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Featured Client Videos and Placements at AudioSparx.com

Our clients at AudioSparx.com continue to find amazing and creative ways to use the world-class music they find here. This includes in commercial advertising, travel promos, sizzle reels, photo shoots, feature-length motion pictures, short films, trailers and much more. Check out the great videos below and, if desired, you can also immediately license any of the tracks used in any of these videos!

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   The International School of Port of Spain
, Westmoorings,
Difference Makers, Future Shapers + Music by KLM Music
   Date Posted: May 3, 2016
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The International School of Port of Spain (ISPS) offers Elementary Scool, Middle Scool, and High School students a "holistic" educational experience, based on an international curriculum that's designed to prepare them for college and to be "productive individuals in an interdependent world."

“Inspirational Sky” from KLM Music supplies a shimmering underscore for this uplifting video produced by St. Anns-based The Art of Storytelling. Taking its cue from Coldplay’s unique style of integrating lively pianos, guitars, and drums into a bright and unique sound, this track is ideal for any kind of motivational project: Inspirational Sky

Discover how ISPS shapes the future by preparing students for "the challenges they will face as citizens of the twenty-first century.”


   ​Ceramiche Marca Corona S.p.A, ​Modena, Italy
​Marca Corona 1741 - TexTile Collection + Music by Daniel Bijan
   Date Posted: May 2, 2016
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Interior Design‬ Video: New from Marca Corona 1741, "TexTile," fine Italian Tile with the textured look of fabric and the durability of Ceramic Tile! Producing elegant high-quality ceramic floor tiles, wall tiles, and mosaics since 1741, Marca Corona is the world's leading manufacturer of Italian Ceramic Surfaces!

Composer Daniel Bijan's pulsating EDM track “Trendy Runway” energizes this video with an aura of modern chic and stylish design. This uplifting Dance Pop track is great for fashion shoots, commercials, corporate projects, and more: Trendy Runway

Moving from one elegant inspiration to another, TexTile offers a ​"​surprise at every glance​"...​


   Eric Chasanoff, Greenbrae, CA
“Los niños de Cuba” + Music by Olivier Olsen and Andy L
   Date Posted: Apr 30, 2016
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A truly heartwarming montage of artistic photos taken by the talented California cinematographer Eric Chasanoff, titled “Los niños de Cuba.” As a National Geographic Expeditions participant, Eric's 7-day trip to Cuba includes dramatic and joyful scenes he filmed while roaming around Havana, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad.

Today, Cuba is abuzz with new ideas, new hotels, restaurants, and entertainment -- with adventurous CEOs flying in from around the world hoping to establish a Cuban base for their investment ideas. About his Cuban journey, Eric Chasanoff stated, "I met educators, artists, dancers, musicians, communists, journalists, business owners, etc., but it was the children that made the greatest impression." And his short film especially highlights the joy of the kids he encountered in Cuba.

AudioSparx is honored to have music in the film by these two talented artists, as follows:

French Composer Olivier Olsen’s sensuous “Meditation” illuminates these brilliant street photos, which are so artistic and memorable they should be shown in a museum! Meditation

At 1.40 min, UK Composer Andy L’s sizzling Afro/Cuban cue kicks in as we switch to visions of hot 50's American cars, street dancers, and flamboyant characters who are charming, vivid and bold: Cuban Magic (0.60 Edit)

“Los niños de Cuba” is a look at a Cuba that's ablaze with its glorious, exciting present-day activities -- right alongside a view to its nostalgic, sentimental past...


   Sierra Hotel Productions, Beverly Hills, CA
"The Richmond Rosies" + Music by Alexander Khaskin and Steve E. Williams
   Date Posted: Apr 29, 2016
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Check out a little American History in this Documentary Trailer a la Rosie The Riveter: Ken Stewart’s Sierra Hotel Productions’ “The Richmond Rosies” features five WW2 female heroes who built US ships during the war years at Kaiser Shipyards, in Richmond, California, the largest shipyard in the world at the time. And AudioSparx is honored that two of our composers provided the music for this poignant film: Russian Composer Alexander Khaskin (3 MusicPacks) and L.A. Composer Steve E. Williams (4 tracks).

