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Hot New Artists

Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Ramon O. Lewis   (UK)
Based in London, Ramon O. Lewis is a versatile and prolific music producer who can gravitate between genres ranging from Dance to RnB, Hip Hop, Rock, and Dubstep. He has releases in all major online digital music retailers, and he's gained the attention and respect of artists in numerous territories. Ramon's background consists of a Music Technology qualification combined with practical and experimental approaches, and he draws from inspirational mentors such as Scott Storch, Timbaland, and Jermaine Dupri.

Sleight   (USA)
Based in the midwestern US, Sleight is a former biochemist/rock drummer turned architect/musician. He has wide ranging influences including artists Brian Eno and Boards of Canada, classical composers Steve Reich and Samuel Barber, and film score composers Hans Zimmer and Cliff Martinez. Sleight writes primarily in the Dramatic, Cinematic, Orchestral, Rock, Pop, and Ambient genres, and his work is often highly atmospheric.

Adrian Sood   (Ireland)
Based in Ireland, Adrian Sood is a multi-genre songwriter and composer who has placed music in various commercials, films, photography projects, and TV productions. From intriguing instrumental underscores to upbeat and inspiring tracks, he works in the Dramatic, Orchestral, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Ambient, and Indie genres. Adrian strives to create the best and highest quality material for your productions in order to help you build a quality brand.

Degg Newman   (UK)
UK artist Degg Newman brings us creepy, spooky, spine chilling-compositions written for Horror and Halloween movies, twisted video games, and nightmare commercials! His compositions are high production passages full of atmosphere, mystery, and menace. Fused within stunning arrangements, Degg has created cinematic Horror soundscapes which are rich, full of dark textures, climatic moments, and lightening SFX. His material is perfect for adding that scary edge to any Horror or Thriller production.

Misha Komarov   (Russia)
Misha Komarov is an Exclusive Audiosparx artist who writes beautiful, melodic music for your creative projects. From soulful Russian melodies to rhythmic, fun, positive, and romantic compositions, he works in a wide range of genres and often uses bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, and interesting synth sounds. Misha's music can be heard on many Russian radio, internet, and TV outlets, including The Baltic, The Police Wave, A Minor, Komsomolskaya Pravda, and more.

Anton Atom   (UK)
Based in the UK, Anton Atom is a British composer and producer with 15+ years experience writing for TV and Commercials for clients including Mazda, Nike, and Ford. With diverse influences spanning numerous genres, his work ranges from leftfield Electronica to Asian Fusion, 60's Garage Rock, British Folk, Dramatic cues, and much more. As a performing musician, Anton has toured extensively throughout Europe, North America, and Mexico.

Jack Pirie   (UK)
Jack Pirie is a London-based composer with a passion for all things film and music. He writes in numerous genres, but always with an emphasis on strong, distinctive melodies. Working as both a director and composer, Jack has a unique perspective on trying to bring original and powerful music to video projects. His music has been featured in numerous films, TV shows, and networks worldwide.

Ryan Hill   (Germany)
Based in Germany, Ryan Hill is a one-man-army in the battlefields of modern songwriting and sound design. He developed his skills as a guitarist/bassist, vocalist, and studio musician in many different bands and genres, including Pop/Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Metal, and Electro. Ryan later became a composer for movies, advertising, personal marketing, and other artists as well. This great variety of influences shines through in all of his work.

Mike Baroty   (France)
Mike Baroty is a passionate studio musician who specializes in the drums and percussion of Africa and other parts of the world. He has collaborated with Dan Seepers, Senegalese drummer and percussionist Aïyb Dieng, and Armand Migiani, a French conductor, arranger, and saxophonist. Mike also enjoys creating music for children.

Radio France Internationale   (France)
Radio France Internationale brings a world of diverse music from some of the leading independent music artists around the globe. Featuring an avant-garde mix of progressive and supremely talented artists, their music is inspiring in its musicianship and superlative production methods, perfect for major TV, film and all media.

After in Paris   (France)
Based in France, After in Paris is a great Jazz and Electro Lounge group that was formed in 2002. Their songs feature an exotic blend of World, Brazilian, Salsa, and Samba elements with both male and female vocalists. After in Paris has shared the stage with many artists and groups, including Didier Lockwood, Paco Sery, and Ray Lema. The group is comprised of Claire Guillot (saxophones, tenor, alto, soprano, flute, vocals, computer), Patrick Chartol (bass guitar, computer), and Jean-Michel Vallet (piano, Fender Rhodes, computer).

