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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Post Stranger   (USA)
Post Stranger comes from an expansive background of music composition and performance. Studying Electronic Production and Design at Berklee College of Music allowed them to explore the ever-growing sound palette of Electronic music. Influenced by visual artists and filmmakers, Post Stranger creates sound and music that has been likened to the clichés of classic westerns, cult horrors, and nostalgic moments in music from the past few decades. Their instrumental compositions define themselves in Ambient, Funk, Electronic, and Rock styles.

Maciej Sapinski   (Poland)
Maciej Sapinski is a Polish sound engineer, musician, and composer who graduated from Warsaw's Fryderyk Chopin University. A highly experienced professional, his day-to-day work involves production and creation of Radio and TV commercials, as well as movie dubbing and sound design for various media projects. From bone-crunching Metal tracks, to mesmerizing Orchestral pieces, Maciej brings us dynamic music in the Rock, Pop, Dramatic, Electronic, House, Dance, Reggae, and Punk genres, among others.

David Matthias   (Hungary)
David Matthias is a Hungarian songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist known for his tremendous musical diversity. He has composed and orchestrated music for film and theatre, animated shows, live-action movies, a wide range of international commercials, and much more. David brings us music in many different genres, including Dramatic, Jazz, Electronic, Rock, Latin, Corporate, and more.

Led by creator and frontman Al Galvez, AKIAV ("A Kite Is A Victim") has released numerous Indie and Latin Pop/Rock records over the years. Many of their songs were featured on the Sci-Fi TV show PASSENGER, where Al won three "Best Of" accolades and 6 other nominations, including Best Original Music and Score. AKIAV recently entered into a deal with Universal Records/City Of Peace for their song "Your Love's Keepin' Me Tonight," which is the theme Song for the newly released Ray Liotta/Ashley Judd/Seth Green feature film "The Identical."

Alexander Peck   (USA)
Alexander Peck is a third generation professional musician (drummer, vocalist, composer) raised in the American jazz tradition of improvisation. Bringing us a hot mix of Latin and Brazilian Jazz, his music is both elegant and refined, reflecting a consistently brilliant performance and production capability.

Dark Orchestra   (Germany)
Featuring cinematic and sound track music, Dark Orchestra is the master of the modern Electro-Orchestral genre. Bringing you an intense and other-worldly combination of digital production combined with classical orchestral instrumentation, their music is perfect for video games as well as high-intensity film and TV production needing either music for wild and intense action or for suspenseful, edgy, dark scenes. True Hollywood A-List masters, their music ideal for world-class productions needing a sophisticated and advanced sound.

Zev Weinstein   (USA)
Based in Los Angeles, Zev Weinstein's greatly varied musical background in Rock, Jazz, and Classical elements is well represented within his works. His professional career is firmly grounded in studio and live stage performances, as well as theatrical productions. A love of ethnic music sounds and techniques are embodied in much of Zev's work, which includes World, Dramatic, Orchestral, Americana, Rock, Jazz, Ambient, and Country genres, among others. His music has been steadily licensed and disseminated throughout numerous media projects.

Chad Lawson   (USA)
From touring the world as Julio Iglesias' keyboardist, to being in the top 10 national Jazz charts, Chad Lawson's artistry is truly impressive. Writing in the in Jazz, Rock, and Classical genres, his music has been placed on MTV's Teen Mom 2, Delta Airlines, Dawson's Creek, Just Cause 2 (XBox Video Game), NPR, PRI Radio, SiriusXM, Starbucks, Pandora, and several international radio stations. The winner of two "Album of the Year Awards" for his solo piano material, Chad has been featured on NPR's Talk of the Nation and the Bob Edwards Show.

Per Boysen   (Sweden)
Swedish multi-instrumentalist Per Boysen creates space age soundscapes by blending Scandinavian ethnic music from passed centuries with modern Electronic and New Age elements. He has performed octaphonic surround concerts in South-East Asia, Europe, and the USA, including venues like Présences Electronique in Paris and North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam. With a background as a major label signed artist and studio guitar player, Per has scored a gold selling album in Sweden and received recognition from Guitar Player Magazine in the USA.

Hummingbird   (Canada)
Hummingbird is the moniker of Elizabeth Melody Klyman, a singer-songwriter, composer, and classically trained pianist based in Canada. As a vocalist and topline writer, she has released vocal sample packs, 15+ club tracks for various labels, and two studio albums of alternative music as Melody Klyman. Her debut album "Sovereign" brought her early acclaim from The Guardian, Clash Magazine, Time Out, and beyond. Her vocal and writing talents can be heard on tracks for The Crystal Method, Future Funk Squad, Splitloop, Slyde, and other artists.