Featured in the trailer here is Alexander’s beautiful, dreamy “Image in the Mirror”: Image in the Mirror

While Steve E. Williams' elegant "American Beauty"-inspired music does not appear in the trailer here but DOES play in the documentary, the filmmaker wanted to share this beautiful, nostalgic track with his fans and music lovers everywhere: Thomas Newman Sound Alike - Full

During the war, after 1941, six million women went to work in America to take up the slack of our men off at war. Of those, 50% went straight into defense efforts. Among them were these five dedicated women, who found new careers as welders and electricians, and helped build 747 ships, launching almost one ship a day!!!

In April 2014, these five women were honored at the White House! Click this link to see Joe Biden and President Obama meeting with our five "America Strong" stars: http://www.rosietheriveter.org/news-events/news-and-press/item/97-real-life-rosie-the-riveters-finally-get-white-house-visit-and-steal-a-presidential-kiss

Click here to read more about the story, see these Rosies' photos, and read about their wartime careers, and learn more about Ken Stewart’s story of their heroism. You can also order the DVD here to enjoy their exciting story: http://www.therichmondrosies.com/products/the-richmond-rosies-dvd

In addition, we’re delighted to shine a spotlight on our client, the uber-talented Ken Stewart. Not only is he currently a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Directors Guild of America, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Publicist Guild, his ingenious, award-winning Polar Bear campaign for Coca-Cola is just celebrating its 22nd Anniversary. Click here to see his remarkable campaign for Coca-Cola: http://www.coca-colacompany.com/stories/coca-cola-polar-bears-turn-20

These five women were such an important part of American history -- they helped this country WIN THE WAR and bring our soldiers home! Enjoy a quick peek at these five brave and determined Richmond Rosies, then grab the DVD on Amazon to see their tales of heroism during a tough time in America .


   Ember Inns, United Kingdom
Introducing Ember Inns Pale Ale + Music by Assai
   Date Posted: Apr 29, 2016
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Famous for serving Cask Marque-certified real ales and classic British Pub fare, Ember Inns is proud to introduce its own Pale Ale! Brewed exclusively for Ember Inns by the award-winning Black Sheep Brewery, Ember Inns Pale Ale is crafted with locally sourced Fuggles hops, WGV hops, and fine Maris Otter British barley, resulting in a "well-balanced premium beer with a crisp finish."

Worcester-based Stretch Marketing provided Assai with a nice buyout for "We're the Kids," an energetic, feel-good British Pop track that serves up a lively and crisp underscore for this product launch video. Featuring melodic guitars, bass, and drums, this uplifting Indie Pop Rock track is great for commercials and corporate projects: We're the Kids

With locations throughout the UK, Ember Inns offers a modern take on the traditional British Pub, now pouring its own finely-crafted Pale Ale!


   Mode Media / Mode.com
100 Years of Fashion: Hats -- Mode.com + Music by Six AudioSparx Composers
   Date Posted: Apr 28, 2016
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​Here's another cool "100 Years of Fashion" ​video from the brilliant folks at Mode. Journey through 100 years of fashionable hats for both men and women, along with changing looks in makeup and hairstyles!

