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Our clients at AudioSparx.com continue to find amazing and creative ways to use the world-class music they find here. This includes in commercial advertising, travel promos, sizzle reels, photo shoots, feature-length motion pictures, short films, trailers and much more. Check out the great videos below and, if desired, you can also immediately license any of the tracks used in any of these videos!

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   Centro Ki Kai, Madrid
Shiatsu Ki Kai + Music by Nigel Male and Joe Pignato
   Date Posted: Dec 17, 2014
Fascinating #Japanese #ShiatsuMassage @ShiatsuKiKai in Madrid with two AudioSparx tracks, in #Spanish… #PedroPerezJimenez’s video shows how to melt away stress with the ancient Japanese healing art of Shiatsu while therapist instructor Julio Ortiz Achar shows how it benefits folks of any age…

--Nigel Male’s “Osaka Blues” plays at the beginning and end of the video, featuring the dramatic 3-stringed Shamisen, koto, flute, and taiko drums: Osaka Blues

--Joe Pignato’s “Into the Rising Sun” helps lower your stress level, with a bluesy Shamsien percussion riff so perfect for relaxation, spas, hotels, and Japanese vacation spots: Into the Rising Sun

Holiday stress got you down? This video, in Spanish, shows how Shiatsu is good for the body and the mind…


GLAM - Holiday Gift Ideas for Glam Girls | Style Squad + Music by Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi, Alec Makinson, Norman Wille, Tunes Are Me
   Date Posted: Dec 17, 2014
Only 7 #DaysTillChristmas and @Glam_com shows #Fashionista #GiftIdeas from @SearsStyle, with four #AudioSparx #ChristmasMusic tracks – GREAT solutions for last-minute shoppers! Feast your eyes on the Style Squad and be inspired – from warm ponchos to stylish pantsuits and more… --Starting out with Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi’s energetic, modern electronic version of “Deck the Halls”: Deck the Halls - Electronic --At 14 sec, Alec Makinson’s lively uptempo bells, synth, and drum kit kicks in: Festive Good Time (60sec Main) --At 44 sec, Norman Wille’s “X-Mash” is a fresh Christmas track with a mix of traditional bells and strings, and the beat of electronic instruments: X-Mash --Finally at 1.40 min, “Santa Wishes” from Tunes Are Me wraps up the presentation with a catchy orchestral chimes, Christmas bells, and Santa’s sleigh bells: Santa Wishes

Way to go SEARS! They have 144,000 “Followers” on Twitter... You'll enjoy their latest, hottest gift ideas for Glam Girls all around the Globe, "at prices that won't break the bank"...


   HitFilm.com, Norwich, UK
HitFilm 3 Pro Trailer + Music by Felipe Adorno Vassao
   Date Posted: Dec 16, 2014
For your next #ActionMovie or #SlickCommercial, #HitFilm3Pro software @FXhomeHitFilm has you covered! HitFilm just announced their new “… fast, non-linear editor with easily accessible tools and unique, integrated 3D compositing” that's super great for post-production...

And Felipe Adorno Vassao’s kickass James Bond Action cue brings the hype: The Crystal Mayhem

Check out all the cool digital effects you can create with HitFilm3Pro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHQhrOCJ3Ys

   Alan Gordon, Juneau
Aperture of Ice Official Trailer + Music by Guido Negraszus
   Date Posted: Dec 15, 2014
Into the wilds of the #Juneau Icefields, Avalanche Forecaster @TheAlanGordon tracks climate change and the rapid loss of ice glaciers due to rising sea levels around the world. Working with ski guide and researcher Jamie Pierce, their findings have global implications that affect Alaska and its coastal mountain ranges. Filmed in a freezing sub-arctic climate, this film offers a pristine setting most of us will never get to see in person.

