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Our clients at AudioSparx.com continue to find amazing and creative ways to use the world-class music they find here. This includes in commercial advertising, travel promos, sizzle reels, photo shoots, feature-length motion pictures, short films, trailers and much more. Check out the great videos below and, if desired, you can also immediately license any of the tracks used in any of these videos!

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   Anastasios Gotsis, Athens
Short Film Played in the 2013 Alonnisos Film Festival + Music by Ntinos Tselis
   Date Posted: Apr 18, 2015
‪‎Film Trailer‬ featuring ‪#‎HotNewArtist‬ ‪‎Ntinos Tselis‬ @Tselint’s “‪‎Info Leaks‬” ‪#‎MysteryMusic‬ from ‪AudioSparx‬! Filmed by Greek Director Anastasios Gotsis, this Short Film was featured in a film festival on the Greek island of Alonnisos in 2013.

Check out Ntinos’ great description and take a listen to the cue in full: “Stunning electronic new age sounds are mixed with an orchestra conveying a bittersweet but hopeful corporate vibe. Starts and ends with a short jingle. Modern but also old-timey. Like Vangelis, Tangerine Dream. Great opening scenes, dramatic film, documentary or commercial.”: Info Leaks

We're delighted to rep Ntinos, check out his IMDb page for other film credits: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5839586/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cr4

Click to enjoy 1.30 min of behind-the-camera action in this haunting Greek film…


   Samsung, Hong Kong
Samsung Galaxy A + Music by Jacco Willems
   Date Posted: Apr 18, 2015
Fun #TVCommercial shows off @SamsungMobile’s “#TheNextGalaxy” #Smartphone! @Samsung’s “#GalaxyA” series is ultra slim and lightweight, delivering both beautiful design and powerful performance. Our Hong Kong client #AnswermarkLtd produced this commercial unveiling yet another new, popular product for this hot ad agency’s clients…

Upbeat and trendy -- and perfect for the youth demographic who eat, sleep, dream, and selfie with their Smartphones, Samsung features Jacco Willems’ “Katy” with catchy guitar riffs and sizzlin’ hot dance beats!: Katy (30 Seconds Version)

Check it out – onward and upward with Samsung’s innovative state-of-the-art technology… https://vimeo.com/120453083

   BHV Lebanon, Beirut
BVH New Collection - Spring Summer 2015 + Music by Linda Horwatt
   Date Posted: Apr 17, 2015
Lively Fashion Film + Quirky Pop Music! Stylin’ #Fashionistas’ll love BHV (Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville) hip, cool #SS15 Collection! In 1998, they opened their first department store in Jnah, Beirut, where they offer fashions for men, women, and children, plus home furnishings, electronics, and more. Photographer Zahi Farah’s vid captures fun fashions from BHV’s new 2015 #SpringSummer Collection, now available in Jnah and Citymall...

Kicking up the energy, Linda Horwatt’s lively female vocals bring back memories of Pop artists like the Go-Go’s and The B-52’s. Crazy, wild and loud, check it out: I Think I Love You

Check out some fly dance moves and the latest designs from labels like Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, Anthony Morato, and Fred Perry...


   Astro HQ LLC, San Francisco
Astropad & Pencil are friends + Music by Nicholas Pesci
   Date Posted: Apr 17, 2015
VIDEO for #Photoshop fans! @FiftyThree’s new @AstropadApp turns your iPad into a Graphics Tablet with their easy-to-use pencil, a cool digital stylus that allows you to draw directly into your Photoshop or any other App images on your Mac… This way, you can create your own professional graphics at home, and quickly save or make changes at any time.

