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Our clients at AudioSparx.com continue to find amazing and creative ways to use the world-class music they find here. This includes in commercial advertising, travel promos, sizzle reels, photo shoots, feature-length motion pictures, short films, trailers and much more. Check out the great videos below and, if desired, you can also immediately license any of the tracks used in any of these videos!

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BioMediTech + Music by Franco Barroso
   Date Posted: Jun 30, 2015
Need a new body part, or want to discover a potential health problem long before it happens? At Finland's ‪‎BioMeditech‬, over 250 scientists are conducting vital stem cell research that is turning ‪Science Fiction‬ into reality, creating new diagnostic and treatment methods that will change lives!

Creative Gorilla Oy licensed Composer Franco Barroso's "Coldplay Magic" to capture the innovative and hopeful spirit of their client's work. Featuring piano, bass, drums, and subtle ooh vocals, this Coldplay Sound-Alike starts out softly then builds to an inspiring finish, perfect for projects that need a happy, positive, motivational, or triumphant lift: Coldplay Magic

Do you believe in Miracles? Watch the amazing transformation that occurs in this video...and You Will!


   Brainwell, Burlingame, CA
Brainwell for Android Devices + Music by Nicholas Pesci
   Date Posted: Jun 26, 2015
Got ‪Memory Problems‬? Check out the Brainwell personal brain trainer on @Android devices to see how they can help IMPROVE way more than just your memory. Click to their website link to check out 50 #ScientificGames that'll help boost your critical thinking, with links to buy Brainwell's educational app: http://www.brainwell.com/

And congratulations to Nicholas Pesci for a Nice Buyout for his 30-sec version of “Feeling Happy,” which perks up any client’s commercial or promo, and always brings smiles: Feeling Happy 30sec


   Thomson Holidays, UK
Jade Jagger "Kaftans" + Music by Jacco Willems
   Date Posted: Jun 19, 2015
Check out this beautiful Fashion Film -- ‪Ibiza‬ Breezes + ‪Sizzling Kaftan Collection,‬ by ‪‎Jade Jagger‬ for Thomson Holidays' sumptuous new ‪Sensatori Resort Ibiza. Ms. Jagger, famous designer offspring of famous parents ‪Mick Jagger‬ and ‪‎Bianca Jagger‬, also designed a tranquil outdoor Wellbeing Space for the hotel, where guests can unwind and let go of the world's cares in style. As a great Travel Promo, for a limited time, Sensatori Resort guests will receive a glamorous Kaftan as a Welcome Gift, or you can order them online at this link: http://smile.thomson.co.uk/article/kaftans

Our ‪‎London‬ client LoveHate Productions chose Jacco Willems' “Evening Breeze (Chill Out)," for its mellow vibe and beautiful piano arpeggios, smooth, soft pads, and synthesizer – a terrific track for corporate branding, hotels, spas, travel films, etc.: Evening Breeze (Chill Out Mix)

And click here to read about Jade Jagger's life story, along with the recent Sensatori Ibiza Kaftan launch party, here in The Daily Mail, where the video playing Jacco Willems' score is also featured: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-3107374/Rolling-Stone-Mick-Jagger-s-daughter-Jade-Jagger-m-grandmother-having-baby-hasn-t-feel-21-again.html

Enjoy the shimmering gemstone colors of Jade Jagger's beautiful designs, inspired by the new Sensatori Resort Ibiza. Stunning!


   Novelle, Dobrodzień, Poland
Novelle + Music by David Gustafson
   Date Posted: Jun 25, 2015
More than just a little extravagant, ‪‎chic‬ ‪designer furniture‬ and interiors from Poland's Novelle - Home Couture are unconventional, fashionable, and unique. Novelle takes pride in providing its customers with exciting interiors that combine the best of traditional craftsmanship with the latest shapes, textures and colors. This sophisticated video, with its timeless, cinematic look, beautifully captures the stylish essence of Novelle.

