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Featured Client Videos and Placements at AudioSparx.com

Our clients at AudioSparx.com continue to find amazing and creative ways to use the world-class music they find here. This includes in commercial advertising, travel promos, sizzle reels, photo shoots, feature-length motion pictures, short films, trailers and much more. Check out the great videos below and, if desired, you can also immediately license any of the tracks used in any of these videos!

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   Yu Yamanaka, Tokyo
A Design Film Festival “Hakusho, The Rice Story” + Music by Emmett Cooke
   Date Posted: Sep 22, 2014
#AwardwinningFilmmaker #YuYamanaka’s #Japanese #Rituals within the #RiceCulture fascinate us… Here he presents a family of #RiceFarmers who cultivate, gather, and prepare the rice their society needs -- a beautiful, peaceful world, with foggy days and neatly terraced hills and valleys rarely seen by Western eyes. Interspersed is a ritual in the temple, and a comedian entertaining his friends. An “Official Selection for A Film Festival Singapore 2014,” Yu’s world also enriches our lives with the understated elegance and beauty of nature.

At 39 sec, Emmett Cooke’s elegant, sentimental #ThomasNewman-style piano melody begins: Further Down the Road

For an exciting adventure, click to this interactive site for the 12 films featured during the Singapore Film Festival. I loved meeting the elderly art forger who fooled over 100 museums with his Picassos, Degas, etc. -- also adored the dramatic comedy trailer about Yves Saint Laurant’s early years as a designer… http://www.designfilmfestival.com/2014/


   Great Park Neighborhoods
"This Moment of Happiness" + Music by Chris Michols
   Date Posted: Sep 22, 2014
#HappyFamilies and @ChrisMichols’ music help create a #Heartwarming #BeautifulVideo by Denver ad agency #StradaAdvertising for #GreatParkNeighborhoods… Coming to us from Sweden, Chris has over 60 vocal tracks online at #AudioSparx, and here his mellow lyrics set the scene for a fun family outing on a sunny afternoon: Cause & Effect (Clean Version)


   Marks and Spencer, London
"Do Men Know What Women Want?" + Music by Skip Peck
   Date Posted: Sep 22, 2014
#Awkward #GuyStuff about #WomensLingerie: @marksandspencer's “Do Men Know #WhatWomenWant?” social experiment video plays in M&S’s downtown Singapore store. Our client Robinsons & Co. (Singapore) licensed Skip Peck’s jazzy, cheeky “Doodlebug.” (And FYI, M&S offers tips for guys in the video) Doodlebug

Here’s M&S’s latest, hottest views for #Fashionistas, including, lingerie, fashion, their Lookbook, etc.: http://global.marksandspencer.com/in/fashion/lingerie/#.U62JHfldWSp


   International Delight Coffee Creamer
International Delight Coffee Creamer "What's Your ID?" + Music by Skip Peck
   Date Posted: Sep 20, 2014
#CheekyGal vs. #ClubBouncer, who wins? Our client AnotherCountry_says flash your #InternationalDelight #CoffeeCreamer #WhatsYourID to slip past the velvet rope… A Big Hooray for US Composer Skip Peck’s “Balloon Animals” playing in the last six seconds of a series of 8 different TV spots in the US and Canada, rewarding him with both a Nice Buyout license and BMI performance royalties for each broadcast instance… A great example of International Delight's worldwide ad campaign, this one so far is our fave!

Here’s Skip’s fun, equally cheeky music: Balloon Animals


   Marcel Wanders, Amsterdam
Marcel Wanders "The Knotted Chair, 1996" + Music by SMM Productions
   Date Posted: Sep 21, 2014
How to become a #FamousDesigner? #MarcelWanders @WandersWonders’ iconic #KnottedChair put him on the map in 1996 -- and the rest is history, as shown in his recent #StedelijkMuseum #RetrospectiveExhibit celebrating 15 years of his innovative designs. Worldwide, “Crafts” have gained the respect and admiration of many museums, and Marcel’s chair falls into that category since each chair is made entirely by hand. And to learn more about this talented Dutch Designer, click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcel_Wanders

Marcel is one of our fave new clients, and for his Knotted Chair video he licensed AudioSparx's talented Berlin-based SMM Productions’ sparkly, futuristic cue: Creative Motion

Also, in case you missed it, check out Marcel's #LightEmotion" installation for Barovier&Toso, presented at Chiostri San Simpliciano during Milan Design Week 2014, featuring music by AudioSparx's talented UK Composer Paint Chips: http://www.audiosparx.com/sa/module/socialmedia/socvid/videos/detail.cfm/socvid_iid.1283

View full screen to see how Marcel’s magical chair is made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7_yTft89E8

   Wanders Wonders, Amsterdam
'Light e-motion' - Marcel Wanders for Barovier&Toso! + Music by Paint Chips
   Date Posted: Sep 15, 2014
#NetherlandsDesigner #MarcelWanders @WandersWonders "#LightEmotion" was an installation for Barovier&Toso, presented at Chiostri San Simpliciano during Milan Design Week 2014. From Barovier's website, "...Rotating chandeliers through the arcade of the cloister, little theaters where glass puppets showed their agility, glittering dancers pirouetted on a fascinating stage. All this has been Light e-motion." Click to their website for more magic: http://www.barovier.com/en/

For background music, Marcel licensed a delightfully playful cue by UK Composer Georgina St. George, aka Paint Chips, for this stunning exhibition and video: Sugar Plum Pink

Also, in case you missed it, check out Marcel's video and watch how he crafts his iconic 1996 Knotted Chair, long admired and collected by museums around the world. This film features music by AudioSparx artist SMM Productions: http://www.audiosparx.com/sa/module/socialmedia/socvid/videos/detail.cfm/socvid_iid.1295

And #VogueLiving offers up Marcel Wanders’ 10 Favorite Things, ranging from the ultra-simple to the sublime: http://www.vogue.com.au/vogue+living/design/galleries/marcel+wanders+10+favourite+things,31427


   Työterveyslaitos, Helsinki
Työterveyslaitos Interview of Muhamed + Music by Mikael Manvelyan
   Date Posted: Sep 21, 2014
Yo, #Finland! We adore this #SweetGuy Muhamed! For @tyoterveys, #CreativeGorillaOy’s video highlights #Työterveyslaitos’ record on the health and safety of Finland's public workers. According to Wiki, the ad agency’s client Työterveyslaitos is a Finnish government agency who operates similarly to OSHA in America.

For their story, the agency licensed AudioSparx’ Russian Composer Mikael Manvelyan’s sparkling #CorporateMusic cue adding an upbeat, mellow background. Clients often license music from Mikael’s 177-track catalog, and this is a great track to hear why his music keeps turning up in corporate commercials, TV shows, and important branding campaigns: Corporate Progress


Everyday.fi Easy Credit Access + Music by Aim for the Stars
   Date Posted: Sep 21, 2014
Fab #Finland ad agency #CreativeGorillaOy’s credit card promo for their client Everyday.fi licensed our artist Aim for the Stars, a new UK band with a growing fan base, for their enthusiastic Modern Rock song “We Are All Stars”… Lively and energetic, these Rock Stars have enough pep and energy to sign up with Everyda.fi if they gin up enough interest to pursue their first world tour: We Are All Stars

Shop till you drop with Everyday.fi – a flexible credit card with free access right away and a € 2000 credit limit, with no hidden fees. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lJXHbV5s6I

   California Baptist University, Riverside, CA
CBU Alumni Spotlight on Cross Fit Training + Music by Joe Bergsieker
   Date Posted: Sep 20, 2014
#CrossFitTraining is big at #CaliforniaBaptistUniversity @CalBaptist! #CandiceUlibarri's #Sports #TVCommercial displays this Riverside, CA school’s uplifting vision for athletes. CBU is a religious liberal arts school with an active sports department, and they often spotlight alumni talent like Candice, to show how Cross Fit Training can lift your spirits and give purpose to your life…

Joe Bergsieker’s orchestral cue “Bold & Beautiful” projects a winning attitude, perfect for competitions where athletics take center stage: Bold & Beautiful


   Risberg Schilling Productions LLC, Los Angeles
"A Reason" Film Trailer + Music by Eric Bode
   Date Posted: Sep 19, 2014
Dramatic #FilmTrailer for “#AReason” @AReasonFilm, a #FeatureFilm where #FamilySecrets are painfully revealed during a gathering to read elderly Aunt Irene's will. Greatly dreading the reunion are Serena, a young, gay introvert, and her controlling older brother, Nathan. The movie was written and directed by Dominique Schilling. And for the Trailer, our L.A. client #MotorEntertainment licensed UK Composer Eric Bode’s edgy, mysterious cue that kicks in at 1.19 min with a pounding ferocity: Falling Down

The stars of “A Reason” are Magda Apanowicz (Open Road’s “The Green Inferno”); Nick Eversman (CW’s “The Tomorrow People”); Roxanne Hart (NBC’s “Medium”); Marion Ross (“Happy Days”); Ron Melendez (NBC’s “Parenthood”) and Madeleine Falk (CBS’ Judging Amy).

There’s a lot of excitement in the air for October, when the movie will play in three film festivals: the LA Femme Film Festival, Sun and Sand Festival, and the Orlando Film Festival.