Ludwig Amadeus   (UK)
Ludwig Amadeus is a 26-year-old German born producer and songwriter currently based in London. To date, he has released four singles on his own label, all of which have received airplay on all national UK radio stations, playlisting on MTV, and reviews in Mixmag and DJ Mag. In addition to his Pop career, Ludwig is also prolific in writing instrumentals for TV, Film, and Advertising. Recent clients include Disney, Wella, Varipix, Giovanni Bianco, NBC, Umbro, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, ABC, and MTV.

Greenlights   (USA)
Greenlights represents a culmination of like-minded Soul, Rap, and Hip Hop talent brought up in Chicago, otherwise known as the Go! Lots of blood, sweat, and tears went into crafting all the lyrics, concepts, beats, recording, mixing, mastering, and artwork for this exciting compilation. What started as a series of "one-off" tracks, the result of Willow Wells and Homegrown (among many other Rebels!) vibing to the soundscapes provided by Ron P, translated to making more and more passionate music.

Stan Erbrink   (Netherlands)
Dutch composer Stan Erbrink is specialized in being extremely all-round. This exciting multi-talent exposes an extraordinary diversity in styles and moods, while attaining top notch production quality. Regardless of the genre, Stan will definitely move you with his music. He studied keyboards at the Conservatory in Enschede, Netherlands, and has been working in the music industry for over 15 years as a composer, sound designer, live artist, producer, and audio engineer.

Kyle Kniceley   (USA)
With a focus on emotion, energy, and mood, Ohio composer and producer Kyle Kniceley pushes the envelope of genre by creating dynamic hybrid music. Utilizing a wide array of traditional and modern sounds, his work often fuses Electronic, Industrial, EDM, Dubstep, Ambient, Dramatic, Rock, and Pop elements in highly creative ways. One of Kyle's recent tension-themed releases was described as "reflective, investigative, and mysterious." His music has been featured by Access Hollywood, MTV, Discovery Channel, NBC Universal, CBS, and the NFL.

Franzoso & Tinelli   (Switzerland)
Based in Switzerland, Gabriele Franzoso and Andrea Tinelli are two talented artists who write excellent material in the Classical, Orchestral, and Dramatic genres. Andrea is a composer, pianist, and pipe organ player who has worked on many projects, including documentaries, short films, and Pop song arrangements. Gabriele is a composer and songwriter who also has vast experience in the studio as an audio engineer. Together, they produce everything from beautiful piano-based compositions to bombastic full orchestral scores.

Wayne William   (Malta)
Wayne William is a singer/songwriter, composer, and producer who works primarily in the Pop/Rock and Adult Contemporary genres. He has been performing professionally since the age of thirteen, and has toured Europe in countries like the UK, Germany, Austria, and Denmark. Wayne also represented Malta with the band Firelight at Eurovision, Europe's biggest music event with 140+ million TV viewers. Several of his songs have charted at #1 on Maltese islands radio stations. He studied mixing and mastering at Berklee Music.

Harlequins Enigma   (Norway)
Led by Norwegian artist Åge Riisnes, Harlequins Enigma is a unique project that blends Electronic, World, Pop, New Age, and Experimental elements. From trippy soundscapes to rhythmic tribal grooves, the songs feature an incredible variety of talented musicians. Åge began creating music in 1991 on the Amiga platform, where he started from scratch using samples from cd's and floppy diskettes to try to compete with artists like Boom Jinx, Atjazz, Jesper Kyd, and Martin Wall. He began the Harlequins Enigma project in 2008.

Marcus Olgers   (Netherlands)
Marcus Olgers is one of the most refined and versatile session pianists in The Netherlands, working with a host of major artists in both live and studio settings. His work as a composer, arranger, and producer resulted in successful records for artists like Sarah Fairfield, a platinum record for Do (known for her worldwide hit song "Heaven"), and music for ABC, BBC and Dutch National TV. His own idiosyncratic album entitled "Hiding In The Hinterland" is a fascinating hybrid of Electronica, Jazz, and Classical, and is perfect for use in TV, Film and Documentary productions.

Duane Spencer   (USA)
Based in Nashville, composer Duane Spencer’s music ranges from highly rhythmic, pulsating, driving themes to poignant, reflective, and soulful pieces. His music also spans several international flavors that echo European, Bollywood, Middle Eastern, and Asian influences. Duane's catalog has been used on compilation releases, documentary films, retail commercials, videos, and promotional presentations. As a musician, he has collaborated with a long list of notable artists, including James Taylor, Carly Simon, Felix Cavaliere, and Mark Volman.

Andy Bianco   (USA)
New York guitarist, composer, producer Andy Bianco's music ranges from straight-ahead and modern Jazz to intensely dissonant post-modern Avante Garde soundscapes, cutting edge Dance, Electronica, Experimental, and Drum 'n Bass. His tracks are perfect for use in sci-fi, horror, war, independent, disaster film, and documentary works, as well as TV, commercials, video games, jingles, and modern theatre. Andy performs regularly at top venues in NYC and across the US, and he's traveled to over 22 different countries as a professional guitarist.