Based in Poland, One Media Group licensed Composer David Gustafson’s elegant and jazzy "Then and Now" to set the perfect mellow mood. Featuring piano, bass, drums, and a smooth-as-silk male vocal that's reminiscent of Michael Bublé, this Smooth Jazz track is just right for romantic and introspective moments, with a touch of nostalgia: Then and Now

We think you'll appreciate the fascinating, beautiful, and slightly rebellious look of Novelle - Home Couture -- Far From Ordinary!


   Nu-Vita Skin Science, Gilbert, AZ
Nu-Vita Skin Science Commercial + Music by Adrian Sood
   Date Posted: Jun 28, 2015
Launching a new ‪Skincare‬ line, ‪‎Arizona‬’s Nu-Vita Skin Science pokes fun in a ‪cute commercial‬ featuring AudioSparx Composer Adrian Sood’s catchy, equally cute “Hello.”

Coming to us from Ireland, Adrian Sood's Pop tune will perk up promos for the multi-billion-dollar beauty industry, branding campaigns, or Fortune 500 entrepreneurial corporate videos. Take a test drive as you explore skin perfection and a charming, youthful glow: Hello

For more details about Nu-Vita Skin products, please click over to their website: http://www.nuvitaskinscience.com/


   The Base by LB, Encino, CA,
Behind the Scenes with Lara Bingle for The Base + Music by Kenton Gilchrist
   Date Posted: Jun 27, 2015
So HOT! Lara Bingle, an Australian fashion model, entrepreneur and television personality, teamed with renowned Italian photographer Dario Catellani to create a behind-the-scenes video that shows how to achieve Ms. Bingle's glowing, natural look with The Base, her own collection of natural bronzing and tanning products. Filmed in black and white, with a touch of soft-focus, the video captures the excitement of a glamorous high-end fashion shoot, just right for her fabulous products.

Canadian Composer Kenton Gilchrist's "Groovy Hip Hop or Electronic Bed in the Style of Fatboy Slim" brings the right amount of hip-and-gritty swagger to this video. This track is perfect for projects that are sophisticated, urban, modern, or high-style: Groovy Hip Hop Or Electronic Bed Like Fatboy Slim

Ms Bingle is said to be married to actor Sam Worthington (Avatar and Call of Duty). You can read more about the couple, The Base, and the making of the video here, in the Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3138376/Lara-Bingle-works-night-expand-bronzing-range-Base-amid-plans-open-shop-Under.html

The Base by Lara Bingle is available exclusively online, at this link: http://www.thebase.me

Take a quick, behind-the-scenes, look into the fast-paced and uber stylish world of a supermodel, and super entrepreneur!


   JanSport, São Paulo, Brazil
LiveOutside São Paulo 2015, Episode 5 + Music by Javier Pitera
   Date Posted: Jun 27, 2015
Fun Graffiti Video from São Paulo, in Episode 5 of #LiveOutside2015, created by JanSport, whose Backpacks and Accessories are rocking #Brazil’s millennials! And Marina and Marcel of Instagrafite make an appearance, too, raving about the colors in the artists' murals!

To celebrate the colors, tats, and graffiti mural event in #VilaMadalena, Teak Digital, of San Francisco, licensed Spanish Composer Javier Pitera’s California Surf Rock sound, titled “The Last Wave.” Pulsating electric guitar, electric bass guitar, and drums create the perfect attitude for projects about girls in bikinis, the hot summer sand and boardwalks, surfboards, and bright sunny beaches: The Last Wave

Check out the Rock Star treatment afforded to these colorful São Paulo artists, whose JanSport backpacks may be filled with a few cans of Spray Paint…


   JanSport, São Paulo, Brazil
LiveOutside São Paulo, Episode 2 + Music by Alessandro D'Aloia
   Date Posted: Jun 27, 2015
HOT VIDEO ‪features ‎Sao Paulo kids ‎skate boarding‬ while sporting cool ‎tattoos‬ and an artistic attitude -- the essence of ‪#‎LifeUnzipped‬ from JanSport, the original ‪Backpack‬ company that's always spreading its wings in hot new designs. Experience ‪‎Brazil‬'s youth culture through the eyes of Sao Paulo's young ‪‎trendsetters‬, including the colorful ‪#‎Graffiti‬ of its ‪#‎StreetArtists‬.

