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Featured Client Videos and Placements at AudioSparx.com

Our clients at AudioSparx.com continue to find amazing and creative ways to use the world-class music they find here. This includes in commercial advertising, travel promos, sizzle reels, photo shoots, feature-length motion pictures, short films, trailers and much more. Check out the great videos below and, if desired, you can also immediately license any of the tracks used in any of these videos!

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   Expose UX, Dallas, TX
Expose UX TV Show Trailer + Music by Jeremy Bell
   Date Posted: Nov 28, 2015
New Reality Show Video -- From executive producers Richard Brevig and Ashton Kennedy comes Expose UX, a new WebTV show in which startup founders demo their products and receive brutally honest, but very helpful, advice from User Experience Experts!

Composer Jeremy Bell's Action Intense Orchestral track, “Metallic Symphony,” supplies this promo with the perfect amount of "Shark Tank" drama and tension! Featuring strings, drums, piano, and electric guitar, this building action-packed track is terrific for Extreme Sports, Competitions and Reality TV: Metallic Symphony

Expose UX launches with a Series Premiere Event at the Texas Theatre in Dallas on December 2nd!


   Festool USA, Lebanin, IN
TXS Cordless Drill & Centrotec Set: Drilling and Driving Made Easy + Music by Pierre Langer
   Date Posted: Nov 27, 2015
‪‎Power Tool‬ Video -- Dilling holes and driving screws just got easier with the TXS ‪‎Cordless Drill‬ set from Festool Power Tools - North America. Construction professionals and weekend warriors alike will love this extensive set of ‪‎Centrotec‬ drilling tools, engineered to meet every drilling need!

Pierre Langer’s “Beat Lab” is a terrific Industrial Rock / Indie Rock track when you want your project to convey a powerful, gutsy feeling. Distorted guitars, hard-edged big beat drums, and a slamming rhythmic tempo combine for a dominant and aggressive approach: Beat Lab

Why make simple tasks harder than they need to be? Quality and innovation from Festool make Drilling and Driving Easy!


   Rizzieri Aveda Salons, Spa, and Schools, Voorhees, NJ
#EnrollAtRizz + Music by Kevin M. Baumgard
   Date Posted: Nov 27, 2015
‪‎Hairstyle‬ ‪‎Cosmetology‬ ‪‎Fashion‬ VIDEO -- Looking for an‪ ‎Exciting Career‬ with a Future? New Jersey's Rizzieri Aveda School provides the ultimate in education and training for ‪‎Hairstylists‬,‪ Cosmeticians‬, and ‪‎Skincare‬ professionals, along with the healing art of‪ ‎Massage‬, as seen in this montage showcasing the fantastic work of Rizzieri students and educators!

Kevin M. Baumgard's super popular and often licensed Indie Rock track "Bee Hive" has this video buzzing with energy! Featuring guitars, bass, drums, and organ, this Rocking, raunchy Garage Rock track in the vein of The Hives, Jet, and The White Stripes is great for promos, hip commercials, and extreme sports: Bee Hive

For three generations, the Rizzieri Family and the educators at the renowned Rizzieri Aveda Salons, Spa, and Schools have Inspired their students to be Creative and Follow their Dreams -- #EnrollAtRizz #RizzieriEDU, today!


   SEMA, Diamond Bar, CA
SEMA Garage Emissions Lab + Music by John Murray
   Date Posted: Nov 25, 2015
‪‎Automotive‬ VIDEO -- SEMA is a trade organization for ‪‎Manufacturers‬, ‪‎Distributors‬, ‪‎Auto Restorers‬, ‪‎Race Teams‬, and others who make, buy, sell, and use automotive ‪‎Specialty Parts‬ and accessories. Held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center, The SEMA Show is the world's premier industry-only trade event, where SEMA members enjoy networking opportunities, product demonstrations, special events, and educational seminars.

John Murray’s powerful U2 Sound-Alike, “Where the Streets Have Names,” energizes this corporate video with crisp guitars, rolling drums, a groovy bass line, and a big cathedral organ. It's Great for corporate presentations, motivational videos, positive, reinforcing, successful campaigns: Where the Streets Have Names

Produced for ‪#‎SEMA2015‬, this video takes us inside the all new‪ ‎SEMA Garage‬ Emissions Lab, where members have access to the high-tech tools and equipment they need to develop and test new products for safety and regulatory compliance...


   AeroGarden, ​ ​Boulder, CO
New AeroGarden Commercial + Music by Nicola Donchev
   Date Posted: Nov 25, 2015
‎Gardening‬ ‪TVC‬ -- Enjoy Fresh ‪‎Herbs‬ and ‪Vegetables‬ year-round with the AeroGarden ‪‎Indoor Garden‬ from Miracle-Gro. Have fun watching your plants grow and feel confident knowing that you're serving Non-GMO foods that contain No Herbicides or Pesticides!

