AudioSparx Newsletter - January 2011 - Rock The New Year With Hot Music & SFX!!

AudioSparx Newsletter - January 2011
January 2011   
Rock The New Year With Hot Music & SFX!!
Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day are Coming Up Quickly

AudioSparx and our artists send resounding good wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year to our clients and friends around the world. 2011 brings much excitement and creativity for your upcoming productions. Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit) falls this year on February 3rd, and Valentine's Day follows quickly, on February 14th. At AudioSparx, we've got both Exclusive and Non-Exclusive music and SFX for these two festive, time-honored holidays, and much more!

Chinese New Year - Also known as Spring Festival, it is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays -- a day where Chinese families gather for their annual reunion dinner and celebrate with dynamic street parades. Celebrated in countries with significant Chinese populations like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, in Chinatowns everywhere, and countries like Australia, Canada and the United States where many ethnic Chinese hold large celebrations. For those of you working on related creative or commercial projects, AudioSparx has an excellent selection of Chinese Music and Chinese New Years and Festival music.

Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day is an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between couples and lovers around the world.  Lovers express affection for each other by presenting flowers and chocolates, or with special “Valentines" cards. Set the perfect tone for your Valentine’s documentary, commercial or dramatic love story with our sweet collection of Romantic Music for New Love, Passion, Romantic Comedy, Epic Romance, or even Bump 'n Grind, perfect for creative or commercial Valentine's Day projects, romantic scenes or settings.

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Top Music Artists
Erwin Steijlen
Jon Lawson
Denis Woods
Music Candy
Pierre Langer
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Bjorn Lynne
Dan Gautreau
SMM Productions
Top Exclusive Artists
Music Candy
Markus Bravo
Christmas Music Boutique
Music For TV and Games
Michael Wheeler
Wilton Vought
Hollywood Post
Michael Keck
Tod Demuth
Curtis Macdonald
Top Vocal Artists
Erwin Steijlen
RFCM Symphony Orchestra
Really Free Music
Adam Scourfield
La Laque
Antoinette Tredanary
Richie Milton
ARC Music Productions
Eddie Caldwell
Top Classical Composers
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ludwig van Beethoven
George Frideric Handel
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Johann Sebastian Bach
Antonio Vivaldi
Giacomo Puccini
John Philip Sousa
Julius Fucik
Giuseppe Verdi
Spotlight On our Artists
We've got some hot artists at AudioSparx! From Grammy award-winning composers, to high-demand session players to world-class extraordinary artists composing music in every imaginable genre. Click often to our Artist Directory to see a sterling lineup of Hot New Artists, our Top Sellers and Top Exclusive Artists – always presenting fresh new, original, and innovative styles. AudioSparx is a great place to discover a world of next-wave talent and creativity! Click and take a listen here. Here below are two artists with exceptional merit:

Jon Lawson                          Top 10 Artist at AudioSparx!
Canadian Composer Jon Lawson studied classical and rock guitar in his earlier years and then went on to play lead guitar and perform with several bands. Today he specializes in music for TV, film and corporate videos. Recent credits for Jon include some exciting, trailblazing music he created for The Amazing Race (CBS), America's Got Talent (NBC), Little Couple (TLC), My First Home (TLC), and McAfee (Corporate Video). Jon is an immensely talented artist and a superb resource for our clients and their current projects across a broad spectrum of media productions.
Really Free Music
Really Free Music has had music appearing in over 500 albums worldwide, and numerous Films, TV and multimedia, with clients spanning the globe. Owned and run by UK composer Peter Wheeler, his own composing credits include worldwide commercial album releases, Films, and many TV shows (UK, US, ABC, Disney, C4, C5, MTV, etc). Really Free Music also specialises in World music and other niche genres - from Sea Shanties to Ambient Trip Hop to African Choirs.

