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Our clients at AudioSparx.com continue to find amazing and creative ways to use the world-class music they find here. This includes in commercial advertising, travel promos, sizzle reels, photo shoots, feature-length motion pictures, short films, trailers and much more. Check out the great videos below and, if desired, you can also immediately license any of the tracks used in any of these videos!

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   American Honda, ​Torrance, CA
"2018 - Acura - Protection Essentials" + Music by Felipe Adorno Vassao
   Date Posted: Jan 24, 2018
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​Give your 2018 Acura an extra level of protection ​with Acura Genuine Accessories including All-Season Floor Mats, stylish Splash Guards, secure Wheels-Locks and a sturdy Cargo Tray.

Felipe Adorno Vassao's cool Hip Hop Instrumental "Beat the Sax" gives this #TVC an ultra-hip urban vibe, appealing to a sophisticated, affluent consumer: Beat the Sax

Protection Essentials... available only from your Acura Dealer.


   Essilor of America, Dallas, TX
"Varilux X vs. S Designs: Real Patients Compare the Products" + Music by Jive Ass Sleepers and Marc Beasley
   Date Posted: Jan 24, 2018
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​​​If you wear progressive lenses you know that adjusting for distance while reading can literally be a pain in the neck. Revolutionary Varilux X Series lenses with new Xtend Technology are a game changer that helps readers comfortably focus on arms-length material with significantly less head movement!​ ​How good are Varilux lenses? An independent wearer study was conducted at a university research lab to find out.

Tracks from two AudioSparx Composers were licensed for this upbeat Corporate Video:

​--​Jive Ass Sleepers' Synthpop track "Disco Science" kicks things off ​with a tech sound that has a bit of a retro vibe​: Disco Science

--At 1:15, Marc Beasly's Corporate Pop track "Aerial View" heralds the test results with its positive, uplifting feel: Aerial View

In a head to head test, Varilux X Series lenses with new Xtend Technology were the clear winner!


   ESIC Business & Marketing School, Madrid, Spain
"IV Carrera de Empresas ESIC Zaragoza 2017" + Music by Chris Whatley
   Date Posted: Jan 18, 2018
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On December 17, 2017, the fourth annual ESIC Business & Marketing School 8k (5-mile) Run took place on the streets of Zaragoza, Spain. This event symbolizes and strengthens the shared values of the business world and sports including effort, sacrifice, personal improvement, teamwork, and fair play.

Chris Whatley's appropriately titled Indie Rock track "Running" provides a heartfelt score for this uplifting and inspiring video produced by ​VÓRTICE Digital Media of Zaragoza: Running

Recognized as one of the Top International Business schools for MBA's, ESIC Business & Marketing School understands that some of life's best lessons happen outside the classroom...


   ​TITONI LTD., Grenchen, Switzerland
"Resist the Pressure" + Music by ​​Dmitri Belchenko
   Date Posted: Jan 17, 2018
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​​​Founded in 1919, with its global headquarters in Grenchen, Switzerland, TITONI is a world-renowned maker of precision timepieces. Owned and managed by the Schluep family for three generations, TITONI produces Swiss-made mechanical watches, combining traditional watchmaking techniques with the latest in technology, resulting in fine, high-quality watches at affordable prices.

​​Dmitri Belchenko's Acid Jazz track "Deep Visions" brings a modern cutting-edge vibe to this video highlighting TITONI Master Series watches: Deep Visions

Bearing the seal of the COSC (Official Swiss ​​Chronometer Control), TITONI timepieces are designed to "Resist the Pressure" ​of life's most demanding challenges, ​even underwater. "TITONI... True Quality Time Since 1919."


   ​Chamäleon Reisen GmbH, Berlin, Germany
"Chile, Peru, Bolivia: Encounters Between Rainforest and Desert" + Music by Six AudioSparx Composers
   Date Posted: Jan 16, 2018
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For over 20 years, our client, the German Travel company Chamäleon has been giving people goosebumps with breathtaking adventures that are the journeys of a lifetime, like this amazing trip through South America. Travelers with Chamäleon experience foreign countries from a resident's perspective while supporting both the land and the people.

