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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Hans Bolex (USA)
Based in Chicago, Award-winning composer Hans Bolex writes music for TV, film, and internet content. From Billboard-charting Dance music to sublime Ambient soundscapes, his credits include placements in such high profile programming as The Office, Law & Order, The Mentalist, Smallville, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Bernie Mac Show, and many other TV shows. Some of Hans' other credits include the score for Manga Entertainment's feature-length Japanese animae "GhostSweeper Mikami" and the theme music for HBO's "Kickin' It with Byron Allen."

Gruvita Media (USA)
Gruvita Media is a collective of composers, performers, audio professionals, and video artists from various countries working together to bring you high-quality production music. Created by composer and producer Ivan Pantarelli, Gruvita forms a union of talents that occurs mostly online and produces a variety of media through the synergy of artists of different types. Their work covers genres ranging from Dramatic and Orchestral music to Pop, Corporate, Salsa, Reggae, Tango, Jazz, and more.

Jack Wyles (USA)
Jack Wyles is a California-based composer and recording artist who specializes in music for Film, TV, Video Games, and Commercials. A professional sax and bass player, he studied bass and song arrangement with the late Jazz icon Jaco Pastorius, and much of what he learned from Jaco shines through in his hip Jazz and Funk tunes. Jack also writes Dramatic, Orchestral, and World tracks, and he has written soundtrack music for several independent movie releases, including the internationally-released global warming documentary "Cool It" and "Celebrating Kaiser's Black History."

Mott Jordan (USA)
US-composer Mott Jordan started out as a dyed-in-the-wool old-school rock & pop guitarist/bassist immersed in the heady 1970s-80s SF Bay Area music scene. He has expanded into large-ensemble scoring and soundtrack work. Mott is currently in two Bay Area bands, and is in demand as a session player & mixing engineer. An avid rare vinyl collector, he has deeply explored a variety of musical traditions, and his studio has everything from vintage analog synths to banjo, sitar, sarod, bouzouki & more. Clients include Fenwick & West LLC, & JMB&M.

Michael Floreale (USA)
Originally from the UK, Dallas-based Michael Floreale is an Emmy award-winning composer and former Billboard hit artist. He co-wrote the classic Pop hit "The Promise" which has featured in movies, including the cult film "Napoleon Dynamite." Floreale has been writing, recording, and producing commercial music for over 20 years. His clients include American Airlines, Shell, Nike, HBO, BMW and many others. Both prolific and diverse, Floreale writes everything from Dramatic Scores to Edgy, Indie music, perfect for film, TV and advertising.

Accomplished Sonics (UK)

Leran Wang (USA)
Leran Wang is a Chinese-American film composer from the US. He is charismatic and has written music for numerous projects including both Feature and Short Films, a web series, TV pilots, commercials, and animations. Known for his enthusiasm, ambition, musical abilities, and passion, Leran has been praised by directors and producers from all over the world. Always imaginative and innovative, he creates memorable compositions in Spiritual, Dramatic, Horror, Epic, Jazz, House, Rock, Funk, Classical, Asian, and Suspense genres.

Patricia Hontoir (USA)
Based in Austin, Texas, Patricia Hontoir is an exceptional composer with a deep love for combining music with images and film. Writing in the Classical, Orchestral, and Dramatic genres, her work employs several techniques, including classic music composition, improvisation, and the creation and manipulation of new sounds. As a professional composer for film, Patricia has created music for feature films in Europe (Taste of Blueberries) and the US (The Violent states of America), and she continues to work on projects around the world.

Anaamaly (USA)
Phil Strickland, professionally known as Anaamaly (pronounced “anomaly”), is an internationally known Electronic musician and composer. His musical focus ranges from peaceful New Age soundscapes and laid-back Chill-out instrumentals to upbeat feel-good Electronica and Hip-hop. Anaamaly first discovered his passion for beat-making on drum machines and samplers in the late 90’s. He has since shifted toward software-based production with the use of percussion instruments such as the mbira and hang drum.

Sonny King (USA)
Sonny King is a US artist and professional music producer. Playing in bands, choirs and groups as a drummer until 2004 when he started a Hip Hop group that gained fame in VA and NC. He signed a record deal with NVS/Universal, releasing two hit singles and a tour. Sonny produces his music and for other major/Indie artists across the world including Universal Music, Grammy winning producer Chris Noxx, WWE, WWE Divas, NBA, Orlando Magic, Major & Independent Artist Worldwide.