At night, skateboards and street art give way to the city's pulsating club scene and ‪#‎Samba‬ ‪#‎Batucata‬! Starting at the 1:45 min. mark, Alessandro D’Aloia’s “Rio J (Samba Batucata)” shifts the action into high gear with a Brazilian percussion ensemble perfect for hot Brazilian street festivals and parties: http://www.audiosparx.com/…/Lat…/Rio-J-Samba-Batucata/413630

Get your Carnival attitude in full gear to enjoy the vibrant rhythms of Sao Paulo, and to share in the excitement of ‪#‎LiveOutside2015‬!


   Tavarua Island, Nadi, Fiji
Tavarua Island Resort, 15-Sec Spot + Music by Rewasese Entertainment Group
   Date Posted: Jun 28, 2015
Why aren’t we surfing, swimming, and gettin’ massages in Fiji, enjoying an island paradise and sandy beaches for miles, all at the exotic, relaxing Tavarua Island Resort? Well, it's not too late to GRAB a BIKINI and GO…

Exciting, authentic island music comes to us from Fiji via Rewasese Entertainment Group, offering up traditional Fiji Island meke music, with distinctive drumming and mixed vocal a cappella choirs. Why not take a listen as you pack a bag and call your travel agent? Sa Varoro


   Tavarua Island, Nadi, Fiji
Tavarua Island Resort, 15-Sec Spot + Music by Nawaka Entertainment Group
   Date Posted: Jun 8, 2015
Discover the ‪hidden paradise‬ that is Tavarua Island Resort, one of the best-kept secrets of Tourism Fiji – 29 heart-shaped acres in the Pacific Ocean. With seven world-class surfing breaks and pristine ‪beaches‬, Tavarua Island is a "must go to" destination for ‪professional surfers‬ and sun worshipers alike. The full-service resort also offers sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and many more fun activities.

“Bula” from Nawaka Entertainment Group provides an authentic soundtrack featuring group vocals of Polynesian natives, combined with indigenous percussion, creating a lively and fun atmosphere, ideal for projects set in an island paradise, travel-related infomercials, or any other project needing a tropical touch: Bula

Just look at the gorgeous surroundings and wild waves of this tiny Pacific Shangri-La! Tavarua Island -- The perfect place to get way from it all!


Dudes and Weddings | MODE + Music by KLM Music
   Date Posted: Jun 23, 2015
‪Funny‬ VIDEO: No doubt, for ‪June Brides‬ this month is a BIG one! Everybody wants a ‪Fairytale‬ ‪Wedding‬, right? Well, Maybe Not! Mode Media's (formerly ‪#‎Glam‬ Media) @modestories "‪Man-On-The-Street‬" interviews reveal that the "Dudes" have a somewhat different perspective...

Our client chose KLM Music’s “Funny Positive," a quirky, upbeat, Pop track, to capture the lighthearted spirit of these guys letting out their Inner Dude. Featuring piano, strings, and synth, this fun track is great for projects that need an off-the-wall, humorous, and cheerful vibe: Funny Positive

Check out the "manly" attitudes these guys have about weddings...Boys will be Boys!


   Midwest Hunting & Fishing Magazine, Sioux Falls, SD
Midwest Hunting & Fishing Magazine Commercial 2015 + Music by Pierre Langer
   Date Posted: Jun 24, 2015
VIDEO ‪TVC‬: If you like ‪Hunting‬ and ‪Fishing‬, there are four things that you need to know: Where, What, When, and How. Dakota/Midwest Hunting & Fishing Magazine has long been the go-to travel guide for sportsmen in the US Midwest. Now, sportsmen everywhere can plan their next adventure, and access Midwest Hunting & Fishing Magazine's entertaining, educational, and informative content online!