​Six tracks from talented AudioSparx Artists were licensed for this fun look at ​headwear:

--Opening the video is ​Paul Freitas​' ​"​Speakeasy​,"​ ​​an uptempo, fun, Dixieland ​S​wing​ track featuring​ ​t​rumpet​, ​clarinet​,​ and a hot rhythm section: Speakeasy

--​At ​27 ​sec, ​Michael Warner​'s Novelty Jazz song "​Stayhome Gir​l​"​ keeps things moving along with its perky ukulele and nostalgic​ ​​vocals​: ​Stayhome Girl

--​Around 51​ ​​sec, ​Joey Stebanuk​'s Electric Blues track "​​​Booty Boogie Woogie​"​ calls to mind the 1950's with electric guitar, walking bass, and drums: Booty Boogie Woogie

--​Coming in at ​1​.​28​ min, ​Colin Willsher​'s​ ​ ​Soft Cell ​​Sound Alike ​​"​Hard Sell​" channels the 80's with ​with solid beats and electronic 'disco' effects​: Hard Sell 30

--​At ​1​.​40 ​mins, ​​Linda Horwat​​t​'s top-selling​ ​song "​I Think I Love You​" ​supplies a perfect dose 90's Retro Pop Rock: I Think I Love You

--To ​finish things up, ​The Death Beats​ gritty Trap tune​ ​"Bad Man​"​ ​​rolls through the 2000's with high energy beats​, ​growling bass lines, frenetic synths​, and​ sci-fi atmospherics: Bad Man

​Take a stylish look at a century's worth of hats, from bowlers to boaters and ballcaps​ -- feathers optional!


   AudioSparx.com -- Artist's Mysterious Orchestral Music Video
"Rise From That Sweet Abyss" | Film and Music by Lewis Smith
   Date Posted: Apr 28, 2016
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Our UK Composer Lewis Smith has written a haunting and beautiful orchestral cue to illustrate the mysteries behind his dramatic time-lapse video filmed in County Antrim on the rugged Northeast Coast of Ireland, where he resides and maintains his studio. With a moody sense of suspense and longing, this track's perfect for flashbacks as one tries to solve a puzzle or review recent events leading to the present moment. Lewis' track would also help convey a delicate tale of romance where the story's resolution ends on a promising, magical note filled with hope and happiness ahead.

Here's the track online at AudioSparx: Rise From That Sweet Abyss

And here's Lewis' bio so you can see he's a well-seasoned artist whose music catalog offers a vast range of styles and emotions: "Based in the UK, Lewis Smith has performed at many Jazz and contemporary music festivals in Europe for over 20 years, including the Glastonbury Festival on its Jazz/World stage. He has also performed on numerous television and radio productions. After performing in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, Lewis traveled back to Kazakhstan to research Kazakh traditional music for influence in some of his compositions. Though he's a Classical musician by training, Lewis is still a regular in the Jazz circuit and enjoys exploring many different styles."

You can explore other tracks by Lewis Smith, in genres like Action, Dramatic, and European music: http://www.audiosparx.com/LewisSmith


   Atlas Copco, Stockholm, Sweden
Atlas Copco QAC1100 TwinPower + Music by Filipe Adorno Vassao
   Date Posted: Apr 27, 2016
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Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Sweden, Atlas Copco is a leading manufacturer of industrial tools and equipment. The Altas Copco QAC1100 TwinPower is a highly versatile mobile power solution featuring two 500kVA generators housed in a single container to meet on-site power needs with double the flexibility and twice the power capacity!

Zaragoza-based VÓRTICE Digital Media chose Brazilian Composer Filipe Adorno Vassao’s "Domination" to brilliantly illustrate the power of Atlas Copco’s innovative generator! Combining Electronica, a Dubstep breakdown with stutter edits, and huge choir climax, this powerful Electro-Orchestral track will energize film, TV, trailers, commercials, and corporate projects: Domination

The Altas Copco QAC1100 TwinPower -- designed and built to provide reliable on-site power for industry...


   Celestyal Cruises Centre Limited, Aglantizia, Cyprus
​Celestyal Cruises - Themed Cruises 2016 + Music by Michalis Terzis
   Date Posted: Apr 26, 2016
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#TTOT -- Celestyal Cruises themed cruises for 2016 offers guests an unparalleled opportunity to experience “Filoxenia” -- legendary Greek Hospitality! Guests will "Immerse" themselves in an "unforgettable journey" in which they "taste, feel, live," and embrace authentic Greek culture.