   Grecotel Hotels and Resorts
Grecotel - Best Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Greece + Music by Edouard Andre Reny
   Date Posted: Sep 19, 2014
Our beautiful #GreekTourism client @Grecotel has so many #5StarHotels that we lose track! Here’s a sweet 30-sec fly-by promo depicting several hotels -- from the Pallas Athena in Athens to the Amirandes on Crete, to Mykonos Blu, and many more… The Grecotel welcomes families and offers pampering, elegant dining experiences, and all-day play on beautiful sandy beaches. Backing the video is Netherlands-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Edouard Andre Reny’s dramatic and mischievous Psybient cue: Sanctus

After watching the video, click here to enjoy the chic and playful interiors at Grecotel's Pallas Athena: http://www.grecotelpallasathena.com/photo-gallery/index.html


   Schaffhausen Tournament 2014
Tournament Schaffhausen 2014 TV Commercial + Music by Origen
   Date Posted: Sep 19, 2014
#KnightsinShiningArmour, #Jousting from the #MiddleAges! The #TournamentSchaffhausen2014’s #DramaticTrailer / #TVCommercial features Toby Capwell speaking passionately about his love of jousting. Our Swiss client #PeterJezler created this trailer for the July 10-20 event in Schaffhausen, a city renowned for its Renaissance architecture, frescos and sculpture, licensed Kiev Composer Origen’s powerful #GothicMusic cue reminiscent of Lisa Gerrard: Kyrie Eleison (Show Mercy)

KeyChain Music's dramatic, emotional Knights of Old music brings the story to its close: Medieval English Dance (Version 5)


GLAM - Apple Picking Party | Haute Hostess + Music by Tim Brown
   Date Posted: Sep 18, 2014
RT @Glam_com’s Party Girl #VictoriaHudgins @asubtlerevelry says @Budlight #AppleAhhhRitas are PERFECT for her #ApplePickingParty! Better get out a pencil and take notes, her cute ideas for #PotpourriBags and quick-to-fix party snacks could bring smiles from your guests…

At 1.11 min, Tim Brown’s catchy Pop track “In the Afternoon Sun” delivers perky bells and a joyful ukulele -- ideal for your next lighthearted, happy project: In the Afternoon Sun

Hey Victoria, can we have a bite of those yummy Apple Cheese Balls??!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ylo2HDvzUM

   Something Bigger Films
Bounty Tahiti Project for “Huzzah for Otaheite” Documentary Trailer + Music by Chanson World MUsic Library
   Date Posted: Sep 18, 2014
A #WildandCheeky “#BountyTahiti” #DocumentaryTrailer for an #IndigogoCampaign created by four friends. A funny, jerky video -- all about Buccaneers and their descendants – and our clients just want to get to Tahiti to discover what happened after the Mutiny on the HMAV Bounty in 1789… The team has Big Plans to travel the world to interview descendants of William Bligh and Fletcher Christian, plus they’ll work with the National Maritime Museum and other experts to get a fuller story for their project. Wait!!! Take a “First Look” at the CGI of their amazing “Bounty Tahiti” replica: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JP3XRrX3R8w&list=UU6R2TZMxXjR4wvHibhq1nbQ

All Hell breaks loose around 1.04 min as Chanson World Music Library’s authentic Tribal Tahiti music kicks in, providing a rollicking backdrop for their story: Aroha Tiare Tahiti (I'll Never Forget You)

So here’s the trailer for “Huzzah for Otaheite”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBvdUW4Za_0#t=37

   Jack&Co, Italy
Jack&Co Backstage Fall-Winter 2014 + Music by Bartes
   Date Posted: Sep 17, 2014
#GlamorousJewelry with a #HipVibe created by Jack&Co @Jack_and_Co for their 2014 Fall/Winter Collection -- This Italian #FashionPhotoShoot features their cute Miami model who’s starred in several previous promos. Bartes, our talented producer/remixer from Cracow, Poland, serves up a funky #DeepHouse cue that gets us in a party mood for Jack&Co’s upbeat, free-spirited jewelry: Funky Man


   Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger Fall '14: Pack with Prep for Mount Hilfiger + Music by Western Horizon Productions
   Date Posted: Sep 6, 2014
How to go #Camping and still look #Dashing -- @TommyHilfiger’s #SurvivalPromo offers an array of adventurous camp-side knits, checks, plaids, a stylish backpack, and a cocktail shaker… This fly-by 30-sec video was created by our L.A. client Noise/Racket, and features Western Horizon Productions' version of Rossini’s “William Tell Overture,” known to millions as “The Theme from the Lone Ranger” – the perfect score for our leading man and his little camping buddy: William Tell Overture Finale

Get back to nature, and go hiking with Tommy.com’s manly gear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94hC3LvnAqc

   PACO Jeanswear, Brazil
PACO Jeanswear - Winter 2014 + Music by Eddie Caldwell
   Date Posted: Jul 19, 2014
Sizzlin' Hot #PACOJeanswear @paco_jeanswear Masked Ball photo shoot was created by our Sao Paulo client Godoy. PACO makes the hottest jeans, tees, hoodies, and casual boyz fashions – a grunge mix of Gothic and Baroque designs with a youthful, irreverent look. PACO presents equally well at a 3 a.m. rager or for a Sunday Brunch with your besties.

With over 1,200 music tracks, 700 of which are hot vocals, you can see why Composer/Producer Eddie Caldwell is our No. 2 top-selling RadioSparx.com and CMS artist for his club, dance, and party music -- like this aggressive club banger Kanye West-style party music: You Can't Stop This


   Pouchi, Amsterdam
"Seduced by Pouchi" + Music by Joey Stebanuk
   Date Posted: Jul 25, 2014
#Amsterdam client #Pouchi @PouchiOfficial created this sexy little TV Commercial and Radio Spot all for a little red clutch bag... For double-sexy, the promo features Joey Stebanuk’s Action Thriller / Rock Metal “Dark Seduction” – one of our fave cues out of over 315,000 online. This track has so much sizzle and attitude, clients can't resist tossing it in their Shopping Cart: Dark Seduction [No Female Voice 2:06]

We love Pouchi’s statement about their cute merch, “...a must-have for anyone who wants to stand out in an elegant way.” Celebrating their third year in biz, check out their home page where they feature the vid and Joey’s music: http://www.pouchi.com/


   Robert Kupisz, Warsaw
Robert Kupisz "Iron Winter 2014/15" + Music by Pierre Langer
   Date Posted: Jun 3, 2014
Click on Robert Kupisz’s Totally Rad Kick Ass “IronCollection" for Trendy Boyz and Sexy Girlz. Always pushing the limits of fashion, this Polish designer’s creations often pair gauzy, see-through tops with micro minis and tough-as-nails boots, or slashed dresses with leather jackets and hightops. To highlight this crazy-popular grungy/rager look, Pierre Langer’s “On The Road” offers a gritty Blues Rock cue described as music for “… big boys with fun toys”: On the Road

Officially open for biz, here’s Robert Kupisz’s Online Collection where you can see his unique styles in finer detail: http://robertkupisz.com/en/collections/iron-zima-2014-slash-15/galleries/pokaz-kolekcji-iron-zima-2014-slash-16

And here’s the photo shoot and catwalk from the “Iron Winter Fashion Show”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuvuNfQ2HaQ

   Uber Stockholm
Uber Loves Stockholm + Music by Dan Phillipson
   Date Posted: Jul 14, 2014
Elegant #SwedishVideo of #Uber @Uber_Stockholm’s #Taxi, #RideShare or #PrivateCar service, and there’s an App for that! Our upscale client Uber responds quickly at very competitive rates, and is winning the hearts of many personal and business travelers around the world… The client selected Dan Phillipson’s Modern Rock cue “Drops of Light” to illustrate the urban winter scenes in Sweden’s capital city: Drops of Light

If you’re in Stockholm or plan to travel there soon, it’s very easy to register with Uber -- check it out: https://www.uber.com/cities/stockholm


   Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA
Forbidden City: Imperial Treasures from the Palace Museum, Beijing + Music by Multiple AudioSparx Composers...
   Date Posted: Sep 9, 2014
#VirginiaMuseumofFineArts @vmfa #VFMA”s #MagicalVideo shows #Beijing #ChineseArt Treasures from the #PalaceMuseum from Oct 18-Jan 11, in Richmond. Their “#ForbiddenCity exhibit represents the cumulative riches of “Two Dynasties and Twenty Four Emperors Treasures Hidden for 500 Years, Rituals of the Qing Court…” And congratulations to these 8 talented composers whose elegant #ChineseMusic will appear during the exhibit in Richmond:

Carlos Estella -- “Xaio Melody,” with gentle wind instruments: Xiao Melody

Cyril Baranov -- “Above the Clouds,” meditative sounds of the exotic Zither Guzheng: Above the Clouds (Guzheng Solo)

Erwin Steijlen -- “China,” soothing, and passionate Orchestral cue with indigenous Chinese instruments: China

Jonathan Carlile -- “Chinese Orchestra,” regal and dramatic: Chinese Orchestra

Kenton Gilchrist -- “Traditional Chinese Ballad Featuring a Guzheng Lead”: Traditional Chinese Ballad Featuring a Guzheng Lead.

Patrice Williams -- “Song of Spring,” a slow paced and relaxing journey with Strings, Koto, Chinese Flute, and Wind Chimes: Song of Spring

Rosalind Richards -- “Lantern In the Wind,” lovely and peaceful with Guzheng and Xiao Flute: Lantern in the Wind

Rosalind Richards -- “Gentle Wave,” Flute combines with sounds of nature in this relaxing and lush track :Gentle Wave

Shang Lang Tou -- “Misty Mountains,” elegant Chinese Instruments and lyrical melodies of an ancient time are heard in this brilliant track: Misty Mountains

The Emperors’ Royal Garments, Court Rituals, Weavings, Chinese Calligraphy, and more.. await you “exclusively” at the VMFA from Oct 18 and Jan 11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeTHZgvgt3s

   Caramel Grecotel Boutique Hotel, Isle of Crete
The Caramel Grecotel Boutique Hotel Crete + Music by Laura Sanz
   Date Posted: Aug 1, 2014
#BeautifulMusic for a #GreekVacation -- #JetSetters enjoy @GrecotelResorts for weddings, honeymoons, and family holidays. The Caramel Grecotel Boutique Hotel Crete offers breathtaking views, endless sandy beaches, late night dinners, and 5-Star pampering. Divine! We love the Grecotel promos, and their timing is excellent: Their charming1.48 min video features Laura Sanz’s 1.48 min cue described as “Beethoven meets Piazzolla. Whimsical version of Beethoven´s Fur Elise with a Libertango-Like musical fusion.”: Tango Fur Elise

Born in Havana and now living in Florida, Laura Sanz is one of our most creative and versatile composers who has won a number of song competitions. Both an accomplished pianist and lyricist, we have happily represented Laura for almost five years, and watched her fun catalog grow to 160 tracks in 25 genres (Classical, Dramatic, Horror, Christmas, Latin, Children’s Music, etc.! Here’s a link to her bio and more of her amazing music: http://www.audiosparx.com/LauraSanz


   H&M, Stockholm
H&M Life - Behind the Scenes of "Fantastic Voyage" with Catherine McNeil + Music by Joey Stebanuk
   Date Posted: Jul 26, 2014
A great #FashionPhotoShoot by #H&M @hm #hennesandmauritz, our fab Stockholm client, entitled “Behind the Scenes of 'Fantastic Voyage' with Catherine McNeil - H&M Life.” Filmed in the Chilean desert, the client licensed Joe Stebanuk’s edgy, mysterious, and surreal “The Queen Psychedelica Waltz,” which adds a suspenseful touch to the exotic locale: The Queen Psychedelica Waltz

Seen often on the runway and featured on fashion covers like Vogue, you can learn more about Australian top model Catherine McNeil, here’s a Wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catherine_McNeil


   Moncler, MIlan
Moncler - The Human Forest Show, Gotham Hall, NYC + Music by David Gosnell
   Date Posted: May 8, 2014
#Freaky and #Dazzling -- Moncler, an Italian client, selected a #Chilling #Mysterious #Dangerous and #Edgy cue for their “Moncler #Grenoble Autumn-Winter 2013/14 Show,” filmed in Gotham Hall in #NYC, and shows “Five rows covered the circular walls along which 370 boys and girls wearing Moncler Grenoble AW 2013/14 collection lined up, whilst a mirror hanging from the ceiling reflects kaleidoscopic repetitions of their images.”

