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Below are just some of the great commercial music tracks on our site, perfect for commercial advertising on TV, Radio and Internet, news show themes, corporate branding, video or website presentations and other business uses.

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Tribe - Anthony Alleeson
Happy Times - Daniel Cullen
Ooo-Bah-Doo - Patrick Best
Comfort Pulse - Bjorn Lynne
Happy & Upbeat Advertisement - LeM
Dream Pop - Ian Mathews
Go Forward (Club Mix) - Tosch
Sky Lanterns - Sixteenth Moon
High Up - Craig McConnell
Upscotch - Jean-Thomas Cloutier
Touch the Sky - Minus Percussion - Aaron Marsden
Pristine Beauty - Matt Wilcox
Deeper Fashion (Deep House) - J Osada
Fortius - Sergiu Muresan
Inspired - AudioQuattro
Creative Motion - SMM Productions
Full Speed (Original Mix) 60 Sec Loop - DJ Myde
Uplifting Sunlight - 60s - Krisztian Vass
Good Times [ 60 Sec ] - Joey Stebanuk
Guitar Slung Hero - Jeff Beers
Feel the Joy_60sec - Lorenzo Johnson
Lounging By the Shore - Brighter Note
Overcoming the Odds - Chris Hodges
Its All Around (60-Secs Version) - Dan Phillipson
A Human Heart (60 sec) - Sara Laine
Step Into the Ring - 60sec - Jean-Thomas Cloutier
Chariots of Victory (60 Sec) - Oscar Salguero
Hopeful Day - Lindy Botha
Skip and Strut 60 - David Flavin
Everything Is Changing (Matthew & Salguero Ins) - Rikah
Winner Take All - 60 Second - Art Munson
Light Glockenspiel Melody - Nicholas DiFabbio
Avenging Horsemen - Christopher Fuller
Back Where I Belong (30 - Secs Version) - Adrian Haene
Feeling Happy 30sec - Nicholas Pesci
Fan and Upbeat (30 Sec) - KLM Music
Technological Breakthrough (30sec) - Alec Makinson
Pump It Up (30 Sec Loop) - Tosch
Budapest - Davor Devcic
Toward a New America - End Seq. For Strings, Short - Emlyn Ellis Addison
Birds of Sorrow (30 Sec) - Konstantinos Panagiotidis
Happy Clappy (30secs) - Colette Jonas
Corporate Pleasure (30 Sec) - Stern Muzik
Say What You Mean (30-Secs Version 1) - Dan Phillipson
Corporate Sooth (30-Secs Version 1) - Dan Gautreau
Profound Thoughts - Somatiq Audio
Tribal Drums Epic Movie - 30 - Steve E. Williams
Booty Bounce - 30 Second - Art Munson
Inspired Heights (Loop 03) - Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
Liquid Gold (Stinger 01) - Danny Duberstein
A Moment Gliss 15sec. A - Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi
Love Oh Love - Nathan King
Chariots of Victory (Loop) - Oscar Salguero
Daydream (Stinger 02) - Danny Duberstein
Wonderful Life - Jingle 1 - Alandra
Fast Drama Comic - Greg Patmore
Dark Hood 15sec. A - Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi
Abstract (Ident) - Carl Matthews
Awards Show B - 15 Sec - Rick Dickert
Technology Progress (Loop 02) - Edward Blakeley
Light at the End of the Tunnel - Credits (15 Loop) - Chris Huelsbeck
Corporate Sooth (Stinger 02) - Dan Gautreau
Soaring Higher - Soundlogo (Stinger :17) - Steve E. Williams
Inspirational Piano (15 Sec) - KLM Music

