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Our clients at AudioSparx.com continue to find amazing and creative ways to use the world-class music they find here. This includes in commercial advertising, travel promos, sizzle reels, photo shoots, feature-length motion pictures, short films, trailers and much more. Check out the great videos below and, if desired, you can also immediately license any of the tracks used in any of these videos!

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   Elena Dorfman, Los Angeles and Beirut
Syria's Lost Generation + Music by Jimmy Reid
   Date Posted: Jun 1, 2015
Devastating Short Film: “Syria’s Lost Generation” of UN @Refugees filmed by @ElenaDorfman for the US @HolocaustMuseum…

In 2013, #Photojournalist Elena Dorfman spent six months in Beruit filming the #SyrianWar's displaced survivors for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Her emotional film captures Syrians living for months (now YEARS!), because of yet another tragic, grueling #MiddleEastern war, now entering its fifth year! Over 200,000 Syrians DEAD, and 10 million (half its population!) displaced.

Ms. Dorfman's photographs originally were joined with statements from Syria's teenage refugees and assembled into "Syria's Lost Generation," an Audio and Visual Slide Show that first appeared in the New Yorker here: http://www.newyorker.com/project/portfolio/syrias-lost-generation

From around 2.0 min to 4.51, LA Composer Jimmy Reid’s dark, mysterious, and exotic “Arabic Cello” perfectly captures the haunting and powerful spirit of Ms. Dorfman's tragic footage and interviews from the Middle East: Arabic Cello

FYI, at 6:30 pm Wednesday, June 3, in Chicago at Chez, Elena Dorfman is one of three featured speakers at a USHMM benefit dinner where she’ll discuss “Exposing the Darkness: Photography in Conflict Zones,” about her experiences in Syria. Click here for more info about the event and Ms. Dorfman’s film, along with a link to buy tickets or make a donation to help support the museum and fund future events: http://www.ushmm.org/online/calendar/eventDetails.php?event=MWNEXTGENFUND061

Please take a serious look to understand the ravages of War! These bleak circumstances create an entire generation of lost children and their families…


   Australian Pacific Touring, Australia, UK, Canada, North America
An Introduction to Europe River Cruising with APT + Music by Moscow Symphony Orchestra
   Date Posted: May 31, 2015
Gorgeous #Travel Video! Australian Pacific Touring @APTouring European River Cruising presents unparalleled luxury and style, as you relax and enjoy world-class cuisine, and #ttot #5Star pampering. Plus views to die for!!!

“The Blue Danube Waltz” by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra was selected by our Australian client PictureMill – a #Strauss favorite with children and adults the very first time they ever hear it. Not only is this #VienneseWaltz perfect for Euro cruises, it was also used in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” -- and in numerous other lively commercials and memorable films. Click now to consider licensing it for your next project: Blue Danube Waltz

Now you, too, can enjoy a cool cruise and the beauty of Europe’s elegant architecture and favorite tourist hot-spot attractions…


   Deborah Santana, Larkspur, CA
Women's Spirituality in Higher Education + Music by Nine AudioSparx Composers
   Date Posted: May 29, 2015
An Important 21st Century Documentary: Deborah Santana and Peabody and Emmy-winning Documentary Filmmaker Barbara Rick's short film, "Women's Spirituality in Higher Education," provides an in-depth exploration of women and spirituality within the context of traditional academic research and scholarship, especially in the areas of philosophy and religion.

Ms. Santana, philanthropist, world traveler, motivational speaker, and married many years to Carlos Santana, also produced three earlier documentaries with Emmy-award winning Director Barbara Rick: "Road to Ingwavuma," "Girls of Daraja," and "School of My Dreams," each film depicting the collaborative work of non-profit partners in South Africa and Kenya.