Ant on Wax (Hungary)
Currently based in Budapest, Ant on Wax composes and collaborates with various artists from all over the world doing Pop, Electro, Soul, Funk, and Ambient music. His songs often feature excellent vocalists such as Lavinia Jones, who was searching for a new challenge after her world hits of the mid 1990's. Other projects include a modern Gypsy/Pop collaboration with the 10 member band Orkestra Bohemika, an Electronic-Asian music cocktail with the singer Gina Rubik, and various projects with the guitarist Noar.

Len Miller (USA)
Multi-Emmy-winning Composer Len Miller creates evocative scores and sound design for all facets of film and television. Hailing from LA, among his many strengths, is the ability to tell a musical story, whether over 30 seconds or 90 minutes and he works hard to ensure they're always exciting! Len has scored hundreds of hours of TV for shows like Wicked Attraction (6 seasons), Great Planes (3 seasons), FBI: Criminal Pursuit (3 seasons), numerous documentaries, and national campaigns for Toyota, Philips Electronics, and the NY Yankees.

Dave McLeod (Canada)
Based in Canada, Dave McLeod has been composing, producing, and mixing his own original music for over a decade. After receiving his Diploma in Audio Engineering/Record Production at the Pacific Audio Visual Institute in Vancouver, he has gone on to work in recording studios, produce albums, and write music for all types of visual media. Most recently, Dave had a song featured in the international motor bike documentary "On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter." He's currently working on scoring a documentary based out of British Columbia.

Giovanni Bonura (Italy)
With two decades of experience, Giovanni Bonura is an eclectic Italian musician and composer who can switch from acoustic to electronic music styles in a very natural way. His music seems to be an elegant staircase leading to higher emotions, and at other times a free fall towards a disturbing crossroads between what is clearly dramatic and what it is tragically secret. Giovanni's unique Classical arrangements are intensified by the distinctive use of piano, synthesizers, and a wide variety of drums and ethnic percussion.

Giovanni Perini (Italy)
Composer and Producer Giovanni Perini is a multi-faceted musician from Italy. As a guitarist, singer, and keyboard player; his eclectic genres include Lounge (Buddha Bar and 60's movies), Jazz, House Music, R&B, Hip Hop, and Funky/Disco. Giovanni's favorite influences are Chic, Kool and The Gang, Ennio Morricone, Jerry Goldsmith, and Prince. Giovanni writes and produces soundtracks with an Orchestral sound, and he has worked with Milan's MODA Music Fashion, Paris's Scorpio Music, London's 66 Kh, and 2014 UK House Music Records.

Tony Tee (USA)
Tony Tee is a US musician born in South London. He studied piano and guitar from an early age giving him a precise ear for crisp sound. After touring extensively in the UK and Europe as a guitarist, Tony signed deals with several labels and major management companies before relocating to the US in the 90's. He's a hard-working audio engineer in many top New York recording studios. As a creative producer in multiple genres like R&B, Pop Rock, Urban, and Hip-Hop, Tony has landed major TV credits on most networks, including "Shameless" on HBO.

jDeVan (USA)
jDeVan is a singer/rapper and songwriter whose work represents thoughts, feelings, and experiences from his own life. Working in the Dramatic, Hip Hop, Alternative, Experimental, Pop, and RnB genres, he creates unique instrumentals and songs with realistic, meaningful vocals. A few years ago a producer/instrumentalist reached out to jDeVan about his acoustic works and challenged him to perform on some of his productions. The result has been a life long partnership and lots of amazing music.

Matteo Curcio (Italy)
Born and raised on the mean streets of Milan, Matteo Curcio started his musical journey playing bass guitar in the psychedelic music scene when he was just 15 years old. Today, his tracks are regularly featured on TV series and movies, including "Enough Said" ft. James Gandolfini, Showtime's "House of Lies," The CW's "Star-Crossed," Fandango's "The Past Is a Foreign Land," and CBS's "Elementary," among others. From cool vocal tracks to upbeat instrumentals, Matteo writes in the Electronica, Downtempo, Chill-Out, Jazz, and Pop genres.

Josh Wynter (South Africa)
Josh Wynter is a British film and TV composer who works in the Dramatic, Classical, Rock, Pop, Electronic, and Ambient genres, among others. Some of his recent credits include The Classic Car Show (Sony Pictures Television), Jenny and Reza's Fabulous Food Academy (Mnet), Ocean Adventurer (SABC3), Bitten: Sarah Graham Cooks Cape Town (SABC3), The Antwerp Dolls (Liberal Region), and Neil Anthony Private Chef (SABC3). Josh currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa, with his violinist girlfriend and their dachshund, Toby.