Nicholas Pesci’s “Feeling Happy” #PopMusic song has launched many a new product, with its bouncy, family-friendly vibe, and happy female vocals: Feeling Happy (Shorter Version)

For more fun Demos, click here and then click "Watch Video": http://fiftythree.com/

Check out AstroPad’s quickie 40-sec Demo to see how it works – it’s Totally Awesome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcK403YjJWg

UNITEL T+ "Papagaio" + Music by Alec Makinson and Tracey and Vance Marino
   Date Posted: Apr 13, 2015
Funny #TVC with a #TalkingParrot: #ACI’s promo for #Unitel T+, #CapeVerde’s #CellPhone and #InternetProvider Número Um (Number One). For the carefree lifestyle of the islands, Agência Caboverdiana de Imagens licensed these two fun tracks:

--Alec Makinson’s bright and breezy, foot tapping theme “Sunshine Shakeout” gets things started on a lighthearted note: Sunshine Shakeout (Main Mix)

--Around 25 sec, the parrot’s getting busy, and Tracey and Vance Marino’s “A Better Place (Whistle)” kicks up the quirky with acoustic guitar, finger snaps and whistles: A Better Place (Whistle)

Adorable, in Portuguese… And by the way, would you trust a pitchman you brought home from the pet store, or just show him off at parties? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mB_W_ul2tX0

   Jack&Co, Italy
JACK&CO BACKSTAGE SPRING-SUMMER 2015 + Music by Adam Scourfield
   Date Posted: Apr 11, 2015
Paolo @Santambrogio’s Cool Photo Shoot: @Jack_and_Co’s #SS2015 #CuteBracelets spell out “#LOVE” and “#GLAM” in their backstage video of their Spring/Summer 2015 Jewelry Collection. Staged by #StyleLabItalia, who reps Jack&Co and Guess Jewelry and Guess Watches, we see the familiar face of their adorable Miami model, Jessica Sikosek (now perhaps all of 17 this year)…

For the behind-the-scenes filming, Adam Scourfield’s “Stepped In Dub” offers up a gritty Skrillex-style Dubstep club-banger with glitchy melodies – perfect for sizzling fashion, fun jewelry, romantic comedy, or urban club scenes… Stepped in Dub

And FYI, here's Jack&Co and Jessica from their last Fall/Winter backstage Photo Shoot: http://www.audiosparx.com/sa/module/socialmedia/socvid/videos/detail.cfm/socvid_iid.1287

Click now and you’re in Milano with Creative Director Stefano Santangelo and his fun camera crew…


   Simon Alcantara LLC, NYC
Odyssey Jewelry Collection + Music by Daniel Fletcher, plus Amazing Sound Effects from AudioSparx...
   Date Posted: Apr 14, 2015
Gorgeous Video and Alluring Beauty! Award-winning designer @SimonAlcantara’s luxurious “Odyssey” is an amazing Film Noir #JewelryPromo that’ll linger in your mind! Esoteric filmmaking in a stunning black-and-white motif, features Carla Prieto, a versatile model from the Dominican Republic with a smoldering beauty…

Both AudioSparx music and sound effects appear throughout the wondrous cinematography of filmmaker Anna Lee Campbell, and produced by the talented Creative Collective Col-Lab:

A Chopin Prelude by Daniel Fletcher plays twice in the video, adding a beautiful, simple and emotional piano melody, elegantly performed by this well-seasoned professional: Variation3 On Chopin Prelude in A Major Op 28 No 7

AudioSparx sound effects add to the true artistry of the film. All of the following appear and add to the ambience and creativity at various points:

--Andrew GCN Fleming – Ambient Alien Atmosphere

--Australian Nature Sounds – Wind Chimes – Mikado

--Cedric Hommel – City Playground: Children Laugh and Shout, Playing Ball, Mothers Chat, Street Place-Loop

--David Wilsoni – Jarred Noise

--Hollywood Post – Church Bells 8x

--Ian Hubball - Icicles

--John Leonard – Paris Street Atmosphere Cars, Trucks and Mopeds Version 2

--Special Effects and Sounds – Metallic Ghost Wispy

--Tangerine Music – Helicopter

--X-Ray Sound Studios – Multiple Sirens

And take a look at Mr. Alcantara’s beautiful website, showing other videos of iconic stars and designers modeling his divine jewelry: http://simonalcantara.com/video/

Click the vid to see how AudioSparx music and SFX helped a filmmaker and designer with a unique vision create a little masterpiece...


   Grant Thornton UK + RBC Wealth Management, London
Season 02 - The Event Sessions - Chief Officers Group + Music by AudioQuattro
   Date Posted: Apr 10, 2015
VIDEO: A look back at @GrantThorntonUK’s and @RBC_Canada’s Chairman’s Dinner in London -- Grand Central @GCThinking created this event video for Grant Thornton and the Royal Bank of Canada Wealth Management group. The conference and dinner provided a great networking and client outreach opportunity, and was hosted by @TheConnaught, where heritage meets modern luxury in London’s fashionable Mayfair district.

