizzling funk, tasteful slow jams and passionate vocals by Angeles Dorio and Karl Frierson. This offering harkens to jazz funk’s golden era of the late seventies... VenueConnection nails all the groove pockets with sheer precision”

Walkin' Your Dream
Soulful female vocals, chic melodies, groove and lyrics about fulfilling your dreams. Great positive energy! Highly recommended for high fashion, sassy catwalk, cruising, boutique hotels,...

Cool Vanilla
Jazzy feel, soulful vocals, catchy chorus and cool horns. A quite metaphoric song about sex and love. It do mean a thing 'cause it got that swing!

Goodbye 13th Century
Pop song structure, catchy chorus and jazzy feel. Superb real strings arrangements and sweet melodies. Beautiful trumpet solos! About love between people of different ages. Lush vocals, r...

Lo Siento
Groovy bass line, strings arrangements, an electronic touch and the Soul of vocalist Karl Frierson make "Lo Siento" a superb neo-soul song. Lovers of D'Angelo and Erykah Badu music won't ...

Let's Freeze
What would have happened if electronic brokenbeat was born in Seville, Spain? Find out in "Let's Freeze," the impossible mix of brokenbeat, flamenco, jazz and soul. Let's freeze on an ice...

How Does It Feel?
Elegant lively playful and sensual. Urban bar scene, new romance, tight dancing. 20-something and 30-somethings nighttime scenes, after party, late night vibe. Upbeat alluring and sexy. F...

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Rio Magic Elemento #5 (Remix Edit) - Rio Magic
John Bert Taylor Where You're At - John Bert Taylor
Musica & Benessere Topolino Luigino - Musica & Benessere
Ronna Dragon I'm a Parade - Ronna Dragon
Milana Zilnik Underground World - Milana Zilnik
Mark S. Crocker Brethren We Have Met to Worship-Vocal - Mark S. Crocker
Frejlechs Papirosn - Frejlechs
Point One A Trip Like That - Point One
Rekevin The Collector - Rekevin
Ronald Nelson Space Monks - Ronald Nelson
Majed Saleh The Call of Flame - Majed Saleh
Doug Laurent The Rainmaker (Original Album Mix) Loop - Doug Laurent
Animalistix Dog Party 2 - Animalistix
Greg Beattie Lullaby - Greg Beattie
Mikola McCole Corporate Happy Tone - Mikola McCole
Francesco Giovannangelo Free Spirit - Francesco Giovannangelo
Obscura Nova Hate In Mind - Obscura Nova
Bjorn Lynne Sirene Call (Stinger 03) - Bjorn Lynne
Colin O’Dwyer Your Dreams Wait for You - Colin O'Dwyer
Mir Wave Favorite Soul - Truman Remix - Mir Wave
The Answer Productions Lay Down Your Guns - The Answer Productions
Anuj Matthews He's the One - Anuj Matthews
Evan Zappa & the Necessity Boys Become Men - Evan Zappa & the Necessity
Daniel Parker There Are No Kazillions - Daniel Parker
Jean Pascal Vielfaure Jo L Banjo - Jean Pascal Vielfaure
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