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Music by Mood

Here you will find an amazing library of music organized by specific moods. Whether you need music that is happy, sad, dramatic, dynamic, angry, sexy, nostalgic, or any other of the moods listed below, you will find it right here at AudioSparx.

Abstract Music
Accepting Music
Adventurous Music
Aggressive Music
Alluring Music
Angry Music
Anguished Music
Animated Music
Anticipating Music
Anxious Music
Apprehensive Music
Atmospheric Music
Beautiful Music
Bitchy Music
Bitter Music
Bittersweet Music
Bizarre Music
Bold Music
Booming Music
Bouncy Music
Brave Music
Bright Music
Building Music
Buoyant Music
Busy Music
Calm Music
Campy Music
Carefree Music
Careful Music
Caring Music
Cautious Music
Celebratory Music
Chaotic Music
Cheeky Music
Cheerful Music
Childish Music
Climactic Music
Cold Music
Comforting Music
Confident Music
Confrontational Music
Confused Music
Contemplative Music
Cool Music
Crazy Music
Creepy Music
Crunk Music
Curious Music
Dancing Music
Dangerous Music
Dark Music
Deep Music
Defeated Music
Delicate Music
Delighted Music
Depressed Music
Determined Music
Disenchanted Music
Disillusioned Music
Dissonant Music
Disturbing Music
Doubtful Music
Dramatic Music
Dreadful Music
Dreamy Music
Driving Music
Droning Music
Drunk Music
Dynamic Music
Earthy Music
Easy Music
Ecstatic Music
Edgy Music
Eerie Music
Elated Music
Elegant Music
Emotional Music
Enchanted Music
Energetic Music
Epic Music
Erotic Music
Escalating Music
Ethereal Music
Evil Music
Excited Music
Exotic Music
Explosive Music
Fast Music
Fearful Music
Festive Music
Fiery Music
Flirtatious Music
Flowing Music
Forceful Music
Foreboding Music
Forgiving Music
Frantic Music
Freaky Music
Free Music
Fresh Music
Friendly Music
Frisky Music
Fun Music
Funky Music
Funny Music
Glorious Music
Good Music
Graceful Music
Grand Music
Greasy Music
Gritty Music
Groovy Music
Gutsy Music
Happy Music
Hard Music
Haunting Music
Heartbroken Music
Heartening Music
Heartwarming Music
Heated Music
Heavenly Music
Heavy Music
Hectic Music
Helpless Music
Heroic Music
Honest Music
Hopeful Music
Hopeless Music
Horny Music
Hot Music
Humble Music
Hurt Music
Hypnotic Music
Innocent Music
Inquisitive Music
Inspiring Music
Intelligent Music
Intense Music
Intricate Music
Jangly Music
Jealous Music
Jolly Music
Joyful Music
Jumpy Music
Kind Music
Light Music
Lively Music
Lofty Music
Lonely Music
Longing Music
Lost Music
Loud Music
Loving Music
Mad Music
Magical Music
Majestic Music
Marching Music
Mean Music
Meaningful Music
Mechanical Music
Meditative Music
Melancholic Music
Mellow Music
Menacing Music
Mischievous Music
Moody Music
Motivational Music
Mournful Music
Moving Music
Mysterious Music
Mystical Music
Nervous Music
Noble Music
Nostalgic Music
Obsessive Music
Ominous Music
Oppressed Music
Optimistic Music
Outgoing Music
Painful Music
Passionate Music
Patriotic Music
Peaceful Music
Pensive Music
Playful Music
Pleading Music
Pleased Music
Pompous Music
Positive Music
Powerful Music
Primitive Music
Proud Music
Pulsating Music
Purposeful Music
Pushy Music
Questioning Music
Quiet Music
Quirky Music
Rambling Music
Raunchy Music
Raw Music
Rebellious Music
Reflective Music
Regal Music
Regretful Music
Relaxing Music
Repetitive Music
Restless Music
Retro Music
Reverent Music
Rhythmic Music
Risque Music
Romantic Music
Rousing Music
Sad Music
Scared Music
Scary Music
Schmaltzy Music
Secretive Music
Sedate Music
Sensitive Music
Sensual Music
Sentimental Music
Serene Music
Serious Music
Sexy Music
Shimmering Music
Sick Music
Silly Music
Simple Music
Sincere Music
Sinister Music
Slow Music
Smokey Music
Smooth Music
Sneaky Music
Snobbish Music
Soaring Music
Soft Music
Solemn Music
Somber Music
Soothing Music
Sophisticated Music
Sorry Music
Soulful Music
Spacious Music
Sparse Music
Spirited Music
Sprightly Music
Stable Music
Stately Music
Stimulating Music
Stirring Music
Strange Music
Street-Smart Music
Striking Music
Strong Music
Sublime Music
Subtle Music
Successful Music
Suffocated Music
Suggestive Music
Summery Music
Surprising Music
Suspenseful Music
Suspicious Music
Swaggering Music
Sweeping Music
Sweet Music
Swinging Music
Swirling Music
Tender Music
Tension Music
Terror Music
Thankful Music
Thinking Music
Thoughtful Music
Thrilling Music
Touching Music
Tough Music
Tragic Music
Trance Music
Tranquil Music
Triumphant Music
Ugly Music
Unfriendly Music
Uplifting Music
Vengeful Music
Vibrant Music
Warm Music
Whimsical Music
Wholesome Music
Wicked Music
Wild Music
Wondrous Music
Worried Music
Wrong Music
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