To heighten the beauty, Alan licensed Guido Negraszus’ orchestral cue with rousing percussion and ostinato patterns, much like the style of Hans Zimmer. Click here for creative inspiration from one of Guido’s best-selling tracks: Epic Trailer 3

Turn the volume way up and view full screen for the latest view of what’s happening in Alaska... http://vimeo.com/112983883

   Dcore.com, Seychelles
Team Dcore Christian Egner + Music by Tempero
   Date Posted: Dec 15, 2014
Dude, where’d you get #ThoseAbs? @DcoreCom’s #IFBB #FitnessPro Christian Egner #PumpsIron like crazy! With #AudioSparx #RockMusic, you may get the urge to pump some weights yourself! Christian’s from Norway and plans on competing in several championship events.

Meanwhile, Tempero’s pounding #CrystalMethod-style music -- aptly titled “Kick Ass,” blasts it way into your memory – but check it out yourself! Kick Ass

Coming to us from vivid Brazil, Tempero joined AudioSparx in 2008, with 340 tracks in 30 genres, ranging from Hip Hop to Action, and Orchestral to Chillout. Feel like a musical adventure? AudioSparx's Tempero has you covered -- right here! http://www.audiosparx.com/tempero

Okay, all set to sizzle with Dcore champ Christian Egner? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2qtEPsiQF4

   Colmar Originals, Milan
Colmar Club Der Visionnaires FW 2014/15 - Backstage + Music by Franco Barroso
   Date Posted: Dec 11, 2014
Paolo @santambrogio’s #FashionFilm for @ColmarOriginals #ClubDerVisionnaires Collection is ultra-creative! Black and white footage becomes the backdrop for Colmar’s Fall - Winter 2014/2015 Collection, with handsome guys and gals modeling fur-lined ski jackets, trendy hoodie, and more. Buenos Aires composer, producer and performer Franco Barroso’s “Coldplay Magic” offers a laidback track perfect for Colmar’s behind the scenes video: Coldplay Magic

For other film shots of Colmar’s latest collection, check out their slick website: http://www.colmaroriginals.it/it-it/manifesto/

Ejoy Paolo’s imaginative theme of classic film history, which includes artsy back alleys and railroad tracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEPei4OT5vQ

   Dryzon.com, São Paulo
Dryzun's Legend Collection + Music by Satin Doll Trio
   Date Posted: Dec 13, 2014
1930’s Opulence featured in Brazil’s Harper's Bazaar BR @BazaarBR, a sensuous beauty models #Dryzun’s Legend Collection. @AdorniFilms created an elegant, and exquisite #FashionFilm for Dryzun Jewelers, of São Paulo, with over 38,000 fans on Facebook…

The jazzy, saucy female vocals of Satin Doll Trio’s “When I Take My Sugar to Tea” provides an earlier-era nostalgia and romance that makes the video even more appealing: When I Take My Sugar to Tea

The video below also plays on the client’s luxurious website, highlighting the iconic song written in 1931 by Irving Kahal, Sammy Fain, and Pierre Norman. Here’s a Wiki link about Kahal's music, much of it now in the Public Domain awaiting new, contemporary arrangements by clever composers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irving_Kahal

In a busy city of 11 million, this is the jewelry chic #Paulista gals would wear for dinner at the Terraco Italia or a night of wildness at the Provocateur Club: http://vimeo.com/112693093

   Jeban.com, Bangkok + Marie Claire Thailand
Scarf Me If You Can | Marie Claire Thailand + Music by Mo 2.0
   Date Posted: Dec 12, 2014
Thailand’s @JebanOfficial #FashionFilm for @MarieClaire_TH with AudioSparx's cool #PopMusic. Created by Friend Production of Bangkok, this video was created for the December issue of Marie Claire Thailand’s Beauty Check Column.

UK band Mo 2.0’s “On the Dance Floor” provides a catchy, youthful, vibrant modern dance song with lyrics about watching a beautiful girl dancing:On the Dance Floor

Check out these cool scarf tips for the holidays, and WOW, we think the BLUE lipstick is hot, hot, hot...