The client selected David Gosnell’s mesmerizing music, so perfect also for CSI, Homeland, and suspenseful, tension-filled competitions, like “The Apprentice” or "Survivor": Who's Going Home?


   Daniel Restaurant, New York City
Daniel Boulud "My French Cuisine" Book Trailer + Music by Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis
   Date Posted: Jun 13, 2014
‎Absolutely Delicious‬ ‎Upscale‬ #‪‎FrenchCuisine‬ and a ‪fun #BookTrailer promoting Chef @DanielBoulud @DanielNYC’s new cookbook. What better music than our fab French Composer Fabrice Ravel-Chapius’ compelling, emotional, and suspenseful “Ainsi De Suite,” with a dynamite description: "A running and epic theme for piano violin and cello, live recorded. Life is a race. On the road, the scenery scrolls at high speed… Chase scene, espionage, romantic betrayals, deadly reunion, edgy and mysterious.” Ainsi de Suite

ATTN Budding Chefs: With numerous posh restaurants around the world, Daniel's most famous is his Michelin 3-Star restaurant in New York City, where his book trailer was filmed, here’s a blurb about the famous chef and his recipes in the new book: “From coming of age as a young chef to adapting French cuisine to American ingredients and tastes, Daniel Boulud reveals how he expresses his culinary artistry at Restaurant Daniel. With more than 75 signature recipes, plus an additional 12 recipes Boulud prepares at home for his friends on more casual occasions, DANIEL is a welcome addition to the art of French cooking.”

Here’s Daniel’s Wiki link to learn more about his restaurants and his many awards: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Boulud


   Gottex Swimwear Brands Ltd, New York
Gottex Cruise 2015 + Music by Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis
   Date Posted: May 31, 2014
Luxury Swimwear and Glamourous Cruisewear for Fashionistas around the world, by #Gottex @Gottexswimbrand in an exotic sun-drenched photo shoot. Luxurious textures, delicious designs -- many by Emilio Pucci, wispy scarves and skirts – all set for 2015 Spring Cruises… And AudioSparx is there… Dramatic and mysterious, with hints of Ennio Morricone, Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis’ suspenseful music adds an edginess to Gottex’s sensual video: The Adventure

Check out Gottex models working the runway in Fashion Channel’s latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEJLb8-arqw

Which swimsuit do you like best???!!? https://vimeo.com/96431802

   Distrihogar, South America
“Tcherassi Home Collection” + Music by Kepha Peter Martin
   Date Posted: Aug 31, 2014
#Posh and #Modern - #Distrihogar’s #Elegant promo offers #Springtime charm and #FrenchMusic allure, by @UltrasonidoEst. Medellin client #UltrasonidoEstudio’s “#Tcherassi Home Collection” video is a magical expression for Distrihogar’s luxurious South American Home Textiles, showcasing their impeccable style and a behind the scenes setup of their newest collection. Love their motto: "My home reflects who I am and who I wanna be.”

#Romantic and #Beautiful, Kepha Peter Martin’s “Parisian Summers” is perfect for projecting style and sophistication in your next French film, Chateau tour, or Fashion promo: Parisian Summers (Instrumental)

Sweet Dreams as you enjoy the Essence of Pure Luxury: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxCXw78mvMU

   Francesco Tosto, Chiaravelle, Italy
"Solo Andata" Movie Trailer + Music by Linwood Bell and Il Laboratorio del Ritmo
   Date Posted: Jul 25, 2014
#MichelaBeni’s #ItalianMovie “#SoloAndata,” directed by #ItalianFilmmaker #FrancescoTosto, premiers Sunday July 27 in Macerata, Italy. For the #MovieTrailer below, Linwood Bell’s “Loneliness” begins at 49 Sec, and Il Laboratorio del Ritmo’s “Roma” plays from 59 sec to the end.

-- Linwood’s Solo Piano cue is poignant and emotional, and plays during a teary scene: Loneliness

-- Il Laboratorio del Ritmo ‘s jaunty “Roma” creates a warm Italian vibe: Roma (60 Sec)

-- For the movie, Francesco also licensed Dan Phillipson’s Music Pack of 11 Pop Rock and Soft Rock tracks and stems: Lite Rock Vol. 3

Check it out, in Italian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex6C6aXHTjw

   Ti Sento Milano, Amsterdam
Ti Sento Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection + Music by Texas Gypsies
   Date Posted: Aug 27, 2014
In #Italy, the robust lifestyle of #ItalianFamilies inspired @OfficialTiSento the #TiSento #FineJewelry Collection, now in #IBB Amsterdam stores and other fashionable shops around the world. Their sparkling website translates in 7 languages, and offers gold, silver and jeweled stackable rings, dome rings, pendants, stud earrings, etc. Ti Sento means "I Feel You," and you can check out their awesomeness here: http://www.tisento-milano.com/

The Texas Gypsies sets the theme with the passion and fire of this Django Reinhardt-influenced swing track featuring a hot acoustic Flamenco European flavor: Guitar Twins

This extraordinary slice of Italian family life will leave a smile on your face and wanting more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4aIUzyjjAk

   Tianjin European Trade Centre
Tianjin European Trade Centre - The 21st Century Silk Road + Music by Carlos Estella
   Date Posted: Jul 3, 2014
Inner Harbour Films, of Macao, presents a model for their massive “Tianjin European Trade Centre.” Only 30 minutes by rail from Beijing, Mainland China, will soon have an impressive showcase to develop new European trade partners. Backing the video is our brilliant Spanish Composer Carlos Estella’s uplifting “Powerful Strings Inspirations,” a stunning Classical Corporate Music cue that splendidly highlights the client’s project: Powerful Strings Inspirations


   Alvarez & Marsal Holdings, LLC.
Alvarez & Marsal "A&M Signature Series" with Paul Aversano + Music by Nigel Male
   Date Posted: Aug 27, 2014
We love #SuccessStories like @PulseCreativeNY’s #ShortFilm of #PaulAversano, @alvarezmarsal #AandM’s Managing Director of their Transaction Advisory Group. With 20 years’ experience in private equity and transaction advisory services – plus a great sense of humor, Paul is steering this world-class global professional services biz to success. And #AudioSparx is delighted to provide an upbeat #CorporateBranding cue as background, created by our brilliant Australian Composer and Producer Nigel Male: Dazzel 60sec


   Mulberry, London
A Mulberry Morning with Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman + Music by Joel Hunger
   Date Posted: Aug 21, 2014
#FunVideo for @Mulberry as cute #Londoners @TanyaBurr and #JimChapman @JimsTweetings check out a #CaraDelevingneCollection bag and #Mulberry’s handsome #SomertonBriefcase that's part of “Mulberry Men’s Collection for Autumn Winter 2014.” This real life couple are avid YouTubers and work their magic to highlight stylish collections for trendy guys and gals around the globe.

For this sunny excursion around London, Spring69 licensed Joel Hunger’s upbeat acoustic guitar loop: Acoustic Loop - 26


GLAM - Shoes at New York Fashion Week | Style Spotting + Music by Maarit Korhonen
   Date Posted: Sep 11, 2014
In #NYC, #GLAM @Glam_Media shows the latest #HottieShoes at @_NYFW #NewYorkFashionWeek – which one is your #Fashionista Favorite: the laser cut-outs, the swagged-out sneakers, or the fringed wedges? Composer Maarit Korhonen’s #LadyGaga-inspired cue “Got to Go” kicks up a #PartyMusic- #BigCity-vibe, as gals strut their stuff: Got to Go 60s


GLAM - Jake Bailey Beauty | Takeout Takeover + Music by Jacco Willems
   Date Posted: Sep 13, 2014
#GLAM – Wanna look like #KatyPerry? #JakeBailey @ByJakeBailey shares magical #MakeupTips for Katy's recent performances. Angel Lenise Robinson asks this celebrity make-up artist, whose clients include #AngelinaJolie, #JessicaAlba, and other #Fashionistas, a million questions; and he performs an amazing “Katy Perry-style Makeover” before our eyes, in his W Hotel Suite in L.A. This go-to-guy creates the glowing faces of models, starlets, and newsmakers for their fashion mag covers, Oscar and Grammy nights, fundraising galas, and much more.

