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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the AudioSparx label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Titi AM (France)
Titi AM is a creative, self-taught French composer who draws on his experience as a graduate of film and advertising creation. Producing music for film, TV, commercials, and numerous types of multimedia, his tracks are used around the world. Titi AM specializes in Pop/Rock and Dramatic music with a positive and uplifting mood. At times punchy, pure, emotional or surprising, the Titi AM music leaves no one indifferent.

Ted Hamer (USA)
Los Angeles Composer Ted Hamer creates music for film, theater, documentaries, infomercials, instructional DVDs, and multimedia projects. Starting his career as an accompanist and musical director for various singers, groups, and instrumentalists, he has been fortunate to work as both an arranger and composer across a wide range of genres. From Orchestral and Dramatic to Jazz, Trance, Trip Hop, Electronic, and Ambient, Ted's instrumental compositions are often praised for their enchanting melodic content and diverse range of styles.

Inod (Ukraine)
Inod is a Ukrainian keyboardist and composer of contemporary instrumental music. His work incorporates elements of Classical, New Age, and Electronic styles, often with an emphasis on piano. Inod's tracks are uplifting and inspiring, making them perfect for TV, Film, Corporate, and various New Media industries.

Jim Cook (UK)
Jim Cook has been writing music in a wide range of genres for over 15 years. He has written for various media outlets and many high end music publishers throughout the world. Jim's work can be heard on BBC, Discovery Channel, ITV, Univision, Direct 8, BMF TV, M6, France 5, TV2, Telecinco, Voyage, and Buzzfeed, as well as in several award winning films and advertisements.

Oliver Sadie (UK)
Oliver Sadie is a UK-based film and TV composer and classically trained pianist. His on-screen credits include the African Movie Academy Award-winning film The Legacy of Rubies (2015), the independent feature film The Garden (2016), and the independent Hollywood film Glass Prison (2014) starring Bill Oberst Jr. Oliver has also scored advertising spots for Sony, Gärtnerbank, and Black Bear International. Enriching a decade of industry experience, he is currently completing a Masters Degree in Professional Composition and Orchestration.

Dan Foster (France)
Dan Foster is a talented and versatile composer and producer from Paris, France. Showing great diversity in styles and influences, his compositions cover everything from Pop and Rock to Dramatic and Orchestral music for films and television. Dan's music has been performed in shows, videos, films and events in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, China, Austria, Italy, Russia, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, South Korea, Spain and many other countries. Some of his clients include IBM, Microsoft, Fox Pictures, Morgan Bank, Peugeot and Braun.

David Banks (UK)
UK-based guitarist and keyboard player David Banks has worked with Rock legend Dave Murray from Iron Maiden, and he also worked alongside The Police when signed to A&M back in the 80s. He now writes music for TV and film, with credits including Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Access Hollywood, and Storage Wars, and documentaries such as "They Are Among Us," to name a few. Working in a modern hybrid style, David's music blends Orchestra and Choir with Electronic, Dubstep, Rock, and Hip Hop elements to create an epic cinematic sound.

Ric Zimmerman (USA)
Ric Zimmerman is a Los Angeles based composer who specializes in powerful, emotive music for media that moves. Running the gamut of styles from minimalist Electronica to Jazz and lush orchestral works, his mission is simple: tell stories and transport the listener to exciting and unexpected places. Ric prides himself on his commitment to strong melodies, surprising harmonies, and detailed attention to structure. Music that travels, surprises, and enlightens. No weak sonic baths here.

Pavel Matveev (Israel)
Based in Israel, Pavel Matveev is a musician and sound designer who loves to create amazing and unique sound effects for thrillers and scary movies. Utilizing the legendary MOOG Voyager RME synthesizer, his "Designer Thriller" sound collection is great for creating frightening, alarming, and nervous atmospheres. The sounds can be used individually or in a mix-and-match style to construct your own levels of horror and anxiety. Pavel cites Brad Fiedel, composer for "Terminator" and other blockbuster films, as a major influence on his work.

Dream Vampires (Australia)
The Dream Vampires is a collaborative project based on a long standing relationship between songwriter and producer Michael A Puskas and a number of other international producers and musicians. They all came together to realize a creative vision in which a multitude of musical styles fused with high energy modern production could become the ultimate studio band with no intention to ever go out and take it live. The music is filled with memorable Pop and Rock hooks about subjects that mean something and empower the listener to feel good.