Here’s a link with Ms. Santana’s lovely photo and biography, with links to her 2005 memoir and her “Do A Little,” her Foundation set up for to help young girls in Africa and Kenya: http://www.deborahsantana.com/bio/

Ms, Sanata licensed music from 9 different composers for this enlightening and enriching project. Congratulations to our composers, whose music appears below in order of appearance in the film:

Adam Skorupa – Deep Jungle (used as both the opening credits and the closing credits 0:00 - :29 + 17:16 - 19:15): Deep Jungle

Larry Salzman – Drums of Nigeria (:29 - :57): Drums of Nigeria

Gokul Salvadi – African Drums Track (:57 - 2:04): African Drums Track

Alexander Tobias Orest -- African Night (Percussion Only) (2:59 - 3:32): African Night (Percussion Only)

Abbas Premjee -- Desert Nymph Ethnic Mix (4:30 - 5:03): Desert Nymph Ethnic Mix

Junhak Lee – Tuna Fishing (8:44 - 9:12): Tuna Fishing

Deep Forest Percussion -- Full Track African Percussion (14:36 - 15:29): Full Track African Percussion

Matthew McGrath -- Time to Ponder - Sad Acoustic Guitar (15:29 - 16:07) (overlaps with next track): Time to Ponder- Sad Acoustic Guitar

Papafrog – African Ghost (15:57 - 17:00) (comes in over previous track): African Ghost


   Cerveza Balboa, Panama
Cerveza Balboa + Music by Eric Bode
   Date Posted: May 28, 2015
#‎TodosConLaRojita‬ Cerveza Balboa highlights FIFA.com and FEPAFUT ‪#‎NewZealand‬’s May 30 ‪#‎FIFA‬ U-20 WorldCup event! Our client VFX, S.A. is rooting for ‪#‎Panama‬ to win BIG, and if you’re over 18, you can enjoy a brewski from ‪#‎CervezaBalboa‬…

For this exciting ‪#‎SportsVideo‬ with great field action, Eric Bode’s “Tonight” provides a fast tempo with tons of guitars and drums for a modern pop/punk/alternative sound, great for projects calling for lots of action: Tonight

Players and fans alike, are you ready for ACTION, in Spanish…


   Galderma, Lausanne
Restylane with Sharon Stone, Spokeswoman + Music by Nicholas Pesci
   Date Posted: Apr 24, 2015
Lovely Television Commercial: “Basic Instinct” star Sharon Stone teams with Galderma and @RestylaneGlobal in a campaign to help you look younger by using their product, Restylane! Our Stockholm ad agency client Ingostockholm.se created this smooth video and call-to-action for Galderma. NOTE: The campaign, “Proof in Real Life,” is NOT intended for the US market – so, if you live OUTSIDE the US, click here to learn more about the campaign, including details, dates and deadlines: ProofIRL.com

And here's Sharon Stone on May 28, 2015, in Berlin: See @DailyMailUK’s photos of this famous Hollywood star talking about her life and her commercial for Restylane. In the interview, she indicates she’s ready to start dating again… Go, Sharon!


And Kudos to Nicholas Pesci for a Nice Buyout of his top-selling Corporate cue, “Raindrops and Waterfalls.” With 180 sterling tracks online to help our clients create award-winning TV Commercials, Documentaries or hot Films, take a listen for inspiration or to license and download immediately for your next project: Raindrops and Waterfalls

At 57, Sharon Stone shows that Restylane can help you keep a fresh, new look – and turn back the dreaded CLOCK on ageing...


   KPMG Worldwide
Glass Ceilings - KPMG Women's Leadership Commercial + Music by Paint Chips
   Date Posted: Apr 1, 2015
BIG LOVE to @KPMG and @KPMG_US for #BreakingTheGlassCeiling! @HogarthWW’s TV Commercial beautifully encourages women to get in the game, in a 30-sec promo, playing now on major broadcast networks… KPGM continues its worldwide commitment to help build the next generation of Women Leaders.

And kudos to Paint Chips (aka our Brilliant, Talented UK Composer #GeorginaStGeorge), who had a nice Buyout for her #DannyElfman-style whimsical, slightly sinister “Mischievous Mauve,” licensed often by our clients for its playful, mysterious vibe. Check the full track here: Mischievous Mauve

An amazing video about golf and women's careers -- is this magic, CGI or for real?!? For the answer, click KPMG's Glass Ceilings "Behind the Scenes" link here to meet the star of the film, Stacy Lewis, the reigning PGA Champion, along with the Director Paul Santana and other colleagues, the film crew, and KPMG CMO Chris Goodman -- and see where the glass came from.