Dave Lennox   (UK)
Dave Lennox is a highly experienced composer and keyboard player based in London. His early TV projects included writing the theme music for Irish music and chart show "Like Now," and he has since gone on to have his music used by the BBC and other major networks. As a keyboard player, Dave was a member of 60's bands "The Equals" and "The Foundations," and he's also worked with such iconic artists as Al Green and Ginger Baker. He brings us music in the Dramatic, Latin, Rock, Pop, New Age, Jazz, and Corporate genres, among others.

Mindora Music   (Germany)
Based in Germany, Mindora Music is the home of the music composers Drake, KC, and Katja. They have been recording and producing music for over 25 years, and their work has been used in trailers, video games, TV productions, and music videos. From happy and optimistic to epic and adventurous, Mindora Music is perfect for your trendy presentations, YouTube video, documentary, commercial, or any other kind of project!

Frequencee   (USA)
Chris “Frequencee” Cardena is a South Florida-based music producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist proficient on guitar, keys, and drums. His love for Hip Hop, RnB, Rock, EDM, 80's music, and many other styles has allowed him to craft tracks across genre lines while keeping a common denominator: catchy melodies, unique chord changes, and hard hitting drums. Producing tracks since the early 2000's, Chris is poised to break into more placements in movies, TV, commercials, video games, and many other forms of music licensing.

Synapse   (Brazil)
Based in Rio de Janeiro, Synapse is a collaboration between Rodrigo Gavião and Rodrigo Castro, two artists with more than 20 years of experience working as sidemen, composers, and audio engineers. Combining their skill sets, they produce high quality "organic" tracks that blend electronic and acoustic beats with guitars, basses, synths, and whatever else they can dream up. The Synapse catalog covers genres ranging from Dramatic to Electronic, Rock, Pop, Folk, Latin, and more.

Martina Sver   (Croatia)
Martina Šver is a piano player, producer, and composer from Croatia who creates music based on her intuition and creative freedom. With extensive experience in the area of theater music and live performance, she has cooperated with Croatian dancer and choreographer Stosia Zrinski. Working in the Dramatic, Classical, and Orchestral genres, Martina's inspirational influences include Ennio Morricone and The Spaghetti Western Orchestra, Debussy, Mozart, Nino Rota, Eric Serra, Tim Burton, and Anthony Hopkins.

Alastair Cameron   (UK)
UK composer Alastair Cameron's music has been used in a host of short films, animations, and advertisements for clients such as Oral-B and Corriere della Sera. He also won a Best Soundtrack award for his music in the multi-award winning film "Second Wind." Alastair's works are also regularly performed in concert, and have been broadcast on BBC radio. From solo piano pieces to full orchestral arrangements, he specializes in Dramatic and Instrumental music in a wide range of styles and moods.

Hi Tide   (Cayman Islands)
Hi Tide is a duo from the Cayman Islands known for their live performances and catchy contemporary Pop songs. Sean Hennings and Shane Allenger formed Hi Tide in 1993 after Sean returned from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, and Shane completed a year of performing in Nashville. In addition to regular shows in the Cayman Islands, Hi Tide has performed all over the world, including the US, Hawaii, Canada, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. Their song “Love You More” was recently licensed to be played in stores throughout Europe.

David Tate   (Ireland)
David Tate is a composer, songwriter, and performer based in Ireland. He has over twenty years experience writing for and playing in bands, including radio and television broadcasts in the UK. With an eclectic musical background that includes Jazz guitar, Punk drums, and Irish traditional music, David brings a freshness and originality to the music he writes, whether it's Dramatic, Acoustic, Pop, Rock, or Indie. His diverse musical influences range from Arvo Pärt and Igor Stravinsky, to Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, and Nick Drake.

Deco   (USA)
Deco is a New York based solo project by composer and musician Douglas Bruno. Specializing in the expert craftsmanship of many different genres, he writes everything from explosive Dramatic and Orchestral cues to edgy Rock tracks and often combines these two elements for a modern hybrid sound. Douglas also creates intriguing Ambient and piano-based music with Classical and Minimalist overtones. A classically trained musician, he graduated with a degree in Music and a specialization in French Horn performance from Long Island University.

Eddie Grey   (USA)
Based in California, Eddie Grey creates high quality compositions for TV, Film, and online media. His work can be heard in The Young and The Restless, Dish Nation, Hollywood Heights, Total Divas, The Vineyard, Jerseylicious, and many other TV shows on Nickelodeon, ABC, CBS, Fox, Bravo, Oxygen, E!, Style, and more. Eddie also has Platinum Record credits, and he's written songs for many major artists. He works primarily in the Pop, Rock, and Electronic genres.