“The Sea” from Michalis Terzis is a Greek delight with the magical sound of the Greek Santouri, plus violins, classical guitars, and flutes creating a festive atmosphere, perfect for depicting happy times, celebratory moments, documentaries, travelogues, and Mediterranean-themed projects: The Sea

Embark upon a Celestyal Themed Cruise for the journey of a lifetime -- Opa!


   Blue Dolphin Tapes, Kielce, Poland
Blue Dolphin Tapes -- Commercial + Music by Nicola Donchev
   Date Posted: Apr 26, 2016
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Professional Painters and do-it-yourselfers rely on Blue Dolphin Tapes brand masking tape and abrasives to get the job done quickly and done right! Headquartered in Poland, Blue Dolphin Tapes' products are sold in 40 countries around the world!

A client favorite, Nicola Donchev's "All My Friends" received another nice Buyout for this Polish #TVC. Featuring acoustic guitar, piano, and carefree whistling, this Corporate Pop track echoes the mellow rock and folk stylings of Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers. It's ideal for film, TV, documentaries, corporate projects and commercials: ​All My Friends

Bring your designs to life with Blue Dolphin Tapes -- the choice of painters everywhere!


   Credit Karma, San Francisco, CA
Credit Karma Commercial: Dan's Story + Music by Justin Crosby and Nicholas Pesci
   Date Posted: Apr 23, 2016
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Credit‬ ‪Finance‬ Video: Our client Credit Karma presents their series of actual customer videos in "My Money Story," and today we join Dan as he bicycles around the hills of ‪‎San Francisco‬. He hopes to own a home there one day, but first, he needs to understand how credit works.

Two AudioSparx tracks were licensed for this video:

​ --​First up is Justin Crosby’s “Neighbors,” a sparse and simple, yet richly textured, instrumented track that's perfect for seminars, documentaries, and ​commercials: The Neighbors

​-- At 29 sec, ​the ever popular “Aerodynamics” from Nicolas Pesci, enters. Featuring U2 like guitars combined with piano, it's perfect for positive messaging and encouraging productivity: Aerodynamics

Credit Karma helps people, like Dan, achieve their dreams by helping them understand credit and how to manage it successfully...


   PANOLIN, Madetswil, Switzerland
PANOLIN "Engine Oil for Life" - Movie + Music by LeM
   Date Posted: Apr 22, 2016
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In this exciting short film, Swiss lubricants manufacturer Panolin captures the spirit of mobility and freedom that fuels our love affair with driving. The same passion motivates Panolin's commitment to providing drivers with oil products and lubricants of unparalleled quality.

LeM’s spacious and beautiful “Breathing the Future” is ideal for the exhilarating wind-in-your-hair feel of this trailer-style spot: Breathing the Future

Panolin's advanced Engine Oils -- designed for the Life of your car.


   GP Real Estate Company, Ventura, CA
Lovely Real Estate Video | 900 Rancho Vista Lane, Ventura, CA + Music by Gordon Nance
   Date Posted: Apr 21, 2016
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Location, Location, Location... Stunning views of a beautiful home for sale in Ventura, California, where skies are blue and the sun always seems to be shining. GP Real Estate Company created this elegant video showing their client's luxurious family-friendly property, perfect for entertaining friends and enjoying today's relaxed lifestyles. Open and airy with beautiful views, this is a prize property with a gorgeous pool and guesthouse, nestled in the hillside just northwest of LA in Ventura, alongside the sweeping Pacific Coastline...