Be sure to view "Behind the Scenes" full screen for max fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2veDaa8Hdc


Toyota Hilux 13 TV Commercial + Music by SMM Productions
   Date Posted: Mar 26, 2015
Buckle up for a dangerous, fast-action Road Test... Our Russian client Black Chamber filmed #Toyota’s Hilux13 in grueling snow races, with spinning cars, racing dirt bikes, and more -- performing immaculately on unbelievably dangerous roads and trails. We are beginning to work closely with this client on a new project, and expect a number of nice Buyouts in the near future...

Backing this exciting client’s video is SMM Productions’ talented Berlin team, with their best-selling, action-packed cue, another nice Buyout: Hope and Fear (Epic Thriller)

Buckle up for a WILD Ride!!! And if you need a hard-charging, ultra-reliable truck, check out the Hilux 13...


   Vikas Chander, New Delhi
Abendstern Computer Control + Music by Moscow Symphony Orchestra
   Date Posted: May 28, 2015
ATTN #ModelTrain and #ModelRailroad Enthusiasts! Vikas Chander’s 19-min “Abendstern Computer Control” video walks you through his special software, which covers five distinct power districts: Station area, industrial area, loco shed, rural area, and staging yard. Smoke, night scenes, delivering loads of coal, and a bit of timelapse video action in a large, amazing model town with many trains coming and going...

While mostly a talking-head video about control mechanisms, from 3.48 to 5.27 min and again from 15.20 to 16.00 min, you’ll enjoy Moscow Symphony Orchestra’s elegant #VienneseWaltz, #Strauss’ most famous and delightful “Blue Danube Waltz”: Blue Danube Waltz

Mr. Chander’s link here shows all the technical aspects of his software, in case you want to delve deeper into his model train website, described by one fan as a “Genius!” solution for their model railroad layout: http://vikaschander.com/abendstern-dcc-setup/

Hope you enjoy this short film, and be sure to slow down for the curves…


   Simon Alcantara LLC, NYC
Odyssey Jewelry Collection + Music by Daniel Fletcher, plus Amazing Sound Effects from AudioSparx...
   Date Posted: Apr 14, 2015
Gorgeous Video and Alluring Beauty! Award-winning designer @SimonAlcantara’s luxurious “Odyssey” is an amazing Film Noir #JewelryPromo that’ll linger in your mind! Esoteric filmmaking in a stunning black-and-white motif, features Carla Prieto, a versatile model from the Dominican Republic with a smoldering beauty…

Both AudioSparx music and sound effects appear throughout the wondrous cinematography of filmmaker Anna Lee Campbell, and produced by the talented Creative Collective Col-Lab:

A Chopin Prelude by Daniel Fletcher plays twice in the video, adding a beautiful, simple and emotional piano melody, elegantly performed by this well-seasoned professional: Variation3 On Chopin Prelude in A Major Op 28 No 7

AudioSparx sound effects add to the true artistry of the film. All of the following appear and add to the ambience and creativity at various points:

--Andrew GCN Fleming – Ambient Alien Atmosphere

--Australian Nature Sounds – Wind Chimes – Mikado

--Cedric Hommel – City Playground: Children Laugh and Shout, Playing Ball, Mothers Chat, Street Place-Loop

--David Wilsoni – Jarred Noise

--Hollywood Post – Church Bells 8x

--Ian Hubball - Icicles

--John Leonard – Paris Street Atmosphere Cars, Trucks and Mopeds Version 2

--Special Effects and Sounds – Metallic Ghost Wispy

--Tangerine Music – Helicopter

--X-Ray Sound Studios – Multiple Sirens

And take a look at Mr. Alcantara’s beautiful website, showing other videos of iconic stars and designers modeling his divine jewelry: http://simonalcantara.com/video/

Click the vid to see how AudioSparx music and SFX helped a filmmaker and designer with a unique vision create a little masterpiece...


   Christian Seel Media, Chicago and Los Angeles
How to Tie Your Shoe + Music By Louise Heaney
   Date Posted: May 28, 2015
VIDEO for #YoungParents: #ChristianSeelMedia @Xtianseel ‘s Cute “How to Tie Your Shoe” with AudioSparx music, is both charming and educational.