Manu Dibango   (France)
World Music, a two-word universe, was born in the early 70's. Africa, in the form of Cameroon Makossa, nosed its way into Soul, the heir to Jazz and Rhythm 'n Blues. As is often the case, this particular stage in musical evolution, which today is considered as capital, was at the time nearly missed, the B-side of a single which should never have got further than the suburbs of Douala. The grandpappy of Makossa Soul, Manu Dibango, plays a key role in our century.

Frederic Kooshmanian   (France)
Frederic Kooshmanian developed his skills in studios as a musician, and later became a composer for Radio France, Television, Movies, Advertising (Danone, Paulette, Citroën), and various artist albums. Turned pro at 22, he now works with several French artists including Gerard Lenormand, Bernie Bonvoisin (Trust), Brice Kapel, Zouk All-Stars, Manon Landowski, and Yves Lecoq, among others.

Marc Minelli   (France)
Playing guitar and singing in Rock groups in the 80s, Marc Minelli was at first a fan of 60's British bands such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. He was always open to other musical forms, and he heard and admired Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade in Paris in the early 80's. It was not until the late 90's that Marc began to listen seriously to Jazz. Even so, his first influences were not musicians of his own generation but were John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Charles Mingus.

Baco Mourchid   (France)
Baco Mourchid is a French singer of Mayotte and Madagascar origins. He moved to Ngazidja at the age of 13 after his father's death, and he was later imprisoned for 15 years in Tanzania for illegally entering the country from the Comoros. Baco's work is inspired by Bob Marley and touches on issues like culture, music, God (Allah ou Jah), traditions, and war. Trained as an engineer at the Opéra de Paris, he produces and mixes his albums himself.

Dominique Verdan   (France)
Dominique Verdan started composing for TV while he was studying international economy and sociology in France. He's composed music for theater, advertising, and TV shows, as well as numerous soundtracks for movies, documentaries, big news reports, nature specials, scientific series, and fairy tales for children. Dominique likes mixing occidental sounds and world music instruments, electronic and acoustic sounds, and classic harmonies and loops. Photography is another of his passions that he's always considered closely linked to music.

Francis Zgorski   (France)
Passionate about traditional music, Francis Zgorski studied Afro-Cuban rhythms and Salsa, and he now integrates those elements into his contemporary Electro music. During his lengthy career, he has worked with many great musicians such as reknown Cuban composer and conductor Raoul Zequeira and Justo Pelladito, another famous Cuban musician. Enthusiastic about music, song, and dance, Francis composes and collaborates regularly with artists from all over the world.

Too Human   (USA)
As songwriters, Too Human's Roger and Ellen Bruno have written for iconic artists like Cher, Pat Benatar, Nancy Wilson, Martha Davis, Jack Wagner, Teddy Pendergrass, and Anne Murray, among others. As a band, their work features thoughtful, heartfelt, and sometimes quirky lyrics, with styles ranging from Blues and Jazz to Rock, Pop, and a little bit of Country. Ellen's raspy voice is complimented perfectly by Roger's sweet harmonies, delighting audiences all around the US. Their songs have been heard on numerous TV shows, including Fame, General Hospital, and As The World Turns.

Denbo17   (USA)
Based in Pennsylvania, Denbo17 is a musician and composer who creates great Pop, Hawaiian, Blues, and Folk music centered around the ukulele. He's written for several publishers in the US and Canada, and he's also shared his music with artists such as the Irish Rock band Blackthorne, who covered his song “Lady Liberty” for their album The Other Side, and the late Scotty Turner who published some of his Country songs in Nashville. Denbo17's music can be heard in the TV shows "Don't Drive Here" and "Vegas Rat Rods" on the Discovery Channel.

Justin Van Hout   (USA)
Based in Los Angeles, Justin Van Hout is a Certified and Accredited Audio Engineer and Sound Designer who has provided services for 50+ motion pictures, recording artists, television shows, web series, and radio spots. His credits include feature films like RoboCop, World War Z, and Oblivion, and he's worked on projects for Nintendo, Velveeta, Disney, SC Johnson, Discovery, and more. When Justin isn't working on a project or spending time with his family, he is out in the field recording high quality sound effects for his immense library.

Soul Check   (Australia)
Australian artist Soul Check (DJ Patrick Coen) brings us killer drum loops in the Electronic, Breakbeat, and Big Beat genres of Dance music. Drawing on influences such as Fat Boy Slim, Prodigy, and The Chemical Brothers, most of Soul Check's material is high energy (125-140 BPM) and ultra hip. Find the perfect beat for your production right here!

