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Hot New Artists

Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Herrick   (USA)
Billboard Magazine describes Herrick's music as "alternating at times between seething rage and a bruised vulnerability. Donna's powerful vocals, pummeling riffs, and swaggering attitude sounds a bit like what might have happened had Led Zeppelin been fronted by 'a chick.' I only needed one listen to tell you that Herrick is the real deal, and may very well contain the next great female voice of this generation in Donna Herrick." Among many accolades, Herrick was nominated for International Alternative Band of the year at IMEA in 2014.

Per Samuelsson   (Sweden)
Per Samuelsson is a Swedish composer and sound artist who travels around the world performing at festivals and events in countries like USA, Canada, Chile, France, Spain, Turkey, UK, and the Netherlands. With a focus on a cinematic style, his work features twisted beats, beautiful melodies, and sharp-edged production to create maximum impact. Per's sophisticated and passionate blend of Dramatic, Electronic, and Orchestral styles is perfect for everything from intense movie trailers to intriguing TV promos and commercials.

Hernan Castillo   (Mexico)
Based in Mexico City, Hernan Castillo is a Spanish composer and producer who has written music for theater plays, radio shows, TV commercials, and his Rock/Pop band LEFT. He is currently focused on producing mainly instrumental music in different genres and styles, including Ambient, Dramatic, Electronic, and New Age. From intriguing and atmospheric to beautiful and melancholic, Hernan's music is suitable for video games, film, TV shows, and many other types of productions.

Jono Booth   (South Africa)
Jono Booth is a Producer, Composer, and Multi-instrumentalist from Cape Town, South Africa. His strong drumming background has led him to develop a his own blend of traditional instruments and modern electronics. Jono's tracks are very rhythm heavy and range from minimal background soundscapes to bold, in-your-face compositions. He drives home hard-hitting rhythms to convey moods that range from positive to intense, dramatic, and suspenseful.

David Scance   (USA)
David Scance is a guitarist, composer, and arranger based in New Jersey. He specializes in jingles and underscores for commercials, with credits including major companies like Walmart, McDonald's, Canon, Fischer Price, AT&T, Club Med, Proctor And Gamble, Priceline, Wendy's, Philip Morris, and many others. David has also toured as a guitarist with artists such as Meatloaf and Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary). From guitar-driven Pop, Rock, and Acoustic music, to bold Orchestral and Dramatic pieces, he works in a very wide range of styles.

J Goldfinger   (USA)
J Goldfinger is a NYC based composer, session guitarist, and engineer who has performed and recorded with many well known artists and producers. Included in this list are Victor Bailey, John Legend, Jeffrey Gaines, Wakey Wakey!, Shirley Jones, John Davidson, Jesse Terry, Amanda Brown, Laila Biali, and many others. J's compositions and guitar playing can be heard on satellite and terrestrial radio, and on virtually every major TV network including NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV, TLC, Bravo, Fox Sports, The Food Channel, History, and more.

Oscar Lo Brutto   (UK)
Oscar Lo Brutto is a composer, musician, and recording/mixing engineer based in London. His musical influences range from Rock, Pop, and Dance to Orchestral and Dramatic soundtracks.

Blair Sangeet Constance   (India)
Blair Sangeet Constance is a Music Composer, Programmer, Synth Sound Designer, and Drummer from India. His diverse range of musical styles includes EDM, House, Trance, Euro, Pop, Gothic Industrial, EDM, Darkwave, Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Electronica, World, and Fusion. Blair's aim is to create good compositions with high emotional value using state of the art modern technology! His music is extremely melodic, some of the best you can get for any film, TV, commercial, or multimedia project.

Zoltan Kocsis   (UK)
Zoltan Kocsis is a UK-based artist who brings us unique Sound Effects, Loops, Beats, Ringtones, and Music Tracks.

Anthony Proveaux   (USA)
Musician, composer and producer Anthony Proveaux has recorded and produced many well-known artistic and commercial projects in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere. With major record label (Capitol, Geffen), film (Artisan), Network TV (ESPN, HBO), and corporate media (IBM, Ford) credits, he has earned a solid reputation for quality work. Anthony's American Roots tracks showcase Blues, Rock, Jazz, and Americana styles, featuring professional musicians and real instruments to achieve a classic sound and authentic feel that can be hard to find.

Dual Corps Activities   (USA)
Founded in 2013, Dual Corps Activities is an exciting and culturally relevant collaboration between music producers based in France and the US. They compose, orchestrate, arrange, mix, and master dynamic material in diverse and eclectic genres, such as Dramatic, Orchestral, Electronic, and Pop. In October 2014, Dual Corps Activities received the international prize “Francois de Roubaix” with their latest piece entitled “The Fabulous Journey of A Water Drop."