Jacco Willem’s “Festival of Joy,” a #DavidGuetta-, #LMFAO-influenced #PopAnthem offers his catchy, pumping beats to the opening scenes, check it out: Festival of Joy


GLAM - Lauren Messiah’s L.A. Lair | Haute Havens + Music by Art Munson, K.O. Star Productions and Jesper Mattson
   Date Posted: Sep 12, 2014
#GLAM goes to #LA for a tour of #PersonalStylist @LaurenMessiah’s #HollywoodHIlls #HauteHideaway -- with so many hot ideas that #Fashionistas are taking notes… (Love her cork board where she posts tons of inspiring fashion ideas, photos, etc., a cool way to organize your “stuff.”) The client licensed four tracks, with Art Munson’s music greeting you at Lauren’s front door with a sassy cue with a sassy title: Sassy Style

At 1:13 min, another funky Art Munson UK Base cue kicks in: Serene Grit - DNB

At 1:52 min, K.O. Star Productions picks up the pace with his gritty “Kongnam Style…” as we tour Lauren’s snazzy walk-in closet and “styling studio”: Kongnam Style (Gangnam Bro Mix)

At 3.05 min, Jesper Mattson takes us to a mellow close with a little Motown: Happy Uptempo Motown Style Instrumental

As a personal stylist, Lauren’s advice for working gals is spot-on. Click here to read “The Secrets to Looking Expensive on a Limited Budget”: http://laurenmessiah.com/2014/07/the-secrets-to-looking-expensive-on-a-limited-budget/

Each day with GLAM, we’re loving the #GirlPower!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNJ8dOmb7Ak

CAbi Fall 2014: Day to Night with Becky + Music by Jive Ass Sleepers
   Date Posted: Sep 8, 2014
Hellooo Broadway!!! #CAbi @CAbiClothing’s rocks it, showcasing #SexyJeans, #HipDenim, and the #McQueenShirt -- all paired with blingy jewelry, cute jackets, and a fuzzy black boa. #BeckyJantzen shows why CAbi goes from the office to a Broadway play or a playful date with your new BF. This is the casual wear that working gals everywhere will toss in their shopping cart… Meanwhile, Jive Ass Sleepers charms us with glitz and glamour, in a jazzy cue perfect for fashion or a big-city romance: Sunny Day On Broadway


   Frontline TV Production, Switzerland
Frontline TV's Demo Reel with Kaleidoscope Effects + Music by Jacco Willems
   Date Posted: Sep 5, 2014
Frontline TV’s second Demo Reel lights up the screen big-time! Their "Motion Pictures" version is a marvel, showcasing this Swiss agency’s client activity in a completely unique way! Jacco Willem's epic, best-selling cue “The Final Stand” is so popular around the world, and is always on our home page with other top sellers, where clients can instantly sort by genre to select our best music and quickly toss it in their shopping cart! Here’s Jacco’s Orchestral action-packed track that’s Epicness Personified… The Final Stand

Note: We also feature Frontline TVs earlier straight-up "Sizzle Reel," but also wanted to share this one to showcase this talented agency's Magical #Kaleidoscope Effects version – TOTALLY AMAZING!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHRj_kj1XYU

   ChikiFoundation.org, Laussane
Chiki Summer Night - Soirée de Soutien + Music by Regina Smoler
   Date Posted: Sep 4, 2014
#Flamenco + #Ballet + #Opera = Success! @Messieurs.CH shares #ChikiFoundation’s #Gala2014 #FundraiserVideo, held to raise awareness of childcare needs in Switzerland. Partnering with the #LausanneOpera, the soiree featured the Ballet Flamenco de Madrid performing #Bizet’s #Carmen. At around 50 seconds, Regina Smoler’s dynamite #ClassicalOpera music sets the pace for the performance: Habanera (From Carmen)

Enjoy 25 dancers and Noelia María Casas Devia in the role of Carmen: http://vimeo.com/104487629

   Karl Von Busse Institute of Design, Sydney
Karl Von Busse Institute of Design Europe Study Tour + Music by Jacco Willems
   Date Posted: Aug 29, 2014
You will greatly enjoy #KarlVonBusse Institute of Design @KarlvonBusse’s #Exciting #EuropeanTour for #Designers… Karl is our wonderfully fearless and creative Australia client now following us on Twitter -- Yea! And here are two of his outstanding videos:

(1) Karl shares his #SuccessStory about how he got busy in the ‘70s and acted on a brash idea to start up his design school in Sydney, with a tour of a few upscale #Sydney shops -- plus we get to tag along to see his famous “Exclusive” design institute campus, and hear about a funny renovation decision, and take in his wise advice to young kids about how to get started (a great film to pass on to kids in their 20s who may need some fresh ideas and encouragement!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1Fid2kiNLM

(2) A warm, inviting film for college-age kids seeking creative careers enjoy Karl’s European Study Tour, which features Jacco Willems’ top selling “Festival of Joy” cue. Enjoy the music as you watch these amazing kids on tour, living the Dream, as they roam around Berlin, Venice, Frankfurt, London, and more: Festival of Joy


   Nokia PureView
Bolivianos! Skateboarding in Bolivia + Music by Sacambaya
   Date Posted: Sep 11, 2014
Wow! #BorisProust’s #WildAction #Skateboarding in #Bolivia by @NokiaPureviews is hot and gritty -- all filmed in #LaPaz and the #Andes, where llamas roam freely in these hazardous mountains! This fun 30-sec teaser features Flo Mirtain and Kasten Kleppan, two of the best international skateboard talents – and they quickly impress us. All filmed on a Nokia's Lumia 1020 Smartphone, check it out!

Accompanied by the talented Bolivian group, Sacambaya, their Andean Folk music features the pan flute and expert drumming, adding authenticity to this lively travel promo: Danza Del Lucifer

For #ManlySports, this is some pretty gutsy sports action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-sBk8Uj2uM

   The Australian Broadcasting Corporation & Sydney Opera House Trust
The Opera House Project, The Story of an Australian Icon + Music by A-P-M Productions
   Date Posted: Sep 6, 2014
The #Epic #OperaHouseProject, produced for @ABCInnovation by @SamDoust and #TimBosanquet, tells the captivating story of the #SydneyOperaHouse, one of the world's most innovative architectural marvels -- and you can explore it all through an online interactive 3-D documentary, at your own pace. Writer and Director Sam Doust narrates the intro trailer below, backed by A-P-M Productions' elegant Erik Satie Classical piano solo, lending an air of beauty and mystery to the film: E. Satie Gnossienne No. 1

To explore the documentary and archives, from the design, engineering, and construction aspects, to 40 years of performance and events, click here for an exciting tale of risk and adventure: http://theoperahouseproject.com/

An amazing 1.4 million visitors pass through the Sydney Opera House each year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm7MtmjsVls

   CityGrow Systems
CityGrow - Your Future Smart Home + Music by Matthew McCullough
   Date Posted: Sep 16, 2014
With a #Smartphone, #CitygrowSystems @citygrowsys’ #SmartHomeAutomation allows you to control all your home systems, like your computer, audio visuals, lights, A/C, and even adjust your draperies… Yea! The technology is already in use in many hotels, like Hotel Madera in Hong Kong. Click here to learn more about automating your crib: http://citygrowsys.com/

Matthew McCullough’s elegant “Morning Snow” offers pizzicato strings, cello, and piano to bring a gentle, and sophisticated backdrop to this 30-sec promo: Morning Snow


   Gerber, a Subsidiary of Nestlé Group
Gerber Juices for Babies + Music by Nicholas Pesci
   Date Posted: Sep 14, 2014
Great #GerberJuicesforBabies #HappyBaby promo, featuring Alessandra and her cute baby, Mila, where the new Mom discusses why she likes Gerber’s sugar-free juices. Our Mexico City client PostalWeb.TV licensed the perfect music for this testimonial spot in Nicholas Pesci’s Jason Mraz-inspired music, featuring the celesta and ukulele in a relaxed groove: Morning Breeze Instrumental

View full screen - En Español, Gerber, a subsidiary of Nestlé Group, addresses the question many Mothers may have: “¿Mi bebé puede enfermarse menos con un jugo?”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acaMH9_JcVs

LVEDC - The Greater Lehigh Valley + Music by Denis Woods
   Date Posted: Sep 11, 2014
Yea -- @FireRockProd video shows that #LehighValley.org @lehighvalleypa is a great place to live and work. Located just 60 miles from #Philadelphia, with a area population of 30 million and a $32 billion economy, what’s not to love? With a vibrant arts and cultural scene, active sports, good schools, and two major Fortune 500 corporations -- Lehigh Valley grows more attractive each year... Irish Composer and Producer Denis Woods, our No. 3 top-seller, created this catchy U2-Style #RockMusic cue with high energy guitars, which provides a nice corporate edge to the film: Thunderbolt


   KahiwaKiwi Media Productions, Hawaii
Bay of Dreams - SUP Yoga + Music by Bjorn Songe-Moller
   Date Posted: Sep 11, 2014
In this #SUPYoga class in #Hawaii, can you spot the #DownwardFacingDogPose? KahiwaKiwi Media’s aerial video, masterfully filmed by Terry Reis, captures a Yoga class at Pokai Bay, near #Honolulu, enjoying a peaceful day stretching and paddling in the water. And the music is so spot-on for this relaxing travel promo: Our Norway Composer, “Exclusively” with #AudioSparx, Bjorn Songe-Moller’s beautiful, dreamlike #PopBallad “Make Me Fly” highlights the serenity and beauty of the day: Make Me Fly

A footnote, the Yoga instructor here is the famous Unko George, in Waiʻanae, who gives “free” paddleboard lessons but the lessons arenʻt free – he says, “They are a gift... a way for him to give back the gift of life that he has been given.” What a talented, giving guy! You can learn more about Unko and his classes here: http://leewardoahu.com/2013/09/unko-george-and-the-bay-of-dreams/

View full screen and be AMAZED – then call your travel agent… http://vimeo.com/105465885

   Siberian.com.br, Brazil
Siberian Summer 2014 Fashion Photo Shoot + Music by Malaya Blue
   Date Posted: Sep 10, 2014
What happens #WhentheCatsAway?!? #SizzlingVideo of #Siberian’s latest #FashionPhotoShoot, created by Brazilian client #TroppaFilmes. Malaya Blue, our UK singer/songwriter who sounds like #NorahJones, offers up an answer to the burning question with her sultry Big Band song, backed by a vibrant horn section, jazzy electric guitars, cool upright bass, sassy saxophone, and a trumpet solo: When the Cat's Away

Take a look at Siberian's flagship store in Sao Paulo, one of many locations throughout Brazil: http://retaildesignblog.net/2012/03/22/siberian-flagship-store-by-mauricio-carrieri-arquitetura-sao-paulo/

Are you ready for this? http://vimeo.com/105549841

   Fisher Spas
Behind the Scenes of the Fisher Spas Photo Shoot + Music by Music for TV and Games
   Date Posted: Sep 12, 2014
#TGIF - For #FisherSpas, New Zealand videographer #FraiserHeal asks #WherethePartyAt? in a #BehindtheScenes #PhotoShoot highlighting Fisher’s cozy spa where two adults can enjoy a relaxing evening -- or the larger version, where you can create a fun environment at home for 6 or 8 party-down BFFS…

Then we have a SURPRISE: Check out Video No 2, which shows the actual photo shoot in a most unexpected place… US Composer Music For TV and Games (with 450+ tracks and 20+ Music Packs online!) created this lively, funky, fun club track, “Where’s the Party At,” which works equally well for both videos, offering up a thumping, pumping Hip Hip cue that truly gets the party started: Where's the Party At

Video No. 2 – The final video shoot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3X_HObbThs

Video No. 1 – Behind the scenes party/photo shoot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ37eyn6z14

CAbi Fall 2014: Day to Night Outfits with Kat + Music by Really Free Music
   Date Posted: Sep 10, 2014
Hello to #Paris and a #Quirky little #Tango! #CAbi @CAbiClothing’s Chief Design Officer Kat’s #FashionPhotoShoot is way cool, and gives us the itchy feet for travel. Our UK Composer Really Free Music created this sweet, moody Tango, “Despues de la Guerra,” which lends a romantic #FrenchCafe air to the promo: Despues de La Guerra


   Various Hollywood Studios & Corporations
Justin Van Hout Sizzle Reel: Audio & Sound Design in Feature Films, TV Shows & Commercials
   Date Posted: Sep 7, 2014
See #Explosive #HollywoodMovie #FilmClips from #Robocop, #WorldWarZ (#BradPitt) #Oblivion (#TomCruise), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Cruise and #MorganFreeman), #TheDescendants (#GeorgeClooney), etc. with #JustinVanHout’s sound design or where he was an ADR Recordist during post-production. Now working on three features and an album in L.A., Justin is #Exclusively with AudioSparx and a #HotNewArtist – so check out his sizzle reel showing his sound designs in feature films or client commercials.