Frank Pels (Netherlands)
Frank Pels graduated from the Sweelinck Conservatorium in the Netherlands and started his career as a keyboard player in several Dutch bands (Mo, EZ Money). For about a year, he toured and did studio sessions with Womack & Womack. From there, Frank produced a lot of Dutch artists and did studio sessions in the emerging Dance scene (Armin van Buuren, Anita Dot, Sonic Surfers). His credits include hundreds of commercials (BMW, Mercedes, Nokia, HP), TV tunes/idents, audio logos and brandings, film trailers, documentaries, and fashion shows.

Draum (Norway)
Based in Norway, Draum is a distinctive and hardworking composer and lyricist who uses both electronic sounds and organic samples to create compelling scores. While he has strong roots in the Hard Rock and Industrial genres, his original music blends synth soundscapes, raw guitars, electronic beats, and beautiful sound design in a very cohesive way. Draum's work is also influenced by the heartfelt sounds of both his hometown and the big city.

Tao & Sound (Spain)
Tao & Sound is a fresh, original, and creative musician and composer with more than 15 years of experience in different music contexts. From Rock and Punk to Orchestral, Jazz, Electronic, Fusion, Folk, Blues, and World, his range is truly impressive. Tao & Sound is one of the best video game composers and sound designers in the market of audio assets for game developers, working for various game development corporations with great sales results. He has also recorded studio albums in the past with his bands as a bassist, guitarist or singer.

The Answer Productions (UK)
In late 2010, UK artists Alexi Christopoulos and Owen Mockford created "The Answer Productions." They combined to create melody driven, soul evoking, acoustic love songs and indie rock ballads, receiving amazing response from crowds in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Brighton (England). They often performed with the bands Jia and Left At The Robot. Their music has been used by companies KNORR and FRIENDS OF THE EARTH. Today they write for TV, Film and Radio productions. The Answer Productions style has been likened to the Kooks, Paolo Nutini and Damien Rice.

AML Creative (UK)
Based in the UK, AML Creative is a network of artists and musicians established by Kingsley Sage in 2007. AML Creative has worked with a wide range of UK artists and musicians, including Mike Kelly (Mission, Spear of Destiny) and Danny Hammond (Death in Vegas), as well as producers like Michael Fallon (LeAnn Rimes, HoneyZ) and Richard Rogers (Karel Fialka).

Nora Berg (Canada)
Canadian artist Nora Berg has been producing unique, intelligent, and engaging Electronic music since the 1980's. A child of the psychedelic 60's, she went on the road singing and playing keyboards in numerous Top 40 bands before creating her own one-woman Electronic project. Nora received Classical and Jazz music training in piano and voice, and you can find her enjoying the nature of West Coast Canada where she finds a lot of her creative inspiration!

Joona Lukala (Finland)
Award-winning Composer and Producer Joona Lukala hails from Finland, creating music for classical, symphonic, and indigenous instruments. With genres as richly diverse as Action, Metal, Noise, Electronic, World, and Rock, Joona’s music has been featured by the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, in film, television, theatrical productions, and multimedia installations. Having mastered over 600 records, he has also lectured on composing and taught University and Conservatory courses in Finland on audio technology, music production, and mastering.

Ed Napoli (Brazil)
Singer-songwriter Ed Napoli has performed in the US, Europe, and his home country of Brazil, where he opened for Alanis Morissette and Air Supply in 2009. Working in the Pop and Rock genres, he has participated in many collaborations with accomplished artists, including Deborah Blando and the producer Carlão de Andrade (Ritchie). Ed has also written many tailor-made songs for famous DJs. He's been a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition several times, and he received Honorable Mention in the Billboard World Song Contest.

Sound Fx Pro (Ukraine)
Based in Ukraine, SoundFxPro is a professional sound designer. His sound effects are studio-quality, and his catalog showcases diverse genres. His collection of sound effects are perfect for film, TV, games, and personal project uses.

Leon Phsyx (UK)
Leon Phsyx is a composer, electronic music producer, and audio engineer based in the UK. Open to all forms of music, Leon is on a passionate journey blending styles of old and new to create an original and provocative sound. With ten years of training in Classical/Orchestral and Electronic music, Leon writes in numerous genres, blending multiple styles together, including Classical, Cinematic, Ambient, Chillout, Liquid & Dark Drum and Bass, Electro, Funk, Hip Hop, Breakbeat and Dubstep.

Tripletone (UK)
Tripletone’s music spans a broad range of genres, from experimental 60's Electronica to cutting edge orchestral soundscapes. He has sampled many keyboards and vintage instruments to analogue tape, resulting in a collection of virtual instruments with an authentic sound at his disposal. However, Tripletone's heart lies in composing, and with several LPs and singles to his name as writer, producer, and keyboard player for a cult UK underground Psychedelic Prog band, he loves nothing more than to continue exploring unchartered sonic avenues.

