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Doug Kidder   
This soundpack includes sound effects ranging in time from 5-30 seconds PLUS 4 extended cues ranging from 1.4 minutes to just under 5 minutes includes songs Flahburn Digital Lust Ghost Vortes and Last Breath along with choice space/alien sound effects - a nice compliment to any spaced out collection
Doug Kidder   
More than wood features acoustic wood instruments with All For A Reason, Big Walk, Cafe' Gas, Cafe' Grill, Comfort Love, Laughin' Gas, Mobius Life, Reflections, The Dance We Had, The Wood Dance see individual tracks for specific details for mood style tempo etc

Doug Kidder   
Compiled songs surrounding romantic themes including Comfort Love, Emotion, Falling In Love, If Only, Joanne, Kiss While Dancing, One by One, Reaon, Reflections Again, Sugar Plum Dreams, The Dance We Had, Turn Point, Vacation, and Vacation Daydream multiple aspects of love time 47:38 minutes
Doug Kidder   
Compilation of songs for multiple uses with variation in genre stock styles and moods do not necessarily apply featuring Bankrupt Blues, Coyote Teaches US, Digital Lust, Herman Surfs, Little Liam, Mobius Life, Sugar Plum Dreams, Taking What Is Mine, The Dance We Had, Turn Point, Vacation, You Got It

Doug Kidder   
Compilation of songs from the past stock styles and moods do not apply written and recorded between 1997-2001 with exception of Comfort Love 2010 (yesterpop) and Fooltown 2007 (country) otherwise mostly classic rock tunes in traditional tones and textures individual tracks listed in the catalogue...
Doug Kidder   
150+ ringtones with 30+ Bonus Sound Effects variety of sounds and textures suitable for film/tv/games

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