Thirteen tracks from six talented AudioSparx Composers were licensed for this exquisite film:

--Our journey begins with Entropik's dreamy and ethereal "Lullaby to a Firefly," beautifully played by solo cello, strings, and celesta: Lullaby to a Firefly

-- At 2:21, Blossom's emotional and delicate, "Route to Arda" creates a sense of spaciousness and calm elegance with Piano, strings, and choir: Route to Arda

--Entering at 4:58, Luke Gartner-Brereton's rolling and contemplative "Meandering Breeze" features twin classical guitars with a sweet, easy melody played over a gentle accompaniment: Meandering Breeze

--The mood shifts at 9:23, with Nicholas Gunn's lively Latin Music track "Encanto." Simple claps introduce the beautiful tune, joined by an enchanting guitar and a beguiling flute, later to grow into a full rich orchestra: Encanto

--At around 12:54, Luke Gartner-Brereton's Spanish Guitar track "Sky Blue Strings" sets a gentle contemplative tone with twin classical guitars, calling to mind picturesque landscapes, sweeping vistas, blue skies, nature scenes and thoughtful interludes. Sky Blue Strings

--Sweeping in at 15:03 is Nicholas Gunn's "Apasionado Uno (Passionate One)," a Dramatic Latin Instrumental track featuring a beautiful erhu solo, joined by guitar and flute, later to grow into a full rich orchestra: Apasionado Uno (Passionate One)

--Beginning 17:28, Akela Sun's Electronic Chill-out track "As Time Goes By" creates an otherworldly ambience with processed voices, piano, strings, and effects: As Time Goes By

--At 20:12, Akela Sun returns with "Melancholy" an atmospheric track featuring a lovely piano melody, gentle strings, haunting Oboe, and an ethereal, angelic soprano voice, creating a truly cinematic feel: Melancholy

--Coming in at 24:18, Nicholas Gunn's "Sunkissed" features soft chants, flute melody, and a guitar arpeggio, supporting the piano and the New Age Orchestra. Intense and meditative, it's perfect for Film/ TV, Nature scenes: Sunkissed

--At 26:40, Luke Gartner-Brereton's Folk track "Moonfire Ascending," is an intense, evocative little track played on twin classical guitars, a perfect accompaniment to life's journey: Moonfire Ascending

--Entering at 28:13, Luke Gartner-Brereton's "Meandering Breeze" make an encore appearance: Meandering Breeze

--From 28:49 to 29:22 and then again from 29:33 to 30:09, Igge Scoce's Dramatic an Etheral Track "Dawning - Reflective Soundscapes (Cinematic)" creates an Atmospheric Soundscape, with morphing sound layers and textures: Dawning - Reflective Soundscapes (Cinematic)

--At 30:14, Entropik's dreamy, haunting "Lullaby to a Firefly (Underscore)" brings our journey to calm, serene and reflective conclusion: Lullaby to a Firefly (Underscore)

Go here, for more information and to book the journey of your life, goosebumps included: www.chamäleon-reisen.de

Take the time to watch this absolutely wonderful film, meet the people of these ancient lands and journey through the rainforests, deserts and breathtaking landscapes of Chile, Peru, and Bolivia, to the end of the Earth... It's worth every moment!


   ​Nissan North America, ​Franklin, TN
"Nissan's Miniature Car Wash" + Music by Jive Ass Sleepers
   Date Posted: Jan 10, 2018
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​​​​Ever wonder how Nissan tests the durability of its paints to make sure that your car keeps its sparkly finish? With a car wash, of course...a miniature car wash! Fitted with 10,000 blue bristles that rotate at 180 R.P.M, this mini-car wash simulates the real thing Big Time! Oh, and they even toss in a little road dirt, just to keep it real.

​​​​The Retro Disco vibe of Jive Ass Sleepers' "Foaming Funk" puts a groovy spin on this Internet Video, with Slap Bass, Horns, Strings, Electric Piano and Drums. Perfect for 70's themed, disco-era projects: Foaming Funk

​​Check out the mini car wash that has a Big Impact on the high-quality paint the helps your car keep its shine!