   Vuvey E.U., Vienna
Vuvey Demo Reel + Music by Ramazan Yuksel
   Date Posted: Dec 12, 2014
Delightful #SizzleReel from new client Vienna Ad Agency Vuvey, whose CGI and Motion Graphics sparkle! Look closely and you’ll see Green Screen and a few other behind the scenes video production techniques. For their demo reel, they chose Ramazan Yuksel’s #HeroMusic -- a terrific orchestral track “The Legend,” starts out with a melodic and beautiful staccato viola strings ensemble, then builds to an epic ending with brass, choir and drums: The Legend (Dramatic Epic Trailer Music)

Enjoy an up-close view of Vuvey’s cool expertise and a few tricks that go into making Films, TV shows and Commercials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kHgXp98jBM

   Corfu Imperial
Luxury Hotel in Corfu Island, Corfu Imperial Best 5* Hotel + Music by Andrea Ravizza
   Date Posted: Nov 23, 2014
Enjoy a gorgeous @Grecotel #RomanticVacation in #Corfu Island at a luxurious #5StarHotel in the #GreekIslands. Corfu Imperial sets the standard in luxury accommodation, another magical resort destination owned by the renowned Grecotel. To back this delicious video with breathtaking aerial views of this island paradise, Andrea Ravizza’s “Italian Style” with its brass, woodwinds, and rhythm section, ofers a melodic track that works beautifully for Greek and Italian scenes and characters: Italian Style

As charming as a Fellini movie, experience the impeccable beachfront villas, pristine waters and lush scenery of Grecotel’s Cortu Imperial resort: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcQ8_OvaFco

GLAM - How to Dress from Desk to Drinks | Style Squad + Music by Konstantinos Panagiotidis, Serge Ozeryan, Rudy Pusateri, J Osada
   Date Posted: Dec 9, 2014
RT #SexyFashion Tips: @GLAM_com raves about #LeatherPants and #KillerHeels for #DateNight or after-work drinks… To your office attire, you can work magic with flashy belts, faux fur jackets, and much more… These four Lucky Composers are featured in Glam’s Style Squad vid:

Kicking off the action is Konstantinos Panagiotidis’s lively Dance track: Lazer Fighters (60 Secs)

At 15 sec, Ukranian artist Serge Ozeryan’s bangin’ hot music takes it up a notch: Go Dancing

Man-about-town Italian composer Rudy Pusateri brings a cool Pop SynthPop track at 1.44 min: Waterfalls - Full Track

At 2.23 hip composer J Osada drives us home with his Fashion House music: Daft Robot (French House)


   Hiestand Frischdienst Bakery, Zurich
Gourmet Bakery Hiestand Frischdienst + Music by Chris Hodges
   Date Posted: Dec 10, 2014
YUM - you can smell the Croissants baking in the oven! #Zurich #GourmetBakery #HiestandFrischdienst bakes fresh goodies each day, and have ovens the size of your powder room... Owned by Hiestand Schweiz AG, the bakery uses only natural ingredients, and make commercial deliveries 365 days a year. Watch as Hiestand cooks up huge batches of croissants, bread, rolls, pastries, snacks, pretzels -- and during the holidays they offer other special treats.

Our client since 2011, Simon Koller Film und Videoproduktionen licensed US Composer Chris Hodges’ family-friendly Corporate cue with a descriptive, client-friendly title: Captivating Moments (No Lead Guitar)


   OPAP – Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S.A, Athens
OPAP - Joker "Uncle" English Subs + Music by Paul Freitas
   Date Posted: Dec 8, 2014
Add #PaulFreitas’s much in demand #Jazz cue to #Oxyzed and #NewtonsLaboratory’s #FunnyVideo from #OPAP, the #Greek Lottery and sports game betting site, and what do you get? Why, this cheeky, irreverent, hilarious, slapstick spot of course, where the sneaky nephew is trying his very best to hasten along the death of his rich uncle, hoping to inherit.