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Action 60-Sec
African 60-Sec
Americana 60-Sec
Animal 60-Sec
Asian 60-Sec
Blues 60-Sec
Brazilian 60-Sec
Cartoon 60-Sec
Childrens 60-Sec
Chinese 60-Sec
Christmas 60-Sec
Circus 60-Sec
Classical 60-Sec
Comedy 60-Sec
Corporate 60-Sec
Country 60-Sec
Dance 60-Sec
Dangerous 60-Sec
Dramatic 60-Sec
Drums 60-Sec
East European 60-Sec
Electronic 60-Sec
European 60-Sec
Folk 60-Sec
Hawaiian 60-Sec
Hip Hop 60-Sec
Horror 60-Sec
Indian 60-Sec
Indie Rock 60-Sec
Japanese 60-Sec
Jazz 60-Sec
Latin 60-Sec
Middle East 60-Sec
Military 60-Sec
National Anthem 60-Sec
New Age 60-Sec
News 60-Sec
Pop 60-Sec
Reggae 60-Sec
Reggaeton 60-Sec
RnB 60-Sec
Rock 60-Sec
Science Fiction 60-Sec
Singer/Songwriter 60-Sec
Soundalikes 60-Sec
Spiritual 60-Sec
Sports 60-Sec
Themes 60-Sec
Tropical 60-Sec
UK Bass 60-Sec
Vietnamese 60-Sec
World Fusion 60-Sec

Action 30-Sec
African 30-Sec
Americana 30-Sec
Animal 30-Sec
Asian 30-Sec
Blues 30-Sec
Brazilian 30-Sec
Cartoon 30-Sec
Childrens 30-Sec
Chinese 30-Sec
Christmas 30-Sec
Circus 30-Sec
Classical 30-Sec
Comedy 30-Sec
Corporate 30-Sec
Country 30-Sec
Dance 30-Sec
Dangerous 30-Sec
Dramatic 30-Sec
Drums 30-Sec
East European 30-Sec
Electronic 30-Sec
European 30-Sec
Folk 30-Sec
Hawaiian 30-Sec
Hip Hop 30-Sec
Horror 30-Sec
Indian 30-Sec
Indie Rock 30-Sec
Japanese 30-Sec
Jazz 30-Sec
Latin 30-Sec
Middle East 30-Sec
Military 30-Sec
National Anthem 30-Sec
New Age 30-Sec
News 30-Sec
Pop 30-Sec
Reggae 30-Sec
Reggaeton 30-Sec
RnB 30-Sec
Rock 30-Sec
Science Fiction 30-Sec
Singer/Songwriter 30-Sec
Soundalikes 30-Sec
Spiritual 30-Sec
Sports 30-Sec
Themes 30-Sec
Tropical 30-Sec
UK Bass 30-Sec
Vietnamese 30-Sec
World Fusion 30-Sec

Action 15-Sec
African 15-Sec
Americana 15-Sec
Animal 15-Sec
Asian 15-Sec
Blues 15-Sec
Brazilian 15-Sec
Cartoon 15-Sec
Childrens 15-Sec
Chinese 15-Sec
Christmas 15-Sec
Circus 15-Sec
Classical 15-Sec
Comedy 15-Sec
Corporate 15-Sec
Country 15-Sec
Dance 15-Sec
Dangerous 15-Sec
Dramatic 15-Sec
Drums 15-Sec
East European 15-Sec
Electronic 15-Sec
European 15-Sec
Folk 15-Sec
Hawaiian 15-Sec
Hip Hop 15-Sec
Horror 15-Sec
Indian 15-Sec
Indie Rock 15-Sec
Japanese 15-Sec
Jazz 15-Sec
Latin 15-Sec
Middle East 15-Sec
Military 15-Sec
National Anthem 15-Sec
New Age 15-Sec
News 15-Sec
Pop 15-Sec
Reggae 15-Sec
Reggaeton 15-Sec
RnB 15-Sec
Rock 15-Sec
Science Fiction 15-Sec
Singer/Songwriter 15-Sec
Soundalikes 15-Sec
Spiritual 15-Sec
Sports 15-Sec
Themes 15-Sec
Tropical 15-Sec
UK Bass 15-Sec
Vietnamese 15-Sec
World Fusion 15-Sec


Definitive Commercial Music

With tens of thousands of hot commercial music tracks at your fingertips, why go anywhere else? We make it so easy for you to find the perfect edit, in the perfect genre, mood or style. Take your productions to a whole new level today with music from!