Matthew Raetzel   (USA)
Based in Michigan, Matthew Raetzel is an award-winning composer, arranger, and producer best known for his Orchestral and Dramatic works. He has scored two full-length features, fifteen short films, two TV pilots, a PC game, and various internet shorts and trailers. Matthew's work in film and TV has appeared in several media outlets and festivals, including the Syfy Channel, commercial spots for The Henry Ford Museum, the Hollywood Black Film Festival, Festival De Cannes, The Uptown Film Festival, and the 48-Hour Film Festival Detroit.

Marc Laliberte   (Canada)
Based in Canada, Marc Laliberte is a composer and musician whose work is strengthened by a diverse musical background. Though he started his career as a singer in a Metal band in Quebec City, he is also well-versed in everything from Orchestral and Dramatic music to Electronic, Pop, Rock, and Acoustic styles. From bombastic trailer-themed cues, to trendy and upbeat music perfect for advertisements, Marc's catalog is well-produced and very engaging.

One To 7 Music   (Germany)
One To 7 Music is a project started by German music composing and production duo Tobias Schuh (production) and Benjamin Geyer (composition). Together, they work to create colorful, tasteful, and usable production music in various styles and genres, always with an emphasis on great production values and musical depth and innovation.

Audible Complex FX   (USA)
Audible Complex FX is a premium SFX and sound design catalog from composer and sound recordist/engineer/mixer Michael Levanios. Featuring full ambient recordings and numerous edits, this catalog gives clients flexibility in designing the perfect sonic environment for their game, film, video, ad, radio imaging, or theatrical production. High end software is used to provide maximum quality, as well as to reveal the amazing world of hidden sound that exists within other sounds.

Vincent Moretto   (France)
A graduate of the ATLA Music School and SAE Institute (Paris), Vincent Moretto began his musical journey in a Folk/World Metal band as the main composer and frontman. He now specializes in everything from epic Orchestral and Dramatic themes to modern World Fusion, Rock, Metal, and Electronic music. In addition to his work as a composer, Vincent has performed in hundreds of shows at prestigious venues throughout France, including Le Bikini, La Locomotive/Machine du Moulin Rouge, CC John Lennon, Le Fil, and more.

Original Sounds   (France)
Original Sounds is a sound library created by Manuel Vidal. Based in Paris, France, Manuel is a Certified and Accredited Audio Engineer and Sound Designer who has provided services for 30+ motion pictures. His credits include feature fiction and documentary films like In The Electric Mist, Trivial, Bovines, and 300 Hommes. Manuel also works with contemporary artists like Iris Sara Schiller on the audio portion of their creations. When he isn't working on a project, Manuel is out in the field recording high quality sounds.

Isha Erskine   (USA)
Based in California, Isha Erskine is a Multi-Platinum Producer, Engineer, and Composer who has worked with Maroon 5, Ziggy Marley, Black Eyed Peas, Jeff Beck, Wyclef Jean, and many other artists. Usually credited as an Engineer or Producer, he has also been involved with the composition elements on many albums over the past 10 years. Isha's influences range from Rock and Electronic music to film music, especially the composers he worked for, including Tyler Bates, Brian Tyler, Lyle Workman, and Atticus Ross.

Ntinos Tselis   (Greece)
Based in Athens, Greece, Ntinos Tselis is an award-winning composer and producer specializing in music for film soundtracks, trailers, promos, artistic videos, ads, and theater. He has composed original scores for films which were selected and awarded by many well established festivals around the globe, and he's also gained international exposure through his various collaborations. Working in the Dramatic, Orchestral, World, Rock, Ambient, and Jazz genres, his biggest influences include Vangelis, Massive Attack, and Peter Gabriel.

Bartes   (Poland)
Bartes is a music producer and remixer from Cracow, Poland. Since 1996, he has produced about 80 tunes in various styles. From 1991 to 1996, Bartes was a very active member on the Polish demo-scene. In addition to Electronic and Pop genres, he also writes Classical music for movies and was recently featured in "Forgotten War." Bartes also writes for commercial advertising, websites, games, and more. He composes and produces all of his music from his studio in Cracow.

DJ Rimka   (Tunisia)
DJ Rimka hails from Tunisia, and has over 18 years of experience as a violinist, arranger, and producer. He is influenced by new trends in Electronic music, but the integration of African, Asian, and Classical Indian elements in his work creates an intoxicating style all his own. With a seamless blend of traditional and modern sounds, including masterful violin work, DJ Rimka hopes that his listeners will forget about their troubles and dance their cares away. He brings us World-infused tracks in the Dance and House genres that will take you on a journey far across the globe.

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New Music Artists

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