Check out the lively Dixieland Cabaret Jazz cue from our own Emmy nominee, (no less!!), Paul Freitas, who lives, breathes and sleeps Jazz, and delivers fantastic cues in the Classical, Jazz and Latin genres!! Speakeasy

Want to hear more superb stuff from Paul? Here you go! http://www.audiosparx.com/PaulFreitas

The sly sliding notes played by the trumpet and clarinet make this richly detailed video a great treat -- it's such fun, we watched it THREE times... http://vimeo.com/107238562

   BMW, Munich
BMW i8 Launch Brazil + Music by Erwin Steijlen
   Date Posted: Nov 19, 2014
An Amazing Video for @BMWi’s Launch Brazil of their BMWi8 model features Erwin Steijlen’s #Elegant #Corporate #OrchestralMusic “Rise of a New King.” For filmmakers, this commercial is a joy, with a mix of kaleidoscopic effects, time-lapse, GCI, and other tricks that make for a beautiful film.

Erwin Steijlen (our No. Two ranked top seller from the Netherlands) offers up an equally amazing Epic Orchestral cue, featuring a violin solo played by Xander Nichting: Rise of a New King (With Epic Live Violin)

Born Electric -- Enjoy the Magic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZJCn-R4ICw

   Wanders Wonders, Amsterdam
Flying Across the Globe: Marcel Wanders for KLM! + Music by Michael Musco
   Date Posted: Nov 15, 2014
. @KLM + @KLM_Uk + @KLM_US are #Flying HIGHER with @WandersWonders’ #Sleek #Tableware #Designs. Beautiful and ecologically-smart, this video will make your mouth water… Our favorite client, revered #AmsterdamDesigner #MarcelWanders creates beautiful dinnerware with lasting quality that makes travelers feel like “Guests,” while also lightening up everyday items flyers use as they dine in style on KLM flights. This in turn reduced tons of global carbon emissions while also reducing KLM’s fuel costs – a win-win for everyone!!!

For his plucky, informative KLM video, Marcel licensed Award-Winning American Composer Michael Musco’s “Futuristic Pluck,” an Electronic high-tech cue that perks along nicely as gorgeous images come and go: Futuristic Pluck

Known for his famous 1996 #KnottedChair, Marcel Wanders was recently honored in a #StedelijkMuseum #RetrospectiveExhibit celebrating 15 years of his innovative designs. If you missed our Facebook post about his famous chair, check out this video playing now at AudioSparx featuring music by our talented Berlin-based SMM Productions: http://www.audiosparx.com/sa/module/socialmedia/socvid/videos/detail.cfm/socvid_iid.1295


   Carolyn Guichard, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia
"The Soulcatcher," A Film By Carolyn Guichard + Music by Thomas Seher
   Date Posted: Dec 1, 2014
For #SheerTerror, #AussieFilmmaker Carolyn Guichard’s #HorrorFilm reminds us of a @StephenKing #Frightmare… An active client for five years, Carolyn licensed German Composer and Producer Thomas Seher’s creepy thriller “Sleepless,” featuring disturbing SFX, crying babies and more, playing before and after an innocent piano piece: Sleepless

Based on a true murder story from 1860, here's a note about this nightmarish short film: “Constance Kent was a murderess, convicted of a notorious child murder... Constance later became a successful Australian Trained Nurse under the name of Ruth Kaye. This film is a symbolic representation of this murder and the haunting effects of a life lived with guilt and remorse.”