Nicola Donchev's happy and easy-going “All My Friends” has been licensed again and again. With its fingerpicked acoustic guitar riffs, piano motif, and cheerful whistling, this Corporate Pop track à la The Lumineers, Phillip Phillips, and Mumford & Sons is great for film, TV, documentaries, and commercials: All My Friends

Easy to use, automated, and dirt-free, AeroGarden puts Fresh, Tasty, Herbs and Veggies at your fingertips!


   Farm Credit Services of America, Omaha, NE
FCSAmerica Thanksgiving TV Ad 2015 + Music by George Pauley
   Date Posted: Nov 24, 2015
‪Heartwarming‬ ‪TVC‬ ‪#‎ThankAFarmer‬ -- This week, millions of Americans will sit down to share a meal with loved ones, family and friends to give thanks for the good things in our lives. As with countless other meals, little thought will be given to those whose hard work raised the feast before us. Farm Credit Services of America sponsored this thoughtful ad that will air on Thanksgiving Day.

Composer George Pauley's uplifting "Travel Song" fills this spot, produced by Minneapolis-based Drive Thru Productions and Post, with feelings of warmth and gratitude. With acoustic guitars, electric guitars, subtle female vocals and a four-on-the-floor kick, this Motivational Corporate track in the style of Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers is ideal for projects with a positive message: Travel Song

This Thanksgiving Day, let's remember all those who grow our food -- Thank a Farmer!


   Jumbo, Santo Domingo, ‪‎Dominican Republic
Black Friday Jumbo + Music by Western Horizon Productions
   Date Posted: Nov 24, 2015
‪‎TVC‬ Video -- ‪Thanksgiving‬ may be an ‪American‬ Holiday, but ‪‎Black Friday‬'s gone ‪Global‬! This year, for only the second time, retailers in the ‪‎Dominican Republic‬ will kick off the ‪‎Christmas‬ shopping season with Black Friday sales events. ‪Santo Domingo‬-based Ogilvy Dominicana produced this super-cool Mission Impossible style spot for Jumbo hypermarket, part of the Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN) retail family.

Western Horizon Productions' exciting Sound-Alike track, “Improbable Mission,” is loaded with all the adventurous mystery, intrigue, and suspense of Lalo Schifrin’s unforgettable and iconic TV theme, featuring electric guitars, brass section, drums, and flute: Improbable Mission 60 Sec.

Shoppers on a Mission for savings will find Impossibly great deals at Jumbo!


   Rodeca GmbH, Mulheim, Germany
"Impossible" is only an idea: Rodeca + Music by John Judd
   Date Posted: Nov 23, 2015
Exciting Science Video -- Reaching the summits of Technology, Rodeca's Translucent building elements bring innovative, visually exciting, and energy efficient Solutions to modern architecture and construction. Since 1971, Rodeca has established itself as the world's pioneering producer of polycarbonate based light-weight Translucent Building Materials.

Composer John Judd's “Fight to the End” fills this dynamic corporate video, produced by Istanbul-based business consultants KARCONS, with impressive Cinematic Power. In the style of Hollywood luminaries such as Hans Zimmer, the grand sound of a full orchestra and powerful guitars combine into an all-out aural assault of epic tension, with an unforgettable series of climactic notes: Fight to the End

Take a look at just a few of Rodeca’s projects throughout the world and see why “Impossible” is only an idea…


   Fremlin Walk. Maidstone, Kent, UK
Fremlin Walk Winter + Music by Ron Verboom
   Date Posted: Nov 23, 2015
Fashion Shoot Video: "Fashion leads the way" at fabulous Fremlin Walk, the premiere Lifestyle Center in Southeast England, located in Maidstone, Kent. With over 50 shops featuring top designer brands, as well as some of Britain's most popular High Street stores, plus restaurants and coffee shops, it's become a top UK shopping destination. Here's a preview of the Hottest Fashions and Great Looks for Winter from the Shops at Fremlin Walk!

UK-based Frogbox Marketing chose Composer Ron Verboom’s “Before the Dawn,” a track that has a modern style all its own – combining a modern dubstep sound with old time gangster and western film music, it’s terrific for edgy, youthful, and hip projects: Before the Dawn

Sexy, Chic, and Elegant Winter Fashions from the Stores at Fremlin Walk, filmed in a classic English country estate setting -- Move over Downton Abbey!