AudioQuattro’s Corporate music track, with its contemporary sound of piano, celli, and elegant glockenspiel, perfectly backs our client’s optimistic corporate messaging video: Inspired

And as always, it’s who you know -- and it’s great to know business leaders from Dunedin, Exponent Private Equity, LDC, Montagu Private Equity, and more - a pretty influential group when it comes to international commerce…


Photographer Wojtek Wojtczak with FujiFilm X-M1 + Music by Marston Smith
   Date Posted: Apr 10, 2015
A great client since 2012, Wojtek Wojtczak’s Dramatic, Romantic Photo Shoot for @FujiFilmEU #FujiFilm #XM-1 stars two young models at the beach, backed by LA Composer Marston Smith’s elegant, spiritual “#AmazingGrace” -- a gentle, emotional song to match the film: Amazing Grace (Orchestral and Vocal)

Noted for his beautiful cinematography, Wojtek's short film with FujiFilm's XM-1 camera demonstrates his talent and expertise in a combination of crisp color and black-and-white photography…


   Empresas Hites SA, Santiago
Conectados Hites - Especial Escolares 2015 + Music by Robert Neary
   Date Posted: Apr 9, 2015
Fun ‪‎TV Commercial‬ for ‪School Kids‬ and ‪‎Teenagers‬: ‪#‎Smartphones‬, ‪#‎Tablets‬, ‪#‎CellPhones‬ and more at @TiendasHites, a major department store chain in ‪‎Chile‬.

For their upbeat 30-sec promo, Robert Neary’s “Revolution” is a punchy, uplifting rock guitar anthem, with a sound as young and lively as the school kids in the video: Revolution

Into our 8th year representing Robert, check out his cool bio to see why our clients return often for his hot music:

UK guitarist and composer Robert Neary's music is featured in the 2009 Academy Award-nominated feature film “The Wrestler," and appears in three feature films, including "Carjacked," “Jeffie Was Here” (the producers of “Hoodwinked”), “The Way,” and “Seven Day Story.” Rob's music can also be heard in “The Rivals” (a Smithsonian Network documentary), and in TV Commercials for “Couples Retreat,” Pepsi, Adidas, MTV, CBS, and Vodafone, and in movie trailers, HBO and Discovery Channel shows, corporate DVDs, Facebook and iPhone apps, and more!

En Español... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwvIg4UWUJk

Proxio Developer Showcase Video + Music by Damian Martin Turnbull
   Date Posted: Apr 8, 2015
Great video for Real Estate Developers and Builders! ProxioPro’s #DeveloperShowcase offers digital marketing solutions to help get all your properties to a quicker “Sold” status, by showcasing your developments to an extensive agent and broker global referral network. Our client's film shows you how to hook up with top agents around the world by taking advantage of their marketing expertise program, at a reasonable price…

A steady, romantic groove by Damian Martin Turnbull sets the mood with his cool Rhodes, a solid bassline, and warm soft pads – creating a laidback, sunshiny vibe: Sundown

Check out many gorgeous commercial properties using ProxioPro’s Developer Showcase digital marketing solution… https://vimeo.com/122656823

CAbi Clothing: Spring Beauty Buzz! + Music by Roeland Ruijsch
   Date Posted: Apr 6, 2015
Sparkly Spring Video created for CAbi Clothing by in-demand California Filmmaker Helmut Schleppi, is a fun #FashionFilm offering style, class, and beauty tips for spring and summer months ahead. The client licensed Netherlands Composer Roeland Ruijsch’s cool, trendy, static-filled #IndieRock #DreamPop #Dubstep track that simmers just below CAbi's skincare, hair and make-up tips...

So click here to walk on the wild side with Roeland... 2 Little 2 Late Instr. No Static


   Gaijin Entertainment, Alexandria, VA
Unforgotten: Restoration of Russia's T-44 Tank + Music by Jacco Willems
   Date Posted: Apr 6, 2015
This stunning video shows the @WarThunderEN team restoring a 40-ton #WW2 #Soviet T44 #MilitaryTank, working half a year with an 8-man Russian team of ex-military experts. These were the amazing lumbering tanks that helped the Allies win the war against Germany -- so the question is: At the end, will that monster baby roll out or not?!?

