AudioSparx Newsletter - March 2010 - Commercial Music For Advertising, News & Corporate Uses

AudioSparx Newsletter - March 2010
March 2010 Newsletter  
Commercial Music For Advertising, News & Corporate Uses
Springtime, Easter & St. Patrick's Day are Coming!

It's been a long hard winter, but take's almost over!  Easter and St. Patrick's Day marketing is starting soon and we've got a great selection of stock audio for your commercials and creative production needs.  Listen to a wide variety of Easter music and sound effects, or check out the assortment of tracks we have for St. Patrick's Day.

For those of you whose main focus is the production of commercials or news programs for TV, Radio or Internet, you'll LOVE the new area of our site dedicated specifically to music for these industries.  Or if you need corporate/business music or music with various specific edit types such as loops, stingers, sweeps, beds, idents, and logos, then please visit our new page for Commercial Music for Advertising, News and Corporate Uses

Our artists also have been busy assembling a truly inspiring collection of cost-effective  MusicPacks, SoundPacks and ComposerPacks of diverse stock audio content from around the world.  Bargain deals for packs of five or 10 full music tracks with many 60-sec, 30-sec variations in genres as diverse as Children’s music, Magic and Romantic Comedy, to Crime Mysteries, Corporate Branding music, and Psycho Killer Cues. Plus SoundPacks with scary drones, cartoon sounds, weapons, emergency sirens, and big ambience packs.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It....
Visit Right Now and Hear For Yourself!

. . . T H E   R E V O L U T I O N   C O N T I N U E S . . .

Spotlight On Our Artists
We've got some hot new artists at AudioSparx!  From Grammy award-winning composers, to high-demand session players to world-class extraordinary music artists in every imaginable genre, our Artist Directory is the perfect resource for discovering the next wave of top music talent.  Click and take a listen here.

And here below we want to shine a light on two of our accomplished artists whose music has achieved major commercial success or been used around the world to great acclaim in Film and TV, advertising campaigns, corporate and other media projects.
Dewey Dellay
Composer Dewey Dellay won an IRNE for his music in Five by Tenn and the prestigious Elliot Norton Outstanding Design Award. Next, Music & Sound Design Award in The Women, 9 Parts of Desire, and Miss Witherspoon. Projects include Natl Geographic TV, Discovery Channel, and TV shows Date Patrol, America’s Spookiest
Places, Cat House, and How to Clean Your House. Film credits: Haunted Lantern, Pearl Harbor–The View from Japan, and Chaos and Order, produced by NEIA. Let Dewey's expressive cues, interludes or full-blown musical soundtracks guide your project to an elegant conclusion. His music has also been included in commercials for Showtime, Marriott Hotels, Prilosec, Rogaine, Brothers P touch, Nuprin, Imitrex, and many others.  
Simon Wolfe
An emerging composer for TV, Documentary, Film Soundtrack and Multimedia, Simon Wolfe's music soars across several genres, including Orchestra, World, Electronic, Ambient, Dance, Classical and more. Credits include TV UK's Dinosaur Documentary "Wall to Wall," and the Documentary "Illuminations,"
about Captain Cook's painter, William Hodges, and their adventuresome expeditions to Tahiti and India, featuring contributions by Sir David Attenborough. Simon’s music is often licensed by broadcast, film, and other media companies. Projects include music for “Building a Dream,” a Documentary for UK Discovery Channel, product advertising for West Country TV and Sky Sport, Formula 1, Great Sporting Moments, and many other productions.

