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Classical music is "high brow" music played on instruments of the orchestra as opposed to popular, dance or traditional folk. Usually instrumental or opera. Academically speaking it's the "art music" from the period 1740 - 1830. The classical period saw the emergence and rapid flowering of the sonata form and the first maturity of the symphony, the solo concerto, the solo piano sonata, the string quartet, and other forms of chamber music. During this time the orchestra was expanded, in both the number and the variety of instruments, and the piano supplanted the harpsichord as the most popular solo keyboard instrument.


Classical Genres
  80  Classical | Medieval or Gothic (period: 476 - 1400)
  199  Classical | Renaissance (Period: 1400 - 1600)
  774  Classical | Baroque (period: 1600 - 1750)
  636  Classical | Traditional (period: 1730 - 1820)
  1,447  Classical | Romantic (period: 1815 - 1910)
  758  Classical | 20th Century (period: 1900 - 2000)
  977  Classical | 21st Century (period: 2000 - present)
  66  Classical Opera
  74  Classical Choral
  1,442  Classical Piano
  73  Classical Harpsichord
  371  Classical Guitar
  147  Classical Electronic
  36  Classical MusicPacks
  443  Classical miscellaneous
  94  Classical Music (pending categorization)

Classical Music Forms
  139  Cantata Music
  619  Concerto Music
  380  Opera Music
  75  Oratorio Music
  685  Overture Music
  1,273  Prelude Music
  147  Rondo Music
  818  Sonata Music
  967  String Quartet Music
  1,024  Suite Music
  2,378  Symphony Music
  218  Tocatta and Fugue Music
16,340 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Dewey Dellay

David Gosnell

Ferenc Hegedus

Robert Brannan

Antonio Fernandez

Bjarne O.

Cyril Planchon

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Trygg Musikk

Dream Valley Music

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Classical Music