A busy, in-demand Certified and Accredited Audio Engineer and Sound Designer, we’re delighted to be representing Justin Van Hout, who has 50+ movies, TV shows, commercials, etc. to his credit. Click here to read his stunning bio and check out his 14 SoundPacks, and 130 Hollywood SFX -- this guy’s a genius…


View full screen and YOU'RE on the set: https://vimeo.com/96501020

   Gaijin Entertainment, Alexandria, Virginia
War Thunder: GamesCom 2014 Trailer + Music by Bobby Cole
   Date Posted: Aug 31, 2014
ADVICE: Get hyped and create #Epic #ActionMusic for the #SmokinHot #VideoGamesIndustry… @WarThunderEN’s trailer below featuring Bobby Cole’s Dramatic, Regal cue, then here’s an important NY Times article that shows the new dynamics and team players in this rapidly-growing multi-billion dollar industry where Pro Gaming/E-Sports is becoming such a “lucrative worldwide spectator sport…” “where global revenue for games is $20 Billion higher than the music industry’s and chasing that of the music industry…” But first, here’s UK Composer Bobby Cole’s cue that blazes behind the games trailer: Epic

This IMPORTANT article shows why you should put pedal-to-the-metal and get your gamer music on: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/31/technology/esports-explosion-brings-opportunity-riches-for-video-gamers.html?hpw&rref=business&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&version=HpHedThumbWell&module=well-region®ion=bottom-well&WT.nav=bottom-well&_r=0

View full screen Gaijin Entertainment’s GamesCom 2014 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_dmwvWaFQc#t=11

   Gaijin Entertainment, Alexandria, Virginia
War Thunder 5 million Players First Year Celebration Game Trailer - PS4 PC Mac + Music by James Bradley Livesay
   Date Posted: Sep 8, 2014
Last year @WarThunderEN won #Gamescom’s #BestStimulationGame award and achieved over 5 million players!! #GaijinEntertainment has greatly stepped up licensing our music this year (mostly epic orchestral cues by Pierre Langer), but check out this video featuring renowned California Composer Jason Bradley Livesay’s pounding Elfman-inspired Battle music, one of his top-selling tracks at AudioSparx: Kill Zone


   Speedtractor Industries, Tokyo
"Tokyo Dirt" by Speedtractor + Music by Riaan Nieuwenhuis
   Date Posted: Aug 27, 2014
#ManlySports (for Girlz too!) and a #HipsterVibe from #Tokyo! Our client #Speedtractor Industries @SpeedTractor’s #ShortFilm features hot motorcycles and #AudioSparx music! Check out South African Composer Riaan Nieuwenhuis‘ top-selling #Jazzy track “Seedy Glamour, Oh Yeah,” which works beautifully in this crisp promo: Seedy Glamour, Oh Yeah!

IceblockFilms.com shoots footage as we follow a few cool cats on a search for “Tokyo Dirt” so they can get their ride on!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUlCpNFaTKo

GLAM "Max and Lubov Azria's SoCal Estate" + Music by Colin Willsher and Max Brodie
   Date Posted: May 6, 2014
#GLAM interviews Los Angeles Designer Lubov Azria in her opulent, chic, art-filled 60-room manse located in L.A.'s Holmby Hills. She and husband Max Azria often host large charity fundraisers here behind those welcoming red double doors. The home features a 10,000-crystal chandelier, three gardens and a spa. Since we add new fashion designer clients each week, it would be fun to have this couple's trendy line of fashion as a client: BCBG / Max Azria. Two tracks back GLAM's sunny LA interview: Colin Willsher and Max Brodie, so take a listen and get in the zone.

--"Fashion Idol" by Colin Willshire adds sizzle and pop: Fashion Idol 30 -- Max Brode's Electro Dance cue "Elevation" ramps up the fun: Elevation (60-Secs Version)


   Millers.com.au, Alexandria NSW, Australia
Millers - Spring Behind the Scenes Video + Music by Angela Predhomme
   Date Posted: Sep 13, 2014
Sunny #Australian #FashionPhotoShoot for a @Millers_Fashion #TVCommercial takes us behind the scenes for a look at their popular casual clothes for springtime in that part of the world. Delighted to have Millers as a client -- their parent company #SpecialtyFashionGroup is the largest Australian retailer of women’s fashion, with 900 stores and seven online businesses...

With 27 Pop Vocal songs in her catalog, Angela Predhomme’s upbeat song shows off the lyrical skills and singing talent that’s landed her music on "The Voice," MTV’s “Teen Mom,” TLS’s “What Not to Wear,” and other popular TV shows, Films, and #Fashionista promos: You Make Me Sing


GLAM - What to Wear to NYFW | Style Squad + Music by Konstantinos Panagiotidis
   Date Posted: Sep 6, 2014
#GLAM at New York Fashion Week #NYFW is hot-on with Fashionistas, Celebrities, Models, and Hot Designs everywhere! And the stylish, notorious GLAM bloggers are all over it, offering tips for the busy week through September 11 -- and AudioSparx is there too! Check out Greek Composer and #HotNewArtist Konstantinos Panagiotidis’ sizzling, catchy Dance cue that backs up the vid: Hardest Mile Left to Run

Our fave is the black and white outfit, what's yours? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCEnMiffzpQ

   Panoptico.cl, Santiago
Panoptiko Empresas Reel + Music by Soul Check
   Date Posted: Aug 8, 2014
An impressive #Corporate #SizzleReel by our #Chilean client #Panoptiko @AAOYARZU, showing the various industries they represent, with examples of past branding campaigns. We’re delighted to have Panoptiko as a client! They rep large Chilean industries like mining, energy, and construction, and also work with banks, tourism, telecommunications, beverage companies, and more. And here’s Australian and DJ Soul Check’s lively, trendy #Breakbeat cue that adds some bang to the reel: Bop the Beat

To learn more about Panoptiko, here’s their website showing the video below: http://panoptiko.cl/empresas.php


   Ka-Bar Knives, Olean, New York
KA-BAR Limited Edition E.W. Stone Knife + Music by KLZ
   Date Posted: Aug 9, 2014
#ManlySports -- #KaBarKnives works with EW.Stone Jr. to reproduce his Dad’s treasured #WorldWar2 #EWStone #Knife. Is it art or sculpture? Master Track Productions’ promo shows the limited edition of theater-made World War II knives, now available for hunters and WW2 memorabilia collectors at Ka-Bar.com. AudioSparx composer KLZ’s Classical track “Minimal Subliminal” plays as the son discusses the travails his father experienced during the war: Minimal Subliminal


   DotMailer, London
DotMailer Celebrates "15 Years of Imagination"+ Music by Norman Wille
   Date Posted: Sep 3, 2014
Located at No. 1 London Bridge, #DotMailer’s 15th Anniversary celebrates a current valuation of £100 million (US$164 million)! AudioSparx is delighted to have music backing this client’s corporate video, which covers their expertise in branding, apps, email marketing, automation solutions, and more. (At around 3:13 min, there are a few great interior shots of their new London office.) And take a listen to German Composer Norman Wille’s Hans Zimmer-inspired uplifting Orchestral cue: A3


   Standox GmbH, Wuppertal, Germany
Making of Pure Colour + Music by Larry Stephens and Pierre Langer
   Date Posted: Jul 7, 2014
Great ‪‎Eye Candy‬ - “‪‎Pure Colour‬” for @Standox was created by ‪#‎RalphRichter‬, a fab in-demand ‪‎German Photographer‬ who punches up his GCI color splash with AudioSparx music and REAL paint! One of the leading suppliers for car paint, Standox may have been a little shocked as Ralph poured and sprayed paint on moving cars, and then splashed paint all over a Porsche 911… Licensed were two fantastic tracks, in genres as different as day and night (white paint vs. black??!) Check out the AMAZING music and amazingly COLORFUL photography:

-- Larry Stephen’s “Offering,” a jazzy, bumpin’ cue, is a great intro: Offering

-- At 45 sec, Pierre Langer’s slick and gritty “Beat Lab” helps fling some paint: Beat Lab


   aL mandoos, Zubara, UAE
aL mandoos, the Craft + Music by Igge Scoce
   Date Posted: Jul 18, 2014
A wonderful #UAE @AlamdoosWeb aL mandoos’ high-end #Sandals mini documentary, showing off the latest technology in their hand-crafted sandal, using the most luxurious leathers from around the world. In biz since 1986, al mandoos' meticulous detail makes them a Middle Eastern top seller around the globe. Our Abu Dhabi client Notjust.ae's promo highlights one of the more respected Arabic sandal-makers in a highly competitive market, and selected Igge Scoce’s Dark Knight Soundalike for its cinematic orchestral magnificence: Zimmermatic - Hans Zimmer Soundalike

   Bahrain Ministry of Culture, Bahrain
Year of Art 2014 - Bahrain Ministry of Culture + Anasheed Music by Christophe Espern
   Date Posted: Aug 4, 2014
A beautifully artistic TV Commercial from the #Bahrain Ministry of Culture, celebrating the "Year of Art 2014, featuring #Islamic #Anasheed #Nasheed music by French Composer Christophe Espern." This dramatic and spiritual song features Arabic women's voices, adding authenticity to the rare view into the Arabic world of art. Our client JEO Productions is a major player in Bahrain, and often used AudioSparx music for their short film and commercial projects. Christoph's music was created especially for our #MiddleEastern clients, and also for our streaming "Islamic #Anasheed" station at RadioSparx.com.