Vertical Niche Music Markets

If you haven't visited AudioSparx for a while, you'll be impressed with our constant innovation and attention to detail.  We have created dedicated new areas of our site to focus on these specific vertical markets:

Commercial Music for Advertising, News & Corporate Uses
With a focus entirely on music for commercial advertising, news and corporate use, our new Commercial Music page will help you quickly find hot 60 and 30 second edits, jingles, loops, stingers, idents, embeds, and much more.
Music For TV & Film
Hollywood has discovered AudioSparx and we are more than ready. At our  Music for TV & Film page, you will find music especially created for film scores, trailers, interludes, cues, animation and more. For your next dramatization or series about crime, chaos, suspense, urban warfare, battle themes, fantasy, comedy, catwalk, hot romance or horror, we’ve got you covered. 
Vocal Music
Do you need hot vocal music for your production? We've got you covered at AudioSparx! At our Vocal Music page you will find supremely talented singers, in all genres and styles. Featuring female, male, foreign language, children's vocals and much more, take a listen to over 11,700 vocal music tracks right now.
Scary Horror and Sci-Fi Music & SFX
America’s got an on-going love affair with scary horror, blood, guts and gore! Check out our creepy, haunted, psycho Music and SFX at our Scary Horror Music page for your Halloween and Horror projects! For spooky sound effects AudioSparx has creaky doors, torture chambers, rattling chains, howling werewolves, and much more.
Music For Games & Software
Check out our Music for Games & Software page to hear the most slam-banging edgy, scary, bumpin’ music around. There’s also music for Kid’s video games, cartoons and for embedding in toys, etc. With video games now a $25 billion industry worldwide, AudioSparx has the stock audio to make the industry sizzle.
Christmas & New Years Music & SFX
Make any Christmas production bright with warm Holiday Music and Sound Effects from around the world. We have hundreds of heartwarming and whimsical music tracks with both religious and secular themes for your TV and Film productions, commercials, ad campaigns, games, toy embedding, etc. From Jingle Bells and Sugar Plum Groove, to Ava Maria and Deck the Halls – AudioSparx has you covered!

New SoundPacks, MusicPacks & ComposerPacks

The artists at AudioSparx are continually innovating.  Below is a small sample of some of the new packs that have been uploaded recently.  If you’re working under a tight budget, you can get more bang for the buck by buying a pack rather than having to buy each of the individual tracks.  Plus check out the new preview capability where you can hear each and every track within each pack!