Concrete Sky (USA)
Based in Virginia, Concrete Sky is an unquestionably talented group of musicians creating their own unique style of Hard Rock. The bands debut CD “Glow” is a diverse collection of various styles of Rock and Blues, and seems to be more popular with the older crowd. Their follow up CD, “Every Face I Spend,” is more focused on Hard Rock and Alternative stylings more popular with the younger Alternative music scene. Concrete Sky has incredibly strong potential for mainstream radio success.

Carles Piles (New Zealand)
Currently based in New Zealand, Carles Piles is a Spanish composer and producer who delivers high quality renditions of well-known Classical works. From regal pieces by Bach and Vivaldi, to the impressionism of Debussy and romanticism of Tchaikovsky, his masterful arrangements span most every era and style of Classical music. All of Carles' tracks are produced with special attention to character and expression and offered in pristine audio quality.

Tom Rule (USA)
A dyslexic left-handed keyboard player who used to play the tuba, Georgia artist Tom Rule is a bit of an odd duck! Classically trained with degrees in Piano Performance, he performs, writes, and records in styles ranging from Classical and Jazz to Rock, Country, New Age, Electronica, and more. Tom has credits on over a dozen albums - including a couple of Grammy nominees - and he is simply as eclectic as they come. His diverse material is great for a big variety of Film, TV, Commercial, and Multimedia projects.

Vinmusic (Croatia)
Based in Croatia, Vinmusic is a full-time composer and orchestrator for film, TV, games, and libraries. His work can be heard in more than 30 films, TV shows, web series, advertising videos, and other projects. Vinmusic specializes in Dramatic and Orchestral soundtracks and underscores, but he also writes in a number of other styles ranging from modern Rock and Pop to Corporate, Ambient, Indie, and Electronic.

Jonas Hornqvist (Sweden)
Jonas Hörnqvist is a Swedish composer and multi-instrumentalist who has released CDs on major labels all over the world. He has also written two guitar books (both best sellers), performed live all over Scandinavia, and done countless sessions as a studio guitarist. Jonas has extensive experience in composing/songwriting, arranging, and editing, with clients including Ducati, Risenta, Pacific Interactive, Vapiano, AXS, Donna Cenino, and more. He specializes in Orchestral, Dramatic, Electronic, Rock, Hip Hop, and Latin genres, among others.

Ena Vie (USA)
Ena Vie (ee-nuh vee) is a recording artist, singer/songwriter, and a woman passionate about honoring the earth and all beings upon it. Her music is Adult Contemporary, Trance, Dance, and Mantra, and it reaches right into the soul of every listener. Her silky voice and incredible storytelling makes listeners want to sing, get up and dance, or just sink into the sofa and enjoy. Ena has been featured on VH1 and in the films Awaken Your Riches and Three Magic Words, as well as in commercial advertising and radio programs around the world.

Freddie Ipson (USA)
Freddie Ipson is a recording artist based out of Los Angeles, California, known for his raw, raspy voice and intriguingly conscious and soulful lyrics. Soak your ears and mind with the cool, delicious sounds of his new album entitled "Experimental Junctures," which features his unique blend of Jazz, Rock, and Electronic styles.

Colette Jonas (UK)
Based in the UK, Colette Jonas is a versatile composer and musician who has many facets to her style of writing. From Classical to Jazz, Rock, and World music, she often mixes different genres together to produce a potpourri of fresh, eclectic sounds. Colette started out as a Classical music pianist and violinist, and later discovered a love for Jazz and various Dance genres. She also studied and trained in the UK in music composition and now writes for TV, film, and advertising.

Jason Hogan (Canada)
Based in Canada, Jason Hogan has just completed the advanced level “Composition for Film and Television 2” at Berklee College of Music. He is a classically trained pianist and has also played guitar and bass for over 25 years. Having played in North and South America as well as Europe, Jason is now focused on composing for film, TV, and other media. In addition to Orchestral and Dramatic compositions, he has also released several albums of Rock, Jazz, Folk, and Blues music. His credits include FIX (2015) and OneTouch (corporate video).

Giovanni Bonura (Italy)
With two decades of experience, Giovanni Bonura is an eclectic Italian musician and composer who can switch from acoustic to electronic music styles in a very natural way. His music seems to be an elegant staircase leading to higher emotions, and at other times a free fall towards a disturbing crossroads between what is clearly dramatic and what it is tragically secret. Giovanni's unique Classical arrangements are intensified by the distinctive use of piano, synthesizers, and a wide variety of drums and ethnic percussion.

