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Here you will find an amazing library of world music, organized by country. We feature both traditional ethnic music as well as contemporary music from all the major countries in the world. Most of the tracks herein are written and recorded by natives of the country the music is from, for the ultimate in authenticity.

Afghan Music
African Music
Algeria Music
American Music
Andean Music
Argentine Music
Armenian Music
Asian Music
Australian Music
Austrian Music
Bahamian Music
Balinese Music
Balkan Music
Belgian Music
Beninan Music
Bermuda Music
Bolivian Music
Botswanan Music
Brazilian Music
Bulgarian Music
Burkinan Music
Burma (Myanmar) Music
Canadian Music
Cape Verde Music
Caribbean Music
Central American Music
Central Asian Music
Chilean Music
Chinese Music
Colombian Music
Congo Music
Costa Rican Music
Côte d'Ivoire Music
Croatian Music
Cuban Music
Czechoslavakian Music
Denmark Music
Dominican Music
Dutch Music
Easter Island Music
Eastern European Music
Ecuadorean Music
Egyptian Music
Emirates Music
English Music
Estonian Music
Etheopian Music
EU Music
European Music
Far Eastern Music
Fijian Music
Finish Music
French Music
French Polynesian Music
Gambian Music
German Music
Ghanan Music
Greek Music
Greenlandic Music
Guatemalan Music
Guinea-Bissaun Music
Hatian Music
Hawaiian Music
Honduran Music
Hungarian Music
Icelandic Music
Indian Music
Indonesian Music
Iranian Music
Iraqi Music
Irish Music
Israeli Music
Italian Music
Ivory Coast Music
Jamaican Music
Japanese Music
Jordanian Music
Kazakhstani Music
Kenyan Music
Kuwaiti Music
Laotian Music
Latvia Music
Lebanese Music
Madagascan Music
Malawan Music
Malaysian Music
Malian Music
Mexican Music
Micronesian Music
Middle Eastern Music
Mongolian Music
Moroccan Music
Mozambiquan Music
Namibia Music
Nepalese Music
New Guinean Music
New Zealand Music
Nicaraguan Music
Nigerian Music
North Korea Music
Norwegian Music
Pacific Rim Music
Pakistani Music
Palestinian Music
Panamanian Music
Paraguayan Music
Peruvian Music
Philippine Music
Polish Music
Polynesian Music
Portuguese Music
Puerto Rican Music
Qatari Music
Romanian Music
Russian Music
Saudi Arabian Music
Scandinavian Music
Scotish Music
Senegalese Music
Serbian Music
Seychelles Music
Singapore Music
Slovenian Music
South African Music
South American Music
South Korea Music
Spanish Music
Sudanese Music
Swedish Music
Swiss Music
Syria Music
Tahitian Music
Taiwan Music
Tajikistani Music
Tanzanian Music
Thai Music
Tibetan Music
Trinidad Music
Tunisian Music
Turkish Music
Turkmenistani Music
Ugandan Music
UK Music
Ukrainian Music
Uzbekistani Music
Venezuelan Music
Vietnamese Music
Welsh Music
West Indian Music
Zairi Music
Zambian Music
Zimbabwean Music
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