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Music by Production Style

Here you will find an amazing library of music organized by specific production style. This is perfect when you're working on a production and you need a perfect period piece to fill that tricky spot in your production. With hundreds of different styles available, you will find what you're looking for at AudioSparx.

1920s (Roaring Twenties) Music
1930s (Thirties) Music
1940s (Forties) Music
1950s (Fifties) Music
1960s (Sixties) Music
1970s (Seventies) Music
1980s (Eighties) Music
1990s (Nineties) Music
2000s (Y2K+) Music
2010s (MMX) Music
Action Adventure Music
Action Thriller Music
African Music
Afro-American Music
Anthem Music
Arabic / Islam Music
Backwoods / Folksy Music
Ballad Music
Blaxploitation Music
Bluesy Music
Bollywood Music
British Invasion Music
Broadway & Theatre Music
Carnival Season Music
Cartoon Music
Chase Scene Music
Chicano / Urban Latin Music
Choral / Choir Music
Christmas Music
Circus Music
Civil War Music
Classical / Cantata Music
Classical / Concerto Music
Classical / Opera Music
Classical / Oratorio Music
Classical / Overture Music
Classical / Prelude Music
Classical / Rondo Music
Classical / Sonata Music
Classical / String Quartet Music
Classical / Suite Music
Classical / Symphony Music
Classical / Toccata & Fugue Music
Club / Bar / Lounge Music
Comedy Music
Comedy / Dark Humor Music
Comedy / Family Music
Comedy / Slapstick Music
Commercial / Promo Music
Cooking Show Music
Corporate Music
Cowboys & Indians Music
Crime in Progress Music
Dance / Ballet Music
Dance / Ballroom Music
Dance / Belly Dance Music
Dance / Bolero Music
Dance / Bossa Nova Music
Dance / Cha Cha Music
Dance / Chacarera Music
Dance / Charleston Music
Dance / Clogging Music
Dance / Court Dancing Music
Dance / Cumbia Music
Dance / Flamenco Music
Dance / Folk Dance Music
Dance / Foxtrot Music
Dance / Go-go Music
Dance / Jig Music
Dance / Jitterbug Music
Dance / Krumping Music
Dance / Line Dancing Music
Dance / Mambo Music
Dance / Maypole Music
Dance / Merengue Music
Dance / Minuet Music
Dance / Night Club Music
Dance / Paso Doble Music
Dance / Polka Music
Dance / Quickstep Music
Dance / Rave Music
Dance / Reel Music
Dance / Rumba Music
Dance / Salsa Music
Dance / Samba Music
Dance / Shag Music
Dance / Slow Dance Music
Dance / Sock Hop Music
Dance / Square Dance Music
Dance / Tango Music
Dance / Tarantella Music
Dance / Two-Step Music
Dance / Waltz Music
Disney Magic Music
Documentary Music
Drama / 20-Something Music
Drama / 30-Something Music
Drama / Mature Music
Drama / Tweens & Teens Music
Dramatic Soundtrack Music
Early Music Music
Easter Music
Entertainment Music
Erotic / Adult Entertainment Music
Erotic / Bump 'n Grind Music
Erotic / Burlesque Music
Espionage Music
European Music
Experimental Music
Fairy Tale Music
Family / After School Music
Family / Children Music
Family / Infant Music
Family / Teen Music
Family / Toddler Music
Fanfare Music
Fantasy Music
Fashion Show Music
Fighting Music
Film Instrumental Music
Film Noir Music
Film Theme Song Music
Film Vocal Music
Flash Animation Music
Forward Motion Music Music
Funeral Procession Music
Game Show Music
Gangsta / Low-rider Music
Gangsters / Mob Music
Garage / Grunge Music
Gay & Lesbian Music
Gospel Hour Music
Gothic Music
Gypsy Music
Hanukkah Music
High Tech Music
History Music
Hollywood Music
Honky Tonk Music
Horror / General Music
Horror / Halloween Music
Horror / Macabre Music
Horror / Monsters Music
Horror / Supernatural Music
Horror / Vampires Music
Indie Music
Industrial Music
Infomercial Music
Jazzy Music
Kitsch Music
Knights of Old Music
Kwanzaa Music
Latin Flavor Music
Law & Crime Music
Leisure Music
Live Concert Music
Lullaby for Baby Music
March Music
Mardi Gras Music
Medical Drama Music
Military Music
Movie Trailer Music
Mystery Music
Narrative Cue Music
Nature Music
New Age Music
New Year's Eve Music
News / Breakthrough Music
News / Energize Music
News / Investigative Music
News / Main Music
News / Rejoin Music
Oriental / Asian Music
Party / Beach Party Music
Party / Birthday Party Music
Party / Fraternity Music
Party / General Music
Patriotic Music
Phone On-Hold Music
Pimp City Music
Pirates Music
Poetic Music
Political Music
Psychedelic Music
Psychological Thriller Music
Pulp / Tarantino Music
Punk Music
Radio Production Music
Red Carpet Music
Religious Music
Renaissance Music
Requiem Music
Restaurant Music
Rich and Luxurious Music
Road Trip Music
Rock & Roll Music
Rock / Mosh Pit Music
Romantic Breakup Music
Romantic Comedy Music
Romantic Drama Music
Romantic Epic Music
Romantic New Love Music
Romantic Passion Music
Royal Events Music
Rural / Country Music
Safari Music
Saint Patrick's Day Music
School / Education Music
Science Music
Sci-Fi / Aliens Music
Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk Music
Sci-Fi / Futuristic Music
Sci-Fi / Mythological Music
Sci-Fi / Paranormal Music
Sci-Fi / Prehistoric Music
Sci-Fi / Psychological Music
Sci-Fi / Robots Music
Section / Credits Music
Section / Finale Music
Section / Opening Music
Sidewalk Café Music
Silent Film Music
Slow Motion Music
Soap Opera Music
Soundscape Music
Spa & Relaxation Music
Sports / Cardio Music
Sports / Competition Music
Sports / Extreme Music
Sports / Olympics Music
Sports / Yoga Music
Sword & Sorcery Music
Time-lapse Music
Tragedy Music
Travel Channel Music
Tribal Music
Tropical Music
TV Instrumental Music
TV Theme Song Music
TV Vocal Music
Urban Music
Vaudeville Music
Video Games Music
Waterworld Music
Wedding Ceremony Music
Wedding Engagement Music
Western Music
World Harmony Music
World Sorrow Music
Worldbeat Music
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