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Comedy music is music that is comedic or humorous in nature, encompassing a wide variety of music genres and styles. Popular types of comedy music include parody music, novelty songs, romantic comedy, kitsch, slapstick, comedy ska, comedy rock, comedy hip hop and more.


Comedy Genres
  64  Adventure Comedy music
  50  Comedy Bluegrass
  236  Comedy Classical
  138  Comedy Country
  66  Comedy Electronic
  5  Comedy Instruments | Banjo
  25  Comedy Instruments | Clarinet
  35  Comedy Instruments | Drums and Percussion
  77  Comedy Instruments | Piano
  1  Comedy Instruments | Piccolo
  16  Comedy Instruments | Trombone
  16  Comedy Instruments | Trumpet
  11  Comedy Instruments | Violin
  686  Comedy Jazz
  211  Comedy music (pending categorization)
  480  Comedy Orchestral
  223  Comedy Pop
  29  Comedy Reggae and Ska
  55  Comedy Rock
  53  Comic Song
  220  Novelty Songs
  71  Parody Music

Additional Comedy Styles
  Comedy Music
  Dark Humor Music
  Family Comedy Music
  Kitsch Music
  Romantic Comedy Music
  Slapstick Music
2,768 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Mykyta Moiseiev

Il Laboratorio del Ritmo

Valeriy Antonyuk

D. Silverstone

Richard Freitas

Jonathan Wright

Richard Freitas

Greg Ocheduszko

Johnny Breton

Brian Thomas Curtin

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