"Emily's Waltz" from Irish Composer Louise Heaney supplies a perfect light, quirky, and slightly eccentric, score for this fun video. Check out this happy little charmer, that's a client favorite, here: Emily's Waltz

Enjoy some clever Stop-Motion animation, while teaching the little ones how to lace up!


   Pfizer, Hong Kong
Moodigo + Music by Nicholas Pesci
   Date Posted: May 27, 2015
Feeling ‪#‎Happy‬ or downright ‪#‎Grouchy‬? Pfizer's ‪#‎NewApp‬ “‪#‎Moodigo‬” measures your mood, so you can share (or warn!) your friends and family the mood you’re in RIGHT NOW… Our Hong Kong client ‪#‎AnswerMark‬’s video shows how the Moodigo App will alert you if your mood escalates while you’re feeling sick, or merely going about your day-to-day life. As one of the world’s largest ‪#‎DrugManufacturers‬, Pfizer’s App could warn you about wild mood swings that may require you to get back on your meds!

For the easy-going, happy mood of the video, Nicolas Pesci’s “Morning Breeze” features light and cheerful female vocals, along with a memorable Pop hook of keyboards, guitars, drums, percussion, and more -- ideal for scenes of togetherness and soft-sell commercials: Morning Breeze

If this video gets you excited, you can check out and download Moodigo free here (for yourself or your mate) at this Pfizer link: https://filedir.com/developer/pfizer-inc/

Overload on cute with this fun and happy couple going through their emotions and using social media to record it all…


   Wodnyski Heart Foundation, Hermosa Beach, CA
Sudden Death PSA by Wodynski Heart Foundation + Music by BHM
   Date Posted: May 26, 2015
#‎SuddenDeath‬ -- it's a scary thought, but for nearly 1,000 young people every day, ‪#‎SuddenCardiacArrest‬ ‪#‎SCA‬ strikes without warning and its only symptom is sudden death! For their heartbroken families, it becomes a tragic reality. After losing her husband, @MWodynski Michelle Wodynski​, an LA-based lawyer, supermom, entertainer, and philanthropist, founded the Wodynski Heart Foundation to help educate the public about SCA and to get out the message that SCREENING SAVES LIVES!

This Public Service Announcement is part of the Foundation's fund-raising efforts to build mobile screening units, co-fund a national study to help pediatricians better assess heart risks, and to create a national registry.

"Broken Heart," from Indianapolis-based Artist BHM, with its flowing rhythm and easy going guitars, gives our client's PSA an uplifting sense of hope. Check out this great Melodic Rock track here: Broken Heart

Learn about Sudden Cardiac Arrest and what can be done to protect your loved ones, and yourself!


   Camila, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Milkshake de Inglês + Music by John M. Peters
   Date Posted: May 20, 2015
We’re super proud of client @camilacohen and her exciting #Crowdfunding project for Milkshake de Inglês, an #EducationalTV Program that will provide a fun new way for the #Portuguese-speaking children of Brazil to learn English! Camila's warm smile, sunny disposition, and peppy energy, along with Sesame Street type Puppets and original first rate cartoon animation, make her worthwhile project a potential winner for some deserving kids.

California-based composer John M. Peters rendition of the ragtime standard, “Charleston,” gives Camila's video a bouncy burst of energy, accentuated for the positive with lively clarinet, banjo, guitar, drums, and piano: Charleston

Camila Cohen and Milkshake de Inglês will make learning English fun!


   Cafe Imports, Minneapolis, MN
Adado, Yirgacheffe + Music by Teddy Afro
   Date Posted: May 25, 2015
#Coffee + #CoffeeDrinkers -- #Minneapolis-based @CafeImports is an importer and wholesaler of #GreenCoffeeBeans that has a firm commitment to the quality of life for everyone involved in producing coffee, from "tree to cup." This dedication includes responsibly sourcing beans from growers whose proactive business practices minimize negative impact upon the Earth.

In support of these ideals, Cafe Imports has begun "Cafe Imports: From the Source," a coffee education & documentation video series to spread coffee information. Their goal is to "help contribute educational content to the specialty coffee-drinking world in a visual narrative that does the producers justice, as well as to simply create content that celebrates the beautiful people and places from which the world gets its coffee."