Ingvi Thor Kormaksson   (Iceland)
With 11 albums to his credit, Ingvi Thor Kormaksson is a native Icelander who has been song writing for the past 30 years. He writes mainly in the Adult Contemporary genre, but Jazzy chord progressions and Bossa Nova-inspired rhythms are often featured in his work, as well as Folk and Blues music traditions. Altogether, Ingvi has had more than 150 of his compositions recorded by various Icelandic artists, and his collaboration with singer/songwriter JJ Soul from Oxford has led to music for JJ Soul Band's 4 albums.

Fabrice Mogini   (France)
Fabrice Mogini is a composer and producer based in France who specializes in music for Film, TV, and Commercials. First attracted to Classical and Progressive music, he later became involved in modern Jazz and Electronic styles. Fabrice studied Electronic music in London (BA & MA Sonic Arts), and has worked since 2000 as a Lecturer in Music Technology in the UK. His music placements in TV and Advertising include MTV, National Geographic, and French TV TF1. An experimental approach to composing makes Fabrice's unique work very exciting.

Joao Martins   (USA)
Joao Martins is a composer, pianist, and percussionist based in New York. He has scored numerous film and television projects, as he's also written music for commercials, video games, and jingles. A versatile composer who graduated from the Berklee College of Music, Joao writes everything from intense Dramatic and Orchestral cues to Country, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, Rock, and Latin music.

Valdi Sabev   (Bulgaria)
Valdi Sabev is a hot Composer and Sound Designer from Bulgaria, whose clients include Walt Disney Pictures, HBO, The National Geographic Channel, Red Bull Media House, Apple, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Microsoft. An in-demand master of composition, music production, and audio mastering, Valdi brings us top notch music in a variety of styles perfect for Film, Television, Video Games, Commercials, Corporate Branding Campaigns, and other new media projects. His growing catalog includes Dramatic, Corporate, Pop, New Age, and other genres.

PianoPassion   (Germany)
Based in Germany, PianoPassion is a pianist and composer who specializes in playing and recording Classical piano music of the romantic and early 20th century era. In addition to works by composers such as Chopin, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, and Scriabin, he also writes his own material in an impressive range of styles, including Jazz. If a premium piano underscore is needed for your project, PianoPassion's originals and renditions of Classical music are undoubtedly the perfect fit. He is currently studying at the University of Music, Freiburg.

Cedric Mevrel   (France)
Cedric Mevrel is an excellent French composer creating Dramatic, Orchestral, and Hybrid works filled with dark and melancholic ambiances. Part of the underground Dark Ambient/Industrial music scene since 2001, the violence of his music is often very startling. Cedric also likes to play with the moods of his followers by offering some quiet, atmospheric journeys, as well as more academic Classical pieces. He has scored several short films and video games, and he releases albums under his Industrial-Orchestral project called "Nors'Klh."

Human Face   (UK)
Human Face are a British songwriting and production partnership that features melodic songs with lush vocal harmonies over keyboards and guitars. Formed in 2010, the group is led by James and Gavin, who have been making music together for 20 years, and other members Royal Choral Society vocalists. Human Face members have performed at prestigious Camden venues throughout their careers, including The Barfly, The Bull and Gate, Dublin Castle, and the Highbury Garage, and they appeared live on SKY TV.

Kamlesh Deepak Drolia   (India)
Kamlesh Deepak Drolia are a talented and prolific composing duo from India. They excel in traditional Indian Folk music, but they also show mastery in modern genres like Electronic, New Age, Hip Hop, Dramatic, RnB, and Rock. Of special merit is their piece called "Meditation," which is a contemplative score featuring elegant sitar strumming evocative of the erotic nature of India. It would be perfect for romantic interludes in travelogues, documentaries, and films, and much of their work is great for both Hollywood and Bollywood projects.

Danny Williams   (USA)
Danny Williams is an accomplished, award-winnning composer with over 30 years of experience creating music in a variety of genres, including jingles, and soundtracks for professional live theater and for industrial videos. During his career, Danny has also been commissioned numerous times through an exclusive arrangement to create school band compositions. He is a great addition to our site.

Julia Dowler   (UK)
Julia Dowler is a talented Alternative Folk/Pop singer-songwriter from the UK who's currently working on a debut album! She's worked with award-winning Australian writer/poet/musician David Ash composing music to fit his lyrics/poetry, and she's also done a variety of Dance collaborations with Leon V, Corrona X, Mark va Tamelen, Bram, and Enceladus. Julia's most recent project is a track that was used in a local Indie Supernatural Film which won Best Drama Award at Portobello Road Film Festival 2013.