Vertical Markets

If you haven't visited AudioSparx for a while, you'll be impressed with our constant innovation and attention to detail.  We have created dedicated new areas of our site to focus on music for these specific vertical markets:

Commercial Music for Advertising, News & Corporate Uses
With a focus entirely on music for commercial advertising, news and corporate use, our new Commercial Music page will help you quickly find hot 60 and 30 second edits, jingles, loops, stingers, idents, beds, and much more.  This music is perfect for corporate advertising for products, services, brands, concepts and viral marketing productions.
Music For TV & Film
Hollywood has discovered AudioSparx and we are more than ready.  At our Music for TV & Film page, you will find music especially created for film scores, trailers, interludes, cues, animation and more. For your next dramatization or series about crime, chaos, suspense, urban warfare, battle themes, fantasy, comedy, catwalk, hot romance or horror, we’ve got you covered. 
Vocal Music
Do you need hot vocal music for your production? We've got you covered at AudioSparx! At our Vocal Music page you will find supremely talented singers, in all genres and styles. Featuring female, male, foreign language, children's vocals and much more, take a listen to almost 16,000 vocal music tracks right now.  Quickly find the top 100 vocal tracks in the most popular music genres.
Scary Horror and Sci-Fi Music & SFX
The world has an on-going love affair with scary horror, blood, guts and gore! Check out our creepy, haunted, psycho Music and SFX at our Scary Horror Music page for your Halloween and Horror projects! For spooky sound effects AudioSparx has creaky doors, torture chambers, rattling chains, howling werewolves, and much more.
Music For Games, Software and Mobile Apps
Check out our Music for Games & Software page to hear the most slam-banging edgy, scary, bumpin’ music around. There’s also music for Kid’s video games, cartoons and for embedding in toys, etc. With video games now a $25 billion industry worldwide, AudioSparx has the stock audio to make the industry sizzle.
World Music
With over 12,000 World Music tracks from all corners of the earth, AudioSparx is the go-to site for any genre of absolutely authentic world music. Featuring top-level genres for Latin, Tropical, European, Eastern-European, African, Middle-Eastern, Indian, Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Reggae and Pacific Islands, we offer ethnic, indigenous, traditional as well as contemporary music from around the world, ready for immediate licensing and commercial use.
New MusicPacks & SoundPacks
Bumper pack of childrens of 24 favourite nursery songs - Instrumental version of familiar nursery rhymes - suggesting a gentle lullaby, children's nursery and bed time music boxes.
A collection of adrenaline-pumping rock tracks that will kick your productions into high gear! Raw, rough-and-ready rock that will add excitement, energy and a little danger to your productions. Take a walk on the wild side with RAW POWER VOL. 1!
48 fantastic vocal effects for Horror and Sci-Fi movies, Game Design and Ringtone use. This SoundPack takes the electronic processing of voices to a new level. Sounds you have never heard before, so crazy, horrifying and deranged it will make you shiver and laugh.
Twisted and Distorted is the theme of the day. Dark music back by sinister beats and ominous industrial instruments fill each song. For your next edgy and dark project if your looking for songs of despair and the apocalypse then give a listen.
10 stimulating music tracks to make an impact on your next dramatic or news production. Ranging from orchestral to techno all with an eye for excitement and tension.
12 Dramatically horror filled tracks suitable for anything from a Halloween haunted house, horror movie, video game to a seance. Unique drones and sounds were used to make this the music you REFUSE to turn the lights out for.
10 top 40 quality synth pop songs for a fresh edge and attractive sound. Catchy tunes and beats make it hard not to want to tap your foot. great for modern commercials, talk shows or montages. Teen, tween and in between.
Rocking guitars with a pop sensibility. sometimes gentle sometime abrasive! Great for a modern setting, talk shows teen drama or montage. Plus varying moods and textures make this a fresh versatile pack to use for your media project.

Want To See More? Check Them All Out!
MusicPacks      SoundPacks      ComposerPacks

Hot New Artists at AudioSparx

Last month 19 hot new composers and music artists from around the world signed with AudioSparx.  Check out some of the exciting new artists below, many of which have decades of experience composing and producing music. To see all of the artists at AudioSparx, visit the AudioSparx Artist Directory online. 