Here’s a Wiki link that lays out the twisty murder story – perhaps a true “Who done it?” ultimately involving confessions, a priests, perhaps a cover-up, and Scotland Yard: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constance_Kent


   Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island
Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island Official Brand Film + Music by Nicholas Pesci
   Date Posted: Dec 7, 2014
#HiltonHead Island’s @SonestaHHI, filmed by #BigPictureMedia.TV @rlm1967, offers an upscale #WinterVacation in #SouthCarolina. With 53 hotels on Hilton Head, the #SonestaResort was ranked #1 Best Hotel on the island by Trip Advisor – Yea for our client! Combining style and service with panache, the video captures images of elegance, understated luxury, sparkling local color, a variety of adventures and sports, and MILES of beachfront!!. All of which is perfectly matched by our own star composer, Nicolas Pesci’s New Age shimmering, swirling beauty of a track: Raindrops and Waterfalls

Check out some more of the divine music from Nicolas Pesci here, and see if you don’t want to make a video just so you can use his beguiling music… http://www.audiosparx.com/NicholasPesci

While at the Sonesta, you can take a dolphin cruise and partake of many other fun advents. Check it out: http://travelwithkids.about.com/od/South-Carolina-Family-Vacations/tp/Fun-Things-to-Do-on-Hilton-Head-Island-with-Kids.htm?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=shareurlbuttons

Looking for that very special Holiday Season break anyone?!! https://vimeo.com/72756113

   BBC Three Counties Radio, London
Live Recording of "Abbey Road" at BBC Radio Studio + Music by Johnny Murray and Lori
   Date Posted: Nov 13, 2014
Too divine!!! @JohnnyMurrayUK and gorgeous singer #Lori perform “#AbbeyRoad” live at the #BBC Three Counties Radio… And a tantalizing fact: “Lori & Johnny Murray have the distinction of being the first folks on BBC with a track produced exclusively on iPad.” We’re happy to announce that the amazing “Abbey Road” is online at #AudioSparx to license today for your upcoming urban romance, love story, upscale #fashion shoot, or new product launch: Lori - Abbey Road

Currently Johnny Murray has only five tracks online, but each one is a jewel – and you can hear them here and learn more about Johnny and Lori. We hope this UK couple will bring us more of their hip, romantic music: http://www.audiosparx.com/JohnnyMurray

View full screen and you’re live in the studio at BBC Radio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rd_Xk235VI

   Patissierie Gaugler, France
"The Chocolates" + Music by Rodrigo Domingos
   Date Posted: Nov 27, 2014
Deliciously magnifiques #chocolats from #PatissierieGaugler… Noted #FrenchPhotographer #PascalHug presents an #AdorableVideo, so lush and beautiful – a little girl and her puppy, and a craving for chocolates. Equally lush, this beautifully sentimental music from São Paulo Composer Rodrigo Domingos backs this award-worthy promo: Shadows and Loneliness

Here's Patissier Gaugler's website, showing three locations in France for these exquisite chocolates: http://www.gaugler.fr/


   Ford India, Chennai
A Ford Employee Goes Home to India to Combat Infant Mortality | Everyday Heroes + Music by Carl Miles, Rik Roberts Hassan Khan
   Date Posted: Dec 3, 2014
Ford India’s #GoFurther Campaign combats infant mortality as part of #Ford’s #Sumurr Project, and features three Nice Buyouts for our artists. Ford's campaign covers 54 rural Indian villages, and provides healthcare and prenatal care to pregnant women and their babies. Before the project, often 30% of the women and babies were dying for lack of doctors and medical facilities. Ford's initiative and ongoing coordination of the project are a godsend for over 1,000 families. And here are the artists whose music plays in this informational video:

Carl Miles’ gentle and exotic “Calcutta” opens the film with a serene Sitar, Flute and other indigenous instruments: Calcutta

Around 15 sec, Rik Roberts' “Beautiful India” is a gentle, peaceful New Age cue that guides us through the countryside during the monsoon season: Beautiful India Instrumental

At 1.09 min, Hassan Khan’s “Pure Shanti” features Tabla, Bansuri, Oud, and Oriental fiddle, adding layers of mystery to the journey: Pure Shanti

A footnote, the sturdy Ford Endeavor has played an important role in getting patients into Chennai for more urgent medical treatments, as noted in this 2013 video that discusses how the Sumurr Project began: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni67G1E3Rg4


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