To complement the video, the music track “A Wonderful World” presents a stylish, calm and beautiful acoustic guitar track with a Bluesy, Folk/Jazz sound from US composer Gordon Nance. This laidback music is perfect for commercials and projects needing a sense of peace, serenity, and natural wonders: A Wonderful World


   Mark Abouzeid, Florence, Italy
"Finding My Lebanon" Short Film Trailer + Music by Dennis Fermin and Five Other AudioSparx Composers
   Date Posted: Apr 21, 2016
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Honored to have an AudioSparx track in Mark Abouzeid's amazing trailer about discovering his roots in Lebanon! And more exciting news: During May 15-19, 2016, "Finding My Lebanon" will be screened at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. A beautiful quote from the film: "A grandfather leaves, a father dies, but a son returns." Capturing the lives of three men in his documentary, Mr. Abouzeid shows us his roots and exciting discoveries of the Lebanon he found today.

For the trailer, US Composer and Spanish Guitarist Dennis Fermin serves up “Arabic Jam” with thunderous Arabic tribal grooves and a mesmerizing guitar. His track is mysterious and alluring, perfect for belly dancing, travelogues, intrigue, and preludes to adventure sequences: Arabic Jam

In addition to licensing Dennis Fermin's Arabic cue, these five composers' tracks will appear in the final film -- each one lively and exciting, to help develop the story of three generations of strong Lebanese men:

--Brighter Note: Arabian Club
--Christian Andersson: City of the Desert Queen - 3 Min Loop Chanting
--Dewey Dellay: Gospel End
--Jesper Mattsson: Cairo El Guitar
--Vincent Pellerin: Middle East Jazzman

To learn more about Mark Abouzeid's adventurous nomadic life, photography, and important films, check out his website here showing videos, a recent keynote speech, his blogs, and numerous other projects: http://markabouzeid.com/


   West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund, Greensburg, PA
The Quiet Ones — WWPSEF + Music by Mikael Manvelyan
   Date Posted: Apr 20, 2016
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Environmental Video -- Established in 2001, the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund (WPPSEF) works with State and Federal Agencies to support Sustainable Energy programs and Technology in areas of Pennsylvania served by West Penn Power.

Composer Mikael Manvelyan's "Softly Inspiring" is ideal for this uplifting and motivational corporate video produced by Pittsburgh-based Agency, Elliance. With strings, guitar, piano, and more, this Corporate Orchestral music track is perfect for breathtaking cinematography, soft sell infomercials, corporate messaging, and warm, family-oriented projects: Softly Inspiring

The West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund -- helping to preserve what's truly precious...


Fantasy Scoreboards NHL Board Commercial + Music by Mundijong
   Date Posted: Apr 19, 2016
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Sports #TVC -- Just in time for the playoffs! Bring the excitement of NHL Hockey into your own Man Cave with Fantasy Scoreboards, wi-fi enabled scoreboards. Track real-time live NHL game information including teams, time, score, period, penalties, and shots on goal! Pick from all 30 NHL teams and connect easily with the companion app available from Apple iOS and Google Play stores!

Mundijong's "Walk Tall (Inst.)" scores BIG TIME in this 30-second spot produced by Edmonton-based Avatar Media, which will air nationally in Canada! Featuring drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass, this powerful and relentless Arena Rock track is ideal for extreme sports, auto racing, and other high-energy projects: Walk Tall (Inst.)

Go here for more information and to order: www.FantasyScoreboards.com

Get closer to the action and bring the thrill of the arena home with Fantasy Scoreboards!


   AudioSparx -- Artist's Alt-Pop Music Video
"Truth Be Told" | Music and Lyrics by Amycanbe
   Date Posted: Apr 16, 2016
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A day of fun in the sun - swimming, running, zip-lining, and more... Our Italian Indie band Amycanbe hits the right notes in this laidback Alt-Pop vocal track that seeks what may be the painful truths about life and love. Having toured around the UK and opened for bands like Skin, Sophia, The Devastations and Yuppie Flu, the four-piece band played at the Roma Rock Festival in 2005 and turned in stellar radio sessions for the BBC. With several EPs and three albums under their belt, fronted by singer Francesca Amati (whose voice has a dreamy, ethereal quality), the sky's the limit... Band members include Mattia Mercuriali, Paolo Gradari, and Glauco Salvo.