Midnight Squared (USA) 
Midnight Squared hails from beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts, renowned for musical artistic talent. Howie Alper and Tim Drumheller are Midnight Squared. They specialize in original compositions in Jazz, Rock, and Classical, with a dramatic flair, and have just released a brand new CD. Howard has worked as a engineer and producer for Secret Sound, ABC and other top studios in NYC. Tim is the driving force behind "A Triggering Myth,” which is among the six CD's he's written, produced, and engineered with The Lasers Edge label. They are both award winning composers.
Anjey Satori (Russia) 
Anjey Satori of the Ukraine became interested in mysticism and then music at an early age. Anjey has recorded 14 CD’s of music specifically created for Relaxation, Meditation and Healing. As an instructor of courses in Alternative Medicine, Bio-Energy and Healing, he underwent a self-described “consciousness expansion” experience that caused him to create his pseudonym, “Satori,” which means Enlightening in Japanese. Anjey creates original music targeted for productions in which World, New Age, Ambient, Meditative, Relaxation, and Sounds Of Nature types of music are a good fit.
Richard Heacock (UK) 
UK artist Richard Heacock has two parallel careers that make life exciting. As a composer of TV music, he has scored documentaries for BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, and Nova. As a musician, he appears at many folk festivals in the UK and records with some of the finest Celtic musicians. Richard’s genres include Ambient Dance, Celtic traditional, and exotic Indian music. He played fiddle and viola on the Boldwood album “Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now,” composed music for the National Theatre, and wrote the music for Tony Robinson's "The Worst Jobs in History" (Channel 4).
Kenny Mac (USA) 
From 1989 to 1991, Dallas-based Kenny Mac performed on Hollywood's famous Sunset Strip as the feverish lead singer for the hyper-hot Rock band "Lickity Split." In later years, he recorded many other records in top notch recording facilities, using only the finest musicians. In 2009, Kenny reunited with his former bandmates to perform at that year's Rocklahoma Festival, and recieved a new record deal with Retrospect Records. Kenny has also released his solo album "New Cool World." Still angsty, still blonde, and still belting out glam rock, Kenny's back -- with all new music!
Kerem Turer (Turkey) 
Turkish Composer and Producer Kerem Turer has been a musician and sound engineer for almost 20 years. An exciting addition to our site, Kerem presents a large catalog of music from around the world, including Turkey, China, Japan, Tibet, the Balkans, India, Egypt, and numerous Middle Eastern countries. His music is both traditional and contemporary, with instrumentals and vocals, in Pop, Rock, Dance, Electronic and New Age genres. Kerem's meditation and healing arts music is dreamy and soothing, while other tracks will pump up the volume in TV, Film and various media productions.
Andy Kotz (USA) 
World Class USA Composer Andy Kotz writes edgy and compelling music in genres that include R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Cinematic, World, Latin, Reggae, Rock, and more. His styles include Dramatic, Cinematic and elegant soundtrack music perfect for today’s modern films and TV specials. Always attentive to sounds and textures of expression, Andy has toured with icons like Ronny Loew, El DeBarge, Otis Day and the Knights, etc. He scored the films Ernesto, Off to College and The Appointment, and his music for The Appointment received "Best Original Score" at the NYU Film Festival.
Kiluanje Sousa (Spain) 
Spanish Producer Kiluanje Sousa presents lush and edgy instrumental music often with a soulful, tribal sensibility. Other tracks are laidback Nu Jazz, with lyrics in the romantic language of Portuguese. Kiluanje's music brings a warm smile as bright as the sunshine beaming, rising with a modern, creative sense of a mellow universe. Colorful sounds to lift the heart and spirit and offer an escape into beauty. Indeed, Kiluanje's beautiful ambient music will enhance contemporary productions in Film, TV, Documentaries, and stories of exotic travels and romance.
Darren Fletcher (UK) 