Lorenzo Johnson   (USA)
Currently based in Virginia, Lorenzo Johnson has produced and written on four Top 10 albums, two Grammy nominated projects, one Soul Train Award nominated project, and one Soul Train Award winning project. His credits include songwriting, arranging, composing, and producing for artists like Ledisi (Lost And Found, Turn Me Loose), Maysa (Metamorphosis, Love Me Good), and Chuck Brown, among many others. With tremendous natural talent and creativity, Lorenzo brings us great music in the Jazz, RnB, Dance, Pop, Funk, and Soul genres.

Curtis Fornadley   (USA)
Starting on classical guitar at the age of 11, California artist Curtis Fornadley has dedicated his life to learning, creating, and pushing the boundaries of the guitar and his music. At first, his guitar-driven work sounds like Rock, but quickly the currents of Jazz, Blues, Surf, and Country can be heard along with the common thread that ties them all together: great melodies, virtuosity, and soulful playing. Curtis' music can be heard on many network and cable TV programs, including ABC and Fox Sports, Pawn Stars, and ESPN.

Konstantinos Panagiotidis   (Greece)
Based in Greece, Konstantinos Panagiotidis is a composer, producer, and remixer who has numerous TV placements on NBC, MTV, CW, Oxygen, Lifetime, and other networks. He also scored two online advertisements for Adidas. Working in the EDM, House, Electro, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Horror, and Dramatic genres, Konstantinos strives for a contemporary, edgy sound that fulfills the demands of modern TV production. His influences include Tiesto, Avicii, Paul Oakenfold, The Prodigy, Skrillex, Eminem, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Dr. Dre, and Daft Punk.

Camille St. Vincent   (France)
Camille St. Vincent's sensual French lyrics and breathy vocals are truly Extraordinaire! A natural-born singer, she also composes music, writes the lyrics, and plays the guitar. Camille's songs are an enchanting blend of coquettish, alluring French vocals in genres like retro Rock, R&B, Pop, Lounge, Chillout, and Electronica. "Exclusive" to our site, Camille's unique music has great commercial value for Films, High Fashion Photography and Runway, Luxury Product Branding, Red Carpet Events, Oscar Parties, and anything needing Le Sexy French!

Sergiu Muresan   (Romania)
Based in Transylvania, north-western Romania, Sergiu Muresan is a composer and sound designer with over 15 years experience producing music and sound effects for trailers, video games, advertisements, and other media. He writes everything from explosive Dramatic cues to dark and whimsical Orchestral tracks, subtle Ambient textures, and edgy soundscapes mixed with Electronica and World elements. Sergiu's incredible tracks are great for Film, Computer and Mobile Games, TV, and Advertising.

Anello Capuano   (Indonesia)
Currently based in Indonesia, Anello Capuano is a multi-instrumentalist, ethno-musicologist, composer, arranger, and producer who hails from Italy. His work spans an impressive multitude of musical styles and genres, including Medieval, Mediterranean, World, Asian, Indian, and Ethno-Electro. Anello studied extra-European traditional music at the Conservatory of Music in Marrakech (Morocco) and at the Benares Hindu University in Varanasi (India), and he has performed extensively in Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada, the Middle East, and the USA.

Alex Cuervo   (USA)
Alex Cuervo is a musician and composer who has been playing, recording, and touring in Punk Rock and Garage Rock bands for 20+ years. He also writes and releases dark, filmic instrumental music under the name Espectrostatic, and he has scored numerous short films, TV commercials, and online promos. Alex currently fronts Garage Punk band the Hex Dispensers, and he has recorded and toured with Blacktop, the Now Time Delegation, King Sound Quartet, a Feast of Snakes, the Gospel Swingers, This Damn Town, and the Brotherhood of Electricity.

Mykyta Moiseiev   (Ukraine)
Mykyta Moiseiev is a highly experienced composer from Ukraine who has scored numerous films, documentaries, features, and TV projects. His work has also been featured in commercial campaigns for big international clients such as Nokia, Orbit, Blendamed, P&G, and OSCE, among others. From upbeat swing tunes, to powerful orchestral works, Mykyta writes highly emotive material in the Dramatic, Classical, World, Jazz, and Pop genres. He recently collaborated with the "Short Film Palme d'Or" owners.

Aaron Marsden   (USA)
Based in Utah, Aaron Marsden is an independent composer who writes and produces original instrumental and vocal music. He has performed for several events, special occasions, and has composed music for radio, film, popular videos with millions of views, and more. Aaron specializes in highly cinematic Dramatic and Orchestral tracks, but you'll also find him working in genres like Rock, Pop, and Blues, among others.

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New Music Artists

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