   Nicola Pantaleo S.p.A, Fasan, Italy
"Pantaleo OpenDays" + Music by Jeremy Bell and Leran Wang
   Date Posted: Dec 27, 2017
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Known for its white-washed Trullo houses and sun-drenched beaches, Italy's Puglia region is home to the Pantaleo family, where they have produced fine quality olive oils with a unique flavor since 1890. From the Pantaleo Family's olive farms to your table, Pantaleo olive oil is deeply rooted in tradition and a passion that has been "handed down for generations." Today, Pantaleo oils are sold throughout Italy, Europe, and beyond. With the opening of its new oil mill in 2017, Pantaleo is among the first major oil producers to maintain the entire process from tree to bottle in Italy.

Music from two AudioSparx Composers provides the soundtrack for this lovely short film, produced by Studio Antani and Zerovideo of Matera:

Composer Jeremy Bell's upbeat Motivational Music track "Acoustic Promotion" opens the video with a sense of anticipation and excitement ...great things are about to happen: Acoustic Promotion

At 2:15, it's party time and Leran Wang's "5/4 Fast Swing Pentatonic Jazz" shifts the mood to jazzy sophistication, perfect for upscale events or a night out on the town: 5/4 Fast Swing Pentatonic Jazz

Join in the celebration at the opening of Pantaleo's a new oil mill with a tour of their olive groves and state-of-the-art production facility, followed by a fabulous dinner and ribbon-cutting!


   Polaris Industries Inc., Medina, Minnesota
"Santa's Helpers - Polaris Snowmobiles" + Music by Music For TV and Games + Chris Whatley
   Date Posted: Dec 26, 2017
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Ever wonder how Santa gets around the North Pole when he's not circling the Globe with Rudolph and his other Reindeer? ... On a Super Hot Polaris Snowmobile, of course!

Two tracks from AudioSparx Composers were used in this fun Holiday Video with a twist, produced by the LA office of worldwide production company The Factory:

Music For TV and Games' whimsical Christmas Music track "Merry Little Christmas Elves" sets a jolly tone as Santa's Elves are hard at work prepping his ride: Merry Little Christmas Elves

At 29 seconds, Chris Whatley's ​Rockin' version of "Jingle Bells" kicks things up more than a few notches: Jingle Bells

Watch and enjoy as Santa "Dominates the Terrain" on his Polaris Snowmobile!


   AudioSparx.com -- Artist's Romantic Neo-Lounge Music Video
"Parisienne Chill" + Music by Vocalatti
   Date Posted: Dec 21, 2017
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Imagine a late night scene in Paris, romance in the air, dining in a small bistro or late-night dancing at a posh club. Our UK Singer/Songwriter Vocalatti has mastered the sweet, breathy vocals that many of our clients often love for their productions.

"Parisienne Chill" represents all the sweetness and vocal mastery of this singer... Her sensuous track is perfect for sentimental films, love stories, and would work well for backing voice-over fashion films or travel videos: Parisienne Chill

Perhaps pour yourself a chilled, bubbly Dom Perignon and relax with Vocalatti...


   LeciTrailer S.A., Zaragoza, Spain
"LeciTrailer 2018" + Music Nitzan Sagie
   Date Posted: Dec 20, 2017
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Founded in 1990, for more than a decade LeciTrailer has been a European Market Leader ​in the manufacture of vehicles​ for heavyweight road transport​. With its headquarters in Zaragosa, LeciTrailer​ is highly regarded for the unparalleled level of care that it provides to customers ​at its after-sale Service Centers in Zaragoza, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Madrid, and Lyon.

​Nitzan Sagie​​'s Dramatic "Rising Above​"​ brings a commanding sense of power, strength, and durability to this corporate video produced by ​VORTICE 3D of Zaragoza: Rising Above

Designed with peak performance in mind, LeciTrailer is the manufacturer of "vehicles for transport in the 21st century"


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