Julian Angel   (Germany)
Julian Angel is a chart noted songwriter and film music composer with many Hollywood credits. He has scored movies starring Dolph Lundgren (Ambushed), Steven Seagal (A Good Man), and Vinnie Jones (Puncture Wounds), as well as trailers starring John Cusack (Drive Hard) and Selena Gomez (Behaving Badly). Julian's work can also be heard on TV networks like CBS, TLC, and HBO, and in commercials for American Express and other companies. In 2013 Julian reached #8 of the Austrian charts as composer of The Monroes’ second single "Counting Sheep."

Brian Allen Holmes   (USA)
Based in Oklahoma, Brian Allen Holmes began his composing career in high school after being highly influenced by film and game scores. While comfortable creating music in many styles, he prefers writing epic Orchestral, Dramatic, and motivational Rock music, often with an emphasis on piano. Brian has written cues for games, short films, animations, and commercials, and he was selected to serve on a regional selection committee for the 2010 Emmy Awards. His influences include Steve Jablonsky, Bear McCreary, James Horner, and Hans Zimmer.

Nicodrum   (France)
Nicodrum's album “Back To Fundehchan” is a musical journey that goes from Roots music of the 70's to Bossa Nova, World, Jazz, and more. Featuring a group of master musicians, the instrumentation includes flute, saxophone, melodica, and horn sections supported by full sets of Jamaican percussion named Aketeh and many accessories such as guiro and cabassa. Bass and guitars are also used on most of the tracks.

Cyril Planchon   (France)
At age 8, French musician Cyril Planchon started to play the piano. His passion for piano led him to quickly become a music composer. At age 20, Cyril took a hiatus from composing to become an engineer, working at big companies such as Canal+ and Technicolor. Self-taught, Cyril continued music composition, eventually composing the music for two TV shows in France. Cyril continued to relentlessly create orchestral music and, eventually, driven by his passion for music, Cyril gave up his computer job to focus strictly on composing.

Harry Morneau   (France)
Born in France, Harry Morneau started to make Electronic music as a teen during the nineties. Entirely self-taught, he loves Ambient music and movie soundtracks. Heavily influenced by Brian Eno, Philip Glass and the Aphex Twins, when he composes music now he creates dreamy landscapes with a focus on atmosphere, feelings, and emotions rather than technical aspects. Discover new worlds with the music of Harry Morneau!

Travis Lohmann   (USA)
One of eight internationally selected candidates for the Berklee Video Game Composer's Institute in 2011, Travis Lohmann is a composer for film, commercials, and other media. His original motion picture scores have been played at the Las Vegas International Film Festival, Laughlin International Film Festival, CineVegas Festival, and Temecula International Film Festival. Travis won the 2nd Place Voter Award in 2012 for the Zooppa Harry Potter Kinect Music Competition. He additionally has judged the NAACP ACT-SO competition for music.

Sam Q   (UK)
Jazz Saxophonist Sam Q is poised to independently release his ‘Samba Of Love’ album in the UK. Initially released in Brazil, the album was actually recorded in his adopted hometown of Manchester at Astar Studio’s - home to the Radio 3 Yamaha Jazz Awards Compilations. His Brazilian Label boss, Edground: "Sam Q is the new Stan Getz to us here in Brazil – His magnificent tone and control illustrate." Sam Q has played Ronnie Scott’s and numerous other UK jazz and club venues. He played a cameo role in "Alfie."

Mir Wave   (USA)
Mir Wave is a contemporary musician, songwriter, and producer from California who is presently recording in San Francisco and Los Angeles. His musical style can best be described as a unique mix of Top 40, Dance, and Alternative Pop elements. Mir Wave has become known for his songs All I Find, Butterfly, Thank You, and Inside. He has also worked with such artists as Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Jane's Addiction, Paul Shaffer, Scott Carey, Money Harm, D-train, Rell, and others. Mir Wave's work can be heard in several independent films.

BadaBing BadaBoom   (USA)
BadaBing BadaBoom is an original Nashville swing band formed in 1994 comprised of trumpet, viola, acoustic guitar, upright bass, drums, and two female vocalists. They have recorded three full albums including Volume II Jonesin' To Swing, Mood Swing, and a Christmas CD called A Hip Little Christmas. BadaBing BadaBoom has performed at many live shows, dances, and concerts from NY to Mississippi. They also appeared in the 2003 movie "High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story" starring Michael Imperioli, Pat Morita, and Michael Noury.