Today's Featured Artist

K.O. Star Productions

With his passionate drive and signature sound, Australian composer K. O. Star produces music in the Pop, Rock, Industrial, Orchestral, World, and Electro genres. His credits include Once Upon A Time (ABC), Lexus Fresh Perspectives Project, Access Hollywood, Fox Sports, The Dr. Oz Show, Saturday Night Live, Last Call With Carson Daly (NBC), No Kitchen Required (BBC America), Goldfathers (Nat Geo), CHAOS (CBS), America Now, Jump City: Seattle, CSI Miami Promos, and commercials for Ford Fiesta, FCUK, Clinique, Sports Energy Drinks and Campbell's V8.

Silver Cloud
Coldplay meets The Fray & U2 with a touch of Orchestral. Warm, motivational, inspirational, uplifting. Piano, guitars, drum - Rock band. Violin, viola & cello. Driving, moving forward mak...

Winners Theme
Positive energy motivational Rock track in styles of U2 & Kings of Leon. Driving guitars, melodious arpeggios, forward moving bassline, modern synth-scape, drums. Inspirational, re-buildi...

Sugarhead (Extreme Action Impact)
Energetic Rocktronica track in the styles of Miami Vice, Hawaii 5-O, CSI, NCIS etc. Great action for chase scene, gang wars, kung fu & gun fights. Futuristic, modern, stylistic that's per...

Dreamy Positive Vibe (Extended Mix)
Extended mix. Indie Rock band style track with a touch of Snow Patrol, The Fray, Coldplay, U2. Simple melodic piano, pads, guitar arpeggio and drums. Heart-warming, beautiful, reflective ...

Nutcrackhead (Sugar Plum Pounding)
Wacky dark Heavy Metal version of "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy". Arr/ performed by K. O. Star. Sounds like Korn & Metallica jamming in a room full of nails, Nine Inch Nails. Quirky, cam...

Kung Fu Fist
Suspenseful Action Electronica Industrial Rock piece. Perfect for CSI, NCIS, Bones, SVU, Hawaii Five-O. Investigative cop TV, Film, Trailer drama. Dark and intense energy Rock guitar adre...

New Commercial Music on Site
Chilling Sailor (30 Sec) - Stern Muzik
Happy Playful Ukulele Groove - Stephan Lindsjo
Upbeat Optimism - Michael Harrison Walpole
Inspiring Epic Glory - Carlos Estella
Absolute Pleasure - Leon Ayers, Jr.
All About You - BogdanL
Together We Can Change the World - Martin Higgins
Beyond the Sky (Full Version) - Piotr Pacyna
Future - Joona Lukala
Easy Chillout - Anthony Alleeson
Beautiful Days - Thomas Reynolds
Start of a New Day (No Strings Mix) - Martin Laflamme
Beautiful So It Hurts - Jazz Ballad Solo Piano - Jens Larsson
Jazzy Shorts 1 - Nelson Hinds
Intense Cinematic Intro - Carlos Estella
Doer - Felipe Adorno Vassao
Party Time - Benny Lava
Clear Mind - KLM Music
Deep House Funk - J Osada
Thought Process - Martin Laflamme
Freewheeling - Marc Filmer
They Lie - Len Miller
Top of the Game(2) - Gus Caveda
Oudoul Amisan - Jeff Whitcher
Little Lies - BogdanL
Emotional Epic Intro - Carlos Estella
Rive Gauche - Suchitra Lata
Reality Check - Benny Lava
Baby Mama Drama - Fab Claxton
New Planet - Denis Woods
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