BN Outdoors chose Pierre Langer’s “Rain or Shine,” featuring a relaxed, down-home, acoustic guitar that has Country/Folk/Americana roots to provide the perfect underscore. It’s wholesome, feel-good, soothing mood is ideal for nature projects, outdoor family get-togethers, and vacations: Rain Or Shine

Let Midwest Hunting & Fishing Magazine be your guide to the ‪#‎GreatOutdoors‬. Now Online, and in Print!


   Dubai Cares, Dubai, UAE
How to Make a Boat From a Flip-Flop + Music by Andy L
   Date Posted: Jun 22, 2015
VIDEO ‪‎PSA‬ ‪Charity‬ -- Dubai Cares is a ‪Non-Profit‬ ‪Philanthropic‬ Organization whose mission is to provide ‪Children‬ in ‪‎Developing Countries‬ with access to quality primary education. In this short video, an engaging ‪Tanzanian‬ Boy teaches us how to make a ‪Sailboat‬ from a ‪Flip-Flop‬!

Our client Muddville Post and Production chose UK-based Composer Andy L’s “Africana” to infuse Dubai Cares' message with an earthy, hopeful, and uplifting spirit. Featuring rhythmic percussion, indigenous flutes, and a background choir, this track is terrific for travel, safari, and adventurous jungle scenes, as well as nature documentaries: Africana (Main Track Edit)

These children can do so much with so little. Imagine what they could do if we help them learn to read!


   First Insurance Company of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
"Bubbles" TV Commercial for First Insurance Company of Hawaii + Music by Nicolas Pesci
   Date Posted: Jun 20, 2015
VIDEO TVC Hawaii -- Honolulu Ad Agency MVNP​ created "Bubbles" for First Insurance Company of Hawaii​. This clever Commercial is both cute, and original, with an unexpected twist. Nicolas Pesci’s “Carefree Moments” sets a cheerful mood for those easy-going times with piano, guitar, drums, finger snaps, and pleasant background ooh vocals. This track is terrific for corporate messaging, family scenes, and other lighthearted projects: Carefree Moments

Even in paradise, life’s little surprises can burst your bubble... Be Prepared!


   Robert Kupisz, Warsaw
Gangsta Summer 2016 + Music by Gordon Nance
   Date Posted: Jun 20, 2015
Quickie #ClubBanger #TVC features #PolishDesigner #RobertKupisz’s “#Gangsta Summer 2016.” Hip, cool and shocking, Robert’s kick-ass urban style is perfect for the dark rager scene, where skin, black leather, bedhead hair, and his signature "Gold Lion" chains are de rigueur. Here’s Robert’s website, where you can order his bangin’ gear, and check out a few weirder, noir videos, with lithe bodies dancing in avant garde styles… https://robertkupisz.com/pl

Robert started biz making his own street-smart fashions, and soon his friends begged him to make some hot-bod designs for them, too! And now, with 32,000 raving Facebook fans, he's a slick, clever designer with a pulse on the hot 18-24 Age Demographic. That age group are 42 million-strong on Facebook, making up almost 24% of their user base.

Robert's past collections have had names like “Anarchy Summer” and “Iron Winter,” and have used AudioSparx composers' music, too. Since this is his fifth video with us, we’ll share this rad, artsy behind-the-scenes video from last winter: http://www.audiosparx.com/sa/module/socialmedia/socvid/videos/detail.cfm/socvid_iid.1080

For several 15-sec TV Commercials, ad agency client Art Works Sp. z o.o. needed cool Hip Hop beats to match the underground tones of the films, so they licensed US hipster Gordon Nance’s “Let’s Get Drunk.” This sharp cue, layered with funky, melodic club-banger LMFAO-style beats, is perfect for energy-infused projects with sexy bodies and a four-letter-word party ‘tude: Lets Get Drunk (Clean)

But waaait, there's more: Here VU Mag interviewing Robert and his guests, designers, and models at his June 2015 Gangsta Fashion show: http://onet.tv/l/vumag/robert-kupisz-kolekcja-gangsta-na-lato-2016/wk4p3b

QUICK NOTE: With hot models on the catwalk, everything flies by so fast in the above TV Commercial, you may have to STOP the vid to see the design details! The fun never ends…


   Cloudability, Portland, OR
Working at Cloudability + Music by David Flavin
   Date Posted: Jun 18, 2015
EMPLOYMENT‬ VIDEO: Looking for a job in the ‪‎HOT‬ ‪High-Tech‬ Hub of ‪Portland‬? Cloudability offers opportunities for interesting and challenging work in the field of "Cloud Cost Management." If you have ‪IT‬ skills and want to work in a ‪Way Cool‬ environment, this leading edge company is ‪Growing‬ and ‪‎Hiring‬!