Alexandre Molodkov (Canada)
Based in Canada, Alexandre Molodkov is a composer who writes both songs and instrumentals. Showing tremendous diversity, his catalog includes everything from upbeat Pop and Rock tunes to Country, Jazz, Latin, New Age, Christian, AC, RnB, and Dramatic music. Alexandre's many accolades include Finalist in the 16th Annual Great American Song Contest 2014 (AC category), Semi-finalist for the Song of the Year 2015 (Pop), Finalist for Song of The Year 2013 (Instrumental), and Honorable Mention in the 17th annual Billboard Song Contest (Jazz).

Jaclyn Bradley Palmer (USA)
After obtaining a degree in voice from Indiana University, Jaclyn Bradley Palmer took her musical training to Los Angeles where she began writing Rock, Pop, Indie, and Folk music for TV and film. Songs from her debut and sophomore albums have been featured on VH1, Bravo, TLC, and "The Hipsters" starring Joan Rivers and Phyllis Diller. Jaclyn has also appeared as a regular cast member on several TV shows, namely VH1's "Breaking Bonaduce" and Time Warner's "Random Acts of Music," where she helped to create a 12-episode voice lesson series.

Marcello Appignani (Italy)
Marcello Appignani is an Italian composer who has written an abundance of music for theatre and cinema. He has also published six albums of music in various genres. Educated in Composition at the Conservatory of Frosinone, Marcello plays the piano, synthesizers, pipe organ, guitars, and drums.

Byte Plantation (Netherlands)
Based in the Netherlands, Byte Plantation is a one man Electronic music project which started in the late nineties. He initially worked with a lot of hardware like synthesizers, samplers, and effect racks, and later shifted towards purely software and computer based music composition and production. Byte Plantation's tracks are psychedelic, atmospheric, and sometimes there's even a hint of Rock and other interesting styles.

Ivan Pantarelli (Uruguay)
A graduate of the Manhattan School of Music in composition and of New York's Bass Collective, Italian-born Ivan Pantarelli is a versatile composer and producer who currently resides in Uruguay. His musical palette goes from Classical to Jazz, Reggae, and Pop, with a special accent on Cuban and Latin American music. Ivan directed a successful Salsa band in Europe, and his Salsa songs have been included in major international compilations. He has also produced original orchestral music for RAI international, short films, and documentaries.

Pete Trappen (UK)
Pete Trappen got his first old, beat-up acoustic guitar at the age of 8 and learned to play it through sheer will. He eventually saved up enough money to buy an electric guitar, and he has now been a professional musician for over 30 years. Pete's vocal style sounds like Jimmy Buffett jamming with Jim Morrison at a roadhouse deep in the backwoods, and he finger-picks acoustic and electric guitars with a generous dose of Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler on one hand, and the Stooges and Ramones on the other.

Du Lac (Netherlands)
Du Lac is a Dutch producer and songwriter who has traveled around the world playing synthesizers in many bands and working with many famous artists. Writing and producing for many different Pop singers, he has also garnered much experience in sound engineering and music business. Du Lac's diverse library spans from Pop and Rock to Classical, Jazz, and everything between. Let the music of this talented all-round producer overwhelm you!

Mark Lazeski (Canada)
Mark Lazeski is a powerfully creative composer and multi-instrumentalist who produces music for film, TV, and advertising. His compelling and unique compositions can be heard in many internationally syndicated TV series and films. Mark is also a highly coveted resource for many boutique and commercial ad agencies producing scores for high end brands such as SAP, McLaren Racing, Air Canada, Mountain Equipment Coop, Hootsuite, and Bazinga. His musical focus has been on a hybrid of Orchestral, Rock, Industrial, and Electronic elements.

Benny Lava (Netherlands)
Benny Lava is a Dutch composer and producer with a hot contemporary style. Writing both instrumentals and songs with vocals, he does everything from smooth Lounge to gritty Hip Hop, glitchy Electro, club bangers, and solid Pop songs. Benny just finished studying at the conservatory in Enschede, where he studied with Erwin Steijlen (an Audiosparx top producer), Junkie XL, and Danny Weijermans (Sound Designer & Producer).

Reed Robbins (USA)
A diverse and eclectic composer, Reed Robbins excels at creating exciting, heartfelt, and humorous music across many genres. He has served as a composer, orchestrator, arranger, sound designer, producer, and engineer for numerous television and multimedia projects. Specializing in animation, Reed's credits include Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures, Goof Troop, Smurfs, Ghostbusters, Dennis the Menace, and Street Sharks, which received a Golden Reel Award nomination for music scoring and production.