   Ryan Joyce, Fergus, ON, Canada
The Good Lies We Tell Ourselves + Music by Aural Night
   Date Posted: Nov 22, 2015
Breathtaking Video -- Ryan Joyce, renowned Magician, and Hypnotist, reflects on Life and the stunning beauty of Alaska's Tracy Arm Fjord and Dawes Glacier, while aboard a Celebrity Cruise ship. Ryan's performances take him around the world over 30 weeks a year and he's begun to document his travels in the web series "Touring Tricks."

Artist Aural Night's "Where the Streets Have No Fame" supplies the inspiring underscore for the video's gorgeous visuals and Ryan's meaningful narrative. Featuring U2-style Rock Guitars, Powerful Epic Synths, and Cheering Crowd SFX, this Energizing music track is ideal for corporate videos, youthful ad campaigns, and motivational presentations: Where the Streets Have No Fame (Long Intro, Live Audience)

Equally inspiring are the accomplishments of Ryan's event production company, Theatrix International, Inc. You can learn more about its awesome charitable activities here: http://theatrix-int.com

Whatever you're doing, stop. There's Living to do! Take a moment to enjoy Alaska's natural wonders and learn two of life's valuable truths...


   Duobond International BV, Oisterwijk, Netherlands
Duobond® Windshield Repair System Iris + Music by Dmitri Belchenko
   Date Posted: Nov 20, 2015
Very Cool Automotive Technology Video -- Duobond International B.V introduces Windshield Repair System Iris, a new platform for repairing cracks in Auto Glass. Iris features an integrated UV Lamp and its three replaceable brackets allow for future system upgrades. Duobond has been at the forefront of glass repair technology for more than 30 years!

Canadian Electronic Music Producer Dmitri Belchenko's gritty Dubstep track "Drive" perfectly complements the video's high-tech sci-fi-style graphics and Duobond's leading edge technology: Drive

The Future of Windshield Repair is here -- Meet Iris!


   Mathieu Rivest, Montreal
Easy Foody - View Your Recipe's Ingredients + Music by Jason Farnham
   Date Posted: Nov 19, 2015
Kickstarter Video -- Easy Foody is an exciting new Startup from Mathieu Rivest of Montreal. His idea will help take a lot of the guesswork out of preparing recipes and make cooking tons of fun!

Take a generous amount of happy, mix with a pinch of laidback, and you've got Jason Farnham’s “I Buy Organic,” a tasty track that adds cheerful zest to this entrepreneur's bid for support. With folksy acoustic guitar, foot stomps, and a whistling melody, this earthy, environmentally-friendly track is ideal for easy-going adverts and corporate projects: I Buy Organic

If you wanna sink your teeth or some funds into this scrumptious idea, click on the link provided on the video page.

Visualize your recipes with Easy Foody's gorgeous photos, before you start. Now, You're Cookin'!


   Wanders Wonders, Amsterdam
"Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age" Debut at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015! + Music by Joe Bergsieker
   Date Posted: Nov 19, 2015
Art Design Video -- Famous Dutch designer Marcel Wanders debuted "Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age" at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October. Another of Wanders' Wonders, this stunning volume contains more than 60 of the Netherlands' most important paintings by 17th Century Dutch Masters. The book is itself a work of art, weighing nearly 40 kilos (88 pounds)! The full-sized book is available in a Limited Edition of only 2,500 or a Unique Edition that's made to order and printed in the buyer's own language. But, take heart, there's also a coffee table edition!

For the first 42 sec and again at 1:06 min, Composer Joe Bergsieker's enchanting "Wonderland" underscores this video with a sense of grandeur and feelings of awe. Featuring orchestra, piano, bells, glockenspiel and pizzicato strings, it's ideal for inspiring adverts, TV, and films: Wonderland

For more information go here: http://www.rijksmastersofthegoldenage.com

Rijks -- the Greatest Masterpieces of Art from the Netherlands that still Inspire and Influence today!


   midivertounmondo, Milan
midivertounmondo - Red Shoes + Music by Emilio Merone
   Date Posted: Nov 18, 2015
‪Super Fun‬ Video -- based in Milan, ‪‎midivertounmondo‬ is creative studio that specializes in ‪‎Photographing‬ children and babies for ‪Fashion‬ and ‪‎Advertising‬. Their clients include AD Mirabilia, Alviero Martini, Collezioni Bambini, Docksteps, Iana, Il Gufo, Kinder Ferrero, La Perla, Nanan, Prenatal, and Style Piccoli.

Emilio Merone's lively Stride Piano track "Old Radio Rags" gives this video a Charlie Chaplin-style old-time comedy feel, great for period films, documentaries and quirky adverts: Old Radio Rags

Take a moment to enjoy "Red Shoes," an exceptionally creative and fun-filled video from midivertounmondo...