The happy reggae track "Lambadiena," by the Ethiopian Musician Teddy Afro, infuses our client's video with the perfect World Music vibe to compliment their Global vision. Check out this upbeat Instrumental from this "socially inspired" artist some call a "New Bob Marley"... Lambadiena

See a Coffee Washing "Slice-of-Life" from a Cafe Imports producing partner in Adado, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia!


   Sierra Hotel Productions
"The Richmond Rosies" + Music by Alexander Khaskin and Steve E. Williams
   Date Posted: May 25, 2015
Documentary Trailer a la #RosieTheRiveter: Ken Stewart’s Sierra Hotel Productions’ “The Richmond Rosies” features five #WW2 female heroes who built US ships during the war years at Kaiser Shipyards, in Richmond, California, the largest shipyard in the world at the time.

And we're honored to have two AudioSparx artists' music in the Documentary: Russian Composer Alexander Khaskin (3 MusicPacks) and L.A. Composer Steve E. Williams (4 tracks). Featured in the trailer above is Alexander’s beautiful, dreamy “Image in the Mirror”: Image in the Mirror

While Mr. Williams' elegant "American Beauty"-inspired music does not appear in the trailer above, it is so beautiful we shall share a link here: Thomas Newman Sound Alike - Full

During the war, after 1941, 6 million women went to work in America to take up the slack of our men off at war. Of those, 50% went straight into defense efforts. Among them were these five dedicated workers, who found new careers as welders, electricians, etc. and helped build 747 ships, nearly a ship a day!!!

In April 2014, these five women were honored at the White House! Click this link to see Joe Biden and President Obama meeting with our five "America Strong" stars: http://www.rosietheriveter.org/news-events/news-and-press/item/97-real-life-rosie-the-riveters-finally-get-white-house-visit-and-steal-a-presidential-kiss

And now their story is available on DVD. Click here to see more photos, learn the stars' names, see their photos, and read about their war-time careers, and learn more about Ken Stewart’s story of their heroism: http://www.therichmondrosies.com/products/the-richmond-rosies-dvd

In addition, we’re delighted to shine a spotlight on our client, the uber-talented Ken Stewart. Not only is he currently a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Directors Guild of America, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Publicist Guild, his ingenious, award-winning Polar Bear campaign for Coca-Cola is just celebrating its 22nd Anniversary. Click here to see his remarkable campaign for Coca-Cola: http://www.coca-colacompany.com/stories/coca-cola-polar-bears-turn-20

These five women were such an important part of American history -- they helped this country WIN THE WAR and bring our soldiers home! Enjoy a quick peek at these five brave and determined Richmond Rosies, then grab the DVD to see the entire story…


   Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
ELVIS: The Exhibition, The Show, The Experience Opens! + Music by Keith Merrill
   Date Posted: May 17, 2015
#VegasBaby! After 40 years, #ElvisIsBack in the Building! @WestgateResorts opened the #ElvisExperience in April, with Priscilla, Lisa Marie, and David and Jackie Siegel (stars of fun documentary “#TheQueenOfVersaille”), along with a cast of thousands of Elvis-loving stars and fans… Previously known as the “International Hotel,” this is the very spot where Elvis performed an AMAZING 600 sold-out shows!

Naturally, Elvis Presley Enterprises licensed music fit for The King for their Opening and a #TVCommercial, too: California Composer Keith Merrill’s version of the iconic “Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001 A Space Oddysey).” Bold and memorable, this track has captured audiences since 1896, when Richard Strauss composed it…

Check out Keith's glorious, fully orchestrated cue with a brass and horn section, woodwinds, cymbals, drums, and strings, in a BIG production Elvis would have loved!!! Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001: A Space Odyssey)

For hardcore Elvis fans, click here to buy tickets and see the Chapel, the Theatre, and much more: http://www.graceland.com/vegas/exhibition/

Click on this fun video and PRESTO, you’re in VEGAS for the Big Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – with tons of Elvis memorabilia and artifacts straight from #Graceland + famous Presley Impersonator Martin Fontaine shakin’ a nervous leg. It’s all here!!!