Darren Fletcher of the UK began playing guitar at age 12. He has since gained an understanding of music and various achievements, including winning an award from New College Nottingham, for outstanding accomplishments. Listen to his compositions and you will hear his passion and love for music shining through. Darren writes instrumental and vocal music in several genres, including Rock, Pop, Jazz, Dramatic, Classical, Hip-Hop, Country, and Dance. It's not just Darren's 100% commitment that goes into his work, it's his 150% dedication that truly stands out.
Anna Suda (Poland) 
Anna Suda, a Polish electronic producer since 2003, performs to sold-out audiences as An On Bast. Her music is dynamic, sublime and hypnotic, and is often featured as ambient soundscapes in Film, TV and commercials. Taking an investigative approach to her productions, Anna crafts meditative electronic bliss or dance-floor friendly music. Sonically unique compositions may include footsteps or morning song birds, bit-crushed dub stabs, or the manipulation of micro-granule percussive bits. Anna's colorful compositions are thoroughly modern, playful and elegant, and very 2011.
After the Sirens (USA) 
After the Sirens is a Massachusetts-based band who creates a unique blend of Pop Rock occasionally fused with techno beats, and is often compared to Panic! At the Disco. They have had commercial success with several of their songs being featured on "Life Unexpected" (CBS) and Ashton Kutchers's "The Beautiful Life" (MTV). In addition, their release "What I Have to Give, Let it be Enough" was distributed throughout Japan via Garimpeiro Records. With dynamic male vocals and songs about today’s relationships, After the Sirens can rock your productions!
Rocc Nobles (USA) 
Texas singer and songwriter Rocc Nobles creates Americana and Country music reflecting his military experiences as an honored Gulf War Veteran who served in the US Armed Forces. With strong vocals, emotional and uplifting lyrics, Rocc’s songs are perfect for stories of middleclass Americans turning hardship into success stories. With additional roots in Southern Rock, he has some rocking party music perfect for smoky backroom bars, line dancing and country beefing. With blazing guitars, toe-tapping rhythms, and down home stories, Rocc’s a true winner!
Mark Oates (USA) 
Award-winning Composer Mark Oates resides in New Mexico, and is off to a rollicking start -- at age 28, he has composed 52 short films, six feature films, and a theatrical play. In addition to awards for film scores and concert compositions, he has worked with numerous Grammy award-winning producers and engineers. Mark has performed with many top groups and toured across the United States, Japan, Europe, and has written music for filmmakers and game designers in Poland, Germany, Finland, Norway, Brazil, and the USA.
Kaloyan Dimitrov (Bulgaria) 
A versatile composer and sound designer, Kaloyan Dimitrov has always tried to capture strong emotional states with his music and sounds. For the past six years, his tracks have played nationally in his native Bulgaria and several other Eastern and Central European countries. Kaloyan has produced the music soundtracks, sound effects, dialog editing and mix for several independent US movie productions. His work is equally compelling in a number of genres, including Rock, Jazz, Orchestral, Ambient, Dramatic, Electronic, and World music.
Chris Howes (Canada) 
Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Chris Howes has been writing heartwarming music and performing his Folk, Rock and Pop songs for over 20 years. After receiving his Bachelor of Music at Brandon University, Chris toured with several bands, and released his debut CD, Piggies in Pig Heaven, in 1995. Recently, he engineered and produced the Calgary Hard Rock Band KRANK’s “Demolition” album, and still performs and works with other musicians in Calgary, Alberta and Western Canada. Chris still performs for his fans, and is busy working on his first vocal CD, for release in 2011.
Damian Boucher (USA) 
New Jersey artist Damian Boucher has been composing music and lyrics for over 30 years. His genres include Country Rock, Swing, Cajun/Zydeco, Americana, Rock, Bluegrass, and Irish Celtic. Damian has worked with numerous artists and toured the world, opening for the Pure Prairie League and The Marshall Tucker Band. His music has been featured on radio and in numerous films and TV commercials, like Bill Plympton's Smell the Flowers, Amazing Wedding Cakes, Convertible Birch Sweet, Peacock Luggage Bridal Show (8 plays), Russian Wedding Chicago (2 plays), and Skull Butterfly Green.

See All The Artists Now at the AudioSparx Artist Directory

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