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Ambience and Background sound effects (malls, roadside, nature, airports, etc.)

Backgrounds sounds, ambience and atmospheres of all types


  34  Accident and emergency scene ambience
254  Aircraft interior ambience
107  Airport ambience sounds
562  Alien backgrounds, weather and atmosphere sounds
  985  Ambience (pending categorization)
  98  Amusement park ambience
4,001  Amusement parks, carnivals, circuses, casinos
  30  Apartment neighbors
  116  Bar and pub ambience
  135  Beach ambience
  30  Bus ambience
  123  Church ambience
  31  Circus and carnival ambience
  956  City and urban background ambience
  5  City and urban Christmas ambience
  32  Computer data center background sounds
  186  Construction ambience
  353  Crowd ambience
  140  Danger and fear ambience
  30  Elevator ambience
  121  Factory ambience
  102  Farm ambience
  58  Garage ambience
  25  Gym Ambience sound effects
  156  Harbor and marina background sounds
  8  Heaven ambience
  128  Hospital and clinic ambience
  53  Hotel background sounds
  69  Household ambience
  165  Jungle ambience
  9  Laundromat ambience
  9  Library background sounds
  19  Livestock show background sounds
  132  Mall background sounds
  205  Marketplace, outdoor market ambience
  110  Meadow and prairie ambience
  55  Meeting background sounds
  56  Museum and art gallery background sounds
  8  Nightclub ambience
  7  Night-time woodland and wetland ambience
  53  Ocean ambience
  105  Office ambience
  44  Parade ambience
  167  Park ambience
  31  Party ambience
  59  Pedestrian ambience
  53  Playground ambience
  32  Poolside ambience
  7  Post office ambience
  351  Restaurant ambience
  113  River, lake, creek, stream and pond ambience
  115  School and classroom ambience
  57  Shipboard ambience
111  Spaceship background sounds
  116  Sporting events
  7  Stock exchange ambience
  173  Supermarket and store sounds
  49  Theatre and other dramatic performances backgrounds
  410  Traffic and roadside ambience
  56  Traffic backgrounds from vehicle interior
  78  Traffic with horns and honking ambience
  20  Traffic with sirens ambience
  223  Train and subway station ambience
  114  Train on-board ambience
  18  Trainyard ambience
  40  Zoo background sounds
12,305 Total Tracks
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Ken Mowery

JFX Sound

X-Ray Sound Studios


Rick Hale

Sound Jay


Lochlainn Seabrook

John Lundsten

Guy Cockcroft

Bjorn Lynne

HardDrivin' Studios

Domino Sound Effects

Soundtrack Tools & SFX

Tyler Hulett

Vance Audiotronics

Ultimate Sound

Tyler Hulett

Indigo Sound LLC

The Producers

Michael Keck

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