Here's Chris's elegant, romantic Islamic music cue: Romance in the Middle East


   Northtown Auto, Buffalo, NY
Northtown Auto | Buffalo Bills | Fans TV Commercial + Music by Martin Sebastian Holm
   Date Posted: Sep 9, 2014
Yo #BuffaloBills @BuffaloBills Fans! The #NFL #FootballSeason and #TailgateParties keep @SKM_Group busy... They created this fun #NorthtownAuto TV Commercial to gin up the biz and keep your motor running… Martin Sebastian Holm’s “Hearts On Fire” U2- and Coldplay-inspired Pop Rock track fires up the guitars and shimmering strings to get the party started: Hearts On Fire 30 Sec

Who knew? Northtown may be the BIGGEST Buffalo Bills fan of all… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhQ8kLLPyuI h

   Panolin, Switzerland
Panolin Champion High End Motor Oils + Music by Guido Negraszus
   Date Posted: Aug 25, 2014
#Panolin’s #ChampionRacingCars High End Motor Oils video plays Guido Negraszus’ #Epic #Zimmer-influenced trailer music cue, “The Time of Heroes,” helping to emphasize the reliability and global importance of their products. In business since 1949, Panolin is a large international Swiss client providing environmentally safe lubricants not only for race cars and motorbikes, but also for servicing large projects like hydropower and dams, the offshore drilling sector, the marine industry, etc. Go Panolin!!!

Guido’s dynamic orchestral cue would work beautifully in action adventure movies, marching into battle, brave soldiers returning from war, and other blockbuster feature films, documentaries, TV commercials, and sports competitions… Be inspired: The Time of Heroes


   Berkeleyside and BerkeleyRep, Berkeley, CA
Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas, Oct 24-25, 2014 + Music by Joseph Rusnak
   Date Posted: Sep 4, 2014
Berkeleyside and Berkeley Repertory Theatre's trailer is all about #Uncharted: The #Berkeley #FestivalofIdeas' Oct 24-25 event at UC’s exclusive University Club in Berkeley’s trendy Arts District. Many of the world’s leading Tech, Science and Cultural gurus will be offering advice, discussion, and debate, plus there’ll be numerous workshops. The Festival attendees will eat, drink, and mingle -- and try to solve today’s biggest challenges...

Joseph Rusnak’s “Rise and Shine” provides the vibrant backdrop for their video, with marimba ostinato, piano, strings, and even bongos!!! Rise and Shine


"X's and O's (A Gridiron Love Story)” + Music by Michael Harrison Walpole
   Date Posted: Sep 8, 2014
With #Football in the headlines every day, should we be paying closer attention to the violence on the field, too? @BerkeleyRep’s January 16, 2015 #WorldPremier "#XsandOs (#AGridironLoveStory)” tackles “traumatic brain injuries” of #NFLPlayers. Kind of sad and unbelievable how many #NFL players and young high school kids suffer debilitating concussions and brain injuries each season. Guaranteed to be controversial, the play shows how players all too often have given their lives for the gratification of fans and team owners’ pocketbooks. Here, Writer and Documentarian #KJSanchez (whose “ReEntry” was an explosive Off Broadway hit) and #JennyMercein’s play is "...based on brutally honest and heartrending interviews with players, their families, and their fans about traumatic brain injuries and their impact on the game..." Directing the play will be Berkeley Rep's talented Tony Taccone.

Backing this video is US Composer Michael Harrison Walpole, whose clients include Rock Center with Brian Williams (NBC), The Colbert Report (Comedy Central), NY Ink (TLC), and Mastercard (McCann Australia). His work has also appeared on A&E, AMC, BIO, Discovery Channel, FUSE, G4, History, ITV Studios, MTV, MTV2, Science Channel, Spike, Telemundo, etc. Here’s Michael’s jangly #IndieRock sports music from the video: High School Glory

Just last night, 60 Minutes devoted a segment showing that serious football training begins with kids as young as 8 years old… Yes, NFL grooming in America starts early!


   COBB Tuning, Austin, Texas
COBB Tuning - Introducing the all NEW White COBB Knob + Music by Steve Rice Productions
   Date Posted: Aug 31, 2014
A little #Cheeky #TexasHumor in a #FunnyVideo from @COBBTuning, our Austin, Texas, client. Watch as Dr. Reginald Gattner MD, PhD, DVM explains it all while Steve Rice Productions’ slick little #BossaNova plays on: Summer Bossa - Elevator Remix


   COBB Tuning, Austin, Texas
COBB Tuning - BMW - Be a dreamer of the Day + Music by Marco Pesci and Edouard Andre Reny
   Date Posted: Sep 2, 2014
Is it a #Daydream or is it #Real?!? #CobbTuning @CobbTuning’s #ExcitingVideo features a #Speedster and his #BMW… This dynamic commercial is a thrill ride all its own – hyping #CobbTuning for fast cars AND dreamers, and featuring two talented AudioSparx composers:

Marco Pesci’s “Solitude” provides a dreamy interlude as the video opens: Solitude (Solo Violin 60sec)

…which becomes instantly electrified by the punchy Electro Rock Fusion and wild guitars of Edouard Andre Reny’s “Velocity” as the BMW comes into view: Velocity (60s)


CAbi Fall 2014: Denim Guide + Music by Stefan Micic
   Date Posted: Sep 2, 2014
#Denim is so “in,” and Style Director #BeckyJantzen shares @CAbiClothing’s “#CAbi Fall 2014: Denim Guide.” For their skinny jean, curvy jean, slim boot jean, etc., click to CAbiOnline.com and check out their Denim Guide, which assures you’ll always get the proper fit for your specific body type at CAbi…

In-demand #FashionPhotog #HelmutSchleppi filmed the video and licensed Stefan Micic’s funky, hip #EnnioMorricone-style cue with #TwangyGuitars, perfect for the new Fall looks: Country Hip Hop

Tell us, which style do you like best? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4wYBTfpzp0

   Mike Kravinsky, Washington DC
"Geographically Desirable" Movie Trailer + Music by Tracey and Vance Marino
   Date Posted: Aug 17, 2014
“Startin’ over ain’t for Wimps!” Great @GeoDesire “#GeographicallyDesirable” #RomCom Trailer! #MikeKravinsky's movie plays next at @NYCIndieFF. At 2:03 min, there’s a big mood change, featuring Tracey and Vance Marino’s wild #Rockabilly music with slick "guitar licks and kickin' drums": Rockabilly Roll

Scheduled for the NYC Indie Film Festival in October, here’s a quote from that site: “Geographically Desirable is not just a quirky romantic comedy, or a story of big city vs. small town, but it also a tale of discovering what's important in life and getting your priorities straight.” Click here for more news, Cast, story line, etc.: https://www.nycindiefilmfest.com/film/geographically-desirable#

Here’s Blair Bowers (The Drive (2014) and The Company We Keep (2014)) acting up a storm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQzXP_UzCpg

Unitel T - "Portabilidade Tito Paris" + Music by Jeremy Sherman
   Date Posted: Sep 7, 2014
If Tito can get in on this #Unitel T deal, so can you! #FunVideo in #Portuguese, by #ACI Agência Caboverdiana de Imagens, features Jeremy Sherman’s jazzy #Django-style French acoustic guitars and bass – sooo perfect for reaching out to friends and families around the world: Biarritz Baby


Unitel T - "Falar Com Sodade" + Music by Sixteenth Moon
   Date Posted: Aug 29, 2014
#Warm, #Inviting #Unitel promo in #Portuguese, created by #ACI Agência Caboverdiana de Imagens, shows the importance of being able to call friends and family who bring laughter into your life… UK Composer's Sixteenth Moon’s dreamy, elegant solo piano piece, “Sky Lanterns,” adds a touch of Corporate Pop to this fun 44-sec video: Sky Lanterns

Check out Unitel’s low-cost international rates offer through August 31: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlIJhO1qXME

   Credit Karma, San Francisco
Credit Karma Movin' on Up to 760 Market! + Music by Patric Coen and Benny Hawes
   Date Posted: Aug 14, 2014
Fun client #CreditKarma is moving on up – and just leased an awesome 46,000 sq ft in the iconic Phelan Building at 760 Market St in San Francisco, and here’s a Corporate Video showing their fancy new digs. Composers Patric Coen and Benny Hawes' Motown sounds were selected to provide a hip ‘60s and ‘70s vibe. This year Credit Karma is set to issue around 14 million credit reports, and what a GREAT place to work!!! They offer employees bike racks, showers and other conveniences -- and every day looks like “Jeans Friday.” Yea!

Patric Coen hip and happening music cue: This Old Town Is Motown

Benny Hawes laidback RnB cue: Motown City


   Grecotel Amirandes Hotel, Isle of Crete
Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort + Music by Abbas Premjee
   Date Posted: Aug 20, 2014
We love our #5StarHotel #GreekTourism client @GrecotelResorts! Their #Amirandes #GreekVacation hotel is a perfect holiday spot for a honeymoon or romantic getaway. “Designed in keeping with the grand palaces of the Minoan kings,” it makes you want to drop all your worries and cares, and jet off to this beautiful #Crete Hotel…

Sometimes a client promo, as here, needs a nice, low-key music bed, and the Grecotel thus licensed Abbas Premjee’s splendid, mysterious Middle-Eastern cue: Turkish Nights


   The Khaled Hosseini Foundation, San Jose, CA
The Khaled Hosseini Foundation & SOS Video + Music by Michael Keck and Music Candy
   Date Posted: Sep 10, 2014
The #KhaledHosseiniFoundation @tkhf’s #CharitableOutreach video shows #AfghanistanRefugees’ need for housing and assistance, and features two #AudioSparx composers' music. Over 38 million copies have been sold of Mr. Hosseini’s runaway best-sellers, “#TheKiteRunner” and “#AThousandSplendidSuns,” which so achingly conveyed his love and admiration for his fellow countrymen’s resilience during continuing wars, invasions and occupations. A client since 2012, Mr. Hosseini, an Afghan-born American novelist and physician, licensed these two cues that play on the Foundation's website, but licensed them again today as Buyouts for their next project, along with an additional Middle Eastern track by Michael Keck, entitled “Mothers and Children in Prayer.”