Greg Brimson   (UK)
Greg Brimson is a UK-based composer, producer, and re-mixer who has received many Gold and Silver awards both domestically and internationally for his work. His musical interests and appreciations are very wide and reflected in the diverse genres of artists who he has worked with, from Eminem to Bush, from Classical to Rock. Greg's work can also be heard in European feature films and TV, and in advertisements for Subaru and Mars cat food. Sync licensing allows him to satisfy his desires to work in all areas and styles.

Last Chance Saloon   (UK)
Last Chance Saloon is the exciting new studio project led by award winning singer-songwriter Andy Littlewood. The music draws on a wide range of influences, and is an intriguing blend of Blues, Rock, Pop, and Americana. Andy is possibly best known for his work as a producer on critically acclaimed albums by artists such as Mick Simpson, Malaya Blue, and Dave Hunt. Also a highly regarded and prolific songwriter, he's written songs for a variety of recording artists, including American Rock band Starship and UK Reggae singer Maxi Priest.

Dave Hunt   (UK)
UK singer-songwriter Dave Hunt delivers an exciting mix of Delta Blues, Southern Rock, and harmonica driven Rhythm and Blues on his new solo album "Whiskey and Demons." A well respected harmonica player, he has had a long and distinguished career performing alongside big names such as BB King, Linda Gail Lewis, and Dutch star Stephen Ackles. Dave’s debut album "Box Full of Blues" received airplay from Paul Jones on BBC Radio 2, and was voted album of the week in the Hit Tracks Top 100, along with a top 20 hit in the IBBA charts.

Dusan Rapos   (Canada)
Maestro Dusan Rapos is a prolific composer of dramatic orchestrated music for soundtracks and films. With his impressive symphonic orchestra music just a click away, you can easily find the perfect soundtrack for your commercial, movie, or website.

Carol Hahn   (USA)
Connecticut Composer Carol Hahn is a Billboard-charting artist who has released eight Dance singles on her Beagle Boy Music label. Writing jingles, short cues, and full tracks, her music has been featured on PBS, Sirius and XM Radio, HBO, and Viacom, and her latest release is a remake of her dance hit “Do Your Best.” Playing and performing from an early age, Carol's lush vocals and alluring, honest lyrics have charmed fans and critics alike. Her music covers Dance, Pop Rock, World, and New Age genres, and is perfect for love stories, fashionable commercials, and other ventures.

Said Koubaa   (Netherlands)
Based in the Netherlands, Said Koubaa is a producer, artist, and singer who's written over 500 songs in the last 10 years. With both Dutch and Tunisian heritage, he sings in German, Dutch, English, Japanese, and Italian languages. Said plays and records in many different genres, including Electronic, Hip Hop, RnB, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Dance, Trance, and Classical. From laid-back songs with vocals, to intriguing instrumental tracks and beats, his music has a universal quality that's great for all types of productions.

Alain Debaisieux   (Belgium)
Alain Debaisieux is a Brussels-based composer, sound designer, arranger, and producer who has worked for TV, radio, film, trailers, commercials, channel branding, and various other media. Writing in the Classical, Jazz, Electronic, and Ambient genres, his work appears on numerous major TV and radio networks such as RTBF and VRT, and in commercials for Mercedes, Calgonit, Toyota, Ikea, Dreft, Nike, Base, and other companies. Alain has also worked with Blue Note recording artist Marc Moulin.

Seth Littlefield   (USA)
Seth Littlefield is a film and TV composer whose music can be heard in a number of shows, including The Flash (CW), American Pickers (History), Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (TLC), Catfish (MTV), VICE (HBO), 19th Critics’ Choice Awards (CW), and Election Tonight (BBC News), as well as ad campaigns for McDonald’s, The United Nations Foundation, Dr. Oz, and Desert AIDS Project. Films and documentaries that have used Seth’s music include: After Words (Level 33 Entertainment, 2015) and Nicki Minaj: My Time Again (MTV, 2015) to name a few.

Dmitry Pushkarev   (Russia)
Dmitry Pushkarev is a Russian composer, producer, singer, and songwriter who has written and arranged material in styles ranging from Pop and Classic Rock to Jazz, Folk, Blues, Funk, Psychedelic, Surf, Indie, and more. For more than twenty years, he was a songwriter and front man for the Moscow Rock band "Barley Corn." Dmitry also scored the films "Interview With Shakespeare" and "The Wooden Bench," the play "Crime Of Passion," and TV advertisements. His works reflect the influence of groups like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Jethro Tull.

Christian Ugenti   (Italy)
Currently based in Italy, Christian Ugenti is a classically trained composer and multi-instrumentalist for film, TV, video games, and various other media. He writes material that ranges from intimate to epic in scope, with genres ranging from Classical and Orchestral to Industrial, Electro, Rock, Pop, and more. Christian's music has been used in promos and trailers for CW's Reign and Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings, and he was also hired by America's Navy to score their web promos.