David Flavin’s “Sunshine All Day” provides this Recruitment Video with an uplifting accompaniment featuring ukulele, glockenspiel, piano, hand claps, and bells -- perfect music for projects with an upbeat and positive vibe, created especially for advertising and corporate messaging: Sunshine All Day 30

Be a part of the burgeoning tech scene in the gorgeous city of Portland at Cloudability -- Where the Future Is!


   Primanti Bros., Pittsburgh, PA
Ace Miller Productions Presents: Primanti Bros. Culture and Growth + Music by Chris Hodges and Felipe Adorno Vassao
   Date Posted: Jun 18, 2015
FUN ‪FOODIE‬ VIDEO: A ‪Pittsburgh‬ Institution for 80 years, Primanti Bros. puts a ton of ‪Personality‬ into their ‪‎Signature‬ ‪Sandwiches: the Meat of your choice, Provolone Cheese, Crispy ‪French Fries‬, ‪‎Sweet and Sour ‬‪Coleslaw‬, plus a Tomato Slice, piled-high, and served together on soft ‪Italian‬ Bread. Whew! Unique people, Unique food, with a Touch of Sass, are all part of the Primanti Experience that has expanded to 20 locations in two states!

Colorado-based Ace Miller Productions used two tracks with as much attitude as Primanti Bros. Both supply a generous amount of swagger, courtesy of energetic, driving guitars, drums, and bass.

1) Chris Hodges' Indie/Alternative Rock track “Mudface" lets you cut loose and get a little reckless with its gritty guitars, solid drums, and defiant bass hook, that'll grab you in the gut! Sink your teeth into this: Mudface

2) Felipe Adorno Vassao's "Hot Rod" has a Retro Classic Rock vibe, featuring infectious guitar riffs, kickin' drums, and a cowbell keepin' time, that'll have you screaming "Let the Good Times Roll!": Hot Rod (60-Secs Version)

A Sassy Rock and Roll Attitude with a Side of Fun is always on tap at Primanti Bros. Discover why Pittsburgh is passionate about Primanti Bros.!!!


   Roman Teufel, Aichhalden, Germany
Fisherman's Dream + Music by Stefan Bode, FilmMusic Group, Igge Scoce, Toby Tune, and Guido Negraszus
   Date Posted: Jun 16, 2015
Maldives Underwater Film “Fisherman's Dream,” by Roman Teufel and Conny Teufel of RTV Studio, is a Filmmaker's Dream! Filmed on location in the Coral Gardens of the Maldive Atolls in the Indian Ocean, this beautiful film is a Fantasy and a Ballet between a fisherman and a lovely mermaid, set against a backdrop of breathtakingly colorful ocean life. The deep sea beauty of flora and fauna is Jacques Cousteau-worthy... The filmmakers licensed six AudioSparx tracks to create the soundtrack for their film -– telling the story exclusively through amazing cinematography and music.