10 full tracks. Take a cauldron and add a generous quantity of Black Fairy Dust, a sprinkle of Pink Prankster and Mischievous Mauve. Add a spoonful of Pinky Red Payback, some romance and mystery and you have Paint Chips "Magical Mischief." Whimsical romantic comedy, kids cartoons, Disney movie, etc.
A collection of uplifting, modern, inspiring, wholesome, instrumental rock / pop-rock music, highly suitable for commercials, TV, presentations, holiday & leisure, family and friendships, and more. 10 tracks + multiple versions/edits of each track.
A collection of uplifting, modern, inspiring, wholesome, instrumental rock / pop-rock music, highly suitable for commercials, TV, presentations, holiday & leisure, family and friendships, and more. 10 tracks + multiple versions/edits of each track.
8 Great Male Rock Vocal Tracks! Ranging from cool Indie to full on modern metal, these tracks combine edgy emotive lyrics, hooky riffs & anthemic chorus’s to create 8 original sonic stories. Each track comes with an instrumental mix,& where appropriate looped chorus & verse edits.
10 Great Oriental Instrumentals that use traditional eastern instruments to create the exotic atmospheric sounds of China & the Orient.
Sweet romantic music orchestrated with grace and elegance to warm up your productions. Five sweet and tender instrumental songs along with different versions and mixings that will make your scenes soft and tender.
Six pieces of pure terror and tension at the edge of your nerves. There are orchestrated pieces and synth sounds, sound design that fit perfectly your production adding thrill tension and suspense to them.
Five instrumental rock songs that will hot rod your production!  Performed by top gun musicians and loaded with killer guitar riffs and solos and powerful bass and drums. Fits perfectly action movie, chase scenes, sports, video games and whatever need adrenalin and energy. This pack will rock your house.
This is the 1st of a collection of 14 Original sensual tropical hit Reggaeton instrumentals, great for any Latin theme, or dance productions.
These ten orchestral tracks are a sonic punch to the gut. Ramp up the intensity with brutal percussion, wailing horns, and stabbing strings while the action blazes brightly. Heroes will be more heroic and danger more dangerous with this musical mayhem backing them up.
A selection of 80 strong impact multimedia production interface sounds generated from an original high quality recording of a stone dropped in the seawash and splashing. Clicks, buttons, fades, swipes, whooshes and reverse effects perfect for a variety of media applications.
10 intense, groove oriented soundscapes on the lower side of life. Pounding drums support heavy bass and rippling guitars. All the while quirky keyboards play in and out between the noise. Vocals of desperation with little, if any, hope. How did these people get so low? For reaching too high.
10 Rockers lurking in the shadows. 21st Century Rockabilly meets The Doors. Detroit metal with relentless drumming backing up razor attack slashing guitars, and 60's influenced organ interplaying with the vocals of deviance. True real rock as it should be played.
Our finest collection of dance/trance/electro instrumental tracks all done in the style of the big names such as, Armin Van Buuren, Van Dyk, Tiesto, Oakenfold and Sasha. 15 outstanding tracks to choose from, all at one reasonable price. Produced by DJ Morning and brought to you by Masterwerk.
Rarefied material in the folk genre.13 Songs and tracks of a caliber you only get right here .Crystalline recordings in a variety of different styles make this new compilation by Masterwerk a winner and will make your production a winner as well.
A collection of some of our very best jingles, stingers, idents and logos. Many many styles, lengths and variations (59 tracks in all).
39 tracks in all with an emphasis on the bold, dynamic and the forceful. The many edits in standard formats of 120 sec,60,30,15,10 make it so easy to select the right track for your commercial, tv or multi media production. All tracks are flawlessly recorded and produced by Masterwerk.
The suite contains 9 improvisational dramatic pieces for piano and chamber orchestra with virtuosic elements depicting mystical scenes and feelings
Styles of U2 Coldplay Jason Mraz Sting Guns 'n Roses Aerosmith Rolling Stones Kid Rock Lynyrd Skynyrd. Powerful, moving, future-forward music for new product launch, commercials, tv, video, games, action and extreme sports. Smooth cool corporate music for branding & promotions teamwork, motivational
5 spectacularly crafted - powerful, high impact, high octane, punchy, action-packed tracks. Rocktronica/Speed with blazing guitars, wild synth-scapes & insane beats. Great for extreme action, intense visuals used in Film, Tv, Video games & more. Extra Loops & Sting-outs plus 15, 30 & 60 sec Cuts..
DarkspARCS Design FX Studios of Las Vegas offers Action Percussion Version 1.0 Exclusively under the AudioSparx Brand!
An intriguingly unique collection of dark music played over edgy drones filled with mystery, fear, danger, heavy tension, intensity & many moods & feelings suitable for various dramatizations in Film, Tv, Video games & more. 5 Exotic pieces with Loops, Sting-outs & Underscores +15, 30, 60 sec Cuts..

Want To See More? Check Them All Out!
MusicPacks      SoundPacks      ComposerPacks

Hot New Artists at AudioSparx

68 New Artists Signed to AudioSparx Label Last Month!  Our “Hot New Artist” list showcases our newest, most meritorious artists from around the world. To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online.  Below is a sample of just a few of the exciting new artists who signed with AudioSparx recently.