   NIssan, USA
2016 Nissan Maxima | Test Track Challenge + Music By Jacco Willems
   Date Posted: May 22, 2015
For Race Drivers and Speed Lovers: Nissan’s harrowing test drive beats out three tough competitors!!! Driver Andy Lally puts the 2016 Nissan Maxima SR through its paces against sports cars from BMW, Audi, and Acura, at world-famous California racing and testing facility Button Willow Raceway Park, using the professional High Performance automobile testing standards of #AMCITesting.

Our great new California client Greg Kuehn, of Peligro Music, chose “The Last Stronghold” from Dutch Composer Jacco Willems, a Hans Zimmer-style epic orchestral track, supported by hard-hitting Dubstep drums, synths, and pulsating strings, with a grand horn line on top. Pefect to give your next blockbuster project a modern Hollywood sound! The Last Stronghold

Hold onto your helmets as the 2016 Nissan Maxima SR hugs the corners and breezes through those S Curves!!!


   Botex, Denmark
Botex Imagespot 2015 + Music By Masterwerks R&B
   Date Posted: May 22, 2015
#‎TVC‬ -- They say that "home is where that heart is." Where you live, and how you decorate your surroundings, is a reflection of your personality, as well as shelter and comfort. Coming to us from Denmark, Botex offers household textiles, such as curtains, sun blinds, awnings, duvets and pillows, linens, towels, tablecloths, sofa pillows, and more, to inspire its customers, and to help create the living spaces of their dreams.

Our client, Denmark's Gehør Agency, chose LA-based artist Masterwerks R&B's "The Very Heart of Me," with its great melody and Whitney Houston-style vocals, to bring the perfect amount of heartwarming soulfulness to this stylish, but sentimental, advert. Check out this sophisticated and catchy 80's Pop track here: The Very Heart of Me

To see more of Botex’s home décor fabrics and accessories, you can click to their website here: http://botex.dk/

Step into the inspired Botex-style of decor that says "Welcome Home"...


   Cheesecake Factory + Grand Lux Cafe, USA
Grand Lux Cafe Management Opportunities + Music By Dan Phillipson
   Date Posted: May 15, 2015
@Cheescake Factory + Grand Lux Cafe’s #ManagementCareers offer opportunities for employees to grow! Their managers take pride in working for a #Fortune #Top100 company, where attention to detail provides satisfied customers with a great dining experience, every time! Internationally inspired, made-from-scratch foods, served by happy employees who value Teamwork + Camaraderie, there are many rewarding management careers at a Grand Lux Cafe…

Colorado-based Ace Miller Productions chose UK composer Dan Phillipson's Motivational #PopRock track "Light It Up" to capture the upbeat and positive spirit of this video. Dan's music has an elegant, tender, and heartwarming feel, perfect for film scores, cues, and interludes. Beautiful for Romance, Childrens programs, Travel, and so much more.. Check out this inspiring Modern Rock Instrumental here: Light It Up (Underscore Version)

Discover the rewards of being a Grand Lux Cafe manager...Something for Everyone!!!


   CBS Television, NYC
Late Show With David Letterman's Final Show Commercial - May 2015 + Music by Dean Wagg
   Date Posted: May 20, 2015
Ta Da, TONIGHT is David Letterman's Final Show, and this fun TV Commercial plays AudioSparx Composer Dean Wagg’s fun, lively #CorporatePop cue! It’s been airing all week on CBS, so let’s all tune in for the Planet’s Most-Hyped Show tonight to bid adieu to Dave and Paul Schaffer, his musical sidekick of almost 33 years... People, be there!!!

Coming to us from the UK, Dean Wagg’s “Ruler Of All Things” provides a motivational, and celebratory, soundtrack to the promo, musically capturing the show’s energy with still shots of Dave and a few of his iconic celebrity guests.

And the Top Ten Words to describe Dean’s track: uplifting, strings, viola, violin, piano, synthesizer, positivity, innovation, success, and the Number One Word to describe Dean Wagg’s “Ruler of All Things” on the official CBS David Letterman promo: Monkeys! Ruler of All Things

Here's 20-sec of hilarity, created by Sandblast Productions... And now, down the stretch he comes, #LateNightLegend, Daaaaay-vid Leh-terrrr-maaaaaaaaan!

AND REMEMBER: Dave's Final Show Is TONIGHT, Wednesday, May 20th...


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