Liz Cirelli (Italy)
Intelligently fusing the worlds of Classical and Electronic music, Liz Cirelli has developed a signature sound that certainly makes her stand out. Her commercial career has seen her scoring numerous short films, documentaries, and advertisements, with major international clients/brands including Nokia, Diesel, Bose, Sky TV, and Julian Schnabel. During 2009, Liz began working on a violin-infused Electronic/Classical music project with the exquisite violinist Minski Revolver, and their distinctive and exciting sound has garnered much acclaim.

The Cloud Inspector (UK)
The Cloud Inspector has been a composer and songwriter for many years, beginning with Pop-oriented song styles and evolving to current Electronic instrumental works. Having a working background in software development eased the path to the virtual studio and flattened the learning curve for music production using modern digital techniques. With influences as diverse as Brian Eno, Can, King Crimson, Joni Mitchell, Kevin Ayers, Pat Metheny, Autechre, and many others, the music seeks to evoke scenes and atmospheres both real and imagined.

Brian Kim (USA)
Currently based in Illinois, Brian Kim was born in South Korea and is a Graduate of the Berklee College of Music. Specializing in both piano and guitar, he writes music in a wide range of genres including Electronic, Dramatic, Rock, Classical, Jazz, and more. Showing great versatility, Brian did keyboards and orchestration for the album "A Madness Within" by the band Sacred Dawn, recorded keys for songs by Michael Riser, and scored a short film called "Obsession." From melancholic solo piano pieces to sweeping cinematic scores, his music is highly emotive and moving.

Ian Arber (UK)
Fresh from his work on "Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation," London Composer Ian Arber is an emerging talent in the film music world. His growing portfolio of work spans a wide variety of genres, showcasing a fresh and unique compositional style. Ian is a classically trained cello and piano player with a reputation for pushing the boundaries by experimenting with these, as well as other rare and unusual instruments. This year, he will score an upcoming BBC2 television series, four feature films, and several corporate product films.

Titi AM (France)
Titi AM is a creative, self-taught French composer who draws on his experience as a graduate of film and advertising creation. Producing music for film, TV, commercials, and numerous types of multimedia, his tracks are used around the world. Titi AM specializes in Pop/Rock and Dramatic music with a positive and uplifting mood. At times punchy, pure, emotional or surprising, the Titi AM music leaves no one indifferent.

Ted Hamer (USA)
Los Angeles Composer Ted Hamer creates music for film, theater, documentaries, infomercials, instructional DVDs, and multimedia projects. Starting his career as an accompanist and musical director for various singers, groups, and instrumentalists, he has been fortunate to work as both an arranger and composer across a wide range of genres. From Orchestral and Dramatic to Jazz, Trance, Trip Hop, Electronic, and Ambient, Ted's instrumental compositions are often praised for their enchanting melodic content and diverse range of styles.

Inod (Ukraine)
Inod is a Ukrainian keyboardist and composer of contemporary instrumental music. His work incorporates elements of Classical, New Age, and Electronic styles, often with an emphasis on piano. Inod's tracks are uplifting and inspiring, making them perfect for TV, Film, Corporate, and various New Media industries.

Jim Cook (UK)
Jim Cook has been writing music in a wide range of genres for over 15 years. He has written for various media outlets and many high end music publishers throughout the world. Jim's work can be heard on BBC, Discovery Channel, ITV, Univision, Direct 8, BMF TV, M6, France 5, TV2, Telecinco, Voyage, and Buzzfeed, as well as in several award winning films and advertisements.

Oliver Sadie (UK)
Oliver Sadie is a UK-based film and TV composer and classically trained pianist. His on-screen credits include the African Movie Academy Award-winning film The Legacy of Rubies (2015), the independent feature film The Garden (2016), and the independent Hollywood film Glass Prison (2014) starring Bill Oberst Jr. Oliver has also scored advertising spots for Sony, Gärtnerbank, and Black Bear International. Enriching a decade of industry experience, he is currently completing a Masters Degree in Professional Composition and Orchestration.

Dan Foster (France)
Dan Foster is a talented and versatile composer and producer from Paris, France. Showing great diversity in styles and influences, his compositions cover everything from Pop and Rock to Dramatic and Orchestral music for films and television. Dan's music has been performed in shows, videos, films and events in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, China, Austria, Italy, Russia, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, South Korea, Spain and many other countries. Some of his clients include IBM, Microsoft, Fox Pictures, Morgan Bank, Peugeot and Braun.
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