The work was filmed appropriately in #Kubinka, near #Moscow, at the “Central Museum of #ArmoredVehicles.” In the 1930s, Kubinka became the staging ground for testing Soviet tanks, along with the opening of a military airbase that’s still operative, today showcasing for the public the best of the Russian Air Force.

Our client #GaijinEntertainment hopes you’ll enjoy their video, and at 4.07 Jacco Willems’ action cue “Last Stand” plays as we check out the final footage for the T44 Tank… Check out Jacco’s track for inspiration, since it’s a fave shopping cart item among our clients: The Final Stand

#WarThunder’s WW2 realistic games with authentic World War II recreations of actual battles and wartime terrain helped them garner over 5 million players, and win #Gamescom’s Best Stimulation Game Award! We’re honored to work with Gaijin five years now -- they have licensed an awesome 98 AudioSparx action tracks to date, and counting!

Click to watch a sleeping steel hulk come to life… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCQvRjxRkM0

   KPMG Worldwide
Glass Ceilings - KPMG Women's Leadership Commercial + Music by Paint Chips
   Date Posted: Apr 1, 2015
BIG LOVE to @KPMG and @KPMG_US for #BreakingTheGlassCeiling! @HogarthWW’s TV Commercial beautifully encourages women to get in the game, in a 30-sec promo, playing now on major broadcast networks… KPGM continues its worldwide commitment to help build the next generation of Women Leaders.

And kudos to Paint Chips (aka our Brilliant, Talented UK Composer #GeorginaStGeorge), who had a nice Buyout for her #DannyElfman-style whimsical, slightly sinister “Mischievous Mauve,” licensed often by our clients for its playful, mysterious vibe. Check the full track here: Mischievous Mauve

An amazing video about golf and women's careers -- is this magic, CGI or for real?!? For the answer, click KPMG's Glass Ceilings "Behind the Scenes" link here to meet the star of the film, Stacy Lewis, the reigning PGA Champion, along with the Director Paul Santana and other colleagues, the film crew, and KPMG CMO Chris Goodman -- and see where the glass came from.

Be sure to view "Behind the Scenes" full screen for max fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2veDaa8Hdc


Toyota Hilux 13 TV Commercial + Music by SMM Productions
   Date Posted: Mar 26, 2015
Buckle up for a dangerous, fast-action Road Test... Our Russian client Black Chamber filmed #Toyota’s Hilux13 in grueling snow races, with spinning cars, racing dirt bikes, and more -- performing immaculately on unbelievably dangerous roads and trails. We are beginning to work closely with this client on a new project, and expect a number of nice Buyouts in the near future...

Backing this exciting client’s video is SMM Productions’ talented Berlin team, with their best-selling, action-packed cue, another nice Buyout: Hope and Fear (Epic Thriller)

Buckle up for a WILD Ride!!! And if you need a hard-charging, ultra-reliable truck, check out the Hilux 13...


   Jurgen Otto 13, Australia
Peacock Spider 13 "Blueface" + Music by Michael Gaughan
   Date Posted: Apr 6, 2015
Live from the Wilds of #Australia!!! Jurgen Otto’s baaack with the #MatingDance of his latest, hottest, new #PeacockSpider, “Blueface” (who Moves like Jagger!). Ever the consummate showman, we think Blueface deserves his own Reality TV show!

“Animal Antics,” by UK Composer Michael Gaughan (who’s worked with icons like Elton John, Lionel Richie, Tom Jones…) offers up a bouncy Charleston for our Aussie Casanova -- a lighthearted romp featuring banjo, piano, guitar, trumpet, percussion, and, of course, happy whistling: Animal Antics

FYI, if you’re fascinated by this client’s adorable Peacock Spider, we have four other videos online at AudioSparx. Check 'em out, for more hilarious, spot-on AudioSparx music backing up these spunky little spider films: http://www.audiosparx.com/sa/search/home_srchpost.cfm?topsearch=1&target=peacock+spider&lsmeth=6

Click the video for a toe-tapping, finger-snapping 90-sec of wild-and-crazy fun... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lsRilcqkO8

   88now.pl - Warsaw, Poland
88now Showreel + Music by E.D. Kennaway
   Date Posted: Apr 5, 2015
An amazing Sizzle Reel! For beautiful models and fashionable styles -- from the beach to posh hotels and city nightclubs, plus some nice action shots, enjoy 88Now #Showreel by our long-time client, the ultra-talented Polish Photographer #WojtekWojtczak. And how fine that the video features #RomanticMusic by E.D.Kennaway – check it out!

