The Definitive Sports Music Library
Music for Sports and Fitness With An Intense Competitive Edge

Any Theme, Any Style -- If you're working on a creative production that has any type of sports theme or scene, we've got the perfect music to accompany the on-screen mood.  From fitness and training, through head-to-head competition and a triumphant aftermath, you can find the perfect music track right here.  Or if you're working on a sports-themed TV production, we've got multiple genres of music developed specifically for sports TV production, featuring over 20 different themes designed for specific sports and sporting themes and activity.

Top Sports Artists

Alan Fagan
Tom Hajduk
Max Brodie
Steve E. Williams
Music Boutique
SMM Productions
Joe Bergsieker
Dan Phillipson
Julian Scott
Brian Thomas Curtin

New Sports Tracks

Samba de Carnaval
An Energetic Triumph..
Alt Rock Yet Lofty
Yours Mind - Driving..
Special - Energetic..
Inspirational Sport..
Olympic Fanfare
Sports Theme 6
Fast and Furious
M4 Monster


Top Sports Tracks

Feeling Strong Now
Ride the Wave
Let's Go
Football Funk
London Glory
Fight Song
Summer of Love
Dirty Angels Dance
Take Me Out to the B..
Let the Game Begin -..
Corporate Theme Indu..
In the Lights
Starship Dance
Sexy Step
Gridiron Glory
Dont Stop Now
Bold & Beautiful
Let Go
Summer Dance Song
Road Warrior
Stars Come Out
Olympics Theme Parad..
Unfounded Accusation
Upgrade Your Identity
Olympics Theme Let t..
Fuzzy Beats
Hang'Em High
On the Road
Hit the Road
Olympic Runners 2
Will to Win 30 Sec B..
The Crystal Mayhem
Tour de Dance
Dance Floor Flirt
Pump'd Up
Brazil FIFA Football..
Zero Hour
Hit and Run
Olympic Spirit
Sports Rally - Charge!
Football Fanfare
Happy Dance
Style and Attitude
Street Cred
Go Go Go
Corporate Shine
Action One
Take Me Out to the B..
Salute the Hero
Hello Baby
Free Spirit
Thai Jam
Into the City
A Bolt for Glory
Olympic Fanfare
Sport Fever
Driving Thunder
Halfback of Notre Dame
Down to the End
Sports Theme
Dirt Rock Worx
Atlantis 4
Feel the Fear
Crazy Summer
Glory Or Nothing
Nascar Mayhem
Intelligent Technology
In Your Face Sports
London Glory
Tough It Out
March to Victory
Victory Is Sweet
No Time to Waste
Life of Adventure -..
Plugged In
Running for Glory
Wild Weekend
Take Me Out to the B..
Season Opener
Sport and Speed
World Cup in Brazil
Victory Scene
Agent Blond Theme
By All Means
Olympic Opening
Up the Gut
The Party Never Stops
Chasing the Dream

Genre List

Baseball Music
Basketball Music
Boxing Music
Bullfighting Music
Cheerleading music
Diving Music
Extreme Sports Music
Fitness Workout Music
Golf Music
Horse Racing Music
Marathon Music
Marching Band Music
Martial Artist Music
Motor Sports Music
National Anthems
Olympics Music
Sailing Music
Soccer Music
Soccer Themes
Sports Anthems
Sports Comedy Music
Sports Competition Music
Sports Electronic
Sports Electro-Orchestral
Sports Energizing Music
Sports Inspiration Music
Sports Miscellaneous
Sports MusicPacks
Sports Network TV Rock
Sports Orchestral
Sports Symphonic Rock
Sports Triumph Music
Stadium Organ Music
Surf Music
Tennis Music

Olympics Music Highlights Global Competition
Here you will discover music that reflects the glorious nature of the music of the Olympics. Worldly in scope, grand in style, this is the music that celebrates the triumphs and victories that Olympians aspire to.

Sports Network Television Music
Sports Network Television music has a distinctive sound with a powerful combination of hard-driving bass, drums and guitar with a sophisticated orchestral component. Discover the great music here at AudioSparx for sports television, in multiple different genres including symphonic rock, electronic, electro-orchestral, orchestral and rock.

Energizing and Inspiring Music
This is the music that motivates athletes to perform at the peak of their abilities, energizing them to get fired up, to get excited and to compete at their very best.

Stadium Organ Music
The electric organ has worked its way into a position of being the leading music instrument to incite stadium crowds into a delirious frenzy. We've got the classic organ sounds that you've heard through the years in stadium settings, including "Rally," "Charge," "Game On," and more.

Horse Racing Music
The call to the post, the launch at the gates, the sound of a dozen horses galloping past, the intense stride of a race horse at full gallop ... this is what horse racing music is all about. Feel the excitement as you venture track-side for the races.

Baseball Music
Take me out to the ballgame, and rock my world with some great baseball music! This is what we aspire to do here for you. From old classics like the traditional "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" to all new takes on this timeless sport, here you will find the perfect track for your baseball productions.

Motor Sports Music
Feel the horsepower of NASCAR, Formula One, and other racing circuits. A raw edgy mix of power rock, rhythm, technology, pounding bass, and drums, Motor Sports music captures a powerful combination of automotive technology and the human drive to win at all costs.

Fitness Workout Music for Cardio and Strength
Generally in a range of 120 to 140 BPM, this music drives a great workout from start to finish, helping you to set the pace as you pump those muscles. Building fitness, stamina, strength and will power, our Fitness Music is what you need now!

Extreme Sports Music
Certain sports are perceived as inherently dangerous. Often involving speed, height, danger and highly specialized gear or spectacular stunts, this music is perfect for BASE jumping, bungee jumping, hang gliding, ski jumping, sky diving, skateboarding, snowboarding, jet skiing, powerboat racing, scuba diving, surfing and windsurfing and more.

Soccer World Cup 2014
AudioSparx has the perfect music to set the pace for FIFA World Cup soccer action. As teams from around the world go head-to-head for the glory of the cup, our music captures the intensity, the spirit, the competitive will to dominate!

Football - American Style
Here you will discover the music of American Football, including marching band music and more.

Sports Sound Effects
The wide world of sports has many different sports. Here you will find exciting sound effects for just about every sport imaginable, perfect for production uses in Film, TV, video games, software apps, embedding into electronic toys, and much more.

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