Stefan Bode's “Soul of Reggae,” with its island feel and easy-going guitar, opens the film and plays again at the closing: Soul of Reggae

At 3:33, FilmMusic Group's “Vangelis Sound-Alike" creates a mysterious and magical orchestral mood reminiscent of the theme music from “Blade Runner”: Vangelis Sound-Alike

At 6:30, Igge Scoce's “Aftermath – Underscore” evokes a magical feeling as we watch the fisherman, the mermaid, and some of the most beautiful fish to be found anywhere in a colorful ballet right in the midst of the story: Aftermath - Underscore

At 9:25, Toby Tune's “Glassahol” reminds us of the style of masterful film composer Phillip Glass: Glassahol

At 10:49, FilmMusic Group's “Peaceful Journey” offers ambient and mysterious vocal sounds of the deep, for a harmonious and relaxing musical atmosphere: Peaceful Journey

At 13:05, Guido Negraszus' “Forest of Dreams – Magic at Rivendell” features gentle female whispers, woodwinds, strings, brass, and wind sounds fit for this deep sea adventure: Forest of Dreams - Magic at Rivendell

At 16:09, Stefan Bode's “Soul of Reggae” returns to carry us through the end titles...

As a side note for underwater filming, this track, "Underwater Ambience," created by Soundtrack Tools & SFX, plays often in the above film: Underwater Ambience

A prolific traveler and filmmaker who often uses AudioSparx composers’ music, you can see behind-the-scenes photos and other videos online here about Africa and Myanmar: http://www.rtv-studio.de/shop/shop.html

Or, if you’d like to acquire the full 35-min 3D Blu-ray “Fisherman’s Dream” or other films, you can write Mr. Teufel directly at RTV-Studio@t-online.de

​Sit back, relax, and ​enjoy​ ​​some Amazing Underwater Cinematography that will Leave You Dreaming!


   ClaudiaRestaurant.com, Chicago
Claudia Restaurant + Music by Louise Heaney
   Date Posted: Mar 5, 2015
Attn. Chicago Foodies: Better grab a ticket for Friday, July 26, 2015, for the 4:30PM or 8:00PM seating! Pop-Up Restaurants are all the RAGE -- so make a quick call to Claudia Restaurant, a very popular Chicago supper club, to reserve a couple of tickets for their exciting Summer Tasting Menu... These monthly feasts are becoming a "must" for Claudia's clientele who enjoy dining on adventurous cuisine!

This gorgeous foodie video was filmed by Christian Seel Media @Xtianseel for @ClaudiaRestChi, Chicago’s latest entry into the Pop-Up World, with Chef Trevor Teich @Trevitron’s fab 9-Course Winter’s End Exquisite Tasting Menu… An award-winning still photographer and cinematographer, Christian Seel’s videos have been viewed almost 3 million times, and from his website we learn that in addition to having an Associate Degree from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, working as a professional chef, "he worked in the world-renowned restaurants, Daniel (NYC), The Fat Duck (UK) and Alinea Restaurant in Chicago.” Definitely a man with a passion for food, art AND photography!

Irish Composer Louise Heaney’s “KudosQuartet” is a lush fusion of Hip Hop beats, pizzicato, and full strings – a sophisticated, fun track that’s perfect for projects that are both classy and chic: Kudos Quartet

Simply tantalizingly and tasty culinary masterpieces, filmed for Claudia Restaurant’s monthly “Tasting” event with Chef Trevor Teich…


   Think Jerky, Chicago, IL
Think Jerky - Kickstarter Video + Music by Nicholas Pesci
   Date Posted: Jun 16, 2015
VIDEO for Health Conscious Jerky Lovers: Think Jerky Kickstarter Campaign, "Chef-driven" flavors ​created by Famous Chefs who offer up a whole new, Healthier​ game for Jerky, including new and unusual flavors, like Honey, Orange Peel, and Chipotle, plus one that hints of Thanksgiving! Using high-quality beef and turkey, and a state-of-the-art, USDA-approved facility – it could be a BIG WINNER!

Our Chicago client, award-winning chef, photographer, and filmmaker Christian Seel Media, licensed our Number 1 Top Seller, German-based Nicholas Pesci’s “Aerodynamics,” a cool Corporate U2- and Coldplay-style Underscore, that’s sold a gazillion times: Aerodynamics

FYI, they need $18,000 to kick off their “Think Jerky” product offering, and they’re already halfway there – Yippee! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1406036146/think-jerky-chef-crafted-healthy-delicious-jerky

View full screen to see this Yummy and Healthy new idea for Foodies and FoodieLovers. Think Before You Eat – Think Jerky!

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