Shamis Khassenov (Kazakhstan)
Shamis Khassenov is a music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter from Kazakhstan. His skills in composing are very wide ranging and include everything from House, Trance, and other Electronic styles to epic Orchestral and Contemporary Classical cues. Shamis wrote exclusive music for ad campaigns for Dunhill (Switzerland) and TV ads for Kazakhstan companies like Kolesa and Krisha. He has also worked as a film composer on several independent films produced in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Presenter (Japan)
Based in Tokyo, Japan, artist Presenter plays breathtaking Classical music on the electric guitar. All parts of the full orchestra score are performed with guitar and bass, and the brass, woodwinds, piano, harp, chorus, and other instruments are all played via a guitar synthesizer. Presenter began developing his unique sound in the mid 70's after working professionally in Classical, Jazz, Rock, and popular music settings. His music has been broadcast on radio stations in the UK, Russia, Canada, Poland, Austria, the US, and other countries.

Solace (USA)
Solace's signature style is a blending of traditional music styles with powerful electronic and organic elements. Trained in piano, frame drum, conga, dumbek, and African polyrhythms, their music evokes powerful moods and lush scenes. Known as the godfather of the Tribal Fusion music genre, Solace is widely recognized for inspiring an entire generation of dancers in this subculture of dramatic theatrical world dance. They have traveled internationally performing with Eventide, Gypsy Caravan, and UCLA's Mid East Ensemble.

Skye Holland (Canada)
Skye Holland (previously known as Sophia) started her music career at the age of 10 when she was selected to join the Japanese teen Pop group "HappyNs," which resulted in her debut J-Pop single "Realistic." When she was 12, she moved to Canada where she continued to pursue her love for music. At the age of 16, Skye had her first single "What You Said" chart at #83 on the Canadian MediaBase Hot AC Charts and #100 in the US Mediabase Top 40 Charts.

Giacomo Rita (Italy)
Giacomo Rita is a talented young film and game composer based in Italy. He started composing his first tracks as a guitar player, mostly influenced by Rock, Blues, and Fusion. Giacomo later broadened his musical horizons by exploring sophisticated Occidental and World music, and today he effortlessly integrates Orchestral, Ethnic, and Electronic sounds in his compositions. He has a specialist degree in Cinema, Television, and Multimedia Production, and he attended the CSC Lab Film Music at "Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia" in Rome.

David Hollandsworth (USA)
David Hollandsworth is a self-taught keyboardist who composes piano based and cinematic compositions - music that touches the heart and stirs the soul. He's also versatile in composing several other genres. His music has been used by Discovery Network, Belgium TV, ReelZ Channel, NBC Sports, Tennis Channel, Texas Dept. of Transportation, Science Council of Canada, Insight for Living Ministries, Piggy Paint TV ad and many other placements.

Mark Gustavson (USA)
Based in New York, Award-winning composer Mark Gustavson has what Leonard Bernstein called "a lyrical gift" after a world premiere at Tanglewood in 1979. He has received numerous honors, including composer awards from the American Academy and the Institute of Arts and Letters, a Fulbright Fellowship, the Joseph H. Bearns Prize, the Walter Hinrichsen Award, and recognition from BMI and ASCAP. Drawing on musical influences from around the world, Mark's Orchestral, Chamber, and Electroacoustic music often sounds spontaneous or improvised.

Trena Marie (UK)
Singing since she was just eight years old, Trena Marie won many talent competitions before being spotted by, and signed to, a UK indie record label. She has just released her first Pop/Dance album called "It's Just Love," which is currently riding high in the local UK ReverbNation charts. Trena gigs extensively around the UK's South West.

Francesco Giovannangelo (Italy)
Francesco Giovannangelo is a professional Italian composer who studied Classical piano and composition at the Music Conservatory of Pescara. This academic background, together with his passion for modern music, allows him to cover a wide range of genres and styles with a uniquely imaginative approach. Francesco has scored several documentaries, short films, and commercials, with credits including a short film presented at the Rome Film Festival and projects produced by the Italian Ministry of Transportation, INAIL, and MIUR.

Fredrick John Pugsley (UK)
Prolific UK singer-songwriter Fredrick John Pugsley works in a wide range of genres, including Pop, Pop/Dance, Indie Pop, Rock, Indie Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Country, and Country Rock. He has released three albums this year titled Pop In Out, Bound For Blue, and War Is Mad. This summer has also seen the release of Released, which features songs written by Fredrick and sung by various artists.
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