Stefano Mastronardi   (Italy)
Stefano Mastronardi is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer from Italy whose clients include Avio, Iveco, Reebok, RAI, Honda, and Juventus. He began his creative career at age 12 when he received his first keyboard synthesizer as a gift, and he went on to study Classical piano. Today, Stefano's original music is a journey through 60's Funk, Electronica, instrumental Pop tunes, and grandiose Dramatic works featuring full orchestra. His eclectic catalog is great for a wide variety of Film, TV, and Commercial projects.

Anatoly Shestopalov   (Russia)
Russian Composer Anatoly Shestopalov specializes in Ambient music and soundscapes. His work is highly atmospheric and spatial, with moods that range from serene and dream-like to mysterious and unsettling. In Anatoly's words, "Music is my life. I like to create beautiful music tracks, first and foremost. If the music resonates with my soul, I am satisfied with my work."

Narok Lambert   (Belarus)
Based in Belarus, Narok Lambert creates unexpected mixes of sounds and styles that will capture your imagination at once. In the overflowing world of musical genres and compositions, his unique mix of Post-Rock, Ambient, EDM, Dubstep, Rock, and Neo-Classical elements is a breath of fresh air. In addition to composing, Narok is also the founder, lead guitarist, and songwriter behind a popular Rock band.

Gustavo Coutinho   (Brazil)
Gustavo Coutinho is a Brazilian Composer, Producer, and Multi-instrumentalist who plays 10 different instruments. Working in genres ranging from Jazz and Samba to Classical, EDM, Ambient, and Pop, he is known for creating music with interesting original motifs. Gustavo has worked on many game soundtracks, including "Detetives da História" and "Seat of Power," for which he studied a wide number of Asian instruments. He studied Classical piano and musical theory at the Integrado Conservatory, as well as sound engineering and music production.

Nicholas Palmer   (USA)
Nicholas Palmer writes compelling, melodic main themes and underscore for video games, PBS documentaries, film shorts, Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Businesses, and other commissioned works. He has also composed music for live performance on the Classical concert stage. Nicholas' music ranges from Ambient to Acoustic Pop, quirky synthesized tracks, and Dramatic and Orchestral themes that are well-crafted and compelling. His credits include the PBS programs "Gettysburg: The Boys in Blue and Gray" and "Secrets of the Dead: The Deadliest Battle."

Mellow Harmony   (USA)
Mellow Harmony is a union of three composers who have come together to craft successful music for film, TV, and video games. All three artists attended the International Academy of Design and Technology, where they met and began to work on commercial compositions. Lucas Quinn, the lead composer of Mellow Harmony, has worked on several indie films, giving him professional knowledge on what is expected from a film score. The trio brings us music in genres ranging from Dramatic and Orchestral to Rock, Electronic, Indie, Corporate, and more.

Kevin Comden   (USA)
Kevin Comden is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist with a strong work ethic and "do it yourself" attitude. His music has been featured on many popular TV programs, including Wahlburgers, Duck Dynasty, and Dish Nation, and he also wrote the main title theme called "Game Time" for Direct TV's 2014 Celebrity Beach Bowl. Kevin brings us everything from guitar-driven Metal, Rock, Pop, and Blues tracks to intriguing Dramatic and Electronic music.

Simon Stevens   (UK)
Simon Stevens is a UK composer whose recent projects include scoring the movies "Assassin's Bullet" starring Donald Sutherland and Christian Slater, and "The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin," a documentary which reached #1 on the iTunes Documentary chart. He studied Composition at the Royal College of Music in London and Scoring for Motion Pictures and TV at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. While there, Simon was selected to be mentored by Hollywood composer James Newton Howard.

Matthew Mirron   (New Zealand)
Matthew Mirron is a New Zealand composer and songwriter coming from a diverse musical background, with experience in classical, jazz, electronic, rock, and pop music. He is a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington and the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand, holding both a Bachelor of Music majoring in Instrumental & Vocal Composition, and a Diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production. Matthew Mirron aims to create exciting, dynamic music with diverse appeal across a range of popular genres.

Alessandro Gozzo   (Italy)
Alessandro Gozzo is an Italian composer who studied Classical composition and orchestration with Paolo Coggiola, pupil of the composer Bruno Bettinelli. While he's influenced by the great masters of Classical music, he also loves movie soundtracks by Hollywood composers. Alessandro's music is mostly orchestral, though he blends other elements depending on the style. In addition to composing, he also worked for many years at a radio network as "head of music" and as a session musician, and he collaborated with the group Alti e Bassi.

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New Music Artists

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