We're delighted and honored to rep E.D. for almost 9 years now! He’s a London Composer and Classical Pianist, and this beautiful, sophisticated song is a client fave, often used in romantic dramas or fashion photo shoots: When You're By My Side

Click to watch some fun and action cinematography, and get carried away, far away…


   3 Puntos Almacen, San Salvador
3 Puntos - Lanzamiento 2015 + Music by Music Candy
   Date Posted: Apr 2, 2015
Mercado Negro Films @MercadoNegrosv created such a fun video -- Hot Designs + Cool Furniture from @3Puntos_Almacen featuring sizzling music with an #ElectroJazz number by @MusicCandy! With slick sofas, lamps, bar stools, and more, for every room of your house -- all under one roof in their fashionable San Salvador store, please click here for even more cool designs and accessories: https://www.pinterest.com/notemates/3-puntos/

And check out our top-selling Número Uno "Artista Exclusivo" -- Music Candy’s “High Tea Shuffle,” with bouncy rhythms, trumpet, flute, and jazzy #PopJazz #FemaleVocals: High Tea Shuffle

When you click on the video above, watch your TOES start tapping....


   ExpoArtesano, Medellin, Colombia
ExpoArtesano La Memoria 2015 + Music by Frenetic Sound
   Date Posted: Mar 29, 2015
Huge and exciting ExpoArtesano #MasterCraftsmen #ArtFair set for #Medellin, #Colombia for April 17-26. Popular Medellin agency and design group Plasma Nodo’s video offers news about the Fair, which will feature fantastic handmade crafts, storytellers, and demonstration workshops from 20 of the country's top ethnic groups, and will be a great experience for families and kids alike.

A great opportunity for attendees to get a sense of their colorful history and meet many talented Colombian craftsmen and see their amazing creations -- featuring in all 258 representatives from different regions, including 64 indigenous artisans, 59 traditional craftsmen, and 86 contemporary craftsmen.

Check out this website to get an idea about some of the artists you'll meet at the Fair: http://www.artesaniasdecolombia.com.co/PortalAC/General/template_index.jsf

For their mysterious film, US Composer Frenetic Sound’s “Echoes of Africa” features Kalimba thumb piano, African hand percussion, and indigenous tribal drums for a natural and authentic sound: Echoes of Africa

Check out this amazing mystical 30-sec video, in Spanish…


   Tessive LLC, Los Alamos, New Mexico
Time Shaper Introduction + Music by Tod Demuth
   Date Posted: Apr 4, 2015
Cool video for #Filmmakers: @Tessive’s new, improved #Cinematography Time Shaper Soft Shutter software creates clean, crisp images for beautiful, judder-free action in motion picture cameras. Check it out to bring your action film projects into the modern era of smooth film tracking…

To back their lively software promo, Tod Demuth’s Charleston tune “Two Much Fun Stomp” offers up a Roaring 20’s speakeasy come to life with pianos and drums: Two Much Fun Stomp

No wonder Tessive licensed Tod's fantastic Jazz music! With over 60 tracks online, clients step up when looking for authentic music from America's past -- check out his impressive bio: "Kansas pianist, composer and arranger Tod Demuth's music reflects much of America’s finest, most revered music from the 20's, 30's, and 40's. His music is featured in short films by Cinemadog Productions, the Vancouver Film School, Tuscarora Films and Always Hopeful Ministries, promotion spots for LA Theatre Works, and in video games with Oberon Media. Tod has played in Jazz combos, Top 40, Big Bands, Country Bands, and show bands, and formally studied piano and composition -- all leading to an inspiring and fun series of piano tracks perfect for all media."

Grab a few laughs with this fun 50-sec history of cameras in the motion picture industry…


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