Master of beautiful Middle-Eastern music, Michael Keck's cues often have a melancholic and haunting beauty that's perfect for stories of nomads and the returning diaspora: Mid East Sunset - Sunrise

At 2.55 min, Music Candy’s contemporary #RockMusic takes us to the end of the the Charity's fundraising video: Is It Enough

Click here to learn more about Mr. Hosseini's career and what happened when he first returned to Afghanistan at the age of 38, feeling a sense of guilt that he had not been there earlier to help the millions of displaced Afghans: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khaled_Hosseini


   Swarovski, Austria
Behind the Scenes: Tradition with the Brilliance of Today + Music by B.C. Lieb
   Date Posted: Aug 23, 2014
"Behind the Scenes” with @Swarovski’s #MiddleEastern #Abaya or #Caftan promo showing how brightly these cloaks and loose over-garments shine when embellished with #SwarovskiCrystals… In biz since 1895, Swarovski attracts haute couture designers around the globe, who increasingly are stitching Swarovski elements into their jeweled collections, along with dazzling bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other accessories.

With a growing clientele in the Middle East, our sales there have doubled this year. While our Arabic and Anasheed music is licensed frequently, fashion photogs often prefer Western music – and today licensed Texas Composer B.C. Lieb’s light and catchy Surf Rock cue: Political Surfing No Vocals


   Nepresso Global, Lausanne, Switzerland
Nepresso Cubania Savory Coffee TV Commercial + Music by Andy L
   Date Posted: Aug 31, 2014
#Nepresso #Cubania @Nepresso's #IntenseCoffee and #FunParty share a lively slice of #Cuba's #Havana #NightLife, created by French agency Press Play on Tape. Check out the #ClassicCars and #BeautifulPeople with #NespressoCubania – feel the flavor! Nepresso Limited Edition “Cubania” is described as: “ A bold blend of Arabicas with a specially prepared Indian Robusta…"

UK Composer Andy L’s “Hot Latino Summer” pumps up the party groove with Afro Cuban style piano, catchy brass, lively percussion and funky guitar: Hot Latino Summer

Get into the rhythm and party the night away in Nepresso’s fun video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRyDcX6IV5U

   Disaronno, Saronno, Italy
Disaronno Liqueur TV Commercial + Music by Jon Lawson
   Date Posted: Jul 21, 2014
#Disaronno, billed “The World’s Favorite Italian Liqueur,” offers a supreme mellowness. Our Milan client #Mach2Azione licensed Jon Lawson’s Sigur Ross-influenced Alt Rock cue for this charming 15-sec TV Commercial. (PS For a sweet after dinner drink, mix equal parts Disaronno, Malibu Rum, Kahlúa, and Cream on the rocks, and you’ll think you’re in heaven!) And here’s Jon’s Indie Rock track: Sign of Life


   Hering Kids, São Paulo
Hering Kids Summer 2014 - "Where the Fun Happens" + Music by Kevin M. Baumgard
   Date Posted: Aug 28, 2014
#FunVideo #FunKidsStuff from #HeringKids @Hering_Oficial… Filmed by #TroppaFilmes in #SaoPaulo, the client licensed our in-demand US Composer Kevin M. Baumgard’s rollicking, frolicking and suitably funky #IndiePop cue: Indie Pop Road Trip - 60 Sec.

Check out these cute casual togs and adorable ideas from Hering Kids: http://www.heringkids.com.br/verao/

Hey kids, let’s go exploring, see “Where the fun happens”… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIWIJ47E6Do

Robomow Surprise for Mom + Music by Sam Clunie and Carlos Rubio
   Date Posted: Aug 17, 2014
#AdorableVideo about @Robomow, created by #NadavZofi for #MamashProductionsGroup, of Tel Aviv. Check out this family on a “Secret Mission” to surprise Mom… A Robomow user on Twitter said, “The best thing that ever happened to my lawn.” The client selected two great #quirky, #magical tracks to add to the family-friendly promo:

-- Sam Clunie's dazzling Kids Orchestral cue opens the action: Adventure Island Park

-- And Carlos Rubio's heartwarming #Disneyesque music brings it home: Children's Pranks

Check it out, you may need one of these for your big backyard... https://vimeo.com/103050427

   Jurgen Otto 7, Australia
Peacock Spider 7 + Music by Graham Pagano and David Antsey
   Date Posted: Aug 19, 2014
#ViralVideo, with a MILLION views... Who knew the #PeacockSpider could be so #funny #sneaky #hilarious and #amusing??!? #JurgenOtto, our Australian adventurer who often films in the wilds near Perth, has made 11 of these films often using AudioSparx music, and licensed two tracks to show the funny courtship display of a new species not seen previously in any wildlife documentaries. His #ShortFilm of the “Peacock Spider Maratus Specious" reminds us that Nature films amaze and delight, and these quirky tracks are perfect for this wily, tiny spider that’s smaller than a fingernail… Here are Graham Pagano’s and David Antsey’s music:

- Graham Pagano’s "Fossils": Fossils

- David Antsey’s “Digeri-Dingo”: Digeri-Dingo


   Roy Rey Productions, LLC, Beverly HIlls
"Dreamers Episode 3 - Venice?" + Music by J.T. Peterson and Eddie Caldwell
   Date Posted: Aug 16, 2014
Getting to #Hollywood ain’t easy, as actress @NickiSun shows us in “#DreamersEpisode3,” a #ShortFilm about the lure of Hollywood to so many talented young actors. Created by #RoyReyProductions (“Waltzing Anna” and “City of Sadness”), in Beverly Hills, once again features AudioSparx tracks by J.T. Peterson and Eddie Caldwell: -- At 50 sec, the film opens with J.T. Peterson's heartwarming, uplifting solo piano cue: Piano Beauty

-- At 2.50 min, Eddie Caldwell’s lively #MaleVocals cue kicks in and plays to the end: California Featuring Sounds of Sulphur


GLAM - Takeout, Takeover with Nicole Miller + Music by Jeff Beers, Justin Crosby, AJ Pro Audio
   Date Posted: Aug 18, 2014
Great #Fashionista designs by @NicoleMillerNYC for @GlamMedia @ModeMedia… #NolaWeinstein @NolaBeth interviews the free-spirited Nicole over Tequila and chips. And AudioSparx was there!!! Several of our in-demand, high-energy composers’ sizzling Pop, Surf and UK Base music provides the perfect background for two divas dishing on what’s hot and what’s selling in the hot NYC design field.

Jeff Beers’ Beach Boys-inspired quirky '60s cue: Surfin' Beach City (30 Sec)

At 55 sec, Justin Crosby’s attention-grabber UK Base music: Are You H. U. M. A. N - 60 Second Version

At 1:55, AJ Pro Audio’s Pop R&B track entertains us in style: Pop R & B Music Bed 21 Seconds


   Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair -- Jessica Brown Findlay on "'Downton Abbey" + Music by John Lawrence Schick
   Date Posted: Aug 10, 2014
Lovely @VanityFair #JessicaBrownFindlay of “#DowntonAbbey” Interview and #FashionPhotoShoot. Our Milan client #Spring69 (Mulberry, Jo Malone, Alexander McQueen...) selected John Lawrence Schick’s mysterious Classical melody to back Jessica as she discusses her turbulent role in the popular British costume drama television series, shown on PBS in the US. So here’s a double treat for beauty and inspiration: Haunting Melody


   Oxelo Skateboards
Oxelo Skateboards - "Born to Explore" + Music by Johnny Azari
   Date Posted: Aug 21, 2014
#ManlySports - Great @OxeloOfficiel #OxeloSkateboards video “Pool Trasher,” created by our client @OresGroup, in Shanghi. Men of a certain age can still show off their incredible skills… The star of this vid is one very talented dude, and so is Singer/Songwriter Johnny Azari, a consummate performer who plays mostly in the states, and is no stranger to thrills -- as you will see in his gritty, laidback rocking #Blues cue: Louisiana Overdrive


   Nick Bonura Photography, Louisville, Kentucky
Joe Bonura Indy Experience at the Kentucky Speedway + Music by Amazing Music
   Date Posted: Aug 21, 2014
#ManlySports - #LouisvillePhotographer #NickBonuraPhotography loves filming people – even in live action shots! In biz since 1991, Nick’s success has allowed him to film important events in his family’s lives, and here you see his Dad, Joe Bonura, in an exciting, testosterone-fueled action video, as Joe takes an Indy 500 car for a lightning-fast run around the Kentucky Speedway race track -- speeding alongside one of World Racing Champion Mario Andretti's drivers! (Nick must have been on pins and needles!)

This colorful, fast-paced experience is captured on video, and AudioSparx composer Amazing MUsic provided the soundtrack in a a wild and edgy electric guitar rocker: UK Punk

Check out the adventure, for a true 60-sec thrill ride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zk6789ebLak

   Andres Sarda, Barcelona and Madrid
Andres Sarda Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot + Music by Chillout Tunes
   Date Posted: Jul 24, 2014
#NahumCantallopsLopez filmed @Andres_Sarda #FashionPhotoShoot in the Barcelona countryside, featuring the beautiful model Denisa Dvorakova, makeup artists, dressers, and the camera crew. A peek behind the scenes -- swimming, riding a horse, and looking beautiful in the sand dunes… In biz since 1962, Andres Sarda made technological innovations in their luxurious #Lingerie (introducing Teflon, Nylon, and Lycra) and their famous #Swimwear. With their collections sold in high-end shops in 26 countries, for this promo they feature California artist Chillout Tunes’s chic Electronic Chillout Downtempo cue: Weekend


   Vitas Clinic, Trier, Germany
"Das ist die Vitas Clinic" + Music by Carlos Estella and Nicholas Pesci
   Date Posted: Aug 8, 2014
A promo by our #Hamburg client #LindaRichter, in #German, for the #VitasClinic, in Trier, Germany. Offering a stylish ambience, the Clinic offers consultations, dentistry, and plastic surgery and beauty enhancements. The video features music by Carlos Estella and Nicholas Pesci, as follows:

-- Carlos’s light Pop-Rock, Easy-going guitar track opens and closes the promo: Joyful Moments

-- From 2.08 to 2.54 min, Nicholas’s Pop/Easy Listening track plays: Nathalie

You can visit the Clinic’s website here for more info: http://www.vitas-clinic.de/startseite/


   Sigma Aizu, Japan
Sigma Aizu, Chapter II + Music by Voytak
   Date Posted: May 7, 2014
Japanese Filmmaker #YuYamanaka recently sent me a link to the #elegant #serene “SIGMA Aizu, Chapter II,” which blends the peaceful Aizu winter and summer landscapes with the precision workmanship in the plant where SIGMA's interchangeable lenses, cameras and strobes are crafted and assembled.