Erwin Steijlen (Netherlands)          EDITORS TOP CHOICE!!
Erwin Steijlen is a hot composer from the Netherlands. His styles go from orchestral to dance and from rock to music for films and television. Erwin's clients include VW, BMW, Philips, Seat, Nike, Microsoft, Mercedes, Popstars, MTV, Audi, Tour de France and Wrangler. He continues to work with Top DJ Fedde le Grand and has worked with Nena, Pink, Cirque du Soleil, Steve Balsamo and many others. His music has been performed in China, Japan, USA, India, South-Africa, Russia, Monaco, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Spain and his music appears on multiple TV shows and films.
Ori Vidislavski (Israel)
Ori Vidislavski is an Israeli composer who graduated from the music academy in Tel-Aviv. He has been composing music for films, theatre and dance for over 20 years producing music for 150 different projects including full scores, music for theatre in classical, contemporary and original styles, spanning a number of genres. Ori's education and experience enable him to create classical and jazz or contemporary film/tv music with equal grace and ease.
Pawel Blaszczak (Poland)
Polish Composer Pawel Blaszczak has been a passionate enthusiast of game music since 1982, when he bought his Commodore 64. He started writing scores for video games in 1997 for Techland Company and took the position of Audio Director. He composed music for Call of Juarez, Crime Cities, Chrome and Xpand Rally. With Adam Skorupa, Pawel did music for The Witcher game, and together they composed the music for the short award-winning animated movie "The Ark," produced by Marcin Kobylecki and directed by Grzegorz Jonkajtys.
Tom Green (UK)
Tom Green is a London-based composer whose music is featured frequently on the BBC, RTE, Channel 4, and other venues. Atmosphere 2007 (BMG/Universal) brought him his first feature score, the comedy horror “Botched.” During the 1980s, Tom played keyboards for Abdul Tejan-Jollah, the African guitar luminary, and composed music for corporate clients. In the 1990s, he formed ORB and released four albums, including Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld and the #1 Album, UF Orb. Today Tom composes soundtracks for TV, film, and other media use and will be a great asset on our site.
George Abbott (UK)
Composer George Abbott joins our site from Montrose, Scotland, UK, and is a fantastic and versatile musician, playing lead guitar with the "Surrogate Pink Floyd Band" and with "All Jacked Up." George has played in many bands over the years, and often writes the music and lyrics, and provides backing vocals during performances. Many of George's ballads are soulful and speak to the heart about love and loss and how to move on. Strong rhythms, great harmonies, and warm-hearted lyrics.
Chris Whatley (Japan)
Chris Whatley’s music has appeared in dozens of major productions around the world, from network TV & movies in the US, to video games in Europe, and TV commercials in Australia and Japan. Chris’ music crosses both geographical and musical borders, bridging genres from electronic to rock, punk to funk, country to hip hop, blues to britpop, creating fresh styles of catchy, groovey, energetic, dark, happy, sensitive and cool music for your productions. Check out some his tracks, available exclusively on our site.
Yegor Luzyanin (Ukraine)
Russian-born Composer Yegor Luzyanin brings some exciting music to our site in a number of genres and styles, including Dramatic, Classical, Rock, Trance, Pop – and check out two Euro tracks ‘Rome’ and ‘Spain.’ Yegor has quite a following in Europe, creating hot dance tracks, music for psycho thrillers, solo piano masterpieces and full throttle orchestral music.
Audio Architect Music (Australia)
Audio Architect Music is the brainchild of talented Australian composer Michael Taylor, who has been seriously involved in music since the age of four! Audio Architect gives you customized, cutting edge, original music in a gargantuan range of styles for film, TV, radio, games, advertising, corporate projects, multimedia, and everything in between! From simple jingles and stings, to big orchestral Hollywood sounds, Audio Architect delivers.
RCummins (USA)
Talented young Virginia composer and producer RCummins blends early 90's hip-hop with contemporary RnB, creating an exciting array of laidback, mellow beats. While influenced by the likes of Dr. Dre or legendary hip-hop producer DJ Premier, his music also combines ambient melodies, 808's, shakers, and thick bass lines. RCummins’ edgy instrumentals are excellent for chase scenes, emotional moments, urban drama, club scenes, youthful romantic interludes, documentaries, and more. A great benefit for TV networks such as FOX, ESPN, MTV, A&E and the Discovery Channel.
Defroged (Japan)
Ron J. Ward, also known as "Defroged", is a prolific and very talented composer and producer of Electronic music based in Tokyo, Japan. His music contains a wide variety of sounds, beats and atmospheres, from soft classical tones to out-of-this-world electronic resonations. But most importantly, his sound is new and refreshing. So if you're looking for ear-opening, brilliant and original sounds for your production, we suggest you check out DEFROGED.

See All The Artists Now at the AudioSparx Artist Directory

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