Directed by Lele Marcojanni, the film features friends enjoying a bit of exercise and frivolity to the beat of the music. And here's "Truth Be Told" with Amycanbe grooving to a simple drumbeat, flowing guitars, and a syncopated keyboard arrangement: Truth Be Told

Recently featured on MTV UK's Season 4 of "Catfish: The TV Show," this song is perfect for flashbacks, relationship films, coming-of-age stories, and 21st Century lifestyle documentaries -- check out the lyrics of the track, from the band's "Mountain Whales" album:

"Truth Be Told"

Tell me the truth
About the bird that cannot fly
Tell me the truth
About the seed that grew too much
Tell me the truth
About you about her
Tell me the truth
Tell me

Where is the fire?
Where is the beast?
Where is the fire?
Where is the beast?

Tell me the truth
About that broken wrist
Tell me the truth
About that open door

Where is the fire?
Where is the beast?
Where is the fire?
Where is the beast?


   Molson Coors Brewing, Montreal and Denver
Mad Jack Apple Lager | Giddy Up! + Music by Music Candy
   Date Posted: Apr 14, 2016
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#TVC -- Molson Coors Brewing Company introduces "Mad Jack" its new Premium Apple Lager with a "Crazy Good" crisp apple taste with the "Giddy Up" of beer!

Music Candy’s “The Getaway” energizes this spot with smokin' Retro Funk! Featuring an in-the-pocket drum groove, catchy bass riff, funky guitar, and punchy horns this Funk Music track conveys good times with a hip attitude for commercials and corporate messaging, as well as scripted crime dramas and quick-paced action sequences for film and television: The Getaway

Mad Jack Premium Apple Lager -- see what they're talkin' about!


   Grecotel Creta Palace, Crete, Greece
Zeus + Amalthia Sky Bar Restaurant, Grecotel Creta Palace + Music by Carlos Estrella
   Date Posted: Apr 13, 2016
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An unforgettable dining experience awaits at the chic new Zeus + Amalthia Sky Bar Restaurant, part of the #5Star Grecotel Creta Palace Resort, where you'll enjoy eclectic finger foods, designer cocktails, and classic cuisine served under a dazzling canopy of stars that fill the night skies over enchanting Rethymno, Greece.

Carlos Estrella's "Vivificabit (Revive)" creates an exotic and dramatic mood for this inviting travel promo. Featuring solo voice, boys choir, strings, and orchestral drums this Heartwarming/Uplifting track will inspire greatness in your projects: Vivificabit (Revive)

Breathtaking star-filled vistas, refreshing cocktails, and sumptuous foods combine for an Amazing Night at Grecotel...


   Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Big, Puzzling, Hairy: Six Wonders of the Lilly Library + Music by Sam Clunie
   Date Posted: Apr 13, 2016
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On April 12, 2016, supporters of Indiana University from around the world celebrated the first ever "IU Day," raising funds for the Indiana University Foundation which will benefit future generations of students. Released in conjunction with IU Day, this video highlights "six wonders" of the IU Lilly Library's fascinating collections including the Gutenberg Bible, a Shakespeare first volume, intricate miniature books, illustrated Renaissance manuscripts, a huge collection of comic books, handcrafted puzzles, and even a lock of Edgar Allan Poe's hair!

Composer Sam Clunie's ever popular “A Whimsical Journey” adds its special magic to these hidden treasures. Complete with piano, cello, violin, harp, and more this Magical/Wondrous Music track is perfect for fantasies, children’s stories, commercials, and fun family scenes: A Whimsical Journey

Journey into the IU Lilly Library and discover just one reason why supporters around the globe have joined together to celebrate Indiana University!


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