   BSB Fashion, Athens
BSB Fashion Fall/Winter 2016 + Music by Jesse Clinton
   Date Posted: Nov 18, 2015
‪‎Fashionista‬ Alert! -- Chic Models + Edgy Music combine in this ‪‎Ultra Hip‬ VIDEO for BSB Fashion's Fall/Winter 2016 Collection, from ‪Videographer‬ ‪DimitrisTsatsoulis‬. Colors and textures, from sexy and sleek to sophisticated and sedate go flying by in 15 style-filled seconds!

Composer Jesse Clinton's aggressive Electro Hip Hop track "Skinny Jeans" has the perfect modern sound for this trendy ad: Skinny Jeans

Check out the latest from the fashion trendsetters at BSB!


   Patriot Tires, USA
Patriot Tires Torque M/T's Promo + Music by Dean Wagg
   Date Posted: Nov 17, 2015
Brand Launch Video -- Patriot Tires is a new tire company with a decidedly American spin. Utah-based Travis Topham produced this video to launch Patriot Tires' high-performance Torque M/T line.

Perfect for this bold video, Dean Wagg rocks out in the spirit of Jimi Hendrix with this dynamic and POWERFUL rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” -- a legendary performance: Star Spangled Banner Like Jimmi

Patriot Tires are "designed, tested, and driven by patriots -- a new generation of tire for a new generation of drivers"...


   La Marzocco, Florence, Italy
Out of the Box 2015 + Music by Michael Wheeler
   Date Posted: Nov 16, 2015
Coffee Lovers‬ + ‪‎Foodie‬ Video -- Mmmm...Nothing beats a perfect‪ ‎Espresso‬, delicious ‪‎Cappuccino‬, or yummy ‪‎Latte‬! La Marzocco, "True Artisans" on the frontier of coffee excellence, has been Handcrafting the Worlds Finest ‪‎Espresso Machines‬ since 1927 in Florence, Italy. La Marzocco's annual "Out of the Box " event is dedicated to its partners and‪ ‎Coffee‬ lovers from "around the globe."

“Let's Have Fun” by Michael Wheeler infuses this video with tons of energy, supplied by jangly electric guitars, drums, and classic 1960’s style lively pop vocals: Let's Have Fun

Join La Marzocco at Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano for some "Out of the Box 2015" Fun!


   Secret Saviours, Liverpool, UK
Secret Saviours At The Baby Show, London + Music by Mark Traversino
   Date Posted: Nov 16, 2015
Pregnancy Video -- Concerned about Stretch Marks? Secret Saviours underwear, developed by a small team of "Mums" and "medical specialists," has been "clinically proven" to help prevent stretch marks. Watch how these expectant Mums react at the London Baby Show.

Composer Mark Traversino's "Happy Go Lucky" puts a lighthearted spin on this Internet advert. Featuring a whacky sax melody, this Benny Hill Sound-Alike has instant appeal: Happy Go Lucky

Secret Saviours -- "secretly saving your skin from stretch marks."


   Noa Yachting Ltd, Kaštel Sućurac, Croatia
Noa Yachting - Season 2016 + Music by In House Productions
   Date Posted: Nov 13, 2015
​TTOT ​video -- Dream Vacation in your plans? Why not rent a yacht? Noa Yachting rents ​Yachts and provides Yachting Services to Croatia, the Adriatic Sea​, and the Eastern ​​Mediterranean.​ ​

In House Productions​'​ “House Club Sounds Volume 9” ​provides the perfect soundtrack for smooth sailing! ​​Bass grooves, drums, synthesizers, and cool sound effects give this ​Electro ​House ​track ​endless energy​ for TV, film​, and advertising: House Club Sounds Vol 9

Sail off to fun with a world-class crew and the luxury of a Noa Yachting adventure…


   PANOLIN, Madetswil, Switzerland
PANOLIN ECOMOT 5W-30 - Passion For Transport + Music by Jonathan Wright and TJ Kross
   Date Posted: Nov 13, 2015
Technology‬ video-- Panolin - Swiss Oil Technology is committed to developing high-tech lubricants in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way. Its new product, ‪‎Eco Mot 5W30‬, is a ‪‎Synthetic‬‪ ‎Diesel Engine‬ oil developed for demanding use in commercial transport and industrial vehicles.

Two AudioSparx tracks were used in this corporate video:
--at 0-15 sec, TJ Kross' "Love on the Move" begins the video with a quiet solo piano mood. This minimal Dramatic Music track returns from 1:45 to the end: Love On the Move

--at 15 sec, Jonathan Wright's "Brave and Victorious" captures the powerful spirit of trucks and heavy equipment on the move. This Epic Dramatic Music track conveys endurance, confidence, and achievement: Brave and Victorious

The "Passion for Transport" -- it begins with your very first truck and continues with your commitment to the future...


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