Here Voytak’s delicate Classical Piano cue “Raindrops” complements the elegant simplicity of the film, using "...three pianos sounding like raindrops. Elegant and beautiful for moments of introspection, melancholy, or thinking of loves past or relationships in transition, watching a child grow and blossom, new romance.” Raindrops

SIGMA's text accompanying the video: “Our products are somehow imbued with the essence of our homeland, blessed as it is with clean air and water, and focused, hard-working people. To pursue optimal quality, the vast majority of Sigma's manufacturing right down to molds and parts - is carried out under an integrated self-manufacturing production system, within the company. We sincerely invite you to enjoy this exclusive movie embodies the craftsmanship that thrives in Aizu factory.”


   Mulberry, London
Mulberry - "Decisions, Decisions with Cara Delevingne" + Music by Joe Vercillo
   Date Posted: Jul 3, 2014
Great @CaraDelevingne promo by #Mulberry, London’s Shopping Mecca for Fashionistas around the world. A great video showing Cara and the Mulberry Design Team selecting design elements, colors, straps, and hardware to highlight her new “Cara Delevingne Collection” at Mulberry. And check out the warm music by our own Ontario Composer Joe Vercillo, with “Here I Go Again,” a Lumineers-inspired instrumental: Here I Go Again (Instrumental)

Quite the “It Girl” for Mulberry, 21-year-old Cara, a world traveler, designer and model, sports a look that is universally admired by today's young, trendy set. Go Cara! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mRELF2UypE

   House of Sillage, Carona del Mar, CA
House of Sillage Museum Video + Music by La Laque
   Date Posted: May 20, 2014
#Amor #Passion and #FrenchVocals capture @HouseOfSillage’s image of sophistication, refined luxury, and impeccable tastes -- with magical scents of perfumes with titles like Tiara, Nouez Moi, Cherry Garden, and Love Is in the Air... Represented in high end stores around the world, including Paris, we love their Nice Buyout for La Laque, whose whispery French lyrics exude luxury and mystique… Located in Newport Beach, California, fab Sillage presents this seductive video on their magnificent website here: http://www.houseofsillage.com/welcome.php

To listen to (or license) La Laque’s smoldering, erotic French whispers and full reverb, click here: Secret

For a playful experience, check out Beauty, Art and the Curious Night Guard… https://vimeo.com/94712190

   Michelle Danner, Hollywood
"The Bandit Hound" Movie Trailer + Music by Amy Elizabeth Wheeler
   Date Posted: May 29, 2014
It’s #ChristmasTime with the “#BanditHound,” directed by #MichelleDanner @ActingatEdgemar, in a heartwarming #HollywoodMovie about an adorable little dog and two cute kids. In the trailer below, Amy Elizabeth Wheeler’s “’Cause It’s Christmas Time” leaves us thinking about eggnog and mistletoe: 'Cause It's Christmas Time

Michelle Danner is a delightful new client, well known in L.A. for her theatrical productions, and for other films too. As dazzling as diamonds in the snow, here you'll see Michelle's photo and her many exciting career accomplishments: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0200403/

A warm and fuzzy winter’s tale about a sweet little pooch who gets led astray: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdfCPEaOVA8

   ABF The Soldiers Charity, London
ABF The Soldiers Charity "No Man's Land" Garden + Music by Sixteenth Moon
   Date Posted: May 10, 2014
ABF The @SoldiersCharity’s “‪‎No Mans Land‬” ‪‎Garden‬ opened in May at ‪RHS Chelsea‬ ‪‎Flower Show‬ in west London, and their sensitive, exquisite video is backed by an elegant Piano Solo by Sixteenth Moon, to highlight Designer Charlotte Rowe’s major project. Here she shares her fantastic success following 18 months of design work, and travel to find just the plants she needed, and then supervising every last detail of this incredibly beautiful masterwork garden.

Honoring her own grandfather’s bravery in serving England during two World Wars, Charlotte’s labor of love resulted in the planting of thousands of trees, plants and grasses, with a profusion of colorful, delicate flowers – a delightful, respectful display to surround an area that is sacred to many families who lost loved ones during past and present wars.

Sixteenth Moon, a collaboration between UK film composer Peter Ludlam and Charlotte Glasson, describes “A Moment in Time” as “A beautiful, reflective piano solo inspired by Arvo Part. …a feeling of calm and stillness from its simple arpeggios, and yet …full of subtle emotive power.” A Moment in Time


   SIH Southern Illinois Healthcare & The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
SIH -- Ray's Story + Music by George Pauley
   Date Posted: Sep 1, 2014
#Heartwarming 30-sec #TVCommercial about Ray from @ArthurAgency for @SIHealthcare #SouthernIllinoisHealthcare, showing how Ray developed a sudden, unexplained illness that could happen to anyone, any day… SIH licensed an uplifting, piano-based cue with unusual effects by U.S. composer and performer George Pauley: Change

George Pauley lives in Nashville, and his music has been featured on MTV, Discovery Network, E!, Oxygen, Viacom, HGTV, NBA, to name a few. Click over to check out his 70+ cues and 23 songs, covering Indie Rock, Pop, Dramatic, Classical, Commercial, and Orchestral genres: http://www.audiosparx.com/GeorgePauley


   SIH Southern Illinois Healthcare & The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
SIH -- Justin's Story + Music by Dan Phillipson
   Date Posted: Sep 13, 2014
#Heartwarming 30-sec #TVCommercial about Justin from @ArthurAgency for @SIHealthcare #SouthernIllinoisHealthcare, showing how Justin slimmed down from 600 lbs. and got his life back on track. Working with Herrin Hospital’s “#NewLifeWeightLossCenter,” one cheers for Justin’s success! SIH licensed Dan Phillipson’s gentle, uplifting underscore for Justin’s story: Come Away (Underscore Version)

Located in Herrin, Illinois, here’s the link to the group that helped Justin, with links to testimonials, seminars, and support groups: http://newlifeweightlosscenter.com/


   Engine 7 Media, Denver and Los Angeles
Colorado Venture Summit + Music by A-P-M Productions
   Date Posted: Jul 31, 2014
#ColoradoVentureSummit is a great promo touting various industries, tech companies, start-ups, and innovators who are doing a bang-up biz in Colorado. Gorgeous shots of the Rocky Mountains, ski slopes, internet cafes, networking, and more. Created by our client Engine 7 Media, they licensed A-P-M Productions' friendly, inspiring Indie Rock guitars and Orchestral strings: Positive Action Underscore


GLAM - Fearless Founders: Meet Catalina Girald of Naja + Music by Tom Hajduk and DJ Shands
   Date Posted: Aug 9, 2014
#SexyStartups: #GLAM @glam_com @ModeMedia interviews #CatalinaGirald of @Naja @UnaCatalina – and “Lick,” “Red Light District,” and “Kyoto After Dark” are best sellers in her new #SexyLingerie company. We love her motto on Twitter: “Changing the world, one panty at a time.” Both stylish and sassy, Naja’s business concepts and fabric designs are game-changers. Nola Weinstein, GLAM’s Editor-in-Chief, visits Catalina in San Francisco, and two AudioSparx tracks back the promo.

-- Tom Hajduk’s Dance Pop Party Music cue sets the scene: Happy Dance

-- And DJ Shands’ sizzling Dance Pop track rocks it to the close… Heartattack


GLAM - Haute Headwear at NYFW Style Scoop + Music by Dan Gautreau
   Date Posted: Aug 18, 2014
GLAM -- Girl Power! Another Dan Gautreau cue wowed GLAM and they licensed it for their #NYC "Haute Headware" vid. Described as "wild pumping... electronica beat and energetic synthesizers..." this captures New York City's energy perfectly: TV Intense


   Mulberry, London
Mulberry Tea Time with Wedgwood + Music by Ross Milligan
   Date Posted: Jun 14, 2014
‪‎Amazing Video‬ by @Mulberry_Editor as we watch @Wedgwood fashion their famous ‪‎Dolls House‬ ‪#‎MulberryTeacups‬ and Saucers for Mulberry’s Spring Summer 2014 Collection. Check out the iconic colors and style, long favored by lovers of Wedgwood’s tableware and lifestyle brand!!! The film features a charming, breezy cue by Ross Milligan “Chips - The Clapping Song.” Chips - the Clapping Song


   Novo Banco, Lisbon, Portugal
Novo Banco TV Commercial + Music by Somnium
   Date Posted: Aug 7, 2014
#Warm, #Inviting #NovoBanco #TVCommercial in #Portuguese… Our #CapeVerde client #ACI Agência Caboverdiana de Imagens may translate our website in real time when shopping for music at AudioSparx. If so, here’s what the description of Somnium’s Acoustic Guitar Indie/Folk track would look like: “A pista mellow indie pop / folk acústico com um violão nylon cordas como instrumento principal, com um bumbo quatro-on-the-chão e piano e - muito apropriado como o fundo para publicidade / anúncios publicitários, ou uma animação ou apresentação corporativa para a web ou uso interno.”

As you play Somnium’s uplifting cue, you can read his description in English, or using the "Select Language" dropdown at the top of our site, you can translate it into Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, or 50 other languages - Yea! Indie Acoustic Advertising - No Bells


"The Awakened" Movie Trailer + Music by Music Candy
   Date Posted: Jun 14, 2014
#FreakyStuff happens in “#Contamination,” narrated by @TroyDuran @Audibe_com, written by #TWPiperbrook, while Steve E. Williams’ Zimmer-inspired “The Dark Rises” creates a booming, pulsating cue that enhances the story’s apocalyptic suspense: The Dark Rises - Full

Wow, what if someone (or some Thing?) infected your food and water supplies on purpose with a DEADLY virus??!!!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB-AB-dTpMA

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